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I build a V tail glider, very similar in size, back in 1974, plus or minus a year. Mine was covered with silk and dope on the fuselage and the wing. The wing had several more ribs than the current plan. Mine, unfortunately, never flew BUT I do still have the model although it does need to be recovered.
Bob Blubaugh : Little V : 22/05/2019

Maiden Flight SR Falcon 18.05.2019
Martin Weibel : Senior Falcon : 21/05/2019

Have added complete article now, thanks to Ray.
SteveWMD : Tarrier : 21/05/2019

This looks like a fun model. I see in the June 2019 Model Aviation that Eric Strader built a 3 channel e-powered version. Does anyone have the remaining pages of the construction article?
Keith : Tarrier : 20/05/2019

Thanks, have fixed this now.
SteveWMD : Lippisch Stork IX b : 19/05/2019

Please find a photo of my Geebee c/l model [more pics 005].
TonyWright : Gee Bee Sportster : 19/05/2019

Original RCG scan is the better one... I think
fred : Bristol M1D : 19/05/2019

Plan is 9" span size. major enlagement required to print it at intended 36" span. with some image quality losses.
fred : Lippisch Stork IX b : 19/05/2019

Thanks a lot Richo! my goal was to emulate the era
Fred Cesquim : Continental : 18/05/2019

I built a Dolphin glider back when I was 14 years old in 1955. Third flight off a 200 in button thread tow-line, it caught a thermal, (Of course, no D/T!) and I never saw it again.
Brian Templeton : Dolphin : 18/05/2019

Try a 20-30 size 4 stroke, I have one with a Forster .29 ignition for SAM events and it goes up at a 45-60 degree angle till I cut the engine, a .19 2 stroke is more than enough for sport flying.
Douglas Babb : Quaker Flash : 17/05/2019

Thanks for posting the plans for The Mercury - it was a fun build. Here are a few pictures of the build [more pics 010, 011]. Maiden flight will be posted on You Tube soon.
OldHippie_HillbillyAirRC : Mercury IV : 16/05/2019

I have some additional photos of the prototype Sykosis (oz11123). There are 4 photos that may be of use to someone wishing to build this aircraft. They show the engine and radio bays in detail [more pics 004-007].
MarkDFain : Sykosis : 16/05/2019

I was very much taken with the Veron Deacon model as a kid, but could never afford the kit on my paper round money. Many years later and soon after I discovered the 'Outerzone' website I decided to rectify that situation. I downloaded the plan and with just a few minor modifications produced this one [more pics 005, 006]. Now retired and no longer inclined to chase free-flight models around farm paddocks, this model had a 3-function radio installed and was powered with a Park 450 electric motor. Covering is regular HK plastic film. The model flew very nicely but inclined to dutch-roll if pushed too hard .... I was never overly happy with the plastic film finish and electric motor as being not 'properly authentic' and eventually sold it with the intention to build another sometime, but with tissue over doculam finish and a throttled Mills 1.3 diesel engine.
AlanW : Deacon : 15/05/2019

I first came across this model in the late 1960s when we were dabbling with the single channel radio and rubber escapements etc. The subject surfaced again when it was designated as one of the 'model-of-the-meet' subjects for last year's (2018) 'Oily Hand' rallies here in Australia. I just had to build another, but this time using fool-proof modern radio gear. My model was built very much according to plan, but I decided to go four function with ailerons and throttle in addition to rudder and elevator [more pics 009, 010]. It had to be diesel powered so the engine I selected was a PAW 19 with r/c carb. Covering was regular HK plastic film. The model flew very nicely from the outset and with only minimal trimming was capable of basic aerobatics - loops, rolls, cuban eights etc. Unfortunately, after less than a dozen flights the elevator servo went u/s and the model was badly damaged and never made it to the rally.....
AlanW : Barnstormer 52 : 15/05/2019

Besten Dank fur die Bereitstellung des Downloadplans. Im Anhang sende ich ihnen 4 Fotos von meinem SR Falcon [model photo & more pics 010-012]. Bausatz und weitere Fotos unter: (Thank you for providing the download plan. In the attachment I send you 4 photos of my SR Falcon. Kit and more photos at:
MartinWeibel : Senior Falcon : 15/05/2019

Fillon's Wakefield (oz 2600) is now finished and the first flights are promising. Attached is a picture [more pics 004]. The 20" balsa prop turns quite slowly despite the 24 strands of 1/8 rubber. Here's the link to my youtube movie of her very first flights
AndreasKoch : 1937 Wakefield : 15/05/2019

Further to my note on the Dream Weaver, I attach a photo of a memorable flight you may wish to add to the page. Apologies for the low resolution but it was high and the photo cropped. The bird was very interested in the intruder [more pics 007].
RichardStaines : Dream Weaver IX : 15/05/2019

Hi Steve and Mary; Here is my new model airplane, the SENATOR [more pics 010]. Another nice model by Keilkraft. Thanks for the plan on OUTER ZONE. Later I will send the finished SENATOR photos.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Senator : 15/05/2019

Hi! I've built this simple rubber powered free flier - Orlik, your number oz3916 [model photo & more pics 004-008]. Very good choice as first free flier for beginners and relaxed build for skilled modellers. Very good flier.
RadekCechlovsky : Orlik : 15/05/2019

Some pictures of the Martin B-26 "Marauder", oz2146 [model photo & more pics 006-011].
Javier : Martin B-26 : 15/05/2019

These are the pictures of the Farman 190! [model photo & more pics 003-005] Lovely plane!
EldonMasini : Farman F190 : 15/05/2019

Hi guys; This little airplane [model photo] is a copy of the first ever model I ever built. The year was 1950 and I was in country school. Our teacher set aside an area for us to construct our models. The kit cost was 10 cents. I built this replica recently as a nostalgic reminder of those days. I still remember the orange tissue covering that came with the kit so of course this one is the same !!
TerryConley : Stinson Voyager : 15/05/2019

If you like. But the fact is that we're talking about a plan for a flying model, not a real world prototype. The plan was published by MAN in May 1944, and they described it in the text, on page 9, as the 'North American P-51B Mustang'. They had a front cover for that month, with the words: 'Mustang P-51B' on it. So that's the plan title we will be using here, too. That's just the way this site works. Think of it this way: we simply record the history of each plan, no matter how inconvenient it is :)
SteveWMD : Mustang P-51B : 14/05/2019

