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7 Years of Outerzone!

Since 2011 we've been collecting and sharing free vintage and old-timer plans at Outerzone. Thanks to you, there are now over 10,000 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for making Outerzone what it is. Three cheers for all of us!


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Latest Plans Added 12 most recent plan thumbnails

Viki - 10831Viki
Glider R/C
56in span
Plan Details
Vega 35 - 10830Vega 35
55in span
Plan Details
Mooncrest - 10829Mooncrest
Jetex F/F
18in span
Plan Details
YL-24 Helio Courier - 10828YL-24 Helio Courier
Scale Rubber F/F
13in span
Plan Details
Cap 232 - 10827Cap 232
Scale IC R/C
58in span
Plan Details
Corben Super Ace - 10826Corben Super Ace
Scale Rubber F/F
22in span
Plan Details
A-Pay - 10825A-Pay
58in span
Plan Details
Meise - 10824Meise
Glider F/F
84in span
Plan Details
Springfield Racer - 10823Springfield Racer
Scale Rubber F/F
23in span
Plan Details
Zaic Cabin - 10822Zaic Cabin
Rubber F/F
25in span
Plan Details
Urubu I - 10821Urubu I
Glider F/F
81in span
Plan Details
Sunnanvind - 10820Sunnanvind
Glider F/F
38in span
Plan Details


Latest Comments

Just a note. The Seamaster 120 (ID 10817) presented here is a enlarged version of the Seamaster 2 (ID 5899) published in the May, 1984 issue of RCM. As the plan details are similar, the article and building instructions for the smaller...
davidterrell80 : Seamaster 120 : 23/01/2019

I built a model of the Leprechaun from APS plan about 1990. The problem I had was that every time she landed the rear end of the fuselage broke off, immediately in front of the tailplane assembly. As many models of the Leprechaun fly...
Malcolm Jackson : Leprechaun : 22/01/2019

Many thanks for publishing the Soloist plan. I built the Soloist about 1989, and learned to fly RC, without any problems, using the model. This was after about 3 attempts on other models I had built. I have now used Posterazer to print...
Malcolm Jackson : Soloist : 22/01/2019

We too were very much addicted to this design. Some of friends learned flying with this Junior 60. I build this from scratch using locally available wood. No balsa.
Dr Subhash Mashal : Junior 60 : 22/01/2019

Added nice pic of the completed model, thanks to LucD [more pics 003].
Mary : Seamaster 40 : 21/01/2019

This is more a comment than a correction on the Seamaster 120. However, if heeded, will lead to several corrections. When this plane first came on the market, I was an ACE dealer and like another dealer, in the USA, we could not wait to...
MatthewStikeman : Seamaster 120 : 21/01/2019

Aha, got it, thanks. The "B Ashby" must refer to the draughtsman rather than the designer.
SteveWMD : Sunnanvind : 21/01/2019

Sunnanvind was designed by Sigurd Isacson from Sweden and the model was revolutionary for its time and set a new standard for singing speed and wing profiles.
anon : Sunnanvind : 21/01/2019

Please accept these photos of the Gee Bee Dreamer biplane I built about 15 years ago or so from a GEE BEE line kit [more pics 003-006]. It, by far, was (the wings and the back half of the fuselage still is) my favorite airplane. It was...
DougWeaver_Buffalo_NY : Dreamer : 21/01/2019

Added another nice photo of the completed model, thanks to MikeFoster [more pics 006].
Mary : Bi-Fli : 21/01/2019

Attached a picture of a Veron Tigermoth that I just finished using the Outerzone plan shrunk to 13"span [more pics 003]. Built mainly for me to learn how to trim peanut size models. Fingers crossed it flies! Thanks for the plan.
AMaxfield : Tiger Moth : 21/01/2019

Attached file is my recent job of R/C Korda Wakefield winner [more pics 008].
Kaoru_Kiyose : Korda Wakefield : 21/01/2019

...more comments


Latest Site Updates

23/01/2019 : PlanID=1496 : Fairey Barracuda by Earl Stahl from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

23/01/2019 : PlanID=1588 : Ivory Gull II by RFL Gosling from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, scanned from fullsize, thanks to KaoruKiyose.

22/01/2019 : PlanID=89 : Hughes h-1 by John Bell from Bell Models : Added Fillets file, shows hand drawn templates for wing filets and canopy, thanks to Mike.

