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First of all, Shorts were an ENGLISH company (based in Rochester). The Air Ministry created 'Short & Harland' with equal shares held between Short Brothers and Harland and Wolff (the ship builders who built the Titanic) in 1938. The 'Empire' class boats dated from 1936 which was before the move. The Sunderland was based on the Empire design (but there were a lot of differences)and was awarded an Air Ministry contract in 1937. All of that happened BEFORE the Belfast factory was even thought of and they produced license built Bombays and Herefords. Short Brothers (Rochester and Bedford) Ltd merged with Short Brothers and Harland Limited in 1947 and moved completely to Belfast in 1948. My late mother was the personal secretary of the chief designer (and I was at the last Short's air show when the fourth protoype Seamew crashed killing the pilot who was the uncle of a friend of mine). I can also remember as a kid watching refurbished Sunderlands taking off from Belfast Lough. Incidentally, until the RNAS station closed in 1983 (it was jointly owned by the Ministry of Defence and Shorts) the Belfast Model Flying Club held a 'fun day' every Boxing Day.
Daithi : Shorts SD3-30 Commuterliner : 23/09/2018

I'm building this plan, and there are a couple of inconsistencies. First, the size of the fuselage is slightly different between the two plans, even if you print them off at the same scale. Make sure former 'F' is about 1cm further forward of where it should be otherwise the wing section won't line up. Also Former A has 4 stringer notches but the plan shows 6.
Carl : Lockheed U-2 : 23/09/2018

Is it me or does this plan download at the wrong scale? I get a wing chord of about 150mm which is clearly wrong though strangely the tailplane looks though it might be ok. Was it drawn wrong back in 1959?
Gavin : Pluto : 21/09/2018

Attached is the article for "Square Rigger" that appeared in RCM, June 1983 [suppl. file]. I noticed it was missing. I built one about a week after I received the June 1983 issue of RCM, and it was one of the easiest airplanes that I have built and flown. I gave it to a club member who has it and still flies it regularly to this day. I am building another currently and it will be electric. Keep up the really great work.
StevenWieczorek : Square Rigger : 21/09/2018

I learned to fly on a QB-15HII back in the '80s while stationed at RAF Upper Heyford. We flew off the antenna farm of RAF Croughton's nicely mown grass. When coupled with an Enya 15, this was a great flying model. I wish I could find another kit, building it from a plan would not be the same.
Revell_Walker : QB 15H II : 18/09/2018

This plan looked horribly familiar even after fifty years. I actually made one and it sort of flew. The problem was weight, not only was the construction heavy but the model needed a lot of ballast to counteract the weight of the tail mounted Babe Bee. These days I would minimise the thick sheet base to the fuselage, get the radio gear right up to the nose and use tissue covering. I threw away the fuselage years ago but for some reason I kept the Solarfilm covered wings in my basement and here they are ! [more pics 003]
RichardFalconer : Raab RW3A Multoplane : 17/09/2018

Here are some pictures of my recently completed Aspirante II [more pics 005-007] built from the plan I downloaded from your marvellous website.
TonyC : Aspirante II : 17/09/2018

I found the plans for the subject page interesting and did a little more web searching. I thought other builders might find this link useful; it has the most comprehensive information and the best pictures
TomSolinski_OklahomaCity : Raab RW3A Multoplane : 14/09/2018

I had these two photos in my files [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. Please note the "Formerly Bridi Hobby".
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Quickest 500 : 14/09/2018

Many thanks, Detlef. Have added "Rheinflug RW-3a" to the plan description now, so hopefully that will help anyone doing a search for this design.
SteveWMD : Raab RW3A Multoplane : 14/09/2018

This site has a brochure of this aircraft, was not an obvious find so you may want to post the link Very odd plane, that one. Apparently this plan was in the August 1968 Radio Models magazine (UK).
dfritzke : Raab RW3A Multoplane : 14/09/2018

Enclosed is a review of the Simple Staggerwing from Fred Reese and kitted by Ace [suppl. file]. This article is very interesting because it explains how to convert this kit in Electric powered plane. The article came from Flying Models 1997-05 Vol. 102 No. 5/677.
spitfireflyby : Simple Staggerwing : 14/09/2018

I built a similar model kitted by "Spirit of Yesteryear" and I would suggest moving the CG up to the spar ahead of where shown. Move it back later to suit your flying style. Mine was an excellent and fast flying model which drew much attention. It met its demise on a less than perfect launch. It will handle lots of power and use a high KV motor. Very exciting.
PeterC : Avro Arrow : 14/09/2018

Beautiful plan of a unusual airplane. Many thanks! But the name Raab RW3A is not entirely correct. The German designer Fritz Raab has nothing to do with this aircraft, the aircraft is a Rheinflug RW-3a, developed in 1955 by Hanno Fischer. The second prototype D-EKUM from 1957 still exists and is flown by Hanno Fischer (now 93 years old!) regularly.
DetlefKorsawe : Raab RW3A Multoplane : 14/09/2018

If making this model for scale authenticity don't forget to add the movie camera on the Fokker's back :-)) What a great film this was, three pilots actually died and producer/director Howard Hughes fractured his thick skull after acting stupid, against stunt pilot Paul Mantz's advice! Crazy times! Mantz himself died in 1965 during filming The Flight of the Phoenix. Please see the photo attached [more pics 003], you can publish at will as it is in Public Domain. Thank you all for the delightful site!!
MiguelMorao_Portugal : Hells Angels Fokker D-7 : 14/09/2018

I think the Yahoo group for the Lightninbug is this one:
SteveWMD : Lightninbug V01.D : 13/09/2018

The tailwheel is ok as for the scheme, the out of axis position simply change the angle of steering. That it's not bad sometimes. Remember what happened with the rudder link yoke of old escapement rc systems. Moving up or down the the fork against the shaft you increased the rudder travel. In fact the author explained in the text that he modified the plan for a bolt-on tailplane and his device is correct. It's on axis on the plan for glued tailplane version.
Pit : Miss America : 12/09/2018

Good point, I think you're right. They would both need to be on the same axis, vertically, for that to work.
SteveWMD : Miss America : 12/09/2018

I think there is an error around the tail wheel steering. See sketch [morepics 006] regards,
Karsten : Miss America : 12/09/2018

Alan V. sorry you missed the ride in the tri-motor. My son and I have been to Oshkosh three or four times, the last being in 2004 and we took a flight on the tri-motor at that time. Check out the EAA web site for the tri-motor tour listing. Looks like it will include the states of OH, IN, KY, IL, AR, TX, OK and NM from mid Sept to mid November. Well worth the $s for the trip and the fare.
LeeRandall : Ford Trimotor : 11/09/2018

