Praise for Outerzone


I like to obsessively collect snippets of praise for the Outerzone site from wherever I can find them. Then, completely without any sense of shame, I like to paste them here onto this page for everyone to read.

Thank you for putting my designs on the Outerzone website. I am delighted by the response from fellow modelers.
JohnJennings - 10/05/2024

Thank you for providing a fantastic service
Mark - 08/05/2024

Thank you very much for providing such a excellent source of vintage model aircraft plans. Keep up the good work!
Markus - 03/05/2024

Outerzone is a marvellous resource I have only recently found. I wasable to get a plan for my long neglected (31 years!) KK Ladybird project which is now well on its way again.
Brendan - 03/05/2024

I really appreciate your site and all the wonderful plans you preserve!
Sky9pilot - 27/04/2024

Thanks for providing such a great resource.
AnthonyR - 14/04/2024

Thanks again for helping keep kit building alive!
Jim - 27/03/2024

Thanks for all the work keeping up this website.
DavidN - 13/03/2024

Keep up the fine work, we modelers truly appreciate your efforts.
RichL - 13/03/2024

I absolutely am crazy about your site and can spend hours perusing it.
Joe - 12/03/2024

Merci pour le site Outerzone et tous les plans diffusés.
Patrick - 08/03/2024

Thank you for all your efforts keeping this website going, it is a really great resource.
MikeB - 08/03/2024

Thank you for your amazing plans service, I have downloaded and built at least a dozen airplanes from Outerzone.
BobK - 03/03/2024

Thank you for your precious work that makes me starting my day with a smile looking if new plans have appeared overnight on Outerzone.
Raffaello - 29/02/2024

Keep up the good work, I have spent many hours reminiscing!
Rod - 26/02/2024

Thank you for all you do to preserve and share model plans.
TomB - 24/02/2024

Keep up all your fantastic work - 15,000+ plans and counting, Outerzone has become an incredibly precious resource for all scratch-builders world wide.
NickW - 20/02/2024

Time for another big "Thank you" as you hit the 15,000 plan mark. Thank you for the work and time you put into ensuring the continuation of model aircraft building. In this time of pressure and regulation on the hobby, OZ is a bright light and the whole modelling world is grateful. All the very best,
Geff - 16/02/2024

Thanks for hosting all the great plans and books.
Wouter - 06/02/2024

Thanks for Outerzone, it is a wonderful resource!
Marc - 03/02/2024

Keep up all your great work - I look at Outerzone almost every day to see what's new, and to continue fantasising about all the planes I want to build, but won't live long enough to!
Nick W - 25/01/2024

I'm a very happy user of Outerzone and commend you for the excellent service you provide. I've built a number of models from your plans and have sent photos of my efforts, and they were published. Thank you for that!
Malcolm - 18/01/2024

Cheers, and once again, thank you Mary and Steve for letting us enjoy our hobby even more each and every day. Yours excitedly
JohnF - 17/01/2024

Wonderful site.
Bob - 12/01/2024

Keep doing this great job. It is very useful for us!
Ramon - 07/01/2024

I'd just like to reiterate my appreciation of the great work done by Outerzone. I do enjoy balsa plane construction and I'm introducing my grandchildren to the black art of plane construction using your plans.
DavidFR - 05/01/2024

The reason that leads me to write these words is gratitude for the dissemination, and promotion, of airplane modeling with the publication of plans and articles about our hobby. In my case, I am dedicated to teaching how to build model airplanes to children with limited economic resources, therefore your contribution of plans is of great help to us. I once again express my gratitude for the selfless contribution on your part. Best regards from Argentina !!!
Jorge Omar Santo Scorpino - 04/01/2024

Please accept once again my immense admiration for your work on Outerzone.
Armando - 02/01/2024

i love the idea that you (and all of us) have created a pretty awesome historical archive here. it is no small accomplishment IMHO.
dave - 10/12/2023

Your website is a wealth of information for our hobby community!
SteveG - 07/12/2023

Thank you very much for an outstanding and extremely useful site!
Cesar - 03/12/2023

Thanks for your efforts to keep aeromodelling alive. I have used your site frequently.
MartinP - 30/11/2023

Thank you for a great website!
Dave - 23/11/2023

Thank you, Mary. Outerzone is an amazing resource for which many, many people are thankful. Anytime a question comes up on RCGroups about plans for short kits or plans building, Outerzone is the automatic suggestion from just about everyone. Most other sources are a distant second.
BobM - 20/11/2023

Gratitude to Outerzone Team for what must be the biggest online plans archive.
PR - 17/11/2023

Keep up the great work on Outerzone. My favorite website on the internet!
John - 10/11/2023

Really I will never stop thanking you for your invaluable work.
AA - 02/11/2023

You provide such great enjoyment for me every morning when I open up my computer. I look at the Outerzone website before I even open my email. You keep improving the website, and I can not thank you enough for all you do. Keep up the GREAT WORK!
Steven - 02/11/2023

Thanks for your wonderful page and the dedication.
Norbert - 24/10/2023

Thanks for an incredibly useful website and resource, it has fundamentally changed and improved my enjoyment of the hobby. Now with my new laser cutter all these wonderful old (and new) designs become so accessible !
Roger - 13/10/2023

