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Might be a fun to try to convert to 3d print. Might be a little lighter and stronger
Brian Anglin : Boeing B-29 Superfortress : 11/11/2019

Ed, just type it into the search box. That there is how many we have. We don't make lists, because lists need constant updating. Good luck to you.
SteveWMD : Fairey Barracuda : 10/11/2019

How many of the Jack Lynn Bale plans do you have? Is a list available? Please send a list to the email address I posted.
Ed Clayman : Fairey Barracuda : 09/11/2019

What a pleasure. Thank you very much :)
hubert : Focke-Wulf TA 152 H-1 : 09/11/2019

Hi Folks, here's a pic of my Vic Smeed Coquette [morepics 007], possibly the ugliest creature to blight the skies with its presence 😊 This one is old school with silk covering and a DC Merlin from the early 60s, and pinch off timer.
PaulM : Coquette : 08/11/2019

Hallo Mary, Hello Steve,
I'm sending new pictures [more pics 006,007] of my larger electric-powered Opel-Rak 1. It is built in threefold size. This picture was taken at an AMD event this year. See
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bernhard Dittmann : Opel Rak 1 : 08/11/2019

I am attaching photos of my recently completed Chameleon [more pics 005,006]. I opted to make it as a monoplane. It is electric with four r/c channels. Thank you for posting the Chameleon plan.
TomBurkett_Canada : Chameleon : 08/11/2019

Wow, I built one of these when I was a kid and that was almost 60 years ago! Didn't know it was still in production only 20 years back.
Steve C : Little Toot : 07/11/2019

Another great plane I had. Wow actually I got a picture of me holding up mmm pieces of one after a miss judged the ground. Yea yea the ground jumped up at the plane..
Richard : Gieseke Nobler : 07/11/2019

Loved those I had built a few. I used to power with an Enya 19. Copied most U.C. plans.. Just wish I had them all still ..
Richard : Magician 15 : 07/11/2019

I had many of these planes. The Satan and and Voodoo's I used to fly them powered by a Enya .19 Loved standing in one spot doing figure eights..
Richard : Jr Satan : 07/11/2019

In fact a very graceful design, and in this case so very tastefully finished. I'm sure you enjoy it.
Hubert : Phoenix : 06/11/2019

Ooh, that's nice. I like that very much.
SteveWMD : Phoenix : 06/11/2019

Some pictures for oz5293 [more pics 004-007] - these are shots of my own R/C conversion.
RFJ : Phoenix : 06/11/2019

Thanks, have fixed this now.
SteveWMD : Buzz-Cat : 06/11/2019

I think it shoud read Dec 1989, not 1969. Not much electric RC going on then...
Doug Kittle : Buzz-Cat : 06/11/2019

I'm finishing the build of this iconic '38 bird; I scaled it down to 21.5"w.s. in order to fly indoors in our low-ceiling gym. It went together well, adjusting for some plan mismatches. Covering will come next, then trimming at our gym. I fly with the Bedford Flyers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.
I'll try to post its flying ability later.
William Hanshaw : Black Arrow : 05/11/2019

Hi, in the picture you have of a young lad with his red & white Meson is my son Andy, he’d have been aged about 13 then. He still has the Meson.
I stumbled upon this by chance, I’ve sent him a screenshot and he looks forward to his royalties!
Charlie Jeffreys : Meson MkIV : 05/11/2019

I think what DPlumpe means is that he does not possess the 2nd sheet, and he only found a photo of it online.
SteveWMD : P-51 Mustang : 05/11/2019

Hello, Nice plan. This is a new addition to my Berkeley plans collection.
One issue: What do you mean when you say
"It would be wonderful if someone could contribute a scan of the second sheet.". I think it would not be difficult to scan this sheet the same way you scanned the original plan. I think it is of utmost importance to have these instruction drawings for such a complicated model.
If it is not possible to get it scanned, then a really nice photo can help to restore it. I can do that if you can provide me with well shot picture, the sheet as flat as possible and the camera pointing towards the center of the plan. If I can help in any way, let me know.
Best wishes,
Eduardo Barriga : P-51 Mustang : 05/11/2019

There are many ways to skin a cat, Mr Lincoln, and I'm afraid this wouldn't be my favourite method, I'd follow the classic ribs and spars path instead. The Horten IV was a fine glider, it's glide ratio could reach 40:1 and there are quite a few full-size replicas flying today. Even so it appears to me that this scale glider is too small at 36" to worry much about fidelity, if it flies well it will surely look well, Jedelsky or no Jedelsky.
Miguel : Horten IV : 05/11/2019

It seems all the callouts on the drawing should reference sizes somewhere.. Based on the other related drawings for this guider, I know it's 1/16 wood and can make educated guesses. But, definitely making it a challenge for me.. Example, reference callout #11, what's the dimensions?
I'm actually redrawing the whole plan and would love to reference some real dimensions. Once completed, will build and share with everyone here if they would like...
Jim : M-27 : 04/11/2019

Maybe Miguel would be happier if it was sanded out of a nice piece of c-grain and had the washout put in by soaking and drying. This would, of course, need a lot of washout.
Lincoln : Horten IV : 04/11/2019

I think it's safe to say there never was a top view. The plan certainly says on it (next to S8): "Fuselage outside width 2=1/2 in between frames S4 and S8" which gives us a useful starting point, and I guess we are expected to work out the rest for ourselves. Back from there to the tail, it is a tapered box, essentially. I doubt anything inbetween S8 and the tail is at all critical.
SteveWMD : Leprechaun 2 : 04/11/2019

Where is the fuselage top view?
David Wartel : Leprechaun 2 : 04/11/2019

hi my name is paul. I like the style of the plane and i fly both elec and IC. i think this plane will fly with a elec Eflight 25 and a 40 esc 3 cell 1500 mHa battery. so this will be next one to build. regards
paul bowman : Wrinkly Bottom Flyer : 03/11/2019

Right you are, it was the Sopwith Baby design, some batches built by Blackburns, ca. 200 airframes. The "ugly tail" is not BBurn fault, it appears to be a poetic liberty by Mr Stott as the rudder has a lobate top, not straight, and the fixed fin should have that angle rounded, search for photos "Sopwith Baby Fleet Air Arm Museum".
Whatever the case, Blackburns *are* still ugly :-)
Miguel : Blackburn Baby : 02/11/2019

