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Latest Plans

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Travelair 2000 (oz13840) 1984 grey_line

Travelair 2000 (oz13840)

30in span
Scale CO2 F/F

Plan Details
Westland Lysander (oz13839) by Frank Baker from Model Aviation 2002 grey_line

Westland Lysander (oz13839)

by Frank Baker
from Model Aviation
July 2002 
56in span
Scale IC R/C

Plan Details
Fokker DVIII (oz13838) by AP Diel grey_line

Fokker DVIII (oz13838)

by AP Diel
14in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Paulistinha (oz13837) from Casa Aerobras 1975 grey_line

Paulistinha (oz13837)

from Casa Aerobras
37in span
Scale IC C/L

Plan Details
Apparition (oz13836) by Don McGovern from Flying Models 1960 grey_line

Apparition (oz13836)

by Don McGovern
from Flying Models
January 1960 
19in span
Jetex F/F

Plan Details
Messerschmitt M 35 (oz13835) by Bruno Schmalzgruber from FMT 1983 grey_line

Messerschmitt M 35 (oz13835)

by Bruno Schmalzgruber
from FMT
91in span
Scale IC R/C

Plan Details
Avro Avian IV (oz13834) by Roly Huebsch 2017 grey_line

Avro Avian IV (oz13834)

by Roly Huebsch
28in span
Scale Electric R/C

Plan Details
Grumman F4F (oz13833) by Sergio A Daeuble from MOBRAL 2017 grey_line

Grumman F4F (oz13833)

by Sergio A Daeuble
41in span

Plan Details
Rhubarb (oz13832) by Tim Rose from RC Model World 1991 grey_line

Rhubarb (oz13832)

by Tim Rose
from RC Model World
August 1991 
32in span

Plan Details
SE5a (oz13831) by Peter Rake from Flying Scale Models 2007 grey_line

SE5a (oz13831)

by Peter Rake
from Flying Scale Models
July 2007 
36in span
Scale Electric R/C

Plan Details
Grumman F6F Hellcat (oz13830) by Powers Lefebvre from Miniature Aircraft Corp grey_line

Grumman F6F Hellcat (oz13830)

by Powers Lefebvre
from Miniature Aircraft Corp
41in span
Scale Rubber F/F

Plan Details
Wazup (oz13829) by Chuck Clemans 2011 grey_line

Wazup (oz13829)

by Chuck Clemans
38in span
Electric R/C

Plan Details


Model Photo Gallery

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Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Electric Yogi (oz6722) from RobertS
Tubby II (oz4293) from StanislavCerny_Prague
Tubby II (oz4293) from StanislavCerny_Prague

Latest Comments

Hola, where can I get the plan of the super Talon? Thanks saludos
Manuel Contreras : Talon : 22/05/2022

I also think CB adapted it for flight. Normally, the Weihe should not have a right wing. The right wing is for the cost. It was therefore necessary to strengthen the emplanture of the wings. Perhaps simpler with a seagull wing?
Olivier : CB 12 : 22/05/2022

Too bad Mr. Diel didn't include the true lengths of all the struts, could've saved us some work...
Vic Arcudi : Fokker DVIII : 22/05/2022

If you want to see a superb J2F on the silver screen doing his damnedest to get at the evil U-Boot, you have Murphy's War by Peter Yates 1971. Peter O'Toole also shows.
Miguel : Grumman J2F-6 Duck : 22/05/2022

The plan shows 750mm dihedral at tip with the gull wing layout BUT the writing top right mentions Weihe scale 1/10 straight wing with 5cm dihedral.
Perhaps the scale build is meant to be straight with 5cm dihedral. However if building...
M Hodgson : CB 12 : 22/05/2022

What? Please explain. Neither of these things are (as best I can tell) reasons to add a gullwing.
SteveWMD : CB 12 : 21/05/2022

I fondly remember the Aerobras ads in the old Donald Duck & Co magazines back in the 60s Portuguese editions :-) Isn't that an owl perched on the propeller in photo 006.jpg?
Miguel : Paulistinha : 21/05/2022

Two reasons :
" Unlike the "gullwing" wings of the Reiher from which it was developed, it has an airfoil right for construction cost reasons."
"- Plan CB 12: The Challenge house and Bonnet edited, between the end of the war and...
Olivier : CB 12 : 21/05/2022

Ah, good point. Ok, have tagged this now as ScaleType=DFS_Weihe. It's interesting that all the photos of the fullsize Weihe show a straight wing, but this model has a gull-wing layout. I wonder why?
SteveWMD : CB 12 : 21/05/2022

Hello, Looking at the plan of the cb 12, I realized that it is the exact replica of the Weihe glider. Here is the link to the construction site...larger...of a Weihe glider: Olivier : CB 12 : 21/05/2022

There is no living animal with ribbed ears so I cannot take this as anatomically correct, I'm sad to say.
Miguel : Bunfighter : 21/05/2022

Hello Mary, I am sending you a few pictures of my old Delfin from Robbe [main pic, 005-007]. Someone found it in an attic in really bad shape. I restored it and of course I have the right transmitter for it. Best regards from Germany,
OliverS : Delfin : 21/05/2022

...more comments

Latest Site Updates

21/05/2022 : PlanID=7109 : Corben Super Ace by Joe Ott from Ace Whitman : Replaced this plan with a cleaned up version, thanks to Gene.

