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Beautiful! Magnificent finish, complete with a perfect scale likeness of Harold Ramis.
Jan Novick : Firecracker : 27/07/2021

I just scaled the existing plan to 42" and built from that with a few mods, I guess I should have a go at a real plan. Give me a few weeks.
Warren Brown : Wasp RC : 27/07/2021

Haveyou posted the plan for the 20/25 version, Warren?
Geoff G : Wasp RC : 27/07/2021

Hello, I built this over the past winter if you'd like to add it to the page [main pic, 006]. Great plan! everything just "clicked together"!
TJ Vieira : Firecracker : 27/07/2021

Doh. Have uploaded the missing article file, now.
SteveWMD : Spacewalker : 27/07/2021

For Digitek, see: they will sell you a flashdrive of all MB issues (all pages, ever) for $75. But the scanning is not very high res, only 300 dpi greyscale, and the plans as printed on the pages are thus too blurry to enlarge - unless they are peanut scale plans of course. Useful for magazine articles and everything else, though. You will recognise the style of the scanning, after a while. There is often a kind of vertical grey striping down the pages, and low contrast. Most likely Digitek is the source of all the hlsat files.
SteveWMD : Racek R-7 : 27/07/2021

Please excuse my ignorance, but what are these Roland and Digitek scans mentioned in comment no.2? My MB e-collection is mostly based on HLSAT's at RCBookCase but these have a large gap in the mid-eighties.
Miguel : Racek R-7 : 27/07/2021

Yes, it has to have two floats, I reckon. Fiddling about with Google translate from Czech to English I got: "pripevniti k tretímu žebra krídla" = "fasten to the third rib of the wing"
SteveWMD : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 27/07/2021

Prop size would be no different with twin float, otherwise it would hit water. It's a fast flyer for sure - small high pitch prop.
There is no suggestion of attachment reinforcement on the fuselage.
In addition (a czech speaker would help) I believe the text above the pylon drawing says something along the lines of "attach the trimmed surface to the third wing rib."
I also doubt a designer would go to the trouble of drawing a central float and not bother with drawing any stabilisation (well I wouldn't anyway.).
M Hodgson : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 27/07/2021

My apologies, I completely missed the continuation towards the back of the magazine. I will re-compile article, complete this time, and a transcript.
Jan Novick : Racek R-7 : 27/07/2021

Jan i already have micro receivers and servos for small planes of those dimensions. Here are the specs for my edf
Dr Mad Thrust 40mm edf
Rotor size: 40mm, 8 Blades
Weight: 63g
MAX RPM: 96000
MAX Power (10sec.): 330 Watts
Continuous Power: 290 Watts
Motor size: B2225
Kv: 8000
Voltage: 11.1V
Current: 26A
Thrust Power Upto: 400g
Inner Dia: 41mm
Outer Dia: 43mm
Motor Connectors: 2mm Bullet

Jason Miller : Force 10 : 26/07/2021

Got it now, thanks to DaveD.
SteveWMD : Racek R-7 : 26/07/2021

It's actually farther back in the magazine--they did not have a "continued on pgXXX" note. It is actually continued on pg79-80 of the magazine. I am emailing those pages to you Steve.
Dave D : Racek R-7 : 26/07/2021

After looking over the plan, I get the notion the float is a central unit with a "sandwich" balsa-ply-balsa pylon. Without a front view, looking at the prop diameter is just to the top of the float - maximum prop size would be much larger for a 2 float model. The wing pylon would be up to the builder.
Efler7 : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 26/07/2021

Jason, without a dimensional drawing of the fan unit you intend to use, I can't scale the plan accurately. However, your intent to use a 40mm fan raises some more relevant concerns. The original design specification is for a wing span of 55.5 inches with a 5 inch diameter fan. A diameter of 40mm is only 1.57", or 31% of the 5 inches specified. More importantly, since the swept area decreases as a factor of pi and the square of the radius, the discrepancy in area becomes even greater. The area of the 5" fan is 19.6 while the area of the 1.57" fan is only 1.95, a resultant decrease to about 9% of the original swept area. If we decide to scale the plans proportionately solely on the basis of dimensional characteristics, some rough calculations result in a model with a 17.5" wingspan, a forward fuselage section of about 1" wide and about 2.5" diameter width at the intake duct. With these dimensions you may be hard pressed to find space space for your receiver, batteries and servos.
Jan Novick : Force 10 : 26/07/2021

I'm sorry, but the article does end rather abruptly with no continuation. Pages 54 and 55 comprise the center-spread containing the plan, itself. Page 56 begins the monthly feature "Hannan's Hanger". For those interested in building scale, I have an article on the original aircraft from "Modelar" magazine along with a translation of same. Please voice your interest and I would be happy to submit it.
Jan Novick : Racek R-7 : 26/07/2021

Looking at this, I think the issue is most people are using Roland's magazine scans of MB magazine, I mean the scans from from Digitek. And that collection seems to be missing (at least) the next page #54. Anyone out there got the actual Nov 86 magazine to hand?
SteveWMD : Racek R-7 : 26/07/2021

Hi there, I built the Fokker during winter and converted it into RC. Maiden showed it has to be improved, but here are some pictures [main pic, 003-005] with pilot and the color scheme of Lt. August Raben from Jasta 18. Greetings from Germany,
Rene Kayser : Fokker DR1 Triplane : 26/07/2021

Some photos of my Dynaflite Butterfly [main pic, 006].
John Bergsmith : Butterfly : 26/07/2021

Pics of my Scram model [main pic, 004].
Colin Miller : Scram : 26/07/2021

"Akrofolk 45 ... fa bene alla salute!" or Akrofolk 45 is good for your health! I can't see why not, I've seen much more egregious and ultimately unjustifiable claims. A fine-looking and reassuringly conservative design, the article text is written in a relaxed and humorous style.
"It's an Italian Sunday, you're flying your model pointing at the only tree around..." A common situation, but then follows an emergency response quiz with suggestions - not solutions - at the end for the least inadequate response. Good looking, well recommended.
Miguel : Acrofolk 45 : 26/07/2021

Bonjour in the U.K. and greetings from Canada! I'm a huge fan of all Craft-Aire sailplanes and powered sailplanes (Piece 'o Cake, Butterfly II). Please find attached a photo of the Drifter II [main pic, 008] that I built from plans over a decade ago to reproduce my very first RC sailplane, circa 1980. This photo is from the summer of 2018. Best regards and let's keep these designs alive! From L'Orignal (Ontario) Canada,
Jacques Des Becquets : Drifter II : 26/07/2021

Dear Mary, I am sending photos of the Mam'Selle model [main pic, 007-009] built according to the plan of Vice Smeed withdrawn from your web. The model is redesigned to be powered by a Speed 400 electric motor. Many thanks for your work by publishing new plans you do. From the Czech Republic,
SteveWMD : Mamselle : 26/07/2021

