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A bigger, oomphier outgrowth of the Storch for a quartet. Slightly better looking than that ghastly Criquet.
Miguel : YAK-12M : 29/03/2020

Thank you all from me too for the clarification regarding the location of this plane. For me this flight is not far behind Lindbergh's 11 years before. It did not go as far as Paris,p but whereas L did have some backing at least, C had his pigheadedness and the hostility of the US authorities (and justifiably so). He was lucky in landing in the best possible place for his caper (paddy ancestry helping), and in surviving for if he drowned he would have been just another crank and we-told-him-so :-)
Miguel : Wong Way Wobin : 29/03/2020

The covering material of the Taube is 1mm thick pp board (we call it magic board in China). It weight is 0.7-0.8g/dm2 or 70~80g m2.
HJStar_ShenZhen_China : Taube Monoplane : 29/03/2020

Thanks Robert. Have changed the wording on this plan listing now :)
SteveWMD : Stahlwerk R-IIIb : 29/03/2020

Kindly allow me a correction. That airplane was not Polish as told. It is true the manufacturer Stahlwerk was based in Breslau, nowadays Wroclaw/Poland. But at that time in the 1920s that territory Silesia was part of the German Reich. Breslau became Polish only after 1945. The R in the Name of the plane stands for its constructor Walter Gustav Rieseler (1890-1937) who was born in Burg/Magdeburg. You will find more information on him and on the Stahlwerk R IIIb when you Google his name and/or the original specification of the plane Rieseler R IIIb.
RobertS : Stahlwerk R-IIIb : 29/03/2020

Thank you all for your explanations! This is definitely an aircraft with a story with a capital "S". I built a Tern Aero Curtiss Robin (oz4391) some 40 years ago, but it never felt like an important aircraft in aviation history. Looks like this is to change right now.
There is quite a long article about the Curtiss Robin in general and Douglas Corrigan specifically at Mind you, this is a commercial site, selling paper kits you have to print out, but the kits are lovely and charmingly nostalgic.
Martin : Wong Way Wobin : 29/03/2020

Built Amelia from the original RM free plan in the 80s. Has now been converted to electric and still flies amazingly after all this time
A D : Amelia : 28/03/2020

Miguel, the plane is in California, see
Bill Hibbets : Wong Way Wobin : 28/03/2020

The plane had been stored in Corrigan's garage in Santa Ana, California, up until about a year ago, then it was moved to the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, Ca see
Dave D : Wong Way Wobin : 28/03/2020

Hi Mary and Steve, In the winter of 1983, I built a 30in WS version of Walt’s Stahlwerk by doubling the size of his plans, for our club’s Spring 1984 Fly-In. It was a great flyer, and on its third flight, it went OOS (out of sight). Oh well!
Several years later, I tripled the plans to a 45in WS for RC. I built the wings and empennage, however, due to illness, I never completed the fuselage. Last week, I got the project out from storage, and I am redesigning the fuselage for electric. I am looking forward to completing this model for this years flying season.
rocketpilot : Stahlwerk R-IIIb : 28/03/2020

Thanks for posting this drawing, and thank you Larry Jolly for working with Bob Peck on his kitting of the Prairie Bird 50, a result of the Big Bird design.
I worked with Bob and Sandy and did the ink drawings for the Prairie Bird 50 kit.
I'll never forget the Channel 10 News piece on Peck Polymers around 1982 during which Bob wound up the predecessor, a Prairie Bird rubber powered FF model, and launched it into a perfect thermal, never to be seen again! The news castor was heard saying "Simba - come back Simba!".
Keith Miller : Big Bird : 28/03/2020

Steve Thanks for adding this plan to your collection! I remember when this model was conceived. If you keep the model light with say a Speed 400 type model and a light Lipo pack it should give wonderful soaring flights just like the little one. For perspective the little girl posing with the Big Bird is now a Lawyer and celebrated her 39 Birthday yesterday. Larry
Larry Jolly : Big Bird : 28/03/2020

Wrong Way Corrigan's was one of the best leg-pulls in aviation lore. If you do a google image search on the terms above you'll find a number of lovely references from a New York Post front page to a delightful US National Day Calendar!
Modelwise, the plane colour was silver and the NX9243. Corrigan replaced the original Curtiss OX-5 with a Wright J-6 5-cyl radial.
Mr Plumpe dug this gem from his Bowers treasure room, and it follows the Bostonian rules. More than that, the original actually flew over Boston MA on her (wrong) way to fame! I believe the plane still exists though I can't locate it ATM.
Miguel : Wong Way Wobin : 28/03/2020

Hi Steve Regarding your request for an advert for the Skyleada cavalier two are in the May 1947 Aeromodeller that you have just published, pages 323. 326. Regards John.s
John Sanderson : Cavalier : 28/03/2020

What a great story about dodging the contemporary authorities! Plus: A 600 word telegram must have cost them a fortune these days. :D
Martin : Wong Way Wobin : 28/03/2020

Good point - have just checked the scaling (main wheel is dimensioned at 3-1/2 in) and the correct full wingspan is 66 inch. Have changed this listing now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : DH 88 Comet : 28/03/2020

One of my favourite aircraft. But I think the 41 inch span is wrong. I believe the span was just under 44ft. I've even seen 43ft 12" in one specification. So 1.5" to 1ft scale would be ~66". This would be much more in keeping with 2 x .20 engines and the 3-1/2" wheels. I'm very tempted to build one, and I would round-off the nose, - as above.
VincentDay : DH 88 Comet : 28/03/2020

The fuselage looks strangely pointy, both in the building plan and the drawing by Bjoern Karlstroem. The drawings in the book "Famous Racing and Aerobatic Planes" shows this most beautiful aircraft of all to have a shorter, more blunt nose cone plus landing light.
Maybe there have been different versions?
Martin : DH 88 Comet : 28/03/2020

Still alive at the Shuttleworth Collection see
john bridle : DH 88 Comet : 27/03/2020

Not many indeed were manufactured, but still it was a milestone in American aircraft history, the P-43. There is a book I recommend reading, God is my Copilot, published in 1943. Author Robert Lee Scott Jr. (1908-2006) flew the P-43 Lancer over the Hump and elsewhere and he describes not only his life as a pilot but as well the flight characteristics of this notable bird of iron.Many thanks to Outerzone for filling a real gap publishing a pretty nice plan of such a remarkable airplane.
RobertS : P-43 Lancer : 27/03/2020

Ronald, for help on how this site works, see the FAQ page at in short, all the plans here are free downloads, are at fullsize, and you can tile print them for yourself at home.
SteveWMD : Tomboy : 27/03/2020

