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Here is a photo of the Skyrider I built some 20 years ago [more pics 003]. It was nice to build this. I enlarged the small plan that came with the original magazine article. Now 20 years later the kids have grown up, the plane has crashed and the flying site is an industrial estate. Not all sad news - the kids are still fine and about to finish university and obviously in their 20s now. The boy can build just as good as I can. At the time I met the designer of the Skyrider. I mentioned it to be 'vintage r.c.' since he wondered why I had bothered to build it, but the term vintage r.c. was a novelty. I liked the 70s feel of this one, had a period Webra 40 on it and even original 70s solar film covering. It crashed cos the wing broke while looping, this again was result of main spar damage sustained on a slightly rough landing earlier. I could not see the damage, must have been a crack in the wood. If I built it again I would add a 3x6 mm spruce strip to the spar top and underside. If I would have done that at the time I would still own this great flyer.
Joost : Sky Rider : 22/07/2019

Here are a few photos to add to the plan page [more pics 005-007].
Joost : Verosonic : 22/07/2019

Please have a good look at the plan thumbnail and photo together, the construction of both models is very different, study the wing tip structure and tailplane shape. Models have the same name but not sure if it's the same model.
Derick : Viki : 22/07/2019

Thanks, yes I've just added that to the KB articles as that's good for checking the scaling of the plan.
SteveWMD : Albatross : 22/07/2019

Hi Steve, may I remind that Adobe Reader also comes with a 'tape rule' that I find useful to check on wingspans. If one wants a printout for a different wingspan, say 24in instead of the 35.64in the plan really comes in, calculating a zoom up or down rate is not really rocket science. It can be found at Tools, and then Measure. Et voilá!
Miguel Morao : Albatross : 22/07/2019

For help on how to check the paper size of a PDF, see and for help on how to print out, see
SteveWMD : Albatross : 22/07/2019

A question - this is going to be one of my first builds... can someone help me with printing this so i can measure the pieces and stuff? What size do i have to print it?
volteXx : Albatross : 22/07/2019

The Bu 131 was produced in Cz-Slvk by the Aero concern under German occupation, the Aero designation being C-4 using the original Hirth engines. Postwar production continued for a bit into the 50's with Walter engines, designation changing to C-104, 260 being made. Polish production occurred much later, starting in 1994 only and in very small numbers. I daresay somebody must have loved the damned planes, and who am I to tell them otherwise!
Miguel Morao : C-104 : 22/07/2019

This is, without any doubt, a Polish plan, it was included in one issue of Wieslaw Schier's book. The reason for this being a Czech aircraft is simple. Bucker was a German plane used by the Luftwaffe - and it was either forbidden or at least frowned upon to publish models and model plans of nazi gear in communist Poland. For example we had a monthly card model publisher, Maly Modelarz, starting in 1955, and the first German model was published after 1989 when communism fell. I'm guessing that Schier really wanted to make a Bucker model but disguising it as a Czech aircraft was his way to fool the censors.
Wiktor : C-104 : 22/07/2019

A Snarf and a Narf in the same week? What next, a Snargasher? Ahem, , honest to goodness ;)
Miguel Morao : Sally Snarf : 21/07/2019

Hi Steve and Mary. Please find attached photos of my latest model from your fantastic Outerzone plan service. It's the original Albert E Hatfull Junior 60 1946 version, I would have been two when originally designed [more pics 004, 005]. I always wanted to build one so here it is, split wing version. I must admit its been a most enjoyable build. Just waiting for the maiden flight. Once again, thanks for making these vintage plans available.
AlanDavis : Junior 60 : 21/07/2019

Hi I will get the plan scanned asap, I saw I have parts scans already so its worth while.
Joost : Verosonic : 21/07/2019

There is an extensive build thread on the RC Groups forum in which the suggested CG starting point is 30% chord of the upper wing. See Best regards
Skippy : Flipper 27 : 20/07/2019

Where is the C of G positioned on the Flipper 27?
Richard Farrer : Flipper 27 : 20/07/2019

I found the Golden Age Reproductions a simplified and impoverished version of the original 1931 drawing. This will be my opinion only, The GAR drawing is clearer, easier to work from but the original has a deeper technical quality and an artistic as well, look at all the hand-written lettering and dimensioning, the care taken with the wing ribs... All this refinement today may be completely redundant, same as the long form page numbers, but the charm is no longer there. Even if GAR stopped in what, the 80s 90s? My thanks to OZ and their Library Staff for the bibliophile work :-)
Miguel Morao : Travel Air Mystery Ship : 20/07/2019

Many thanks, Pit. Ok have updated this listing now.
SteveWMD : Low Wing II : 20/07/2019

Plan dated 1938. The name Low Wing was stylized in a logo formed by LO letters and a stylized bird half wing. Frequently renamed Loe due to the half wing similar to alphabet E letter. Commonly referred as Low Wing II because another similar version with constant wing cord and something like an additional bomb or gas tank or battery compartment under the fuselage.
Pit : Low Wing II : 20/07/2019

Doh. Have added missing article file now, thanks to Pit.
SteveWMD : King Sweep : 19/07/2019

I have about 50 flights. It's amazing how well such a 'simple' plane flies. It keeps up with .40 size sport planes. Big giant loops, barrel rolls, tracks like on rails. Glides fast but very predictable and easy to hand launch and land. Extremely rugged too! All on a TD .051, 5x3 Prop with a 1 oz tank good for 5 minutes of pure joy. Rudder and elevator, build light, micro radio gear really makes these old designs come to life.
Steven Swinamer : Simple Citabria : 19/07/2019

Article is in Mary's RC library issue, today. Regards,
pit : Travel Air Mystery Ship : 18/07/2019