Yes, that is correct the span is 136" not 180". Yes that is my old plan from 1990 and someone did re-arrange it to publish it (permission ??), but did a bad job, because he forgot the fuselage formers 3 and 4, and also the ribs 3 and 4 ! In 2010 I have updated the plan, changed some things, among others the Wing joiners (instead of flat steel, dural and carbon joiners). Kind regards, Jan Hermkens
Jan Hermkens : Sunderland II : 02/11/2019

Looks wonderful, it will be my next project
Jack : Aquila : 02/11/2019

You are too materialistic, all of you. I meditate for a week and Buddha will show me all needed dimensions and thicknesses in dreams. If I meditate hard enough a heavenly drone will drop me a box with all the laser cut parts but in rosewood or teak. The Lord Buddha has never heard of balsa but I can use those for templates.
Miguel : Fleetwing : 02/11/2019

Doh. Have added missing article file now.
SteveWMD : Pete : 01/11/2019

The 'Blackburn' Baby was designed as the Sopwith Baby.
Ted Avey : Blackburn Baby : 01/11/2019

Doh! material sizes ARE shown, Is it April yet??
Circlip : Fleetwing : 01/11/2019

It's hard to find a pretty Blackburn type, the man must have been dyspeptic or something of the kind. This is rather a decent design but that slanted snip on the fin/rudder spoils it all.
Miguel : Blackburn Baby : 01/11/2019

1: print plan
2: get ruler
3: measure thickness of items shown on plan (in fractions of an inch)
Daithi : Fleetwing : 31/10/2019

The plan is from MY kit, don't remember KK ever giving material sizes.
Circlip : Fleetwing : 31/10/2019

Hello, this is a picture of my first Graupner Caravelle, built in 1975 to 1976 [more pics 003]. Built from the original contstruction kit. ARD: Almost ready to despair. Powered by "Hörnlein 40, 6,65 ccm. She crashed in 1977, 17 of June, caused by RC-failure. I used a different wing, no flaps, more dehedral, the original wing remained and flew again in 2006.
Reinhard : Caravelle : 31/10/2019

Hello Oz, attached are 2 pics of my Robbe Tonga, taken 2 years ago. I got the plane sometime in the 70s, on these pics it's freshly restored using silk, dope and Piper Yellow rattle cans. The cabin is new as well. The empennage is modified, now being smaller, lighter and symmetrically profiled. B/R,
Hubert : Tonga : 31/10/2019

Hi. I've downloaded many plans from your web page, so it's time to contribute with some photos [more pics 006-009]. The plane is the Stinson Station Wagon from Modelhob, electrified with a LD1510A brushless motor, 10A Esc, 4040 prop, 360 mAh 3S LiPo, two 5g servos (rudder and elevator), and 3ch Rx. The weight increased a lot, so I had to reinforce the wings with braces to the fuselage. Just fly well and it's fun. Best regards.
JLSilvestre : Stinson Station Wagon : 31/10/2019

Hi Mary! I hope you enjoy the photo I shared from my HP Photosmart software. Built
1992. Have a good day!
OweCarlson : Bingo : 31/10/2019

Looking at this plan, it seems to me everything you need is on there. All formers are shown, along with the wood sizes. The plan is fullsize, so once printed out, you can just measure other items off the plan itself? Or of course build the model on top of the plan, in the time-honoured fashion.
SteveWMD : Fleetwing : 31/10/2019

I built a fleetwing back in the seventies from a kit plan, the plan had dimensions on it so there were no problems with the result, building or flying. A good model all round. Is there a copy of this with measurements available? As I do not see how you can build from these drawings I have seen todate, or have I missed something? Thanks.
Baz : Fleetwing : 31/10/2019

Start by reading the FAQ page at
SteveWMD : Skybolt : 31/10/2019

Nice plane. It is a comfortable wing span I like to build and fly. Is there any way to purchase a set of plans along with the assembly instructions. Thank you
MF Bush : Skybolt : 31/10/2019

It appears Mr Towner has made two variations on a theme. This Typhoon plan has a non-identical twin in oz4302 with the same wingspan but this one is rubber free flight and oz4302 is IC CL.
Miguel : Hawker Typhoon 1B : 30/10/2019

The Auster (first flight) predates the Zlin by 8 years. One could say the Zlin looks like the Agricola!
David Duganne : Auster Agricola : 29/10/2019

The Auster Agricola looks identical to the Zlin Z-37 Cmelak, except for engine configuration.
M Stikeman : Auster Agricola : 29/10/2019

Thanks, got it now. Have set this listing now as from SEMO, and changed the model pic. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Ercoupe : 29/10/2019

Someone should down load the manual for this plane.
Dean Schrock : Bucker Jungmann : 28/10/2019

Thanks Simon, I have removed the mention of 1/2A, now.
SteveWMD : Square Footer : 28/10/2019

Hi, I have to quote Mr Fawlty: "I am so sorry I (my wife) made a mistake" The plan I sent you is not from DMI. I thought so but now that ModelflyingDenmark have puplist ther veteran catlog ( realize that I was wrong. The text on this plan is in Danish and the logo says Model Aircraft Copenhagen, that was all misleading me. The plan comes from Sweden and you can find a good picture and text in RCL2155 page32. I coult dowload the danish plan but there is a rift between me and but it is a free download so far as I can see so you can do what you want. What about downloating all 200 plans and put your edditing skilts at work.
KLH : Ercoupe : 28/10/2019

This is not actually a 1/2A model; it is an .020 Replica, a model specifically designed for the Cox TD .020. Going back almost to the beginning of SAM Oldtimer flying here in North America, the class was for replicas of pre-1942 models scaled down for the TD 020. The "square Footer" relates to the name of the full size model and the wing area - 144 sq inches. This class continues to be among the most popular oldtimer events and this is a very competitive design for that event. Thanks for publishing it!
Simon Blake : Square Footer : 28/10/2019

Have set the Designer as SD Marsh, thanks to Pit for confirmation on this.
SteveWMD : Bristol 138A : 26/10/2019

