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We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 13,495 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

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Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (oz13581) by Powers Lefebvre from Miniature Aircraft Corp 1945 grey_line

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (oz13581)

by Powers Lefebvre
from Miniature Aircraft Corp
35in span
Scale IC Rubber F/F

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Mini Titino (oz13580) from Bettini grey_line

Mini Titino (oz13580)

from Bettini
31in span

Plan Details
Donald (oz13579) by Peter Umhauer from FMT 1977 grey_line

Donald (oz13579)

by Peter Umhauer
from FMT
44in span

Plan Details
Skiptown Cadet (oz13578) by Tom Nallen 1991 grey_line

Skiptown Cadet (oz13578)

by Tom Nallen
18in span
Rubber F/F

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Akrobat (oz13577) by Eric Herbert from RCME 1973 grey_line

Akrobat (oz13577)

by Eric Herbert
from RCME
February 1973 
62in span
Scale IC R/C

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Flapper (oz13576) by Henry Cole 1955 grey_line

Flapper (oz13576)

by Henry Cole
44in span

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Seagull (oz13575) by Ray Booth from Model Airplane News 1956 grey_line

Seagull (oz13575)

by Ray Booth
from Model Airplane News
December 1956 
36in span
Glider F/F

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Cool Boy (oz13574) by Konrad Riggenmann from FMT 1978 grey_line

Cool Boy (oz13574)

by Konrad Riggenmann
from FMT
Glider R/C

Plan Details
Pylon Duster (oz13573) by G Franklin from RCME 1963 grey_line

Pylon Duster (oz13573)

by G Franklin
from RCME
November 1963 
43in span

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Pacific High Wing (oz13572) from Pacific Model 1935 grey_line

Pacific High Wing (oz13572)

from Pacific Model
15in span
Rubber F/F

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Kellett KD-1A Autogyro (oz13571) by Jesus Ortega 2022 grey_line

Kellett KD-1A Autogyro (oz13571)

by Jesus Ortega
40in span
Scale IC C/L

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Curtiss Seahawk (oz13570) by W Esposito from Model Aircraft 1956 grey_line

Curtiss Seahawk (oz13570)

by W Esposito
from Model Aircraft
June 1956 
32in span
Scale IC C/L

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Model Photo Gallery

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Monocoupe (oz5097) from EdShearer
Monocoupe (oz5097) from EdShearer
Fokker D-VII (oz7355) from EdShearer
Fokker D-VII (oz7355) from EdShearer
Fokker D-VII (oz7355) from EdShearer
Fokker D-VII (oz7355) from EdShearer
Commando (oz8214) from Joost
Commando (oz8214) from Joost

Latest Comments

Bravo Jesus es estupendo! Un saludo Matzito
Matthias Möller : Kellett KD-1A Autogyro : 24/01/2022

Thanks for good article on the Voodoo. I flew one in the National Model Airplane Contest at Willow Grove N.A.S. in the Combat competition in early 60s. That model hangs in honor above my workbench [pics 007, 008]. Regards,
Jim McHale : Voodoo : 24/01/2022

Hello my Bienchen is fitted with a 15 g copter motor and 2s 350mA Lipo. The flight weight is 155g. The bee is so over-powered, otherwise flies well. Greetings,
Rolf-K : Bienchen : 24/01/2022

I got the magazine when I was going into high school. A FASCINATING article. Would be a great conversion to an electric ducted fan.
Phil Cartier : Rapier : 24/01/2022

Hi Mary; Here is my new POLO from Svenson [pics 009-011], the blue one is the POLO I am building now. I just need to finish the wing. You will also see two other POLOs, the red and the white, all three are equipped with OS engines, the...
Julien Vermeire : Polo : 24/01/2022

First let me say that your site is GREAT thank you. At the moment I am building the KK Falcon OZ 908, flew one back in the 1960s. The picture that I have attached [main pic] is my Pylon Duster that I built and flew September 1966, it was...
Philip Soden : Pylon Duster : 24/01/2022

Thanks Thorsten.
RC Yeager : Inspectoer : 24/01/2022

This was flown with a 2,4Ghz Frsky and a XM+ receiver (the old version with ACCST protocol), nothing special or long range stuff. Cloud layer was not high, it was a pretty rainy morning, just 15min before, and we have been...
Thorsten : Inspectoer : 24/01/2022

I'll buy that. Probably the credit to Bill Dean applied to writing the article. Ok, have set the designer on this one as PE Norman now. Thanks.
SteveWMD : Shrike : 23/01/2022

Hi Tom... almost all plans can be enlarged (up to a point) without modification, and this varies, depending on the plan. Also, enlarging the plan throws out the engine recomendations made by Doug. Best to keep plan as is.
RC Yeager : OV-10A Bronco : 23/01/2022

Reading the article, it seems the design should be credited to P. E. Norman?
hjsaxe : Shrike : 23/01/2022

Thanks. Photo [main pic], of completed model by Mellowdave, is grabbed from that thread.
SteveWMD : Skiptown Cadet : 23/01/2022

...more comments

Latest Site Updates

24/01/2022 : PlanID=6273 : Gloster Gladiator by Stan Cole from Aeromodeller : Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to hjsaxe. This has been redrawn from scratch in vector format.