I think you're right. But this is a vector PDF file and those are outside my abilities. I'll only mess it up if I try and re-scale it. Anyone got a fix for this, or a bitmap version of the same plan?
SteveWMD : SR-71 Blackbird : 18/07/2019

Page 1 of the drawing is not to scale. The 6 inch ruler in the lower right hand corner only measures roughly 5-1/2 inches.
JR : SR-71 Blackbird : 18/07/2019

"The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there." You are quite right, but this being a 1936 plan, would Mr Booton have the same info we have today, or were scale standards the same? The USSR was a different country too and data was notoriously difficult to get out then, so I'd be happy to give Alan the benefits of doubt and my nostalgic pink eyeglasses as well. In any case printing to the correct size would mean a few clicks in your printing software and there you go.
Miguel Morao : Ant 25 : 18/07/2019

The Air Trails plan says 7/16 in to 1 ft, since the real aircraft was 111ft in span, then the model plan should be 49.5 in span and not 36 in.
amt : Ant 25 : 17/07/2019

Thanks to my uncle for this article about my father.
Lucía Rodriguez : Goticus : 17/07/2019

I built one of these in 2000, still got it although havnt flown it for about 3 years. Nice build, nice looking model, trimming was very easy, fill the Irvine Mills up, start up and let go! recommended
Mike Hollamby : Courtesan : 17/07/2019

Last year I built the Sky Skooter. This year my choice fell on Vic Smeed's Courtesan [model photo & more pics 003-006]. I used an electric motor. The aircraft is now ready and has made the first flights and flies excellent. It is very sensitive on the rudder. The aircraft was built for a vintage plane event.
Nico_Steenbergen : Courtesan : 17/07/2019

First flights from Abe Bergman's Zephyr (oz5583)
AndreasKoch : Zephyr : 17/07/2019

The Minnie Mambo was the first RC plane I built in the summer of 1975. I used a digital pulse single channel radio from America's Hobby Center in NYC, powered it with a Testor's .049 and I covered it with Monokote. Making sure of the alignment of all surfaces and the center of gravity, I launched the plane in a cow pasture near my home. With the rudder slapping side to side, the little plane climbed slowly and I made a couple of wide turns before it ran out of gas then landing softly in between the cow patties. By the end of summer, I could loop and roll the plane using only the rudder, the wind and careful timing. I'll not forget those single channel days. The plane today might be a good match for a small PAW diesel or electric and upgrade to two channels. Either way, it could be a fun small plane to do some relaxing flying in a small field. Cheers.
Marko99 : Minnie Mambo : 16/07/2019

I do have a complete kit of this (by now) including the plan. Before you go through any trouble to try and recreate a better plan from that here, I could have that scanned? I never did since I don't know if any one builds this? No photos have been send in or requests for a better plan.
joost : Verosonic : 15/07/2019

I am sending photos of the Goticus [more pics 003-016]. They include the day of the maiden flight, before the final finish, and Santiago's National Identity Marks, of his own design. Also photos of the Goticus in Toledo. It is a city that has many Gothic buildings, both the Florid Gothic and the Elizabethan Gothic, hence the name of the model. Near the spot where the Toledo photos were taken is a small hermitage, where Santiago and I grew up. By launching paper airplanes and seeing real aircraft evolve, the fondness for aeronautics and aeromodelling was born.
Pajariperro : Goticus : 15/07/2019

Here are a few pictures of my Jezebel that you might wish to use [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
HarryBailey : Jezebel : 15/07/2019

Hello, I am looking for the Canopy and engine Cowl, does anyone have email address for Mr Sepp Uiberlacher or is fibreglass specialties make these? Thank you
Didi Laksana : Sukhoi 26 : 15/07/2019

I'm having a go at fixing the plan. Should be available shortly.
Alastair Martin : Verosonic : 15/07/2019

Excellent, thanks Ron that's great. Looking forward to adding them to the archive.
SteveWMD : Southerner : 13/07/2019

Hi, I'm hoping to send you the ribs, formers and instructions for the KK Southerner. I recently got this kit on ebay and it is complete. However for some reason my computer won't allow me to send these details so I have arranged with a much more computer literate friend to see if he can copy the parts and send them to you...
Ron James : Southerner : 13/07/2019

if you print out in 100% for both sheets I can see no problems
KLH : Das Ugly Stik : 12/07/2019

Added 3 nice shots of the finished model, thanks to SteveS [more pics 004-006].
Mary : Simple Citabria : 12/07/2019

Added more pics of Larry's build and the final model [more pics 005-009].
Mary : Fairchild PT-19 : 12/07/2019

Model photo thanks to Steve Staples :)
Mary : Scout : 12/07/2019

Here is an action shot of the model built from the DIXIELANDER plan, oz3603 [more pics 006].
Scott_NZ : Dixielander : 12/07/2019

Here's one I built, enlarged from the plan obtained from your site [more pics 003].
DavidWartel : Super Sinbad : 12/07/2019

I just found out the PDFs of the fuselage and wings (Pages 1 and 2) print off to different scale. Please be aware before printing.
John G : Das Ugly Stik : 12/07/2019

Curious there is no mention of the Dormoy Bathtub, which clearly was the inspiration for this design.
SteveWMD : Micro Pole : 11/07/2019

On YouTube I found Odd Ducks, an archive collection of clips from Movietone. Last on the reel is a Hoffman, film dated Dec 20 1934. Noticeably similar to the Arup.
apoormarksman : Arup S2 : 10/07/2019

