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Simple Search - help

This is the Outerzone 'Simple Search'. Enter a keyword eg comet and it will return every instance of comet in all 3 main fields (Title, Designer, Publisher).

Note partial keywords work. So searching for north will return Northrop, Northern, etc.

Simple Search - more (ie more complex usage)

The Outerzone Simple Search is designed to be uncluttered, and easy-to-use. If you want more options you probably need the Advanced Search pages. But there are a couple of things here to be aware of, that may be useful:

  1. You can widen your results with SearchCompleteText
    By default the setting SearchCompleteText is off. By setting SearchCompleteText to Yes (see bottom of search results page) you can also search the AboutThisPlan section (ie the complete text description).
  2. You can add Modifiers to narrow your results
    Simple Search is not ideal if say you are looking for the 'comet' aircraft but not interested in plans from the 'comet' company. The good news is you can add a modifier by using name, by, from or credit along with a colon character. To see how this works, here are some examples:
    fokker by:walt
    fokker by:musc
    fokker dv by:musc
    fokker from:ster
    fokker d from:ster
    fokker e from:ster
    fokker credit:shad

This is the Simple Search. Maybe you'd like the Advanced Search or the Tag Matrix Search even more.