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Brilliant! about time some genius saved us all.
I haven't got to Building it yet but I'm just starting to do so immediately after reading your post. I'll let you know how I like it. Thanks.
Nabil : Balsa Notch Cutter : 06/12/2023

Thanks for the compliment Jan. I mentioned it in the article I wrote on the build--the airplane won first place in the club build-off, Masters Class. My first ever with a first!
JohnnyB : CAP 231 : 06/12/2023

Miguel, That looks like an F6F Hellcat.
RogerB : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft : 06/12/2023

Pics 9-to-12 crept up in my random Gallery. The quintessential Cute model :)
Miguel : Twin Lizzie : 06/12/2023

I built one of these about '65 or '66 when the plan was published in a magazine. I had to scale it up from the tiny page because back then, it wasn't as easy to order full size plans. Mine turned out a little heavy, with Controlaire single channel transmitter and receiver, running a Royal rudder servo, 4 pencells power. I couldn't run fast enough to tow it up, and so I enlisted my Brother's help and a 300 horsepower winch. (Pontiac convertible) borrowed from a club member, my Brother launched and worked the transmitter and I drove the car, with tow reel held out the side. It did work, but still had a glide like a 3-hole brick, not all that successful for us. I think it was just too heavy.
doug smith : Lil T : 06/12/2023

How not to like a John Bell plan? Fine work on the complete package, and thanks for the EAA link as well :)
Duane is shown flying below. EAA's first pres. appears at 0.05 on his restored can't-remember-what :))
Miguel : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft : 06/12/2023

Superb scale plan for it's age, and lovingly restored too :)
Miguel : Vultee V11 Bomber : 06/12/2023

Have used Gorilla glue for a year or more on many models and it is fast drying (I mean fast sometimes to fast a grab) the big drawback is sanding it especially on foam board that I mainly use being hard to sand on this substrate not bad on balsa. I find Parfix glue which is easily purchased here in Australia and a low cost glue is great where you have to sand. I have been using white glue (PVA type) for over 60 years and usually dilute with water as this tends to suck the glue into the wood for a better joint.
D2 : Viewpoint 10 : 06/12/2023

The Datafile link to 'found online' is often useful after sites have gone down. With this one, I have just added more pics here [003-008] from the defunct site using the Wayback machine and that useful link.
SteveWMD : Go-Go Dancer : 06/12/2023

New user? Hi and welcome. Short answer: scroll down this page and look for the 'Download Files' section. Longer answer: see the site FAQ page at for full details on how this site works, also detailed help with file downloads.
SteveWMD : Go-Go Dancer : 06/12/2023

I suspected that all these obscure racer rubber scale plans came out after the publication of SCALE VIEWS OF AIR RACERS in 1971. It's a wonderful detailed 3 views book that is still on download at:
Pit : Verville-Sperry R-3 : 06/12/2023

The site is evidently gone, so the plan file is unavailable.
Jean Tornow : Go-Go Dancer : 06/12/2023

If you want to detail this model in Duane Cole's livery, EAA has some nice pictures of the actual aircraft on their website here:
RogerB : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft : 06/12/2023

Beautiful model! Thank you very much for posting!
Fabio : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft : 05/12/2023

Beautiful covering and graphics!
Jan Novick : CAP 231 : 05/12/2023

Dear Peter, do you have a drawing of the pylon motor mount you can share ?
HansL : Delphine : 05/12/2023

I think I am quite deeply into golden age racing aircraft, but this one had eluded me completely until now. Thank you, folks!
Martin : Verville-Sperry R-3 : 05/12/2023

looks like a Focke Wulf 190 with inverted inline engine.
Pit : 334-G : 05/12/2023

Good Day, I've attached a few pictures of the CAP 231 I built from RCM plans on Outerzone [main pic, 005-007]. All balsa and ply construction and covered with Ultracote. Power is a Super Tigre .90. Beautiful Breitling graphics and lettering from Callie Graphics.
For more detailed build information visit:
And for fantastic graphics visit
JohnnyB : CAP 231 : 04/12/2023

Hi Mary, Here are two photos of my Altimeter [main pic, 005]. Thanks for posting the plans!
Brooke Linford : Altimeter : 04/12/2023

Hi guys ! I'm the designer of this model. Very pleased to find it here by accident, I'm so proud... Have some nice flight with it! Mine is still airworthy years after building...
Best regards from France !
Nhâlyn Jean-Mi
Jean-Mi : Motopou : 04/12/2023

Doh. Have added the missing oz serial number to these filenames now.
SteveWMD : Rearwin Speedster : 04/12/2023

Thank you, Earl. The older the better. I salute you and all the other trailblazers who zoomed up the Ultimate Thermal!
Miguel : Piper Pawnee Brave : 04/12/2023

Yes... overlapping wings as already mentioned. This one has been scaled a little bit undersize. Using Adobe's measurement tool against the 6 inch ruler on the bottom of the plan shows 5.89" (at the ruler's 6" mark). If printed at 100%, it will come out at 98.2% (42"wingspan), so its missing 3/4" of span.
RC Yeager : Feather : 03/12/2023

Thank you for sharing, always interesting!!
Philip : Tethered Trainer : 03/12/2023

As far as I can see the notes on the plan give the correct indications of the dowel and hold down screw locations. Only half the wing centre section is shown on the drawing. The dowel and mounting screw are shown in the correct place if the left wingtip is ignored and the plan is viewed as only the right side of the centre section and right wingtip. This is why "RIGHT" is written by the left end of the centre section TE. The left wing requires another centre-section with 8-R1 ribs and 1-R1A rib to be constructed to go with the left wingtip. This is the section on the plan showing to the left of the note stating "LEFT WING & DIHEDRAL BREAK..." I would assume the remaining R1A rib provides the meat in the middle of the wing centre section to enable the mounting hardware to be fitted.
Skippy : Feather : 03/12/2023

The C/L isn't in the center of the page. It's where the dowel is drawn. The wing halves are drawn overlapping to save work and paper
Hubert : Feather : 03/12/2023

Hey Steve, Thank you for posting my NoVac article on the site. I finally found this video of me using the NoVac vacuum former - see: If you think it would help, please add it to the posting. Thanks, John.
John Jennings : NoVac Vacuum Former : 03/12/2023