This is an Allison powered P-51A.
zef : Mustang P-51B : 14/05/2019

I've just been looking at your website and the Mercury Sirocco. I've attached a couple of pictures for you of mine that I built in 2012 for electric and RC [more pics 006, 007]. Please feel free to use them on your site!
MarkSherloc : Sirocco : 13/05/2019

Please find a couple of photos of my Ray Malmstrom c/l Messenger [model photo & more pics 004].
TonyWright : Miles Messenger : 13/05/2019

Um, this is 72 inch wingspan, and of course, this is a plan for a flying model, so not ideal. If you are wanting a solid wooden ornament, maybe say at 1/72 scale, then I'd suggest look for a simpler plan, all you really need is the outlines and the cross sections, then just commence whittling away. Maybe start by looking at the Solid Model Memores site over at that might be the thing.
SteveWMD : Lancaster Bomber : 13/05/2019

I am actually looking for a plan for the Avro Lancaster making it out of wood. Not to fly but to have sitting on a shelf or hang off the ceiling. Could you help or could I use this plan. thanks
Evert : Lancaster Bomber : 13/05/2019

These and the 42" mini-boy are amazing to fly. Relaxing low wing trainer, precise but forgiving.
Paul E : Fly-Boy : 13/05/2019

12 May 2019, Bill Hibbets:Thanks for the information.
Bill Jackson : Piper Super Cruiser : 13/05/2019

This version is the Griffon Powered one that Thom Richards flew out of Kissimmee FL and raced at Reno several times. It caught fire on the ramp after a fuel stop a couple years ago on the way to the Reno races. Currently disassembled and needing parts and $$$ to get back in the race. I love this plane!
Bill Hehet : P-51D Precious Metal : 12/05/2019

Bill, Sterling also produced this aircraft in a 36 in wingspan kit and that plan has the bulkheads. Outerzone has the plan see oz1424. Seems you could photocopy using the enlarge feature to fit your needs. It probably is double, but compare the wingspans to get the exact percentage difference. Good luck with your build.
Bill Hibbets : Piper Super Cruiser : 12/05/2019

Where can I get a cowl like the one in the yellow and red picture?
ronco : Dreamer : 11/05/2019

Smart RC glider.
preben : Rake : 11/05/2019

Ok, have added the missing pintwood file now.
SteveWMD : Mid-Wing Pursuit : 11/05/2019

Friday, May 10, 2019: Attn: If anyone still has this vintage FS-8 kit, would you be willing to draw up a sheet (or sheets) that contains full size trace outlines of each of the fuselage bulkheads/formers? If so, please send an email to me Bill Jackson: to advise of your charge for this service. I would like to build this model. Thanks.
Bill Jackson : Piper Super Cruiser : 11/05/2019

Flew these back in the 60s & 70s! Set up right they are a great flying model. Can only recommend!
Bob. Ward. : Dominator : 11/05/2019

Thank you for this plan. The release mechanism looks rather ingenious, so does the wheel suspension, too.
Hubert : Mid-Wing Pursuit : 09/05/2019

Doh. Missing file. I forgot to upload the supplement printwood file. Will fix this on Sat when back, am away just now.
SteveWMD : Mid-Wing Pursuit : 09/05/2019

Add two degrees down thrust on the engine like Laddie did on his later designs. This keeps the model from 'hunting'. Fun plane.
Rich Dean : Force One : 08/05/2019

I flew one of these many years ago which was built by a friend. My comments are that there wasn't much room for a decent prop (6x3 I seem to remember) and along with the 540 can motor there was a lot of prop noise. It was a nice flying plane but definitely not a performance orientated glider. I think a TLAR airfoil would work just fine considering the planes atributes.
Peter Cary : Thermal Charger : 08/05/2019

Thanks for publishing this plan, it has to be one of my all time favourites, ideal for an electric conversion with today's technology.
John G : Nieuport 24 : 07/05/2019

Ok, thanks have set this one as incomplete now.
SteveWMD : Caudron : 06/05/2019

OMG I built this when i was a younger guy and been looking forever for a print. this is awesome i really cant believe i found these....I just built a cnc router. Thanks to all of you... i will send pics. Happy day in my life.
Paul : Extra 300 90 : 05/05/2019

Hi Steve & Mary. This plan only shows the root rib profile. Doesn't show the rest of the ribs, or at least the tip rib so the rest can be interpolated or a foam core wing cut. I'm I missing something or should it be labeled as incomplete?
RCYEAGER : Caudron : 05/05/2019

Pablo, thank you very much for submitting the plan for the Stik biplane, and thank you Mary for publishing it. I have built six different sizes of Stiks, ranging from 48" up to 96", including a Stik canard. I have been looking to complete my collection of Stiks by building the Stik biplane. No excuses now. Bob Sealy. Cookeville Tennessee.
Bob Sealy : Das Bipe Stik : 05/05/2019

Loosely based on the AT-6, this model probably was intended to represent the "export fighter" P-64/NA-68/NA-50 series. AT means Advanced Trainer, this is a fighter.
DD : North American Fighter : 05/05/2019

Fair point, ok have removed the mention of "AT-6" which seems unhelpful. Thanks all.
SteveWMD : North American Fighter : 05/05/2019

This one actually a North American P-68 which was developed from the NA Texan / Harvard as a low-cost fighter. Thus the strange and wrong name of this plan. Whilst no real commercial success, it bears some strong similarities in shape and genesis to the Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang of far greater fame which quite often is compared to it.
Fynnek : North American Fighter : 04/05/2019

Thanks Rogério, I think you're right. The AMA plans list is not infallible, but my previous value of 31 inch was clearly wrong. I have checked and measured the wingspan on this JJ scan, and it comes to just under 51 inches, for me. Let's call it 51 inch.
SteveWMD : Aero Bat : 03/05/2019

This plan is cannot open.
Larry : Drifty Primary Glider : 03/05/2019

Good evening. I was intrigued by the size of the AERO BAT model, I researched the AMA and I got the result: Therefore we can conclude that the wingspan is 52 in for .35 engines. I think the correct statement. Sorry if I sound arrogant, but I'm using Google translator and I have few lines to express my opinion.
Rogério Gonçalves : Aero Bat : 02/05/2019

Thanks David, have added a note with a link into the 'about' text now.
SteveWMD : Sun Fli 4 20 : 02/05/2019

This is a smaller rendition of the 60 inch span Sun Fli 4 (OZ ID 3946) published in the July 1969 RCM magazine.
davidterrell80 : Sun Fli 4 20 : 02/05/2019