Go for it! An even larger one had crossed my mind. Do post a photo.
Warren Brown : Wasp RC : 26/07/2021

Thank you for another gem. The article seems to be incomplete, though
Hubert : Racek R-7 : 26/07/2021

This one was published on RCM&E too. In the RCM&E Plans Handbook '82-'83, which can be downloaded from Oz's sister website, RC Library, they have it in the description as 63 inches. They also use the same photo used as the main photo here. Then they go on to state it is for .20 engines, but then put 1.5cc between parenthesis. So a lot of weird discrepancies surrounding this one. But the facts are the facts, so 62 inch span it is [ I got the same measurement BTW ;-) ]
RC Yeager : Douglas DC-3 Dakota : 26/07/2021

Thanks Warren & Outerzone. Really lovely looking plane. I would build it to 55 inch or so with a nice .52 Enya 4C and 4 channel. Should be a cracker.
AntonR : Wasp RC : 26/07/2021

I suspect that this one is supposed to be 18”, merely on account of the propeller blank specifying a 6” diameter propeller - that’s about the right size for an 18” span rubber model.
Pete Theobald : Albatros DVa : 25/07/2021

Just checked and measured this plan, and the span is 62 inches, just over. So I'm not sure why the article text says it's 57 in. Maybe something changed along the way.
SteveWMD : Douglas DC-3 Dakota : 25/07/2021

Ha ha. You've missed your chance now, Ian. First rule of Pirate club is, always trace all the parts from the first 2 sheets and put them on a 3rd sheet. Then put your name on it. Then open an ebay shop, and charge $25. You'll never make any money just sharing complete plans, for free :)
SteveWMD : Ho Cat : 25/07/2021

Thanks OuterZone
Miguel Angel : Mitsubishi A6M Zero : 25/07/2021

Sorry Steve, plan we should have supplied doesn't have the wing, that was to have been £10 extra.
Circlip : Ho Cat : 24/07/2021

The float looks too small for a single float, nor is there any stabilising floats shown. I think it is twin floats with the struts glued to the rib where the dihedral changes at the aileron break.
M Hodgson : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 24/07/2021

Most of the way through construction of this cool model making good use of Google translate. Can anyone help with plan interpretation? Is this designed to be a single central float? Or twin floats supported by the wing? Cheers!
Rocket_rodeo : Namornik Pepek Su-56 : 24/07/2021

"The report of my death was an exaggeration." :-)
Miguel : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

No need to speak of him in the past tense. He is alive and well and posting spectacular model builds in some of the FB aeromodelling groups.
As far as this Monocoupe, Greg had a very comprehensive build thread on the old Small Flying Arts forum, but everything seems to have gotten "Nuked."
Dave D : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

Hi, I also have a almost 45 year old Prima, that my father and uncle started to build. I finished it, and has been flying with it for 20years, powered by a OS 35FP (+25years old) motor. I have started a NEW Prima to be electric powered. Please write to me if you have similar projects. BR Niels from Denmark
Niels Eriksen : Prima : 23/07/2021

It seems Mr. Thomas did leave a number of cousins in the design business, although not in the modelling branch. If worst came to worst, then may God have his soul. However, I found that have a smashing catalog full of delightful products (see their tissue papers!) including some items from Thomas Designs. They even have a few freebies, including a Piper Vagabond graced with a photo of an Ancient Old One, go find the Easter Egg!
I don't have any affiliation with Mr. Hummingbird but I wouldn't mind to :-)
Miguel : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

Thanks to DavidD, who pointed out the above link to Thomas Designs site is now dead. I'm going to leave that link up, since it's still handy to use through the wayback machine, see as a reference. Looks like the site has been down since 2015. What we are doing here is archiving info. Link rot sadly happens, as small (and large) sites die. But we won't be deleting the old links.
SteveWMD : Monocoupe 110 : 23/07/2021

Jan would you be able to scale this to fit a 40mm edf for me please?
Jason Miller : Force 10 : 23/07/2021

If Ray and I request bits be left out of the plans and build details, can we advertise and sell the exclusions via Outerzone? Fill your/our boots Ray. we're worth a bob or two.
Regards Ian.
Circlip : Big Bingo : 22/07/2021

More tea, vicar?
Miguel : Big Bingo : 22/07/2021

These plans are clearly the work of Doc Mathews and of Ace RC. We disagree, Mark. These plans are not your work. The work you have done seems to be tracing some of the parts out, on sheet 3. But since we are nice people here, we have removed that 3rd sheet, as requested. And the good news is now you have a link from Outerzone to your ebay store! Happy shopping, everyone.
SteveWMD : Big Bingo : 22/07/2021

These plans are my work. You can get complete printed plans at
Mark Robey : Big Bingo : 22/07/2021

Indeed. We are of course just quoting the text from the article, as published in 1983. But I agree, yes it was a surprisingly ill-informed thing to say.
SteveWMD : Boeing Stearman PT13D : 22/07/2021

The Polikarpov U-2, and not the Stearman trainer, was the most ever built biplane of the world. More than 30,000 of them were fabricated in the Soviet Union and in Poland.
RobertS : Boeing Stearman PT13D : 22/07/2021

For many of the fuselage and other parts there is no indication of the material nor the thickness.
Happy to enlarge the fuselage plan page by 120% and increase the nose length by 50mm.
Greg Potter : Southerner 60 : 22/07/2021

Hi there. This is not the Batedor 2 it is the original Batedor. Batedor 2 had some design changes aimed at correcting some issues with this design. The design changes were: the horizontal stab was mounted in a 20mm balsa block base so that it was liftted up and no longer in the same plane as the wing, therefore improving its efficiency. The other design change was swapping the large vertical fin with two small vertical fins at each side of the stab. This was a big improvement as a novice flier would often flip the plane over when landing, thus breaking the thin vertical fin. The plane is rugged and easily built. I learned to fly C/L with it. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to have a go at C/L. By the way, The portuguese TV show was called "Desporto e ciência" (sport and science) and was hosted by Prof. Saphera da Costa. Cheers
Luis Oliveira : Batedor II : 21/07/2021

Electric conversion? as many as you want. See:
pit : Amateur : 21/07/2021

Any electric conversion yet?
Jo : Amateur : 20/07/2021

Construction building of laser cut kit, see:
pit : Handley Page HP42 Hannibal : 20/07/2021

wow! you are so fast
Greetings Robert
Robert Schulze : Looping II : 20/07/2021

Dear Mary, sending photos [main pic, 003, 004] for the Solid Stick Model (oz3765). Thank you,
Martin Hurda : Solid Stick Model : 20/07/2021

Neal. thanks for sharing another of your wonderful constructions.
Jan Novick : Yak-3 : 20/07/2021

Hi, I found my old Eagle in the loft and plan to bring her back to life, I thought I would take a picture [pic 004] before I 'open her up'. Cheers,
Cliff Harvey : Golden Eagle : 20/07/2021