Where the dowel, mounting screw and dihedral braces are shown is actually the center of the wing. The builder needs to build two of the rectangular wing panels shown, one for the right and one for the left. There are notes on the plan to this effect but it's still not very clear. Hope this helps.
Phil Bernhardt : Feather : 03/12/2023

Hi, There seems to be a serious mistake in the original plan. The dowel mounting screw and dihedral braces are not shown in the center of the wing. They are indicated at the connection of the left tip panel. Am I reading this correctly?
Dsberns : Feather : 03/12/2023

Hi Outerzone. I am only new to scratch building, this being only my third attempt. The 'Whynot' [main pic, 005-008] was just the type of model that I was looking for in terms of size and complexity. Materials used were generic craft store balsa and gift wrap tissue finished with ezy dope - nothing fancy. The plane balanced without adding any weight and came in at 57 grams with 2 loops of 20" x 3/16" rubber with an 8" igra prop.
Once built only a couple of thrust angle adjustment were required before it was making minute plus ROG flights in a climbing right circle of about 50 meters diameter. Flights were very stable with long slow glide ending in a gentle 'wheels' landing.
I would totally recommend this plan for anyone who has built a couple of kits and is looking to challenge themselves with building off the plan. From Sydney, Australia,
Lindsay Pearson : Whynott : 03/12/2023

This is a one-off model. Matze has said (see his earlier comments) he has no interest in commercial development.
SteveWMD : Cirrus Magic : 02/12/2023

In addition to the original plan, a modern revised plan of this aircraft is also available at
By the way, there are lot of plans by Chalange et Bonnet (CB) in a modern version.
Greetings from Germany
Martin Huebner
Martin Huebner : CB 27 : 02/12/2023

Thank you for sharing your built and initiative. Has there been any development in -possible commercially- production of the Cirrus fuselage? Still interested when an opportunity.
Rein G : Cirrus Magic : 02/12/2023

Bravo for the care of the construction. The old-fashioned way, as it should be. The CB 27 is the clone of the Cb 28 but does not have the same glory because of smaller dimensions. Too bad because we have a nice job there.
olivier : CB 27 : 02/12/2023

Thank you Juergen, your video shows what I was trying to teach to aeromodellers that something simple can be very effective. I am glad that you liked my device.
Danny M2Z : Deflectometer : 02/12/2023

in order to build, one would have to size up the parts in the booklet to building size.
Dean : Sukhoi Su-26MX : 02/12/2023

Simple and effective, now we have two elegant solutions to an ancient problem!
GY : Balsa Notch Cutter : 01/12/2023

Sagitta 900 photos [004, 005]. From my old files on an old computer in the closet. The white one had foam cored balsa sheeted vacuum bagged wings & the red and white one flew the best, over an hour once in thermals, it had a huge battery at the CG.
Jeff Green : Sagitta 900 : 01/12/2023

Gentleman I'm sending you pictures of the Dalotel -20231126 built by Mr Gustavo Duke [pics 009-012]. Thanks a lot,
Jorge Gonzalez : Dalotel : 01/12/2023

I have been vexed by this problem many times.
I may have come up with a simple solution. Instead of a ' U ' notch it is easier to cut a ' V ' notch to fit the half cross section area of the intended stringers. Two blade cuts at right angles are easily done and quick ! Glue in the stringers and then sand the outer points to a uniform width around the fuselage. Then cover as you would have with 'U ' notches.
The stringer notches required for an Ethereal Lady gave me this idea !
Allen Wale : Balsa Notch Cutter : 01/12/2023

Wing template? Extrapolation.
Regards Ian.
Circlip : Citabria : 01/12/2023

Looks like there isn't one, apart from the fuse side view. Looks like you might have to take that outlined rib shape, and then reference it against the wing plan view, then cut away the necessary parts and slots, to make it fit against the LE, TE and spar shown. Happily it is a constant chord wing, so you'll only have to do that once. Me, I like to make a template using plywood, then use that to 'mass produce' the actual balsa ribs. I agree, it's surprising they didn't draw that on the plan.
SteveWMD : Citabria : 01/12/2023

Hi Mary,The First Night [main pic] is a first rate model! It is quick to build and flew "right off the board". On six strands of 3/16" tan II rubber, the climb is impressive. It should climb like a rocket on the six strands 1/4" recommended by the author! Thanks, Randy and Linda
Randy & Linda Wrisley : First Night : 01/12/2023

Roger T.
Thank you, Sir!
John Jennings : Balsa Notch Cutter : 01/12/2023

Hi Mary and Steeve, here is my latest model: the CB27 from 1940 [main pic, 003-005]. Cordialement,
Jean Luc Folliguet : CB 27 : 01/12/2023

Attached 2 photos [pics 003, 004] for the Deflectometer (oz14953) also a short video, see Thanks to Dave for this nice tool idea. For building the tool I needed less than 1 hour. Regards from Germany,
Juergen Platt : Deflectometer : 01/12/2023

Definition of an Ingineer - someone who uses Ingenuity.
I love your work, Mr Jennings. Respect Sir.
Roger T : Balsa Notch Cutter : 01/12/2023

I wonder how it would fly with front motor? The model looks great hmmm winter project
Keith : Delta Lady : 30/11/2023

Where is the rib template?
WW : Citabria : 30/11/2023

Hello, I am sending photos [main pic, 003-006] of the built METEOR from the company IGRA plan number is oz588.
Michal Krepelka : Meteor : 30/11/2023

Model in 1939 by Monsieur Léon Demeyer of Chimay BELogique [pic 009].
Yves Bourgeois : Flying Quaker : 30/11/2023

Hello, I have managed to complete another of the Towner models that has no picture on your page.
I attach the image [main pic] and also here is the link to the playlist where I am uploading the build videos on Youtube:
Feel free to publish it if you deem it suitable. Thank you!
Andrew Urquhart Faya : Pilatus Turbo Porter : 30/11/2023