19/05/2022 : PlanID=5276 : Kadet by AL Ells from Kamco : Added electric conversion article from R/C Model World, November 2003, thanks to RFJ.

15/05/2022 : PlanID=13822 : Orion from Top Flite : Added kit review from Flying Models, May 1961, thanks to RFJ.

14/05/2022 : PlanID=13822 : Orion from Top Flite : Added decal pdf, thanks to JeffGreen.

13/05/2022 : PlanID=13822 : Orion from Top Flite : Have moved the Top Flite Orion manual across to this listing. Previously it was a supplement to the MAN plan at Orion (oz927)

12/05/2022 : PlanID=13820 : Dornier Do 23 from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

12/05/2022 : PlanID=8485 : Slow Poke 40 by Rob Talbot-Jones, MikeCross from Great Planes : Added kit review from RCM, March 2001, thanks to RFJ.

11/05/2022 : PlanID=5932 : Double Feature by Ken Willard from RCMplans : Fixed the scaling on this plan now, thanks to Chris. Correct wingspan is 39 in.

10/05/2022 : PlanID=11164 : Poncelet Vivette by Van Hereford from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to JJ.

09/05/2022 : PlanID=7466 : Half A Delta by Paul Del Gatto from Model Airplane News : Replaced this plan with a clearer scan, thanks to Ray.

05/05/2022 : PlanID=7668 : Jolly from Graupner : Added Jolly kit instructions sheet, thanks to Martin Huebner.

04/05/2022 : PlanID=10827 : Cap 232 by Mike Cross from Great Planes : Added kit review from R/C Model World, September 1999, thanks to RFJ.

03/05/2022 : PlanID=4247 : Der Kleine Uhu from Graupner : Added instructions sheet (full build text in 4 languages, also inc materials list) thanks to Martin Huebner.

29/04/2022 : PlanID=13611 : Miss Behaving II from FMT : Have changed the scaling on this plan to print at fullsize of 68 in wingspan. The previous file was 2/3 scale.

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Latest Plans text listing

Travelair 2000 - 30in Scale CO2 F/F
Westland Lysander - 56in Scale IC R/C
Fokker DVIII - 14in Scale Rubber F/F
Paulistinha - 37in Scale IC C/L
Apparition - 19in Jetex F/F
Messerschmitt M 35 - 91in Scale IC R/C
Avro Avian IV - 28in Scale Electric R/C
Grumman F4F - 41in IC C/L
Rhubarb - 32in IC R/C
SE5a - 36in Scale Electric R/C
Grumman F6F Hellcat - 41in Scale Rubber F/F
Wazup - 38in Electric R/C
Vagabond 40 - 56in IC R/C
Sentosa 1500 - 60in Electric Glider R/C
Pert - 36in IC R/C
Tora II - 116in IC R/C
ABC Robin - 25in Scale Electric R/C
Trixie - 40in IC R/C
Orion - 68in IC R/C
Raketoplan - 16in Jetex F/F
Dornier Do 23 - 84in Scale IC R/C
Spitfire - 45in Scale Rubber F/F
Skip Jack - 52in IC R/C
Super Fli - 44in Scale IC R/C
Mystique - 58in IC R/C
Airborne - 84in IC R/C
Fokker EIII - 23in Scale Rubber F/F
Zlin Akrobat - 42in Scale IC C/L
Sopwith Camel - 14in Scale Rubber F/F
Ellipse 2a - 33in IC R/C
Saab Viggen Scale IC F/F
Shavrov SH-2 - 60in Scale IC R/C
3DP Mini - 34in IC R/C
Easy Wing - 49in Glider R/C
Speed RS - 49in IC R/C
Quasimodo - 48in IC R/C
Bowlus Baby Albatross - 122in Scale Glider R/C
Douglas C-124 Globemaster - 82in Scale IC C/L
Filey Flier Mk2 - 48in Electric R/C
Chilli Breeze - 48in IC R/C
Pumukl - 98in Glider R/C
Grumman J2F-6 Duck - 58in Scale IC R/C
Stinson L-5 - 34in Scale Rubber F/F
Fieseler F5 - 79in Scale IC R/C
Lockheed XFV-1 - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Pesquito - 79in Glider F/F
Northrop B2 Stealth Bomber - 96in Scale...
Sierra - 60in IC R/C
UFO - 18in IC F/F
Fli-Wing - 17in Rubber F/F

...more plans



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