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Rick Pendzick : Curtiss P-40C : 20/09/2019

Hi, I built one with a .15 engine, it flies very well.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Olympic II : 19/09/2019

Another one from back in the day. I built one of these using the magazine plans and crappy Testor's balsa. That it flew at all is a testament to the design. Model magazines were beyond my budget at the time, but a bicycle ride to the library yielded stacks of magazines that you could actually take home with the help of your library card. Summertime left plenty of room at Girard Elementary School for model flight, as long as your creation wasn't too big.
Jetex rocket engines weren't all that successful in humid Alabama non-air-conditioned Summers, so it was best to use up the solid fuel pellets quickly before the moisture rendered them unusable. The fuel pellets arrived from England in a matchbox lid container, complete with a length of fuse for ignition. If you needed a short test flight, one pellet would render less burn duration, giving you time to make adjustments before contacting the earth. Two pellets would yield plenty of flight time (less than 10 seconds) to get it to altitude. Doesn't sound like much but if trimmed properly would get it pretty high. As the pellets soaked up moisture from dripping south Alabama atmospheric conditions, they became reluctant to light. Scoring the pellet surface with a pocket knife would help, for a while, that's why you needed to use them up quickly. Your included length of fuse presented another difficulty. It contained a tiny wire core, probably soft copper, which would clog the nozzle and limit the thrust if not pulled out after ignition. Fingers really weren't the best tool for wire grabbing, meaning you needed a pair of carbon encrusted long nose pliers in your pocket. It was a frantic ignition sequence to hold the model, light the fuse with your trusty wind-proof Zippo, grab your pliers and yank out the wire before gently letting go in the proper launch attitude. I still have those smutty pliers (somewhere) cast by Fox of magnesium in a vain attempt to use the metal in the most inappropriate manner possible. I also had a pair of wire cutters constructed in an identical fashion, which didn't last long trying to use them to actually cut wire.
The Delta Dart flew beautifully once adjusted properly. My assumption that its lack of ANY dihedral would be a problem proved unfounded, leveling out at the top of launch just like any free flight model, and better than most. Like all rocket engines, the faster it goes, the faster it goes, really moving by the end of burn. Then it would settle into a nice smooth glide with just a little turn whichever way it wanted to go. Lots of fun for a kid on a bike, small enough to carry. I don't think Jetex is available anymore, plenty of possibilities as a catapult glider.
Doug Smith : Convair F-102 Delta Dart : 19/09/2019

Wow! Makes me want to buy a laser cutter....
Lewis Lingwood : Aquila : 18/09/2019

If you take the Fun Scale P-51 (oz10761) plan also by Dynaflite, and print the fuselage at an enlarged scale of 121%, the resulting plan matches the wing saddle to the root wing chord perfectly. You now have a fuselage outline that can be redesigned somewhat and built to match this wing plan.
mjbelton : Fun Scale Mustang 60 : 18/09/2019

This was made from the Tern kit, sometime in the 1970s. I gave it some new rubber recently and it still flies nicely. Happy for them to be used [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
PAChapman : Aeronca C-3 : 18/09/2019

Much obliged, Gene, this is a very complex and beautifully done work and I still have to see the 3D file!
Miguel : Aquila : 18/09/2019

CAD files added now, thanks to Gene.
SteveWMD : Aquila : 18/09/2019

Italian version enlarged at 2,40 meters ws thread construction, see In the video, take off dolly refused to abandon the ship but the model happily landed.
pit : Erwa 8 : 18/09/2019

See for build thread for enlarged 4meters rc version, interesting CAD rendition.
pit : Erwa 8 : 18/09/2019

Awfully good redrawing work on a most elegant original design. Any chance of having the CAD file as well?
Miguel : Aquila : 17/09/2019

Got it thanks, have set the date on this one now to 1982.
SteveWMD : Trainer 40 : 17/09/2019

well,I'll try this again. found an opened kit at a consignment shop. this was the 1st u/c model I built at the age of 12. well,decided to give it a try(quick glue/monokote) turned out MUCH better than the original! Dad would've been proud the second time around. LOL. not intending to fly,Vertigo,and age 78. many fond memories of Miami Fl.(3 rings flying field) keep up the good work.
Martin "Rusty" Walsh : Baby Stunt Master : 17/09/2019

I have the AMA copy of the Great Planes Trainer .40 kit plan and there is no date on the plan. But I would place the date at 1982.
According to the Great Planes website, Great Planes was started in 1982. Most of the Great Planes early initial kit offerings were reworked Bridi plans by Don Anderson. The Great Planes Trainer series was basically the RCM Trainer with a few tweaks. I learned to fly with this airplane in 1984 so it was available then.
The entire early Great Planes trainer offerings were eventually scrapped for the PT 20-40. which was a shame because the Trainer series were excellent flying airplanes. They could fly and land at a crawl and yet do much of the FAI pattern if set up properly. The PT series flew like a kite with an engine, which was OK for learning to land, but not much else.
The original Great Planes kit plan for this model is now in the Academy of Model Aeronautics plan data base. It can be purchased from them with the huge AMA watermark embossed on the plan. Plan# 50951.
JohnnyB : Trainer 40 : 17/09/2019

Excellent, many thanks. Have updated this listing now.
SteveWMD : Rara Avis MkIV : 17/09/2019

Wasn't this by Mike Hetherington?
Mike : Rara Avis MkIV : 17/09/2019

Honestly I do not know. If the reply to your question were 'yes' it would mean serious disrespect to one of the makers of our common hobby. I believe the irony in the first reply would allude to the unlikelihood in geographical terms.
Miguel : Ant 25 : 17/09/2019

Hi - I built one, flies very well. I added motor in the tube. I send photos [more pics 003, 004].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Pussycat : 17/09/2019

Is Pavel still alive? Or is there sort of a morbid joke in these comments?
Lou : Ant 25 : 17/09/2019

Yes please, important comments only. This should not become the Joe Average forum the Internet is stuffed with
Hubert : HB2 : 16/09/2019

I was going to add one of my whimsical comments but not this time. This is a meticulously draughted plan, the designer took great care in calculating the coordinates for each rib to accommodate the aerodynamic torsion. The by-hand draughtsmanship is beautiful, the bill of materials and legend are perfect, and all the lettering carefully inscribed using a set of templates which by itself took forever. Being a trained old school draughtsman myself, I find this a beautiful example. It being 1944 his chances as an able bodied Hitlerjunge would be limited, I hope he survived and found a job compatible with his obvious abilities.
Miguel : HB2 : 16/09/2019