It is a pleasure to see so many share their models and experiences in constructing these from all around the globe.
Keith - 13/10/2023

Keep up the excellent work with the site.
Alf - 27/09/2023

Another kit I dreamt about as a kid, not being able to afford it. Now I can build it. Thank you all!
Martin - 27/09/2023

Outerzone always makes my day - long may your wonderful work continue!
Skippy - 27/09/2023

I just found a plan from a small model which I have made when I was about 12. Nice to see. Good old times!
GeorgB - 05/09/2023

Thanks for the great site and wonderful plans!
TomA - 31/08/2023

Thank you for yours and Mary's devotion to providing so much joy to this community of RC enthusiasts.
Jerry - 27/08/2023

Your web site is awesome. Thanks for doing it.
MikeR - 07/08/2023

Thanks again for all the work you do keeping this archive alive and continually growing.
NickW - 06/08/2023

Hey guys, first of all a big thank you for your great website, it's amazing what you've put together. The many and passionate work is extraordinary, many thanks.
MartinS - 26/07/2023

Thanks for creating this web site - without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to build old models of the forgotten past. I greatly appreciate it!
ChristopherM - 23/07/2023

Your plans Emporium is excellent. Keep up the good work. Best regards,
ChrisR - 19/07/2023

Please keep up your great work. It is really appreciated.
Geff - 08/07/2023

Thanks again for your site. Browsing is great fun and I have found some real treasures.
Craig - 08/07/2023

Thank you for creating such a wonderful repository.
Roger - 08/07/2023

Great job you guys do for the modeling community.
Enrique - 04/07/2023

Thanks again for establishing and building Outerzone. Great idea. Brilliant execution.
BobW - 24/06/2023

Thanks for what you do. Keep up the good work.
Dave - 23/06/2023

Your site has been a blessing to me. You're my first go to when I start my computer each day. Thank you for a wonderful experience.
SL - 23/06/2023

Outerzone is a treasure. Thank you for establishing this site. I check it out most days and have downloaded plans and built models from them.
BobW - 22/06/2023

Thanks for providing such a great service.
SteveS - 22/06/2023

Thank you for providing such a useful and well-organised site!
MikeM - 19/06/2023

Thanks again for keeping your wonderful encylopedia of model plans. I also like all of the plans for the engines and wish I had the skill and equipment to try one.
Ed - 19/06/2023

Thank you for your time and effort to keep the Outerzone site going. It's a great service to look for old plans. Though I haven't had time to build from any yet, just browsing them is fun.
Stefan - 18/06/2023

The best page of plans.
Julio - 16/06/2023

Outerzone is the best! I was talking to my friend Larry Jolly just the other day and we agreed -- Outerzone is the first place we go when we boot up our computers in the morning!
PhilB - 16/06/2023

Thanks for managing such a wonderful resource! So many things to make, you make my hobby life complicated.
BrianB - 12/06/2023

Hi, I've just completed a Pink Panther from plans from this wonderful website. This was a plane I had wanted to build when I was a teenager and just getting into the hobby but never got round to doing it. Some 50+ years later, I was very glad to find the plan on Outerzone and now have one built - finally.
TonyL - 12/06/2023

The best page of plans.
JulioD - 12/06/2023

Keep up the good work.
dplumpe - 11/06/2023

Outerzone is simply an amazing resource.
bobmny105 - 07/06/2023

I would like to thank you for maintaining this great collection of historic gems. I hope that the models that I'm able to bring to life can do justice to the original models and their designers...
TonyR - 07/06/2023

I have been modeling for 40+ years and really enjoy the peanut, dime-scale, no-cal and some simple indoor planes.
Mike - 03/06/2023

I love browsing the site, and it gives me lots of enjoyment looking at the older plans and reading articles. Thanks very much.
Marco - 03/06/2023

Your site is my daily mind refreshment after a long and sometimes stressful work day.
Anon - 16/05/2023

Thank you so much by the very important preservation work that you both do in this fantastic website that is Outerzone UK! My best wishes,
Carlo - 14/05/2023

Thank you for the best plans resource on the web.
anon - 11/05/2023

Desde Argentina un gran abrazo y gracias por el aporte de tan hermosos planos a todos los aeromodelistas.
MarioPerez - 03/05/2023

It's a great service you offer allowing us to access designs we had or saw as teenagers. Cheers
John - 01/05/2023

Thank you for maintaining such a fantastic resource for aeromodellers like myself.
TH - 14/04/2023

I'm glad that I could share my experience and photos. So I would say thank you for giving us modelers an opportunity to be seen worldwide.
Boris Sovič - 20/03/2023

Thanks for your support collecting old and new plans. True work is yours, we only enjoy.
JFD - 20/03/2023

You've created and maintain a fantastic website and modelling resource, so many thanks.
Phil - 10/03/2023

You've put together a great website, thanks so much!
Robert - 08/03/2023

Thanks again for all the wonderful work you two do!
Chuck - 25/01/2023

Keep up the great work - the site is an invaluable reference!
WJH - 20/01/2023

I love your site and what you are doing. Never close the site, i love the old stuff 😄
Christian - 11/01/2023

