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Berliner, the fearful Teddy Bear carrier, is the big brother of the Leipziger (oz8767). The article is, like the proverbial cheque, in the mail.
Miguel : Berliner : 10/04/2024

Thank you! The Lolli is one of our favorite fliers :-).
Bill Bowne : Lollipop : 10/04/2024

yes, some degree, look at the ribs' hole position for wing dihedral tube/sleeve.
pit : Telemaster 40 Deluxe : 09/04/2024

looking at the instructions and the picture of part WJ, i think there is a dihedral set . I would guess about 3-5 degrees for each winghalf.
erik P : Telemaster 40 Deluxe : 09/04/2024

I am very thankful to Mr John Jennings
Aidan Welly : Bangau : 08/04/2024

The correct spelling is Pentti Pätiälä. And yes, he is Finnish.
Heikki Hämäläinen : Nakke : 08/04/2024

Very good, Mr. Panchal, and the build notes are very clear and friendly too.
As for canards, I don't recall seeing many birds with a screaming propeller on their beaks.
Mother Nature must have not approved of that configuration for a reason :)
Miguel : Canard RM-12 : 07/04/2024

Hi Am I correct in assuming this wing design is flat overall. Thanks Colin
Colin Firby : Telemaster 40 Deluxe : 07/04/2024

Hello Outerzone, Enclosed are pictures [main pic, 004] of my 1936 Air Chief (oz 212). The model was originally a free flight, but I modified it into a 3 channel RC. It's powered by an OS .20FP and controlled with Hitec servos. It's covered with silkspan and finished with Randolph clear butyrate dope. Back in the time 50's we didn't take the time, or have the money for paint, before taking them to the field. After I finished this one, I decided I should at least paint a little trim for contrast. Thanks for your awesome website, which has always inspired me to keep building.
Dan Owen : Air Chief : 07/04/2024

I’ve finished and flown my sample. Power is a 480 outrunner on 3S 1300mAh Lipo. Feel free to post [main pic, 005-008].
Michael Ramsey : Humming Cub : 07/04/2024

Yekta, Tower Hobbies used to sell an ARF electric Sportster, it is out of production since Horizon Hobbies bought Tower Hobbies. you may be able to find one on E-bay or one of the R/C forum buy/sell sites. R/C Groups had a long running thread on the sportster and modifications to make it better. The plane came out when brushed motors and Ni-Cad batteries were the dominant power and lasted into the brushless motor and Lithium era. A thread I followed was by a person called Guapoman and listed successful power systems to replace the stock setup.
Douglas Babb : RCM Sportster : 06/04/2024

photo,video and info on
pit : Wild Thing : 06/04/2024

Hi Jan thanks, nice to hear. I remember a time when I was younger when people made anything to a secret, that impressed on me to share as much as possible. As grandma always told us, Shared joy is double joy :-)
Matzito : Holland : 05/04/2024

Beautiful work, Matze. Always a delight to see your designs and craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing the plans and cad files with us.
Jan Novick : Holland : 05/04/2024

Thanks Miguel :-)
Matzito : Holland : 05/04/2024

Superb work, Matzo! No surprise here, quality projects is what you do, and this must be one of your simpler models. Fine subject choice, and I believe FZ would have wanted a parts set for himself too :)
Miguel : Holland : 05/04/2024

Celso : Chimbo : 05/04/2024

Dear Matthias,
is there a STL file for the shell of the engine mount? It really looks so smooth designed ideal for 3d printing
Kalle : Amigo II Magic : 04/04/2024

Recently I had an accident with my Falcon III, I show you photos of the result of the repair and new look [pics 009-011]. Thanks.
From Manizales, Colombia,
Carlos Valencia : Falcon 56 Mk III : 04/04/2024

Correct. There are no templates. That is why this plan is tagged as 'formers incomplete'. New user? See the FAQ page for more help with how this site works in general. If you are looking particularly for plans that come with all the formers, then you will need to engage with the tagging of the plans.
SteveWMD : P-51D : 03/04/2024

No templates?
Alessandro Marques : P-51D : 03/04/2024

A couple more comments: My printer must have been playing tricks since the finished aeroplane was only 65 inches, about 75% of the original instead of the intended 80%. I changed the aerofoil to an N10, with a 10% thickness-to-chord ratio, a bit skinnier than the original, but retaining the flat bottom, which I hope gives a bit more penetration and stability in wind, perhaps with a slightly higher stall speed. Yes, I stalled it! Anyway, the forecast is better over the next few days, and I will endeavour to get some video.
Bill Dixon
Bill Dixon : Ocean Breeze : 03/04/2024

I recently retired and took up this boyhood hobby again. I so enjoyed John Woodfield's soaring videos that I decided to build an Ocean Breeze. Travelling by public transport, I decided to scale it down to 80% for a wingspan of 65 inches. I live in Madrid which obviously lacks the sea cliffs but just to the north there is a perfect range of mountains, the Sierra de Madrid. The first flight was a dream, but I didn't get any video before crashing it on landing and bashing in the nose. That gave me the opportunity to fix a niggling problem: somehow the build was a bit tail-heavy and I was struggling with the C of G, hence perhaps the crash. So I lengthened the nose by 5cm which means less ballast up front, and brings the weight down to only 500 grams, which I'm quite pleased about. See photo [pic 008].
The weather here has been poor for a couple of weeks, so no flying. I will keep you posted.
Thanks to John Woodfield for generously allowing Oz to provide the plans, and to Oz.
Bill Dixon, Madrid, Spain
Bill Dixon : Ocean Breeze : 03/04/2024

Great looker. About to give it a try. Electric sounds good.
Russell Brown : Supersonic Sue : 02/04/2024

Got it. Have set the date to 1968 now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Lockheed P-38 Lightning : 02/04/2024

The Royal P-38 kit was introduced in 1968. The add picture is from a 1968 new products article in Model Airplane news.
Corey Dail : Lockheed P-38 Lightning : 02/04/2024