Everybody says they've not found a bad Ugly Stick so far in over fifty years, and that's true for me. I bought an Ultra Stick 25e from a show six years ago, and it both looks better and flies better than the originals, except possibly the Graupner Middle Stick from a few decades ago. That was beautifully drawn up and superbly engineered so its worth tracking down a copy, if only to drool over the quality of the drawing.
I've not yet built this version but I'm sure it will be fine to fly. The Graupner Stick has the advantage of being in metric, though, for the 6.5 billion of us not using feet.
Michael Powell : Ultra Stik 54 : 16/09/2019

Not as much a correction as an observation: The picture is the same as the one on the CB 29 (oz8350) which does have the two spars in the wing. Noticed it when I just put CB in the search.
TrevorH : CB 32 : 16/09/2019

Some shots of Brooks Biplane oZ1647, from Model Flyer, May 2001. Model by Mervyn Silbury [pics 004,005].
RFJ : Brooks Biplane : 16/09/2019

Here's some photos of my recently completed captioned model [pics 004-007].
Nick Johnson : Westland Lysander : 16/09/2019

In principle, yes, I think that's the way. But that plan also has no fuselage formers. There may be better candidates.
SteveWMD : Fun Scale Mustang 60 : 16/09/2019

Zvi, download the plan onto a memory stick and take it to a shop that makes copies, they can scale it up to whatever size you want. A shop that prints out blueprints on a large format printer is what you want.
Douglas Babb : Bobcat : 15/09/2019

Go to P-51 Mustang (oz7135) 60 inches WS plan for a fuselage plan. It should work with very little work-around needed.
Bob Blubaugh : Fun Scale Mustang 60 : 15/09/2019

The plot thickens. At a point in the Chkalov over-the-pole flight from Moscow to San Francisco CA (there's another SF in Colorado and another in Minnesota now extinct but I think these are not in the present scope) they did pass Seattle WA and Portland OR but bad weather forced them to turn round and land at Vancouver WA, now a suburb of Portland OR, just across the Columbia river. Please extend my regards to PB when you meet him.
Miguel : Ant 25 : 15/09/2019

If I ever have the good fortune to meet Pavel Bosak, you can be sure I'll tell him that.
SteveWMD : Ant 25 : 15/09/2019

Was this model upgraded with a improved construction method, mentioned in Aeromodeller?
j. bonner : Unlimited : 15/09/2019

This appears to be an enlarged version of the Jemco Mustang 40 (oz5572) that I built from your plans. Like the 40 size, there were no fuselage plans for mine, but someone had furnished traced parts from the original kit, and I was able to construct it from those parts. Not easy but I got it done. Without the uploaded fuselage parts, I don't see an easy way to build it, but if you can use the wing and tail plans and draw your own fuselage, it's worth the effort. It flies better than any other P-51 ever made, despite the poor quality kit. Like all the P-51's, it pulls to the left on takeoff and tends to nose over on landings, just like Bob Hoover's Ole Yeller. I still have my electric version.
Doug Smith : Fun Scale Mustang 60 : 15/09/2019

Vancouver Washington. Portland is in Oregon.
Ralph Suter : Ant 25 : 15/09/2019

Dear Mary and Steve, I'd like to send you some pics of my Graupner Sonny [model photo & more pics 004]. The fuse pod is heavily modified to house RC gear. I also made a power pod to carry a Cox Tee Dee 010. I have loads of fun with it! Thank you for your effort, have a good day.
Berndt : Sonny : 13/09/2019

NSFK in 1944? Benzin? Das ist Unsinn, this should have a wood-gas generator!
Miguel Morao : Benzin-Motorflugmodell : 13/09/2019

Lovely picture decor, Julien :-)
Miguel Morao : CB 24 : 13/09/2019

There's one template, because those ribs are all identical. The plan says "Make 8 of rib A 1/8 sheet balsa..." etc
SteveWMD : Soarer : 13/09/2019

In counting the wing ribs, there is 1 of from the fuse to break of the gull wing.
pghart : Soarer : 13/09/2019

My Royal Spirit of Saint Louis which hangs in my office [more pics 003]. I built this airplane in the mid-1980s powered with an O.S. FS .70 four stroke and Kraft radio. Definitely not a beginner's airplane. I found it not an easy airplane to fly, being somewhat unstable just like its full scale counterpart. Interesting airplane in any case.
TerryConley : Spirit of Saint Louis : 12/09/2019

Doh. Added the missing article file now, thanks.
SteveWMD : Champ Maker : 11/09/2019

Hi Mary, Here are a couple of pictures of the Druine Turbulent built from the Outerzone / RCM plan designed by Chuck Cunningham [more pics 005,006]. It will be covered using Sig Koverall and finished with Sig Supercoat Dope. For more details on the build visit
JohnnyB : Druine Turbulent : 10/09/2019

Hi Mary, Please find the photos of the latest plane [more pics 008-010]. I downloaded these from your website. Thanks once again for the great contribution you make to our hobby! Regards,
Alfons : Quicky 500 : 10/09/2019

Thank you for sharing this plan & photo, Antonio. Great story and the model is a corker!
Mary : Kadetito : 10/09/2019

Hi, I've sent a few pictures of the recently completed Schoolyard Special by Fred Reese using Outerzone plans [pics 004-007]. The airplane has been converted to electric power. Electrical setup is as follows:
Power UP 450 Slowfly 950KV, Sky Power 20 AMP ESC, 3 Cell Lipo 1300-2200Mah, APC 8x6 Slow Fly.
It was an easy, quick build. For a detailed build article check out
Thanks for the great site
JohnnyB : Schoolyard Special : 09/09/2019

Hi, I've sent a few pictures of a recent build from RCM/Outerzone plans [pics 005-007]. The Hornet has been converted for electric power instead of the Cox .049 engine. Electric set-up is as follows:
Power UP 450 Speed 1500KV, Sky Power 30 Amp ESC, 3 Cell Lipo 1300Mah,APC 7x6E or 8x8E Speed.
For more build details see
JohnnyB : Hornet : 09/09/2019

Hi thanks for your free plans! I have a pearl without wing or stab. Now I have a great project! Thanks Warren Wicks, Escondido ca USA
Warren Wicks : Pearl 450 : 09/09/2019

Thanks, I have installed Draftsight (free version) here, and I use that as a CAD viewer, which works fine for me. But doing anything beyond just looking at the plan... is opaque to me. So how to export to PDF at correct scale, for instance, is not obvious. So I end up creating a bitmap version of it, then scaling it in Photoshop. Which is frankly a terrible and shameful thing to do to a CAD file.
SteveWMD : Northrop X-4 Bantam : 08/09/2019

Steve, for people who would like to (but think they can't afford to) use the CAD drawings, there are a couple of excellent freebies out there. Inkscape is one (and it also has plugins that let it be used with a laser or CAD router) and there is also Librecad
Daithi : Northrop X-4 Bantam : 07/09/2019