I'm glad the Korda 1939 Gas Model was added to Outerzone - it is a very historical model and a great flyer. Mine was built from the same plan. Mine was a Complete A Project on RC Groups. I attach a couple pictures [model photo & more pics 003-005]. The best two pics were taken by Eric B. at Marshalltown Iowa USA field 2017.
Jeff_McCammant_Iowa : Korda 1939 Gas Model : 01/05/2019

Pete Holland has always been one of my favorite designers - each one of his models is refreshingly unique, and I reckon his 'Bi-Play' design is just the best. I retained a copy of the original 'Aeromodeller', April 1955, specifically because I knew I'd build it one day. That day arrived when the RCG '50 Plus Build-off' came about in 2016. I downloaded the OZ plan and after some consideration decided to increase the size from the original 45" span to 52''. My reasons for this were 'A' - to accommodate the mandatory (for me) radio gear, and also because I had a low-time OS 26 four-stroke engine looking for a home. AUW . 1.25kg. Mods I applied along the way were to build the wings as simple one-piece items comprising 'D-Box' construction and bolted into place rather than use the plug-in arrangement per plan. I also finished the front-end with a custom 'glass' cowling made from several layers of nylon stocking laid-up over a simple foam plug. It all came together better than I thought and it still has pride of place in my hangar [model photo & more pics 004, 005].
AlanW : Bi-play : 01/05/2019

Any chance of submitting more of your dad's Andercraft masterpieces for posterity, Garth? His aeromodelling skill was indeed exceptional and it would be a fitting tribute to let his creations live on being built by others equally passionate. His designs are perfect for converting to modern electric UM machines.
Kobus : Pilatus PC-9 : 01/05/2019

You have to compare the specific official rule for each category. But official rules changed during the times due to new technique and materials. Wakefield or other rubber powered categories weren't related only to wings or fuselage span. See the site on Wakefield History for comparison on rules changing Regards
Pit : Talisman II : 01/05/2019

I wonder if "FAI rubber duration" means the same thing as Wakefield. Seems like it might. The wing is close to the right size, I think.
Lincoln : Talisman II : 01/05/2019

Hi! Beautiful plan, but i need to know what thickness are the hull ribs (F). Side view shows 3mm and top view shows 2mm.
John : Extra 300 : 30/04/2019

Can anyone help Jeff with the build instructions for this kit?
Mary : Hawker Hurricane MkI : 30/04/2019

I have finally found out what kit I had!! It is the David Taylor, 1975 Complete-A-Pac kit No. 14 Hawker Hurricane!! It was made by C.A.P. West High Street, Earlston Berwickshire, Scotland. Of course I know you have the plans BUT do you know of somebody or some where I can find a copy of the instructions / build manual? I hope with you being in the UK and knowing somebody who is in to old kits there is someone there that would have it. Thank You So Much!!!!
Jeff_Sawyer_Ohio : Hawker Hurricane MkI : 30/04/2019

I am attaching some pictures of the Sparky that I have recently built [more pics 021-023]. Fuselage strengthened and two spars in the wing. Covered with lite span and flies very well. I have now carves a balsa prop but not yet flown it with this prop on.
RogerR : Sparky : 30/04/2019

Attached are 2 images of my Combat Streak for your site [model photo & more pics 003]. It has a 1960s vintage OS Max S35 engine and is great fun to fly on 60 ft 15 thous wires. The wheel has been located further forward than the plan shows as it is flown off grass and the forward position saves nosing over events when landing. Cheers from Sydney, Australia.
Steve_Sydney : Super Combat Streak : 30/04/2019

It looks like Baby has been posted twice.
Gene : Baby : 28/04/2019

Seeing Dean's problems with the B-47 glider, I wonder if a greater degree of ANHEDRAL might help? Glancing through my Putnam's 'Boeing' book, the full size certainly seem to have a fair amount of 'wingtip draggin' when on the ground. Having had the plan 'kicking around' all those years, I suppose I ought to build one myself! Cheers.
AlanV : Boeing B-47 : 28/04/2019

Thanks Jeff. We don't have an image upload on the comments, but if you just email the photo to us at we'll add it onto this page.
SteveWMD : Korda 1939 Gas Model : 28/04/2019

The Korda 1939 Diamond is a wonderful flyer - I have a photo of mine on electric RC but am not sure how to submit it. Best regards from Central Iowa, USA, Jeff
Jeff McCammant : Korda 1939 Gas Model : 27/04/2019

Spent ages trying to get this to glide properly. Ended up cutting the wing in half and remaking with dihedral. Still not great. The youngling (5yo) picked it for its good looks, now he's convinced he is no good at flying planes. I'm going to buy more balsa and build something else as fast as I can before he gives up. Maybe someone else might have more luck. Vids or it didn't happen ;-)
Dean : Boeing B-47 : 27/04/2019

No, not missing. The horiz tail is made up of parts numbered 54, 55, 56. They are shown in the printwood files. Assembly drawing of the tail is at the top right of plan sheet #2.
SteveWMD : Piper Tri Pacer : 26/04/2019

When I downloaded this plan, there was no horizontal tail. Is that part of the Plan Missing?
John : Piper Tri Pacer : 26/04/2019

Doh. My mistake - I have tagged these two as 'formers incomplete' now, many thanks.
SteveWMD : Curtiss Tomahawk : 26/04/2019

Mary, neither this plan, nor the KK Spitfire (presumably from the same range) have any printwood drawings (no formers or wing ribs).
Daithi : Curtiss Tomahawk : 26/04/2019

Nice model. One mistake though, the real aircraft is red and yellow, not red and white. Numerous pictures can be found of the aircraft before and after the crash.
I have the Easy Built kit. The plans are not as nice as the RCM plans.
David Gain : Pilatus PC-6 Porter : 26/04/2019

In the original UHU plan, that came in the magazine at the time, on the reverse side the glider Boy was printed (also on Outerzone) see The flying surfaces of both are the same except for extra rib bay in the wing of the glider.
anon : UHU : 25/04/2019

Got it. thanks Pit.
SteveWMD : Zephyr : 25/04/2019

Swiss model by A (not M) Patrucco of Geneve. Winner of Grand Prix of Geneve. Inverted engine 2 cc. In design not shown the undercarriage.
Pit : Zephyr : 25/04/2019