This is the Twinny [more pics 008, 009].
Mohamad_M : Twinny : 10/07/2019

Excelsus is a nice model designed by Bryan Miller [more pics 003-005]. Not heavyweight (360g). I had difficulty getting the model on its first flight out of the thermals. A good construction and highly recommended!
LazyGlider : Excelsus : 10/07/2019

This is my 59" Sterling Tri Pacer scratch built from plans [more pics 004, 005]. Built for vintage class show competition. It is single channel rudder only with a K&B .19 greenhead for power. It won first place at Toledo in 2012.
TerryConley : Piper Tri Pacer : 10/07/2019

Built a number of these models years ago and taught my sons to fly. I believe a better model than the Peacemaker (oz1633) plus more suited to a glow motor. Have article and picture and will post at later date.
Neil Alleyn : Wildcat : 10/07/2019

Thanks, have fixed this now.
SteveWMD : McCann-ard 27 : 09/07/2019

The plan prints out with a 25" wingspan, not 27"
TeamWrisley : McCann-ard 27 : 09/07/2019

Of course it is a scale model, but using a Jedelsky construction on a Horten design would be an acceptable motive for murder. And this being a FMT plan would make it treason too :-) At least plank the wing under surface as well! For more on the Horten Brothers and other flying wings see the old but still great website at, it has nothing to do with a certain piece of software.
Miguel Morao : Horten IV : 09/07/2019

Many thanks to Rich for pointing out this is actually a scale model.
SteveWMD : Horten IV : 09/07/2019

A model that old stored in a Louisiana attic needs to have the paper stripped from the open bays of stab and wing. Leave the old finish as a base. Since these models were built in the 1960s the glue was likely Ambroid. I suggest where it is webbed at joints, poke the web to expose the joints and use modern CA liquid adhesives on all joints. It will readily be absorbed into the old dry balsa greatly strenghtening it. I still use the old silkspan and dope I learned in 1955 but there are many newer coverings now. Practice on one of the noblers and you will be an expert when you get to the Chizler. Good luck.
ed : Chizler : 08/07/2019

Added model photo, thanks to LarryW. Also a link to his build thread:
Mary : Fairchild PT-19 : 08/07/2019

Kerswap I built from Aberle plan obtained from you [more pics 005]. It's not an easy build, but it flies great and is now my favorite of 7 or 8 old timers I've built ... most from plans acquired on Outerzone.
DWartel : Kerswap : 08/07/2019

Here ares a few pictures of my RCM Airmeister I built a few years ago [model photo & more pics 009, 010]. Please feel free to add to the Airmeister pictures. Thank you!
DustinD : Air Meister : 08/07/2019

My Keil Kraft Chief [more pics 004] has had a 'makeover'. Recovered in the scheme that I remember as a child from the Keil Kraft leaflet (which was in monochrome) [model photo & more pics 005].
DavidWright : Chief : 08/07/2019

Added some lovely photos of the Lunchbox, thanks to Timothy Larson [more pics 005-007].
Mary : Lunchbox : 08/07/2019

Added nice photo of the completed model, thanks to MohamadM [model photo].
Mary : Redwing : 08/07/2019

My father's Chizler, his pride and joy - he competed with it from the late 60s to early 70s - has been stored in the attic for 40 years since 1977, along with his 2 Noblers. Dad passed 3 years ago. My mother didn't want to get rid of dad's planes because of the time, love and enjoyment he spent building and flying these ships. Never seen him fly the Chizler, because that was his competition plane, but I remember as a child spending many weekends at the nearby park watching dad on his Noblers practicing his stunts. In May this year I rented a cargo van and drove from Northern Virginia to Louisiana to rescue dad's planes along with a box of trophys from his competition days. This picture [more pics 004] was taken yesterday, and the more I see and hold dad's planes, the more I want to restore them back to original and even possibly get them in the air again. Dad tried to get me into control line when I was a teenager, back in the 80s, gave me a kit he had saved from his hobby shop, I managed to build the wing, but with much regret, that's as far as I got. I am reaching out to you because I have no idea where to begin with the restoration, or if it is possible to restore dad's planes to at least look like they did when I was a child. I can still hear the screaming and the smell of the engines when he started them up. Any advice or pointers in this restoration would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
JohnB : Chizler : 08/07/2019

Splendid, a plan from one of my favourite 3-view draughtsmen, this takes it from the Someday category to Someday Soon!
Miguel Morao : Ercoupe : 08/07/2019

Hello, would it be possible to get year of construction of this model?
Jirí : Modello Wakefield : 08/07/2019

I also am very proud to see my fathers designs still popular and in use. I still have all the Fubars (all wing spans) my dad had built in the the last 70+ years and the Crowbars as well. I also still have all the engines Including Diesel, Glow, Ignition etc dating back to the early 1940's.
Jeff Matthews : Fubar 36 : 07/07/2019

Beautiful model and I know it flies very well. Not easy to build due to extremely complicated structure, like almost all Berkeley kits but being a Henry Struck design, it flies very well indeed. I have even seen it free flight!! I just can't imagine this large model as a free flight model. Congratulations. Greetings from Colombia.
Eduardo : Ryan Navion Super 260 : 07/07/2019

James Who? A model not to sneeze at, lest it shatters! Easy to strengthen with little effort and added weight, though :-)
Miguel Morao : James Wot : 07/07/2019

Very nice Fubar 36. I'm very proud to see my fathers Ray Matthews designs Are still relevant and popular.
Joe Matthews : Fubar 36 : 06/07/2019

Thank you for having this plan available. Plan to reduce the size and correspondingly re-design the model for a FAC scale model in next years annual contest. This will make a wonderful F/F scale, rubber-powered, flying model... Easy to build. Huge help! Thanks again,
Frank G : Convair B-36 Peacemaker : 06/07/2019