I want to know where to get the vacuum formed parts Kevin Branch was referring to the comments section.
Tom Cox : P-61B Black Widow : 20/07/2021

Vacuum formed parts are available for this plan.
Kevin Branch : P-61B Black Widow : 19/07/2021

I'm looking for the wing plan of the Royal kit Mustang approx. 56 inch. W/S. If anyone can help me i'd be over the moon! Many thanks,
Tony Lunt : P-51D Mustang 60 : 19/07/2021

A beautifully simple Koutny design, the Yakovlev Yak-3 (oz5145) was a favorite with the Red Air Force...great speed, highly maneuverable, and easily maintained in the field. I've reduced it to peanut scale and produced a virtually indestructible fun flyer [main pic, 003-005]. Propeller is constructed from vinyl pill bottle plastic. Thanks Steve and Mary for everything you give us from Outerzone.
Neal Green : Yak-3 : 19/07/2021

Hi Mary, Two more of the Acro Star [pics 011, 012]. Best,
Bruce Carr : Acro Star : 19/07/2021

I dug it out of the loft recently and recovered it in Solartex [main pic, 007]. Also fitted 2.4 GHz receiver, smaller battery, different tank and a mini rudder servo. Not flown it yet - too scared, I had more confidence 35 years ago, but the day will come! It weighs 20.2 oz dry.
Graham Winch : Skystreak 32 : 19/07/2021

The 50" version was published in Aeromodeller in 1971. This version was sold via the Aeromodeller classified ads by "Authentic Scale" which was his daughter I believe.
Mike Hollamby : DH.82A Tiger Moth : 19/07/2021

David, see the FAQ page.
SteveWMD : Custom Live Wire : 19/07/2021

Are kits or full size plans available?
David Moellenkamp : Custom Live Wire : 19/07/2021

probably in a sort of german translation "looping" is intended as circling/looping around the pilot.
Always interesting your stories Doug. Pit
pit : Looping II : 18/07/2021

I believe that AM published a larger [50 inch] version of Mr. Towner's design see: DH Tiger Moth (oz2662). I do not believe they published this one, of which I have an original dye line print. I have checked it against this scan and, apart from some distortion of the wing ribs in the scan, the scan matches the dimensions of the original. I think the spars are notched to interlock with the ribs, but I would agree that there is drafting error regarding the thickness of the rear wing spar. I have not built it, so I cannot comment on its airworthiness.
G : DH.82A Tiger Moth : 18/07/2021

This model doesn’t have the complete set of formers. Does anyone have copies of formers 3 and 3c - 3g? Thanks!
m1fan : Monocoupe 90-A : 18/07/2021

Where did the name "looping" come from? I'm sure it was from the early days of control line flying when every enthusiast's dream was to perform a loop. Not all models were capable of such a maneuver. They had to be light with lots of wing area, not a rock on a string. In 1950 I was just 6 years old, having never seen a powered model, but I knew they existed, hearing them blocks away every weekend. Nobody could mistake that doppler effect rotational sound. My first model was a 10 cent glider, with which I scored my first thermal flight in front of Edgewood Gardens Apartments where we lived. 10 cent gliders are still available but not as good and now costing 5 dollars. That's how much 10 cents was worth in 1950. Later the next year I received my very own Cox model, complete with 049 engine, battery and fuel. It was not like later Cox models, which were molded plastic bricks. Mine was light weight vacuum formed thin plastic, with a real airfoil, it would really fly. They flew them at Disneyland every day. I recruited the older kid next door, the Boyd family, who knew how to start my Cox. It lasted half a flight. Into the ground. I was holding my handle the wrong way, horizontal instead of vertical, also didn't know which way was up. I saved the engine, rest was history. Fast forward a couple of years, my buddy Robert Green said he could start my now dusty Cox. We mounted it to the door frame of his laundry room and fired it up. Amazingly it still ran fine. Then he noticed the thread-on cylinder was loose, wrench now lost of course. He tightened it with a Mississippi Speed Wrench, Vice grips. As you can imagine, it never moved again. In later days, I was able to obtain perfectly good Cox engines for 50 cents the day after Christmas after their airplanes had been thoroughly destroyed. We made many more successful models from cardboard and flew them in the vacant lot next door. That's where I performed my very first actual loop.
Doug Smith : Looping II : 18/07/2021

Done :)
SteveWMD : Planeteer : 18/07/2021

Does anybody have the final page or pages for the article? Page 55 is missing and there may be others. It would be useful to have the designer's trimming instructions.
Thanks, Simon
Simon Blake : Planeteer : 18/07/2021

Hi Dan, Thankyou its power setup is 6s 6200 lipo, 80 const-120 peak amp esc. NTM 5050 580 kv motor. 15x7 prop 1900 watt full throttle 8min duration. Very powerful.
NigelS : Loaded Dice : 17/07/2021

Mike, I flew my Sidewinder again two days ago. It's a great model in the wind because of its speed, the whole reason for its existence. Lee Harding showed up with his radar gun and we all had to guess how fast our models were. I guessed at about 50 MPH for the Sidewinder, but it blasted by at 75, surprised me. Funny you should mention the BD-5. Sometime in the 70's one of the guys who I worked with, bought a BD-5 kit. It's hard to believe how small it is, barely big enough for one (slim) person. Ed had to lose weight so he could put gas in it. Ed sold his, partly assembled like most, don't know if any ever flew, problems with the snowmobile engine. I did see the jet version fly, same one James Bond flew thru the hangar. I built a small glider from Ed's plans, did not fly well, needed more fin and rudder, you might increase the fin size a bit, no one will notice. Dihedral won't matter, use what you like.
Doug Smith : Sidewinder : 17/07/2021

Hi Nigel. Your Loaded Dice looks fantastic! Would you mind me asking what power setup you are using?
DanP : Loaded Dice : 17/07/2021

Jan Novick : Blackburn Ripon : 16/07/2021

That is a lot of advice, will read over a few times to appreciate what you have taken the trouble to pass on. Hope my effort is half as good as yours. Will post photos if successful after I have finished. My current build from The only free plan to download of a Bede BD 5. Small wingspan fun park flyer. Thank you,
Mike : Sidewinder : 16/07/2021

Superb colour scheme :)
Hubert : Pinto : 16/07/2021

My Sunduster built from the Czechaero kit 2021 [main pic, 003]. Adapted for electric motor drive. Ready for SAM competitions of the ALOT category. Have a nice day. From the Czech Republic,
Miroslav Castka : Sunduster : 16/07/2021

The craftsmanship shown in all these model pictures is exceptional.
John Green : Morane-Borel monoplane : 16/07/2021

I met Dave at a float plane contest 75-76, don't remember the exact year, at Haystack Reservoir in Oregon. I had read the article in the AMA magazine and ordered the plans. So I built it and it has been hanging ever since never flown. I got out of the hobby and recently a friend of mine saw the Ridgerunner setting there. He has given me a transmitter and receiver. He is going to take me and fly it. Should be fun after all these years.
Dean : Ridge Runner : 15/07/2021