Hi, As requested here is my contribution for your site. This is my kit built Midwest Esquire from 1970 [pic 008]. My first successful R/C plane. The radio gear was a Micro Avionics setup with proportional servos. The engine was a small Fox or Enya with Tatone Peacepipe muffler.
Having built and flown many small control line planes as a youngster in Massachusetts my interest in model aviation continued in later years and I fulfilled a childhood dream and earned my private pilot’s license.
Although not meant to be a replica of the 1946 Cessna 140 behind me, I did borrow the paint scheme. This photo was taken at New Garden airport in SE Pennsylvania where our C140 was based.
Larry Pearl : Esquire : 30/11/2023

Hello, I was able to purchase an original Star-13 in Internet. It seems very old, perhaps even from the 50s. Attached pictures [pics 012-014]. By the way my father built such a glider in 1954 as he was 12. Now he was very happy to see it. With best regards from Germany,
Chris Herrlinger : Star 13 : 30/11/2023

Hello Caron. I was in the Nottingham club in the 60s and your dad was very helpful to me. I remember a lift to a flying meeting in a two-tone Ford (white and mustard?). He seemed to fly the same design forever!
bill dennis : Super Hawk : 30/11/2023

I am Bill Draper's eldest daughter Caron. I'm so pleased to see the classic Superhawk still being appreciated for the awesome design that it is. I still have several Superhawks built by Dad Bill and also the predecessor, the Kittyhawk.
Caron Kerry : Super Hawk : 30/11/2023

Ingenious and nicely engineered.
Jan Novick : NoVac Vacuum Former : 30/11/2023

Not all hero's wear capes, this is wizard level genius right here. What a marvelous hobby we share.
Tommy : NoVac Vacuum Former : 29/11/2023

Before I get the rotten vegetables treatment, For many years I used Draftsight from Dassault Syst. (yes, the same Dassault!) which was free, but I had to give it up when it went to 'paid'. It now starts at 300€.
Then some 5 years ago I was in need of a true 3D package, and what I bought lightened me at 995€. Since then I missed some chance of an upgrade, my version ceased having support, and the new version is another 995!€, so thank you very much :(
Now, before I get entirely sidetracked, the deflectometer is a fine invention, thank you, Danny! It should work nicely as a warpdetector too :)
Miguel : Deflectometer : 29/11/2023

What a Nicey! Thanks for the upload.
Hubert : RV-4 : 29/11/2023

My version of TurboCad was free, it came with an electronics magazine a few years ago (I like cheap). Use any simple CAD program you wish, it is the principle that I was trying to impart.
My friend uses a Deflectometer to set up his multi-servo wings and dual rates etc. and he commented that it can pick the difference between two (supposedly) identical servos.
Danny M2Z : Deflectometer : 28/11/2023

True modelers don't have much money, thus they build, and have to find ways and improvise with what they have (e.g. McGyver), so yeah, a lot of "cheapskatery" goes on in this magnificent hobby. BTW... not to be confused with cheapsteakery, which is the art of hopping from one restaurant to the next in search of a cheap steak (modelers are known to practice this a lot too).
RC Yeager : Deflectometer : 28/11/2023

Free this, free that! Oh, the cheapskatery! The space probes NASA sent to infinity and beyond would have to be Kinder Surprise Egg trinkets, no? :))
Miguel : Deflectometer : 28/11/2023

You are very kind Miguel, I will tell all my friends how the maiden goes and I'll share photos and videos. Best wishes!!
Eduardo : Deacon : 28/11/2023

Also QCAD is free, I've tried installing and using that.
SteveWMD : Deflectometer : 28/11/2023

Just to keep things cheap, instead of Turbocad, google for Librecad (it's free)
Daithi : Deflectometer : 28/11/2023

Of course I was joking, Eduardo, I wish your fabulous looking Deacon makes only safe landings for the happiness of her talented maker :)
Miguel : Deacon : 27/11/2023

True name is Boeing YB-9 Bomber.
Pit : Boeing Bomber : 26/11/2023

If memory serves, this would be the Boeing B 9 which was nicknamed 'the Flying Pencil' (way before the Dornier 17 was even a sketch on a designers notepad)
Daithi : Boeing Bomber : 26/11/2023

Dear Steve,
Just before cca 40 years my father bought me Marabu kit... (Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina - ex Yugoslavia). Belive or not in this same green box, I remember everything... My father helped me to build this, and I remember all...
The blueprint is correct! It is very fun model and it can land of and take land on with no problem...
Thank you for the blueprint, I will build it again, now with my son...
Senad Šabanovic : Marabu : 25/11/2023

This designer is the famed "Pylonius" from Model Aircraft/Aeromodeller
Charles : Rake : 24/11/2023

My Deacon was mistakenly located near my satellite TV antena and, naturally, it has nothing to do with the model but it shows a rather odd situation. I didn't remove it with Photoshop, perhaps I should have but now it accompanies the Deacon forever!! Anyway, thanks for your words.
Eduardo : Deacon : 24/11/2023

I built and flew the R/N Models kit in the 1980’s. I was a total free-flight novice, but this rugged model would perform truly majestic flights. Strong climbs, flat glides, predictable turns, sometimes returning right to my feet. One evening, one last flight in the fading light, I cranked a few more turns into the motor, adjusted the rudders to compensate, and launched. To my horror, she climbed to a spectacular height, went to cruise power, and never veered off runway heading! She disappeared over the darkened suburbs. I had lost her! Wait, tomorrow is Sunday, no one getting up early; so I was up and out in the predawn hours, sneaking through backyards, peering at roofs, climbing fences, using a compass to stay on its last observed heading. I must have trespassed at least twenty properties. And I found her!! She was on her feet, on a patio a few inches from someone’s back door. I picked her up and carefully exited. She flew a LONG way.
John Hayes : Miss Worlds Fair : 24/11/2023

For historical purposes, Paul Willenborg's Fantrainer plan was re-published as a free full size plan in the October / November 1991 edition of the Argus Publications magazine Radio Control Scale Aircraft, the layout of the RCSA free plan is exactly the same as the original Model Airplane News plan. Thank you for including the link to the RC Groups article covering the designers upgrade to electric power... for us Fantrainer fans, that is a great read!
Pete Rose : Fantrainer : 23/11/2023

What a fantastic birthday present, Dave! Hats off to Crist!
Mary : Cubee : 23/11/2023