I've had a quick look at the original DBHL scan: I can see the plan was torn before it was scanned, hence the missing bits. OZ would never remove any info that helps identification. And theshadow is ... theshadow: a skilled restorer and beyond reproach :) He would never delete material.
Mary : Polydi : 24/04/2019

This is the kit of the SUNNY by the Spanish factory [more pics 012]. In 1983 the Belgian Svenson factory went bankrupt. For a few more years in Spain these Belgian construction boxes were still made.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Sunny : 24/04/2019

Added nice pic of the finished model, thanks to Bob Pickernell [model photo].
Mary : Hogan Twanger : 24/04/2019

Added photo of superb completed model, thanks to Bob Pickernell [model photo].
Mary : Sopwith Triplane : 24/04/2019

Here's the KeilKraft ACE [more pics 008]. Equipped with small electric motor, flight ready only 160 grams. The smallest RC plane I ever built, with a total area of 10 dm 2. Thank you OUTER ZONE for this beautiful site. I can't stop building these small aircraft. With little wind, you can fly them anywhere without people to bother. They make no noise, and are not dangerous. Our ancestors had to fly these airplanes without RC. By modern technology, you can become. Yesterday I flew it for the first time - it is wonderful in the air.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Ace : 24/04/2019

I recently built this Scientific F-100 as a nostalgic reminder of my childhood model building from the early 1950s [model photo & more pics 003]. It is of course powered by an OK Cub .049 as was my original.
TerryConley : Super Sabre : 24/04/2019

This is my Ted Strader Whirlwind which is an amazing airplane [more pics 003, 004]. I built my first one R.E.M. in 1961 with compound escapements and a K&B .09 up front. This one is a three channel with an O.S. .15 and is a great little flyer. I have flown with Ted Strader.
TerryConley : Whirlwind : 24/04/2019

Pictures of my Q-Tee, plans oz1350 [more pics 023-026].
Diego_Ochoa : Q-Tee : 24/04/2019

hi MSE if this is not the keil kraft version why don't you send in a full size scan of that plan so all (and me) can build that one.
smd : Super 60 : 24/04/2019

Hi, this is not the Keil Kraft version (which had an aerofoil tailplane and other structural differences). This is the Ben Buckle version.
mse : Super 60 : 23/04/2019

Hi friends, I send you more pictures of my Royal Marutaka Bearcat, finished [model photo & more pics 006-007]. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Thank you.
CarlosABGonzalez : Grumman F8F Bearcat : 22/04/2019

Hello Friends. I'm building this plane and I found the photos from a YouTube video [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
FrascoRivero_Spain : Corona Cougar : 22/04/2019

Here's several pics of my 'Pirate' based closely on your plan oz2454 [more pics 005-007]. Wingspan was increased to 36" from original 33". Construction is regular balsa sticks per plan and covering is Esaki tissue over doculam. This model is 2-function r/c - rudder & elevator, and flies just fine. The Amco 87 and Mills .75 engines share the same footprint so switch from one engine to the other is quite straightforward and the gentle performance is much the same with either.
AlanW : Pirate : 22/04/2019

Referring to Pietenpol Air Camper, I built mine 2010 as a parkflyer and indoor model [more pics 007, 008]. It's built of Depron sheets - 6 for fuselage, 3 for wing and tail. Span 800 mm, weight incl. 500mAh 2S lipo 250 gram, motor BL 25 g ESC 10 A,2 servos 5 g. Very stable flight and looks nice in air. Still alive! Best wishes!
OweCarlson_Sweden : Pietenpol Air Camper : 22/04/2019

Here's the KeilKraft ACE [more pics 007]. I built this rubber band model airplane with electric motor. It's a pleasure to build this KeilKraf models. I'll send later pictures of the finished ACE.
JulienVermeire : Ace : 22/04/2019

Here are a couple of images of my almost completed conversion of the Bugaboo [more pics 008, 009]. Just need to sort out the thrust angles. Rudder is pull-pull via closed loop, elevator is via a nylon snake. Servos are 9g. Power is a Turnigy D2836/9 950kv motor paired to a 40A esc driving a 9 by 4.7 slow fly prop. This is covered with Airspan for hopefully a more vintage feel. Just waiting for the weekend and hopefully favourable weather. Thanks again for keeping the site going.
AnthonyRoberts : Bugaboo : 22/04/2019

I'm thinking about building this plane and curious if two 61 Magnum four strokes would be too much for this? Thank you for your time
Christopher : Duellist 240 : 21/04/2019

Thanks for adding this plan! There are few balsa plans for this aircraft... and most of those have incorrect lower fuselage cross-sections. This one has it correct! Compare these fuselage formers to those of Comet and other (rubber power) models. Then... look at actual photos of the Vengeance.
Ole Bill : Vultee Vengeance A-31 : 21/04/2019

Thanks for making the plans available-Beautiful covering jobs. I will be building the 20" and 30" span versions and may install nano rc equipment from a umx model in the 30" one. Keep up the good work Bob M.
robert Markle : Pacific Ace : 20/04/2019

Great Giuseppe! I know your work. Classic but innovative models.
Giampiero : Quock 3 : 18/04/2019

Added photo of the completed model, thanks to Dr Dinesh Kittur in India [more pics 003].
Mary : Buzzard Bombshell : 17/04/2019

Here are photos of an original kit-built SENSOAR from days past, and one I just finished building from plans, using a fiberglass fuselage from Aloft Hobbies [model photo & more pics 004-008]. The flyer is my son, and I am the photographer.
Dave_Garwood : Sensoar : 17/04/2019

It seems the previous version was wrongly scaled at 16 inch wingspan. The old Tern Aero catalog certainly lists this plan as 17 inch - see Mary's page at and as confirmation this new version now matches the printwood (scanned with ruler as a reference). Many thanks to Garry.
SteveWMD : Ryan ST : 17/04/2019

I attach 3 photos of a Frog Minx, newly built from a plan downloaded from Outerzone which you may like to use [more pics 005-007].
Michael_Gayfer : Minx : 17/04/2019