Many thanks to RFJ for the colour drawing. Normally, I would just put this as a supplement file and not use it as the main model pic. I try to be strict with the model pic only being an actual image of the model, or the box art, as much as possible. I am bending the rules here in this case because (a) the Karlstrom drawing is directly related to this plan, and (b) let's be honest, it's a beautiful piece of artwork.
SteveWMD : DH 88 Comet : 27/03/2020

I have been unable to locate any full size plans for the TomBoy oz285. Can anybody provide a usuable plan that I could build from? Even an old often used plan. Would any person have any ideas that can guide me in building a version of the Tom Boy?
Ronald Hynes : Tomboy : 27/03/2020

Hi, Just thought I would share with you 2 photos of Overture. Still get all my balsa and other bits and bobs from the Balsa Cabin as only live a few miles away. Many thanks for a great service. Regards,
Alan Saunders : Overture : 26/03/2020

Hello people!, My name is Franco Giorgetti, from Córdoba, Argentina, this is my Pizonia in progress [more pics 008-010]. I'm sorry for my poor english jajajaja (lol),
Franco Giorgetti : Pizonia : 26/03/2020

Hi... photos of what I have called the New Junior 60 [more pics 008,009]. Reasons for the "New" is that the original design I downloaded from Outerzone has been modified to make it a much better. The following are the main modifications. The wing section is Clark Y, sheeted top and bottom with spar webs to make a full D-box. The fuselage has formers in the cockpit area to make alignment easier, and the nose has been lengthened 1.5 inches to save carrying a lot of lead. It is powered by an OS 20 FS and flies beautifully on tick-over. Regards,
Alf Britchford : Junior 60 : 26/03/2020

Hi, Here are some more photos for your files... my KK Falcon that was actually made from a Ben Buckle kit [pic 003]. As you can see it is electric powered. I think the Flyware motor is about 500 watt. Regards,
Alf Britchford : Falcon : 26/03/2020

Hi, I love browsing your site. Attached are photos [more pics 010, 011] of my twice size KK Bandit powered by a Saito 50 turning a 14x4 prop. It flies on tick-over with great presence in the air. Regards,
Alf Britchford : Bandit : 26/03/2020

Hi Mary and Steve, Attached is the article for Bob Benjamin’s “Bobcat”, a really great flying airplane. In this time of uncertainty and the COVID-19 pandemic, please take care of yourselves and stay healthy and safe. Keep up the great work on Outerzone. Best to you both,
rocketpilot : Bobcat : 26/03/2020

I build this plane here in Peru [more pics 007,008]. All the material are local. Electric engines, batteries and servos I imported them from China. Very nice Plane, thanks for the drawings.
Klaus Ramberg : Grumman Albatross : 26/03/2020

I've had a Mach-None for the past 40 years. Keeping the 049/051 engines running well (crankcase pressure, Kirn Kraft needle valve) was always a nuisance so I converted to electric. 11.1V 1300mAh battery, MicroJet V2 motor, 40A ESC from Grayson Hobby and 6-4 prop did the trick. Put the ESC & battery in the nose where the fuel tank normally is. Brace with wing with carbon fiber or you'll end up flying just one flight. Worked like a champ otherwise!
Tom Dunn : Pacer : 26/03/2020

Attached is the article for the Junkers J-10 by Dick Allen in Model Builder, June 1980. I had built this model in 1982, and it was a great flyer. I sold it to one of my club members, and on the very first flight, it crashed due to a failed servo. I rebuilt it for him, and he had it flying for approximately 9-years. About four months ago, I got out the plans and have been slowly redesigning it for electric power. I am not sure when I will start construction, but I am excited about getting balsa dust all over me soon... Best to you,
rocketpilot : Junkers J-10 : 25/03/2020

For help with this, see the KB article "Checking the page size of a PDF plan" at
SteveWMD : Burda-Piper (PA-18 Super Cub) : 25/03/2020

What is the right size to print out the drawing?
alf-r : Burda-Piper (PA-18 Super Cub) : 25/03/2020

Hi Steve & Mary, these photos of the flying 1937 Wakefield Winner were taken by Roman Groener at our spring meeting from ‘’ in Holziken, Switzerland [more pics 005,006]. Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
AndreasKoch : 1937 Wakefield : 25/03/2020

Hi Steve & Mary, I bought this model at a swap meet in Detroit in 1994 and the photo was taken on the Ribcrackers flying field [more pics 003,004]. The Pou flew very well, but I had problems with the undercarriage which would bend every landing. I had the great idea of replacing the piano wire with larger diameter stainless steel wire. It didn't bend, but instead punched upwards into the fuselage like a knife through butter. I would therefore advise anyone building this model to provide some kind of shock absorbing to the axle.
Chris Pinn : Pou du Ciel : 25/03/2020

Pic of my Gentle Lady [008].
HenryH : Gentle Lady : 25/03/2020

No, we have no CAD file for this plan. Most plans on Oz are bitmaps, and do not exist in CAD format. For a full list of the available CAD format plans on Outerzone, see
SteveWMD : JC Trainer 60 : 25/03/2020

Hello Oz, A few photos of my latest build, the KK Phantom Mite [main pic, 004,005]. Powered by a DC bantam 049. Keep well - soon be flying again! Best regards,
Tony Wright : Phantom Mite : 25/03/2020

Hi. Can i take plan of dxf format?
Onur : JC Trainer 60 : 24/03/2020

Hi Ya Steve and Mary, Hope you guys are doing ok. Coronavirus has afforded a wonderful opportunity to build so I got started on Albatros (Blunderbuss) and also got the enlargements done for Inflammable, Black Bullet and Red Admiral.. all for later in the summer.. I did a little tweeking on the Albatros structure because of the much heavier Saito FA-60T twin which included sliding the firewall aft and strengthening the wing dihedral braces and attach fittings plus a full "D box" leading edge for torsional rigidity. I made the exhaust stacks. Had to have a "Minion" pilot. Lift struts to go. Here's a coupla snaps [pics 007,008], better pics when she flies. Love the website and as always, you both have provided some sanity in a world gone Loony-tunes. Thank you more than you know. Take care. Al and the Greyhounds, AMA255724
Al : Albatros : 24/03/2020

I lengthened the nose an inch, balances perfect with the golden bee, multi spar wing like his other designs, aluminum gear [pics 008-010]. Cover lite covering. Flies great, lots of fun to build and fly, with the throttle rings it will putt around at idle or multiple loops at full throttle, touch and goes etc. I added a steerable tail wheel and snoopy.
Steven Swinamer : Bee-Tween : 24/03/2020

Hi, A couple of pictures of my Keil Kraft Conquest [main pic, 006], feel free to use them if you wish.
Mark : Conquest : 24/03/2020

Photos of my Amigo III, motorized [more pics 003,004].
FoadBesharat : Amigo III : 24/03/2020

