RC Jupiter Build Thread

RC Jupiter Build Thread - Matthias Moeller
It all started when I was browsing the outerzone Gallery and I stopped by a tiny 36 inch rubber low-wing called Jupiter ...more

Electrifying the Keil Kraft Chief

Electrifying the Keil Kraft Chief - David Wright
As part of my aeromodelling apprenticeship I built many Keil Kraft models - now thanks to Outerzone plan service, I can build the Chief ...more

Mean Aerodynamic Chord of a Wing

Mean Aerodynamic Chord of a Wing - ChrisPinn
Finding the MAC (mean aerodynamic chord), the easy way ...more

PDF download issue: Apple iOS 12

PDF download issue: Apple iOS 12 - SteveWMD
Can't download some Oz plans on your iPad? Check this first, just to be sure ...more

Guardians of the Planaxy

Guardians of the Planaxy - JohnnyB
"Wow dude! You sure have quite the collection of airplane plans rat holed here."

"Yeah, I have a few." ...more

Mystery Glider

Mystery Glider - Raffaello
Can anyone help me to identify the glider shown in the picture, held by a very young me? ...more

Cox Thimble-Drome L-4 Grasshopper

Cox Thimble-Drome L-4 Grasshopper - Joan Brunet
In the early '60s I was a teenager. I went to school every day and on Saturday afternoon I helped the small family business, working as a delivery boy in Barcelona, Spain ...more

One of my best aeromodelling experiences

One of my best aeromodelling experiences - Joan Brunet
In June 1976, seven Spaniards were selected by the Spanish Federation of Aerial Sport to attend the IV CHALLENGE INTERNATIONAL EOLE in Saint Andre de l'Eure in France ...more

That old Terryfic plane

That old Terryfic plane - Raffaello
I discovered the old battered Graupner Terry in my father's attic during a clean-up. I brought it to my workshop and immediately felt that I had to restore it to flight conditions. Soon that proved to be anything but an easy task ...more

Radio Rock Mystery

Radio Rock Mystery - Owe Carlson
Can any reader of Outerzone help me to find who designed a model called Radio Rock? ...more

Airtronics Questor

Airtronics Questor - Joan Brunet
I think QUESTOR was a precedent version of Super Questor oz5836, with a small span of 62", constant chord wing and vee dihedral. ...more

The Perfect First Flight

The Perfect First Flight - Rich Moss
I am sitting at the bench building a small rubber powered plane, gluing my fingers together, and thought of an amusing story that older RC lovers should enjoy. The year was about 1981. ...more

Bordertown 2006: Year of the Snake

Bordertown 2006: Year of the Snake - Tim Morland
It might be risky to do comparisons between Lamaroo and Bordertown in 2006. So I won't. However our visit to Bordertown did have its own peculiar ambience. It was also not as far as Lamaroo! ...more

Half a century flying!

Half a century flying! - Joan Brunet
I built the Mini Comet in 1967. Powered by a Cox Tee Dee 0.051, it was my first engine model. I drew myself the plan at full scale from the article published in Aeromodeller in January 1966. ...more

The Telemaster Saga

The Telemaster Saga - Pit
Some years ago I bought a Sr Telemaster plan on ebay from the USA. The dealer refused to send it other than rolled in a tube and the weight of the paper was declared unusually high. ...more

A Day That Changed My Life

A Day That Changed My Life - Richard Moss
43 years ago my father brought home a magazine for me to read. It was a Model Airplane News. I had heard of radio controlled models, but had never seen one, not even in a magazine. I was immediately hooked. ...more

Two Glues

Two Glues - Doug Smith
Sometimes you stumble onto something that just works better. ...more

Mystery Model Pusher

Mystery Model Pusher - Mary
The National Model Aviation Museum of America needs your help finding information about an early model pusher, designed by GP Bragg-Smith in 1909-1910. ...more

The Joy of Aeromodelling

The Joy of Aeromodelling - Mary
I didn't know much about model airplanes before I started helping Steve with Outerzone 18 months ago. I still don't know much about model airplanes, but feel I've learned a little since then. ...more

Bugaboo - Aeromodelling as  an Art Project

Bugaboo - Aeromodelling as an Art Project - JoostBakker
The Bugaboo was two things for me: a model airplane as is known, and an art project as will be known after reading all this. I myself started aeromodelling in 1971. I had many hobbies but this would be one that took quite a chunk of my time. ...more

Choosing Brushless Motors to fit Vintage Models

Choosing Brushless Motors to fit Vintage Models - ChrisPinn
My way of choosing modern brushless components for vintage model aircraft designs. This explanation is meant for vintage style FF and RC models of around 30-50in span. I have little experience with very small or very large models, so we're talking Tomboys, Matadors, Deacons, Cardinals... ...more

Build a High Power Amp Meter for less than $10

Build a High Power Amp Meter for less than $10 - DougSmith
Build a high power amp meter for less than $10 - much less if you already have a digital meter. If you have an electric powered model, the number one thing you need to know is: How many amps does your motor pull from the battery? If you don't know this... ...more

RC Electric Basics

RC Electric Basics - DougSmith
What motor, battery and speed control do I need for my ____ model? This is the number one question everybody asks when building their first electric R/C model or converting an existing aircraft to electric power. Of course there are the three most important rules of electric R/C, and they are... ...more

Outerzone and the David Baker Heritage Library

Outerzone and the David Baker Heritage Library - SteveWMD
Outerzone are adding more plans, in partnership with the David Baker Heritage Library (DBHL). DBHL have just sent us through an archive of 2,874 plan files in PDF format. DBHL are happy for us to add all of them to the Outerzone site and host them as free downloads as part of the Outerzone collection... ...more

Something in the Air

Something in the Air - AndyCoutts
I received some very old photos from my mother of my father's modelling days from the '50s and '60s. My mother was spring cleaning and going to toss everything out. My father, Sandy Coutts, came out from Scotland to Rhodesia in the early '50s and was one of the pioneers of RC. ...more

My First R/C

My First R/C - DougSmith
It was the Fall of 1961 when me and my two buddies, Al Saliba and Joey Richards decided to build R/C models. We had already been constructing other types, control line, free flight, rubber power and gliders when we went for the big time, R/C. Of course, none of us had ever seen an R/C model fly ...more