See a nice article and free pull out plan in Aeromodeller 988, September 2019 (latest issue)
KLH : Jay : 06/09/2019

This is one of Doug's models I had never seen, pretty small for a honkin' Webra 61, must have been a blast to fly. Doug's claim to fame though, is as the inventor of the R/C servo, the exact same configuration we still use today over 50 years later. You could take one of his original servos and plug it into a modern receiver and it would work, centering perfectly. Doug never patented his revolutionary design and every other manufacturer copied his circuit.
Doug Smith : Twister : 06/09/2019

Vic, the scans are fine, and all the detail you need is here. The printwood has been scanned from both ends. You just need to put a little work in, yourself, and piece the two parts together. Also, you need to be more polite. The word 'useless' is not appropriate.
SteveWMD : Verosonic : 06/09/2019

Outstanding. Nice work, many thanks.
SteveWMD : Oddie 94 : 06/09/2019 seems the parts scans are somewhat foreshortened, thereby rendering them useless. A pity for such a nostalgic plan!
Vic Arcudi : Verosonic : 06/09/2019

No, sorry, the kit manufacturer is long out of business. You could try and find a second-hand kit for sale. Or just build it from scratch, using the plan, of course.
SteveWMD : Barnstormer 25S : 05/09/2019

Dear Sirs, do you know whether this model kit is still available anywhere? I had it 30 years ago. Now I want it back. I never had a Modell Aircraft flying so precise like this one.
Jürgen Kühme : Barnstormer 25S : 05/09/2019

Dear friend, here's my next completed project [model photo & more pics 004-009]. Thank you for your plans at
MartinHurda_CzechRep : Zephyr : 05/09/2019

Hi - I was thinking about you should try putting an autopilot on it. What I mean about that is putting an elastic bridle on it. I put one on my box kite and it flew in heavy to light winds and didn't have to worry about angle of attack. It never crashed on me on the ground. I put it up in the sky till about 1000ft and it flew for 36 hrs. Course I didn't stay there for the whole thing. When it landed it came to a smooth landing.
philc : Seabreeze II : 05/09/2019

Hello - I've recently built a Veron Fairey Swordfish. I've been told I should submit pictures here as not many have been made and put up on the internet. Please find attached a few pics of the build [see model pic and morepics 003,004]. The torpedo and rear gun are add-ons as is the nose spacer (which is needed for the prop to turn).
Andrew Sanders : Fairey Swordfish : 04/09/2019

Hello Mary, here is a photo of my Robbe Lord, first built in 1977, rebuilt in 2009 but with ailerons and electric motor [006]. Thanks for so many plans!
Oliver S : Lord : 04/09/2019

The Jay. Just finished the construction of this [see model photo/more pics 005], hope you like it!
PaulD : Jay : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve. Maybe I'm committing a betrayal to the old spirit of aeromodelling, but I've developed a 3D printed version of the hand-launched glider Flipper (oz4994). Anyway, I send you a pair of photos [more pics 004,005]. Adding injury to insult, the polyhedral angles were too much for my flying ability. After a few spiral dive crashes, I reduce them to 5 (interior) and 3 (exterior) degrees. There are some videos and a few more photos in my Instagram page
Thanks a lot for your web. It's an incredible work and a treasure.
Yours, Angel Pradel.
Angel Pradel : Flipper : 04/09/2019

Enclosed photos of my Bee-Tween (oz8770). Really fun to build and even more fun to fly. Converted to electric [more pics 003,004].
HansPetterStue_Norway : Bee-Tween : 04/09/2019

Enclosed photo of my Graupner Jolly (oz7668), modified to R/C [more pics 003].
HansPetterStue_Norway : Jolly : 04/09/2019

Hi, Thank you for a great internet site. It has certainly brought back a lot of good 30-40 years old memories for me. I have downloaded some of the plans and enjoyed building the planes from scratch. Some of them I also built from kit as a young boy 40-45 years ago. If you don't mind, I'm sending you a few photos of some of the (Outerzone) modelplanes I have built the last couple of years. All from plans downloaded from Outerzone. And of course they all fly :-) The first is the DH.82A Tiger Moth (oz6554) [see main model pic]. Engine: Saito FG21. I think it is a very good plan, lots of details and easy to read. Building the plane is of course time consuming.
HansPetterStue_Norway : DH.82A Tiger Moth : 04/09/2019

This is a propos as quadrangular tableware is in fashion these days . This may be the first time I see winglets employed, eat your heart out Burt Rutan :-)
Miguel Morao : Gliding Saucer : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve and Mary, Here is my AJAX by KeiKraft [model photo & morepics 008-010] covered with Japanese paper, painted with HUMBROL, motor controller and servos ordered from BANGGOOD. Flies very stable, like all Keikraft models. Thanks for the plans.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Ajax : 04/09/2019

I scanned in my pencil drawing for a framed fin [more pics 004]
GaryHinze : Thermic 36 : 04/09/2019

Hello, here is a picture of my new Graupner mosquito [see more pics 006-007] built in 2017 with a 'retro'-transmitter. Best regards
Oliver S. from Germany
Oliver S : Mosquito : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve, hi Mary - My old MAJESTIC MAJOR (as for Junior 60, oz1398) has flown majestically as electric for many years. On Outerzone there are old photos of my model. Now I have modified it for MVVS 61 diesel engine. It is ready for his first flight with the new engine. Here are some new photos of its second life [see morepics 012-014]. It is intended for the Texaco events.
Luigi Carlucci, Italy : Junior 60 : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve, hi Mary. Here are some photos of my LANZO BOMBER [morepics 006-008]. Now it flies beautifully with a Super Cyclone spark.
Luigi Carlucci, Italy : Lanzo Bomber : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve, As Prof H.J. Farnsworth would say, "Good News Everybody", (and it nearly didn't happen). I have to clear out years of hoarding and came across an old style model plan with no identification at all on it. I tossed it in the discard bin and carried on. Much later I found the ODDIE 94 plan, turned it over to look at the wing plan, and found "Boddos" Tinkerbell plan on the other side. What!! Oh well, that's another one for the bin, but fortunately I checked your database for ODDIE 94 and the penny dropped...
Sheets 2 & 3 have been rescued from the bin, I'll get them scanned and over to you ASAP.
Cheers, Eric.
KraftyOne. : Oddie 94 : 04/09/2019