22/01/2019 : PlanID=2939 : Curtiss XP-55 Ascender by Earl Stahl from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

22/01/2019 : PlanID=10823 : Springfield Racer by Avrum Zier from Flying Aces : Many thanks to Pit for confirmation, this plan is from Flying Aces, Oct 1933. Have amended the listing now.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=4249 : SE5a by Dave Platt from Top Flite : Added kit review from MAN Dec 1969, thanks to dritzke.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=673 : Heinkel He 177 Greif by Klaus Nietzer from FMT : Added article, thanks to Uwe.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=1313 : Fokker Dr1 by Joseph Wherry from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=3251 : Colossus V by Chuck Giessen from Flying Models : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=520 : Nakajima 96 by J Bligh, N Kirschbaum from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=10815 : T-Beam by Joe Osterman from Flying Aces : Added alternate plan, scaled up from original print, thanks to TonyP.

21/01/2019 : PlanID=5973 : Scorpion by PGF Chinn from Model Airplane News : Added PDFvector file and CAD zipfile (both dwg and dxf), thanks to MikeSierra67.

20/01/2019 : PlanID=1916 : Fury Four by JS Luck from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

18/01/2019 : PlanID=7186 : Pacer by Owen Kampen from American Aircraft Modeler : Added alternate plan, thanks to rchopper56. The original Pacer design used the Ace foam wing. This here is a modern redrawn plan that shows details for a built-up wing construction.

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Latest Plans text listing

Viki - 56in Glider R/C
Vega 35 - Lew McFarland - 55in IC C/L
Mooncrest - Ray Malmstrom - 18in Jetex F/F
YL-24 Helio Courier - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Cap 232 - Mike Cross - 58in Scale IC R/C
Corben Super Ace - Hal Swanson - 22in Scale...
A-Pay - Frank Ehling - 58in IC F/F
Meise - Romano Mazzoncini - 84in Glider F/F
Springfield Racer - Avrum Zier - 23in Scale...
Zaic Cabin - Frank Zaic - 25in Rubber F/F
Urubu I - Gunter Grave - 81in Glider F/F
Sunnanvind - Sigurd Isaacson - 38in Glider F/F
Midget Mustang - Hal DeBolt - 48in Scale IC R/C
Sperry Monoplane - Peter Rake - 18in Scale...
Seamaster 120 - Ken Willard - 86in IC R/C
Femto Fun 300 - Mark Duckworth - 29in Electric...
T-Beam - Joe Osterman - 54in IC F/F
Mini Challenger - Peter Rake - 20in Scale...
Classy Cabin - Walt Musciano - 34in Rubber F/F
Patches - Glenn C Kinney - 72in F/F
Farman Sport - Peter Rake - 12in Scale Electric...
Overload - Jim Baguley - 64in IC F/F
Schooler - RM Thorogood - 30in Rubber F/F
Another Knight - Peter Rake - 16in Electric R/C
Ultimate Dragmaster - Tom Hutchinson - 79in...
Baby Dart - Tommy Georges - 36in IC R/C
Electric Typhoon - D Chinery - 48in Scale...
Aristocrat - Edwin Stoffel - 44in Rubber F/F
2 to Tango - Nigel Burton - 62in IC R/C
Scimitar - Mike White - 57in Glider R/C
Thomas Morse Scout S4C - David Andersen - 64in...
Hornet - Sal Taibi - 88in IC F/F
Se5a - 18in Scale Rubber F/F
Monsun - Zdena Ledvina - 50in IC F/F
Fokker Eindecker - Nick Ziroli - 55in Scale IC...
Vultee Valiant - 18in Scale Rubber F/F
Dreamer - Don Foster - 39in IC R/C
Gee Bee Model D Sportster - Walt Mooney - 16in...
Pylon Racer - Hal DeBolt - 54in IC R/C
X-12 Delta - 20in IC R/C
Be-60 Bestiola - O Saffek - 18in Scale Rubber...
Silver Patrol - Ian HV Hayes - 60in Glider F/F
Voodoo - Harold Bull - 40in Scale IC Glider R/C
Sputnik - Othmar Huber - 79in IC Glider R/C
Stampe Monitor - Frank Warburton - 56in IC C/L
Air Youth Glider No.2 - WF Tyler - 20in Glider...
Air Youth Glider No.1 - WF Tyler - 14in Glider...
Foster Wicko - Eric Fearnley - 48in Scale IC...
Mugwump - George Perryman - 37in Rubber F/F
Nordic Faun - J Van Hattum - 66in Glider F/F

...more plans



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