My daughter also wished for such a butterfly. When I got the plan by Abe Bergman's Zephyr (oz5583), I built three of them [model photo & more pics 004-005]. I like the underpowered behavior of the fliers. The big 8 inch Balsaprop with only one loop 4mm rubber. The loop I have kept so short that after expiration of the force of the rubber does not sag too much and does not fall down in gliding. The Aurora Butterfly has already made a short thermal flight. Only with luck could he be spotted in the cornfield and salvaged.
AndreasKoch : Zephyr : 05/07/2019

Submitting photo of build of oz4062 [model photo]. The build is up scaled to 28%
aa5by : Fly Baby : 05/07/2019

This is my Cessna 170 using the Berkeley plans [model photo & more pics 003]. I modified them to 5 channel radio and installed a vintage Super Tigre .35 engine for power. This is the same engine I had in my original Cessna single channel built in 1956.
TerryConley : Cessna 170 : 05/07/2019

This is my Berkeley 68" Navion Super 260, built for show [model photo]. I modified the plans to 5 channel radio and installed a vintage Fox .59 for power. I felt your plans needed a photo.
TerryConley : Ryan Navion Super 260 : 05/07/2019

Greetings. I am sending you pictures of a historical model of the TD-Coupe built from a plan downloaded from Outerzone [model photo & more pics 003-005].
Vladimir_Caha : T-D Coupe : 05/07/2019

I would like to send you a Foto of my "Robbe Wega", built in 1976 [more pics 004]. It's still flyable. Coming winter I'll build an electro powered version. The Wega has been a part of my life since the 70s ....
UweG : Wega : 05/07/2019

Couple of photos of Blackpool Rock from your plan oz3597 and a Belair parts set [model photo & more pics 003]. Nice model, I think in the right hands it could give a Senator a fright.
TrevorT : Blackpool Rock 3 : 05/07/2019

Hi Steve, Mary. Thank you for such a wonderful site. Here are some photos of a Simitar Deuce I built from the plans [model photo & more pics 003-005]. I added a canopy with dash and pilot on mine; I think it makes it look better.
RCYEAGER : Simitar Deuce : 05/07/2019

I've built a couple of these. I have some photos of my latest build which I fly in a small neighborhood park. Big fan of anything John Oldenkamp has designed.
Timthemodelbuilder : Lunchbox : 04/07/2019

Wondering if anyone has tried this plan outfitting the wing with solar panels to charge the batteries in-flight. This wing just screams solar.
Jrat65 : 363 : 03/07/2019

This pretty and capable model is graced by a superb AM cover and a 3-view by Master Bjorn Karlström.
Miguel Morao : Zaunkonig : 02/07/2019

I recently completed a build using this plan as the starting point. It was re-sized to a 28% build by scaling the plan 168%. It flies very well with now 25 flights. A 1/4 Cub cowl worked very well for the build.
Wingspan 93"
Weight 15.5 lbs
Wing loading 25.7 oz sq ft
Power 31cc gas
Wing incidence +0.75 deg.
Arlyn Stewart : Fly Baby : 01/07/2019

Ok. It's shown on the plan, and says "Balance at 25% of Chord".
SteveWMD : Custom Privateer : 01/07/2019

Hello, I just purchased a vintage custom privateer. It's 114 in full size model. I could use some help on the location of the CG. Thank you
Brian : Custom Privateer : 30/06/2019

Hmmm, if you're using an Apple device, then the first thing to check is this : PDF download issue: Apple iOS 12. This plan here is a large file at total 439,055,628 pixels in area, so logically it will fail on iOS 12. Try opening the file on a different (non-iOS 12) device, then let us know. Then, nag Apple about it.
SteveWMD : Republic P-47 Thunderbolt : 30/06/2019

Is there any reason the plan won't open on my iPhone?
m1fan : Republic P-47 Thunderbolt : 30/06/2019

My Mother worked at Republic in Farmingdale, Long Island during WW ll . She was a riveter in the P 47 wing section.
Robert Lauritsen : Republic P-47 Thunderbolt : 30/06/2019

Airplanes name is GRUSE BG 15/1, by August Gruse, Schneidmuhl. Registration D-YGYF.
geiruthne : Rossiten Motor Trainer : 28/06/2019

Also, try checking the Hot Hots (oz7518) plan, which is 48 inch span. That is a magazine plan from RCM (ie not a kit) so all the formers are shown fullsize on sheet #2 of the plan.
SteveWMD : Electric Hots : 27/06/2019

Page 3 of the manual shows the die cut parts. The whole model is (famously) made up completely of straight lines. It's all straight lines. You could also refer to the original Hots (oz4581) plan, which includes some isometric drawings that show the fuselage assembly.
SteveWMD : Electric Hots : 27/06/2019

John Vesper : Electric Hots : 27/06/2019

Doh. Have added the missing article file now.
SteveWMD : Lil Foiler : 26/06/2019

Another for you [more pics 006]. Nobler plan number oz525 (modified). Thanks.
AlfredG : Nobler : 25/06/2019

Another completed one for you, Plan Number OZ8727 [more pics 004].
AlfredG : Gee Bee R3 : 25/06/2019

Thanks to brhester who pointed out that the Skymaster model pic is the earlier version without the chin under the engine. Great pic but wrong version. Can anyone send us in a good pic of the right model? Thanks
SteveWMD : Skymaster 60 : 25/06/2019

Just finished building the Fairey Fulmar oz4990 [model photo & more pics 007-009]. Built to 70% and electric powered. All up weight is two and a half pounds and it draws 340 watts.
AdamEdwards : Fairey Fulmar : 25/06/2019