Just adding a note here. Have set the title of this one now as Turner T-40, rather than Ophelia Bumps, as it was previously. Seems more useful for searches.
SteveWMD : Turner T-40 : 02/04/2024

My Kamlet getting airborne at Old Warden Festival of flight 2014 [main pic, 003]. I still have the model which proved to be good sport flyer.
Andy Snelson : Kamlet : 02/04/2024

Hi, photo attached of the Just Junior [pic 010]. Nice flying plane. Flying video:
MikkoS : Just Junior : 02/04/2024

Hello, Here are a few photos of my Feather (oz14964) [pics 005, 006]. Thanks for the great site.
Tom : Feather : 02/04/2024

Now I´d like to share a set of photos of my Pacer C, that I´ve converted into an electric RC [pics 006-009] for competing in Oldtimer electrics (LER) in Argentina. I hope that example would be useful for other modellers. THANKS a lot for your excellent website!
Emilio Gianello : Pacer C : 02/04/2024

I think this one goes on my build list!
Gerry de Groot : Fujavak : 02/04/2024

My father, Jim Knox, is the one who made this plane. He was so proud of it, especially when it flew. He just passed away at the young age of 85 so finding this information online a few weeks ago was so good for the soul.
TMC : Para-Cola-Sol : 01/04/2024

Hi there,
I'm trying to get in touch with Paul Denson regarding the plans for the DL5 aircraft. I am David Livesey's daughter.
wendy wilson : DL 5 : 01/04/2024

Plastic canopy is still available from Park Flyer Plastics, see
SteveWMD : Mach None : 31/03/2024

Hi, Please find a picture of my Monsoon Clipper in flight at Old Warden Festival of Flight in 2014 [main pic].
Andy Snelson : Monsoon Clipper : 31/03/2024

Steve and Mary, I'm very happy to see QUIRK-e on Outerzone. It is a delightfully simple and quick build and a kick to fly. I want to share these flight pictures from Lakeside Park in Tucson, AZ [main pic, 005-008]. Thank you,
Tom Binkley : Quirk-e : 31/03/2024

Hi Mary, I already had a model I built from the Carl Goldberg kit and decided to build another Shoestring stunter. I downloaded your standard plan and had it increased to 48” span. I also wanted to add flaps and therefore needed to thin down the back of the wing section shown on your plan. I used an OS 32 SX which supplies ample power. I made the nacelles using fibreglass and the longer one supplies air to the base of the engine. I also decided to make a built up fuselage rather than the profile style but kept the same side view dimensions. A few photos here showing both the original profile model and my new enlarged modified one with a built up fuselage [main pic, 007-012] .
John Lewis : Shoestring Stunter : 31/03/2024

I beg his pardon, Pentii is of course Finnish.
Tony Johnson : Nakke : 31/03/2024

Well spotted John I wonder how many didn't notice this on the original plan. It's nearly 30yrs. since I worked on it. By the way during my research of Nakke back then, correspondence with Swedish flier Pentii Pattiala (spell?) revealed that Juhani didn't actually use that method on the original and used a conventional set up which is what I used on mine.
Tony Johnson : Nakke : 31/03/2024

I´d like to share a set of photos of my BRUJO glider that I´ve converted into an electric RC for competing in Oldtimer gliders, in Argentina [main pic, 005-007]. I hope these photos will be helpful for others modellers. THANKS a lot for your excellent website!
Emilio Gianello : Brujo : 31/03/2024

Scaled up by Jay Burkart of Kentucky [pics 005-009]
TomRyan : Fubar 36 : 31/03/2024

Wonderful ;)
Madhukar : Lee Richards No3 : 31/03/2024

The fin in the 1/2a photo is at least twice the area and an entirely different shape than the C Westerner. In fact, it’s much bigger than the fin on the A Westerner, a different design.
Ned : Westerner : 30/03/2024

One thing that is extremely beneficial, is to keep it light, by using light servos mounted in the far aft, with accumulator, and sullivan bowden pushrods, and a light powerful .25 engine up front, I had to balance the aircraift at the far rear with 40 grams of lead, wich is quite unusual.
With floats, the balance is needed, but not otherwise.
DrStrangelove : Taxi : 30/03/2024

Good representation. I Like the modified tank cover, wich is not original. It tells the bulkhead is tight, and would not let in oil into the back compartments. Also I like the engine-bearers, being made out of Ash, being left in a natural wooden appearance. I sealed them with thin Epoxy and the sourrounding wood, prepared it with a heat-activated laquer before cladding with modern polyester-film.
A friend asked: My Taxi only flyes well at left. I told him the wing must be skewed. He said not at all, it is perfectly straight, haha.
DrStrangelove : Taxi : 30/03/2024

Good afternoon Mary, Steve. Some pictures of the Skyleada Swallow [main pic, 004, 005]. Built to fly in the V20 comp this year. Thanks for your continued hard work. It is much appreciated. Very best regards,
Trevor Tabor : Swallow : 30/03/2024

Very pleased to see that your plan has been altered to show the correct throws for the two flap-horns - the inboard has a throw of 17.5mm. and the outboard is 19mm. The original Ilmailu plan had them swopped round, meaning that, if built as per plan, the model would have banked INTO the circle on application of up- or down-elevator!
John Park : Nakke : 30/03/2024

Funny. "Peseta" was the name of the old Spanish currency, the one previous to euro.
Valeria367 : Peseta : 30/03/2024

Looks like the parts sheet has two different ribs labeled as "45". One is a half rib, the other is a full rib. I would guess that the full rib labeled as "45" should actually be "46". On the plans "45" half rib is a doubler for rib "43".
Dale Rupert : F4U-1A Corsair : 29/03/2024

Dear friends, I am sending you the photos of good flyer [main pic, 004]. Flies good also in the hall. It was made according to the plan oz 14515.
Drahoslav Dvorak : Aerosport Quail : 29/03/2024