Hi Mary and Steve, Bad time for corona virus, but is time for Go Ahead [pics 013-018]. Burka II during confinement, also time to think about all our model friends.
AntonioRG : Burka II : 24/03/2020

Hi, I thought that you may like a couple of pictures of my 16" Keil Kraft Fokker D8 [main pic and 005]. This was built from a 80's / 90's kit.
Mark : Fokker D8 : 24/03/2020

Hi, Here are a some pictures of my KK Soarer Baby [main pic and 003]. Thanks,
Mark : Soarer Baby : 24/03/2020

Hello, I visit your site quite regularly. At the time when RTF invades the market, it is good to find a place where there are real machines & build respecting traditions. I wish you a long existence, and well done for the archives which date back to the early days of model making. There are still many plans to come out of the attics ...
I have been a modeller since 1982. I am sending you photos of my plane - Maxi Graupner - which I have built [more pics 005-007]. 13 years old. The plan is in bad shape and was difficult treat. I will be sure to contact you again on other occasions. Cordialement,
Frédéric Marchand : Maxi : 24/03/2020

Added pic of oz6037, Toughie, from Model Builder, September 1984, thanks to RFJ.
SteveWMD : Toughie : 24/03/2020

Hello, I send you the photos of my bee tween built from the plan that is on the page. This is the second one I build, and tweaked it a bit to improve flying qualities. Among the improvements made is the lengthening of the nose in order to reduce the amount of lead that I had to add to the first to correct the CG. Another thing that modifies is the main wing spar that frosted it with two pine instead of a single raft. Cheers,
Nico : Bee-Tween : 23/03/2020

Hi if I remember correctly the wing ribs for this plan were drawn incorrectly, im sure David Boddington redrew them and included them in the next issue of the magazine. anyone else remember?
Brian Hunt : Hawker Hurricane I : 23/03/2020

Hello, Here you are my free flight model Wicherek 10 saved picture [main pic], hope everyone will like it! Regards,
Marcin : Wicherek 10 : 23/03/2020

I built two of these, and they really fly. Lost one in a thermal.
Jim Pollard : RWD-5bis : 23/03/2020

The plan has a note saying "Tapered wing and stab ribs are cut as shown above. Cut all ribs from 1/16 sheet". Basically, draw an angled line, to make each rib the size you want. I don't think the airfoil shape you end up with is at all critical, you just need (some, any) ribs of the correct length, to fill out the wing shape.
SteveWMD : Atlas : 23/03/2020

How to make the ribs of the wing tips? The plan does not show the measurements of it. Thanks
Aa : Atlas : 23/03/2020

The EDO Float plans are the best I’ve seen, incredibly well scaled. The Aircraft plan is also incredible, but those floats are the tops!
Jeff Dick : Bellanca Aircruiser : 23/03/2020

The manual is missing Page 3.
EB : JetFire 40 : 22/03/2020

Mini Comet is a very good design. It was my first successful Single channel R/c model.Made some time in 1968. It was scratch built from the plan. Instead of tapered wing, I was advised to make straight wing. The first model was powered by Frog 1.5 cc Diesel engine. Homemade fuel tank. Home made Single Channel transistor Tx (27 Mhz) and Super- regenerative Rx. with Elmic Conquest escapement.
Then another was built with OS PET .10 and then Enya .09.
Excellent flyer. I really learned my R/c flying on this model.
Nilesh Maniar : Mini Comet : 22/03/2020

The plan of the bigger Noorduyn Norseman Mk V (oz10671) by the same people doesn't show any formers either but at least it has a tail, however the box photo shows it satisfyingly rounded. Are we maybe missing some printwood sheet?
Miguel : Noorduyn Norseman : 22/03/2020

let's say a "sorta Norseman", note the squared fuselage...
Pit : Noorduyn Norseman : 22/03/2020

Hi Steve & Mary, This plane is sadly famous for being the plane in which Glenn Miller was lost, flying out of Tempsford airfield, near Biggleswade.
I see you've mentioned "formers unchecked", but the plan doesn't show any tailplane...
OK, it wouldn't be difficult to find and draw...
Best regards, BC
Brian Cox : Noorduyn Norseman : 22/03/2020

Hi. This photo of the flying Felix [main model pic] was taken by Roman Groener at the rubber engine meeting in Holziken, Switzerland.
AndreasK : Felix : 21/03/2020

Greetings Outerzone, Attached is a photo [pic 007] of the original 39" span Elf Biplane as designed by Frank Ehling that inspired me to design and build the Elf Senior as published in Model Aviation, 1984. This model is now 43 years old, has been converted to electric power, and (except for the Rudder and Stab, still wears its original doped, silkspan finish. It gets flown often in the summer as well as the winter using a small set of skies. It's a great little flier!
Regards, Gary Brown, Liverpool, NY U.S.A.
Gary Brown : Elf Biplane Senior : 21/03/2020

Hello Steve and Mary, in attachment some photos of my Jet40. I bought a well used but good conserved Jet 40 some years ago. I did a complete make over, dual aileron control, electric setup, new servo's, new finishing. A detailed report (in Dutch) can be found here:
I use a SK3 5045 kv=660 on 6S with a 11x10 prop and after some test flights, I can say it has loads of power and behaves excellent in heavy wind conditions. The first photo is of the original model, second and third is after the make-over and electro conversion [more pics 009-012]. Best regards,
Dries : Jet-40 : 21/03/2020

Hello Phil, Glad you enjoy the Elf. I still have my 60" span version, but fly the smaller, original size very often. That one was converted to electric power several years ago, and is a joy to fly on calm days. I also fly it in the winter with skis. Frank Ehling really got this design right so many years ago.
Gary Brown : Elf Biplane Senior : 21/03/2020

Steve, may all your landings be upwind!
A quote from the links page: "A superb site for genuine Vintage Plans " :-)
Miguel : Super 60 : 20/03/2020

What covering did you use?
Marc : Taube Monoplane : 20/03/2020

The Colin Usher website has been down for some years now. But the Wayback Machine has archived captures. So for example his old page for this Super 60 plan is at
SteveWMD : Super 60 : 20/03/2020

Hi Mary, I found another one [main model pic], of my fan-forced Hegi Aladin. Fits with your plan Aladin (oz9393).
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards,
Ewald Seinemeyer : Aladin : 20/03/2020

Need some clear outer rib template details
Phil : Pussycat : 20/03/2020

Hi Ewald,
a great picture of an extremely well executed build you can be truly proud of. Thanks for sharing with us!
Martin : Burda-Piper (PA-18 Super Cub) : 19/03/2020

Had one of these with a Webra Bully 35cc motor on it. Made a good tug for 1/4 and old time 1/3 scale gliders.
Mark Pitts : Big Rainbow : 19/03/2020