This is another of my planes, thanks to Outerzone [model photo & more pics 004-010]. Thank you very much.
MartinHurda_CzechRep : T-Tray : 25/06/2019

The thickness of the wingtips shown on the published plan is incorrect. They should be 1/8" if I remember correctly.
Ian Easton : Cherub 150 : 25/06/2019

Same size as Avios C-130, one could use some spares from Hobbyking, like nacelles, motors and props. Need some diet though, those leading edges must be narrower and skin thickness reduced.
José Costa : Lockheed C-130 Hercules : 25/06/2019

Um, no. The article explains in great detail how to make the ribs from those two given templates (tip section, root section). It's quite a common method. Sandwich, then sand.
SteveWMD : Windhover : 24/06/2019

Hi looking at plan for the windhover, unless my computor is acting up arent there supposed to be rib outlines on the plans.
andrew dapolito : Windhover : 24/06/2019

Sure. It looks like a heavy design though, like most old CL plans.
SteveWMD : Lockheed C-130 Hercules : 24/06/2019

Could the Hercules be converted to RC? Regards,
Daniel Burke : Lockheed C-130 Hercules : 23/06/2019

What a pleasure it is to see the Great Ancient Ones, the Livesays, the Brunings, Mooneys, Butmans, etc, etc, etc! A few weeks ago I almost fell on my hind regions when I saw an indirect link to the Flying Aces Library (see below) which included the complete Kits And Plans Antiquitous collection. I saw Shangri-la!!
Miguel Morao : Hurlburt Hurricane : 23/06/2019

I am also from arg I want to build the same, how many tables did you use?
jorge : Super Sportster 90/120 : 23/06/2019

I was looking for such a plan for a long time.
Stefan Petermann : Lockheed Super Constellation : 22/06/2019

What a fascinating comment from EdShearer about the life of this designer! One possible explanation for the difference in scale wingspan might lie in the fact that the full size A6M2 has highly tapered wings. The higher wing loading present at the tips of such designs make them prone to tip-stalling, which would be unsatisfactory in a rubber powered model. Perhaps the designer chose the slightly shorter span of the A6M5 with its broader chord for this reason (see also the A6M2 by Bob Peck has the same A6M5 wing layout). Either way, I'm sticking to the plan as drawn.
Gcolman : Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero : 22/06/2019

Peter R has composed an 18in variation in the same theme, opus oz10848.
Miguel Morao : Fosdyke Flyer : 22/06/2019

Still looking for the parts to this plan - thanks!
m1fan : Grumman F6F-4 Hellcat : 22/06/2019

Ty for posting this, i have this kit still in the box i bought 18 to 20 years ago i was just getting ready to build it now :)
George : P-51D Mustang 60 : 21/06/2019

Skyrida forerunner is the Bambinetta (oz2744).
akvose : Skyrida : 21/06/2019

I'm sure they will, Martin. Your work is lovely!
Mary : Perky : 21/06/2019

I hope these photos inspire others to build Perky [model photo & more pics 005007]. Thank you.
MartinHurda_CzechRep : Perky : 21/06/2019

I hope these photos inspire others to build MIMI [model photo & more pics 006-010].
MartinHurda_CzechRep : Mimi : 21/06/2019

Not your error, but that is a Waco Model D.
ifly : Waco Cabin : 20/06/2019

Ken, if you look at the centre of the tailplane, S3 is quite clearly shown.
As for the ribs - a ruler over the plan shows W1 to be 3/32", W2 to be 1/8"and the remainder to be 1/16"
Daithi : Cessna Skymaster : 18/06/2019

Hi, I thought you might like to see the Swallow that I have just built using the Malcom Abzug 1939 Outerzone plan [model photo & more pics 005]. A very interesting construction with its triangular fuselage and curved sheet wing. Thank you for maintaining the plan base, I already have a large list of builds waiting to be done. Cheers.
Bob_Linard : Swallow : 18/06/2019

The plans don't specify the thickness of the wing ribs and there is no templates for the rudder or stab ribs?
Ken J : Cessna Skymaster : 18/06/2019

Photos of Sterling SE5a 13 in, built by preserving the original kit [model photo & more pics 003]. The nose cone is handmade so I could save the vacuum formed parts.
ThomasJLange : SE5a : 18/06/2019

Photos of Sterling Fokker d8 13 in, built by preserving the original kit [model photo & more pics 003]. The nose cone is handmade so I could save the vacuum formed parts.
ThomasJLange : Fokker D8 : 18/06/2019

Attached photo of Ruffy kitted by Sterling [more pics 003].
Pit : Ruffy : 18/06/2019

Here are some photos of the Drela peanut RIVETS built in 2011 and flown at the 2016 IIFI (International Indoor Fly In) in the Netherlands [model photo & more pics 004, 005]. It wasn't quite finished and untrimmed, but still managed to finish in the upper half of the field of over 30 entrants. All markings are cut from tissue (registration numbers are double thickness for color depth) and panel/control-surface lines are inked.
PeteB : Rivets : 18/06/2019

Attached are some photos of my version of 39 Korda Wakefield [more pics 003, 004].
JohnAndrews : Korda Wakefield : 18/06/2019

Attached is a picture of a Jaguar for your website [more pics 004].
JohnAndrews : Jaguar : 18/06/2019

I am sending you new pictures of my Fieseler Storch FI 156 [model photo & more pics 004]. The model is powered by an electric motor. The picture was taken on our model airfield in Gladenbach-Mornshausen, Germany
Bernhard_Dittmann : Fieseler Fi 156 Storch : 18/06/2019