Reading Stu Richmond's comments reminds me of when, in the 'happy' days when we had a timeshare, I persuaded my wife that a trip to the U.S.A. would be nice and especially Wisconsin. Driving into Oskosh (where?) midweek, I dropped off wife and daughters at the shopping mall and made my way to the EAA Museum. Chatting to a guide, on the way to the 'Vintage Hangar', he commented that I should have come at the weekend when 'Vintage Flights' were available. Being a born pessimist I asked, expecting nothing special, what the Vintage Flight might have been and came very close to banging my head on the wall when he casually said that trips in a FORD TRIMOTOR were available!
AlanV : Ford Trimotor : 11/09/2018

I wondered why I couldn't find any reference material on the original until the 'Rouble dropped' and I read the inscription under the cockpit which translates as 'April Fool'. Всего хорошего!
ChrisPinn : Ilyushin IL-1E : 11/09/2018

It seems the description is incorrect about the scale being 1/12. The correct scale is 1/24. The B-24 had a wingspan of 110 feet, times 12 => 1320 inches / 24 => 55 inches.
WH : Consolidated B-24D Liberator : 11/09/2018

The text refers to "..I have therefore drawn all the cut out bits on separate A3 sized sheets", These don't appear on the download, so there are no formers associated with the plan, currently... hope this is helpful.
anon : Ilyushin IL-1E : 08/09/2018

I decided to build another Veron Combateer after 40 odd years, and still having the original plan, I dug out a kit I bought about 25 years ago to copy the printed parts. I took a look at your site to see if you had a copy of the parts and instructions (something I do each time I build another vintage plane), and as you don't, here they are [see supplementary files].
AllanV : Combateer : 06/09/2018

I built the Miss America last summer from the Emil Agosta plan as published in Model Aviation February 1978 (OZ plan 10280) [model photo & more pics 003-005]. This plan is an updated version showing the addition of radio control actuated surfaces and a bolt-on wing from the originally designed model by Mr. Frank Zaic and kitted by Scientific Model Aircraft Co. I modified slightly for a bolt-on stabilizer assembly and a pull - pull cable system on the rudder. Added 3/8" sheet filler in between the nose area sticks to add nose weight and to help soak up engine vibration. (No additional nose weight was needed to balance model). Moved the firewall back to suit the added length of the Saito 45 four stroke. The Saito 45 four stroke is plenty of power for sport flying. Covered with Solartex. Flies very well.
MikeFoster : Miss America : 06/09/2018

Couple of pics of my P38 from your plan [more pics 004-006]. Engines are DC Sabres.
TrevorT : P-38 Lightning : 06/09/2018

"Stregone" is the Italian for "medicine man". Here is the ribs set found on internet construction thread [see suppl. file]. In the original plan, ribs are shown in their position on the wing elevation view. Not in the Italianized plan: uncommon. Please check for true ribs dimension. The magazine's "MAKE" site had the possibilities to download the plan, but it doesn't work for me, but construction article can be seen. What we would not do for Anon...
Pit_Italy : Lo Stregone : 06/09/2018

Lo Stregone is an Italian version of the original old-timer-looking glider Medicine Man, designed by Ryan Grosswiler in 2008 and later sold as a kit. There is a nice building article of a Medicine Man in the June 2009 issue of Radio Control Soaring Digest [see supplementary file], in which the wing airfoil is described as a 'Modified Selig 3016 at root, progressing to 15% Clark Y at tip', and very detailed building instructions can be found in Make Magazine Here's a pic showing the printwood sheet for the wing ribs [more pics 006]. By the way, all RCSD issues to date can be downloaded for free at
alcalaino : Lo Stregone : 06/09/2018

No wing rib template (or am I blind?)
RD : Ajax : 06/09/2018

Hi Steve, I just wanted to add some interesting info. The information on the B & W is correct as far as it goes. These 2 planes were made of wood. wire and linen. Interesting for a Usage Class of Seaplane. But further, the 2 planes were named Boeing Model 1. And each airframe received its own name as the first was named Bluebill and the second airframe was named Mallard. I can only assume those are the ducks on Union Lake. This is so interesting because it is the beginning of the Boeing Co as we know it. Take the time to read the Wiki on the Boeing Model 1. Thank you for all your work and I have now found a Fully Scale Model that really want to build on a large scale.
anon : Boeing BW 1916 : 05/09/2018

This is my Aileron, Elevator, Throttle (AET?) version of the Radian [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The building log is here: Repaired and flown here:
Guizzo17 : Radian : 04/09/2018

Just added some great photos of the Push-Up, thanks to Guizzo17 [model photo & more pics 003-005]. Here's a link to his build thread on RCGroups:
Mary : Push-Up : 04/09/2018

Thanks Steve. I'm sure they will b more than close enough.
RogerG : Twin Ace : 04/09/2018

Doh. My mistake, I upoaded the older of the 2 ribs files. Have now replaced the supplementary file with the correct revised version from SteveB (this one includes landing gear cutouts).
SteveWMD : Twin Ace : 03/09/2018

This is one of the most fun planes I have flown in the last 40 years. Just keep full up elevator when on the ground.
GregMcCullough : RCM Basic Bipe : 02/09/2018

Excellent, thanks Pit.
SteveWMD : Malibu II : 31/08/2018

The Monterey (oz8705) was the evolution of the Malibu II, adopting a 100 in wing. Read the article of Monterey considering it's quite similar. R Boucher was the founder and owner of Astro Flight. You can read the interesting history of Astro Flight on Wikipedia.
Pit : Malibu II : 31/08/2018

Does anyone have the wing ribs for this plan?
anon : Lo Stregone : 31/08/2018

Boy do I remember this one. I was asked to test fly a Freshman for Dale (Cowboy) Leonard as his first airplane, a bad decision as it turned out. It was small, fast and heavy. The 40 K&B didn't help with the weight problem, and the tiny ailerons just didn't work. Trimmed out and flying at high speed, it actually did pretty well, but totally beyond a beginner's ability, it flew more like a Quickie 500 but not as well. Landings were something else, arriving a lot faster than any other trainer such as a Falcon 56 or Eagle 63. I'm sure any accomplished modeler could eventually get it to fly better, but it was too much for Dale. Later, he did very well with an Ugly Stik. The one thing Top Flite did well was write the ad copy, pushing the Freshman as the second coming of the Ugly Stik. And it wasn't all that easy to build either, with the hard-to-fit hatch and attached canopy over the wing. I never saw another one after Cowboy's experience, because it damn sure ain't no trainer.
DougSmith : Freshman Trainer : 30/08/2018