Hello Mary, Please find attached a photo of the famous Mew Gull [main pic] built from the Aeromodeller plan via Outerzone. This one is fitted with an AM15, 1.5 cc engine. Many thanks for keeping these plans alive!
Philip Lewis : Mew Gull : 23/11/2023

Hi, Steve and Mary: Attached are two pictures of my electrified Easy Answer [pics 008, 009] from a Global Hobby Kit that I built and flew in late 1990's. To make it more portable for traveling, I made the wing three-piece and the tail detachable. It was covered by gold and white Monokote, and powered by a Graupner Speed 600 motor and a 7- cell sub-C Ni-Cd power pack. The power system was heavier than the modern brushless motor/Lipo battery combination. Thus, it climbed up leisurely and sink faster. Again, Thanks for the great work! Cheers!
Max Li : Easy Answer : 23/11/2023

Eduardo, you are a person sensitive to cuteness in model picking :)
This is a carefully finished model, and I hope Ay Caramba, your pre-Columbian God of Landings protects the preservation of its good looks.
That's a mighty radio aerial in pic no.15, but I wouldn't use it on a model: the aerodynamics are terrible.
Miguel : Deacon : 23/11/2023

Mary, so nice to 'see' you :)
This is not a standoff scale model, but rather a standwaywayoff scale. Scale judges should apply a modified '3 meters' rule, using 300 meters and no binoculars instead.
Miguel : PZL P.38 Wolf : 23/11/2023

Mirek - I'm sure you're right about the finer details of difference between the Wilk and the Lampart. You definitely know more about Polish planes than me! But the plan is not meant to be an exact scale replica of any plane, it's just a "sport-scale" version of the PZL P.38 Wilk. It's the designer being inspired by the Wilk to create his own version, rather than trying to copy it.
Mary : PZL P.38 Wolf : 22/11/2023

I have just finished my Deacon [pics 010-015]. Vital statistics are: Powered by a P.A.W. 1.5cc. Un channel radio assist using a FlySky equipment. Covered with "Chinakote" All balsa. I took the photos with my Nikon D3200 camera at my home near the town of La Calera, about 26 kilometers from Bogotá. Best wishes from Colombia EDUARDO
Eduardo : Deacon : 22/11/2023

Hi Mary, Attached is a photo of my recently completed Island Flyer [main pic]. Take care,
Brooke Linford : Island Flyer : 22/11/2023

Also, upon further scrutiny of the plan and photos on the internet, it appears that the designer never intended this model to be "exact" scale, but rather a standoff or sport scale interpretation, as there are quite a few details that differ considerably from the real thing.
RC Yeager : PZL P.38 Wolf : 21/11/2023

Mirek... Your observation appears to be incorrect. Look closely at the photos in the magazine article and in the Wikipedia link. The nacelles were plump enough to be confused as to be housing a radial engine, but no. It appears that the designer of the model didn't get the contours of the nacelles quite right, but nevertheless, the sides are vertically straight (see plan) and is NOT completely round.
RC Yeager : PZL P.38 Wolf : 21/11/2023

This is not PZL -38 Wilk it is PZL-48 Lampart that was updated version of Wilk. Wilk was equipped with V-12 Foka engine, and Lampart was equipped with radial engine.
Mirek : PZL P.38 Wolf : 21/11/2023

I'm reviewing the CAD file and apparently there are many differences with the PDF (RCM original). The PDF seems to be accurate. Some distances are different and there are other major differences like the wing spar is 3/8 x 1/2 on the original and 3/8 square on the CAD.
Ariel : RCM Trainer : 21/11/2023

Thanks for the plan, made my day.
Madhukar : PZL P.38 Wolf : 21/11/2023

Thanks Sebastian. I had mounted the engine slightly forward and as it turns out, the CG is at the recommended point on the plan. Regards Tony
Tony : Voodoo : 21/11/2023

Hi Tony -
Nice Voodoo !
Be careful, without Muffler and long booms, the Plane can become tail heavy easily. Propeller recommendation for Enya SS25 is: Graupner 9x6.
Best Regards, Sebastian
Sebastian : Voodoo : 20/11/2023

Hi, Steve and Mary: Attached please find a picture of my single channel Littlest Stick built in late 1990's [main pic]. It was powered by a Cox TD .010 engine and controlled simply by rudder only as the original plan called for. The radio was a pair of Futaba 72 MHz transmitter/receiver with a Bluebird 4g servo. It flew quite well and was an attention getter at the field while all others are full-house designs. Thanks for the great work! From Coral Springs, Florida,
Max Li : Littlest Stick : 20/11/2023

Here's a photo of the Cubee [main pic]. My twin brother Crist built it as a 50th birthday present to me. It was the cover model from the month and year of Model Airplane News we were born. Regards,
Dave Rigotti : Cubee : 20/11/2023

Hi Mary, Enclosed are some photo of my most recent build - Riley Wooten’s Voodoo for your use [pics -12-014]. From Singapore,
Tony Leong : Voodoo : 20/11/2023

This is beautiful and ugly and genius all at the same time! It would also be an excellent candidate for a micro RC conversion.
Ian Salmon : Saab J29F : 20/11/2023

The mystery of the Chinese rubber stamp has remained unsolved for four years.
Martin, the beauty of these 'A' series paper sizes is that they were designed to, if you start with one page in one size, if you cut it in half on the long size, you will get two pages of the lower number. Or, conversely, if you tape two pages butted together along the long side, you get one sheet of the number above.
The side length ratio in any of these paper sheets remains constant throughout this range, the ratio being the square root of 2 or 1.41421... etc.
As the standard (int. ISO 216 or old German DIN 476) defines the starting point (A0) as having an area of 1 sq.m., then using the SQRT(2) sheet side ratio above, A0 sheet sides will be 1189mm and 841mm.
Cut the A0 sheet in half exactly and you get two A1 sheets, each 841 (seen this before?) x 594 (ca. half of 1189), all in mm.
Start with an A4, stick two together and get an A3. Or fold it in half and you'll have a (double sheet) A5.
Nothing on that rubber stamp yet?
Miguel : Medea : 20/11/2023