I think this is a work in progress from Andy. I expect more parts will come along, in time.
SteveWMD : Extra 300 : 29/03/2024

There is rudder and other missing parts in the laser cutting file.
Henry : Extra 300 : 28/03/2024

This is too funny for words and also too much fun. Thanks Brian. You may be flying somewhere here in the States and puzzling all onlookers.
Steve Moskal : Brian : 28/03/2024

Hello, recently I built the Great Planes trainer twenty based on plan oz7631. I'm sending you guys some pics [main pic, 005-008] that may be useful for your site. Feel free to use them as you see fit. Regards,
Elias Romero : Trainer 20 : 28/03/2024

prequel blog at
pit : Telemaster 40 Deluxe : 28/03/2024

Still, I never liked those eggbox wing structures, they look like they are going to splinter at the first strain. And to manually cut ribs to accommodate those slots is what the Gulag was invented for!
Behold the I-Beam Spar! One flange above, one flange below, and a shear web to keep separation and integrity of the assembly. If cutting accurate shear webs is a pain, two webs stuck to the front and back faces of the flanges will do the same, making it a box spar.
This is the reason God gave us 1/4" x 1/8" spruce sticks, right?
Miguel : Heinkel He46 : 26/03/2024

I always had a tear in my eye for the Boddington He 46, recently shown here as oz15186. I remember receiving it as an enclosed plan in my RCSA subscription. Later on, I kept postponing it and so much else due to the constant demands of that thing called Life.
In quick succession, I had the pleasure of seeing the aforesaid plan, and now this completely unexpected Hogal masterpiece. I was blown over! And then the Vector PDF was the cherry on top!
So my thanks to the OZ Dynamic Duo, and to all those credited and uncredited who brought this to light :)
Miguel : Heinkel He46 : 26/03/2024

Lucas : Spitfire MkII : 26/03/2024

I've only ever built one of these. It's better than its little sister, the Polaris, but still very fragile and also reluctant to gain height from a hand launch - I have a strong feeling that, like the Polaris, it has far too much fin area. Not one of Bill Dean's better offerings.
John Park : Comet : 26/03/2024

See FAQ.
SteveWMD : Whitehead 21 : 26/03/2024

Looks really interesting! How can I receive a copy of these plans?
Bob Ehrlich : Whitehead 21 : 26/03/2024

Got it. Added publisher and date now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Firecracker : 25/03/2024

Yes... This was usual of Pavel Bosak. He usually made more than one example of each of his models, and incorporated changes and/or improvements along the way. In the article he says he made a "first version" with rudder only, then another with elevator and throttle added. The pics are probably of the first version.
RC Yeager : Fujavak : 25/03/2024

From RC Sportsman - July 1977
RC Yeager : Firecracker : 25/03/2024

a) I expect that the wing has been redesigned since the photos and the rear spars have been removed. The main spar and le sheeting appear to be further back on the plan.
b) the overall length of the wing joiner wire is 10", extending 5" into each wing half.
pmw : Fujavak : 25/03/2024

Yes my boots are the wrong way, but it makes no difference to it's flying! and leave my head alone!!!
Yes i am flat but this was in my early years (you should see me now) it was thought off at a ebeneezer bash at middle wallop
and it has the cheek to fly well!!
just have fun
brian eastwood : Brian : 25/03/2024

I downloaded the PDF and redrew it in my CAD program... parts were easy, and the build was fabulous.
peter b : Ciclone : 25/03/2024

Could not help noticing the following things:
a) the wing spars in the photos are different from the plan in that there is no rear spar on the plan; and
b) the plan shows an elevation of a 10-inch long wing joiner of 3/16 wire, but on the wing plan there are two joiners of 5-inches each.
I ought to be a nice model converted to electric.
Gerry de Groot : Fujavak : 24/03/2024

Hey Todd! Yes you can!
Because of how light today’s RC equipment is I mounted a 2212 in the nose. I added landing gear so I wouldn’t have to worry about a folding prop. Flies amazing!
22.75 flying weight.
Don : Drifter II : 24/03/2024

Like the Kerswap, the Stratostreak took advantage of the temporary dropping of the cross section rule which was
L ² /100
It’s a true Pencil Bomber!
Michael Meier : Strato Streak : 24/03/2024

I was gifted a 51 Stratostreak by Dr. K and I put an Argo Elfin in it from the Jack Bolton estate. I haven’t won anything yet in class A but it is pleasant to fly R/C Assist.
I know some people felt the need to have the elevator halves operate like ailerons but I just used a rudder which is 2/3 the area of the center fin. It works great in the climb but you need a LOT of throw in the glide. I may go with separate elevators in the Orwick 64 version.
TomRyan : Strato Streak : 24/03/2024

video on
Pit : Jeticopter : 24/03/2024

thanks for the shoes clarification, I thought that was the head to be rotated of 180 degree...
Pit : Brian : 24/03/2024

hmmm, but Brian should also not be flat, or able to fly. That's just where we are.
SteveWMD : Brian : 24/03/2024

Brian’s feet should be pointing the other way…
G Mo : Brian : 24/03/2024

Did you ever get this to fly if built right out of the box ? I assembled one about 1967 and I would have been better off if I had folded the plans into a paper airplane and flew that. However at second glance this is a good project for a weight reduction exercise so I may give that a try and see what happens.
Lee Randall : Cessna C37 : 23/03/2024

Long wing, fuselage, and tall tail variant scaled to 800sq inches for Foxacoy event [pic 008].
TomRyan : Stardust Special : 23/03/2024

Hi Steve & Mary, I have been asked about my City Slicker (which I built a good few years ago). Also known as Super Slicker as per your listing. Here are a couple of pics of my model [main pic, 003]. Kind regards,
Peter Scott : Super Slicker 84 : 23/03/2024

Photos of the Cessna C37 [pics 004-006]. Out of the box.
Neal Green : Cessna C37 : 23/03/2024