In the 70s/early 80s, I was a member of the Godalming model flying club. Cyril West was a good friend. He designed a number of models published by the old APS plans service. One was Bluebottle, and he still had the original model with a Frog 500 in it! We were good friends, and together with our wives used to dine and socialise together. Cyril sadly died due to diabetes. His wife asked me to have all his models, engines etc. Because they were valuable, Ron Moulton who was editor of Aeromodeller, put a big advert in for me, and we raised a considerable amount for Cyril's widow. Bluebottle I gave to Alwyn Greenhaugh, who at the time was trying to put together a museum of model aircraft. Don't know if he ever did? But I kept Cyril's original Bluebottle plans, plus a number of plans of models he never published. Sadly, many house moves later, they have disappeared!! Cyril West was a delightful man, he learned to fly P51 Mustangs in Canada during the war. He was a clever designer of models, including some wonderful engines he built in his converted coal house! RIP Cyril.
TimS : Bluebottle : 27/08/2018

I think that you will have to have a full size copy for you able to take measurements. You can see that the author did not give any more that what is shown on the faithful restoration by Hogal. There is also a plan view at RCGroups, Vintage & Old-Timer Designs, Vintage & Old Timer Plans Pre 1960 Plans Only.
rchopper56 : Leprechaun : 27/08/2018

Herewith I send you the German language building instructions for the Graupner Kwik Fly MK 3 (Kit No 4629), also for the Graupner RTF Kwik Fly MK 3 (Kit No 9393). In the German RC-Network forum were several requests for these instructions. [See supplementary files.]
Roland_Heider : Kwik Fly Mk3 : 26/08/2018

I thought you may want to see some pictures of the Wildcat I built from those Wing Manufacturing plans I scanned and you have now posted [more pics 005-012]. This is a seriously crazy plane to build these days, I lost count of how many discreet pieces of balsa are involved here, but it is in the many hundreds. The fuse is glassed, the flying surfaces Monokote. The installed motor is a Saito .56. The only servos installed are two low profile ones on the ailerons. I looked at the MAN plans for the retracts and said..Meh! I bought a cowl and canopy from Mr. Andre', so I do have that, and some appropriate wheels, a dummy radial, a pilot and a few other bits it will take to finish her off. I did most of this work many years ago - you can plainly see I was building this in 2002. It's built just like an overgrown stick and tissue plane. I hope to someday actually fly this beast.
dfritzke : Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat : 26/08/2018

Are there any dimensions available on the larger leprechaun?
John : Leprechaun : 26/08/2018

Couple of pictures of the 36 Copland Wakefield from your plans [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. Thanks for your great service.
TrevorT : Copland Wakefield : 26/08/2018

Over the years Skymaster Industries produced five versions of the Lazy Ace - Lazy Ace 76", Sporty Ace 47", Big Lazy Ace 84", Super Lazy Ace 96" and finally, in the mid 90s, Lazy Ace 62".
RFJ : Lazy Ace 62 : 26/08/2018

Does anyone have rib templates for this model? Even a tip rib would help. Thanks.
RogerG : Twin Ace : 26/08/2018

Just a few words about the Torino CL stunt name. Torino is an important Italian town and was the capital of Italy Kingdom from 1861 to 1864. It is considered the Motor Town of Italy, like Detroit in USA. The FIAT and Lancia car company started here, and here are also the most important car design studios (Pininfarina, Ghia, Bertone, Giugiaro, etc) that designed a lot of famous American cars. So Ford named one of his models in honour of this town - Torino. Ford Torino is the red car of Starsky and Hutch, it appeared in "The Great Lebowsky" and "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood. Jack Sheeks named this plane Torino after his friend Jim bought this car. Jack was one of the most prolific CL stunt designers with innovative layout.
Pit_Italy : Torino : 26/08/2018

Glenn Lee, well known back in the '60s and was Nats champion several times.
rchopper56 : Chopper 64 : 25/08/2018

The Curare 60 (oz5527) has a supplement file that shows all wing ribs, all formers.
SteveWMD : Total Chaos : 23/08/2018

Are the wing rib templates available? They are not shown on the Curare 60 either. Thanks,
JoeA : Total Chaos : 23/08/2018

Your wish is our command, Anthony, thanks to Jeff Green in Las Vegas :-)
Mary : Kaos 90 : 22/08/2018

LOL I was just looking for the plans for this glider the other night and lo and behold you read my mind. I had the earlier version of this plane that had a conventional tail assembly and after the first flight converted it to a V-tail to avoid damage. 6 months later they came out with a newer version of the Talon which now had a V-tail. I think I deserve some financial bonus from Bob Martin... "just kidding of course." This is a great fast flying glider, it is also pretty easy for a beginner, but it can be tricky to build. I lined the interior joints of the fuselage with fiberglass strips to give it a bit more strength. I found it helped immensely when I accidentally got too close to the base of the hill I was on and saw that the glider had cut off the tops of some cactus, yet it was still intact with only some minor cuts in the covering.
PaulAyala : Talon : 22/08/2018

Hi, I found another photo of the CL model ARCTURUS, with Allen Brickhaus [more pics 003].
Gunter : Arcturus : 22/08/2018

Congratulations on reaching the 10,000 plan milestone, what an achievement ! Please keep up the great work 🙂 I like the Kaos 90 plan and I'm just wondering if any of your readers would have a copy of the magazine article from MAN ?
Anthony : Kaos 90 : 22/08/2018

Hello, I had these photos in my files for the Goldberg Sky Tiger [more pics 005-007].
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Sky Tiger : 22/08/2018

I had this in my files for the Pilot Piper PA-18 Super Cub: kit label & decals [more pics 005].
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Piper PA-18 Super Cub : 22/08/2018

That was a great little story; it gave me a smile. I'm returning to the hobby at the age of 67, so I'm looking forward to many happy landings. Wish me luck!
Paul_Morayshire_Scotland : Viewpoint 15 : 22/08/2018

I see someone questioned the forward fuselage lines of the Keilkraft plan. They look about right to me but the place to check is - vintage gliders. This excellent site has all the info., you could want on early gliders.
AlanVernon : Kirby Prefect : 20/08/2018

I'm surprised no one has commented on the "Stunt Queen". I built one about 6 years ago after hankering after one since I was a kid (about 60 years ago! No suitable engine back then). I wish I hadn't waited so long - it's quite the nicest unflapped stunter I've ever flown, smooth and very manouevrable - it can achieve square loops with only slightly larger corner radii than a flapped model. Admittedly I powered mine with a 1960s Veco 19 so the model isn't encumbered with a lump like a Frog 500 and is probably not truly representative of an in-period version.
KenJones : Stunt Queen : 19/08/2018