Hi Folks, I have made an picture of my Hegi Burda Piper (oz11945), you can connect it to your site [main model pic].
Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Kind Regards,
Ewald Seinemeyer : Burda-Piper (PA-18 Super Cub) : 19/03/2020

This good Mr Plumpe's scanner must be smoking already! Col Bowers soul must be grinning from that Big Cumulonimbus up there where deceased airmodellers meet :-)
Miguel : Mr Mulligan : 19/03/2020

hello. can you help me? I want ultra stick25e plan ,but I did not find any plan. have you ultra stick25e 3D plan?
Amir : Ultra Stik 54 : 19/03/2020

Mary/Steve, As promised, here are some photos of the Record Hound in flight. Climb out is robust and floats on the lift like a homeward angel. On landing it floats in for a perfect 3-pt landing. The "Hound" is no dog. It is pure pleasure to fly. It is powered by a G-25 electric motor, 40ma esc and 2200mah 3s Turnigy battery. Radio for the brains is a Spectrum DX7. Thanks for your wonderful site. Keep up the good work. Chuck Johnson, Umpqua Valley Modelers/Oakland Oregon
ChuckJ : Record Hound : 19/03/2020

The plan comes with a supplement of 5 pages of detailed instructions. But yes, if you intend to build a model using this plan, which is dated 1913, then you may need to make some decisions for yourself.
SteveWMD : Nieuport Monoplane : 19/03/2020

Plan is basically an outline, all else is up to the builder.
Dan : Nieuport Monoplane : 19/03/2020

I would like to know the dimensions of the fuselage side pieces Jim Haliburton - 24/08/2019 cut? With those dimensions, it MIGHT be easier to build oversized side pieces and simply cut them in half.
Bob Blubaugh : RCM Fuselage Jig : 18/03/2020

my Sr.Falcon is nearly ready for maidenflight. Only engine and RC are missing....
Many greetings from Germany
Reinhard Lehmann : Senior Falcon : 18/03/2020

The Redwing [main pic, more pics 012,013] is finished in Sams Superlite coloured tissue, I hollowed the nose blocks out much more than was suggested on the plan and built up the tail surfaces in the hope of lowering the overall weight. I thought I’d used light wood too but the all up weight is still a fairly hefty 26.7g (0.94oz) without rubber. I’ll be happy if I can get thirty seconds out of it but I’m hoping for a bit more.
PeteT : Redwing : 18/03/2020

Dear Steve and Mary, Please find attached a few pictures of my cosmetically complete Gordon Rae Baby Gull glider [main pic, more pics 008,009]. I promised you photographs when I finally got around to covering it and am pleased to say that despite prevaricating for a long period whilst I enjoyed staring at the bones, I managed to eventually break out the tissue and crack on with it. The finish is Peck white tissue as a substrate and Esaki for the coloured sections. Cellulose dope was used to seal the finish. I still have to install control horns and hook up the pushrods and the tail surfaces are only balanced/tacked in place for the pictures but I have hope that, Coronavirus notwithstanding, I can provide you with a flight report soon. All up weight without ballast is 74.5g (2.63 ounces) but I anticipate needing about ten grams in the nose to balance it.
PeteT : Baby Gull : 18/03/2020

Added beautiful photo of his completed Contester model, thanks to Jiro Sugimoto.
SteveWMD : Contester : 18/03/2020

Dave D, see the OZ plan (oz1429). The rudder and fin should be enlarged 10-15%, the white and red plane show this and my aged wood version now has these done. The stab and elevator are OK as is. Won't hurt anything to add a bay to each wing panel.
Bill Hibbets : Roaring 20 : 17/03/2020

Doh! Answered my own request. Another version of the plan is right here on Outerzone, with the full stab/elevator shown! See OZ 1429
Dave D : Roaring 20 : 17/03/2020

Neat design. The horiz. stab span/shape could be estimated from the images and partial view on the plan, but it would be nice if someone could "scan" the actual stab and elevator parts...
Dave D : Roaring 20 : 17/03/2020

Jr Falcon [more pics 010]. Wood from the local DIY. Powered by an OS 2.5 cc, V-position halved for ailerons. Flies like the devil. Regards,
Christian : Jr Falcon : 17/03/2020

Hi. New photos of the free flight modell Tiger Rag, motor LETMO MD-2.5 (diesel), mechanic timer cut off + VOP determalize [main pic and more pics 003-005]. Thanks,
Martin Kresadlo : Tiger Rag : 17/03/2020

Greetings, I am very impressed by the number and variety of designs by Col. Bowers you've published recently. They have an elegance and diversity that I find charming. I hope there are many more to come.
James Hickman : Monocoupe 90 : 17/03/2020

Thanks for adding the Colibri by Laser Models to OUTERZONE site. I have attached some pictures [model photo & more pics 003].
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Colibri : 17/03/2020

Hi Mary/Steve, Thought you might like a couple of pictures related to the Schoolboy plan. The first shows the Topflite kit. it came to me from a friend of my son whose dad had it in his attic since (we believe) the 1980's. The kit was a very quick build - all tabbed sheet construction - finished in the guise of a Piper L4 Grasshopper, as I fancied something with invasion stripes on it! The covering was inkjet printed tissue varnished on and the stripes were from standard printer paper. Power is a 50W brushless motor running off a 400mAH 2S LiPo, with 3 channel control (R-E-T). It's obviously better in calmer conditions, but the good news is that, at an all up weight of 240gmm, the CAA have no interest in it!
PS. Once again, thanks again for all your efforts with Outerzone.
Roger T : Schoolboy : 16/03/2020

Beautiful work. For anyone wants to see more details and photos of this Spitfire model, see Mike's RCGroups posts at and also video at
SteveWMD : Spitfire : 16/03/2020

Here's a couple pictures of the Earl Stahl Spitfire (plan oz8609) I built last year. Starting point was a Rockytop models kit. I added the rocker cover fairings, radiator, oil cooler and carb air intakes and miscellaneous lumps and bumps. The finish is Esaki tissue, brown on top with the green printed on it and white on bottom with sky printed on it and white chalk on the backside. Panel work was done with colored pencils. Model weighs 70g without rubber, best flight so far is 100 seconds on 4 x 38" loops of 1/8" rubber (about 28g of rubber).
Thanks again for all you do to make these great plans available!
Mike Kelly : Spitfire : 16/03/2020

Photos of my Ghost Rider 38 [main pic and 005]. Flies superbly.
Tony Leigh : Ghost Rider 38 : 16/03/2020