Hi guys. I built the RCM Sportster, plan OZ6143 from your great website! It is not completely finished. I still need to make something on the nose to cover the motor, but the maiden was a few days ago. The build was quite easy using the article but the plan actually explains itself. The motor is a D3530/14, 1100kv on 4s/2200mAh. Prop is 8x5 and this results in 1.250Kg thrust @~300Watt. I had to put some weight in the nose to reach proposed CC point. The flight went very well, no surprises. I gave full throttle in light wind and after 10, 15 feet she jumped in the sky gracefully, turns were smooth and she reacted nicely on the controls. I could fly her around at 40% throttle. The landing was amazing, just keep her nose in the wind and throttle back that's all. No tip stalls or snap rolls, she just puts her wheels on the grass. She flies very well, just a little left rudder correction as I stupidly built in too much side thrust. It's fixed now after some shimming under the motor mount. It is also a great looker on the field, lots of nice comments [more pics 004-007]. I made a waterslide off txt with "Outerzone RCM Sportster"on the wing. Thanks so much for letting us have these plans!
Ed_Vink : RCM Sportster : 17/04/2019

Attached are some photos of my "Lil Gigi" that I built from your plans this winter [more pics 005-006]. I entered it in the Vintage RC category at both the AMA EXPO EAST in February and in the Toledo Weak Signals RC Expo this past weekend. I had the good fortune of placing third at the AMA EXPO EAST and first at the Toledo Weak signals event. Your terrific website provided me with the plans and article to make that possible. Thank you very much.
DougWeaver_Buffalo_NY : Lil Gigi (Name the Plane) : 17/04/2019

Another photo for a plan page without photo: the King Burd [model photo. Mine has an atom 1.7 diesel.
Joost : King Burd : 17/04/2019

I just noticed a plan page without photos - the Goudvink, a Dutch 1946 ff petrol. I built 2, a full size and 1/2 size. Here are 2 photos of the 1/2 size [model photo & more pics 003]. The 1/2 size flies with an MP Jet 06 classic diesel for power.
Joost : Goudvink : 17/04/2019

The model flies superbly on a 30 cc petrol having moved the firewall back 50mm to take the Pitts style silencer and carb through firewall. Very docile and has great scale presence in the air. I have a video to illustrate this on YouTube.
Barry Lewis : DeHavilland Tiger Moth : 16/04/2019

Excellent, thanks Brian. Have listed this now as a Keil Kraft plan. I wonder if the simplest explanation is maybe there was a tear in the paper, and that part of the plan was just missing when the plan was scanned?
SteveWMD : Polydi : 15/04/2019

After crashing my TF Tauri in 1970, I bought this kit - was also available without the "package deal" and flew the pants off it in Germany. Ended up giving it to a club member when I started flying CG Skylarks.
Pete Brecker : Little Hawk : 15/04/2019

Hi Mary & Steve, There's something strange here. This is a "Keil Kraft Kits" plan, released at the same time as the Junior 60, in 1946. If you look in the bottom left corner of the plan, "Keil Kraft" has been deleted, just leaving the word "Kits"! Also, the KK address is mostly deleted, just leaving the "E2" as the end of the Hackney address. Why would anyone delete all reference to Keil Kraft from the kit plan?
Brian Cox : Polydi : 15/04/2019

Hi, guys, thank you for this terrific site , keep up the great work! One little detail, firewall former view (F1) is longer than the dimension shown on the side plan view, thanks again and best regards
Ian W : Cumulus 48 : 14/04/2019

I have an unbuilt kit - I will scan and post the ribs.
Jakes Cronje : Sensoar : 14/04/2019

Thanks JBB, it's an interesting point. The real-world aircraft was known by both names: "The Messerschmitt Bf 109 was commonly called the Me 109, most often by Allied aircrew and even among the German aces themselves, even though this was not the official German designation ( Because all our Outerzone listings are for the model plan rather than the aircraft it was based on, we use the name given on the plan - in this case Me 109.
Mary : Messerschmitt Me 109 : 14/04/2019

That is a bf 109 not an me....
JBB : Messerschmitt Me 109 : 14/04/2019

The most valuable and delightful aeromodellers are women.
Andrew : Pilatus Porter PC-6 : 13/04/2019

Hello again, In general, can plans for a given size, i.e. 21 inch wingspan, be modified to different dimensions? Say enlarged to a wingspan of 38 inches? Would additional re-engineering be required? Could the existing plans be photographically shrunken or enlarged without inducing structural weakness or adverse handling? Thank you again!
Jon Caples : T-34A Mentor : 13/04/2019

Hello from a former rebellious colony, How difficult would it be to add retractable landing gear and construct as an electric powered radio control? Thank you!
Jon Caples : T-34A Mentor : 13/04/2019

Yes. There is an optional wing center-section shown on the plan that extends the wingspan.
SteveWMD : Ace and a Half : 12/04/2019

Hi! I see two different measurements for the wing span. Thanks.
nobregil : Ace and a Half : 12/04/2019

Guess you have to try it out. Glide the model first over long grass and move the wing until you achieve a good flat glide without stalling it. About 1/3 of the whole fuselage length from the front would probably be a good starting point. This also coinicides with the area of maximum fuselage height.
Fynnek : Cygnet : 12/04/2019

More pictures! Now, one very small [model photo & more pics 003-006].
EldonMasini : Fairchild : 12/04/2019

Attached a couple of pictures of my recently finished 'Lit Special' [more pics 003-006]. I could not resist to making some changes to the original design... The all moving tailplane was replaced with a conventional stabilizer/elevator, I used square carbon fiber rods for the tail booms and the foam core wing was replaced with a build-up balsa wing with rounded wing tips. Many thanks for outerzone!!!
PeterI : LIT Special : 12/04/2019

Hello, could someone help - what is the position of the wing on the fuselage on this model? I know it is a high wing but where is no indication on the plan, not even the dowels. many thanks.
eduard : Cygnet : 11/04/2019

MB stands for Macchi Bazzocchi, Mr. Bazzocchi was the Engineer that designed this successful sport plane.
pit : Macchi MB-308 : 08/04/2019

I have build 2 Blizzards and can only say that the design is top-performing with newer 2205 motors and built to plan in safe trim. Competing mine has never placed me less than second in national and european contests and won a few.
Jens DEN 4215
jens : Blizzard : 07/04/2019

Does anyone know the year for this glider?
Neil : Le Simplet : 07/04/2019

A thousand apologies, Giuseppe. Have fixed this listing now.
SteveWMD : Quock 3 : 07/04/2019

Shame on you English speaking people. Would you mind to spell correctly my first name once in a while? It should be written GIU... and not GUI... Besides, I'm very glad to see one model of mine in Outerzone which I look at every day.
Giuseppe Ghisleri : Quock 3 : 07/04/2019