My POWER HOUSE has flown many years as electric. On OUTERZONE are still the old photos as electric. Now it flies as spark equipped with Super Cyclone [model photo & morepics 011]. Now is a most interesting job. Oily hands...
Luigi Carlucci, Italy : Powerhouse : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve, hi Mary. Here are some new photos [main model pic, plus more pics 006- 009] of my big KL-61 (3 metre wingspan). I like KL-61, perhaps the best Italian Job. Last year I have built another bigger. And naturally it flies better than those smaller. Engine is MVVs 61 Diesel and is used for the Texaco events.
Luigi Carlucci, Italy : KL-61 : 04/09/2019

Hi Steve, hi Mary. Two years ago I sent you some photos of my little KL-61 for the 1/2 Texaco. The photos are still online [above]. This little model flies beautifully, so I have built others models like mine for friends along my country Italy. This is the photo with the three models during the final step [see more pics 005]. One of these models next mount will go in USA for American Championship.
Luigi Carlucci, Italy : KL-61 : 04/09/2019

Hello, here are a few photos of my Topsy, finished a few days ago. Built according to plan from your side "Topsy (oz680)". Your site is the best, thank you!
Manfred : Topsy : 03/09/2019

Thank you publishing my pics. TOW is 4613g! Last picture before maiden with full decals [more pics 13, 14].
Peter Rausch : Pitts S-1S : 03/09/2019

Thanks, got it. Have updated the listing now :)
SteveWMD : ET-159 : 03/09/2019

Hi, Mary and Steve! ET 197 was designed by the great Italian master modeller Enzo Tedeschi. He was very active from the early thirties to the late forties.
alcalaino : ET-159 : 03/09/2019

Many thanks for the kind offer. Thanks to RFJ, we have a copy of the article, now.
SteveWMD : Projed Messerschmitt Bf109E : 02/09/2019

I happen to have the very magazine and am pleased to submit it.
Tet Shin in Kuala Lumpur
Ho Tet Shin : Projed Messerschmitt Bf109E : 02/09/2019

Beautiful photos. Those are really nice :)
SteveWMD : Power Mouse : 01/09/2019

Well, Mr. Mukherjee, this sounds like a lifetime achievement background, with a sequel in the making :-) It is an honour for me to extend my compliments to you, and my congratulations to your grandson for his grandfather.
Miguel Morao : Topscore : 01/09/2019

In my left hand I am holding a Topscore made from Aeromodeller plans in 1962, which won the UNESCO Trophy [more pics 003]. In my right is a Lucifer which won the Prize at All India Championship in 1962. Photo taken at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where I was then studying. You may want to add this photo to the Topscore Plans page where there is only one hazy flying shot. I am now helping my Grandson with Aeromodelling!
B_Mukherjee_India : Topscore : 31/08/2019

I should have given photography credits on the flying photos to my son, Bennett Holmes [model photo & more pics 006]. That makes three generations of model aircraft enthusiasts!
EricHolmes : Commodore : 30/08/2019

Hi Mary, I've attached a couple of photos of the Achilles (oz1329) flying [more pics 005, 006].
EricHolmes : Achilles : 30/08/2019

I've attached some photos of the Power Mouse (oz2088) [model photo & more pics 003-006]. I particularly liked the plans because of the "scale" structure. It's truly a miniaturized Power House. It flies very will with my Brown CO2 motor. I hope that you enjoy them!
EricHolmes : Power Mouse : 30/08/2019

Thank you for your clarifications, pmw, I hadn't noticed the CG location, and of course the Guppy Look was common in designs of the time, possibly rule mandated as you suggest.
Miguel Morao : Pelican : 29/08/2019

Thanks to your website I found out which plane I got from a friend [main modelpic].
HerbertP : Lo-190 Sperber : 29/08/2019

Enclosed photos of my Playboy Senior models [more pics 009-012].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Playboy Senior : 29/08/2019

This one was my entry into the RCG build-off for an originally rubber powered design model [see more pics 007, 008]. The basic design appealed to me (still does) as a particularly attractive and practical. Construction is basically balsa sticks like the original, but the frame was covered with doculam before the tissue applied. Power is a small .5cc Boddo Mills diesel which provides ample urge... Best regards,
Alan Wooster : Rubberdub : 28/08/2019

Hi Mary, Am sending a few more details of recent builds. This one is the Tumbletot oz3708: built for an RCG project late 2016 [more pics 007, 008]. I was captivated by the basic design of this model, but a little concerned re comments of an indifferent performance of the original. I decided to make some radical changes, I trust not too radical for your listing. I increased the size to 36" span from the original 22" and went with four function electric powered rc rather than freeflight. I'm pleased with the result, it's a quirky little sport model, easy to fly and has a mild aerobatic performance.
Alan Wooster : Tumbletot : 28/08/2019

The CofG is stated in the article as 35% wing chord. The depth of the fuselage is probably to comply with competition rules
pmw : Pelican : 28/08/2019

Steve, the plan lacking a centre-line is as you rightly say misleadingly drawn. At those times there was a lot of misinformation flying around, so to speak, see for instance the B-29 fin in Bill Wylams Scale Aircraft Drawings vol. II in the RCLibrary, #RCL1390. The only things right in that drawing was that the B-29 had wings and four engines (of wrong shape at that). This was purposely done to to lead the enemy astray. In the case of the Pelican drawing dare I suggest it would be the same thing, no CL (no CG either, mind you) so whatever Hitlerjunger got hold of this plan by devious means would remain in doubt as to the true span of this fat-belly hippo of a model due to the plan ambiguities. The plan being American, I see the FBI's J.Edgar Hoover hand here.
Miguel Morao : Pelican : 28/08/2019

The plan is original and can be built like this, respecting that. Won't it be badly built? What is wrong with the photo model? It could have taken away the size of the wind.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Pelican : 28/08/2019

It was simply the 7th design and the one that worked. Harry was a wonderful mentor - he would loan out the blueprints to be copied only if you signed a blood oath. I was smart enough to make 2 sets of plans. When I returned to his home with the original plans he handed me 2 bass wood blocks to form the floor and firewall.
They have never failed. My #7 sits high on rugged landing gear made of 3/32 aluminium which make it great for "off airport ops".
Bill Kraemer : Number 7 : 28/08/2019

Attached is a scan I made this week of the original instruction manual for the Mercury Aeronca Sedan kit which my father purchased in the 1950s [supplementary file]. You have the plan, so I thought you might like to add the manual as an additional file. I still have the plans he used, too, but in a pretty much unusable state. I hope to get to a rebuild myself in the next year so will be downloading a copy! Thanks for your curation of your wonderful resource!
PeteNewman : Aeronca Sedan : 27/08/2019

Yes, but the plan is badly (misleadingly) drawn. It does not have a centre-line on the middle of the wing. So it is unclear that the wing has only 3 panels. That is why the photo is useful. To help understand. See my sketch with red corrections [morepics 004].
SteveWMD : Pelican : 27/08/2019