You're right. Will remove duplicate and tidy this up asap.
SteveWMD : Jex Jet : 26/10/2019

Have changed the title on this one to Bristol 138, many thanks.
SteveWMD : Bristol 138A : 26/10/2019

This seems to be a duplicate of plan 8997
Korale : Jex Jet : 25/10/2019

For anyone planning on building the 81” Dynaflite Sport Spitfire, I have canopies available. I built one 10+ years ago. It was my most enjoyed warbird to fly.
Robert Sealy : Fun Scale Spitfire : 25/10/2019

Also published in Flying Model Designer and Constructor, 10/1991.
Pit : Northern Star : 24/10/2019

Aha, you're right. Will remove the duplicate (less clear) listing and redirect to here. Thanks.
SteveWMD : Fiat G.59 : 24/10/2019

Built two of these back in the early 90s, both flew extremely well, easy to trim 50gram of rubber is plenty (now there,s a thought BMFA rubber!!) one of them lies to the north of Middle Wallop airfield, dt,d at 3 minutes but took so long coming down it flew out of sight and was lost. Other one lost at Merryfield. I may have another unfinished in the loft, will have to check
Mike Hollamby : Northern Star : 24/10/2019

Hi, I believe this plan and the following one ID=1966 are actually the same plan, just different quality. This one being the better.
M Hodgson : Fiat G.59 : 24/10/2019

I know the date on the plan is 1980 but the design was kitted before that, I built my first Sweet Stik in 1975 to replace the Falcon 56 I learned to fly on. I think the kit was out a little before that date.
Douglas Babb : Sweet Stik 40 : 23/10/2019

many of the old FMT plans are reduced by 1/3 for printing purpose(mentioned in the german text) so if you print it at 100% you only get a span of about 52". If you want 81" then use 81/52 x 100% printing scale
KLH : Roter Milan : 23/10/2019

Roter Milan as-is produced a wingspan less than half size. Took some computer magic ( not mine ) to reach about 78". I also got a smaller version. Pretty neat. This is me discovering where the comments come from.
So, no way to thank you for all your hard work or tell you how much it means. I hope your family is well and that you prosper for all your kindness.
Glenn Phipps : Roter Milan : 23/10/2019

eBird of Time wing... Only one wing? So I asked for a mirror image print and no problem.
Glenn Phipps : Bird of Time : 23/10/2019

Hi, here's my build of this model from your plans [more pics 006-010]. Thank you very much. I've converted it to electric using an 850 KVA bell type motor and running on 3 or 4 cells. See photos of hatch fabrication and motor mount. Plastic spoons make great cowling rocker cover blisters by the way. Thanks again for your great site.
SteveC : Bucker Jungmeister : 22/10/2019

Thank you so much for uploading this plan. I'm such a fan of these PMA plans :)
Hubert : P-51 Mustang : 21/10/2019

Thanks, have changed this listing now to Wolfgang Soergel.
SteveWMD : Dohle : 21/10/2019

Added pic of the Veco Chief, thanks to fonzwolf [more pics 003]. Looks like a nice build.
Mary : Chief : 21/10/2019

Yep, Wolfgang is the correct name.
Hubert : Dohle : 21/10/2019

Looking up some old photos and found this for Vic Smeed Austrish [more pics 003]. I made it in 2008. My 8 year old son learnt to fly on this lovely model. It had a Thunder Tigre GP 07 engine 6x3 prop and flew very well. It had functional struts!! A speciality maneuver of this model was a snap roll with full Rudder at cruise!!!!
Khalid Khan : Austrish : 21/10/2019

Hi Mary, here's a couple of pics of another of your Outerzone plans [more pics 005, 006]. Really simple model but I thought it would be a bit of fun! The model is the Tail Winder 2 by Dave Linstrum, plan oz 11331.
Pete Startup : Tail Winder 2 : 21/10/2019

Hi. Video for plan page:
TomásRyan : PB-2 : 21/10/2019

might as well do a follow up on this now a few years later , I even build two more outerzone plan super 60s , so now have 4 of them and they have flown lots, most in France and Spain. and my old youtube link is dead so here is a new one On these places I fly I also camp.
I am unsure what to build next , these 4 are all still perfect and would anything else be better for my specific use ? wings are 2 piece , stabilizers come of, as does landing gear, which allows for minimal space in the car .
Joost : Super 60 : 21/10/2019

Hello, I think the correct name of the designer is Wolfgang Sörgel. He designed many models for HEGI such as Bergfalke and others.
Udo Gebel : Dohle : 21/10/2019

What a beautiful model, my Playmate of the Month nomination for sure!
Miguel : DH84 Dragon : 21/10/2019

Buzz Cat! That's it! Thanks RFJ. Sadly December '89 is not in my collection of old RMs and I suspect it was a paid for plan rather than a free inclusion anyway but perhaps someone has it and it will appear on Outerzone eventually. That's the great thing about this site - despite the huge amount of content already found there are so many great designs still to look forward to!
RMC : Retro : 20/10/2019

I built one from this plan a few years ago. Be very careful, as there are inaccuracies, such as: Rib spacings and span are different, and the cowl area and fus. behind the cowl leave much to be desired. I had to make a lot of alterations to get things to look something like right. However, Traplet did a fibreglass cowl which was excellent. It might still be available. Worth checking. I did a build log on the RCME forum which is still there, although one or two photos have gone AWOL.
Geoff Peacock : DH Beaver : 20/10/2019

Added colour photo showing model by David Haviour from RCM&E 1999, thanks to RFJ.
SteveWMD : Ethy : 20/10/2019

"I seem to remember a VERY similar looking model published in RM around the same time" - that would be the Buzz Cat by the same designer and published in December 1989 Radio Modeller.
RFJ : Retro : 19/10/2019

Another one from your excellent plan list - Orlik [more pics 009]. Only taken me 47 years to get round to building one 🤣. When I first saw it in Aeromodeller it seemed huge! Was only 12 at the time!
TonyWright : Orlik : 18/10/2019

You may be interested in a picture of my Junior 60 in flight [more pics 006].
David Davis : Junior 60 : 18/10/2019

Pictures of my Telemaster 40 [more pics 006-008]. Electric power 4S LiPO. Happy Landings.
David Davis : Telemaster 40 : 18/10/2019