Thanks for publishing plans for the Best-By-Test Altimeter. It is a plane I have always wanted to build. I recently completed two other Best-By-Test designs, the Stratometer and the Sensatherm. I built both of these from plans I purchased from Ed Schlosser back in the 1960s. I have attached an ad from Model Airplane News from the '40s, which includes the Altimeter [more pics 004].
WalterKiernan : Altimeter : 04/04/2019

Starting to build this today to drawing scale using basswood/balsa wood. Covering will be polyspan and fiberglass. Color combination not decided yet.
Stan Leacock : Albatros DIII : 04/04/2019

Yesterday I bought this little construction kit, a replica of the KeilKraft ACE, a rubber band model [more pics 006]. My grandson of 8 years likes these small planes. I usually build all my airplanes without Construction Kit as to build from a kit is not so cheap. But I found the construction box so beautiful that I bought one anyway - and my grandson will be very happy.
JulienVermeire : Ace : 04/04/2019

I have built another SUNNY by SVENSON [more pics 012]. It was my first RC glider in 1977, I built it again with pleasure. I used the AZIZO oz6976 wings. The wings of AZIZO are the same size but still better by construction. The hull of the SUNNY is better than the hull of the AZIZO. The nose is longer, so there should be no lead ballast in the nose. This glider is in fact the best AZIZO or SUNNY. All errors of SUNNY and AZIZO have been resolved.
JulienVermeire : Sunny : 04/04/2019

Sorry to hear that Joe. Have you had a look at our "Help with downloads" page:
Mary : Taurus : 04/04/2019

unable to download plans for fuselage and wing on taurus please advise thanks joe
joe : Taurus : 04/04/2019

Brilliant flyer. Built mine in 1977 and it's still flying. Only change has been to split the full span ailerons to add flapperons and crow braking to land. If you do build this watch out for the tail incidence. A friend built the fus and then passed it on to me. He glued the tail on to the rear fuselage as it is built, not noticing that the tailplane has to be cut into it at a slightly different angle. Result has been that the wing has had to be packed out at the back to get the right incidence. One day I'll cut the tailplane off and do it correctly!
Keith England : Diablo : 03/04/2019

Please find attached three photos of my Slow Poke Sport 40 which I dressed with wing fillets, modified nose and Gee Bee style wheel covers [more pics 005-007]. Covered with Super Coverite with a dope finish. This did add some weight, not sure how much but I can still lift it. Powered by an OS46AX for the first few flights. I later put in an ancient Como 51 which brought the model to life. Flying shot courtesy of Peter Foster. Lots of fun and a very broad speed range.
MikeFoster : Slow Poke 40 : 03/04/2019

Built in winter of 2006/7 maiden in 2007 - O.S. Max Surpass .72 4-Stroke - 38 flights it Flew GREAT [more pics 004].
Brad : Tiger 60 : 03/04/2019

Hi. As good as I could make it [model photo]. Flew this weekend. Won a prize at the local club fly-in :-) Has functional lights for night flying as well.
Alfons : Flying Tiger P-40 : 03/04/2019

First RC plane I built back in 1977...newbie back then...just learning...building and flying...loved the strikemaster...just fun to to build...put a lot of air miles on it...never crashed it...gave it to a relative...thinking about building another one now from scratch...thank you so much for the plans
Jim McClelland : Strikemaster : 02/04/2019

Here come some images of my #148 Lacey RC from 2014 [model photo & more pics 005-007]. Data - span 600mm, W incl. 250mAh Llipo 153 g, BL 11g, 6x5", ESC 6A, servo (2) 5g, Rx 2g. It's still flying good. My first Lacey was a rubberdriven Peanut (13") built 1995, also a nice model for indoor use. Maybe something for the Gallery! Spring greetings from Sweden
OweCarlson_Sweden : Lacey M10 : 02/04/2019

A few more pictures of my Halo, might help anyone building an electric version [more pics 005-009].
DavidWright : HALO : 02/04/2019

A helpful hint for builders of the GREAT Tiger 60... An otherwise great design had one structural flaw/weekness. The tail assembly (empennage) is of fairly large surface area, and the cross-section of the fuselage immediately ahead of the tail was small enough that Tiger 60's would suffer from "tail wiggle". This can be demonstrated by "dangling" the entire plane from the tail. Hold the plane, fuselage down - with the wing on - with one hand on each stab. Hold the plane with the bottom of the fuse facing you. Rock/twist the entire plane gently from side to side, looking at the last open "bay" on the bottom of the fuselage as to twist/ Rock the fuse. You will see the covering on this bottom bay "oil-can" as the fuselage flexes at its narrowest point. This manifests itself as "tail wiggle" in abrupt aerobatic maneuvers. Fortunately the fix is super easy: When assembling the kit, just don't "punch out" the last bay on the bottom of the fuselage. Instead permanently glue-in-place the "punch-out" into the last bay (narrowest one at the rear) of the bottom of the fuselage. In the kit instruction book this is "lite-ply" piece PT # 3902, D/C SHT. 6803. For scratch/plan builders, just don't cut out the bottom bay (at the rear) of the fuselage - presto! No more tail wiggle. You will LOVE the Tiger 60, it flies GREAT... it "grooves/tracks" like a slot-car.
Brad Goldberg-Lover : Tiger 60 : 01/04/2019

I'm about to build this model very soon. I like the old fashion models more then every thing.
Asaf : Novi Arrow : 01/04/2019

On March 18th 2019 you published a plan of the "Adler". I would like to add some information about the model. It was constructed by Friedrich Reiss in 1952 and the plan was distributed by Sperl Modellbau a long time ago. The Austrian Adolf Helfert reconstructed the model and modified some parts for RC and he also offered a cnc milled set of plywood parts which were distributed by Fa. Kirchert in Vienna. A couple of years ago I built an "Adler" myself [model photo & more pics 003]. As far as I know, 25 to 30 modified Adlers were built in Austria and are (hopefully) still flying. Best regards from Austria.
Franz_Winkelbauer : Adler : 30/03/2019

You mean this one at - that's nice. Is that the same guy who did the Leprechaun sloper?
SteveWMD : Lazy Bee : 28/03/2019

Check out the Lazy Bee glider on YouTube.
356A : Lazy Bee : 28/03/2019

Hi Steve, Both the de Havilland DH-94 Moth Minor and the Fairchild PT-19, PT-23 & PT-26, all two-seat trainers, were flown solo from the front seat. I owned both a PT-19 and a PT-26 and the only way that you could safely fly them solo was from the front seat. This was a requirement stated in the Pilot's Operating Manual due to CG issues. Keep up this GREAT website, and thanks.
rocketpilot : Sopwith Dove : 27/03/2019