Re: inverted flight. Having perused the model aircraft aerodynamics Books I believe it's related to using to similar props one as a tractor and the other as a pusher. If both are right hand twist then they will spin clockwise requiring a counter clockwise reactive torque from the airframe ( Newton's 3rd Law). The problem is compounded by both props acting along the same axis or using high pitch props. Ideally for a twin motor model right and left props should be used both props spinning out and up to counteract the torque of its neighbour. Just my two cents.
David L Reid : Dornier Do 335 : 20/11/2023

It's great when someone builds from one of my scans. In retrospect, it makes it seem like it was less work and more fun.
Lincoln : Catamount : 20/11/2023

video at
pit : Up Shot : 19/11/2023

Tony Penhall made several Bowden's plans redrawings. He made in 1986 a more detailed Blue Dragon redrawn with glazing.
Pit : Blue Dragon : 18/11/2023

It seems to me the cabin glazing was an afterthought, added later. You need plans showing the cabin? I doubt there are any original plans of that. Although it may be that later, re-drawn versions exist.
SteveWMD : Blue Dragon : 18/11/2023

Where would one get the plans for the cabin version shown in the fotos?
Mike : Blue Dragon : 18/11/2023

I built flew and loved this model many years ago, I still have it! I made one serious upgrade. I redesigned the fuselage to make it so I could plug the wings in using tubes and metal rods. Wire pockets in the inner ends of the ailerons.
Rubber bands with hooks to hold the wings in place. I am now considering using these plans to make printed planes! I may try to add a motor version, but space is an issue.
Jim Azeltine : Talon : 18/11/2023

Mary, Here are some pictures of a half-sized Victrace Wakefield built from oz12256 [pics 008-013]. The model is 22" span and flew well on an 8" Czech plastic prop. It flew even better with an 8" carved prop, so well that it drifted into a cotton field never to be found. Thanks again for all you folks do to keep these plans available!
Mike Kelly : Victrace : 18/11/2023

Hi Mary, After losing one Sky Bunny to a thermal, and a second to the top of a 100' conifer, I built a third since they fly so well [pics 006, 007]. I put an adjustable thrust bearing on this one, hence the name and text. Thanks for posting the plan for this excellent stick model.
Brooke Linford : Sky Bunny : 18/11/2023

141 percent is the factor of enlargement from one DIN A paper size to the next larger one, 70 percent is the factor by which to reduce a document from a larger to a smaller scale. Funny enough, smaller DIN numbers mean larger scales. More about it on Wikipedia, search for "paper size".
This means the good folks from FMT just used the next smaller paper size to get their plans into their magazines.
Martin : Medea : 18/11/2023

Ok, the pilot is G.O. (Oscar) Boom from the comic strip Alley Oop by V.T. Hamlin. Oscar is an explosive and rocket fuel expert.
Benjamin : Danl Boom : 18/11/2023

What would be a modern replacement for the motor in this with the same style powered set up? (as in power running through the lines)
Tommy : Voltroliner : 17/11/2023

Looking at the plans, this thing seems pretty heavy already for its size, and adding a one pound weight, whether towed or carried inside doesn't look feasible at all, especially with no previous building experience. If I were you, a better idea would be to seek out a competent RC builder and flyer to handle the aircraft part of your experiment and you can do the rest, avoiding disappointment. I have a little experience carrying weight with an RC model, which carried, and dropped five pounds of candy for the kiddies. It had a high lift wing of 84" span and a 60 size motor. No problem with the weight, but it took a lot longer to take off. Good luck on your project.
doug smith : Not Quite 48 : 17/11/2023

I am re scratch building the floater fuselage which I've had since 1975 as the entire fus and tail were damaged during a move. I was disappointed that the plans while excellent for a kit, did not give full size drawing of bulkheads and all components. Of course I can scale them up, but to full size would have been so much more helpful. I scratch built this model in 1974, and have flown it successfully so many times that I've lost count of the years and times.
Allan Davies : RC Floater G-110 : 17/11/2023

This thing was built for speed. I'm not sure how she would respond to a tow weight, and since she's a hand launch, I'd think towing anything would be challenging. However, I did a 42" Ugly stik that might be suitable.
Charlie : Not Quite 48 : 16/11/2023

Hi Steve and Mary, Here are the pictures of the CB 7 that I just finished [main pic, 003, 004]. Kind regards,
Olivier Aubard : CB 7 : 16/11/2023

Not 'search' exactly no, not currently. But you can 'browse' them all, using the top menu, select: Browse / byCategory / Extras and that will bring you to the page showing all the Extra plans. As of today there's 43 of them.
SteveWMD : Vacuum Forming Table : 16/11/2023

Any way to search for plans tagged as ‘Extra’?
K.K.Iyer : Vacuum Forming Table : 16/11/2023

I don't think "The Wife" would be too happy if I cooked the vacuum cleaner in the oven, I'd be in the dog house again.
John Boy Paddy : Vacuum Forming Table : 16/11/2023

I bought my wooden box at the liquor store. A bit pricey but it came with two free bottles of wine.
Hans : Vacuum Forming Table : 16/11/2023

Very nice work indeed. The pilot looks like a card silhouette from some comix source I cannot identify.
Miguel : Danl Boom : 16/11/2023

Check the plan through carefully, you'll see the instructions in step 7 say: use the 'dihedral gauge strip' under each wingtip for correct angle. So everything you need is there on the plan :)
SteveWMD : Traveler Sailplane : 15/11/2023

Hello, the degree of dihedral at the wing tip is not visible. Thanks.
jvf : Traveler Sailplane : 15/11/2023

Formers checked: there is a fan-shaped diagram under the engine on sheet 1 that shows all fuselage turtledeck formers. below the turtledeck the fuselage is a box made of sticks with all dimensions shown in the top and side views. the forward bulkheads are shown in full off to the right.
S Carr : Marquart Charger : 15/11/2023

Nice work. I love the pilot, where is he from?
SteveWMD : Danl Boom : 15/11/2023

Hi Steve and Mary, Here's a couple of pictures of my Dan'l Boom a design by Keith Laumer [main pic, 006, 007]. Thanks for all you do,
Benjamin Strauss : Danl Boom : 15/11/2023

It doesn't look like this copy of the plan has all of the formers included, but the plans for the full size are available as a free download.
Sheet 15 should provide the necessary inspiration to fill in the gaps.
thooms : Marquart Charger : 15/11/2023

