Test Pages. Under test. If the content of the collections seems strange, that's just because I am currently making up random examples to show what we can do with Oz Collections.

Programmed Oz Collections

These are set up by defining a rule (eg: all plans tagged as 'primary') that is checked against the Oz database. Once set up, these programmed Oz collections will automatically expand to include new plans that fit the same rule. So, no work to update.

Giant Rubber Scale
Aeromodeller plans 1943-4
Dean, Laumer, Smeed, Strader
Primary Plans

Member's Oz Collections

These are curated. So each collection is simply a list of hand-chosen plans. Chosen by that Member. This type of collection will only ever be updated by hand.

Members can login and create their own Oz collections.

Creature-style models by SteveWMD
Suitcase Models by SteveWMD
Stylish Speedsters by SteveWMD
Simple Sheet Scale by SteveWMD
WWII Fighters by MustangBob
Sports by mcneills
Homebuilt Aircraft by DaveAD
Beechcraft Bonanza by DaveAD
vintage pattern by Jimmy Warren
Retro builds by Pfb
Biplanes by B Lo
Escolhidos by Átila
Wishlist by Alister
Vintage by stanjs
Control Line by Comet
Small RC by Comet
Sailplanes by Mike B.