Please find attached photos for the: Elf-16 OZ10032 [more pics 010-012]. Once again converted to electric and is crazy! Thanks again.
AdamEdwards : Elf-16 : 27/03/2019

Hi folks, you have a great site, thank you!!! I submit some photos of my plane: Pacific Ace oz6233 [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
Aris_Kosmides : Pacific Ace : 27/03/2019

Here are some pics of my recently completed Minimoa [model photo & more pics 003-006]. The build thread is to be found under the RCGroups OZNopic build-off. Trimming is not complete yet but I hope soon to send you a pic of the bird in the air.
NicholasTucker : Minimoa : 27/03/2019

A photo from my younger days 1964 with my wife to be, Celia, and two Razorblade 64's, and another circa 1990 [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
PeterTribe : Razor Blade 64 : 27/03/2019

These are the pictures of the Aeronca that I built last Summer, in Brazil [model photo & more pics 003-006]. A nice project!
EldonMasini : Aeronca Chief : 27/03/2019

Hey bubba, Here's the proof of flight video for the SU-25: Hug Mary for me. Cheers
Charlie : Su-25 Frogfoot : 27/03/2019

PaulR : Pilatus PC-9 : 25/03/2019

More photos: Bf 109 built from the Warbirds plan, OZ7023, converted to electric [more pics 006-008].
AdamEdwards : Warbirds : 25/03/2019

More photos of what I've been building from your fine site. Once again converted to electric: the Shrike 10, OZ10519 [more pics 004-006].
AdamEdwards : Shrike 10 : 25/03/2019

Bonjour, Quelqu'un vient de me signaler que l'un de mes modeles figure en telechargement sur votre site. Surprise... ;) Bons vols!" Hello - someone has just pointed out to me that one of my plans is available for download on your site. Surprise... ;) Happy flying!
BernardMunoz : Empirix 1 and 2 : 25/03/2019

A couple of photos of a recently completed Veron Goblin from your OZ 3861 plan [model photo & more pics 003]. Test glides in the garden look good, waiting for the mutton to be removed from the meadow for test fights.
TrevorT : Goblin : 25/03/2019

Today I saw my Airknocker on Photo Gallery, and this week I have made a trunk to make it easy to transport it to the flying field. I had to cut the wing in two halves which was not so easy but with a metal sawblade it went OK. A beam of steel will keep the wing-halves together. Here are some images that show the trunk, lid and rubberband lock of the lid [more pics 010-012]. Best wishes to you from Sweden.
OweCarlson_Sweden : Airknocker : 25/03/2019

Thanks Steve; that's a big help. The propeller block dimensions are shown at the bottom of the second page that you added.
Simon Blake : Streak : 23/03/2019

Hi Anon, the wings are aligned, and held at the right angle and dihedral, by the steel piano wires in the brass tubes. The small magnets are simply to hold the two wings touching each-other, and stop them from separating and sliding off the piano wire joiners. Other methods to hold the port and starboard wings together in the middle are clear sticky tape across the join, or to fit some small wire hooks to the wing panels and put an elastic band between the hooks.
VinceDay : Avro Avian : 23/03/2019

The magnets do the job very well, but if it bothers you you could doubled up. As long as the magnet are touching or are very close you should have no problems using what is shown.
Tom Decker : Avro Avian : 23/03/2019

Hi Alan, this plan and instructions are from a Great Planes pre-cut kit, and so the plan doesn't have to show all the formers - as they are already cut-out. The dimensions of the missing ones can be derived from the fuselage top and side views, and the sketches of the parts in the instructions. The dihedral braces are in these sketches, as well. With a bit of detective work most of missing info can be determined - even the undercarriage leg shapes! It looks like a good model.
VinceDay : Slow Poke 40 : 23/03/2019

Are there any outlines for formers F2, F3, F5 and wing W2? I was also looking for any dihedral details. I may have missed all the above. Thanks
Alan : Slow Poke 40 : 23/03/2019

Hi Steve, If you want to thicken the plot, I just measured the Skyraider plan in the Model Builder 72 Nov mag using the scale bar and the wingspan I get is 28", not the 26" Walt writes in the article! All I can assume is that Mr Mooney was having one bad week :-) Cheers,
Miguel : Douglas AD-4B Skyraider : 22/03/2019

Simon, I have added 'article_2' file which is a scan of the missing 2 pages of drawings that came with the article, as published in 1942. There is a little bit more info on there, but it looks to me like it is mainly just on how to shape the blank for carving the single bladed prop. Hope that helps.
SteveWMD : Streak : 22/03/2019

Does anybody have the propeller block details for this model? Only the blade outline is shown on the plan. The propeller block would have been shown either on the original magazine plan or as a separate drawing in the article. It would be really helpful to have.
Simon Blake : Streak : 22/03/2019

Are the wing magnets sufficient to hold the wings on or could they be doubled up to provide more security?
anon : Avro Avian : 22/03/2019

Still have this plane somewhere in the loft. I converted a short nose version to electric. This is the long nose version and the short nose version [model photo & more pics 004-006]. The short nose version is the one I converted to electric.
FredCoulson : Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket : 20/03/2019

Hi - please find attached some pictures from my Schiffermuller build for Outerzone planID: oz5683 [model photo & morepics 003, 004]. Keep up the great work!
AndrewSquires : Schiffermuller : 20/03/2019

Interesting. Looking closely at the two versions, I can see that this one here has some detail that the MB plan doesn't. The 'Marines' stencil on the fuselage rear is different, and all the fuse formers show wood grain that's not on the MB plan. I wonder if this is an older version of the 1967 plan, and MBs was derived later. Makes little difference, I guess. I'm tempted to scale this up and list this plan as 26 inch wingspan. It seems a more interesting (and practical) design that way.
SteveWMD : Douglas AD-4B Skyraider : 20/03/2019

Hi Steve, This Mooney Douglas AD-4B Skyraider was originally published in MB 1972-11 (it's in your RCLibrary: Model Builder 1972/11) but what you have in OZ appears to have been edited somewhere along the way, for instance the scale 'ladder' in the label is gone. When I saw the mag drawing with this scale ladder it became obvious this was no Peanut and so my brain got into Obsessive Compulsive mode. Walt says in the article this was designed to 26" wingspan in 1965, but in 72 he shot a half-scale drawing to - surprise! - 13" with a few balsa thickness changes duly noted in the MB drawing. Cheers, and thank you for your excellent stewardship :-)
Miguel : Douglas AD-4B Skyraider : 20/03/2019