I've had the plan from the original magazine since dad brought it home (well, actually a few years before my time). Feeling nostalgic for those early years and remembering that dad had built one, I did one recently. Staying true to the plan was my goal, but PGF Chinn hadn't designed such a convenient fuselage for stretch winding. So after a couple outings with short flights and awkward hand winding, I took some design tips from Jean Andrews and his Flakey from Jr. American Modeler, and built a sheet fuselage with removable nose for stretch winding. I also put a single wheel up front. Test flights at the local park look promising. I've attached a photo of each version for you [more pics 007-008].
TimothyLarson : Tufnut : 18/06/2019

Just a quick note to say that we've now completed a first flight on the Whirlwind, no bin bags necessary. Just a few minor tweaks necessary, maybe a little down thrust on the engines and a little centralising of the elevator on the control box. Final job is to apply a thin coat of varnish to seal the Decals and we should be able to look forward to some decent flying. This aircraft looks the business when it's airborne and a real treat in the pits. Should fit-in nicely at the club warbirds day. Some additional build information: we made a mould for the forward half of the Nacelle's which once again worked out very well. The removable units provide good access to the Electric motors, ESC, wiring etc. The cost for a pair was circa £20 and the finished plastic units look nice. The Spinners were obtained from the USA and match the selected colour scheme.
JohnHurdle : Westland Whirlwind : 18/06/2019

Is there an Indoor size plan available please?
Tom Maddison : Junior 60 : 17/06/2019

Interesting. As always in these cases, we will continue to use the original plan title, as it was published. Even if the original title seems wrong. It simply is a fact that MAN used this title, back in 1935. But thanks.
SteveWMD : Waco Cabin : 17/06/2019

This is a WACO CHD which was a military model, not a 'Cabin' as on the plan.
zg : Waco Cabin : 17/06/2019

The Comet Skyrocket recently won a contest in the UK (June, 2019) so is obviously a very competitive design. But Oh, that wing mount! A simple wire saddle supporting a 1/32in ply platform for the trailing edge is all you need. Ideal set-up for tip-up wing DT, too.
Peter Michel : Skyrocket : 16/06/2019

I downloaded the plans for the Eastwind 100 but the parts that were traced on (that would be the ribs etc) were not accurate and the ribs and spars were shifting about when I tried to fit everything together. Would anyone have a copy of the original plans so I can get the accurate measurements. I really like this model.
jetjan : Eastwind 100 : 16/06/2019

Yes it is, but you'll have the Greens at your door for the amount of rain forest this Flapjack eats :-)
Miguel Morao : Vought XF5U-1 : 15/06/2019

Nice CAD file!
Gene Rock : Vought XF5U-1 : 15/06/2019

I get a 'kick' out of the designer's comment in the article about the wingwalk and door outline being on the wrong side of the fuselage! It IS shown correctly on the plan... even the big guys make mistakes now and then!
Dave D : Piper Comanche : 14/06/2019

Does anyone have a wing rib template for this plan?
Greg Knipp : Henderson Glenny Gadfly : 13/06/2019

The description is correct. It doesn't say it's 1/12 scale, it says 1/2 inch scale (half inch scale), and of course, a half inch is 1/24th of 1 foot.
RCYEAGER : Consolidated B-24D Liberator : 13/06/2019

Lots of people used to say that it didn't have enough dihedral. It certainly looks that way to me.
Lincoln : Metrick : 12/06/2019

To ronco, You can get a cowl like the one in the yellow and red picture just the way I did - by building from balsa and plywood then covering it with silk. I made a bulkhead the shape I wanted at the firewall from 1/8" ply with cut outs to clear the engine and for cooling air flow etc. It's more of a bulkhead outline than a bulkhead. Another bulkhead was made the shape of the back of the nose bowl then another balsa one the shape of the very nose of the cowl. 3/16" sq notches were located in the center line top and bottom and on the wide point each side and maybe a few other locations where I thought they were necessary. 3/16" sq stringers or keel pieces were places in the notches and used to align the three pieces together with the firewall end flat on the bench (I might have done the main section first then the front section). The gaps were planked with either 1/8" or 3/32" by a quarter inch or so balsa planking. Then it was sanded to shape filled with dope and talc then sealed and covered with one or two pieces of silk and painted with orange dope.
Doug Weaver : Dreamer : 11/06/2019

Give this more dihedral than is noted on the plan.....the most you can stand! Otherwise it is a very calm weather airplane.
Tom Arnold : Martin Baker MB-5 : 11/06/2019

Hello, attached are two photos of my Twinger for Outerzone [model photo & more pics 006]. Many thanks for your outstanding website.
TonyAccurso_CA : Twinger : 11/06/2019

Last summer I wrote off my original Ridge Runt on a windy day when it inexplicably decided to emulate a fence post in the hillside. I realised it had become my 'go-to' model for slope soaring with the club so, having dug out the reusable parts, I set about building a replacement. Photo attached [more pics 011].
RussellH : Ridge Runt : 11/06/2019

Dear Outerzone team, please find attached pics of Soarcerer from plan ID oz8762 [more pics 008-010].
KevinSmith_Gloucester : Soarcerer : 11/06/2019

Please find photos of my recently completed El Gringito, which I built from plans downloaded from your website [more pics 003, 004]. Thanks for the great service you provide!
Alfons : El Gringito : 11/06/2019

Added super photo of the finished model, thanks to Roman [model photo]. More images & info on his website:
Mary : Amigo II : 11/06/2019

Mark Drela? A big name from cutting edge glider design doodling in a lighter theme 4 decades ago :-)
Miguel Morao : Rivets : 11/06/2019

Please find attached a vintage ad from MOBRAL Modelismo illustrating a MIG 15, at the time one of of its most popular kits [more pics 005]. It's maybe from circa 1974/1975.
Carlo : MiG-15 : 11/06/2019