Steve, Here is a picture of the Vernon Mini Robot I just built from OZ plans [morepics 007]. I used a Stevens Aero WingIt! kit. It was the right size and saved a lot of time. Powered by a 2204-14T brushless motor, 610 2S Li-Po, 3 channel R/C. Weighs 210g. Also a magazine ad for the Vernon kit. Thanks for all you do!
Tom : Mini Robot : 16/03/2020

Many thanks. Have added a photo, thanks to Pit, showing an original ticket which is quote: "Good for One Flight with Annette Gipson", I guess that settles it.
SteveWMD : Monocoupe 90 : 16/03/2020

Gipson, see
Pit : Monocoupe 90 : 16/03/2020

Looking again, to be honest, I have no idea which is the correct spelling. Both show up in searches. Both of the above mentioned links are to sites run by enthusiasts (but not by historians). Does anyone have an authoritative answer?
SteveWMD : Monocoupe 90 : 16/03/2020

Thanks. Fixed this now. Presumably this is a misprint that got past the magazine editor. I did a quick Google, and there is a pic of the Monocoupe 90A (NC11792) owned by Annette Gipson at
SteveWMD : Monocoupe 90 : 16/03/2020

I believe it may very well be Annette Gipson - with a "P" - not Gibson. See
David Wood : Monocoupe 90 : 16/03/2020

I always welcome each and every one of these lovely H. Bowers 'dreams for some day' and Mr Plumpe is kind to pull out of his hat for this art gallery that Outerzone is.
Miguel : Mercury Chic : 16/03/2020

Nice job.
John Blankenship : Hawker Fury : 15/03/2020

I've built and flown a Tyro Major built from the DB sport and scale plans - it IS possible to use 4" sheets for the Fus. sides with careful positioning. I flew mine with an OS25LA - initially it had a 9x6 prop and seemed underpowered, but I changed this to a 10x4 and WHAT a difference! It had plenty of pull right through loops and could be rolled ( a bit barrelly!). I believe an OS40LA would overpower it, and you would need to re-think the structure somewhat. It became my favourite grab and go glow plane for a while, until I crashed it trying to roll downwind at too low an altitude. Would thoroughly recommend gluing the tailplane on, as the rubber band mounting I had often needed re-trimming. Great plane though, and not just for the beginner - a great hack.
Nick : Tyro Major : 15/03/2020

Hello dear Steve, here´s pictures for the plan OZ11226 Falcão TR. I have just built this model! It´s one of the rarest Brazilian´s kits ever, and I was comissioned to build the only original kit we ever heard of on the last 15 years or so. This was the original kit! Follows artwork as well. Hope you like it - all automotive lacquer paint and clear coat over doped polyspan paper. Regards from Brazil,
Fred Cesquim : Falcao TR-2 : 13/03/2020

Peanut Scale Hawker Fury Mk1 constructed from the 1974 plan by John Blankenship [modelpic, plus more pics 005-009]. This model is bound to put a smile upon your face, simple lines and beauty, and with such an outstanding pedigree. The famous Hurricane is so apparent in the Fury's design. A carved propeller, and hand-made wire wheels, along with a bit of art on the radiator intake, all serve to make her a piece de resistance. She's so sweet, you'd be happy to take her home to mother. Much thanks to the folk at OuterZone...and to you, Mary.
Neal Green : Hawker Fury : 13/03/2020

I built this model in 1968 exactly per the plan, and it flew incredibly well. In 1984, I built another Robin, however, I added ailerons and lowered the dihedral. This modification made the plane easier to fly, and it was a joy. I am now in the process of modifying it for electric with rudder, ailerons and elevator control. The Robin is very close to me, as over the years, I was involved in the restoration of two 12"=1' aircraft. One with a Curtiss Challenger engine (like the model) and one with an OX-5 engine.
rocketpilot : Curtiss Robin : 12/03/2020

I must take up the case of the poor Keil Kraft Lysander. While the 'Keelbild' models are in a class of their own, the Keil Kraft Lysander was easier to get hold of and for a youngster to make, and flew quite well if built light with a reasonable propeller and rubber motor. "Some" years ago a friend who was quite dismissive of boys toys was converted to the cause. It was rather heart-warming to watch as She chased after this little Lysander like an eight year old as it flew in circles around her field and saved me chasing after it. When I do get around to making another I will probably scale it up a little, not much heavier but more wing area, built up tail/rudder and plug in under-carriage as the kit Lysander did tend to punch a hole in the fuselage on landing as built.
Gnomelike : Westland Lysander : 12/03/2020

Hi, I am from Iran. This aircraft is Sporty Forty [more pics 010-013].
MohamadM : Sporty Forty : 12/03/2020

Hello Vince,
Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully the wind will drop eventually ??best regards Tony.
Tony Wright : Kaman Helicopter : 12/03/2020

Added pics of his (electrified, motorised) Bergfalke, thanks to Johan Schotte [more pics 005-009].
SteveWMD : BergFalke 150 : 11/03/2020

Construction sequence at: - lots of good build pics here.
pit : BergFalke 150 : 11/03/2020

Hi Tony, your Kaman looks fantastic, and light. I am sure it will be a good flyer! Good luck with the test flights.
Vince Day : Kaman Helicopter : 10/03/2020

Hello Outerzone. My latest effort,the Kaman free flight helicopter! [more pics 005-008] Only taken 50 years to get round to building one ?? Managed to keep the weight down to 10 oz so hopefully if the weather improves it should fly! Keep up the good work. Best regards,
Tony Wright : Kaman Helicopter : 10/03/2020

Thank you for the information.
Wilson silva : North American P-51B : 10/03/2020

Added pic for low tail Windrifter (oz7423) from ad in RCM May 1974, thanks to RFJ.
SteveWMD : Windrifter : 09/03/2020

Awesome just what I needed, I just picked up this kit for $5 at an antique shop because it was missing the plans but looks like all the wooden parts are there
Justin : Lockheed P-38 Lightning : 09/03/2020

Dear sir, I have made a 1/12 class Royal-Marutaka Spitfire Mk-1 from a plan that I have downloaded a few months ago. And finished maiden flight today. I'm very happy, so I decided to send the photo [main model pic]. Thank you very much,
Kose Oikawa : Spitfire Mk1 : 09/03/2020

See KB article for help on 'Checking the scaling of a PDF plan'. With this here plan, the wingspan is 47 inch, so a half-wing will measure 23-1/2 in.
SteveWMD : Troika : 09/03/2020

Here are some photographs of my Sig 29er [more pics 009-013], based upon a Fairchild 22 that found its way to Japan in 1934... ultimately donated to the Japanese Army Military Academy. The kanji characters on the fuselage represent 'patriotism.' Thanks,
Neal Green : 29er : 09/03/2020