Hi Mary, Steve - OZ 1323 KeilKraft Westland Lysander 18" (coloured tissue only) to comply with our Kit Scale competition rules [more pics 006-010].
MikeMulholland : Westland Lysander : 20/03/2019

Attached are pictures of the Wicko Wizard I recently built from plan 10066 [model photo & more pics 003-009]. This model was started as part of the "Outerzone No Picture" build-off in the Vintage & Old-Timer Designs forum on RC Groups, the build thread is at: I completed the model after the build-off had ended. Finish on the model is printed Esaki tissue chalked white on the back side. It came out just over 44g without the rubber motor, and flew well right off the board. Best flight to date is 1:47 on a 10g trimming motor (2x20" loops 3/16" rubber). That flight was almost the demise of the model, as it narrowly missed being hit by a bus! Video at: Thanks again for all you do to keep these plans available!
MikeKelly : Wicko Wizard : 20/03/2019

Pretty Machine!
bobbylang : Kapitan : 19/03/2019

Kindly post these pics of my little Quiver, powered by a little R/C Thunder Tiger glo engine, .7 with RC carb [model photo & more pics 006, 007]. Covering is Solite.
SybrandStrachan : Quiver : 19/03/2019

Like most Goldberg kits you have a top and side view to take measurements and make formers.
5695Q : Ultimate 10-300 : 17/03/2019

Have added the manual, which on page 4 includes a parts identification sheet. So that might be some help. But no, the fuselage formers are not shown on the plan.
SteveWMD : Ultimate 10-300 : 17/03/2019

On the plan, it misses the frames of the fuselage.
anon : Ultimate 10-300 : 17/03/2019

This is the model I learnt to fly RC on back in 1980. Fond memories!
brinesharks : QB 40S : 17/03/2019

Seeing the query regarding the prop size on the Pilatus PC-9, I realised examination of the accompanying photos indicate the prop diameter to be approx 8 inches, by comparing wingspan with the prop size. Cheers,
Alan : Pilatus PC-9 : 16/03/2019

Fantastic. I built this as a 14 year old. What a flyer!
mel : Gaucho : 15/03/2019

Are there any details available for the prop and rubber used on this lovely model?
Paulr : Pilatus PC-9 : 14/03/2019

Here is a small collection of photos of my Veron Chipmunk model [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. This model flew very well but only with quite a bit of rubber installed. I don't know what happened to it as it's well over 30 years ago, but I do recall Airspan wasn't available then, so that nice yellow must have been white lightweight Modelspan which I dyed in a large but shallow tin which our daughter made for me in her school metalwork class. I still have some which hasn't faded one bit.
JohnFrench : Chipmunk : 13/03/2019

Hi - the finished version of my Sirocco [more pics 005]. It flies very well.
JulienVermeire : Sirocco : 13/03/2019

I'm so happy to see this plan added to Outerzone. I've been looking for this plan for a while. My dad built one for me as a kid, you guys know the rest...
Timthemodelbuilder : Miss Worlds Fair : 13/03/2019

I made this plane back in 1990. I powered it with the only buggy motor and battery at my disposal. Disappointingly, it turned out underpowered, so I substituted a small diesel engine - a Merlin, I think. This worked, er, rather too well. It shook the rc battery loose mid-turn. Having watched the battery fall to ground, the (Diesel) Haze flew off over the horizon. Two years later, I was recounting the story to a local and they exclaimed that they knew who found it! A few weeks later, I was reunited with the fuselage, and still have it displayed in my man-cave!
Crashrr : Electric Haze : 12/03/2019

To complete your plan, I send pictures of my JUNAK 1964 - Jaroslav Fara [model photo & more pics 005-016]. I built the model as planned on Outerzone. I installed the MVVS 1,5 cc engine. The model will be published at
KarelSlupsky : Junak : 12/03/2019

Thanks, have fixed this now.
SteveWMD : Cardinal : 12/03/2019

Not "Civil", not "scale". This model came out at least 4 years before the Cessna Cardinal was introduced, if someone is thinking it is based on that...
Dave D : Cardinal : 12/03/2019

I'd like to share some photos of my model built from the Lee's Hobbies kit back in '08 [more pics 003-005]. Still in great shape with a contest in Nijmegen, Netherlands in 2016 (Kit Scale at the 2016 IIFI). All markings are tissue with some tissue printing on the fuselage to represent the cowl louvres. Weight w/o rubber: 11.5 grams. A good performer, which I have not yet fully exploited. A great little flyer.
PeteBrecker : Gordou Leseurre C1 : 11/03/2019

I'm just building a new Eliminator so thought that you might like a photo for the plan page [more pics 003]. I shall take another when it's covered.
DannyMZ : Eliminator : 11/03/2019

Added some nice pics of the Bronco, thanks to jgwuzdz [model photo & more pics 003-005].
Mary : OV-10 Bronco : 11/03/2019

I am changing the title of this listing oz6405 from 'Crossbreed' to 'Pee-Tee Sportster'. Also changing the download filenames from Crossbreed to Pee-Tee Sportster. The previous title of Cossbreed was, I think, unhelpful and misleading.
SteveWMD : Pee-Tee Sportster : 11/03/2019

Hello, the blank frame of Fillon's Wakefield (oz 2600) is now finished. Enclosed a photo of it [more pics 003]. Thanks for your great site.
AndreasKoch : 1937 Wakefield : 11/03/2019

I had the same experience as andyb but in my case I cured it with good old fashioned dowels and rubber bands...
rcarter : Electric Haze : 11/03/2019

I think you're right, I think this one needs scaling up to 56 in wingspan.
SteveWMD : Miss Laura : 11/03/2019

Head on plan 34mm, 2"' wheels measure 1-3/4". Plan is not full size.
Paul A : Miss Laura : 11/03/2019

Electric Haze needs some reinforcement to prevent the wing peg pulling out in flight - I speak from bitter experience, back in about 1988-1989. Maybe a couple of doubler ribs on W1, possibly with some glass/epoxy reinforcement.
andyb : Electric Haze : 10/03/2019

OS 40 fp and OS 40 fsr had the same cyl. head parts number. My OS 40 fp has 36mm dia. head, check on plan measures.
Pit : Miss Laura : 10/03/2019

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