OuterZone is a fantastic resource for model builders, I certainly spend hours looking through the plans thinking and looking at future builds. Thank you so much for managing this site.
Mark - 11/01/2023

Thank you for your great service to the air modeling community with Outerzone. I wish you all the best in 2023!
Dejan - 04/01/2023

Thank you for all the work you do to help bring so many people from all over the world, happily together every day. All the very best,
Geff - 14/12/2022

I am really happy there is a website like this. Helped me a lot with my builds. Thank you very much for creating it :D
EG - 06/12/2022

Your site is awesome, btw. It's been a daily go-to for me for years now.
Tim - 30/11/2022

I appreciate your great website as it continues to inspire me to keep actively building. Thank you,
Dan - 14/11/2022

Thank you for keeping up this website. I use it often to print plans and build RC airplanes. Thanks,
SteveP - 03/11/2022

Thank OZ for its open source drawings. OZ has provided convenience for aircraft model enthusiasts all over the world. Thank you for your work!
KZ - 25/10/2022

Fantastic Website !!! Thank You !!!
John - 24/10/2022

Thanks for your wonderful plans service.
MalcolmC - 17/10/2022

Many thanks for all your efforts on the best site on the internet. I just love browsing and building plans from the Outerzone!
AndrewS - 03/10/2022

You have one amazing library of model plans! Thank you so much for all the efforts.
HobiePilot - 01/10/2022

Keep up the good work, with the plans it is a fantastic archive for us plan builders!
ChrisR - 30/09/2022

I want to thank you for all your work for this amazing website and archive! I've spent countless hours just browsing, reading and learning.
Mika - 29/09/2022

Thanks for all that you do with Outerzone. It is a joy that gets me energized every time I look at your website.
rocketpilot - 12/09/2022

Thanks very much for the inspiration!
MilanC - 08/09/2022

Thanks for the excellent website!
BrookeL - 07/09/2022

Thank you for continuing to keep this site up and running, it is very appreciated.
MarcB - 05/09/2022

I've attached a few photos and I'd like to convey my appreciation for the work you are doing which will help sustain the hobby and provide no end of fun and pleasure for folk like me.
John E - 28/08/2022

I truly enjoy the freedom you have given us modellers by making these now obscure plans available, thanks for all the hard work and expense you all have gone through to provide this resource.
ghostler - 27/08/2022

Thanks for posting my pictures. It's so great the Outerzone archives so many model airplanes of yester years and keeps bringing back fond memory for older modelers and inspiring new ones!
Max - 13/06/2022

It is an absolutely fantastic site, evoking many happy memories and keeping this particular OAP from feeling as old as each passing year suggests he actually is! Thank you for the wonderful work you and Mary are doing - bless you both.
Skippy - 02/06/2022

Thanks again for such a great resource which I really enjoy a lot. Regards,
Jono - 31/05/2022

Keep up the great job, us modellers really appreciate it.
Phil - 31/05/2022

Keep up the good work! It's great to see all the photos of proper aeromodellers around the world. Best Regards,
ChrisR - 28/05/2022

A big thanks to the Outerzone team for this beautiful site.
Viktor - 11/05/2022

Thanks for the work you all do, the site is a huge asset to us 'sticks & tissue' modellers and seeing how other builders do it always throws up useful snippets. Just browsing the site whiles away many Winter evenings.
Spike - 06/05/2022

Thank you so much for allowing me to show my work, and for your excellent website for us, the worldwide modellers.
Javier - 06/05/2022

Thanks again for your great work in our hobby!!
MattF - 29/04/2022

Once again, many thanks for the best website on the planet.
Bryan - 17/04/2022

Thank You for your dedication to our hobby.
Javier - 05/04/2022

Thanks for a really interesting collection of plans - very inspiring.
Graham - 05/04/2022

Hey Steve, have loved the site for years. It's an amazing resource.
Jarrod - 31/03/2022

Congratulations for the website, it's priceless.
Gustavo - 24/03/2022

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work on the New Ruler scans, they look great, your work is exceptional!
Pete - 18/03/2022

Thank you for your great website, and hard work to keep it going.
Stan - 13/03/2022

Thank you Outerzone for your magnificent web site. It is so much fun to recreate airplanes like this from the past.
MartinK - 11/03/2022

Thank you for creating and running such a fabulous site. I've been enjoying it immensely over the past year or so and it has inspired me to get back into building after a 25 year absence.
Ian S - 06/03/2022

I think you guys are doing a wonderful effort at keeping the history of our hobby alive; truly, there are much too many designs out there to complete in a lifetime, perhaps fellas, heading to Heaven will hopefully help. Thank you for this; and thank you for keeping it alive. Modeler since the 1960s,
JimH - 02/03/2022

It's as good as browsing the big fat airplane kit catalogues from 30 years ago. I think I wore out the spine of mine. I mean it was like 300 pages of kits... But yeah I love browsing all the old plans of the planes that I could only dream of affording to build at the time.
ChillPhatCat - 25/02/2022

I look at it at least daily since years. Pure treasure.
High_Start - 25/02/2022

It's a great resource for anybody who loves model planes. It's easy to just browse without thinking about it, but sometimes I stop and think of all the material that's been gathered in one place. It's kind of mind boggling.
Balsaworkbench - 25/02/2022