The XF-226 from RCM plans [more pics 003, 004]. A work in progress.
JohnnyB : XF-226 : 18/10/2019

A great looking and atmospheric model but perhaps with some (easily solved) problems: The article mentions using a speed control rather than a flight switch because the sudden application of power will cause a tip stall - a statement that causes alarm bells to ring, considering the low power used here. Sure enough, looking at the plan reveals two reasons for this 1) The CG is shown too far aft, possible due to some confusion over MAC for the elliptical wing. I would suggest considering the most forward position shown as a realistic aft limit! 2) Building some washout into the wing is definitely recommended.
I seem to remember a VERY similar looking model published in RM around the same time but based exclusively on electrics removed from a buggy and an Olympus belt drive. I think its name was one of those electricity related puns but I can't remember specifically...
RMC : Retro : 18/10/2019

Please find attached two photos of my Peter Rake Sopwith Pup built from plan oz10673 to use on Outerzone [model photo & more pics 003]. Thank you for this great web site!
Ronald Lehndorff : Sopwith Pup : 18/10/2019

Added a couple of nice pics of the finished model, thanks to George Slocombe [model photo & more pics 006].
Mary : Galahad : 18/10/2019

Amazed to see that my model appears as the photo! Built it about 8 years ago. Have also built his Jodel. Neville in New Zealand.
Neville Mines : Sierra Sue : 18/10/2019

I saw this in the new comments column and had to peek. This is terrific, the same design being repeated on and on in a variety of places and times. Even Mr "Thousand Planes" Coutts had to chip in too! Different faces at different times, yet the smile is the same in all photos. Bless you all, and bless OZ for their part in spreading the good word in this particular corner of happiness!
Miguel : Jr Skylark : 18/10/2019

I sent more pictures of my Pussycat with the OS .1O engine in place, ready to fly [more pics 005].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Pussycat : 17/10/2019

Hi Steve and Mary, please find this photo [more pics 015] of myself with my Goldberg Junior Skylark with an Ace Pulse Commander RC system and a Cox Golden Bee .049. Date? 1968. More than 50 years ago. You can add this photo on the plan page of this model. Hope it is good enough since it was scanned from a half frame Ektachrome slide and increased to 600 dpi... Thanks and best wishes,
Edubarca : Jr Skylark : 17/10/2019

Thanks much, great stuff!
Vic Arcudi : Howard DGA-3 Pete : 17/10/2019

What year was the Hayseed first produced please?
mark : Hayseed : 16/10/2019

Doh. Have added the missing 2nd page, showing parts, to the planfile now.
SteveWMD : Howard DGA-3 Pete : 16/10/2019

Parts page is missing!
Vic Arcudi : Howard DGA-3 Pete : 16/10/2019

Beautiful model....good job
Xxx : Hi-Fly : 15/10/2019

This little fella just came up in the random gallery, a pretty birdie it is, chirping for conversion to electric! The photo in pinks reminds me of a flight box I used to have in pinks like this, with a couple more pink tones making up a psychedelic monstrosity, possibly due to dodgy castor oil. Oh Reputation, poor frail thing you are!
Miguel : Skygipsy : 15/10/2019

The bill of materials at top near the legend says the model requires balsa sheets in a certain number in 1/16", 3/32" and 3/16" thicknesses. You're right, the vertical tails - and what pretty curves they are! - are not specified but I'd go with 3/32", either single piece or in several pieces glued at crossed grains to help fight warping, the perennial enemy.
Miguel : Sugarfoot : 15/10/2019

Beautiful work, there. Many thanks for the photos.
SteveWMD : Scram x 1.3 : 15/10/2019

Hi, a couple of photos of my Scram 1.3, powered by an Enya 80-fc [model photo & morepics 005-009]. An excellent floater, can be flown very slowly. Weight is about 4 kg.
Dietmar Langenohl : Scram x 1.3 : 15/10/2019

I can find no mention of the thickness of the fins on this model, has anyone built it or knows of the thickness for these items?
T Hughes : Sugarfoot : 15/10/2019

Powered by Webra 40, 10"x6" prop, Minivox silencer . RC: Graupner Varioprop, two yellow micro 05, two standard linear, grey 2,4 V....
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 14/10/2019

Here are two more photos for plan #oz11584 [more pics 003, 004].
DavidWWood : Shark XV : 14/10/2019

Here are three renditions of the Harpoon stunter [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The original was covered in neon pink Ultrakote so was labeled "Cotton Candy". Doc Holliday kept the pink theme going. The prettiest one yet is Robin Soanes of the UK with his beautifully orange doped version.
Bill Ervin : Harpoon : 14/10/2019

Here come some images of my Eastbourne 1911 built 2014 [more pics 003-005]. Some data: span 900mm, weight total with Lipo 2200mAh 2S= 620g, motor Emax 140W, 4 channels. I remember that the fuselage was weak behind the wing and was strengthened with pinelists after a hard landing. It's still alive and has been flying in calm weather. Maybe images for oz 11613 by Peter Rake? [This is a very enlarged version of the Eastbourne, but seeing as we have no pics, I've added these for now :-) Mary]
OweCarlson_Sweden : Eastbourne Monoplane : 14/10/2019

Here is an ok pic of the original decals for the kit [more pics 004]. Balsa covers part of the sheet but it's obvious what they all look like.
Tom Davis : PAA Master : 14/10/2019

Good afternoon Mary, I hope you had a good holiday. Photos of Pacific Ace (oz863) from your plan [more pics 011-013]. You probably have enough already of this one. Really good flyer and good looking as well.
TrevorT : Pacific Ace : 14/10/2019

This plan of the Skylark is, as correctly stated, just an update of the original kit of the early 60s. No twin version plans which is a pity. It was printed on the back side of the plan of the first production run of the kit.
I built one, single engine, about 40 years ago. Had a Torpedo Green head .35. Flew beautifully but had the tendency to "flat spin" I wrote to Carl and he told me to increase the rudder area. It helped but not completely. That is why on the final production Skylark, he completely modified the back section of the fuselage. Still a sleek beautiful model with good performance. It is a "one day" build but twin engine with a couple of ASPs .12.
Best wishes and greetings from Colombia.
Eduardo : Skylark 56 : 14/10/2019