This kit came with an instruction manual, if anyone has it it would be a great addition to this listing. Dave
dave fritzke : Easy Eagle : 14/11/2023

The model was doped (two thinned coats), and received two light coats of Humbrol color Silver, with airbrush and a 2:1 paint / thinner ratio. Other colors were also from Humbrol, but applied with paintbrush. Canopy and central ridge were made of balsa (half round rod and scraps).
Yannick : MiG 25 Foxbat : 14/11/2023

Have split this into 2 listings now, Early and Late. See Thermic 20 Late (oz5031) for the later 1946 plan.
SteveWMD : Thermic 20 Early : 14/11/2023

Ah yes, got it. Have set ScaleType now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : DH Gipsy Moth : 13/11/2023

This is the DH 60 Moth, I think
Ted Avey : DH Gipsy Moth : 13/11/2023

Greetings from New Zealand, here is a pic of my Fantrainer, feel free to append to the online entry if you wish. Power: Graupner Speed 400 6v / 8 x AA NiCd cells. Best performance obtained with a cut down 5x3 two blade nylon propellor.
Thousands of successful fights with this model since 1996. It survived the elevator servo coming loose in flight (lesson learned, avoid using servo tape to install servos for primary flight controls) and was easy to land using just throttle and ailerons.
Current plan is to upgrade to brushless motor, 3s LiPo battery and five blade fan like the full size. Gratitude to Outerzone Team for what must be the biggest online plans archive. All The Best,
Pete Rose : Fantrainer : 13/11/2023

Hello, Here are some photos about the RC Vega Termik (CZ) glider model [pics 003-007] that I would like to share with the modeller group Outerzone. Best Regards, from Gniezno, Poland.
Maciej : Vega Termik : 13/11/2023

The Vega glider was also my first RC model. But I had the first version, it had a wing cut out of styrofoam and covered with veneer. The Vega Thermik was an improved version with a structural wing.
Petr : Vega Termik : 13/11/2023

The specs say "no aerobatics or abrupt manoeuvres", I imagine the original must have a plaque in the cockpit saying much the same thing in a prominent location. Nice find, Pit.
Miguel : Douglas DC-3 : 13/11/2023

I have great love for this model because it was my first RC glider. Since I'm from the Polish lowlands, I had to buy an auxiliary engine. I installed Enya 1.62ccm 09TV without RC system. Although it has a carburetor, the lever is permanently attached. Enya lifted the glider to a height, then the fuel ran out and the glider had to rotate the floating elevator and rudder in thermals. This model escaped me once... I lost sight of it at a very high altitude... I just looked at my watch and the model simply disappeared. Even though I couldn't see the model, I had to make it rotate, i.e. very slightly downwards, and tilt the wing. I even went to a clairvoyant who told me that the model was lying in a plowed field and people were passing by but they couldn't see it! I was looking for Vega for a week and I actually found it. She was lying in an undulating field plowed high especially for growing trees. Using binoculars, I only noticed the tip of the white and red rudder and that was enough. The model lay about 800 meters from the start. Now I have Vega as a distinguished model. The center of the wing is a bit broken, but it's still there. My father, who passed away last year, also loved going on flights in this model.
A very successful Czech design.
Watch my video from 1997
Maciej : Vega Termik : 13/11/2023

Thanks, Tim.
Duke Horn : Lockheed P-38J Lightning : 13/11/2023

Jack was a true gentleman, I was just a kid flying at Del Valle I had a pink and chrome swift that was truly a pleasure to fly.
Lucius : Swift 46 : 12/11/2023

kit electrified review at:
Pit : Douglas DC-3 : 12/11/2023

Aha, got it thanks :)
SteveWMD : Susi : 12/11/2023

Hi, you can find pics for instance here
or here
Hubert : Susi : 12/11/2023

photos and text in:
pit : Susi : 12/11/2023

Hi Steve, I recently built this as an electric conversion from a Balsaworkbench short kit, and you might like to add it to the photo database for your listing [main pic, 005].
Power is a Badass 3520-650kv on 5Ah/5S lipoly and APC 11 x8.5 prop. All up weight is 86oz for a wing loading of 22.4oz sq/ft.
Bob Moulder : Dirty Birdy 40 : 12/11/2023

Have removed the main model pic from here to use it with the newly added Susi 2 plan. Does anyone have a good pic of the first Susi, the original model with solid nose (no clear canopy)? Thanks.
SteveWMD : Susi : 12/11/2023

I would change the undercarriage to a "grooved" 15mm x 10mm softwood block mounted into ribs 1, 2 & 3, as the mounting option as shown on the plan can't work without interfering with the rib/wing integrity.
acl : Kawasaki Hien : 11/11/2023

Doh. Got it now. Thanks :)
SteveWMD : Taylor Cub F-2 : 11/11/2023

K.K.Iyer : Taylor Cub F-2 : 11/11/2023

Thanks all,
I have just purchased the Ben Buckle plan which shows all formers and ribs at full scale, at least it will allow me to commence building.
Terry Aydon : Southerner : 10/11/2023

Very nice, did you airbrush or spay paint the model? Is the canopy made from balsa and foam?
Gage Van Vranken : MiG 25 Foxbat : 10/11/2023

Aha, got it. Ok have set this now as from Aeromodeller. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : BAE Hawk : 10/11/2023

Aeromodeller Nov 1983, Balsa Cabin rekitted it later.
Pit : BAE Hawk : 10/11/2023

Think this one was actually a free plan in Aeromodeller in the mid 80,s (when the mag increased size to A4) and the ad in the corner was something that appeared regularly at the time
Mike Hollamby : BAE Hawk : 10/11/2023

Photo of Nakke model [pic 005].
Ahti Yliriesto : Nakke : 09/11/2023

Here's a photo of my Walt Mooney ITOH 62-160 [main pic]. Outerzone plan 14914. It's a good flyer!
John Koptonak : ITOH 62-160 : 09/11/2023

Built a slightly stretched version (100") just as a glider, it flew extremely well.
Colin Reader : Electra-Lite : 09/11/2023