To understand this plan is fine, compare it with several of the web. You cannot base a shot on a photo.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Pelican : 27/08/2019

Steve, 6 inch bolts are cheap [more pics 005]. Best Regards,
Jim : RCM Fuselage Jig : 27/08/2019

Managed to pick one of these kits up yesterday, seems complete with assembly plan?
Bernie : Firefly : 27/08/2019

Sad to hear of this..Paul re-drew my one and only design: the Shark,,a stylish ( to my15 year old eyes) . It was published in 1957 in Flying Models. Remember getting the check from FM and riding my bike to the hobby shop
for some Ambroid glue for the next model..either a Kenhi Cougar or a twin boom Ukie sport job...except for Bob Palmer's designs. Whom I flew along side, along with Addie Naccarado( SP) ,my first flight instructor , my controline models were home designed. Any old Ukie guys/gals out there who flew at the Sepulveda Basin?
George Poa : Super Condor : 27/08/2019

Mary, this same plane by the same designer, Paul Denson, is also listed as the Quarter Pint (oz2183) and 1/4 Pint. That one is dated April, 72. There are a few very slight modifications between them, about what a scratch builder would implement.
Bill Hibbets : BDF-1 : 26/08/2019

Instead of coach bolts, use 1/4" all thread (that is threaded rod) and tap threads in the holes. You will discover this increases the versatility of this jig immensely. I also have various height jig blocks to suit different depth fuselages.
Andy Luckett : RCM Fuselage Jig : 26/08/2019

Nice work Jim, that's a very neat design. You gain additional flexibility with the two heights of jig-block, plus save money (and weight) by using shorter bolts. Have to admire your thinking there.
SteveWMD : RCM Fuselage Jig : 25/08/2019

Hello Steve and Mary, I attached some photos of my Vagabond scaled up 150% from 75 to 112 inch span [more pics 009-012]. Covered in doped polyester chiffon over mylar type film, it flies a treat. Build is similar to my earlier Vagabond and is detailed in my blog in RCGroups. Video of the maiden flight in blustery conditions is here:
john38 : Vagabond Revisited : 24/08/2019

Excellent glider. Great for those starting out in the hobby.
Nailson : Soar Birdi : 24/08/2019

Remarkable job on the reatracting gear, there. Especially at such small scale.
SteveWMD : Cessna CR2 : 24/08/2019

Photos of Dave Rees plan build: and Here's my slightly enlarged build using the Rees plan, with functional retractable scale landing gear [model photo & morepics 003, 004]. The wing design was modified and has functional ailerons. For more pics see Link to build thread:
Bill Gaylord : Cessna CR2 : 24/08/2019

I think I am probably the only person that has built from these plans. It was a tough build but it was a great flyer. Feel free to post the attached photo [model pic] on the plan page.
Richard Michael : MiG-3 : 24/08/2019

Good morning Mary. Some photos attached of Ladybird from your plan oz2132 and a Belair parts set [model pic, plus morepics 006,007]. An easy build with the parts set, I think it looks nice and flys great as well. Thanks for your hard work on our behalf. Very best regards :)
TrevorTabor : Ladybird : 24/08/2019

Excellent, thanks Pit, will get the original plan up on the site tomorrow.
SteveWMD : Balsaurus : 24/08/2019

Good Day Mary. Attached is a photo of a modification that I made to my version of the RCM Fuselage Jig, plan oz11465 [more pics 004]. Originally I built the side pieces square. When I went to get the carriage bolts to assemble the jig, I found that the length of the bolts required cost twice as much as somewhat shorter ones. So I thought about it and cut the square sides to the shape as per the attached picture. It meant that each square side piece could be cut to make a pair of the revised shape. I then found that the shorter bolts were just right and 1/2 the price. It also had a big advantage when building. You can swing the sides around so either the tall or short end faces the fuselage. So when making 049 size planes the short end of the square works for the tail and nose area. The tall side works in way of the cockpit.
Also there is another very subtle modification to the edge that sits on the jig base. The outer ends are sanded to allow for fuselage bottom sheeting to slip under the fuselage and pass under the edge of the side frame of the Jig. So if you make up cross sheeting slightly oversize for the fuselage bottom, it can be put on the base and still allow the Jig side brackets to be positioned against the fuselage. For the base I find that laminated stair treads tend to stay flatter than plywood or a large plank. The treads are generally available in 36", 42", and 48" lengths. They are nice and thick, so you can counter bore the underside to recess the heads of the bolts. Make sure that you use the edge glued pine or spruce treads. They are less expensive than fancy veneered ones. They also are more moisture resistant than those with particle board cores.
Just my 2 cents worth of revision.
Jim Haliburton : RCM Fuselage Jig : 24/08/2019

Hi Mary and Steve! Here comes a photo of my Staudacher 300S from 2002 in Spain [more pics 005]. IC-motor Magnum 52 4S, W=3.2kg, 4 channels. Nice model and easy to fly. Sold it 2010 to a friend of mine in Sweden for 125£. Best wishes, Owe Carlson in Sweden
Owe : Staudacher 300 GS : 24/08/2019

Hi Mary - As promised, here are some more pictures from the build of that little French glider D.05 [more pics 008-012]. I made the wing joint way sturdier than shown in the plan; that‘s why I include the close-up of my own solution. Might help someone, as the plan is a little vague there and the shown joint seems quite weak. The whole plane came out 70 gramms total by the way. That's 30 less than advertised in the plan.
MichaelS : D.05 : 24/08/2019

An enlarged RC version of 1958 Balsaurus catapult FF glider. Plans sent to OZ.
Pit : Balsaurus : 24/08/2019

I built this and it does fly great. the only real error on the plans are the vertical stab ribs. When you start building the vertical fin you will figure it out real quick. I looked at the plans for the 101 inch Mig on this site for help on details inside the wing and fuselage. Took a long time to build but is looked great when finished. I had a 40 cc twin in the nose and retracts.
Richard Michael : MiG-3 : 23/08/2019

I made this based on your Plan [more pics 006-012]. Thank you for this great Pitts.
Peter Rausch : Pitts S-1S : 23/08/2019

The way I read it, there are three equal length spars (14 in long), and there is one cross brace (9-1/2 in long).
SteveWMD : Insect : 23/08/2019

Hi Steve & Mary - here is my Piper, double size with motor of a chain saw [008, 009]. Not as amusing as a small plane. My daughter looks at the plane with big eyes. I built it in 1982.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Piper L-4B Grasshopper : 23/08/2019

I've been sent another photo of the Albert Hatfull/Scarab event at Impington [more pics 009].
BryanGostlow : Scarab : 23/08/2019