From the book "Model Gliders" 1943 R.H. Warring
Pit : Zeus : 19/08/2018

Just need wing definition now.
rchopper56 : Komander Mk II : 17/08/2018

Your wish is our command, Daithi! We have Laumer's How to Design & Build Flying Models over on RCLibrary.
Mary : Twin Lizzie : 16/08/2018

He also wrote a book "How to Design and Build Flying Models" published in 1960 and revised in 1970, as well as having plans published in Aeromodeller as well as Air Trails, Model Airplane News and Flying Models. Now if anyone can scan a copy of the book, I'd love to see it
Daithi : Twin Lizzie : 16/08/2018

Thanks Chris - amended just now :) We love our eagle-eyed readers!
Mary : Piper Comanche : 15/08/2018

Hi Mary - a slight slip of the finger when entering the date. It was June 1961, not 1971. I remember drooling over the plan on the school bus when we lived in Yorkshire and that issue of Aeromodeller had just come out.
ChrisPinn : Piper Comanche : 15/08/2018

The immortal Lazy Ace, one of the all-time great model designs from the 70's. I test flew one of these for Allen Johnson at the Oneonta Al airport, sometimes used for model flying at that time, acres of runway. Allen did his usual impeccable job, that's why I didn't inspect it too closely before flight. It took off perfectly with almost no trim needed, but it gradually seemed to need more UP elevator trim as the flight progressed. Soon, I was holding almost full UP elevator just to keep it level, that's when I announced it was time to land. It had needed, by this time, a lot of speed to stay in the air, and I had to approach the 5000 foot runway with caution. It set down whistling with almost full speed and coasted a loooonng way down the field, ending up in the long grass. The problem quickly revealed itself, Allen had neglected to install the screws in the servo tray, allowing vibration to move the servos (and the elevator) way out of place. But it survived what for me was a learning situation, flying well for the next few years. Contrary to common knowledge, the Lazy Ace 62 was a smaller version of the larger Ace, appearing in RCM a few years later. The original model was a little too big for a 60 motor, but the 62 flew perfectly with a 60, while the larger one really needed a 90. If you want a truly nice-flying biplane, you can't go wrong with the Lazy Ace 62. Allen's Lazy Ace needed the landing gear moved back to the leading edge of the bottom wing for better ground handling, easy to do, just drill some new screw holes.
DougSmith : Lazy Ace 62 : 14/08/2018

For those who don't know, Keith Laumer was, as well as a prolific model designer, a popular author. I read many of his books back in the day, available in paperback, some made into movies. My favorite was "A Trace of Memory", shouldn't be too hard to find, can't put it down. His later works, after he suffered a stroke, were never quite as entertaining. Any of his titles from the 50's or 60's are stem winders.
DougSmith : Twin Lizzie : 14/08/2018

Here is a picture of my Twin Lizzie that you may wish to add to the Outerzone site [more pics 013]. I lengthened the nose to balance with a light motor and added ailerons for four channel electric RC.
DavidI : Twin Lizzie : 14/08/2018

Excellent many thanks, have added your name as designer on this plan listing now.
SteveWMD : Sorcerer : 12/08/2018

Hi, Just to add I designed the sorcerer when aged 19 in 1955. My club was Watford M.A.C. Saw several sorcerers decorated as Lady birds at All Herts Rally. Still flying in B'mouth.
JohnTaylor : Sorcerer : 12/08/2018

Curiosity: this model is actualy a semi scale cl. The full size Miss Dara was pylon racing Aircraft of 1950's. Dara means 'Dayton Air Racing Association (DARA)'.
Pit : Miss Dara : 12/08/2018

Harold Bunting was my mentor in the 1950s. I built the second Smarty and many more and was successful as a junior with this model.
AvonSmith : Smarty : 11/08/2018

What a neat little model (Weetabix Wonderplane) - thanks for posting this one. Bulkheads can be developed from the side and top view, but it would be nice if printwood scans were included, as there is no tailplane pattern on the plan. One could use the Veron Auster AOP 9 [oz 759] plan to approximate what is missing...
DaveD : Weetabix Wonderplane : 11/08/2018

For more on the Weetabix Wonder model, see
SteveWMD : Weetabix Wonderplane : 10/08/2018

Sorry for any confusion here. My mistake. Due to a duplicate listing, this new plan (the North Star) has now replaced the previous entry in this slot. For the previous plan (the Garcia Rubber Coupe), see the older listing at Garcia Coupe (oz10031), which was the same thing but listed under a different title and reference number. Many thanks to alcalaino for spotting this.
SteveWMD : North Star : 09/08/2018

Here is the original chapter by the author scanned from my books collection [see supplementary file]. As you can see your plan is a redrawn with little variants: wingspan measure, wingtip solution and shape, number of ribs, trailing edge dimension and so on. Probably it was adapted to modern construction materials. Building with spliced bamboo, curved on a boiling kettle, is a lost art today.
Pit : PEG 54 Twin Pusher : 09/08/2018

Although this was marketed and is still known as the 'La-17' , it's actually the La-15. The actual La-17 was the first Soviet UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle].
Daithi : Lavochkin 17 : 09/08/2018

Hi Steve and Mary - Thought I would send this shot of my current Chilli Wind [more pics 006]. It was built by my dad and the only real difference to plan is the builtup wing. Between us we've had about four or five of these designs (including the smaller version). A great model, brilliant mix of being easy to build, the distinctive looks and butter smooth flying characteristics. This one is electric, a 3548 900kv motor with 11x8 prop and a 4s 5000mah lipo whichgives 12 minute flights. Thanks again for your continued efforts!
NigelR : Chilli Wind : 09/08/2018

I asked Lincoln for a photo and he kindly sent the image at more pics 004, with this caveat: "I hope you'll forgive the dilapidated state of the model and the missing hatch. And please note that it's been modified, as described in my previous post." Thanks Lincoln :)
Mary : Skeeter : 09/08/2018

Photo of completed Kurwi 68 was found online at
SteveWMD : Kurwi 68 : 09/08/2018

Got it, thanks Pit.
SteveWMD : Lange-3 : 08/08/2018

Correct name is Lange-3, designed by Edward Lange of I.M.A.C ( Illinois Aero Club of Chicago) an organization founded in 1912.
Pit : Lange-3 : 08/08/2018