24/01/2022 : PlanID=3857 : Curtiss Osprey from Model Airplane News : Added article thanks to hjsaxe, found on the site.

24/01/2022 : PlanID=3956 : North American B-25 Mitchell by Frank T Roberts from Miniature Aircraft Corp : Added catalog pages, thanks to Pit.

24/01/2022 : PlanID=13581 : Republic P-47D Thunderbolt from Miniature Aircraft Corp : Added catalog pages, thanks to Pit.

23/01/2022 : PlanID=13577 : Akrobat from RCME : Added article, thanks to RFJ.

21/01/2022 : PlanID=13508 : Mirage IIIC from Modele Magazine : Added 2 more scans to this plan file, thanks to Olivier. Essentially these are different drawings of the same design, with slight variations. Sheet 3 shows a version that has internally mounted Jetex motor and uses an augmenter tube.

21/01/2022 : PlanID=13575 : Seagull from Model Airplane News : Added article, thanks to Pit.

19/01/2022 : PlanID=7984 : Sundancer by Robert Dellacamera from RCMplans : Added ribs file, thanks to JohnHess.

14/01/2022 : PlanID=4515 : Supreme 60 from Graupner : Added kit review (in French) from MRA, June 1990, thanks to Pit.

12/01/2022 : PlanID=1390 : Robin by Neville Willis from Keil Kraft : Added scan of printwood, decals, instructions, thanks to AdrianCulf.

11/01/2022 : PlanID=8001 : De Havilland DH-103 Hornet by Gordon Whitehead from RCMplans : Added article from Radio Modeller, May 1984, thanks to RFJ.

09/01/2022 : PlanID=1359 : Gypsy by Bill Dean from Keil Kraft : Replaced this plan with a clearer version, also cleaned-up instructions and cleaned-up printwood on a single sheet, thanks to Gnomelike.

09/01/2022 : PlanID=6855 : Ballistic by Roger M Reese : Replaced this plan with a modified/corrected version, thanks to Gnomelike.

09/01/2022 : PlanID=13498 : Piper Cherokee from Graupner : Added exploded view, thanks to MauriceDC.

...more updates

Latest Plans text listing

Republic P-47D Thunderbolt - 35in Scale IC...
Mini Titino - 31in IC R/C
Donald - 44in IC R/C
Skiptown Cadet - 18in Rubber F/F
Akrobat - 62in Scale IC R/C
Flapper - 44in IC F/F
Seagull - 36in Glider F/F
Cool Boy Glider R/C
Pylon Duster - 43in IC R/C
Pacific High Wing - 15in Rubber F/F
Kellett KD-1A Autogyro - 40in Scale IC C/L
Curtiss Seahawk - 32in Scale IC C/L
Zeke - 27in Scale IC C/L
73.40 - 8in IC C/L
Smousen 67 - 37in IC C/L
Thunderjet Glider - 10in Scale Glider F/F
Rainbow Arrow - 59in Glider R/C
Weeks Solution S1-WS - Miles Reed - 70in Scale...
Inspectoer - 43in Electric R/C
Betty - 79in IC R/C
Hughes Record Racer - 25in Scale IC C/L
Avro Delta - 27in Scale IC F/F C/L R/C
Macchi MB 308 - 18in Scale IC C/L
Albatros III - 34in Scale IC R/C
Buccaneer Jr - 25in Rubber CO2 F/F
Albatros - 31in IC R/C
Westland Welkin - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Smokey - 15in Jetex F/F
Ryan STA - 35in Scale IC R/C
Sport Nipper - 48in Scale IC R/C
Spirit of St Louis - 34in Scale Rubber F/F
Monocoupe - 64in Scale IC R/C
Nite Hawk - 18in Rubber F/F
Hawker Hunter Mk 58 - 56in Scale IC R/C
Travel Air 2000 - 34in Scale IC C/L
QB 40T Centurion - 60in IC R/C
P-47N Thunderbolt - 30in Scale IC C/L
Nomad - 20in Glider F/F
Ellipse 3 - 30in IC R/C
Berliner Joyce Pursuit - 60in Scale IC F/F
Senior Radar Master - 118in IC R/C
Radar Master - 86in IC R/C
Consolidated PT-1 Float Plane - 42in Scale IC...
Spectra - 78in Electric Glider R/C
Redwing - 18in Rubber F/F
Bulls Eye - 130in Electric R/C
AD-2 Skyraider - 43in Scale IC C/L R/C
Zippy - 12in Rubber F/F
Demoiselle - 29in Scale IC F/F R/C
Baby ROG - 16in Rubber F/F

...more plans



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