Hello, this picture [more pics 004] has been taken in May or early June 1975, just after maiden flight! Greetings from Germany,
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi : 14/10/2019

My first RC model airplane, no ailerons, no elevator, rudder only control and engine throttle. Very hard to land on the runway with no elevator.
José A L Rocha : Charger : 13/10/2019

Like the look of this always thought the Victa Airtourer 1960's was an original. But the similarity is undeniable , does any one have a colour scheme for this model? Thanks
Victor : All American Ensign : 13/10/2019

I take your point. But it's really just minor semantics. The two kits have a great deal in common. The Super 60 is the model that KK produced as a replacement for, as a updated version of, the Junior 60. So rather than say 'the Super 60 is a modernised Junior 60' perhaps we could say 'the Super 60 is what KK ended up with, after setting out to make a more modern version of the Junior 60'. I'm not sure the distinction helps us much, to be honest. There is more to read on this if you follow links from Super Sixty (oz552). They started out the design process by trying to keep as many common parts and features as possible, between the two kits. But yes, there are many differences.
SteveWMD : Super 60 : 12/10/2019

I do not think that the Super 60 was a modernised version of the Junior 60. Wing and tail planforms are a different shape, tailplane is mounted below the fuselage and not on top of it and the nose is much longer. The Junior 60 was designed by Albert Hatfull and the Super 60 by RJ Webster and P Rogers. In fact they have nothing in common except that they were both model aeroplanes of approximately the same size produced by the Keil Kraft company.
P6D : Super 60 : 12/10/2019

No CG, or range, is shown.
PeteM : Fly Baby Biplane : 11/10/2019

George Hollingdale was a fairly prolific scale modeller in the 1990s, turning out a number of usually vintage designs with a great deal of skill, he was a gunsmith by trade and lived in Loughton Essex. Haven't seen him for a while, hopefully he is still around
Mike hollamby : Hawker Typhoon 1B : 11/10/2019

Perhaps the text of the article is this column I'm seeing at the left of this comment, methinks.
Miguel : Mini Kestrel : 11/10/2019

"Give that man a cigar!"
Miguel : Disaster : 11/10/2019

Is there supposed to be an article for download too ?
SnTLightFlyer : Mini Kestrel : 11/10/2019

I built one about 15 years ago and it flew great. It was powered by a 40 FP. A friend tried it and talked me into selling it to him.
Rob : Baby Bi : 11/10/2019

This man could design some truly ugly aircraft, while selling an enormous amount of excess balsa.
jim olson : Disaster : 11/10/2019

That's a pity. May I suggest replacing the plan fin & rudder with one made of transparent plastic sheet of a larger size that will allow the model to fly properly? Start with an exaggerated area and gradually trim it until satisfied, and then paint in the tail feathers in the correct size.
Miguel : Fairey Flycatcher : 09/10/2019

It's a very good model but, like many of the period, over-engined. A Dart is plenty or enlarge to 40" for a Mills 75
bill dennis : Avro 504K : 09/10/2019

I built two of these and neither flew. Total absence of directional stability, even when I doubled the rudder area. I met a chap who built one and his didn't fly. He was a clubmate of Stan Perry and Stan's didn't fly either!
bill dennis : Fairey Flycatcher : 09/10/2019

I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this, but Draftsight 2019 will no longer be free. It will cost an annual charge of 99€ or equivalent for the "basic" version. I understand Dassault (that Dassault!) are investing heavily in this product and adding capabilities so they'll want to recoup costs. A pity, as I like DS very much.
Miguel : Northrop X-4 Bantam : 09/10/2019

Where is the CG? It is not mentioned in the plans and, unless I totally missed it, it is not mentioned in the article. I can assume 25% to 30% of the wing chord but this can be a little dangerous with a tapered wing.
Bob Blubaugh : Navy Bomber : 07/10/2019

Thank you for putting this up on the web. I love learning about history and it's not so good but might work ideas. I am going to to try to build this as a foam chuck glider and i will let you know if it works out.
robotgoldfish : Blohm und Voss BV 40 : 04/10/2019

In 1976 I built a Mini Bird of Time (from a kit). I changed out the fuselage wood from 1/8" thick to 3/32". Put lighting holes between the wing and stab on the fuse ( like the windfree glider fuse). Used the smallest Airtronic servos and Rx with a 225mah 4 cell pack (no switch). By the time I covered it, balanced it (no nose weight at all!), and had it ready to fly. the weight of my Mini Bird of Time was a hair over 14oz. for a 2 meter plane. At that weight I was able to catch a few thermals that swept across or field. I even threw it one time into a dust devil in the fall. I saw corn leaves going up in to it. Thornburg's design were very good!
Mike McIntyre : Sunbird : 03/10/2019

Here is an image of the original kit box art/description [more pics 003].
Tom Davis : PAA Master : 03/10/2019

Scaled it down to 78% [more pics 006]. Brushless EMax GT 2812/09. Amazing well flying model and my absolute favorite! More at:
Tomas Dunker : Notforsale : 03/10/2019

Yes, definitely!
Mary : Miles Gemini : 02/10/2019

Hello Outer Zone. Just finished my version of the Gemini [more pics 004]. Still C/L But powered by electric (I know it's not the right thing but my hands are not the best, arthritis etc. So had to be electric! Oh the shame.) Anyway hope you like?
TonyWright : Miles Gemini : 02/10/2019

Can I request a windshield template for an RCM Rearwin speedster 6000M if anyone might have one to copy. Couldn't find another way to post this. Thanks for your great site. Lots of memories found here.
Rog : Rearwin Speedster M6000M : 02/10/2019

Added photo from Néstor: Miss Science placing second at the Argentina Nationals 2013 [more pics 005].
Mary : Miss Science : 02/10/2019

The ugly fleet [more pics 014]. All scratch built from plans by Ralph Gale, Orem, Utah.
RalphGale_Utah : Das Ugly Stik : 02/10/2019

Hello - in the photo I am with Kai Laussen, its designer [more pics 004].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Brujo : 01/10/2019

Hi, two pictures of my Sportster [model photo and morepics 003]. Flies well with an ENYA 40-4c.
Dietmar Langenohl : Sportster : 01/10/2019