I built a Skeeter years ago, shortly after the kit came out. It was the first really viable RC HLG I had. Mine was modified with tapered tips that extended the span to 59 inches. I also used built up tail surfaces, eliminated the rudder overhang, and used pull-pull controls. Built this way, the weight was reasonable. It's about 255 grams now, but with the battery, receiver and the hatch it was probably around 330 grams. With today's radio gear, it would probably lose 40 to 60 grams. The handling was very nice. By the standards of the time, the performance was good, despite all the comments dissing it on internet mailing lists. Maybe the extra span made a big difference. I considered making a 2 meter version, which would probably be an excellent flier. I seem to remember that the die crushing (as opposed to die cutting) was a bit rough. I covered mine with Micafilm. That was ok, except that I'd get a bit of flutter when launching with a small but moderately strong high start. So for someone with a strong arm or a high start, Monokote or Ultrakote might be better for the center section. Sheeting the lower front of the center section, or using diagonal braces, might also solve that problem. These days, I'd only build something like this for nostalgia, or maybe for some relaxed slope soaring. For flatland hand launched flying, the D J Aerotech Chrysalis outclasses the Skeeter, as it was designed to do. But you won't find a plan for that one! I wonder how the Skeeter would do with a thinner airfoil and lighter radio gear?
LincolnR : Skeeter : 07/08/2018

I have build and successfully flown the model based on the plans by JD McHard I could get via your web page. If you find it worth it you could publish the attached photos [more pics 007-011].
MichalKaja_Warsaw_Poland : PZL P 8 II : 07/08/2018

Added 3 nice images of the finished model, thanks to MikeKelly [005-007].
Mary : Ryan Navion : 07/08/2018

Added 3 super pics of the finished model, thanks to MikeKelly [004-006].
Mary : Waco SRE : 07/08/2018

Added three great photos of the completed model, thanks to MikeKelly [more pics 003-005].
Mary : Grumman Skyrocket : 07/08/2018

Recently I built an enlarged Frog Redwing RC, span is now 980 mm, 38,5 inch. Here are some pictures, maybe interesting for OZ [more pics 005-010].
JefLemmens : Redwing : 07/08/2018

By Paul Edward Garber, from book "Building and Flying Model Aircraft - New York 1928" . Made in 1924 and entered in 1926 National Air Races at Philadelphia. See youtube : P.E.G. 54 twin pusher antique rubber powered airplane
Pit : PEG 54 Twin Pusher : 06/08/2018

Please find attached photos of my brand new Diamond Demon built from OZ plan, converted to electric power and of course radio controlled [more pics 013, 014]. Control surfaces added yet still retaining that wonderful vintage appearance.
AlanD : Diamond Demon : 03/08/2018

Sr. Telemaster [more pics 009-012]. Rebuilt by me in the late '70s. Powered by a K&B .61 with a special muffler of my own design, it is a superb flyer. With the flaps extended it will fly very slowly. Running a 12" x 4' Top Flite prop the climb is spirited, to say the very least. I covered the model in red Super Monokote with the white cross of Switzerland on the tail winch allowed me to use HB-PDP as the license number. PDP stands for "Perry Directional Porting" which was a power enhancing modification for cross scavenged two stroke engines. I'm afraid that PDP is lost in history.
JeffBreece : Senior Telemaster : 03/08/2018

Penni Helicopter [more pics 004-007]. Built in 1970 from American Aircraft Modeler plans. For some reason I didn't try to modify anything and it flew right off the table (board) with no trimming needed. I wouldn't have known what to do if it had not flown. Motor is very short, lube and pack in the winds as it doesn't fly very long. I left the model unfinished and the pictures are of a flying session sometime in the '90s, no warps.
JeffBreece : Penni Helicopter : 03/08/2018

Twin Lizzie x2 [more pics 009]. Drew my own plans in 1990. Has been powered by glow fuel 2 and 4 cycle (5 different) motors, diesel and electric. The airfoil section I used is from the Sig Kadet. The model is covered in Super Monokote including the side windows which are clear Monokote. G-AFAW was supposed to be riotously funny but, unfortunately, my American brethren appear not to know the meaning of guffaw.
JeffBreece : Twin Lizzie : 03/08/2018

These are the files I have on the decals for the Sterling Olympic Challenger [more pics 006 & suppl. file]. I know these are cut up, but the colors show up nicely and the decal sheets are complete for both of the model versions shown on the kit box label.
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Olympic Challenger : 03/08/2018

An Elf called Gracie: please find attached photos, as promised, of Elf Senior built from your plans [more pics 004-006]. The model does fly really well on a 30 FS and is named after my granddaughter, Gracie. Many thanks for all the wonderful plans.
PhilipL : Elf Biplane Senior : 02/08/2018

Just passing along a few photos of my 28in span Velie Monocoupe designed by Bill Winter [more pics 005, 006].
TonyAccurso_CA : Velie Monocoupe : 02/08/2018

I found three nice pictures for the Magnum Plus to accompany the plans I sent. The yellow airplane was built and flown by Dave Royer [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The Red one by Steve Helmick [more pics 005] and renamed by him as the Mutant Magnum! [Photos found online on this Stunthanger thread about the Magnum Plus]
GeorgeAlbo : Magnum Plus : 02/08/2018

Here are couple of pics of my Fly Cycle built a while ago from your plan [more pics 005-007]. Frog 150 powered. Appreciate all your great work so we can keep building. Thanks.
TrevorT : Fly Cycle : 02/08/2018

To me w-2 and w-3 ribs are identical, but they mantained the w-number of the Berkeley Super Sinbad plan in which w-3 was little bit shorter due to the shape of the w-8 trailing edge. But in this plan w-9 trailing edge is shortened and w-3 has the full length of w-2. Check the two Super Sinbad for better understanding.
Pit : Super Sinbad : 31/07/2018

Back in the early '60s my Dad and I built one of these with an .049 on the back. We flew it several times out at Rosamond Dry Lake not far from Edwards AFB. Being a delta it was fast, glide ratio un-powered was pretty steep, but it sure looked neat in the air!! Like the previous commenter stated it was a bit of a powered dart so I had to make sure everyone was watching whenever we launched it. Thanks for making the plan available, I can't wait to make another one!!
DanielS : B-70 Valkyrie : 30/07/2018

I think you're right, it seems to be missing.
SteveWMD : Super Sinbad : 30/07/2018

Is it me or is the plan missing Rib w3? Please tell me it is only me.
EliasRomero : Super Sinbad : 30/07/2018

The Comet plan for the Senior Dart (oz474) has a similar wing planform and shows the rib sections used. Given that the kits were from the same manufacturer I would think it likely that he same airfoil was used for both, so if I was building the Dipper 3 I would just scale the Senior Dart ribs to suit. I may even find time to test that theory when I retire!
Skippy : Dipper 3 : 29/07/2018