Thank you for your efforts in preserving all these old model aircraft plans.
SteveC - 25/02/2022

As always, thanks for the amazing website and treasure trove of plans.
Rocket_r - 25/02/2022

Thanks, to all at Outerzone for putting together this wonderful repository of vintage model plans, what a genuine treasure!
MarkS - 11/02/2022

Your contribution to modeling is IMO as great as Joe Bridi or any number of well known designers. It's greatly appreciated.
DaveD - 10/02/2022

I enjoy your site very much and am spreading the site to my friends.
Sake - 10/02/2022

Love the site and use it nearly every day!
KevinL - 08/02/2022

Cracking website.
Andrew - 08/02/2022

Keep up the good work and thank you for your relentless effort in publishing these plans. Regards,
PhilipL - 30/01/2022

Thank you for creating and maintaining this fantastic website! It is one of the few websites that I look at daily.
Doug - 30/01/2022

Thank you very much for all the information and entertainment on your beautiful website, you are the must-have breakfast of all my mornings!
CRA - 27/12/2021

Thank you for your website and what you do to keep it alive - I know you have a global audience and I appreciate very much what you are doing.
KW - 12/12/2021

Thanks for keeping such an important archive.
Marcus Franco - 03/12/2021

Thanks to you a lot cause your plans page is the BEST NUMBER ONE IN THIS WORLD. Im just dreaming to build more airplanes from your plans but I need two or 3 lives :)
Jorge - 26/11/2021

Thanks for the work you do to preserve all these wonderful model designs.
Dave - 19/11/2021

Thanks for your work with Outerzone Free Plan. I look at it every day!
OC - 12/11/2021

Hello, I'm a great admirer of your site. Your work is really outstanding!
Marcin - 08/11/2021

Many thanks to you for maintaining this extraordinary plan library!
B J-M - 01/10/2021

I really appreciate the work you are putting into your wonderful pages (Outerzone and RCLibrary). Outstanding!
Thomas - 01/10/2021

Thank you for your astonishing work on outerzone, I love your website !
Bryce - 24/09/2021

I would like to thank you for making me relive so many memories, for being able to reach the plans that I wanted but could not get prove in time, for getting many new ideas from the plans, articles and comments, and for being able to recreate the dreams of new models. My best regards,
Ayhan - 17/09/2021

Thank you Steve. Your help/advice is much appreciated! I bet you've been told this many times - you are providing a very valued service! I'm about to start modelling again at aged 81 as an accompaniment to retirement and flying my little Jodel D9. I used to be an avid and competitive stick 'n tissue man flying Wakefields and A2s back 1950-60's. Great memories. You are helping keep them alive for lots of folk.
Neville - 06/09/2021

Thank you for your wonderful site. It is a tremendous resource.
CaryD - 25/08/2021

Wonderful site, my second destination every morning, thank you!
PeterM - 25/08/2021

Thank you for your beautiful plans page, I love it.
Jorge - 06/08/2021

Hello, I've already found a lot of very nice blueprints on your site, respect.
Hans-Peter - 01/08/2021

Thank you for the work you do - words are inadequate to express my appreciation for your website. I'm sure you have a worldwide audience who feel the same way.
KW - 31/07/2021

I dont know how can I say thanks for your care and favor. I cannot even say how much I am happy for the hope you have given to me. Steve you are magnificant. You are totally magnificant. Yeeeehaaaww.
Alireza - 30/07/2021

Thank you for maintaining Outerzone, it's the best source of RC plane plans.
Esteban - 30/07/2021

You guys have vastly improved my life. I have spent many hours happily planning, day dreaming, plotting, learning, and downloading. Plans, with pictures and info, books and magazines, plus entertaining personalities. You have the best format of any collection. Thank You for your efforts.
GlennP - 24/07/2021

Good evening! I absolutely love your web site!
RickH - 23/07/2021

As a scratch builder, I appreciate your plans service. Thankyou again.
FredG - 14/07/2021

Hi Steve & Mary, First off, I would like to thank you for running such an amazing website. Outerzone is an invaluable source of information and inspiration.
Dejan - 05/07/2021

I don't know how you are able to put three plans a day on the site everyday like you do, but am glad you do it.
GN - 02/07/2021

Hi, This is a great service that you're providing here. Love it! Thanks!
RichardS - 01/07/2021

Thanks for the fabulous website.
DaveB - 28/06/2021

Outerzone is a great resource and I enjoy it.
Grant - 14/06/2021

Thank you so much for the great work you do in preserving model airplane history.
AJ - 14/06/2021

OZ is my go-to site for plans and inspiration. Thanks for the great work you are doing to maintain that archive.
Spike Spencer - 06/06/2021

Hi Mary and Steve, Thank you for the time, effort and work that you put into preserving the world's model aircraft plans. Your legacy will live on and be appreciated by modellers far into the future. Thank you again.
Geff - 04/06/2021

Keep up the good work with Outerzone, it has given me so much pleasure and quite a few models over the years.
Roger - 17/05/2021

Dear Sirs, I'm an Italian modeller an OT enthusiast. I appreciate OZ very much and the plans I found here inspire me to build new models more than once.
Luca - 15/05/2021