A picture of the Pegasus glider found on web [more pics 003].
Carlo : Pegasus : 11/06/2019

Hi Guys, a pic of my Pushy Cat, Short kit from Bel Air, Paw.049 power [more pics 007].
PaulM : Pushy Cat : 11/06/2019

Hi Guys, here's a pic of my Chatterbox, covered in lavender colored silk, with a redfin .030 for power [more pics 008].
PaulM : Chatterbox : 11/06/2019

I just completed a GeeBee Dreamer build that turned out very well - looks good and flys great too. Thought you could use a few pictures for the plan page [model photo & more pics 008, 009]. My build thread of the project is here if you're curious. Thanks!
Rockyboy : Dreamer : 11/06/2019

Pic attached [more pics 003].
JohnAndrews : Cherokee : 10/06/2019

I found photos of the Guillow rubber powered Sopwith Camel which I converted to 4 channel RC. Here is one posing [model photo].
IrwinMWeisbrot : Sopwith Camel : 10/06/2019

I have just discovered the cloth and dope model I have had hanging in the workshop for many years is this ACTUAL one from the article. Everything matches, from the covering to the decals to the colour, literally everything. What a proper piece of history.
Bo : Sopwith Tabloid : 10/06/2019

This one is worth a build if only for the story :-)
Miguel Morao : Swine Flew : 10/06/2019

Definitely and heavily inspired by the ill-fated Napier Heston Racer of 1940, if any. - Look it up on Wikipedia.
Martin : Bobcat : 09/06/2019

Steve, Thank you for adding the full text of the article. When I get my Tarrier built, I will submit a photo.
Keith : Tarrier : 08/06/2019

An especially interesting and well written article.
Miguel Morao : Cassutt : 07/06/2019

Many thanks to Pit for help with identifying this plan.
SteveWMD : Crusader : 07/06/2019

I built this in the early 90s with the recommended fleet gear and an OS 10 Max. Came out a bit heavy. Very red, very fast (especially landings) and very hairy! Would be a cracker with modern electrics and servos.
Nigel R : Cassutt : 07/06/2019

Thanks Robin, have fixed the spelling now.
SteveWMD : Mini Snark : 04/06/2019

Hi, The designer of the Mini Snark was Bob Studer, not "Stunder" as written. Bob was a very helpful chap and helped me make my first R/C gear, (an ancient Fleet three channel set) reliable enough to actually be able to use it. Regards,
Robin Colbourne : Mini Snark : 04/06/2019

Added two more great shots of the Lil Gigi, thanks to Doug Weaver in Buffalo [more pics 007, 008].
Mary : Lil Gigi (Name the Plane) : 04/06/2019

I came across this early photo of me and my Aero 9 taken in 1960 [more pics 003]. It was covered in silk and dope, as was most models in those days, and powered by a Fox "Rocket" .09 engine. Min-X single channel radio rudder only and was a good little flyer !!
TerryConley : Aero 9 : 04/06/2019

And another one :) [more pics 005]
Mary : Cranwell : 04/06/2019

Here is a magazine ad from the time for the original kit of the Piper J3 rubber-powered from Mobral [more pics 005].
Carlo : Piper J-3 Cub : 04/06/2019

Nice work, very nice. Let us know how she flies.
SteveWMD : Westland Whirlwind : 03/06/2019

I used one of your online plans of a Westland Whirlwind (oz4731 by Dave Cronin and Ed Hollandby) and have just completed the model. It is currently ready for a test flight so bin bags on standby. I went away from the original design by installing electric motors and a set of retracts. A steerable tail wheel and servo operated elevators complete the major plan changes. My design also features a removable cockpit cover to enable fitting of batteries. Anyway the results can be seen in the attached photographs [more pics 006-012]. Painted using emulsion paint (samples from B&Q) it still awaits a final coat of varnish. Thank you for supplying the drawing. Let's hope it flies as good as it looks.
JohnHurdle : Westland Whirlwind : 03/06/2019

Added photo of a Mini-Boy (see comment above), thanks to VeikkoK [more pics 007].
Mary : Fly-Boy : 03/06/2019

Added vintage shot of Windy, thanks to VeikkoK [more pics 007].
Mary : Windy : 03/06/2019

Added lovely vintage pic, thanks to VeikkoK [more pics 015].
Mary : Wayfarer : 03/06/2019

Thanks for running this superb website. Recently I've finished Bob Wallace's MIG-7. It was a joy building it and great fun flying. I enclose a few pictures [model photo & more pics 005, 006]. With friendly regards.
Bert : MiG-7 : 03/06/2019

Anyone got the magazine article for this one ?
David : Sixpence : 03/06/2019

Old picture of Gee Bee model Z built from Vern Clements plans, 1981 [model photo].
DaveEvar_BrooklynOH : Gee Bee Z : 03/06/2019

This is truly a classic, a fantastic flyer when trimmed out properly. I have built 2 of these, 1 from kit and 1 from the kit plans. Best flight was 6 1/2 hours from a single launch.
Peter : Super Trident : 03/06/2019

Great little model - her a video of Blutwerks impression of Floh:
Lozenge : DFW T-28 Floh : 02/06/2019

I always thought the 504 to be too 'Plain Jenny' for my taste, but now this is Michelle Pfeiffer level!
Miguel Morao : Avro 504N : 02/06/2019

