Advanced options.

Advanced Search
Like the normal search, but bigger, uglier and harder to use. Has more bells and whistles. Good for searching by plan credit, etc.

Even More Advanced Search
Like the advanced search, but even more unfriendly. This may get expanded later.

Tag Matrix Search
My favourite page of the whole site. Find the model plans you want by category tag and wingspan. New version (June 2020) now has better formatting of search results, and has been dragged kicking and screaming into the responsive framework.

Tag Matrix Search OLD
The old version of Tag Matrix, from before the 2020 update.

Custom Search
Sarch for plans valid for RCGroups build-offs.

List all the ScaleTypes currently found on Oz.

Cleaning Status
List all plans tagged as needing cleanup.

Cleaning Tags
List plans currently booked out (ie reserved) for cleanup. You can check here to avoid doing the same work as other plan cleaners.

Download Numbers
List by DownloadCount value, ie hits to the download_this_plan page.

List All
All the plans, A to Z by title. This may take a while...


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test pages:

List primary plans

List CAD files
List PDFvector files
List plans with Year = 0
List plans got no modelpic

List RCMplans (by name)
List RCMplans (by number)