Beautiful model
Madhukar : Heinkel He46 C1 : 23/03/2024

construction blog at
pit : Super Esquire : 22/03/2024

Oops call that dumb thumbs--it was an Elfin 2.49 diesel (although Irvine was one of several companies that made replica 2.49 engines).
Mike Myers : Strato Streak : 22/03/2024

Glenn has an electric motor on the nose of his Stratostreak. But in the recent past at various SAM Champs the 51 inch wingspan Stratostreak was a potent free flight model with an Irvine 2.49 diesel engine on the nose. And the 39 inch Stratostreak was a winner in 020 Replica with a hot little Cox 020 Tee Dee on the nose. In fact it was so good that the 020 Replica event was close to being a one design contest.
Mike Myers : Strato Streak : 22/03/2024

Am I missing something? Are the stabiliser ribs missing.
Jon Merwin : Super Esquire : 22/03/2024

Thank you so much for designing and drawing this beautiful model. Please keep up the good work. Much love
DoggoAviator : Macchi M33 : 21/03/2024

It will be very useful for students and hobbyists. Thank you for making opportunity for them.
Asit : Amateur : 21/03/2024

A curious Wakefield model with French instructions.
However, during the German Occupation of France (this plan dates from 1941), there was a shortage of rubber, which was requisitioned by the Germans. It's a rare plan I think, French modellers at this time mainly build gliders.
Many thanks for this plan and this construction.
Valentin Fauchère : Le Cygne : 21/03/2024

Please allow me to disagree. "We", if I may, appreciate your skillful work, yes, and above that we admire your kindness. I tip my imaginary hat to you.
Miguel : Rumpler C-5 : 21/03/2024

Really beautiful model. Best of luck with the first flight!
Jan Novick : Bellanca Skyrocket : 21/03/2024

It's been a while...another scheme for the Rumpler [pics 012-015]. Thanks friends for your support.
Neal Green : Rumpler C-5 : 21/03/2024

Just adding a note here for clarity. This listing has now been split, into the MAN plan and the MB plan, thanks to TomRyan. Accordingly the MB article as mentioned above has now moved to Turner Special (oz15172)
SteveWMD : Turner Special : 21/03/2024

I remember Arne Hernandez flying one at the 1986 Champs in Chicopee. A little small for Texaco but it had none of the issues you mentioned. This is not to dispute your observations; in a round about way it confirms them. As the switch was made from fuel allotment to LER, these models evolved with smaller fins. Taibi’s advice: trim it down till it starts to Dutch roll, then add a little back.
So, often it is the older designs that lead themselves to RC assist while being lousy candidates for FF limited engine run events. I have yet to see a Dallaire (huge fin) successfully flown FF/LER
TomRyan : Guff : 21/03/2024

Added some great pics of Strato Streak model built by Glen Poole, thanks to TomRyan. See
SteveWMD : Strato Streak : 20/03/2024

I built a very small version of this model back in 1970 or so as a free flight model with a Cox .020 engine. And it flew wonderfully -- it made a nice big 50-yard diameter circle of the back yard at about 8-10 feet of altitude and at the end of the circle smacked full bore into the catalpa tree. End of the Neutrino! Seems like a very stable model, however! Was fun while it lasted!
Frederick Beseler : Neutrino : 20/03/2024

My Fugly Stik [pic 007]. Pictured at Greensborough, Victoria Australia this version is electric with an OS 3824-50 driving an 11 inch prop and the wing is covered in foamcore with the paper removed - brilliant in all respects, can turn in its own length (almost) and can slow to a crawl... ideal for small fields!
Stephen Axford : Fugly Stik : 20/03/2024

Le Cygne model. I have pleasure to submit a photo of my recently completed Wakefield model [main pic] which I am hoping to trim at one of the forthcoming meetings at Old Warden. I will keep you informed as the flight trials progress. Regards, Dave Collins of Sam 35 membership.
Dave Collins : Le Cygne : 20/03/2024

Here are some pictures of my Boddington Skyrocket [main pic, 006-009]. Hasn't flown yet.
Jan Brilman : Bellanca Skyrocket : 20/03/2024

Good day. Please find attached a photo of my Keith Storey 'Quest' [main pic] . It is built for Fox 35 speed, with no cockpit. Not real fast, but fun! Thank you for the plans.
Bruce Ferrero : Quest : 20/03/2024

My good friend and lifetime aeromodeller John Kemp passed away recently and left me some of his models, including the fuselage for Debby that he had built some years before. Completing the model was not easy using the small scale plan, and limited build information, but here it is [main pic]. It has been beefed up a little and converted it RC, though it still has an ignition engine.
David Hill : Debby : 20/03/2024

Holy Cow, another Turner special. I’m glad I got distracted from cutting ribs this weekend. This plan is much nicer. I’d build it for that wind penetrating reflex airfoil alone. But, I’m definitely going to put some double spars and shear webs in the wing. I really dig the solid windscreen and I already have the paint!
John Simmons : Turner Special : 19/03/2024

I don´t think the printwood sheet is necessary. Looks like all parts can be taken from the very clear construction drawing. BTW: Nice and delicate fuselage structure!
Martin K. : Customaire : 19/03/2024

There is a new beautiful video by JiroAeroP on Youtube of his completion and flight of this model - see here :
Martin La Grange : Sorrell SNS-2 Guppy : 19/03/2024

This was the first plane I can remember from childhood. I remember helping my father build her,(( help I mean I was allowed to put one Rib in the wing. ) I was only 9 or 10 years old. ) The first radio control flight, up by the Howe barracks training ground in Canterbury Kent. I am so interested in building this model again but will convert it to electric. Much cleaner now.
Raymond Lee : Matador : 18/03/2024

Built this ~50 yrs ago. The Printwood would be useful though.
dan : Customaire : 18/03/2024

I still have the plan for the large RC version I think 80" version featured in rcme in the 1990s it has a PAW30 power
Nick Tarling : Schiffermuller : 18/03/2024