Beautiful construction!
Jan Novick : Miss Vintage : 15/07/2021

Q-Tee was my first RC plane too... way back in the late 70s. I crashed it more than I flew it. I didn't find it very forgiving, but then, I didn't know anything about RC flying. I recently rediscovered it and printed the plans. Just couldn't bring myself to stick build it so I made a replica Q-Tee from foamboard and threw in an electric motors! Have a look [pic 034]!
Dave Zuchero : Q-Tee : 15/07/2021

Hi, I built the vintage RC Miss a long time ago. Now I have expanded the planes up to 1.60m. I liked this plane so much that I have built 2 units, one for my friend and they are already flying this year 2021.
I have cut the ribs one by one, by hand. Holes to add elegance to the construction. Wonderful plane. I am sending some curious photos, in case you deem it convenient to publish them [pics 014-019].
Thank you. Excuse me, my translation is with the PC.
Manuel Iglesias (Málaga) Spain
Manuel Iglesias : Miss Vintage : 14/07/2021

Have added a source link to the datafile now. This plan (it seems) is a direct download from the most excellent website at: thanks to Miguel for help with this.
SteveWMD : Amiot 143 : 14/07/2021

This name "Le Veau Lent" (the slow calf) appears to be a devilish pun on "Le Volant" (the flyer) which in French sounds almost exactly the same. The pun then takes another leap as Le Volant was the name of some early pioneer flying machine, "flying" perhaps not to be taken literally ;-)
Miguel : Le Veau Lent : 14/07/2021

My apologies to Mr. Juraj Žitnan; i did not read all the way the data file... He is the one who had the patience to assemble, edit and post the drawings.
Rautchi Eduard : IAR 80 : 14/07/2021

Matt, the plan is indeed too small. The wing span is just 38 7/8 inches. An enlargement of 142.8% will bring the wing span to its stated 55 1/2 inches, but the duct diameter will still be too small. I'd suggest starting with the actual size of the fan and motor unit you intend to use and then scaling from there. If you supply your target dimensions, I'd be able to submit a correctly scaled plan that you can print and build from.
Jan Novick : Force 10 : 14/07/2021

Hello Mary & Steve, Here are some photos of my latest model [main pic, 007, 008], built exactly to the plans and instructions here on Outerzone! The only minor mods are the use of piano wire for the undercarriage (in lieu of aluminum) and some built-in right rudder. The motors are a pair of vintage Cox "Golden Bee" .049s and the model is finished with silkspan and dope. Old school. There is no tip weight nor right thrust - as instructed on the plan. For the first three flights, the props (6x4) were both installed backwards - to reduce overall thrust. The model flew well, but with very little line tension. The next three flights were made with inboard prop installed correctly, outboard wrong way, and the line tension was better. Its ability to fly with the outboard engine only was tested for many laps - albeit with some fancy footwork by the pilot to keep the lines tight enough. For the next trial, some tip weight and right thrust on the outboard engine will be added - and maybe we'll be brave enough to install both props the right way 'round! Stay tuned. Video here:
ChrisMoes : Half A Twin : 13/07/2021

Printed out plans (had to split the pdf) and when printed the plans are reduced. Fan diameter is almost 3.5 inches.. Printing at 142 thru 142.8% percent of original yields 4.9” to 5.0” fan size…
Matt : Force 10 : 13/07/2021

The picture was probably taken at the 2005 SAM Champs held on El Dorado Dry Lake. Another SAM Member Jack Jella also did a beautiful rendition of the Pixy. It's a nice model, although I suspect it has one of those Schumacher loved hollow box spars. Those spars are a pain to build--and it takes a dedicated and good modeler to build one.
Mike Myers : Pixy : 13/07/2021

For those interested in learning more about the Mignet formula, and the hundreds of successful full scale, models, and derivatives that fly today, check out The site is in French. Open it in Google Chrome and it should automatically translate for you. Exhaustive collection of facts, figures, stories, build logs, etc. Plenty of videos of full scale Flying Fleas. After the initial problems with the layout were sorted in 1936, Fleas have acquired one of the best safety records of any homebuilt design.
Mark Young : Pou Pou : 12/07/2021

Yegads! Someone stuck the tailwheel too far forward!
Miguel : Monocoupe : 12/07/2021

Was talking to Jerry today and he mentioned you had the Rapier plans now. Attached is a picture [main pic] of a fine example built by Terry a gentleman in our club in Tucson Arizona. Thanks,
Josh Kirk : Rapier : 12/07/2021

Help is on the way with corrected bulkheads and ribs in about a month.
Gene Rock : Minimoa : 12/07/2021

Thanks for the plan... Here is my result on the first outing:
George : CO2 Puffin : 11/07/2021

The man holding the Pixy in the photo is Bruce Augustus, former editor of SAM Speaks. SAM lists the date as 1938, which would qualify it as an Antique.
Tom : Pixy : 09/07/2021

Cover this in black topsides and red under and you have Count Dracula's hang glider!
Nice Airtronics plan list here in Oz, each one prettier than the other :-)
Miguel : Sagitta XC : 09/07/2021

Hello, Model looks like a "Weihe" with a different canopy. The german name for "Dotterel" is "Schwarzstirnregenpfeifer". First, whe I read the name Dotterel, I thought of a small bird of prey...
Reinhard Lehmann : Dotterel : 09/07/2021

I looked up the registration number (NC21599) on the FAA database. It's registered, and is listed as a 1938 Piper J4. I haven't been able to find any information as to whether that plane (c/n 4-400) left the factory with that registration or not.
There are deregistered aircraft records for this number also - one for a Cessna 172, and the others for the same Piper J4.
At any rate, the plan definitely looks like it's for a J4.
Roger Ritter : Piper Cub : 08/07/2021

Mr. Ward: thanks for a concise and informative rundown of your modifications. Nice looking bird.
D. McKay : Callisto : 08/07/2021

Hi Mahdi, nice choice for a trainer, I learnt to fly RC with one of these. When it was already too cracked up and accreted with layers of repair I binned it and built myself another one over the plan, inserting a lot of changes in the interest of lightness. It was quite a different airplane even with the same engine and propeller range!
Miguel : Aero-Star 40 : 08/07/2021

It's nice to see a 40 year old classic revived, with a lot of new thought on several areas the original needed, and all this served by a fine new plan. Careful with those OOS flights!
Miguel : Sagitta 600 Electric : 08/07/2021

Beautiful design. The shape and color + stripes make it look classic
Mopp : FreeBird : 08/07/2021

Here's my KK Bandit [pic 012]. Another RCG build-off exercise - VOK - vintage oldtime kit. Increased from original 44" span to 48". 3-function r/c - rudder, elevator, throttle. Covering is Esaki tissue overdoculam. Engine is Aurora Mills 1.3cc with throttle.
Alan Wooster : Bandit : 07/07/2021

