Test Pages. Under test. If the content of the collections seems strange, that's just because I am currently making up random examples to show what we can do with Oz Collections.

Programmed Oz Collections

These are set up by defining a rule (eg: all plans tagged as 'primary') that is checked against the Oz database. Once set up, these programmed Oz collections will automatically expand to include new plans that fit the same rule. So, no work to update.

Giant Rubber Scale
Aeromodeller plans 1943-4
Dean, Laumer, Smeed, Strader
Primary Plans
Model Builder Plans Collection

Member's Oz Collections

These are curated. So each collection is simply a list of hand-chosen plans. Chosen by that Member. This type of collection will only ever be updated by hand.

Members can login and create their own Oz collections.

Creature-style models by SteveWMD
Suitcase Models by SteveWMD
Stylish Speedsters by SteveWMD
Simple Sheet Scale by SteveWMD
WWII Fighters by MustangBob
Sports by mcneills
Homebuilt Aircraft by DaveAD
Beechcraft Bonanza by DaveAD
vintage pattern by Jimmy Warren
Retro builds by Pfb
Biplanes by B Lo
More rubber, please by Átila
Wishlist by Alister
Vintage by stanjs
Control Line by Comet
Small RC by Comet
Sailplanes by Mike B.
Vintage by mhodgson
RC SPORT by Tom Roseberry
to build by jonorob
Built by jonorob
RC Warbirds - twin engine by TMAC JT
RC Warbirds - 4 engine by TMAC JT
RC Warbirds by TMAC JT
Racers by stanjs
Amphibian by rtcapo
bipe by rtcapo
Trainers by reywas62
Olympic 2 Glider by Steelhead
Sport by mhodgson
gtnjyvfbh by KTAN
FF Rubber by Paul
jomur by jomur
Firestone by jomur
Gliders by mhodgson
jomur Slope by jomur
Control line by mhodgson
Sloper Favs by jomur
Odd Ball by mhodgson
Nonscale by Browndwarf2
Scale by Browndwarf2
WWI Scale by Browndwarf2
WWII Scale by Browndwarf2
Pou du Ciel by Browndwarf2
Pre-WWI by Browndwarf2
Aeronca by Browndwarf2
Curtiss Junior by Browndwarf2
Gliders by Browndwarf2
Auto-Gyros by Browndwarf2
GOMAS ESCALA by Luis Cepeda
OTROS DE GOMAS by Luis Cepeda
Cool by GusMac
Gliders by augustawest
Electric by augustawest
Glider Trainer by augustawest
Glider Foam Wings by augustawest
Glider - Other by augustawest
Glider - Power Pod by augustawest
Glider - PSS by augustawest
Glider - Powered by augustawest
Monocoupe by Browndwarf2
Rubber power by mhodgson
Piper by gap1006
favs by lemonyx
Flying Wings by Browndwarf2
Low Wing by BHA59
Biplanes by BHA59
COLL by Hirnduebl
High Wing by BHA59
Modelos VCC preferenciais by
Flying Boats by Browndwarf2
Possibilities by Julian
Jodel by DaveAD
Eldon's planes by epmasini
Scale by mhodgson
My Collection by poobar
New Projects by Dazza
mine by ranolin123
Postwar by Browndwarf2
Golden Age by Browndwarf2
Homebuilt by Browndwarf2
Classic Scale by Rcsimon
Sport Pattern by Rcsimon
Crazy Fun by Rcsimon
Aerobatic by Majesticflyer
Golden era rc by Skyrat
Interesting by Skyrat
Flying Wing Types by jomur
40 Club by jomur
Sailplanes by Lkmlenexa
Pattern Planes by Lkmlenexa
Favorites by
bird of time colection by peterk
Gliders by brunofporto
building by jonorob
Gliders by Dave Poxson
Mini Quad power by Rob_Heap
.40 ships? by Rob_Heap
Unique scale projects by Skyrat
sport models by reywas62
60 warbirds by ckimmey
Building Jigs by jgawalters
ww2 aircraft by pippo
Previously flown by
WW1 AC by rtcapo61
Burnelli by rtcapo61
Between WW1 - WW2 by rtcapo61
Air Mail by rtcapo61
Great stuff by Curtis Teter
Had One by Curtis Teter
Indoor Rubber by Rootster
my plans by Dickson.aaron.m
WW2 AC by rtcapo61
Amphibian/Seaplane by rtcapo61
Civi by rtcapo61
WW1 R/C Scale Warbird by DaveVanEck
ModelHob by jmarena
JETS by John in Boston
PROPS by John in Boston
NON-SCALE: GLIDERS by John in Boston
NON-SCALE: POWERED by John in Boston
Glider plans by Dennis P
Other Fun Stuff! by John in Boston
Gliders to make by Sparrow-1
free fligt to make by Sparrow-1
intresting models by Sparrow-1
built by ckimmey
printed by ckimmey
parkflyer biplanes by ckimmey
parkflyer WW2 by ckimmey
parkflyer civil/sport by ckimmey
60 size by ckimmey
40 size by ckimmey
15-25 size by ckimmey
My Designs by Pete1978
print queue by ckimmey
bomber/multi by ckimmey
90 size by ckimmey
Cool Planes by SavageX89
Cessna 185 by Tiago Furtado
Gliders by Grimpeur
Gyros!! by Grimpeur
CL Stunt Trainers by Átila
test by henk
planes by CVE26
Coupe by Grimpeur
Pattern/sport by Brent
CL Scale by Átila
Sailplanes by Brent
Classic by Bambi
spitfire by SKIONN
Mono by amircic
Classic looking by Capt_Kitt
Jean Robin by hades_75
sailplanes by kitefiter
Biplane by kitefiter
Gliders by cbianchi
Float planes by ckimmey
sailplanes by jpflyer
Handy plans by Sterling101
1/2 A by Brent
high wing by Brent
Laser by Rene1979
rubberpowered by 2Aoldcoot
bird planes by flyranger
Pioneers by ckimmey
Classic by 45South
Rubber power by 45South
Scale Rubber Free Flight by amwing1588
Gliders by Butscut
Allied Ww2 by 45South
Built by jrk7841
cj-6, rubber-power by keen
ultralight vintage by CORSAIRE62
plans 1 by B Waugh
Elliptical Wings and Tails by Bryan
Vlamgatte by Bryan
plans by phuysalva
Powerplanes International Detroit Custom by MattDixon
Gliders by Bjardine
glider by alxis
bipes by Brent
Sport Mini by rtcapo61
delta by Brent
modelisme by bruce2813
World War 2 Planes by Bryan
I would like to build this plane by Bryan
The Biplane by Bryan
Glide me Baby by Bryan
Old Timers - Like My Dad by Bryan
CAD imports by ckimmey
Pattern my Acro by Bryan
Ducks and Swans by Bryan
Mirage 550 by Stanleyj49
Crapotte by Crepeaumathieu
Plans by Bertnkristi
Akro by rtcapo61
Bipe by rtcapo61
materia de sist control by frijolito1999
Pattern Planes by Peazump
Workshop by pholness
Indoor by 45South
old timers by ckimmey
stuka by chanito
Free-Flight by Donjamin
flint by flintstone
Top Flite by Polo
Radial engine by 45South
Trainer by 45South
Cox 049 by Jose049
Small airplanes ( Guillow ) by Jose049
Old engines by Jose049
Assorted airplanes ??? by Jose049
... Talvez rádio? by Átila
Engine Drawings by Browndwarf2