Thanks for the awesome resource! I've really enjoyed building a plane just from the plan rather than a kit, and have plans for a load more!
Duncan - 07/05/2021

Hi Steve, it has been quite sometime since l have thanked you for what you do, as l had to give up the internet for a while. For a couple of months now the plans you are adding are making this old (72) man feel young again. THANK YOU! Laugh if you want but l go to your site every day to see what is new or just to remember the old days through the plans. Keep up the good job.
Gary Nelson - 30/04/2021

I return frequently to your beautiful archive and have already downloaded quite a few plans.
AlbrechtL - 30/04/2021

Keep on with your amazing job, you are creating a time capsule for the hobby!
MT - 29/04/2021

I appreciate the effort to keep your site alive for so long and with such extensive plans collection. A really massive job.
Matt - 14/04/2021

Hi Outerzone, thank you for keeping the hobby alive. Your plans are like gold everyday...
SteveB - 14/04/2021

Thank you for your site which is really incredibly awesome and which I am discovering.
Dom - 09/04/2021

It is a joy to "thumb through" Outerzone and look back on the various models that I have built over the ages. It is a wonderful distraction from all of the angst that is with us today. Keep up the great work. You are a "GIFT".
SCW - 09/04/2021

Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration to many, many modellers.
AndySephton - 08/03/2021

Hello Steve and Mary, First off, I want to thank you for all the work you do to keep Outerzone up and running. It is a Herculean task even when things go smoothly, and a true test of willpower when "issues" occur. Bravo on your hard work and dedication! Outerzone has become the "go to" location for model airplane plans - and it's reached the point, if Outerzone doesn't have it - good luck finding it elsewhere!
ChrisMoes - 20/02/2021

Thank you both for everything you do for us. Outerzone has really helped keep us and everything else sane with all of this foolishness going on.. you guys have no idea what a huge difference you have made globally to keep things calmed down.. Thank you.. Blessings, Stay safe
Alrob - 11/02/2021

Congrats on Outerzone. It's rapidly becoming my bible.
PeterM - 09/02/2021

Hello Steve, I must congratulate you for making my dreams come true by linking plans owners, around the world, to me. Thanks again for your flying colours voluntary work.
Fabio - 03/02/2021

Thanks for working on a cool site/database!
Dan - 02/02/2021

Thank you for your great plans site, it's like gold dust.
Lloyd - 29/01/2021

Thank you for all you do to keep us entertained with the plans of our childhood dreams.
Tom - 29/01/2021

Thank you for the great website! You have provided many hours of enjoyment to me.
Aaron - 26/01/2021

Keep up the great work you are doing! Greetings from all Greek aeromodellers!
Theodwros - 22/01/2021

Thanks so much for work you both do, It is a warm and happy place to visit.
Eflyer7 - 11/01/2021

It is a miracle for me how you manage to do all this work related to your fine website - thank you very much.
Sebastian - 08/01/2021

Thanks for running this website, always a lot of fun to surf around and dream about the next project.
Aaron - 06/01/2021

Your efforts are a truly beautiful contribution to our hobby. May you, Mary and Outerzone carry on forever. Merry Christmas to everyone!
NG - 02/01/2021

Many thanks for the great work with Outerzone, which is extraordinary.
CS - 02/01/2021

Thanks for the wonderful resource you've given to all of us that love to build and peruse ..😊
Martin - 02/01/2021

Thank you so much for preserving these plans. Your site is a Godsend.
Sam - 23/12/2020

Thank you for all that you are doing for the aero modelling family as far as Outerzone is concerned. This is a website I visit daily. Awesome.
Bernard - 15/12/2020

Thanks for a great site.
SteveS - 26/11/2020

What a nice site this is. So many dreams available. Well done. Thanks.
JanO - 21/11/2020

Keep up the great work that both of you do. OZ is the first website that I open in the morning.
SCW - 20/11/2020

Ola, amigo, recentemente descobri sua pagina, e simplesmente achei incrivel (Hi friend, I recently discovered your page, and I just found it incredible).
Iago - 11/11/2020

Thanks for the great resource; it's inspired me to look at building some of the classic designs from the past.
Geoff Hosking - 30/10/2020

Thank you for all that you are doing for the aero modelling family as far as Outerzone is concerned. This is a website I visit daily. Awesome.
BandP - 30/10/2020

I am a great fan of your site, downloaded many plans from which models were built, referred you to fellow modellers and watched you grow over the years. Bravo!!!
Chris - 21/10/2020

Thank you Mary and Steve for your work on Outerzone! It's a godsend for us modelers who enjoy building as much as flying!
PhilB - 18/09/2020

Memories of my dad and his aeroplanes, amazing.
CG - 04/09/2020

Thankyou for the resource that is Outerzone, it has been great to look at past plans and the superb examples others have constructed from them.
Nigel - 04/09/2020

Thanks for all the effort that has gone into Outerzone, an amazing site full of joy. Having somewhere that all my childhood dreams of model builds are safely stored for the future is an incredible resource! The history of model engineering is in good hands.
Brendan - 02/09/2020

Thanks for continuing to provide the BEST resource for free RC plans on the internet.
Scott - 21/08/2020