Here's my Chatterbox [main pic]. Built to participate in the recent RCG 'Rudder Only' build-off exercise. Increased the model all round from the original 30" span up to 36" and then added 4" more for total 40" span. Result is an excellent flier with rudder-only r/c. I recently added elevator control for even more fun. Engine is throttled PAW 80.
Alan Wooster : Chatterbox : 07/07/2021

My KK Phantom [pics 014, 015]. A late afterthought in the RCG 'VOK' build-off. Built to original details but increased from 21" span up to 24". Finish is two coats 'rattle-can' Rustoleum over doped tissue on balsa. Engine is PAW 1.49.
Alan Wooster : Phantom : 07/07/2021

Photo of my 1/2A Simplex (oz77) two- function r/c [mainpic]. Covering is Esaki tissue over doculam. Engine is MP Jet .040.
Alan Wooster : Simplex 40 : 07/07/2021

Hey Steve & Mary, Thanks for this plan on Outerzone. I have been flying this little guy for a few years now [pic 015]. Fitted with a Cox TD .051 and rudder/elevator. Built as per plan, same dihedral & etc. Fitted with a 30ml clunk tank and HobbyKing gear running on a single cell 260MAh LiPo. Goes like stonk, Cuban eights, inside and outside loops, flies inverted and beautiful slow rolls. Added to all that, climb as high as your eyesight will allow and when the engine cuts out it will glide very nicelyl, even had it thermal. Remember all Sharkfaces must have a Sharkface or they won’t fly properly.
Zotoz : Sharkface : 07/07/2021

Agreed. Does anyone have a good clean scan of the MB plan (in Jun 1985, Kelso Barnett)? With that, we can split this into two separate listings.
SteveWMD : Turner Special : 07/07/2021

July 1990, thanks to Pit. Excellent. Got it.
SteveWMD : Raid 15 : 06/07/2021

Mike, I'm glad you're building a delta, if your experience is like mine, few others have ever seen one. It's easy to fly, just not easy to see, it disappears when head-on for landing, no fuselage. Keep it close for the first few flights. I think separate ailerons and elevator would work fine. It was easier for me to use elevons. Don't use cheap servos, they need to be very tight. I originally used 9g metal gear servos to withstand nose gear abuse, but had to replace the elevon units with better models because of too much slop. Some 9g servos are better than others, but all have enough power. I should have installed a rudder to help takeoffs and landings. I keep trying to feed in rudder but nothing's happening. Grass field where I fly is not easy on nose gears, I think a rudder would help. I don't try to ease it off the ground, just blast it off with plenty of power. You MUST land with full UP elevator, if you hit the nose wheel first, it bounces all the way down the runway. You don't need much control surface movement, 1/4" each way is enough. I used some expo on elevator for easier landings. As with all deltas, the ailerons get more sensitive with speed, but elevator gets less. Doesn't seem right but that's the way it is. Elevator and ailerons follow the bottom curve of the airfoil to give a slight UP effect, not much. I had to move my battery pack way back in the tail to balance. Hatch is just in front of the fin but the battery ended up underneath it all the way back. A paint stirring stick with battery taped to it was used to insert the battery. Be thinking about balance all the time when building. Don't use servo extensions buried in the wing, they will go bad. I soldered extra wire to my servo leads, no connectors to fail. Hitec sells servo wire with the right colors, solder and use heat shrink. I didn't cover all of my wing with 3/32" balsa, just 3" in front and 2" in the rear, rest capstrips, very strong and light. Motor wires had to be extended a few inches to reach the ESC under the hatch. be prepared to modify the ribs somewhat, mine didn't fit well near the middle. Not hard but an annoyance. You will note the designer did not draw the plans, but someone else did for the magazine. He did a nice, professional job, just not always accurate. Yes it's a pain to build, but you'll be rewarded with something nobody else has, really easy to fly. It fits easily in the trunk of a Toyota, nothing to assemble, it's a one piece airplane.
Doug Smith : Sidewinder : 06/07/2021

The article included should be paired with the slightly different plan that appeared in Model Builder Magazine.
Image #3 is Jim Reynolds' built from that plan. It differs slightly in construction and does not have the reflexed TE.
Tom : Turner Special : 06/07/2021

22" wingspan from Ace Whitman...Douglas Devastator TBD-1...dedicated to the Allied servicemen of the Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942. Model is finished in the markings (more or less) of Lt.Cdr. John Waldron, CO Torpedo Squadron Eight, USS Hornet...determined to do his duty [main pic, 003-007].
Neal Green : Douglas Devastator TBD-1 : 06/07/2021

Nice build. I have printed off the plans and intend on building an electric version also. Would the model benefit from a rudder control? You have fitted elevons, would elevator and ailerons like the original perform the same?
Mike : Sidewinder : 06/07/2021

Many thanks to Uma, who confirmed this plan was published in MRA (Modèle Réduit d'Avion) in the late 80s or early 90s. If anyone can give us the exact date, that would be great.
SteveWMD : Raid 15 : 06/07/2021

Hi, I'm Mahdi, from Iran. I have built this nice trainer. It's easy to buid and stable in the sky. I'll be happy to submit these photos in Outerzone [pics 009, 010].
Mahdi Norouzi : Aero-Star 40 : 05/07/2021

Hi Admin, I'm Mahdi Norouzi, from Iran. I've built the Kloud King (oz2750), for my best friend Dr. Majdfar. It's very nice building and flying it. It's my goodness that submit the photos on your site [main pic, 005, 006]. Best regards,
Mahdi Norouzi : Kloud King : 05/07/2021

Good afternoon, I've attached a photo of my Fike flying [pic 004]. It is unusual in that it is based on the 13 inch Indoor Peanut version but I enlarged it 300% to fly outdoors. It's 39 inch wing span with a 12 inch chord. It takes off from the ground and flies just like the Indoor version! Regards,
Malcolm Campbell : Fike : 05/07/2021

Is It Possible To Buy A Wing Kit For Pica Jungmeister
Ray : Jungmeister 133 : 04/07/2021

Rib temples are on plan
Terry : 3-D F4F Wildkatz : 04/07/2021

Look at those videos! Download the plan and go buy some balsa, you'll never need those yoga sessions again!
Miguel : Ocean Breeze : 03/07/2021

Another Akery plan, simple but very effective and accurate in outline. I know the Japanese Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) aerobatic team is named the Blue Impulse* (Buru Inparusu, God bless the Japanese language!), might this flamboyant Ki.43 be a forebear?
Miguel : Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa : 03/07/2021

This would be ideal for electric conversion. Some help on this subject would be appreciated. Your plan service is superb and have thanks for that.
john : Short Seamew : 02/07/2021

This was my first Kit Scale entry in the 2008 BMFA Indoor Scale Nats. Came 4th, converted to GM120 CO2 power. I got hold of another kit last month...!
Dan Mellor : Clipped Wing Cub : 02/07/2021