Bit more information for you: Roll-O was shown as a simplified plan - 3 views, leading dimensions and material sizes - in the 1955 Aeromodeller Annual (page 37) and credited to Vincent J. Bonnema, USA. Aeromodeller gave no indication of source but at the beginning of the Annual are acknowledgements to US magazines Air Trails Hobbies, Flying Models and Model Airplane News. I recognise the draughting style of your drawing as the work of the late Paul Del Gatto - his winged PDG logo is in the lower left corner. Hope this helps.
Ken Jones : Roll-o : 01/06/2019

Doh. Changed title to Sula, thanks to Larry.
SteveWMD : Sula Bird : 01/06/2019

Hi Jean, WOW, what an unique model and a beautiful set of plans. Thank you for sharing.
Stan : Morane Saulnier 225 C1 : 31/05/2019

Just added super pictures of the Zoot Suit John Dagg built from the Outerzone plans [more pics 003, 004].
Mary : Zoot Suit : 31/05/2019

I owned G-AYIJ Stampe (ex Rothmans) for about 10 years. The engine goes round the other way both on Gypsy Major and Renault PO3/5 engines. So prop is wrong. Otherwise model looks really good.
palm : Stampe SV4 : 30/05/2019

Have changed title of this listing to "Bowers Wakefield" from "International Contest Flyer" to help with searching.
SteveWMD : Bowers Wakefield : 30/05/2019

Another model I've built is Dave Hughes' Soarcerer. I don't build many models more than once but I love this design so much this is my 3rd one, the first being around 1970. I like it so much that I scaled it down, called it the Soarcerette and you now have it in your catalogue (oz4649 ). Here's the pics of the new one which flies brilliantly as they all did [more pics 006, 007].
PeteS : Soarcerer : 30/05/2019

I converted this glider to electric using a Tahmazo Apollo motor/ prop unit and a 500-600 mah 3s battery near the c of g. It makes a lovely lightweight combination that thermals in the lightest lift.
Fred Burman : Skeeter : 30/05/2019

Sweet Raiden
Jesse Villa : Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden : 29/05/2019

Today I test the Senator by Keilkraft. He flies extremely stable. It's nice to see those old models. I now have 10 of these models, and am very satisfied. It is very safe with this low weight, they are also very quiet, and bother no one. Also very few place to safely fly.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Senator : 29/05/2019

Having recently had some really enjoyable days with this KK conversion poddling around the skies I thought I'd share this with you [model photo]. I acquired a tissue covered Competitor on ebay, recovered it with Solite. It has a Turnigy park 250 motor 2300kv motor paired to a 12 amp esc and a 800 mah 2 cell lipo. With a 9 by 6 slow fly the climb out at 3/4 throttle is quite something. With 2 3g servos and a spektrum AR6300 park rx I still had to add a 5g of sticky lead to the tail to get the balance. It may be of interest to some to see that this plane only needs an elevator on one side.
AnthonyRoberts : Competitor : 29/05/2019

You will find attached pictures of my DACRO (oz2636) electrified [more pics 004-009]. I have used: Brushless motor 4253 515 Kv 890 watt; ESC 85A; Lipo 4s.
federico : Dacro : 29/05/2019

Ok, here you go. See file "sheet_2".
SteveWMD : Bell P-63 Kingcobra : 29/05/2019

I've never been a fan of this racer, but the military version is awesome - does anyone have the plans on Page 3 in the same scale/size as the model plans? Thanks.
m1fan : Bell P-63 Kingcobra : 29/05/2019

I built the Zoot Suit as a three channel electric RC model. I really love its spindly old time looks! Even when properly balanced, it is prone to Dutch rolling - especially at higher throttle. The glide is beautiful, though. The polyhedral and tiny rudder mounted forward of the stabilizer are not the best combo for an RC model and should be revised for controlled flight.
John Dagg : Zoot Suit : 28/05/2019

A few pics of some smaller projects recently completed from your plans. The small electric indoor job is the Hummingbird Baby(oz4940) slightly modified [model photo & more pics 003].
PeteS : Hummingbird Baby : 28/05/2019

A few pics of some smaller projects recently completed from your plans. The basic rubber powered stick model is the Hangar Rat(oz10107) [model photo & more pics 004].
PeteS : Hangar Rat : 28/05/2019

Enclosed are a few pictures of my converted original 48" Comet rubber powered Curtiss Robin to a 4 channel RC [more pics 003-005]. I modified the plans just enough to support anOS.10FP and four Hitec Micro servos. Thank you for your amazing website!
DanOwen : Curtiss Robin : 28/05/2019

Recently Ron redesigned TT IV for modern four stroke engines eliminating tuned pipe and returning to a cleanest line. Here attached photos of Ron with TT IV, by his company Southern [model photo & more pics 003]. R/C Products.
Pit : Tiger Tail 4 : 28/05/2019

I was excited to see the plans for the See Bee added to your collection! I built one in 1981 from the plans in Flying Models [model photo & more pics 005]. I used a Kraft 2 channel radio and a Cox .049 motor. The plane flew very well. It was hand launched and landed on water.
JohnDagg_Michigan : See Bee : 28/05/2019

This glider looks very similar to my Estes Astro Blast glider which is still in the box ready to be day.
Paul Ayala : Canary : 28/05/2019

More photos of models that I have built from Outerzone downloads [more pics 003-006].
EricHolmes : Zombie : 27/05/2019

Added two superb photos of the finished model, thanks to Eric Holmes [model photo & more pics 003].
Mary : Cranwell : 27/05/2019

I've attached some photos of models that I have built from Outerzone downloads [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. I hope that you enjoy them.
EricHolmes : Achilles : 27/05/2019

Hi Bob, I am Zvi Solomon from Israel. I was very happy meeting you and see your nice model at Joe Nall a week ago. Your cowl arrived safely.... how can I download the plane at 50% bigger?
Zvi Solomon : Bobcat : 24/05/2019

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