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Outerzone is... balsa-ness

We collect and share plans of vintage and old-timer flying model airplanes. For free. We do it together. And we've been doing it since 2011. No need to login, just grab and go.

Thanks to you all, there are now 13,891 plans here for free download. We think that's pretty good going. Thank you for helping us to make Outerzone what it is, an awesome free archive of old-timer goodness. Three cheers for all of us!


Latest Plans

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Sesqui-Scot (oz14002) by Henry Scotty Mayors from Flying Aces 1943 grey_line

Sesqui-Scot (oz14002)

by Henry Scotty Mayors
from Flying Aces
March 1943 
22in span
Rubber F/F

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Ryan Bluebird (oz14001) by George Meyer grey_line

Ryan Bluebird (oz14001)

by George Meyer
27in span
Scale Rubber F/F

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Savoia S12 (oz14000) by Bill Noonan from Model Airplane News 1985 grey_line

Savoia S12 (oz14000)

by Bill Noonan
from Model Airplane News
June 1985 
18in span
Scale CO2 F/F

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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (oz13999) from Aviation Modeller International 1998 grey_line

Lockheed C-130 Hercules (oz13999)

from Aviation Modeller International
January 1998 
54in span
Scale Electric F/F

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Optimus (oz13998) from Robbe 1990 grey_line

Optimus (oz13998)

from Robbe
67in span
Glider R/C

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Plinker (oz13997) by Dave Robelen from RC MicroFlight 2000 grey_line

Plinker (oz13997)

by Dave Robelen
from RC MicroFlight
August 2000 
20in span
Electric R/C

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Plato  (oz13996) by Ernest Houslander from Model Builder 1983 grey_line

Plato (oz13996)

by Ernest Houslander
from Model Builder
June 1983 
30in span

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Baby (oz13995) by Sears McCorrison 1938 grey_line

Baby (oz13995)

by Sears McCorrison
70in span

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Martin A-30 Baltimore (oz13994) by Ralph Andrae from Wing Mfg 1970 grey_line

Martin A-30 Baltimore (oz13994)

by Ralph Andrae
from Wing Mfg
70in span
Scale IC R/C

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International Stunt Winner (oz13993) by Harold Reinhardt from Air Trails 1951 grey_line

International Stunt Winner (oz13993)

by Harold Reinhardt
from Air Trails
January 1951 
41in span

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Potez 230 (oz13992) by Allan Schanzle from MaxFax 1986 grey_line

Potez 230 (oz13992)

by Allan Schanzle
from MaxFax
November 1986 
22in span
Scale Rubber F/F

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Skeeter (oz13991) by Eric Herbert from RCME 1966 grey_line

Skeeter (oz13991)

by Eric Herbert
from RCME
July 1966 
43in span
Scale IC R/C

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Model Photo Gallery

This is a random selection of just 4 of the photos you sent us. Click here to see the full Gallery

Swannee (oz4137) from MikeSpencer
Swannee (oz4137) from MikeSpencer
Cinege III (oz4878) from JanSchop
Cinege III (oz4878) from JanSchop
Cinege III (oz4878) from JanSchop
Cinege III (oz4878) from JanSchop
Firefly (oz4393) from TonyLeong
Firefly (oz4393) from TonyLeong

Latest Comments

This was a M-2 by Ryan see:
only one of it's kind
Ted Avey : Ryan Bluebird : 11/08/2022

A nice, clean plan of a pleasant subject. No formers but those are easy to work out. Thanks!
Miguel : Ryan Bluebird : 11/08/2022

Another 1,000 milestone, so this had to be something out of the ordinary. Well, it is! A stunning beauty!
My heartfelt thanks to Mary and Steve, as well as to everyone else who contributed something major or minor to this memory...
Miguel : Savoia S12 : 10/08/2022

This is a great flying model!
Brooke Linford : Comper Swift : 10/08/2022

The level of detail is, indeed, extraordinary. It is truly fitting that it is, in fact, an actual museum piece. I wonder, do the radios work?
Jan Novick : T-6F Texan : 09/08/2022

That is the finest detail I have ever seen. Simply stunning. I was so shocked at first sight of this magnificent workmanship I cannot repeat what I said!!! Think you can guess. Just stunning. Hat off to you master.
Peter Cane : T-6F Texan : 08/08/2022

Fair point. Some parts of the FAQ have not been updated since 2011. Have changed this now :)
SteveWMD : PT-40 : 08/08/2022

Steve and Mary, Attached is a picture of the original PT-40, Mk1 version [pic 005]. These old pictures have been lost in the closet and completely forgotten, until your website came along!The old timers at the flying field recommended an...
James C : PT-40 : 08/08/2022