Seeing the 'Defiant' brought back memories of teenage lunchtime browsing [O.K., window shopping!] at the Colmore Row 'Model Aerodrome' shop in Birmingham. Happy days!
AlanVernon : Boulton Paul Defiant : 02/07/2021

Dear Mary & Steve, I've been able to cover and finish the Gene DuBois Finch kit model now [main pic], on Canada Day. The kit wood was excellent and it's a great little 'plane. Weight after covering and one 30% coat of Eze- Dope is 10.6 g, a real lightweight. Glides great but I add to add 3/32" to the wing incidence. Picture of the finished 'plane attached. Thanks,
Adrian Culf : Finch : 02/07/2021

Thank you so much John! Your contribution to this page has made my day. Your building, flying and videos are truly spectacular! Beautiful locations, great camera work, wonderful soundtracks and editing are always a relaxing way to end (or begin) the day.
I had already drawn up a rough plan for your Ocean Breeze, from screen shots, but now they will become scratch paper, after you have graciously contributed them, here, on the Outerzone. Your plans look spectacular! Clear, detailed and easy to understand.
Your channel and designs have reignited my interest in slope soaring again. Thank you!
Brad : Ocean Breeze : 02/07/2021

Super site / youtube pages of a passionate builder. With each passage, I am amazed. In addition, the video is always of quality... . Olivier
Olivier : Ocean Breeze : 02/07/2021

Easily done. Fair point, ok 'Korda Diamond' it is.
SteveWMD : Korda Diamond : 02/07/2021

I have managed to get Steve confused here. My apologies. My bad. "Diamond Zipper" is an alternate name for Carl Goldberg's "Gas Bird". That is seen in the SAM listing. For the Korda gas model (oz11108) on this page, SAM has it listed under two names: "Korda Diamond" and "Diamond". I think the most appropriate title for this Korda gas model (oz11108) is "Korda Diamond".
AaronKV : Korda Diamond : 01/07/2021

Have changed the title on this one from 'Gas Model' to 'Diamond Zipper', thanks to AaronKV.
SteveWMD : Korda Diamond : 01/07/2021

Hello Mary & Steve, Attached some pics of the Stuntman 23 [main pic, 006, 007]. Photo 006 shows a pair of Stunt "Men". The upper model is a true veteran - built by Greg Farish in the 1970s. It was well flown back then, and was recently dusted off to go around the circle just a few more times. Note the fuselage splice behind the wing TE. This was a weak point and almost every Stunt Man broke here at some point. There is a video of Greg flying his model here:
The model in the foreground of pic 006 (also see main pic, 007) was built by me - also from the original Carl Goldberg kit, but much more recently. Having owned one many decades ago, and broken the fuselage (many times!) at the aforementioned location, I embedded a 15mm strip of carbon fibre (1mm x 3mm) in this area. These models fly as well as one might expect for a flat plate airfoil. They are excellent trainers at low power and capable of basic aerobatics with a bit more punch. Any Cox .049, including the Black Widow and Golden Bee as seen here, will provide adequate power.
ChrisMoes : Stunt Man 23 : 01/07/2021

Hello Mary & Steve, Here are a couple of photos of my Baby Flite Streak built recently from an original (very rare) Top Flite kit [main pic, 005]. It's covered with silkspan and finished with clear and coloured butyrate dope. The engine is a Cox Golden Bee .049. All very traditional. Regardless of size, the airborne agility of George Aldrich's "Flite Streak" design is the stuff of legends, and the "Baby" version does not disappoint. As a bonus, it's one of the few .049 models that doesn't just drop from the sky when the engine quits. It's superb gliding ability enables safe and controlled landings every time... well, almost.
ChrisMoes : Baby Flite Streak : 01/07/2021

Please find attached a number of pics of my version of Terry Edmunds Callisto 82 [pics 004-007]. I have called it the 'Kallisto 21', K for Ken and 21 for the year. Due to the nature of our flying area, flat field in a valley without any launching aids, I modified the plan as follows: Converted to electric power. Added 1cm to the width and 1cm to the depth of the fuze to accommodate batteries etc. Add winglets. Used .6mm ply on rear of fuze to improve strength. Used carbon fibre tube in place of dowelling for the wing mounts and also to replace thebrass tubing as I saw no use in adding any ballast lead. Placed servos in the wings for the ailerons and the spoilers. Used Transmitter coupling for the rudder. The Build was started in March 2020 and took about 13 months to build with the maiden flight 29th June 2021 at the Hobart Model Aero Club, Tasmania
Ken Ward : Callisto : 01/07/2021

Have set the date on this one to Oct 1988, thanks to AaronKV, it seems it was published much later than the 50s. Can anyone send in a scan of the article? Thanks.
SteveWMD : Courtesan : 01/07/2021

Hi Mary and Steve, I've attached photos of my recently completed Chez Coupe, oz12980 [main pic, 006-010]. It was fun to build and a great performer. Take care,
Eric Holmes : Chez Coupe : 01/07/2021

Some Monterey pics [main pic, 008-012].
Erich Schloemer : Monterey : 01/07/2021

Dear fellows, follows another one finished after the great Outerzone Plans! Mini-slow, built by Fred Cesquim [pics 008-011]. Engine is COX15 finished in monokoted wings and painted fuselage. Ink lines and clear coat for shiny looks. Thank you! Regards from Brazil
Fred Cesquim : Mini Slow : 01/07/2021

Two photos of my Baby Stuntmaster built from Outerzone plans [main pic, 003]. I used the small three-view to develop the wing and tailplane size/shape and block balsa for the upper deck in lieu of plastic. Power is Cox Pee Wee .020 and finished with butyrate dope.
ChrisMoes : Baby Stunt Master : 01/07/2021

Make a full-sized card cutout of your battery, RX, and servos and place them on the plan roughly where you think they should go. The rule of thumb is the heaviest item to the front, which would be the battery. I would leave the battery bay with plenty of space so you can move the battery to adjust the CofG. Use sticky back velcro to help keep small position adjustments secure. I'd place the servos to the rear to keep the control runs short and 'slop' free. The name of the game is experiment, it's fun.
John : Drop Me A Line : 01/07/2021

I am very tempted to build this as rc with my PAW .55rc as the ff version used a DC dart (24" is small, but it is a wide wing..) I will probably modify the outlines a bit, particularly the rear fuselage; easily done by looking at other plans of the Nipper (Thank you Oz!)
An electric version would be easy; just use foam for the block balsa bits! (lighter too). I reckon there is no need for hairylons on this model!
Jim : Tipsy Nipper : 30/06/2021

Got it, 8/1975. Many thanks. Have added the date now.
SteveWMD : IAR 80 : 30/06/2021

Jimmy, you be best to start by reading the Outerzone FAQ here at
SteveWMD : Scotch Monoped : 30/06/2021