I agree, the Maverick design is very elegant but rather enigmatic. Why, for instance, does the article show two different radio installations?
RussellH : Maverick : 23/08/2019

Thanks to Pit for finding the new scan posted on HPA. It seems this now clears up the question of whether the wings were intended to be the same size, once and for all.
SteveWMD : Phantom Flash ROG : 23/08/2019

What is the length of the three spars in the wing? Plan is unclear as to perspective of these pieces.
Richard Szanti : Insect : 22/08/2019

Nice looking ship, very sleek and I like that tall rudder, gives the model a unique appearance. But it seems there is some information missing from the plan. The article references two different wingspan layouts and also mentions root and tip rib templates R1 and R14 for a built-up wood wing, but none of that is shown on the plan.
Phil Bernhardt : Maverick : 22/08/2019

Hi Mary, My father, Al Holmes, built this Commodore and converted it to electric power and R/C [model photo & more pics 005-007]. He's still building, designing and flying at age 88. You have some of his designs represented in Outerzone: the North American AT-6 Texan (oz4987) and the Miss Los Angeles (oz 7448). I hope that you enjoy them.
EricHolmes : Commodore : 21/08/2019

After downloading the plan I see that is based on a slightly later model Spitfire and is indeed smaller than mine. Mine has the six small exhaust stacks and is clearly based on the prototype. I will try to get mine copied and put on a file and will upload it.
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I : 21/08/2019

I have this plan or one very similar but mine is just a bit less than 24" span
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I : 21/08/2019

Added colour photo of Morris HF (Graziano Pagni's Morris HF at 1969 Bremen World Championship) thanks to to gghisleri who posted it on RCGroups, see, also thanks to RFJ for finding it.
SteveWMD : Morris HF : 20/08/2019

Pre Star Wars X wing fighter! Very interest and imaginative model.
Gene : Mitey Atom : 20/08/2019

Hello, Great to find this article and read your comments. Laurie Ackroyd was my father and I still have the original model, carefully displayed and admired by all who see it. Murray Ackroyd, Timaru, New Zealand.
Murray Ackroyd : Piper Comanche : 20/08/2019

If anyone could submit an English translation of the text from the catalog page(s), describing the Snoopey II in more detail, that would be really useful [edit: done now, many thanks].
SteveWMD : Snoopey II : 19/08/2019

One of the best designs. I built two. They have great performance.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Playboy Senior : 19/08/2019

Hello, I send you more photos of my Miss America [more pics 004-006].
Néstor : Miss America : 17/08/2019

Another model that gives me many satisfactions oz5315 [morepics 003-005], regards,
Antonio : Saper 13 : 17/08/2019

It looks like the correct page address is now:
SteveWMD : Saper 13 : 17/08/2019

Hi Mary and Steve, As promised, here are some photos [morepics 004-008] of my Record Hound, converted to R/C assist. It is powered by a Turnigy G25 turning a 13x6 prop, 50a ESC and 2200 3s lipo battery. It weighs in a 3 lbs. 2.2 oz. and balances right on the indicated plan CG. Covering is black super monokote and Hobbyking transparent burnt orange. Stars are hand cut from the black monokote. Thanks for your wonderful website. I check it daily and have put many plans on my to do list. Your efforts are greatly appreciated for us all who endeavor to keep this hobby alive. Chuck Johnson. Umpqua Valley Modelers
Oakland, Oregon.
ChuckJ : Record Hound : 17/08/2019

Hi, I've attached a photo of my then 9 year old daughter Amber with 3 of the Seeker Q-500 models, if you would like to add a photo with that plan. Cheers,
ScottW : Seeker Q500 : 17/08/2019

Hi Mary! Please, added to this model: Hero 40- by Joel Cimmino from Model Aviation - 1996 - 50in span - IC R/C LowWing Pusher [more pics 009-014]. This model is a 123% scale from the original (wing span: 62 in, engine: Webra Speed .70 with 12x8 pusher prop) VIDEO: . Thank you for all! Best regards,
LucD : Hero 40 : 17/08/2019

Hi Mary! This is a additional photos “SEAMASTER-40” [more pics 004, 005]. Thank you Mary!
LucD : Seamaster 40 : 17/08/2019

I built the SV 4 on basis of the plan by David Boddington with some modifications to represent a SV 4bis of the BAF. You may use them if you want to [model photo & more pics 007-008].
GV : Stampe SV4 : 17/08/2019

Hi Steve and Mary, please find attached a selection of photographs of the Twin Gyro (oz plan number 9495), recently completed by my friend [more pics 003-005]. Mods include a conversion to electric power, rounding of the nose top decking and addition of a full cowl, access hatches for the electronics and a built up tailplane covered with Modelspan. Finish is automotive paint from aerosol cans over a sanding sealed and primed surface. The pilot was 3D printed with additional details added. The model required an eighth of an inch shimming under the leading edge of the stub wing and a reduction in downthrust as drawn. It is a reliable performer now, flying in wide left hand circuits under power, it handles wind well, the autorotation phase of the flight brings the model back to Earth at a fairly rapid but safe descent rate, rather like a dethermalised conventional model. It is a very robust airframe and despite suffering a few heavy arrivals during trimming, sometimes on the rotor tips, no damage other than slight cosmetic dings has been experienced. It's certainly an eye-catching and different model.
PeteTheobald : Twin Gyro : 16/08/2019

Hi folks, just finished the 1943 D.05 "La Bécane" [model photo & more pics 004-007]. Looks easy but plan and design have some flaws. Fuselage is way too flimsy and some woodprints on the plan don't match their size in the composed view. Some are even missing... But who cares? :D It was pure fun building my very first glider without having a kit involved. All the best from Germany.
MichaelS : D.05 : 16/08/2019

Me in 1978 with my Wanderer 99 [more pics 003]. I first built the Wanderer 72 (oz4100), but preferred the 99. I'm 6' 4" tall. I would slope soar it near LA. The glider and I were 41 years younger then!
JohnVanDusen : Wanderer 99 : 16/08/2019

Please find attached photos of my recently completed & flown Leprechaun glider from the oz 3252 plan [more pics 008-012]. Our club field does not suit high start or winch launching and not having a scenic sea side cliff available to hurl it off I modified the model for aero tow only. Wing and stab incidence is exactly the same as the plan. The wing rib under-camber is half of that shown on the plan. 2 only 5m rolls of covering were used with some left over. All up flying weight of my model came out at 2.665 Kg due to the extra wood used to help it survive being dragged across the field during launch (a maximum of 1 1/2 fuselage lengths it turned out!). The weight includes a 6v 4200 ma 5 cell NiMH battery for the three servo flight pack. The first flights were at the Oakwood Model Club annual Glider Fun Fly this past June 2019. What a terrific flying model this turned out to be, far exceeding my high hopes. Thanks to Mr. R. A Twomey for such a long lived versatile design.
MikeFoster : Leprechaun : 16/08/2019