Hello, The Mistral model was actually designed by my father Georg Friedrich in the early 1960s and published as a plan in the FMT. The model was then brought onto the market as a construction kit by the Engel company. For the time, it was a model that was way ahead of its time and very modern. It would certainly appeal to many model builders today. Kind regards to everyone,
Wolfgang Friedrich : Mistral : 08/11/2023

Doug and Eduardo, thank you guys.
Geoff Dowen : Spitfire : 08/11/2023

Hello again, I see you posted plans for the Comet Cessna 34. Attached are a couple photos of the one I completed last year {mainpic, 003,004]. Thanks and take care,
Brooke Linford : Cessna 34 : 07/11/2023

Hi Mary, Attached are two photos of my Comet Miller Racer Zeta that I completed last year [main pic, 003]. Thanks for all of the great work on the website!
Brooke Linford : Miller Racer : 07/11/2023

Thank you, Martin, and I see the Gruppo Falchi have quite a good library of dowloadable books at
I don't know who invented this vacuum-forming process, but it can give great results. This is a good article. Your good results will come from a well built box etc, and patiently made plugs. "Where did I buy those? Nowhere, I did them myself."
Miguel : Vacuum Former : 07/11/2023

Hi Miguel,
the book "For What It's Worth" edited by Don Dewey can be downloaded at
Greetings Martin
Martin Huebner : Vacuum Former : 07/11/2023

Hey charlie,
I’ve been scrolling through the plans to find a good high wing, relatively large surface area plane with a similar wingspan as the not quite. I have been thinking on how the performance would be with a one pound wieght being towed on this rc plane after I build it. I have no experience whatsoever in rc building but I need to build one for this application. You think it would handle it and be able to perform some maneuvering with this towed weight ?
Saeed : Not Quite 48 : 06/11/2023

this is quite similar, study the plan: and also:
Pit : Ionosphere : 06/11/2023

Hello, perhaps by enlarging the moving surface of the rudder a little, just as it is I had no problems giving it more angle of movement.
Nestor : Spirit : 06/11/2023

Peter, as a general rule, locate the Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC) and the C/G will be near the 1/3 point from the leading edge. Probably not exactly there, but close enough to start trimming.
Here, the MAC is the center rib of the half span. Once balanced at the 1/3 point you can fine tune. The tailless designs can be sensitive.
Bill H : Ionosphere : 06/11/2023

Regarding the Ionosphere plan, where is c of g? I am thinking of building one for electric power.
Peter Miller : Ionosphere : 06/11/2023

Maybe use an A3 printer?
Hans : Southerner : 06/11/2023

Just had a quick look. As best I can tell, the printwood is correctly scaled - or at least very close to correct. I wonder if there was a problem with the printer scaling at your end?
SteveWMD : Southerner : 06/11/2023

No doubt any modern Guillow scale kit is too heavy for good flying performance with rubber power, however, if you carefully sand all balsa sheets to 1mm and reduce by half the wing ribs and other lightening issues reasonable flights can be obtained with a good, enough and well lubricated rubber and perhaps a carved propeller although not mandatory. Just check several YouTube videos showing them flying very well indeed.
EDUARDO (Colombia)
Eduardo : Spitfire : 06/11/2023

Using Photoshop, it is extremely easy, just a couple of clicks, to either enlarge or reduce the printed sheet parts to the correct size. If you contact me, I can do it for you with my compliments. Just let me know what version (size) of this model you want.
Eduardo : Southerner : 06/11/2023

Ah, but many magazines have over the years published a sizable number of pages dedicated to "tips & tricks", in one form or another.
Late lamented RCM even published a series of thick books collecting these "For What It's Worth" pages which, alas, are to be found no more. Except for one lonely volume in the RCLibrary *.
* Who?
Miguel : Vacuum Former : 06/11/2023

You can count the seconds for a sparking version to appear, with article and all :)
Cute lines, a Druine Turbulent or somesuch in disguise.
Miguel : Mr Clean : 06/11/2023

Hi, I already have the keil kraft southerner plan. I tried using your printwood files as the kit plan does not show any. unfortunately they come out too small. They would need to be enlarged by 127% to make them correct.
Terry Aydon : Southerner : 06/11/2023

Done, see update :)
SteveWMD : Schleicher K8B : 05/11/2023

Hello again, Here are photos of the Paragon enlarged to around 70” and converted to R/C [pics 003-007]. Powered by an OS 25 FP and tissue over doculam covering. The designer was a friend who lost his battle with cancer some time ago and this model is a tribute in his memory. Regards,
Kamal Butt : Paragon : 05/11/2023

Has anyone managed to translate the instruction booklet into english please?
Martin Bedford : Schleicher K8B : 05/11/2023

This is interesting. Looking at the numbers - almost 600 downloads on the the first day - this article / drawing is a very popular submission. I wonder, what other drawings are out there, for 'extras' like this?
SteveWMD : Vacuum Former : 05/11/2023

Gulp by name and Gulp by nature.
I have just test flown my Depron electric version. The motor is a 1680rpv and an 8x6 prop on 4s. I balanced slightly ahead of the c of g point. I flew straight out of my hand at half throttle. I was delighted with its control responses and remained where it was put, turned beautifully and sensitive to control input. There is no sign of tip stall on the glide and slows down nicely on landing.. I has just become my weapon of choice. Thanks John for a delightful aircraft... Ray
Ray Williams : Gulp : 05/11/2023

George, sir, lovely to see your name here.
My father Ken Jones flew a Phoenix 100 very successfully for a number of years in the early 80s, a wonderful robust design. Being brought up in Doncaster he always wanted to beat his old rival from Rotherham.
Greth Jones : Phoenix 100 : 04/11/2023

Geoff, the Spitfire appears to be one of the old Guillows kits, which were all rubber powered. This plan is built much lighter than their newer kits, which, in my opinion are too heavy to fly. The plan scale is 100%, that is, everything is drawn full size. The document size is 21.8" X 34.3", which means you will have to print it on 24" X 36" paper. Any print shop can handle that, just be sure to tell them NO SCALING. Many happy building hours.
doug smith : Spitfire : 04/11/2023