If I understand correctly your indications are for setting the CG after the model is built? My biggest issue is with the distribution/placing of the rc stuff during the build stage vs the balance of the model free of the rc gear... As you suggested, I will consider the CG somewhere in between the hooks plus a bit fwd and work from there. Many thanks!
Eduard : Drop Me A Line : 30/06/2021

How do i get this plan to tile to correct size?
Jimmy Haley : Scotch Monoped : 30/06/2021

Hello, yes we have dates. The plans were published in six issues of the magazine, from no. 8/1975 until 1/1976. You see, this Tehnium magazine was actually dedicated to electronics - like a model buiding magazine but for the electronics enthusiast folks. During the seventies, some issues would sport model building plans for ships or gliders - this ended in the beginning of the 80's with the advent of the Modelism magazine (which was published as a suplement to Tehnium magazine).
Eduard : IAR 80 : 30/06/2021

Hi, This is a great service that you’re providing here. Love it! Thanks! I have recently printed off Doug McHard’s plan of the Douglas 0-46A “flying razor”, something I’ve been chasing for a while. The one thing missing are the instructions that came with the original plan from APS, as a supplement, that details the construction of the fuselage centre tube. I have a copy of the original Aeromodeller magazine from 1953, so I know they’re not in there. I was just wondering if anyone out there would possibly have a copy of the supplement that they could share. Keep up the good work! Cheers,
Richard Shennan : Douglas O-46A : 30/06/2021

Hi Edward, I would put the CofG between the tow hooks and err a little bit forward of that position. I'd then do dive tests to see if that suits. (Push the nose down and then center the elevator and see if it recovers naturally)
John : Drop Me A Line : 30/06/2021

Dear modellers. I am very glad that you are interested in this model aircraft IAR-80 ROMANIAN 59.1 in range. It's a bit of a historical plan that I've digitally retouched and refurbished on my computer. I believe you will be satisfied.
IAR-80_ROMANIA 59.1 in range. Reduced control line profile model. Wingspan 150.114 cm, for 1 x 3.26 cm3 engine or for RC engines 6.52 - 9.78 cm3. You can also set up the IAR-80 ROMANIA as an RC model controlled by a 6-channel transmitter. It's worth a try. I only attach my opinion and plan for the complete construction of the model. Good luck flying.
Link about the model:
Hi Juraj Zitnan (George Zitnan)
Juraj Žitnan : IAR 80 : 29/06/2021

Ah, Tehnium is the name of the magazine? Excellent. Have added that to this listing now. Do we have a date, too?
SteveWMD : IAR 80 : 29/06/2021

Mr. Mihai Andrei was very patient in assembling and editing the drawings. I have them in original... They appeared over a couple of issues in an old Romanian magazine called, as you can read on the plans, Tehnium.
Eduard : IAR 80 : 29/06/2021

It's not every day that I see a plan of this quality!
Miguel : IAR 80 : 29/06/2021

Thanks Juraj. Have added your new plan of the 59 inch model at IAR 80 (oz13134) now.
SteveWMD : IAR 80 : 29/06/2021

Despite the plan and article calling this a Nakajima Type 96, it appears to actually be a Mitsubishi Type 96 - the A5M2 Claude.
Roger Ritter : Nakajima 96 : 29/06/2021

A beautiful job! This is one of my all-time favourite aircraft.
Jan Novick : PZL-104 Wilga 80 : 29/06/2021

I recently completed the Wilga designed by Rodger Farley [main pic, 003-010]. I changed the wing to a non-slotted design with standard ailerons and flaps using a Clark Y airfoil. It is powered by an Eflite Power 15 outrunner motor (950 Kv) swinging a 12x6 propeller. The battery is a 3 cell 2200 mAh LiPo. I 3D printed the cowl, servo mounts, landing gear fairings, and push rod exit for the rudder. The fuselage is strengthened with fiberglass and painted. The plane takes off without flaps in about 10 feet and flies like it is on rails. Very docile! Thanks for all you do at Outerzone! I check for new plans every day! Here are some photos of the Wilga. From Michigan,
John Dagg : PZL-104 Wilga 80 : 28/06/2021

Hello, Can someone please help me with the CG position for this glider? I intend to make it a 2 channel RC, slightly enlarged... Many thanks, Eduard.
Eduard : Drop Me A Line : 28/06/2021

A photo of my kit built Saker way back in 1980 [main pic, 006]. Finished with silk and Sig dopes. Great flying model to learn aerobatics on, which will slow down nicely on landing. Care must be taken to keep rear of the wing light to avoid lead in the nose. From Ontario, Canada,
ChadAncaster : Saker : 28/06/2021

Hi there, Please find attached a few photos of the Tarrier oz843. Enlarged to 150% for a DC Merlin engine and two channel RC [main pic, 003, 004]. Fantastic little flyer and easy build. Thanks for the fabulous website. Best regards,
DaveB : Tarrier : 28/06/2021

Hi Steve, Here are some pics of the Acro Star [main pic, 005-010]. I hope these are suitable. Best,
Bruce Carr : Acro Star : 28/06/2021

Hi! Here is the framed Finch at 8.3 g uncovered [003, 004]. Plan oz12925. Cheers,
Adrian Culf : Finch : 28/06/2021

Please find attached a couple of photos to add to your Tyro Major plan [pics 005, 006] to supplement the comment I posted on 15/03/2020 - apologies for forgetting to send the pics at the same time. Best regards, and keep up the great work you do.
Nick Ward : Tyro Major : 28/06/2021

Hello! I have attached a photo of my latest build, a deBolt Live Wire Super Cub (oz12271). Builds up into a cute little model [main pic, 003]. Cheers,
Scott Wallace : Super Cub : 28/06/2021

Hi Outerzone, Built this aeroplane for Cowra Oily Hand Diesel Day 2017 and still flying it [main pic, 003]. Magnum (oz8542), flies nice and smooth, groves well and settles quick after sharp pull outs. Powered by and old OS Max 20 with 9 x 4 prop. Regards,
Zotoz : Magnum : 28/06/2021

Hey! This is my Mike nassise Interstate L6 liaison [pics 008-011]. A few flaws in the covering, but hope you like it! This was reduced from 21" to 14".
Adarsh Lakshman : Interstate L-6 Liaison : 28/06/2021

G'day All I hope this finds you well, I recently built a DB Mini Tarka and thought you'd like a pic of it [pic 006]. FWIW, it's powered by a McCoy 049 Diesel swinging a 7 x 3 MA Prop, it flies beautifully, is reasonably quick and it flew straight out of my hand. Thanks for all you do on Outerzone. Cheers from Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.
Clive Parsons : Mini Tarka : 28/06/2021

Hey Oz, after many years out of the hobby, I downloaded the Ferdinand plans and built it from scratch [main pic, 003, 004]. The plans printed out just a little bit big, so I pushed the firewall forward to make sure the prop had the right clearance. Other than that, built it straight of the plans.
Nathaniel Seavy : Ferdinand : 28/06/2021