Hi Mary, we did some testflights with the Bumblebee today [see model pic and 005,006], but it's flying very unstable - it crashed hard and I think its best place is above the bed of my nephew Anton, 9 days old ;) I still started the next project! Thanks for this amazing Homepage!
PhilippS : Bumble Bee : 01/10/2019

Many thanks Jim, as nothing was ever wrong with the Bird of Time then there may be a grain of truth in that :-) As I don't have a wind tunnel nor any fluid dynamics simulation software I'll have to let this particular fish get away.
Miguel : Royal Flush : 01/10/2019

You have the designer of the 'Soarer Baby' as A Hatfull whereas the plan is signed E. J. Webster. It looks more like an Ernie Webster job to me.
Anyone know the date of this design?
Nicholas Tucker : Soarer Baby : 30/09/2019

Dave Thornburg (Bird of Time) alludes there is less vortex generation at the dihedral break.
JimHales : Royal Flush : 28/09/2019

Aw, shucks. My problem with building is I mostly never get around to finishing things. Typing words is much easier though.
SteveWMD : Cessna 182 Skylane : 28/09/2019

<< The parts of this incomplete plan that do exist here are beautiful, and fascinating. It may help if you try thinking of them as precious reclaimed fragments of our shared modelling history. >>
Steve, What a beautiful thought, and what a beautiful way to express it! What you say is something we all know in our hearts to be true—but few of us could have said it so well. If your way with balsa is anything like your way with words, you must be one awesome builder!
Mark Montague : Cessna 182 Skylane : 27/09/2019

Is there any advantage on trailing edge discontinuities in aerodynamic terms as in this example or is is it aesthetics only? This is not uncommon, it can be seen for instance on several of Frank Zaic Thermic gliders - seven of them in Outerzone :-) - or Dave Thornburgh's Bird of Time - in Oz as well of course. These are the ones I remember off the top of my head but I'm sure there are more.
Miguel : Royal Flush : 27/09/2019

But my quest to know is perhaps not solved or is it ?
How can it be that in the late 30s early 40s when there was an model airplane meeting almost all contenders showing up had own design model airplanes and saw it as normal to draw plans up and create them, many having very complex structures, it was like this not only in the US, but Britain and continental Europe alike. These were young boys building them even! And now many order pre-fab laser cut parts if they can, so they wont need to cut wing ribs, even if there are perhaps only 20 of them . I conclude the fact that its fun to build and make ribs, from ply even, is also fun and not much work to do at all. It's amazing to do it all your self and to like doing that, but that 'to like' is also a knowledge you need to have, not only the 'to know how' and the same goes for all other stages in the making of model airplanes. Have a good time spending many hours on the creation you like to build what ever it is, its all fun.
joost : Cessna 182 Skylane : 26/09/2019

Hi guys. This is a great, all you need is in the plan. now I can build this myself! Love it. Great job. Thanks for letting me have this. Regards,
Ed Vink : Cessna 182 Skylane : 26/09/2019

My flying buddy Harald just finished his Kadett oz852 [more pics 013-016]. I watched a couple of the first flights and was very impressed. The model flies slowly and is very stable, needing absolutely no trimming at all. It has the same motor, propeller and battery as our Schoolmaster oz7534.
Chris Pinn : Kadett : 26/09/2019

Have a 40% discount. It makes no difference to me (or to the accounts here).
SteveWMD : Cessna 182 Skylane : 26/09/2019

Nice work there, and really good photos. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Magician 15 : 26/09/2019

Hi. I have sent you several photos by separate email of the Midwest Magician 15 which I built from plans downloaded from your excellent site [model pic, also pics 005-007]. It flies great on an OS 15LA. Thanks for providing the plans. Please keep up the good work.
Tony Leong : Magician 15 : 26/09/2019

T-shirts are a good idea but if you are going to use *my* motto, some compensation would be welcome. Would a 20% discount on my Outerzone annual subscription be ok with you?
Miguel : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

A good plane kit I'm building it and is fun a really good kit worth the money I brought it 4 yes ago at Sussex model centre Worthing, west Sussex, a good buy nice kit easy to put together.
James fitzpatrick : Elder 40 : 25/09/2019

All parts are in the corner, just smaller, too hard ? Yes engage an experienced modeler to do the job 4U ? Or do it your self, but what is that?
some might only need a memory of an aircraft to draw up a plan,
others might only need a photo,
yet again their could be those that really need a 3 view,
and yet others need that to be 1/1 scale to start with,
then come large groups that need full size plans,
and even larger groups that need full size plans with all parts on it,
many can't do without instructions or others to tell them how to build it,
most can't even do it with out others telling them what to build, how and why, why most of all...
lots buy ready-to-fly kits, even.
So many have stopped building model airplanes all together ever since the creative heydays of the hobby. It was killed by a rat race that made intelligent people stupid and loose their capacity to think, create and make it happen with just a pencil, some paper a ruler, wood, glue and a few tools lol sure its not as bad as all that?
joost : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Satisfaction guaranteed, I like it. We should get T-shirts made up.
SteveWMD : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Alsamman, yes the parts sheet is missing. But if you think that makes the plan useless, then you are in the wrong state of mind, and using the wrong website. The parts of this incomplete plan that do exist here are beautiful, and fascinating. It may help if you try thinking of them as precious reclaimed fragments of our shared modelling history. If you only want to look at (if you can only use) complete plans, then you need to engage with the tagging system, and look for plans that are tagged as 'formers complete'.
SteveWMD : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Tsh! What happened to "Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back no questions asked!"?
Miguel : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Not Martin, but normally you might break a model like this into components and lay them flat on a plane so you can use a CNC router or laser cutter around them. There is an immense spectrum of possibilities, and lately models have been designed on purpose to be 3D printed, some can be true works of art. The front page of the following website says much:
Miguel : Ace-20H : 25/09/2019

I'm guessing you're new around here :)
SteveWMD : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Scaled parts sheet is missed . try to include it, otherwise this plan would not work.
alsamman : Cessna 182 Skylane : 25/09/2019

Care to tell us more? What happened? Was the balance OK?
JohnnyB : Baby Bi : 25/09/2019