About aileron on plan and review.
Short or "barn door" ailerons were used with "reeds" non proprtional radio control. But with the introduction of proportional radio control (like today's systems) the strip aileron was adopted for better performance in flight. The plan on OZ has strip ailreron, probabbly the first kit has short aileron considering that in Italy many modeller continue to fly with "reeds" system until the 70'. Guglielmo Reda said me that he participated at 1967 Corsica World Championship with reeds radio, and his performance was impossible to compare with propo radios.
For more info see:
pit : I-LASER : 09/03/2020

Hi, I've been looking for this plan for years having seen it as a young boy and never being able to afford the build. I'm about to do a print of the plan but would like to check scale isn't off. Have you got a large true dimension that you can take off the plan so that I can check.
John : Troika : 09/03/2020

Or just drop the whole thing into Photoshop, usually that should work and in the dialog window you can choose the page(s) you want to import.
SteveWMD : US Transport Glider : 09/03/2020

Other free options would be Gimp or PDFsam. I use both to extract single pages from pdf files.
SteveWMD : US Transport Glider : 09/03/2020

Dan, if you can scan the 4 sheets and send the scans to us here, we'll host the scanned plan for everyone to see. As far as the actual paper copy goes, I don't really have a use for it, myself.
SteveWMD : P-51 Mustang : 09/03/2020

Oh boy! - I'd sure love to see those missing pages, too, Dan. It'd take me back to Xmas 1953! I'm
Dave Plumpe : P-51 Mustang : 09/03/2020

3 good sized screen-shots and Photoshop to join? You don't need to do that, go to and download the full suite. One of the programs inside - pdfedit995 - among other things does sheet extraction no less, so you can pull out the entire plan.
I just did exactly that on the very same plan and I took much longer finding the magazine and the plan inside than the few seconds the actual extraction took. And it's free too but the license fee is so low and the whole lot works so well that it's worth the cost several times!
When downloading from the site the order in which program components have to be downloaded and installed may be somewhat misleading but if anything fails it's easy to see where you went wrong and go back. I know, I do that every time. :-)
Miguel : US Transport Glider : 09/03/2020

Thanks for your suggestions, Bill. The wing section shown on the fuselage side view is flat bottomed. Another section of the plan shows an airfoil with undercamber. The wing transitions from flat bottom over the wing mount to undercamber for the balance of the span. I must admit that I am being lazy here. My rusty memory thinks that this glider used a NACA6409 section in the wing. I can use online airfoil plotters to generate the rib profiles. I was simply seeking confirmation on the wing airfoil section or, if lucky, the rib profiles from the kit.
Mel Gray : Nordic : 08/03/2020

Hello Dan. I'm interested in having all 4 plans. My email is
Eduardo : P-51 Mustang : 08/03/2020

I have the already built plane and all 4 sheets of plans if anyone is interested in seeing them.
Dan Evans : P-51 Mustang : 08/03/2020

The wing and stab root rib profiles and spar locations are on the plan. See the fuselage side view. To develop the others, use the enlarge/reduce feature on a copier to get the tip rib profiles, and then go with the sandwich method to get the intermediate ribs.
Bill Hibbets : Nordic : 07/03/2020

Hi Bob, Do You recall your C47 RTF weight? Mr White does not include it in his build instructions. Thinking of building one with Epower. Thanks
Stan : Douglas DC-3 : 07/03/2020

Added a couple of pics, thanks to RFJ, found on the RC Network website.
SteveWMD : Wolkenbeisser : 07/03/2020

What a beautiful looking glider, they sure knew how to make nice models back in the day.
John Boy Paddy : Wolkenbeisser : 07/03/2020

Would anyone have any information on the airfoils used on this classic glider or perhaps the wing and stabilizer rib outlines themselves?
Mel Gray : Nordic : 07/03/2020

Also the pylon mount can slide fore and aft along the fuselage to adjust flight performance. Mounting with dental bands allows the wing to pop off to the side giving a cushion effect on hard landings or rafter/ wall strikes.
Matt Foley : Crowd Pleaser : 06/03/2020

Skippy said it better than I could of!!
When I made this design I was thinking of 7th grade students in mind (12 year old kids). I ran it through about 80 students so far and no difficulties occurred. I have a 75 watt laser cutter in my classroom, the cut sheets facilitate cutting many parts at once. I have been asked why not just order kits for the kids? Cost- I can make these for about 1 US dollar each vs about 7 for a kit. I have over 300 students in 7th grade and the cool thing every one of them will have built a stick and tissue plane by the end of the year.
Matt Foley : Crowd Pleaser : 06/03/2020

Steve, you have clearly shown you have the skills it takes to start a new career, this file was most competently butchered. For your next project could I suggest a Westland COW Gun Fighter, better yet a Brewster Buffalo? All steps on the parh to the apex of the career, the Martinsyde Elephant.
Miguel : Focke-Wulf Stosser : 06/03/2020

Hello again from a sunny Yorkshire for a change! Please find attached a couple of pictures [more pics 016,017] of my Das Ugly Stik built from your plan oz6801. I’ve finally got around to covering it and as you can see, my wife Jill cut out a few ‘Flying Ladies’ from Solartrim instead of the usual black cross, which I think looks a lot more pretty. I have to finish a few decorative stripes and install the fuel tank and she is good to go for her maiden flight. Will the wind ever drop though? Thank you again for a great website. Best regards,
John Boy Paddy : Das Ugly Stik : 06/03/2020

The plan states 1-1/4 in dihedral under each tip. For additional assistance there is a dihedral gauge shown on sheet 2.
The drawings also show where on the pylon to glue the pylon mount and there is a note to use dental bands to secure the pylon to the fuselage. If you study the photos closely you will see the lower part of the pylon sits to the right of the fuselage and the dental bands each end secure the mount as suggested.
Skippy : Crowd Pleaser : 06/03/2020

What is dihedral rise at wing tips? Needs pylon attachment details.
TomG : Crowd Pleaser : 06/03/2020

I have built a total of 6 Aeromaster TOOs, the first in 1975, still have one flying and a spare GP Super Aeromaster kit tucked away just in case. I also have a Giant Aeromaster but have not as yet flown it. Superb aeroplane.
Brian Patterson : Aeromaster Too : 05/03/2020

Ok, here you go. Done now. Have butchered a perfectly nice vector file. But is full size now. See (refer to) previous version for anything that's now unclear.
SteveWMD : Focke-Wulf Stosser : 05/03/2020

This is just how it arrived. It's a vector pdf, so outside my ability to edit this file (in this format). Might be able to rasterise it and make a bitmap, will see.
SteveWMD : Focke-Wulf Stosser : 05/03/2020

Got it, have changed this to A not B, thanks
SteveWMD : T-28A Trojan : 05/03/2020