Search on Youtube for "Twin Pusher winding and flight from 1936 Plans" to see it in flight.
Pit : Class C Twin Pusher : 27/07/2018

In any case there are four Comet Dipper plans of various wingspan on OZ. Could be useful for airfoil (surely Clark Y) and construction inspirational.
Pit : Dipper 3 : 27/07/2018

I remember, a long time ago, helping someone who had built one of these. I remember thinking that it flew *pretty well. That's surprising, considering that it had a cheap, direct drive, ferrite can motor and nicads. These days, of course, it would be easy to add a lot more power, and make it lighter at the same time. However, I don't think having excess power suits the character of the model. If you want to do aerobatics, build something else. A little more power would probably be a good thing, though. *When interpreting "pretty well", remember that I'm a glider flyer.
LincolnR : Mirage 550 : 27/07/2018

Airfoil is missing too. I guess you would be fairly well off with a Clark Y or similar. Also, you would need to guess the distance of the cabane struts where they are attached to the wings. I would reinforce this area a bit. The nose block and the attachment of the landing gear to the fuselage leave a bit to your imagination, last not least the airscrew. I consider this plan as a basis for your own interpretation of this charming little antique and not as one which takes you by the hand and leads you through the building process with no questions left to be answered.
clouddozer : Dipper 3 : 27/07/2018

Thanks Warren, we've changed the spelling. I bet you have some great memories!
Mary : Eager Beaver : 27/07/2018

Burt Avery spelled his first name Bert. I joined the Canadian Gas Model Club in 1946 and Bert was already a member.
WarrenKelley_Canada : Eager Beaver : 27/07/2018

Formers are complete to me. Look at the sketches, they are triangulars. Very easy to reproduce with side and elevation view!
Pit : Dipper 3 : 25/07/2018

Aha. Ok got it, thanks Pit.
SteveWMD : Douglas Aero-Bat : 24/07/2018

From Modellismo n.4 Oct. 1993. First year of magazine publication. But Modellismo is a magazine reborned from ash of the old Modellismo magazine (1940-50-60) so each number has the following numeration too in the honour of the last old editions. (XII-76) actually means 22th years of publication , number 76.
Pit : Douglas Aero-Bat : 24/07/2018

Sadly, no ribs or formers.
anon : Dipper 3 : 23/07/2018

G'day OZ admin. For more info, hints and tips on building a 'Big Tiger' here is a link to my build log: It does fly sweetly.
DannyMZ : Big Tiger : 23/07/2018

Attached is a photo of my "Twin Lizzie x2" [more pics 008].
JeffBreece : Twin Lizzie : 22/07/2018

Attached are pics of my 1931 Northrop Primary Glider [more pics 003, 004].
JeffBreece : Northrup Primary Glider : 22/07/2018

I built a Sky Knight and want to share the result [more pics 004-008]. At a few points I had to deviate from the plan e.g. at the R/C electronics, which in turn gave some modifications in the fuselage. I use a 2830 1100 KV BL outrunner with a 3S setup, which gives plenty of power and keeps the starting mass below 1 kg. The Sky Knight flies beautifully, very stable and controllable. My first plane built just from a plan, it worked just fine.
RSchillinger : Sky Knight : 22/07/2018

Just a couple more pics of the Junior Sailplane by Frog [more pics 011-013].
Al : Junior Sailplane : 22/07/2018

Please see attached image of my Pulstar (oz8588) for inclusion [more pics 005].
GeeW : Pulstar : 22/07/2018

Doh. This is a control line model, of course. Thanks all.
SteveWMD : Meteor : 20/07/2018

These are the files I have on the Kamco Kadet [more pics 003-006 & build manual]. Please note, I created the first image for my r/c file collection. The other attached photos were pulled off the Internet from different sources and have been edited to remove the wear & tear on the old paperwork & photos. I have tried to keep everything as close to the original kit materials or ads as possible.
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Kadet : 19/07/2018

I'm sending you photos of the Viking 110, built by me from your plan [more pics 004-006]. The model flies very well and is very pleasant.
MarcoTurriziani : Viking 110 : 18/07/2018

Built one from these plans in 2014. It flew so easily, so well and was so aerobatic, that even mode 1 flyers of our group used to ask to fly it (I'm mode 2). One pic of an inverted pass at dusk is so close to my heart that I'd like to share it on OZ [more pics 004]. Without the next pic, you'd never know that she was a flat wing profile foamy! [model photo & more pics 005]. But when she fell victim to one failed aileron servo, she left behind the motor, Esc, and 3 servos for her next incarnation (balsa and tissue)!
KK_Iyer : Spitfire Mk1 : 18/07/2018

I've built a Roaring 20 from your plan [more pics 009-011].
AlanDavis : Roaring 20 : 17/07/2018

Added super model pic, thanks to Bob Pickernell [model photo & more pics 003].
Mary : Sea King : 17/07/2018

Added nice model pic, thanks to Bob Pickernell [model photo & more pics 003].
Mary : Teal C300 : 17/07/2018

Added lovely pic of the completed model, thanks to Bob Pickernell [more pics 003].
Mary : Cherpaa : 17/07/2018

Added cracking photo of the completed model, thanks to Bob Pickernell [more pics 006].
Mary : Velox : 17/07/2018

My KK Lysander [more pics 003-006].
Karsten : Westland Lysander : 17/07/2018

Hello Mary, hello Steve, I send you some new pictures of my old "Graupner Kapitan" [more pics 018-022]. The pictures were taken a week ago at an Antik Meeting in Haiger (Germany) [more images online].
BernhardDittmann : Kapitan : 16/07/2018

Thanks Dave :)
Mary : Model B2 Chummy : 16/07/2018

The NOVI III wingspan is 56". This aircraft used the O.S. Max S-35 Stunt for power.
GeorgeAlbo : Novi III : 16/07/2018

Added photos, thanks to Pit [model photo & more pics 003-005].
Mary : Novi III : 16/07/2018

Richard Gates designed the C7D too, the version with inline inverted engine.
Pit : Fairchild 22 : 15/07/2018

Aha, fixed now.
SteveWMD : Model B2 Chummy : 14/07/2018

The photo and drawing is of the later Digby model from 1951 which Fred qualified 1st in the team trials if my memory serves me correctly. By that I mean that Pete Giggle used to indoctrinate me in the life and times of the brothers Boxall. Pete wrote a series of articles in early editions of Flying Model Designer and Constructor published in the early '90s. Good informative reading for anyone thinking of building this model (I think you should) or just a good insight of how a small group of guys did things back then.
MikeH : Fittleworth Flyer : 13/07/2018

Good question. I haven't seen it, so I can't say. Anyone out there?
SteveWMD : Model B2 Chummy : 13/07/2018

