Get Involved

There are 6 main ways to get involved with Outerzone:

Submit a plan to Outerzone
If you have a plan you want to submit, that's great. Be aware we have no way to deal with paper copies, so plans must be scanned and emailed. Any format will do: pdf, jpg, tiff, png, whatever you've got is fine. If you are doing the scanning yourself and wondering what settings to use, then a good starting point would be greyscale and 400dpi (although we do have some tutorial pages here if you want to go into more detail). Then just email it here to along with any details you have on the designer, year, etc. Also please try and keep emails under 25MB total filesize. Thanks.

Submit a supplement (or an article) to Outerzone
This is much the same as above, but I just want to make the point that often a plan on Outerzone can be incomplete in some way: for example there may be no printwood, no drawing of the the formers needed to build the model. Or there might be an instruction sheet missing. Or, you might have a scan of the original article pages or kit instructions that would go along with the plan. Again, send email to along with as much detail and background info as possible, also plan ID ref number too. We especially welcome these, because Outerzone as a listing, as a respository, was always designed to be updated as we go along, to become more complete over time.

Make Corrections
By this I mean the database listing of the plan itself. Surprisingly often (I know), I get the title wrong, or the date, wingspan, category tags, etc. To fix this, I rely on you the reader to help me out catching the errors and telling me about them. All plans on Outerzone have a link saying: Did I get something wrong with this plan? That happens a lot. Help me make a correction. Click that link and fill in the form to send me a correction. I'll get onto it asap, usually the same day. I like to get corrections, they are very helpful.

Send photos
If you have a photo of a completed model you think would illustrate a plan on here, that's great. Again, be aware we have no way to deal with paper copies, so just send us the photo as an email attachment, along with a mention of the ID of the plan. Thanks.

Add your comments
If you want to add your own personal comments on a plan (your memories, advice, links to more info, etc.) you can use the comments system to do so. We love to get interesting comments added.

Make a donation
Nice. You can click here to donate using Paypal and put a big happy smile on my face. Thanks.