T-28A. High canopy, small cowling, 2 bladed propeller (advantageous for rubber). I used to paint T-28’s at Victoria Air Maintenance.
Jeff : T-28A Trojan : 05/03/2020

The plan is about 1/3 of true size, any reason?
Ted Avey : Focke-Wulf Stosser : 05/03/2020

No, the plans are lower down on the page, as always. Scroll down. For help with downloading plans generally, see
SteveWMD : Polikarpov I-16 Mosca : 04/03/2020

Did they remove the plans?
robin barnard : Polikarpov I-16 Mosca : 04/03/2020

Would you believe that the model is still flying? (2020) I've used it for many years to try out different power units, mainly electric, it presently has a home-produced contra prop set up.
John Rutter : AMI Tutor : 04/03/2020

Not much to do to lighten that fuselage, except connecting it to a vacuum pump after covering to remove the air inside! Indeed I would rather lose a couple of grams to add a few diagonal members lest the rubber motor pulls a disaster up. Nose a bit long but a fine model overall.
Miguel : M-13 : 03/03/2020

On 23-24 of January 1938 three modified bomber Savoia Marchetti S-79 made a record Transatlantic flight Roma-Dakar-Rio de Janeiro. On the S-79 side were painted three green mice. In Italy that's a saying:
"I'll make you see the green mice" intended as I'll make you see something incredible or a bad moment.
After the record It became the motto of 205th Bomber Group that painted the 3 mice on their Aircraft. One of the three S-79 had the registration I-BRUN. BRUN stay for Bruno Mussolini, son of Benito Mussolini. Bruno was a good pilot since he was 17 y.o. the most young Italian pilot. Bruno died during the test flight of the Piaggio P.108 (a sort of Italian Flying Fortress). Colour scheme sent by mail [more pics 004].
Pit : M-13 : 03/03/2020

Does anyone have a pic of the Cavalier model, maybe from a magazine ad? Would be nice to have a pic for this one.
SteveWMD : Cavalier : 03/03/2020

Either Paul Plecan copied from Peter Kelsey or the other way around. Just check Plecan's Hummingbird (oz110). Both are amazingly similar. It would be interesting to find out who copied from whom because the similarities of these two models are amazing. I refuse to believe it was just a coincidence, although it could be, but difficult to believe.
Eduardo Barriga : Point Five : 03/03/2020

1 more comment about the wing. Cut wing rib sets are offered from BRODAK. They have a lot of rib sets to choose from & price is reasonable.
father4boys : Cobra : 02/03/2020

Very nice looking airplane with style & simplicity. Thankful that is does NOT have a RINGMASTER wing. The rectangular wing is very good, a lot simpler to cutout & build time is reduced. When cutting ribs it makes it easier to cut enough for 2-3 wings.
fayther4boys : Cobra : 02/03/2020

Sir you have on your system my original pictures of my 3 channel electric KK Eaglet built from the original kit, please find the attached photograph of myself holding my first rubber powered 'Eaglet' made by my father in circa 1953 [pic 008]. Regards,
Roy Garner : Eaglet : 02/03/2020

Please find attached this photo of me and Challenger in 1965 [pic 004]. Ciao,
Beppe : Challenger III : 02/03/2020

Pete Kelsey was the designer of the Skyleada Zipper (oz9538) and searching online for him (and Skyleada) finds the Clarion SAM 1066 newletter at which says he worked for Skyleada as a designer/draughtsman from 1947 to 1953. Also that he wrote 'The Skyleada Story' which appeared in SAM35 Yearbook No. 12.
SteveWMD : Point Five : 02/03/2020

Hi Steve, after more than 60 years, I finally find who is PK although I have never heard this name before. Are there more designs by this chap?
Concerning the new version of the plan, so nice that the parts are separately included. However, please check the wood grain on the rudder. It is wrongly placed. Grain should be towards the longest part. I am presently building another Point Five but it will have a miniature servo since I am no longer fit to run after this fantastic model throughout our entire countryside. I remember my youth when I built 4 and lost them all. Those were the days!!
This model was also a locally made kit and called the "Fenix" (Phoenix in Spanish). It sold like hotcakes and it will be rekitted once again for electric power with or without RC.
Best wishes!!
Eduardo Barriga : Point Five : 02/03/2020

Have changed this listing to show Pete Kelsey as the designer (I'm assuming that's what the PK stands for). If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will point it out :)
SteveWMD : Point Five : 02/03/2020

Thanks again RFJ!
RMC : Polikarpov Po-2 : 02/03/2020

Attached are some pictures of my Bokkie [more pics 003-005]. I modified the plans to use an OS .26 Surpass 4-cycle engine, and extended the wing span to 48". I enjoyed building this plane, and she flies great. Hope you can use these.
Larry Nieman : Bokkie : 02/03/2020

Here are a couple pictures of my Big Bird Too [more pics 007,008]. I modified the plans to use "bolt on" wings versus the rubber bands, extended the overall wingspan to 100" by increasing the length of the inner wing panels, increased the rudder and elevators by 30%, and added ailerons and flaps. She is powered by an OS .25 FX 2 cycle engine. This thing just loves to fly and is the easiest flying plane I own. With flaps in full down position she almost stands still in the air.
Larry Nieman : Big Bird Too : 02/03/2020

Here are some pictures of my 1911 Voisin Canard [main pic, more pics 003,004]. This was an interesting build with the wings having 'under camber' airfoils. I used a .54 4-cycle engine for power, which was great for takeoff, but unfortunately I was never able to get her back down on the ground in one piece following a hair-raising 5 minute first flight. This plan DOES NOT glide once the engine stops.
Larry Nieman : Voisin Canard : 02/03/2020

Attached are some pictures of my STOL Pigeon [more pics 006-008]. This is a great plane to build and fly. I modified the plans to use "bolt-on" wings, increased the rudder by 30%, extended both wings to 48" and removed the dihedral, and used an OS .35 2-cycle for power. Fun plane to fly and holds true to its name "STOL".
Larry Nieman : STOL Pigeon : 02/03/2020

Added supplement page now, thanks to RFJ :)
SteveWMD : Polikarpov Po-2 : 01/03/2020

Great photos, of a very fine model. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Queen Bee : 01/03/2020

Hi, Photos of Queen Bee from Cechia... Motor is Junior 2cc MVVS.
Martin Kresadlo : Queen Bee : 01/03/2020

Hi, here is a photo of the Sokol by Radoslav Cížek [more pics 003].
Martin Kresadlo : Sokol : 01/03/2020

It's not a glider or a pattern plane. It's a transitional trainer (and fun flyer), as stated in the instructions.
SteveWMD : Bushwacker : 01/03/2020