Is any one out there making this a complete kit .
I had one when I was a young boy would love to build
a 2 one to play with
Thanks Rod
Rod Dowling : Fox : 18/03/2024

If someone has found a source of a cowling for the Hirth-Motor, please let me know, as I am interested in this part, too.
Helmut : Bucker Jungmann : 17/03/2024

Reminds me of a Wittman Tailwind.
Interesting unconventional bellcrank arrangement.
Patrick : Cardboard Cutie : 17/03/2024

If anyone is interested , the SAM site lists the wing area as 980 square inches; 80 over the minimum for a glow .40.
The structure is light enough, it might work out in the Brown Jr. events.
Mike Pond : Turner Special : 17/03/2024

Zero changes, built 100% stock.
John Bergsmith : Das Little Stick : 17/03/2024

If anyone here still needs any info, I inherited an unassembled kit from my grandfather, which appears to include all the balsa wood parts. I can send pictures if you need!
Elsie Lewis : Roaring 20 : 16/03/2024

Hi, friends from Outerzone. I have a couple of questions about this little model.
First: Were is the C.G? It's not draw in the plan, and the article are a little obscure about it.
Second: Except the wing, who is covered in both surfaces, the upper and the lower one. The other pieces of the model (fuselage, fin and tail plane); are also covered on both sides? I've looked in pictures, but there are not enough clear.
Thanks, and greetins.
Valeria367 : FAC Trainer : 17/03/2024

No, I don't think so.
SteveWMD : Turner Special : 16/03/2024

Is the other TS plan from a kit?
Frances Tyler : Turner Special : 16/03/2024

We also have another plan of the Turner Special coming up in the next 3 days, thanks to Tom.
SteveWMD : Turner Special : 16/03/2024

I’ve been looking for this plan for a long time. It was mentioned elsewhere on this site but it has finally been uploaded.
Dan Abel : Turner Special : 16/03/2024

And Super Doubler (oz4775), although it was never kitted (that I know of).
RC Yeager : Doubler : 15/03/2024

Tractor or pusher?
K K Iyer : Pucara : 15/03/2024

Don't forget Lil Dublr (oz4919)
pit : Doubler : 15/03/2024

Now, we just need a Doubler II plan :-)
Patrick : Doubler : 15/03/2024

I’ll buy that. Ok, setting the date to 1968.
SteveWMD : Doubler : 14/03/2024

The date of March 1974 is wrong, maybe confused with the date of the upcoming Lil Gem-1 conversion plan. Austin Leftwich himself states in the Lil Gem-3 article (Oz 3015) that he started using and modifying the Sig Doubler since 1970. The ad for the Doubler claims a 1969 World Championship. The Sig Barons Buggy (Oz10720), referenced as kit number RC-15 (1 higher than the Doubler's RC-14), has its date set as 1968, and appears correct as per explanation under that plan. So... it stands to reason that the Doubler kit should have been available to the public since at least 1968 also.
RC Yeager : Doubler : 14/03/2024

I would say this guy was a little ahead of his time. This could easily be made from foam-core now. And it’s not a bad looking plane, really. Reminds me of a Lacy M-10. dave
fritzke : Cardboard Cutie : 14/03/2024

We also have the Little Gem conversion plan (as mentioned in the ad text) coming along in the next 2 days, too.
SteveWMD : Doubler : 14/03/2024

I may be wrong, but the forward rake on the leadouts doesn't look right. I've never seen it before. Usually leadouts rake the other way.
CraigF : Satan : 14/03/2024

Ah got it. Have added correct model pic now, shows original Doubler, thanks to JeffGreen. Also advert from May 1974 AAM.
SteveWMD : Doubler : 14/03/2024

Greetings, this was my third build, in 1957 when I was eleven, (with the Thermic 50-X ,[pod and boom version], being built simultaneously alongside of the standard "50" since I wanted to compare their flight characteristics against each other , with both being launched via a 100 ft. towline or off a small hill , Oklahoma City did not have any large hills that I could walk to with a plane carried in my hands.
Both were built per plans and proved to be beyond my eleven year expectations - meaning they actually flew ?? - so well in fact that I had to chase them for a mile or two until they landed in a wheat field or once on a golf course to the delight of a couple of golfers who flew their own private planes and also built model aircraft.
As for the build itself, it was cut and glued over wax paper to protect the plans and with the help of the printed explanations of what to do, there were no problems at all.
As for applying the tissue covering, as I said these were the"third" models I'd built so it was "like an old hat", as we used to say.
My next "Thermic 50 Glider" will actually have a 60" span with a slightly longer fuselage to incorporate my radio gear as it will have flaps and spoilers included - and I should be able to start this build by late May and will send some photos of a standard Thermic 50 as well as the "60 XL".
Larry M Whalen : Thermic 50 RC : 14/03/2024

I will wax nostalgic here, just a little. The Minnie Mambo, the Papillon and the Ace All Star were the 3 planes that really taught me how to fly. I could grab a plane and my mini pit kit, and walk 2 blocks to the schoolyard and fly until I either crashed, ran out of fuel, ran out of battery, ran out of light, or just got tired of flying. Ah, simpler times. The Mambo was suprisingly good in the wind, which is always stronger than one would like. Perhaps it was the 500mah battery plus 2 standard size servos (known as “mini” back then) and the big old receiver acting as a good 7 ounces of ballast in the fuselage. I had other planes, but none hung in there as long as these 3 planes did. Dave
fritzke : Minnie Mambo : 14/03/2024

Tried it for the sake of further corroboration. Works for me too.
RC Yeager : Stuka : 13/03/2024

Rather than ejecting it, perhaps one could have the engine in a telescoping tube which pushes backward when the ejection charge fires, thus adjusting the cg.
I think it would be fun with a Jetex Atom 35, maybe, but no one flies those any more.
Lincoln : Astron Falcon : 13/03/2024

Good point. Can anyone send us in a good pic of the original Doubler? Thanks.
SteveWMD : Doubler : 13/03/2024