Much as it pains me, I have to agree with Jan :)) The only improvement I'd dare suggest would be to cover the structure in some clear colourless material so that the woodwork remained visible, it's that good!
Miguel : Sopwith Pup : 08/08/2022

Absolutely beautiful! Loved the tribute and construction video as well as the scale/plastic flying prop shown in the photos. Congratulations all around!
Jan Novick : Sopwith Pup : 07/08/2022

I made that discovery after submitting the plan to Steve but I forgot to mention it. Sorry to put you through all of that effort.
TomRyan : Flying Stick : 07/08/2022

Bill Galloway's Sopwith Pup [main pic, 003-006] was my first attempt to build a scale model from a plan. His plans are works of art, and worth downloading just to glory in his fine draughtsmanship. There is some doubt as to whether his...
Justin Baldwin : Sopwith Pup : 07/08/2022

...more comments

Latest Site Updates

11/08/2022: General News: Things are still difficult here. Mary's dad is gravely ill, it may be that normal operation here of the Outerzone site slows down some. Lots going on at the moment. Thanks for your patience.

Live Wire Jenny (oz4842): Added kit review from R/C Modeler, March 1964, thanks to RFJ.

04/08/2022: General News: Things are quite busy right now here at Outerzone Towers. A lot of things going on, so please bear with us. If you are expecting an email response, it may take a while longer than usual. By all means, carry on sending in plans, photos, comments etc, we'll just queue them all up and work through it all over time. Steve.

Waco CG-4A (oz9708): Added article, thanks to Pit.

RC Floater G-110 (oz12121): Added 3x supplement files: Cost Flyer, Ballast Box Addendum, Modifications Sheet, with thanks to Mike McIntyre.

Simplex (oz3073): Fixed the scaling of the supplement file, to make it correct fullsize at 60 inch span, thanks to pulserudder. Previously set to 900 dpi, this is now 560 dpi.

Dornier Do 335 Pfeil (oz13983): Added article, thanks to DPlumpe.

Less n Extra (oz13981): Added article, thanks to RFJ.

F-105F Profile (oz11448): Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

Pegasus (oz13980): Added article, thanks to Pit.

Stout 1937 Winner (oz10434): Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Poppet (oz1511): Added article in German, from FMT, April 1966, thanks to pikpak.

Thermal Chaser (oz200): Added article, thanks to

Little Proto (oz13967): Added article, thanks to RFJ.

...more updates

Latest Plans text listing

Sesqui-Scot - 22in Rubber F/F
Ryan Bluebird - 27in Scale Rubber F/F
Savoia S12 - 18in Scale CO2 F/F
Lockheed C-130 Hercules - 54in Scale Electric...
Optimus - 67in Glider R/C
Plinker - 20in Electric R/C
Plato - 30in IC R/C
Baby - 70in IC F/F
Martin A-30 Baltimore - 70in Scale IC R/C
International Stunt Winner - 41in IC C/L
Potez 230 - 22in Scale Rubber F/F
Skeeter - 43in Scale IC R/C
Spad XIII - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Flying Stick - 84in IC F/F
CAP 231 - 72in Scale IC R/C
Das Ugly Stik 42 - 42in Electric R/C
Extra 300 - 72in Scale IC R/C
Camp Cookout Catapult Glider - 17in Glider F/F
Zoom-Aire - 10in Glider F/F
Dornier Do 335 Pfeil - 70in Scale Electric R/C
Fieseler Fi-99 - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Less n Extra - 36in Electric R/C
Pegasus - 49in IC C/L
Nieuport Delage 580 - 16in Scale Rubber F/F
Wing A - 56in Glider R/C
School Chucky Phantom - 10in Scale Glider F/F
Renard R.31 - 20in Scale Rubber F/F
Wing - 46in IC R/C
HP 115 - 6in Scale Jetex F/F
Airmaster Electric R/C
Stratosphere Pursuit - 16in Rubber F/F
Messerschmitt M.35b - 90in Scale IC R/C
Avro 707 - 35in Scale IC R/C
Whirlaway - 12in Glider F/F
Arrowair - 17in CO2 F/F
Little Proto - 18in IC C/L
Piper Cub - 12in Scale Rubber F/F
Nomad - 100in Glider R/C
Outdoor Pusher Glider - 15in Glider F/F
STOL II - 55in IC R/C
MCX-25 - 44in IC R/C
Antonov An-2 - 13in Scale Rubber F/F
Bitsy - 11in IC C/L
Hammer-E Electric R/C
Mureaux 170 C-1 Pursuit - 24in Scale Rubber F/F
Raven - 62in Scale IC R/C
Taube - 40in Scale IC R/C
Idea Tester Rubber F/F
Milano 2 - 55in Glider F/F
Abrego 150 - 78in Glider F/F

...more plans



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