Hi, I built a Baby Buzzard with 049 engine, flying very well. I send you photos [more pics 005-007].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Baby Buzzard : 25/09/2019

I don't think this is a Horten IV. Canopy is wrong and aspect ratio too low. I think it's probably either an XVc or XVI. More info at
LR : Horten IV : 24/09/2019

I built one. I am from Argentina and interviewed the designer. I will send photos [more pics 003].
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Brujo : 24/09/2019

Yes, the Wayfarer pilot really does like SPAM! Marinated in Teriyaki is his favorite! :-)
JohnnyB : Wayfarer : 24/09/2019

Doh. Ok have added the missing page to the article file now, which shows models 1 and 2.
SteveWMD : Gassie No 5 : 24/09/2019

In the supplement, would it be possible to get page 1 so that we can see what Gassie no. 1 and no. 2 look like? Thanks,
Simon Blake : Gassie No 5 : 24/09/2019

Thanks Martin, these are really good to show the layout and the internal structure. Can you use this to generate parts for cutting?
SteveWMD : Ace-20H : 24/09/2019

Hello I am Martin and I come from Germany, I know and use Outerzone for a long time. I created a 3D model of a model aircraft ACE20H (oz1881) with Fusion360 and wanted to give you some pictures, maybe you can show them at Outerzone. I'm looking forward to some feedback. Pictures are attached [more pics 005-007]. Greetings,
Martin : Ace-20H : 24/09/2019

Great subject. It represents a huge group of large gas power models with huge popularity that no one legitimately claims the rights to that is all but absent from this venue.
ModelBuilder : Waco UPF-7 : 23/09/2019

I remember making one of these, and it did not fly all, just a ballistic curve. Not surprising with the flat plate wing section, no reflex.
Don : Convair XFY Pogo : 23/09/2019

Thanks Noel. That's a great photo, and it shows the structure of the model much better than the original magazine pics did. Excellent.
SteveWMD : Lumpers : 23/09/2019

Hi, Am very happy to see the plan of my very first radio control model which I built in 1972 or 73. At that time I was living in Mauritius and lost the model which flew away on first flight due to a failure of the single channel radio. Am glad I still have a picture of it before its maiden flight but the quality may not be good enough to publish on your website [see main model pic].
Today, I live in Melbourne, Australia and will probably rebuild the Lumpers thanks to your plan, for display only? Not sure yet. I am still flying models on current proportional radio systems. Thanks again for bringing back memories, With kind regards,
Noel Bazerque : Lumpers : 23/09/2019

It's your lucky day, Keith. Have added the full article now.
SteveWMD : Triped : 23/09/2019

Where can the modeler get the rest of the construction article for the Triped as a lot of information is missing on the plan. Such as wood thicknesses, wire diameters etc. Would love to build one but not enough info provided on plan and rest of article is missing. Can you Help? Respectfully, Keith S.
Keith Sterner : Triped : 23/09/2019

P-38 Lightning plans. I think this is what this model from 1957 looks like (you have a pic of the box). See attached pics [more pics 005,006].
Mike : Lockheed P-38 Lightning : 23/09/2019

Dear Sir, Can you please attach the pics in the Bugaboo plan topic [see more pics 010-013]. Having great fun with my Bugaboo on RC controling elevator and rudder. Power is a FOK 1,5cc Diesel which is more than powerful enough. The maiden was on the DOW which stands for Dutch Old Warden. Thanks for posting the plan and keep up the good work.
Ton van Munsteren : Bugaboo : 22/09/2019

Good Afternoon Outerzone, I recently sent off a couple of these photographs to Mike Goulette ( to see if anyone in SAM could identify the design, and he put them into an article with the photos - lo and behold a gentleman had read the article and identified my model as a Queen Bee designed by Peter Grimwade for Aeromodeller in May 1950 issue and now published by Outerzone. There was a plea for photos, so here you go. Use or abuse them any way you please [model pic and morepics 003-005]. I just wish I knew who built it - I know I didn't - but perhaps the builder will see the photos and come forward. A great little model and with my trusty FROG 100 it rises from the ground just as the name says - FROG = Flies Right Off Ground. My thanks to Mr A N Croft for identifying the model which was designed as a low cost intro to R/C. My model was powered originally by a Clan .9cc engine but would barely get off the ground and that was with two very small lightweight servos, whereas now powered by a FROG 100 red head it positively jumps into the air. I'm guessing the prototype powered by an ED Bee would come somewhere in between those two on performance.
Don Imrie : Queen Bee : 22/09/2019

Aquilas at the Virgen de los Remedios Trophy, September 2019 [more pics 011-013].
AntonioRG : Aquila : 22/09/2019

Metrik at the Virgen de los Remedios Trophy, September 2019 [more pics 005,006].
AntonioRG : Metrick : 22/09/2019

They are very well-known models so without further ado, Ocaña Virgen de los Remedios Trophy, Winner Toño (my son) and with BoT versus Avas Bird of time [more pics 011-015].
AntonioRG : Bird of Time : 22/09/2019

Over and above the obvious quality of the design and cad work, a multi-version project with common components is rarely seen, much less *four* variants in a single drawing. This four-faced Janus is fantastic.
Miguel : Reggiane Re-2000 : 22/09/2019

Hi Mary, Here are some pictures of a Wayfarer I completed last fall [more pics 013-017]. It's powered with a Saito .56 and covered with Ultracote. I decided to give the airplane a more contemporary font for the aircraft name and went with a lively color scheme. It really looks good in the air.
A previous poster for this plan mentioned two stab failures. Believe it. It will fail sooner or later. I almost lost my Wayfarer airplane on its maiden flight because of the stab. I highly recommend building the stab with med hard, to hard, solid balsa sheet instead of the open framework.
For more details about my build of the Wayfarer and my scary maiden flight check out
Thanks again for the awesome website! Regards,
JohnnyB : Wayfarer : 22/09/2019