Thanks, have set the date as 1950 now.
SteveWMD : Sokol : 01/03/2020

Construction in 1950.
MartinKresadlo : Sokol : 01/03/2020

I saw the drawings for a Shorts Scion. Do you know perhaps, of the existence of any technical drawings which originated with the manufacturer?
MJA : Short Scion : 01/03/2020

Thank you rfj for finding the article pages! On the second (and final) page of the article though I notice it says: "...flip this page for supplementary information in the form of inter-plane strut, rudders and elevator rocker bar details etc." I wonder if anyone has that page? Not sure if it's actually necessary or just extra info...
RMC : Polikarpov Po-2 : 01/03/2020

Bushwacker was a glider, not a pattern plane.
rick : Bushwacker : 01/03/2020

This is fantastic!! Thank you for sharing :-)
Professor Gizmo : Windbag : 29/02/2020

Added colour photo of completed Sokol model, found online at SAM 78 website. See
SteveWMD : Sokol : 29/02/2020

I had one way back in the late 70s. It was realy slow, I learned flying on this plane.
michael : MEN Trainer : 29/02/2020

Model in photo is actually an R/C electric conversion. Full build thread is:
John : Verville-Sperry R-3 : 28/02/2020

I have an Amigo II too. But watch this 6 meter ws version...
Pit : Amigo I : 28/02/2020

The Ugly Stik (oz6801) scheme is quite fitting, she really is frightful but don't say that within earshot or she will crash on purpose! What matters is the old dictum, reversed in this case: "If it flies well, it will look well".
Miguel : Das Box Fly 20W : 28/02/2020

Glad to see a plan of the Amigo I published! For us air mad kids in the mid 1970-ies to early 1980-ies, the Amigo I and II were the 1st contact with R/C sailplanes that could be seriously thermalled. Opinions about them were mixed: Whilst everybody accepted they were good and forgiving sailplanes, we thought them to be "so ugly they had a strange beauty of their own."
Martin : Amigo I : 28/02/2020

Good Morning. I thought I'd send you some photos of my recent build. The Das Box Fly 20W. I built one from the Pilot kit in about 1984 and it lasted at least twenty years. I'm hoping to do the same with this one. It's got a .32 size engine on it, which should pull it through the air very well. Cheers,
Tom Burkett : Das Box Fly 20W : 27/02/2020

Then scroll down to the 'download files' section of this page :)
SteveWMD : Curare 60 : 27/02/2020

I'm looking for a Curare plan.
Allais Rene : Curare 60 : 27/02/2020

Confucius said "Two are better than one, see the wheels in a bicycle", so a brace of Pottiers are a welcome sight, especially if in clear, well designed and pleasing to the eye plans.
Miguel : Pottier P.80 : 26/02/2020

Excellent. Have update this listing now. Many thanks.
SteveWMD : Beginners Duration : 25/02/2020

Aeromodeller index has an entry Beginners Duration for August 1938 (month and year I was born!)
Ted : Beginners Duration : 25/02/2020

Can anyone give me a date for when this plan was published?
SteveWMD : Beginners Duration : 25/02/2020

A lovely Scarlet Angel, Lyndsay. Well done!
Nicholas Tucker : Comper Swift : 24/02/2020

When I discovered this design in Aeromodeller some 45 years ago, I couldn’t resist it. After all it had apparently achieved 26 secs on wartime rubber. I love Jones’s drawings and his ingenious and accurate construction methods. The model uses the same spring curtain rod skew drive as is featured on Towner’s numerous multi engined models from the same period. In fact it’s almost exactly the same size as the Towner Bristol Beaufighter (oz41) but has the advantage of knock off wings and a demountable centre section. I think it’s also more accurate than the Towner version and the mainly sheet covering enhances it further although unsurprisingly it's 20 grams more than than the 115 gram Towner model.
But does it fly? Well not for me it didn’t. It was hopeless. I got as far as increasing the dihedral but that was it and the bits have lain around my workshop ever since. Having seen the recent comments I took the trouble to gather it together and make some repairs. The weak point of the design is the tiny amount of material between the canopy and the wing cutout but I’ve solved this by putting braces on the bulkhead. I wouldn’t build another but I wish someone else would and prove me wrong. The same designer's G.A. Owlet looks great but that appears to have been his last published design.
Richard Falconer : Beaufighter I : 24/02/2020

Some photos of the finished model [modelpic, more pics 003]
Lindsay Pucholt : Comper Swift : 24/02/2020

Never quite sure about H.J.Towner’s designs. His prewar Miles Kestrel for Aeromodeller was lovely, and then there’s his Seabee ten years later and a control line Lancaster in the ‘70 ‘s but what on earth is going on with a twin Tee-Dee 010 Mosquito? Has anyone ever constructed one and, more to the point, did he? The war years produced a plethora of military types for Astral Kits, balsa shortages dictating built up hardwood ribs etc. The B17 with 4 separate rubber motors is a clever design but has anyone ever successfully flown one?
Here’s a model that should have provided some answers [model pic, more pics 003,004] because it was built by Doug McHard. I bought it at the Bonhams auction after Doug’s death. It’s well finished and at 115 grams quite light. The now rotten rubber motors are still fitted, and there is evidence of a trim tab having been fitted to the fin. The model balances with a well forward CG and there’s a lot of downthrust. The nose pieces have tube inserts for winding locks and the flexible drives are made from the specified wire spring curtain supports. Doug might have written up this model for the Aeromodeller but I can’t recall seeing it mentioned. My point is has anyone ever seen one of these skewed drive rubber twins managing more than an assisted glide? I’m afraid that I won’t be testing this one!
Richard Falconer : Bristol Beaufighter : 24/02/2020

Added two photos from Electric Flight International, December 2001 [more pics 006,007] thanks to RFJ.
SteveWMD : Matador : 23/02/2020

Added colour model pic [main pic] from R/C Model Flyer, July 2001.
SteveWMD : Ladybird Special : 23/02/2020

I built this kit about 2 years ago and here it is [more pics 003,004].
Paul Clark : Boeing Stearman : 23/02/2020

Both the mid-upper turret and canopy look like they were drawn with a bit of enthusiasm too much, but I agree that it won't require a PhD to make this into a viable and flyable scale model.
Miguel : HP Hampden : 22/02/2020

The floor for the front half of the aircraft is missing from the supplemental drawing. Part NF on the original plan.
Mitchell Fuqua : Handley Page Hampden : 21/02/2020

Finally, thanks Mike.
I have been looking for this plan for over 30 years ;O)
Zebban : Drifter : 21/02/2020

The fuselage is a simple box structure, and the plan shows detailed cross sections at each bulkhead position, so I think that's straightforward. The dihedral braces and all the ribs are shown on the plan - they just need scaling up.
SteveWMD : Drifter II : 21/02/2020

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