What is on sheet 3?
rchopper56 : Model B2 Chummy : 13/07/2018

Added some pictures of the completed model, thanks to Jeff Green [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
Mary : Astro Bipe : 13/07/2018

Box art for Comet Kit R 10, F-100 Super Saber [more pics 003].
EdShearer : F-100 Super Sabre : 13/07/2018

Here are a couple of photos of my electric version of the Metro Gnome [more pics 004, 005]. I built this little model in a couple of days for a 50 watt electric motor and rudder only R/C, to be flown with my 2.4 gig converted MacGregor transmitter. Observations: 1. It came out VERY nose heavy to the extent that I had to shorten the nose by 1 inch. 2. 50 watts is WAY too much power, half that is plenty. 3. Built as drawn there is either too much downthrust or not enough wing incidence. Mine flies very nicely now with +3/16" packing under the wing leading edge. First flights were conducted with the proportional transmitter in order to establish the correct level to set the throttle mid point on the single button Tx and the correct rudder throws. Rudder moves 30 degrees either way at full deflection and this is fine, throttle mid point is set at 50%, this is used for all normal flying, it is still controllable at full throttle, but climbs like a rocket! Now it is sorted it is a very pleasant little rudder only model to fly and ample reward for a couple of days building and a pound or two's worth of balsa.
Sundancer : Metro Gnome : 13/07/2018

I found an old photo of my Voyager (it's 30 years old), I hope the quality is enough to publish [model photo & more pics 003]. If I find a photo on which I am with Piotr Zawada, I will send it.
Gunter : Voyager 60 : 13/07/2018

Excellent. Thanks Pit, have grabbed that model pic now.
SteveWMD : Fittleworth Flyer : 13/07/2018

Thanks. This is done now.
SteveWMD : Revenger : 13/07/2018

As the designer of the Revenger I wish to have you make a change to the plans. There was a CG change that did not get incorporated before the plans became available. Please make the correction before you [release] any more plans. The aft CG should be deleted. A new forward CG symbol should placed forward of the existing forward CG on the same line as the Number 2 bulkhead. The original forward CG now becomes the aft CG... Dick Russ, Designer of the Revenger.
DickRuss : Revenger : 13/07/2018

F. H. BOXALL Top man in the 1951 Wakefield team. Lives at Fittleworth, Sussex, and is a member of the Brighton & D. M.A.C. A telephone linesman by trade, he has been an aeromodeller since 1937. 30 years of age, F. H. is half of a pair of aeromodelling twins, and still a bachelor. See Aeromodeller Aug. 1951 pages 476 to 478 for specs, photo and 3 view of this model.
Pit : Fittleworth Flyer : 13/07/2018

This one brings back a few memories. Back in 1993, when Pete Giggle first rediscovered this one, about five examples were built, mainly by members of the Brighton and district MAC. I can recall Pete's version was first, closely followed by John Minshull, Ken Rippengale, John Fox, myself and a couple of others. The design, although complicated to build, trimmed out and flew well. Its one big fault was prop stall as a result of the fearsome pitch on the prop (it was certainly an experts propeller). My prop was slightly less pitched and was the most consistent of them all. I even got it into the fly off at Middle Wallop. It's up in the loft now, sadly the old 8oz Wakefields are not flown much now, shame really.
MikeH : Fittleworth Flyer : 12/07/2018

Hello, I am from Argentina and I am building the vintage Graupner Hi Fly. Here are some photos of the building [more pics 004-009].
G.JoseRosalesRuiz : Hi-Fly : 12/07/2018

Here are two photos of my 40+ year-old Fokker D-8 [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The "Red Baron" red is a bit faded now and looks almost pink.
NicholasTucker : Fokker D8 : 12/07/2018

Another oldie; a little glider, the Kirby Prefect [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. I found it in its box recently and my eldest brother, who was visiting, said he had flown one (not a model, a real one!) many years ago when he was in the R.A.F.
NicholasTucker : Kirby Prefect : 12/07/2018

Added colour pic, thanks to Pit [more pics 005].
Mary : Compensator : 12/07/2018

I have acquired an unmade example, and so here is the build manual in English [suppl. file]. And here is a scan of the decals included - they have discoloured a little with age, but I'm sure that anyone who may need to use them will be able to correct the colours [suppl. file]. As ever, keep up the good work!!!!
ColinBaxter : Fan : 12/07/2018

Hi Steve, Hi Mary, just some pictures for the site: Twinster, ID4886 [model photo & more pics 004-007]. Made for the 2018 Pontefract Single Channel & Retro Fly-in; I took a few liberties and added R/C on rudder(s), elevator & throttle and used electric power. It's a great flyer!
ColinBaxter : Twinster : 12/07/2018

The ribs and the formers are for the Mk 2 Clipper, not for the plan shown which is the Mk1 Clipper.
anon : Comet Clipper : 11/07/2018

Please find attached 3 pictures of Stan Yeo's Soar-Cy 11 built from Outerzone plan oz8721 [more pics 006-008]. The only changes I have made is to include 2 aileron servos in the wings and to include a D box leading edge to the wing and cap the wing ribs, simply to protect the wings from the gorse which proliferates our Devon flying sites. Not yet had its maiden flight, I will report back later.
MartinBright : Soar-Cy II : 10/07/2018

Here is our McCann-ard E-20 [more pics 010]. 20" wingspan free flight.
TeamWrisley : McCann-ard 27 : 10/07/2018

I recently picked up a Sterling Ringmaster Jr. When checking the box I thought it had the plans. It only had the instructions. So as a faithful OuterZone follower I checked and you only have the plans and not the instructions. So please find attached a set of Sterling Ringmaster Jr. instructions. Or page 2 to the plans. [See suppl. file]
TomSolinski_OklahomaCity : Ringmaster Junior : 10/07/2018

Completed mine yesterday night in time for a 'Build Off' in RC Groups. Finish is poor as dope blushed. Can't do another coat as as humidity is over 90%. Attaching two photo (one with wheels removed for test flying in the drawing room!) [more pics 004, 005].
KK_Iyer_India : Druine Turbulent : 10/07/2018

Two, not one, of course. But I take your point. Full set of rib templates would be nice.
SteveWMD : Moth Minor : 10/07/2018

There is only one wing rib shown for constructing this tapered wing.
anon : Moth Minor : 10/07/2018

There is an 8 page paper by davidterrell80 online at post #2 of the thread here with some useful details on the Midwest foam wing (many thanks for the link, Pit). But no actual plan, as such.
SteveWMD : Mini Sailor : 09/07/2018