I'm sending you two photos of my new HYPERION glider, built from Outerzone plans last month [more pics 003, 004]. Hyperion is certainly an ugly design when you see it for the first time. But when you become acquainted with its design, you love it. It is simple and efficient. Many modelers of Cekia use it in National and International contests. So, when I saw it last year at European Old timer Contest, I decided to built it. I have enlarged the plans at 150 percent, now it has a wingspan of 270 cm. Now I have flown it only few times, but already I like it. The bigger model is more efficient than the original 170 cm, so I am progressively putting the CG back for better response. I use the regular 100 mt wire (20 spring and 80 wire) and I am satisfied with the model. Best regards, thanks for Outerzone
Luigi Carlucci : Hyperion : 22/09/2019

Got it, many thanks Lou.
SteveWMD : Mitsubishi A5M-4 Claude : 22/09/2019

Very poor flight characteristics, we do not recommend to build [see model photo & morepics 004-009].
Mirec : Baby Bi : 22/09/2019

The article for this beautiful model was published on the September 1979 issue, just in case the date wants to be added to the datafile
Lou : Mitsubishi A5M-4 Claude : 21/09/2019

I sent you photos of my Olympic 2 [pics 006-008]. Greetings and congratulations for the work you do.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Olympic II : 21/09/2019

the photos have been moved to:
Rick Pendzick : Curtiss P-40C : 20/09/2019

Hi, I built one with a .15 engine, it flies very well.
Néstor Hugo Fiorini : Olympic II : 19/09/2019

Another one from back in the day. I built one of these using the magazine plans and crappy Testor's balsa. That it flew at all is a testament to the design. Model magazines were beyond my budget at the time, but a bicycle ride to the library yielded stacks of magazines that you could actually take home with the help of your library card. Summertime left plenty of room at Girard Elementary School for model flight, as long as your creation wasn't too big.
Jetex rocket engines weren't all that successful in humid Alabama non-air-conditioned Summers, so it was best to use up the solid fuel pellets quickly before the moisture rendered them unusable. The fuel pellets arrived from England in a matchbox lid container, complete with a length of fuse for ignition. If you needed a short test flight, one pellet would render less burn duration, giving you time to make adjustments before contacting the earth. Two pellets would yield plenty of flight time (less than 10 seconds) to get it to altitude. Doesn't sound like much but if trimmed properly would get it pretty high. As the pellets soaked up moisture from dripping south Alabama atmospheric conditions, they became reluctant to light. Scoring the pellet surface with a pocket knife would help, for a while, that's why you needed to use them up quickly. Your included length of fuse presented another difficulty. It contained a tiny wire core, probably soft copper, which would clog the nozzle and limit the thrust if not pulled out after ignition. Fingers really weren't the best tool for wire grabbing, meaning you needed a pair of carbon encrusted long nose pliers in your pocket. It was a frantic ignition sequence to hold the model, light the fuse with your trusty wind-proof Zippo, grab your pliers and yank out the wire before gently letting go in the proper launch attitude. I still have those smutty pliers (somewhere) cast by Fox of magnesium in a vain attempt to use the metal in the most inappropriate manner possible. I also had a pair of wire cutters constructed in an identical fashion, which didn't last long trying to use them to actually cut wire.
The Delta Dart flew beautifully once adjusted properly. My assumption that its lack of ANY dihedral would be a problem proved unfounded, leveling out at the top of launch just like any free flight model, and better than most. Like all rocket engines, the faster it goes, the faster it goes, really moving by the end of burn. Then it would settle into a nice smooth glide with just a little turn whichever way it wanted to go. Lots of fun for a kid on a bike, small enough to carry. I don't think Jetex is available anymore, plenty of possibilities as a catapult glider.
Doug Smith : Convair F-102 Delta Dart : 19/09/2019

Wow! Makes me want to buy a laser cutter....
Lewis Lingwood : Aquila : 18/09/2019

If you take the Fun Scale P-51 (oz10761) plan also by Dynaflite, and print the fuselage at an enlarged scale of 121%, the resulting plan matches the wing saddle to the root wing chord perfectly. You now have a fuselage outline that can be redesigned somewhat and built to match this wing plan.
mjbelton : Fun Scale Mustang 60 : 18/09/2019

This was made from the Tern kit, sometime in the 1970s. I gave it some new rubber recently and it still flies nicely. Happy for them to be used [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
PAChapman : Aeronca C-3 : 18/09/2019

Much obliged, Gene, this is a very complex and beautifully done work and I still have to see the 3D file!
Miguel : Aquila : 18/09/2019

CAD files added now, thanks to Gene.
SteveWMD : Aquila : 18/09/2019

Italian version enlarged at 2,40 meters ws thread construction, see In the video, take off dolly refused to abandon the ship but the model happily landed.
pit : Erwa 8 : 18/09/2019

See for build thread for enlarged 4meters rc version, interesting CAD rendition.
pit : Erwa 8 : 18/09/2019

Awfully good redrawing work on a most elegant original design. Any chance of having the CAD file as well?
Miguel : Aquila : 17/09/2019

Got it thanks, have set the date on this one now to 1982.
SteveWMD : Trainer 40 : 17/09/2019

well,I'll try this again. found an opened kit at a consignment shop. this was the 1st u/c model I built at the age of 12. well,decided to give it a try(quick glue/monokote) turned out MUCH better than the original! Dad would've been proud the second time around. LOL. not intending to fly,Vertigo,and age 78. many fond memories of Miami Fl.(3 rings flying field) keep up the good work.
Martin "Rusty" Walsh : Baby Stunt Master : 17/09/2019

I have the AMA copy of the Great Planes Trainer .40 kit plan and there is no date on the plan. But I would place the date at 1982.
According to the Great Planes website, Great Planes was started in 1982. Most of the Great Planes early initial kit offerings were reworked Bridi plans by Don Anderson. The Great Planes Trainer series was basically the RCM Trainer with a few tweaks. I learned to fly with this airplane in 1984 so it was available then.
The entire early Great Planes trainer offerings were eventually scrapped for the PT 20-40. which was a shame because the Trainer series were excellent flying airplanes. They could fly and land at a crawl and yet do much of the FAI pattern if set up properly. The PT series flew like a kite with an engine, which was OK for learning to land, but not much else.
The original Great Planes kit plan for this model is now in the Academy of Model Aeronautics plan data base. It can be purchased from them with the huge AMA watermark embossed on the plan. Plan# 50951.
JohnnyB : Trainer 40 : 17/09/2019

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