It appears the plans are for the first SIG Doubler but the picture is of a Doubler II.
Patrick : Doubler : 13/03/2024

Hello, during the cold season I built the Lightninbug V01.D (oz10430) [main pic]. Many thanks for the plan. It was my first balsa model. I moved the servos in the area of the wings like it was designed in the original BUG. I use a 2s 200mAh LiPo, BEC 5 V and 6 Channel receiver (5g). Caused by the fact that i got a GFK instead a CFK for the tail boom I got a weight of 136 g overall.
Bernd Hinze : Lightninbug V01.D : 13/03/2024

Here’s a couple pics of my Raunchy build [main pic, 005]. Thanks for all the work keeping up this website.
David Norrid : Raunchy : 13/03/2024

It's a zipfile, with some jpgs inside. Works for me.
SteveWMD : Stuka : 13/03/2024

This is amazing!
Brooke Linford : Heinkel He 219 UHU : 13/03/2024

Are there step by step instructions to build this plane. I got it from my uncle and have never built anything from just blueprints. Worried about cutting out pieces too. Thanks in advance.
Steve : Focke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 : 13/03/2024

Hi TUC, you can email me direct if you like (on plan) so as not to tie Steve up with too many comments.
The 4 sections are required so the 6mm or 1/4" carbon tube can reinforce the fuselage. It really needs this reinforcement otherwise a poor launch tumble can easily break the fuse in front or behind the wing (ask me how I know!).
Note that the front section is 1/4" ply not balsa, for engine mounting and the carbon tube ties this together too. Are you going to use a diesel? (you really should for maximum fun)
Warren Brown : Profile Spitfire : 13/03/2024

Unable to download decals, formers, ribs, etc.
Richard : Stuka : 12/03/2024

Hi Warren, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I just have a few more questions. I assume the fuselage is constructed in 4 sections glued together, could this be built using one piece of balsa? Also is the wing constructed in more than one piece. I'm also a little confused about the wing specs - Wing Front 75 x 6 mm, Rear 100 X 6 mm. Sand appr. sections. Fit torque rods and tubes then re-fit inner sections. I really appreciate your input and I'm getting ready to build this Spits. Thanks for your time. TUC.
TUC : Profile Spitfire : 12/03/2024

Have moved the original MAN article over to here, from oz13241.
SteveWMD : 727 Astrojet : 12/03/2024

the reason is that wing is made in single piece (top and bottom) then inserted in the fuselage slot. that's the correct grain direction for a swept wing.
pit : 727 Astrojet : 12/03/2024

Hello Steve and Mary, Here are a few pictures of the Amateur from this weekend [pics 019-023].
Andreas Nagel : Amateur : 12/03/2024

Interesting point: the plan shows the grain of the wing sheeting at right-angles to the fuselage, rather than following the sweep of the wing. Maybe this is done in order to increase the torsional stiffness of the wing?
John Park : 727 Astrojet : 12/03/2024

The wings are shaped to an approximate lifting airfoil (flat bottom) but they are only 1/4" thick so the airfoil is far from critical, they are effectively "flat plate". Despite this it has quite a good glide when the engine quits.
Maximum thickness is at approx 30% with a more rounded taper to about 4 mm diameter at the front and a straighter taper at the back to about 1.5 mm thick. Weight and wing loading is more important than airfoil section. Mine is tissue/clear finish to keep weight down, Avoid heavy paint.
Warren Brown : Profile Spitfire : 12/03/2024

Looking at the plan, and reading the notes on it, the wings are shaped, not flat.
SteveWMD : Profile Spitfire : 11/03/2024

Hi Warren, Are the wings flat or did you round them at your chord line for some lift. Thanks TUC.
TUC : Profile Spitfire : 11/03/2024

Hello Chris,
you have to come to our AMD Jahrestreffen, this year 40th anniversary of the AMD, into the Rhön in September, see
Hi Yves,
the Paco kit is wounderful, I made some contact to Gabor, he is a very nice and friendly guy. Wounderful flights with your star 13.
cheers Matze
Matthias Möller : Star 13 : 11/03/2024

Here your may found the motor mounts suitable for modern brushless motors as 3D printed parts:
Martin Huebner : Hi Fly Twin Motor : 11/03/2024

Happy Harry is an amazing little flyer. Amazing.
Marc Connelly : Happy Harry : 10/03/2024

Here is a lovely video of John Woodfield flying his :
Martin La Grange : Osprey : 10/03/2024

Have set this now as by designer Shiro Takeuchi, thanks to Pit.
SteveWMD : PZL 104 Wilga : 10/03/2024

Of course, Peter was referring to the "cabane" struts while I'm referring to the "interplane" struts. It wasn't until almost 5 hours later while doing something completely unrelated that I suddenly realized this and came back to Oz to check, and of course... So... never mind! :-)
RC Yeager : Martinsyde S1 : 10/03/2024

Well... I'm just gonna point out that in the photo in the Wikipedia link, presumably of an actual full size example, the struts do appear to be slanted forward (keep in mind the plane is sitting on the ground at, uh, what, some 20 degree angle, so actually they look nearly vertical upon initial look). So... do we believe Peter or the photo?
RC Yeager : Martinsyde S1 : 09/03/2024

And if the 3-view shown on the plan was the one used for the model, then it would be accurate. We all know that every 3-view is an accurate depiction of the actual aircraft, right. It would be nice to see the 3-view Mr. Berryman used for his model. I have only seen one drawing where the cabanes were clearly shown as vertical.
Douglas Babb : Martinsyde S1 : 09/03/2024

This was my first balsa kit I bought as a 12 y old boy. It was not a easy build for my first kit, especially the under cambered wing gave me headache to cover. It soon went into a corner and build an Hegi Snoopey where I flew my first solo with. After a few years I decided to finish the Sunny but took of the nose and glued an OS 15FP in the front... It climbed at idle throttle and could stay up for over an our. Had lots of fun with it till the late '90 where a midair destroyed it totally.
Erwin : Sunny : 09/03/2024

