AAM  American Air Modeler
AM  American Modeler
AMA  Academy of Model Aeronautics
AMI  Aviation Modeller International
AT  Air Trails
CG  Centre of Gravity
CL  Control Line
CO2  Carbon Dioxide
DBHL  David Baker Heritage Library
EDF  Electric Ducted Fan
EFI  Electric Flight International
FA  Flying Aces
FAC  Flying Aces Club
FF  Free Flight
FM  Flying Models
HLG  Hand Launch Glider
HPA  Hip Pocket Aeronautics
IC  Internal Combustion
KAPA  Kits and Plans Antiquitous
MAN  Model Airplane News
MaxFax  DC Maxecuters Newsletter
MB  Model Builder
MRA  Modèle Réduit d'Avion
PSS  Power Scale Soaring
QEFI  Quiet & Electric Flight International
RC  Radio Control
RCM  Radio Control Modeler
RCME  Radio Control Models & Electronics
RCMW  Radio Control Micro World
RCSI  Radio Control Scale International
RET  Rudder, Elevator, Throttle
ROG  Rise off Ground
ROW  Rise off Water
RTP  Round the Pole
SAM  Society of Antique Modelers
SMAE  Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers
TLAR  That Looks About Right


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