Thanks ever so much for all that you do to bring the world this wonderful website. It is a joy for me.
Steven - 14/08/2020

Thank you for the plans site, awesome job you guys do! Looking at some of the plans brings back a lot of childhood memories. Keep up the great work!
Rick Bell - 24/07/2020

Thank you guys for all the work you do to maintain such an awesome library for us builders.
Tony Lewis - 24/07/2020

OZ is one of my favorite sites on Internet, and it is an honor for me to see a photo of my model published on it. I really appreciate the love, passion and dedication to keep OZ on the web.
MD - 16/07/2020

Thanks for your site and resources, which are impressive!
Nicolas - 06/07/2020

Love Oz... keep up the good work!
RCYeager - 02/07/2020

Thank you for such a great site, it has provided modellers worldwide with thousands of hours of pleasure especially during the current pandemic.
Martin - 26/06/2020

Once again Outerzone has saved the day!
AR - 26/06/2020

Thanks for the wealth of plans on outerzone.
Nigel - 25/06/2020

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being there for we lost souls!
Tom Lawson - 19/06/2020

Thank you for the amazing service you offer the modelling community. Outerzone is an invaluable source of information for any true model builder!
Matt Hirst - 19/06/2020

Keep up the good work, Outerzone gives many people so much pleasure and inspiration.
Roger - 18/06/2020

Thanks for running Outerzone - it's a wonderful site!
Stefan - 05/06/2020

I quite enjoy looking at your plans to get inspiration. Thanks Again.
JackS - 28/05/2020

Thank YOU for maintaining Outerzone, building models is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.
PeteT - 25/05/2020

I wanted to say thanks, Outerzone is an amazing resource. Outerzone is like big toybox!
Colin - 22/05/2020

Thanks for running a great site.
AndyG - 22/05/2020

Again I want to congratulate you on the excellent website which is a great contribution to all scratchbuilders. Thank you very much.
AndresB - 14/05/2020

Many thanks for this wonderful site - a source of too many pleasant hours building and dreaming!
DougForbes - 04/05/2020

Thanks for saving all of these old masters, you provide a great resource.
MikeSweet - 30/04/2020

Dear Mary and Steve, a big congratulations on 12000 plans. An even bigger thank you for the work you do and the effort you put into the OZ. It is a site that I check just about every day and I have downloaded a lot of what *I* think are interesting. These are however, more that I will ever be able to build, but they make a bright start to my day. Thank you again.
Geff - 16/04/2020

Thanks for the site it is a great resource, the best of its type.
HarryK - 13/04/2020

I'm happy to see you release the Model Builder plans. I lost my Model Builder collection a number of years ago, so I now have some nice peanut plans. Plus, I have access to the bigger plans, as well! Keep up the good work.
JamesH - 27/03/2020

Great to see that the Model Builder plans are back. Great stuff, and a real boost for us all whilst we're locked in our sheds with only a bottle of glue and bunch of sticks for company..! Very many thanks for all Mary and yourself do for the modelling community. I dare say I speak for many in telling you how valuable your efforts are, and how deeply they are appreciated. Keep well and safe whilst we await the good times again.
StuartC - 27/03/2020

Great to have this M/B Plan collection back. It has some decent plans, my favourite probably being the Drela Corsair.
Hu Wo - 27/03/2020

Yet again, many thanks to you both for your continued efforts with Outerzone, I have a huge stash of kits waiting to be built, some even laser cut, but since Outerzone came along, I've been far more interested in building from plans, the satisfaction levels are immense!
Pete Theobald - 19/03/2020

If you only knew the joy you and Steve have brought to my life and others. Very nice to go back and relive a bit of past, an easier place where the stress of modern life melts away...
DK - 12/03/2020

If there's a heaven, you two are bound for it!
Charles - 05/03/2020

Thank you for making the plan printable! Outerzone is a fantastic site and those of us who enjoy building our models very much appreciate what you do!
Lindsay - 27/02/2020

Thanks to you and Mary for all you do. Many hours of pleasure just being looking and learning!
Eflyer7 - 13/02/2020

Mary and Steve, keep up the great work. I am 72 and have built models for over 60 years. I am physically disabled as a result of a military accident and your site is one of the joys that keeps me going. THANK YOU!
SW - 09/02/2020

Modified copy of the plan attached. I'd also like to offer my thanks and appreciation to you and all of the contributors to the site for such a comprehensive, well organized and annotated resource.
JanNovick - 08/02/2020

I wish to thank you and Steve for your great work, it's amazing! I'm one of your big fans!
RuiFonseca - 07/02/2020

Thanks for your nice reply Mary, and most important thanks to Steve for running Outerzone.. it is a source of inspiration and joy for many of us!
Marco - 06/02/2020

Steve, I must commend you for your fantastic array of model plane plans.
ColinMcHardy - 31/01/2020