Saw David many times at Chobham Common in late fifties/ early sixties. He always had time to speak to us young ones and helped me on one occasion to get my stubborn .35 motor to run. His models were always immaculate - not like our (my) very repaired ones, and the performance of his models were really impressive I believe he even had a self - made engine he was running on a bench. Nice guy.
Dennis Thorne : Dream Weaver IX : 09/03/2024

I am a great admirer of Tom Hallmans skills but his plan is a little inaccurate. Those cabane struts should be vertical not slanted forward. I know this because I made the same error on my larger compressed air powered S.1 which was scaled from an inaccurate R/C plan by Peter Rake! Tom Berrymans plan gets it right and you need to know this stuff if entering scale comps.
Peter Rea : Martinsyde S1 : 09/03/2024

Doh, my mistake. Have corrected the wingspan, this is 50.7 inches.
SteveWMD : Seduction WS : 08/03/2024

Hi, Mary and Steve,
As the community is eager to complete this model I hereby send the outline of fitting stabilizer and fins. As an airplane it is now complete, as a model it still needs a construction.
Hope this helps. Greetings from the Netherlands,
HJ van Tol : MH 1521 Broussard : 08/03/2024

This Froggy maid-of-all-service is a pain in the ar..., I mean tailwheel! I believe the article in the link "3" in the About section is missing part "1". We have 2, we have 3, and logically we should have 1. Also, the first sentence in the article feels a bit out on a limb, suggesting there might be something more before that. I'd like to ask that two-legged encyclopedia by the name of Pit (Pittopedia?) to see if he can locate MRA Nov.1990 and check if there's anything related. Otherwise, I don't see much chance. However, fear not!
While digging for this I happened upon two other French magazine plans - Modele Mag (108in) and Fly (40in). They have tails all right, but both are contaminated with that dreadful disease, Split Printosis!
I could load those two up, but please have someone else volunteer to sew the parts up together as my religion bans me from touching split plans, yuck :))
In any case the OZ already has 3 other plans of the Bro, so there's no lack thereof.
Miguel : MH 1521 Broussard : 08/03/2024

Fixed now. You can watch that video: without needing to login or register. Tom fixed the rating issue :)
SteveWMD : Citabria Parkflyer : 08/03/2024

Doh. My mistake. Ok got it fixed now. Have switched the main pic here to show the .049 model complete with swept LE. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Skywalker 1/2A : 07/03/2024

The photo is actually of the Skywalker 61 which, like the 40 version, had a swept trailing edge. This 1/2A version has a swept leading edge as on the plan. You’ll see a photo of this smallest version if you download the supplement to the plan.
Daryl : Skywalker 1/2A : 07/03/2024

This is how the article, plan and pics were printed, back in 1985. Yes, agreed, it is confusing.
SteveWMD : Skywalker 1/2A : 07/03/2024

The picture of the finished model appears to have a straight leading edge and tapered trailing edges, but the plan appears to show the opposite!! The plan has tapered leading edges and straight trailing edges?? I would go by the plan, but it is confusing to the look of the picture.
Bob Christopher : Skywalker 1/2A : 07/03/2024

Looks like the tail surfaces didn't appear in the original article (follow the link, to read it). Since this plan is a simple enlargement of that article ...they don't appear here in this plan, too. Feel free to knock up a drawing for us all, though :)
SteveWMD : MH 1521 Broussard : 07/03/2024

Best of luck with your next attempt. I'd love to see this project take flight and to see pictures of it in the air.
Jan Novick : HP Halifax : 07/03/2024

And what about stabilizer and fins?
Rui Fonseca : MH 1521 Broussard : 07/03/2024

Many, many thanks to John for this design, it turned me into a competent r/c flyer. I had a slope soarer, but being a young lad with no transport, I couldn't get up the hill frequently enough to make good progress. I had a PAW80 engine (which was a bitch to start) but was a good match for this model and allowed me to fly in the field opposite the family home. Mine was fitted with standard servos, and a 110mah battery (which eventually blew up due to diesel ingress). The Teeny trainer was robust and forgiving and allowed me to get out as often as possible and get the my skills up to speed. I'm pretty sure I built two.... I definitely built a second wing with ailerons (teaching myself to progress from rudder elevator) and finally a third wing, built up and 60" wing span as a powered glider. This finally met its end when the elevator hinge failed and the model went straight in from about 70ft, but by that time I had a moped and could get up the hill as often as life and wind would allow. Still enjoying this wonderful hobby to this day due to the ground work laid down with the Teeny Trainer!
Paul W : Teeny Trainer : 07/03/2024

Some photos here [pics 004-008] of the Passat 54.
Boris Sovic : Passat 54 : 07/03/2024

Good evening, Outherzone. Thanks a lot for the great site you've created... we now have a place to find plans and valuable info.
I'd like to share some of my work, in order to grow this space. As I'm into oltimers, I've chosen a Fugitive Mk1 for the 2024 glider contest in Argentina [main pic, 005-008]. I'll send you my comments after that, in April.
THANKS a lot, again.
Emilio Gianello : Fugitive MkI : 07/03/2024

What, no stabilizer?
Dave Galvin : Bearcat : 07/03/2024

Ambitious, yes as it turned out. First flight was a non event but proved that the a/c was overweight for its wing area
Staggering round the circuit she finally flopped into the adjacent crop, luckily surviving intact with little damage.
So strip out all weight including outboard engines, ESC,s and batteries, relevant wiring etc. increased wing area by adding some material to wing surfaces without extending tips.
Second flight attempt was a non flight with a nose over destroying a prop and ripping of the port u/c.
So just getting around to effecting repairs for a third flight attempt.
John Hurdle : HP Halifax : 06/03/2024

I'm not offended... you guys need to build and fly more... lol...
Rodrigo Burgo : T-27 Tucano : 06/03/2024