Wasn't there supposed to be a fin&rudder somewhere or is this a tadpole losing its tail on its path to froghood? Jeez, prepare for a wild ride! I suggest building a (rather) larger fin + rudder in 1mm plexiglas or something of the kind and stick each side the balsa structures per plan. The plastic thing will be unobtrusive and keep your blood pressure low.
Miguel Morao : Alexander Bullet : 16/08/2019

To JimGregory, also look at the Royal Rudder Bug (oz1730) which has a wingspan of 62 inches and may have suited at 15 size engine.
Arnold : Rudder Bug : 15/08/2019

The balance point was not shown on the original plan although I see it has been added to the OZ print. In a subsequent article the designer recommended it be between 35% and 38% of the wing chord (4.26" - 4.63" from the wing leading edge).
RFJ : Striker : 15/08/2019

Mini rudder bug, 40 in version, was published in RCM&E June 1984.
pit : Rudder Bug : 15/08/2019

Can anyone remember which of the English magazines did a smaller version, might have been 1/2 size I just remember building one with 35mhz Futaba radio gear and a OS 15 up front in the early 80's.
Trevor Hughes : Rudder Bug : 15/08/2019

How can someone design, build and FLY such a pretty machine and not be a good person?
Miguel Morao : Elias Airsport : 15/08/2019

Added nice pic of the completed model, thanks to tony Wright [model photo].
Mary : Marquis : 14/08/2019

Hello. Thought you might like to add a few of photos of models made from your excellent site. This one is the Mercury Marvin [model photo]. Please keep up the good work.
TonyWright : Marvin : 14/08/2019

Added photo of finished model, thanks to Tony Wright [more pics 009].
Mary : Viper : 14/08/2019

Added great photo of Néstor and the Miss Science [more pics 003, 004].
Mary : Miss Science : 14/08/2019

Attached picture of KK Strato Baby, a version by John Davies [model photo].
JohnAndrews : Strato Baby : 14/08/2019

I would like to add these pictures of the Womble glider design by Colin Shepherd (oz 10572) [more pics 003-005].
ColinShepherd : Womble : 14/08/2019

What a delightful chicken coop! Is that a stabilator at the back or an ironing board someone forgot there? :-) OZ contains several reincarnations of this design, and they all shout to be printed full size for a delightfully breezy micro-light! Failing that, here's a beautiful plan :-)
Miguel Morao : Dormoy Bathtub : 14/08/2019

Hello friends. Finally I found the photo of the same model and the same modeler, but this photo is 1979, and he is Ignacio with the same model but many years ago (Goticus) [more pics 017].
Pajariperro : Goticus : 13/08/2019

This morning I went to take a picture in flight of the KöC. I'm also sending other photos of this classic Swiss [model photo & more pics 003-012]. They show that even in more southern latitudes such as Spain it was flying very well. This replica made in June of this year revives those flight sessions of 1975. Being "radio asisted" means your flight is even more pleasant.
Pajariperro : Ko C : 13/08/2019

Re: Elmira R/C glider designed by Cliff Goater. His company, Saturn Models, also produced the Symphony R/C sailplane. I flew the prototype at the first World R/C gliding championships at RAF Halton.
GrahamD : Elmira : 13/08/2019

Here's a photo of my Ringmaster, now three years old, powered by a considerably older OS max .35 [more pics 004].
Stormin : Ringmaster : 13/08/2019

I wonder when did you, dear colleague, read about that brave Scot. I first read his 'second season' (late 1950s) adventures in the 70s, when I was working at my Aeromodelling Club and they had some Aeromodeller bound volumes, covering the period 1956-1960.
Arnaldo : Thermalist : 12/08/2019

I'd like to nominate V's achievement for the OZ Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear 2019 Award.
Miguel Morao : Floating Kidney : 12/08/2019

McGillicuddy trained him ;)
Daithi : Thermalist : 12/08/2019

Looks like a (very slightly) modified and (considerably) screwed up AIGLET (oz5345).
Dave Harris : Unknown : 12/08/2019

I've updated my prototype electric foamy with the 16" span I mentioned before. It originally had a "sawed off" nose compared to the original glider, but I built and swapped to an A fold box nose that looks very much like the original glider's nose. It was originally a bit tail heavy and needed the 1300 mAh battery, but with a full nose and the same specifications, I'd recommend an 850 instead.
If the CG is right on or a little nose heavy, this plane will have a very good glide ratio. I cut all throttle from fairly high up and was able to glide down for a safe and smooth landing.
Vimana89 : Floating Kidney : 12/08/2019

The enclosed image [more pics 006] contains Minimoa's airfoil specs and the plots of those airfoils in case you'd like to include them on the plans page for reference. The model's airfoils are a bit thinner than the (16% thickness!) root used in the original but they're really a fairly good approximation. Cheers!
Al Stein : Minimoa : 11/08/2019

Like I said in the previous comment, we are missing 2 pages of this plan. Not sure what other advice I can offer.
SteveWMD : Oddie 94 : 11/08/2019

I am looking to build the Oddie 94 (one of many). Having downloaded the plan it would seem that it does not show any of the main wing construction - unless it's me! Could you advise? Have tried looking through all the updates etc. Keep up the good work, this is a wonderful site.
BarryMitchell : Oddie 94 : 11/08/2019

Please forgive my friend. He lives in a time-warp where he THINKS he stays forever young... So he decries the most noble occupation in the world - the FETCHERMITE one. Shame on him! ???? Either that... Or he thinks this award-winning model was built to the same standards as his own... STRONG and HEAVY to withstand the inevitable crashes that WILL come...
Arnaldo : Thermalist : 11/08/2019

Patrick, I'd suggest you start by reading the FAQ page at
SteveWMD : Trip Stick : 11/08/2019

where can i get a copy of this plan
patrick kimberpat : Trip Stick : 11/08/2019

Brazen child exploitation of the worst Victorian kind!
Miguel Morao : Thermalist : 11/08/2019

I recommend reinforcing wings by adding hard raft stringers up and down with vertical grain reinforcements and veneer fuselage to the vanishing edge, they can be guided as the Miss America is built. Greetings from Argentina and I congratulate you on the page of plans one of the best on the web.
Néstor. : Miss Science : 10/08/2019

Doh. My mistake, have fixed this now. It seems the length/width got twisted around when splitting the PDF pages out.
SteveWMD : Hawker Hurricane I : 10/08/2019