Hi OZ crew - opening Oz for my daily fix I noticed the random epithet at the top right corner read said "Outerzone is... pretty good". Sorry, I have to disagree. Pretty yes, the minimalist design is functional and very easy on the eyes. No Sistine Chapel but Michael Angelo painted to a different piper (eh?). Good? No, I disagree. As you also say Curated, Quality, etc., I entirely agree, as the Outerzone visibly strives to present the cleanest possible scans, but also take pains to go after items loaded in the recent or farther past to replace a plan, re-scale it, add an article, whatever is required, as new data comes in and I dare say the response time is surprisingly short, always maintaining an affable tone in communication. So please find a different qualifier, saying Outerzone is Good is far from the truth.
MiguelM - 26/01/2020

Thank you! I really appreciate what you all do. Outerzone is the sole reason why im building airplanes right now.
BradleyT - 25/01/2020

Thanks for a great website, just love looking over the vintage hand written plans!
Rob - 24/01/2020

You folks have a wonderful site, and way too often I find one, download, and plan to build. My list grows longer.. LOL.
JerryF - 23/01/2020

I discovered Outerzone 7 years ago, and check the updates EVERY day. THANK YOU very much for this amazing achievement.
Peter - 21/01/2020

I want to say that you have a terrific web site. I have downloaded a couple of plans already. Whether I actually getting around to building them or not is another thing, "perhaps when I retire". Cheers and keep up the excellent work!
PaulA - 20/01/2020

Thanks for your great web site. I can only imagine the time and effort involved.
DougL - 15/01/2020

Keep up the great work! One of my favorite things to do is to download and look at plans - even if I don't plan to build any. To me, they are works of engineering art, to be appreciated as much at face value as for the final product they produce. It still fascinates me the wide range of styles there are and how the draftsmen used different methods of including instructions, techniques, etc. Thanks!
Clay - 12/01/2020

SUPERB site - thanks sooooo much!!!!
ChipY - 10/01/2020

OuterZone helped rekindle my love of airplanes, and your support and encouragement means a great deal to me.
C - 10/01/2020

Your work with Outerzone is just amazing. That's the only term I can come up to define the wealth of information you have organized here and the way it is graciously being made available. As retirement age approaches, I?ve been visiting Outerzone and hoarding a stash of rubber-power plans and looking forward to build the lot of them. Thank you, and greetings from Portugal.
AtilanoSuarez - 04/01/2020

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Steve and all the others who contribute their time to Outerzone. It's not just about model 'planes themselves but the happy life memories that are triggered by seeing these old designs again. Outerzone is... Childhood Dreams! Kindest regards to you all.
RMC - 21/12/2019

You provide an excellent website. My wife complains as I spend so much time on it LOL
John - 21/12/2019

Outerzone is the best website on the planet as far as I'm concerned... just wonderful!
Skippy - 29/11/2019

Outerzone does bring back happy memories, I can remember making the KeilKraft Cadet, Sedan, Hurricane, and Lysander amongst others with varying levels of success. The Cadet at just over six shillings (now thirty new pence) represented months of saving up and the Ajax which I've never made pushing it at nine Bob. The Minimoa, Caprice, or Chief at nearly twenty six Bob was way out of reach even for birthdays or Christmas. Imagine a typical late 1960s Model shop with a typical eight year old with his nose (usually runny) pressed up against the glass, gazing at all the wonders within! That's a mental image to put you off your lunch, so all I can say again is thanks for this wonderful resource you provide.
GnomeLike - 25/11/2019

Like every follower of Outerzone, I can't thank you enough for your hard and dedicated work in preserving memories from the past.
BobS - 15/11/2019

I love your site for many years, and now I can give a little return for all those great plans!
Edgar - 30/10/2019

I love your site, glad to add something.
TedA - 29/10/2019

I greatly appreciate the work you guys have done in providing this wonderful collection of plans in outer zone and the magazines/books in its sister site.
MarkW - 18/10/2019

If I haven't yet thanked you for your wonderful site then I will now.
Bill Ervin - 14/10/2019

I would like to thank you for the enormous contribution to the model airplane making this page with a number of planes one better and more beautiful than another.
Luciano - 14/10/2019

Congratulations on getting to 11,000 plans. It is a significant achievement and shows the impact of the hobby of the years in the variety and scope of plans available.
DaveFuller - 02/10/2019

Big improvement now that a keyword search from the homepage produces pictures rather than a list. With over 11,000 plans available a good search function is THE most important feature.
Ray - 22/09/2019

Hello Steve, I just had to write this note to you congratulating you and Mary for the excellent modification you made to the search engine. When I wrote 'Berkeley', all the Berkeley plans appeared with an illustration! This is a wonderful addition and help upon searching for plans. Excellent idea, my friend, and keep up the good work.
Eduardo - 22/09/2019

I have been enjoying checking your site every morning for years. Thank you for the new plans every day, it starts my day off on a very pleasant note.
JJ - 12/09/2019

Hi Steve, Your wonderful website is as addictive as ever...
RusselH - 10/09/2019

Great site by the way, I can spend hours browsing there.
DaveH - 10/09/2019

Many thanks for an amazing resource.
evvo - 10/09/2019

Very good site
AliG - 06/09/2019

Hi, Thank you for a great internet site. It has certainly brought back a lot of good 30-40 years old memories for me. I have downloaded some of the plans and enjoyed building the planes from scratch. Some of them I also built from kit as a young boy 40-45 years ago...
HansP - 04/09/2019