Although we do have two other versions of the Seamaster plan, so maybe that helps. Three, if you count the Seamaster II. Maybe check this one against the others?
SteveWMD : Seamaster : 07/07/2018

This is all we have here. It was kit plan of course. Anyone got more on the formers?
SteveWMD : Seamaster : 07/07/2018

Are there no drawings for the bulkheads?
anon : Seamaster : 07/07/2018

Indeed. Also all the ribs are missing. We accordingly have this one tagged as incomplete. Anyone out there got more?
SteveWMD : Heinkel He 100 : 07/07/2018

Missing drawing of the frames 3 and 4 8, 13, 14
anon : Heinkel He 100 : 07/07/2018

"The wing is a standard Midwest 44 in foam wing" - Can someone supply the information of the Wing Profile so a full size PDF can be generated for the model? Many of the RCM designs use various "Midwest" foam wings, this would be very helpful. Regards,
Circlip : Mini Sailor : 06/07/2018

Ok, fixed now :) many thanks to RFJ and Circlip.
SteveWMD : Firehawk : 05/07/2018

Ah. Fair point. You know, I didn't even notice that. OK. Bear with me, I only have these 2 sheets here at the moment.
SteveWMD : Firehawk : 04/07/2018

Wing plan?
anon : Firehawk : 04/07/2018

Attached photo of Guido Fea with the Zigolo.
Pit : Lo Zigolo : 03/07/2018

Hi there, any idea what size of prop for this model? Thanks,
Colin : Garcia Coupe : 02/07/2018

Sorted now, thanks to SteveBailey :)
SteveWMD : Osprey 100 : 02/07/2018

Photo of completed Conqureor model was found online at:
SteveWMD : Conqueror : 01/07/2018

There's a main rib shown on the fuselage side view of course, but that still would leave you drawing out all the smaller ribs for the tapered section, from scratch. Anyone got more on this?
SteveWMD : Osprey 100 : 30/06/2018

Looking at Osprey as a potential build. However reviewing the file I find there is no information or details about the wing ribs? Can anyone provide that information? Thanks,
Ron : Osprey 100 : 30/06/2018

Me, I didn't notice that, at all. Anyone out there know why the fin is different? Were there 2 versions of the Miss Philadelphia 4?
SteveWMD : Miss Philadelphia IV : 29/06/2018

Steve, Does anyone know why the fin drawn on the plan is very different to that shown on all the photos AND on the Frank Zaic drawing (shown in one of the "more pics.")? Regards,
Brian : Miss Philadelphia IV : 29/06/2018

QB 20 extracted from your site, armed and already flying [more pics 012, 013].
Gus : QB 20L II : 28/06/2018

Attached is a photo of my Gnome 1.5 meter glider [morepics 003] I built from Outerzone plans.
EricPearson : Gnome 60 : 28/06/2018

Hello Friends, I am writing again from Argentina, this time to share images of my Pocket Rocket built from the plan published on your page [more pics 004-006 and]. Thank you very much!
MauricioBertello : Pocket Rocket : 28/06/2018

On Page 38 of RCLibrary's latest magazine - RCM 1977/09 September - there is a fabulous photo of a line up of 22 Q-Tees! Well worth showing on Q-Tee 'more pics' [021].
ChrisPinn : Q-Tee : 28/06/2018

I had this in my files for the Great Planes Slow Poke 40 [more pics 003]. Please note that this is not an exact copy of the kit box artwork. I've cleaned up an old label photo that had some wear and tear.
JeffGreen_LasVegas : Slow Poke 40 : 28/06/2018

Added photo of completed model, from RFJ's magazine archive [model photo & more pics 003].
Mary : Dallaire Sportster : 25/06/2018

Added photos of completed model, from RFJ's magazine archive [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
Mary : Judge Wakefield : 25/06/2018

Added photo of completed model, from RFJ's magazine archive [model photo].
Mary : Bantam : 25/06/2018

Here are some pics of my new AR-1, scratched from plans here printed at home and taped together [more pics 010-015]. Thank you for the plans.
John : AR-1 : 25/06/2018

The tops of formers 3 and 7, upper right corner of the plan, are truncated. Hopefully symmetry will allow accurate finished parts.
DavidP : RAF BE2e : 25/06/2018

Hi, a couple of pictures of Der Adler from your plan [more pics 003-005]. A nice flyer in calm weather but must be built light. The Arden unit not a ball of fire.
TrevorT : Der Adler : 25/06/2018

I have recently restored an old (very old) New Ruler for a mate to fly [more pics 007-012]. I love this design. Very whimsical with that impractical cockpit detail but really nice lines. We flew it this past weekend and it was delightful to fly. It meet its competition performance targets and handled really nicely.
AllanKnox : New Ruler : 23/06/2018

I've attached a few photos of my recently completed Super Kaos Junior [more pics 006-009]. In honor of the United States Fourth of July holiday, I've chosen a red white and blue scheme. Thanks for all you do.
LarryWelle : Super Kaos Jr : 23/06/2018

Added photo of a lovely completed model, thanks to DougKittle [more pics 008].
Mary : Quaker Flash : 23/06/2018

Attached is a photo of my "Not For Sale" that I built from plans downloaded from your site [more pics 005]. Power is a Irvine .40 glow engine. Great flying airplane.
EricP : Notforsale : 23/06/2018

Hello, I have a photo of my Midwest Lil Tri Squire I built from Outerzone plans [more pics 003]. This isn't my first Outerzone plan model and I'm sure it will not be the last. Thanks for publishing these plans.
JimWalton : Lil Tri-Squire : 23/06/2018

I'm sending you a photo that I just found inside a drawer in my parents' house... It is a picture of a Sterling Cirrus (planID: oz2869) that I built in 1978/1979 [more pics 004]. Even if the image's quality is bad, it may be of interest, given that the plane (originally F/F) was converted to two channels R/C, and in the picture a Futaba transmitter can be seen (sorry, don't remember the model). At the time the Cirrus flew for a very short time, but the slope flight virus had caught me (and I have not healed yet). I still love the graceful look of the Cirrus, and maybe late this year I'll try and build a new one from OZ plans...
Raffaello : Cirrus : 23/06/2018

Added box photo, thanks to EdShearer [more pics 006].
Mary : Vultee Vengeance : 23/06/2018

Added photo of box art, thanks to EdShearer [more pics 003]. I've also decided to use it as the model photo until something better turns up.
Mary : Republic P-47 Thunderbolt : 23/06/2018

Many thanks to ChrisPinn for correcting our mis-spelling of Ron Chidgey's name! Ron is better known for the Tiger Tail oz8522.
Mary : Tar Baby : 23/06/2018

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