The plans as published here have been reduced in size to fit A4 paper (somewhat smaller than the original Flying Aces plans)
pmw : Hawker Hurricane I : 10/08/2019

Laser cut parts are available from Bob Holman, see
Jim Zare : Junior Falcon EP : 10/08/2019

Beautiful model. I built 3. They fly very well. I came second in the 2013 national in Argentina.
Néstor : Miss Science : 10/08/2019

I've built two of the Gordon Whitehead DH-103's and it is a great flying/looking ship. I converted both of mine to electric and used a pair of Eflight Power 10's with 55amp ESCs on 2200mAh 3S with 9 x 4.5 props which gives plenty of thrust and a decent run time. I replaced the balsa where ever I thought it safe with light white foam, such as the nacelle tops, rear turtle deck and fin strake. BTW the take off trolley works a treat.
TD : De Havilland DH-103 Hornet : 10/08/2019

W3 is not correct and should be extended to the back of the trailing edge, the ribs are also slightly too short as shown on plan.
JackS : Sopwith Triplane : 09/08/2019

I built a compressed air powered version at about 32 inch span using the Italian CA motor and tank combination available during the 90's . The Robin's fuselage being wide accommodated the tank well and it flew beautifully averaging 1-2 minute flights
paul helman : ABC Robin : 09/08/2019

I see you've added my Scarab drawing to your archive - many thanks. Recently, to celebrate 70 years of the Scarab, three friends flew theirs at Impington, all laser cut from the plan you've posted [more pics 008]. Look closely and there's a 1.5x Scarab and other Albert Hatfull designed models (and a couple of not so subtle references to his name). The Scarabs were built and flown by Alan Hunter, Tony Neal and Richard Staines (x2) - other models were by Alan Hunter
BryanGostlow : Scarab : 09/08/2019

Here is my AJAX fuselage, my latest plane [more pics 007]. A KeiKraft model airplane, with a Hobby King Park 250 Engine, prop 8*4.3
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Ajax : 09/08/2019

Just bought a pair of OS 10s off EBay with the aim of building one of Gordon's Lightnings (and one of his Tomahawks!). Having flown the one pictured many times (and photographed it - the picture of it flying is one of mine!) I can vouch for Gordon's comments... it's an easy to fly bundle of fun that makes you a P-38 pilot for real! Great fun!
Richard Spreadbury : Lockheed P-38 Lightning : 09/08/2019

I was one of the guys that Gordon used to let fly his models and the Tomahawk was always a fun machine with the beauty of simplicity yet a real 'warbird'! That was back in '84 in Cumbria, England and 35 years later I've Just bought a pair of OS .10s with the aim of building a Tomahawk... and also a P-38... one other of Gordon's models I had the pleasure of flying!
Richard Spreadbury : Curtiss P-40B Tomahawk : 09/08/2019

Have added this 1935 plan to the listing mainly just so that we have a page to link to, from all the other later copies of it. Many thanks to Pit for help with this one.
SteveWMD : World Record Glider : 09/08/2019

Please find attached a few pictures of my latest, a Wee Snifter built from your free plans [model photo & more pics 008, 009]. I bought a set of laser cut ribs and formers from a seller on eBay but the remainder was hand-cut. Instead of using a Diesel engine, I chose to fit a brushless outrunner. Finish is coloured domestic tissue on the sheet structures and Modelspan tissue on the wings. The pilot is carved from blue foam with tissue clothes, finished with Mod-Podge and painted with acrylic paints. The canopy was vacformed over a balsa plug on a simple homemade vacuum box. I'm pleased to report that it flew straight from the board with no ballasting required and just a touch of left rudder to establish stable circuits. This one's definitely going to get flown plenty! Thank you again for your continued work in maintaining your excellent site and providing so much inspiration for modellers everywhere.
PeteTheobald : Wee Snifter : 09/08/2019

Great plan! I build one. Have a look here:>
Peter Rausch : Pitts S-1S : 09/08/2019

Note morepics 003-005 appear here thanks to Roguedog, from his Classic Pattern Plane Image Gallery on RCGroups at
SteveWMD : Interceptor 5 : 09/08/2019

If you know what you are doing, yes. It could be done. It would not be a beginner's project, though.
SteveWMD : Jupiter : 08/08/2019

Nit picking a bit I always saw "Andy" as his published name, as in one of his books I happen to have. A remarkable chap, more about him in his obituary in
Miguel Morao : Gull Sport : 08/08/2019

Thanks, good point. Have set 'Andy' to 'AG' for now, as a quick fix.
SteveWMD : Gull Sport : 08/08/2019

Some history and photos on this Fokker survivor. She looks good in yellow!
Miguel Morao : Fokker Super Universal : 08/08/2019

Hello, just a note regarding the author's name. This plan reads AG Lennon, but in the database there is also Andy Lennon. I think it would be better to have only one version.
Jan : Gull Sport : 08/08/2019

16" span and a 5x3x2 tractor prop on a FT Radial 1806 or equivalent will do wonders with this wing planform. I run mine with the aforementioned specs on a 1300 mAh 45c 3s battery and she handles great. Ultra light wing loading from the big wing area and a very forward CG means even a smaller model will like a big fat battery. I get like 30 minutes of flight per charge and plenty of power even with the modest prop. Anyone who enjoys a Nutball, it's a lot like that with some subtle nuanced differences.
Vimana89 : Floating Kidney : 08/08/2019

Unimportant, but the specified power of "Ohlsson 45" has never existed. At the time this plane was built, there was no Ohlsson between the 23 and the 60, and even afterwards, only the 29 and 33 were added. Power quite likely a Bunch 45, similar to an Ohlsson for most people and really a 45.
Brian Cox : Custom B : 07/08/2019

I built one of these way back when the kits first came out. I used an OS Max S.30 (plain bearing engine on 15% nitro if I recall) and it flew just fine.
Michael Reed : Se5a : 07/08/2019

Hi Steve and Mary, I have attached a couple of photos of my Spook 48 from plan #53 for your use [more pics 006, 007]. Built for radio assist. Chuck Johnson, Umpqua Valley Modelers, Oakland Oregon.
ChuckJohnson_Oregon : Spook 48 : 06/08/2019

I have attached a couple of photos of my Playboy Sr. for your use [more pics 007, 008]. Built for radio assist from plan #7835. Enjoy and have a great day. Chuck Johnson, Umpqua Valley Modelers, Oakland Oregon.
ChuckJohnson_Oregon : Playboy Senior : 06/08/2019

The Weihe 50 is a very nice old glider. I built it on a rainy Sunday, between lunch and tea-time. The small Weihe flies very well [more pics 003-006].
Bernhard_Dittmann : Weihe : 06/08/2019

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