I'm sending some photos of PASSAT.
Just finished it. I made an increasing version .
125 % to an original. Just hope it"ll be fine.
Wingspan. 2375 mm
Lenght. 1520 mm
Flying weight. 785 g
Wingload. 16,5g/dm2
RC controls: rudder,elevator
It is extremely slim fuselage so I used HV servos
Boris Sovic : Passat 54 : 06/03/2024

looks like reduced /inspired by Sieverling's P-51 oz3119
Pit : Stunt P-51 Mustang : 06/03/2024

D A’s observation is a reasonable comment, nothing to feel offended about. Anyway it’s a nice plan, so I’m going to build one.
K K Iyer : T-27 Tucano : 06/03/2024

So a model on which you put your foot becomes, in fact, a NOCAL? In any case, she won't be allowed to fly anymore!
olivier : T-27 Tucano : 06/03/2024

Mr. Nyan Sit Lin has completed one, and it can be seen flying here :
Martin La Grange : Skiptown Cadet : 06/03/2024

Here is an RC Nobler from the early 1970s [main pic, 008-010]. It was built as a taildragger, but the hole on the nose is still there from the tricycle landing gear in the Top Flight Kit. I bought it this year (2024) without an engine and there was no fuel damage. It had been hanging on the wall of a family for at least thirty years. The servos were locked in place and the rubber tires were rigid. The bellcranks in the wings seem okay. None of the control rods had rust. The elevator and flaps are hardwired to move opposite of each other.
I am in the process of converting it to electric with this hardware:
APC 10 x 6 e-prop
Himax 40A ESC with XT60 connector
Golden Power A2820-6 1100kv Brushless motor
3 HiTec 425BB Deluxe Ball Bearing servos
Lemon 6 ch Rx - DSMX compatible
2 1/2” Dubro red spinner
3 cell 1300 Venom lipo
I noticed that you didn’t have color photos. Feel free to use these.
Mark Snowden : RC Nobler : 06/03/2024

No problem. To me NOCAL just means flat, I see no issue with using the word or the accuracy involved. I trust anyone intending to use this plan to enter a FAC competition will check /adjust the dimensions for themselves :)
SteveWMD : T-27 Tucano : 06/03/2024

I built one in about 1969 and took it with me to collage. Fun, good flyer. Mine would shake the engine loose every flight.
Sfb : Flite Streak : 05/03/2024

Dear D. A.
The NO-CAL quote was made by me, in the comment of the email in which I sent the plan. Please note, there is no NO-CAL category on this site, so if the administrator agrees with your complaint, I ask him to remove the project from outerzone.
Rodrigo Burgo : T-27 Tucano : 05/03/2024

It would be more accurate to call this a "profile scale" model. NOCAL is a FAC (Flying Aces Club) event, that has a requirement of 16" max projected wingspan.
D A : T-27 Tucano : 05/03/2024

KeilKraft introduced the Polaris kit in 1950 at the latest, and it was possibly the worst design Bill Dean ever came up with. The fin and rear fuselage were horribly fragile, and it flew poorly - I built two or three examples when I was doing a lot of HLG flying, and could never get a decent flight out of any of them. One to avoid, unless you like a challenge!
John Park : Polaris : 05/03/2024

Got it, thanks. Have set the ScaleType now.
SteveWMD : T-27 Tucano : 05/03/2024

Beautiful little plan!
The T-27 Tucano is the training version of the the Brazilian Embraer EMB 312 Fighter according Wikipedia . See
Valentin Fauchère : T-27 Tucano : 05/03/2024

The fuselage formers are pretty diabolical as well, some need extensive modification towards the rear turtle deck.
Reckon Boddo was a bit off colour when he drew this one.
Michael O%27Halloran : Hawker Hurricane I : 05/03/2024

Thanks, Rob. You're quite right.
Jan Novick : Curtiss 18-T-1 : 04/03/2024

The idea is the limit. Fantasico.
olavo souza : Tommycat : 04/03/2024

If you’re just getting into Old Timers, it’s hard to go wrong with a Kerswap! The name is an onomatopoeia, you know.
Basic construction and every one flies great.
It came into being during a year where the L²/100 cross section rule was suspended, hence the pencil ??-bomber fuselage. The designer Gil Morris is still with us and competing in free flights.
NB: the CG does not need to be that far forward. Start at 60% and 2° positive incidence. I think Bob went back even farther. Also, the landing gear is too short on this plan and the wheels are about 1/2 the size they should be at this scale. Consult some other plans.
Warren Stuart : Kerswap : 03/03/2024

I built one of these in 1964, as soon as the plan appeared in A/M - and lost it in a thermal a few days later! One of the best HLG designs I've ever built.
John Park : Bomark : 03/03/2024

Robert... if anything you should have the plan reduced. Two .26 four-strokes are well below the suggested specification of two .30-.40 two-strokes. Your engines would be equivalent to two strong .15 or two average .19 two-strokes.
RC Yeager : Westland Whirlwind : 02/03/2024

Hi guys …I have just bought a whirlwind plan …65”
I want to use engines ..was thinking two os 26 four strokes..any one any thoughts on this ?
Or should I have the plans enlarged ?
Robert : Westland Whirlwind : 02/03/2024

I built a Vedette from the RM plan as my very first RC model and learned to fly it in Farnham Park, Surrey. It was a really good model and I had loads of fun with it off various slopes and fields. Highly recommended!
Mike Roach : Vedette : 02/03/2024

Jan: It would appear that, while A3325 was indeed subsequently converted to the (-2) long-span/two-bay wing configuration, it started life with the (-1) short-span/single-bay wing - as modelled by Bill Noonan.
Rob_Y : Curtiss 18-T-1 : 02/03/2024

Oh thanks, should have checked there first.
Madhukar : Fokker DVII EP : 02/03/2024

Electric Power. We covered this in the ‘About’ section on this page.
SteveWMD : Fokker DVII EP : 02/03/2024

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