Not sure I understand your question. The plan on this page is titled Waco YMF-3. It is from a kit dating back to 1974, produced by a company called Pica. Essentially what I am doing right now is re-typing text from the page and pasting it into the comments. Maybe it would be simpler if you just read the words off the page?
SteveWMD : Waco YMF-3 : 04/11/2023

good morning, I have taken the spitfire number 102c? I had a stroke in 2020 and I am using model making as part of my rehab ,I'm trying to repatch my neurons I am trying to build an Outlaw, purchased from Ebay, although I have struggled with it I have found it theraputic, as it also get me out of the house once a week to my charity run workshop, the drawing scale is what? ie, what size paper to print on , also is it elastic powered or should it need an engine? another realm to explore .anyhelp is very much appreciated. god bless.
Geoff Dowen : Spitfire : 04/11/2023

what model and name is this plane oz waco ymf-3
geronimo : Waco YMF-3 : 04/11/2023

Dear Steve, Pictures of my Snappy from about 1985 [pics 009, 009], responsive and easy to fly including snap rolls with instant recovery from any attitude. Regards,
Arnold : Snappy : 03/11/2023

Nice. Have grabbed a photo that shows a closeup of Mike's finished model to use as the main pic on this page, now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Blackburn Shark : 03/11/2023

Hi Mary & Steve, I was going through some of my “partially built projects” and came across a Comet Models “Blackburn Shark”, that I had built the wings and empennage for that I started 45 years ago. I had also scaled the plans up to 48”WS for a free flight model I had built over 40 years ago. Now, I have to finish this kit. In doing so, I saw that Mike Stuart had a magnificent model of the Shark that he built, on his website, see:
He has a great description of the build, outstanding pictures and the most incredible video of an indoor trimming flight that I have ever seen at:
Please put this info on your website for the Comet Blackburn Shark, oz10058. Mike is one of the best model builders that I have ever come across. His website is a treasure, AND SO IS YOURS. Have a great weekend. Best to you both,
rocketpilot : Blackburn Shark : 03/11/2023

very nice model and video ?
Pavel : Fantrainer : 03/11/2023

....somewhere I have one of those 'Northwood M.A.C' transfers!...all I have to do is find it!
Tim Deacon : Razor Blade 64 : 02/11/2023

Hello Admin, a couple of photos of my Gamma Gull if they are of interest [pics 003, 004]. From Adelaide,
Jack Simmons : Gamma Gull : 02/11/2023

Opened OK for me.
Doug Smith : Wassmer Super 4-21 : 02/11/2023

John Boy Paddy : Slingsby Petrel 13 : 02/11/2023

Hello, I can't open this pdf.
Tony : Wassmer Super 4-21 : 02/11/2023

I see a model flying, but there's no one in the cockpit. Could the pilot be Mr Rake's ghost?
"...but know, thou noble youth,
The serpent that did sting thy father's life
Has his faith broken, and ran
Aback to castor oil dispensing.
O, horrible! O, horrible! most horrible!"

Miguel : Sperry Monoplane : 02/11/2023

Steve, Recently built New Ruler [main pic]. Regards,
Peter Carter : New Ruler : 01/11/2023

Low wing planes need a LOT of dihedral to turn on rudder only. I learned this the hard way when I reduced the dihedral on a Jr. Skylark…no good! I thought it would roll better, but I was a victim of my own faulty logic.
Dave Fritzke : Joy Stick : 01/11/2023

Here is a photo [main pic] to accompany my recent comment on the JoyStick’s plan page. Thanks!
Cale : Joy Stick : 31/10/2023

Very nice looking model, but the article really hypes this one up and unfortunately it doesn’t really live up to the hype in its stock configuration. I built my model per the plans with the only changes being lightweight 3D printed ribs and and open style cockpit as a canopy proved difficult to find. The wing joiner design is a bit odd but does work well and allows you to easily convert it to a tail dragger if you rake the gear forwards. Covered in red covering with white trim, it looks very sharp!
The article specifically mentioned to not use a higher performance engine like a TeeDee but I wish I had. My model weighs about 15 ounces which isn’t too bad for a 1/2A model, but with a fully symmetrical wing and a 3 ounce fuel tank my bare bones horseshoe back plate .049 really struggles to get it into the air. To save weight I removed the throttle ring and servo, and converted it to a tail dragger. This helped a little but a stronger engine/ or electric setup would be much better.
Cale : Joy Stick : 30/10/2023

FM has a twin engined too:
pit : Twin Lizzie : 30/10/2023

Thank you for the link. I rarely go to RCG as my day is only 26 hours long. Including RCG in my schedule would require some 30 hours a day, so lead us not into temptation thank you very much :)
Keith Laumer was a great designer, not only of airmodels. For me, this Twin Lizzy is high on the cuteness scale perhaps due to what I perceive as her cartoonish look, pot-belly and all. Resemblance, perhaps?
Keith has other cute designs, but some seem inspired by the post-WW2 Art Deco movement and as such they may not be to everyone's liking. The Jetsons would love them, though :)
The Twin Lizzy is a design that can be modified without losing her charm, as shown in these photos.
I happen to have a plan for Low Lizz, a low-wing variant by Carlo Ciamielli from the Aeromodelismo mag, but it's not the same thing. Another variant is a conventional single-tail group, and it loses even more.
Miguel : Twin Lizzie : 30/10/2023

There have also been a couple of enlarged and twin-engined (!) versions too. See RCGroups thread here for some discussion and pics:
SteveWMD : Twin Lizzie : 30/10/2023

Got it. It helps me to make a mental note that it flies well at that given weight. Many thanks :)
SteveWMD : Woodchuck : 30/10/2023

@SteveWMD the flying weight with polyhedral wing is 157g, dihedral wing is 155g. I guess difference is the huge winglets! Heaviest part seems to be the 4 cell NiMH 800mAh receiver battery I'm using as a nose weight...
Andrew Duff : Woodchuck : 30/10/2023

Nice job ! I've always liked this design and it's great to see the variations. Dihedral wing, no ailerons, diesel power. Polyhedral wing, electric, no ailerons. Straight centre section with turned up wingtips, glow power with ailerons and flaps . . .
All we need now is a biplane version.
Duster : Twin Lizzie : 30/10/2023

G'day Mary and Steve. You might like these pics of my Twin Lizzie [pics 014, 015] the Keith Laumer Design. Regards,
Peter Jackson : Twin Lizzie : 30/10/2023

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