Daniel, you could start by reading the FAQ page at
SteveWMD : Buzzard : 27/06/2021

That's the "belt OR braces" approach instead of the more common "belt AND braces". The latter would provide an interesting incidence problem.
Miguel : Maxi : 27/06/2021

How can I Download this per plan? I'm Really interested in Rebuild rc-birds and this One looks Really pretty. Thanks a lot for your Tips and have a nice Time, Greets from germany.
Daniel : Buzzard : 27/06/2021

The guy who built the rib-wing Maxi used a ribset with "feet" which make an auxiliarystrip obsolete !
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 27/06/2021

Have changed the title of this to 'Winged Yankee', from 'Yankee', thanks to AaronKV. Both SAM and AMA use the title 'Winged Yankee' for this is one.
SteveWMD : Winged Yankee : 26/06/2021

Got one in early 70's (thanks Dad) I had the .05 DC Bantam Engine. I can't remember exact year.. 73 or 74 but it was under powered and felt like I was just swinging it around until I fell over. Happy days..
Jeff W : Phantom Mite : 25/06/2021

Eduard. The plan does specify carved wood props so I think they are probably not plastic.
Peter Rea : Lockheed P-38J Lightning : 24/06/2021

Gas Bird (Diamond Zipper)
AaronKV : Gas Bird : 23/06/2021

I come from Slovakia and I am interested in airplanes and RC models. That's why I took the liberty of sending a new plan for a World War II fighter.
IAR-80_ROMANIA 59.1 in range. Control line profile scale model. Wingspan 150.114 cm, for 1 x 3.26 cc engine or for RC 6.52 - 9.78 cc engines. You can also build the IAR-80 ROMANIA as an RC model controlled by a 6-channel transmitter.
You can also set up the IAR-80 ROMANIA as an RC model controlled by a 6-channel transmitter. It's worth a try. I just attach my opinion and plan for the complete construction of the model. I'm sending it to Good luck flying.
Juraj Žitnan : IAR 80 : 23/06/2021

As on the instruction notes he used Superior Props.
link for prop shop:
pit : Lockheed P-38J Lightning : 22/06/2021

Hello, i am mistaken or i see 3 blade plastic propellors? Where can i get such? Many thanks, Eduard.
Rautchi Eduard : Lockheed P-38J Lightning : 22/06/2021

The above pics are gorgeous! You folks do excellent work!
Dave Lentz : Senior Dart : 20/06/2021

Thanks very much !
I will measure the ribs and perhaps I use a tailing egde as auxiliary sprip. Maybe 10 mm x 50 mm or similar, I will try, when I built the Rib-wing...
Why doI plan this ? The one who built my present MAXI used a too hot iron, when he covered the wings,so the downside sheeting got waves...
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 20/06/2021

The only former piece I see missing is the last bottom former piece going to the aft under the stabilizer. If that bottom former piece was shown among the other former pieces on the plan, it would have been labeled ‘9A’. Former ‘8T’ forms a stop in front of stabilizer and rudder, and former ‘8A’ is below ‘8T’. The ‘T’ formers form the topside of the fuselage. The ‘A’ formers form the bottomside of the fuselage. The plywood firewall constitutes the first former.
The one missing former piece under the stab is just a small hiccup in this plan. A proper fitting former piece there would be very simple to make.
AaronKV : Kid : 19/06/2021

Neal, thank you for yet another obscure and beautifully rendered subject. Your submissions are always enlightening!
Jan Novick : IAR 80 : 19/06/2021

Yesterday in Schuettorf at y friend Ingo, the CU in the background went to Netherlands and we had super calm weather in the blue hour. Listen to the Propsound!
Matzito : Jupiter RC : 19/06/2021

Really a rare thing this plan. Thanks for sharing it.
Hubert : IAR 80 : 19/06/2021

Terry, see the FAQ page at also the Knowledgebase articles at
SteveWMD : Caprice : 18/06/2021

Can someone please advise what Size the plan needs to be printed. Does not seem to be A0 or American size.
Terry : Caprice : 18/06/2021

Pics of my MK Thunderbird 40 [main pic, 005-007].
Huang Sheng : Thunderbird 40 : 18/06/2021

Pics of my Graupner Kapitan model [main pic, 023, 024].
Huang Sheng : Kapitan : 18/06/2021

Pic of my Cloud Hound model [main pic].
Colin Miller : Cloud Hound : 18/06/2021

Photos of Night Owl, please find attached [pics 005-07]. Flew brilliantly off a 60 metre line in cold, flat calm, with a micro servo operating the rudder tab to keep it from flying away! Averaged 1-1/2 to 2 mins in above conditions - really nice glide when trimmed up. Best rgds,
Nick Ward : Night Owl : 18/06/2021

This model airplane is very beautiful.
Vagner : New Era III Revisited : 18/06/2021

Does anyone know when this was designed or printed?
Dave B : Horten IV : 18/06/2021

There's a short but clarifying bio of him in . He'll be up there making noise in that fluffy Cumulus where the souls of good modellers abide :-)
Miguel : Bebe Jodel : 18/06/2021

Pete, G-ARRU is (believe it or not) actually all back together and re-built. My late father spent his last years rebuilding her under the watchful eye of an LFA inspector. I actually painted it. Since my father's death it is sat in his shed up in Rugby, am unsure what will happen to it but it was at the "test flight" stage. It was actually left to me but I declined as am 6ft 4 and the weight aspect would have been marginal and besides I prefer flying gliders!
Chris Huck : Druine Turbulent : 18/06/2021

Hoh Fang-Chiun seems to be an intriguing character to many modelers, me included. He seemed wise beyond his years, and his designs always appear to be sound and purposeful, yet they ooze charm.
RC Yeager : Bebe Jodel : 18/06/2021

Night Owl was my first real proper model build. I was given a copy of the Aeromodeller magazine the Night Owl plan appeared in, and a starter pack of balsa by my (late) Uncle Peter, an ex-RAF fitter. The model took several months to build, and lots of mistakes, but flew successfully. I kept the plan and made another when I first got back into the hobby around 2010. Pictures sent in.
Nick Ward : Night Owl : 18/06/2021

He passed much too young.
Richard Browning : Bebe Jodel : 17/06/2021

So true Miguel!!!
Pascal Rodesch : Bebe Jodel : 17/06/2021

What a bright young man Mr. Hoh must have been. He passes much under the radar but here in Oz he has 18 fine designs to his credit and I'm sure these are not the only ones. And if they were they are an impressive line-up.
Miguel : Bebe Jodel : 17/06/2021

Fair enough. Agreed. Let's use the title 'Project 5' rather than 'Gassie No 5'. Done.
SteveWMD : Project 5 : 16/06/2021

"Project 5" at SAM and AMA.
AaronKV : Project 5 : 16/06/2021

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