Thanks a lot for your web. It's an incredible work, and a treasure.
AngelP - 04/09/2019

Hello Steve and Mary, I got these plans from a club member, and I just had them scanned at the local copyshop to contribute to the best scratch build resource on the whole web :) ...keep up the good work!
Julian - 28/08/2019

Thanks for your wonderful website. I check it daily and have put many plans on my to do list. Your efforts are greatly appreciated for us all who endeavor to keep this hobby alive.
ChuckJ - 17/08/2019

Thank you again for your continued work in maintaining your excellent site and providing so much inspiration for modellers everywhere.
PeteT - 09/08/2019

Many thanks for your great site.
Nigel - 08/08/2019

11,000 WOW! Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put into the Outerzone. I believe that you are doing more than most politicians to bring the various peoples (modelers) of the world together. The Outerzone is a treasure of which you can be very proud. Thank you.
Geff - 22/07/2019

Thanks for having that feature on your site - Home page layout (user settings) - it works perfectly for me. I love see how other modelers have built their planes. Thanks again,
JohnY - 15/07/2019

Your site is a hoot, keep it up.
StephenF - 06/07/2019

It is amazing, thank you for what you do with Outerzone, I look at it every morning, I also like the new look. I don't know how you do it or the effort required to make it happen.
KenB - 26/06/2019

Now that I'm retired, someone asked me how I would manage without kits to build. Told them as long as I have Outerzone, I'm good to go. Thanks again!!
LB - 26/06/2019

I look at your site every day, you are really doing an amazing work.
Beppe - 21/06/2019

Thank you for your great site as I visit several times every day!
RichL - 13/05/2019

Many thanks for your excellent site.
DT - 03/05/2019

Your website and efforts are really appreciated.
PaulD - 30/04/2019

What a great website. It's really good having free access to all those plans.
MichaelG - 17/04/2019

Thanks for your service to our great hobby !
StevenG - 04/04/2019

Thanks for maintaining this excellent site. The hobby is dying and we need guys like you!
Alfons - 03/04/2019

Congratulations on your site changes. It looks good! May you long continue - bringing back to us the joys of our youth.
AC - 03/04/2019

Wow... amazing new site look and feel! Really nice. You are doing everything right with this site and the design. Thank-you.
DS - 02/04/2019

Thank you for all the work that you have accomplished and this remarkable service.
PeterT - 30/03/2019

Thanks very much for this wonderful site.
PabloOliveros - 25/03/2019

Outerzone is widely recognised as the foremost resource for aero modellers, so we are very much indebted to you and Steve. That you are able to devote so much time to such a valuable initiative is a great credit to you.
TD - 15/03/2019

Just a big thanks for doing what you do. It's a great service.
Aldrin - 28/02/2019

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful resource.
Ron - 24/02/2019

Brilliant plans resource. Thank you.
Bernard - 22/02/2019

Yes, I'm still taking my 'Outerzone daily fix'! We aeromodellers cannot thank you enough for the fantastic work you are doing. Please keep it up.
AC - 16/02/2019

Your site has provided many, many hours of enjoyment to me. I have lots of airplanes yet to build, that your site possesses. Thanks again, for helping the modeling community.
DougB - 11/02/2019

Outerzone is a real gem.
AnthonyR - 05/02/2019

I thank Steve for this wonderful site.
DougW - 29/01/2019

I highly appreciate your time and efforts in keeping the Outerzone available to the RC modeller. It has been a great source of information. Well Done.
DidiLaksana - 28/01/2019

Could not exist without my daily "Outerzone".
TedAvey - 27/01/2019

Great site - should keep me out of mischief for years!
Dave - 16/01/2019

As many other followers have said previously, Outerzone is an awesome site.
RobertS - 08/01/2019

Absolutely brilliant work on both sites and obviously greatly appreciated all over the world.
Skippy - 06/01/2019

Thanks to yourself and your other half for making such a resource available to all of us. Greatly appreciated.
JimH - 23/12/2018

Great site and I know I'm not alone in appreciating the hard work you've done, brilliant!
DaveC - 22/12/2018

Thank you for helping to keep the Outerzone website going. It truly is one of the best things that had happened to aeromodelling in my lifetime!
Scott - 22/12/2018

Thank you so much!! You guys are awesome! Plan worked great! Love the website and appreciate all the love and labor! From an old school builder.
SS - 19/12/2018

Thanks for all your efforts -- The community really appreciates your work, especially now that balsa kits have almost gone extinct. Keep up the good work.
Gary - 04/12/2018

My friends and I enjoy your website, and have many more plans-built airplanes than kits, in our "hangars", now. Please keep up the great work!
DougB - 04/12/2018

First up many thanks for giving us the Outerzone, I browse and use it all the time and would be lost without it!
AndrewS - 04/12/2018

Love what you are doing keeping these old plans alive.
AlanS - 26/11/2018

Thank you for keeping the dream of flight alive for everyone to enjoy.
MM - 13/11/2018

Thanks for maintaining such a valuable resource.
Annette - 09/11/2018

Thanks for writing and thanks for keeping up the site. I love just browsing around...
Carey - 06/11/2018

I think you're tremendous..... I'm just in the process of downloading all the model aircraft plans that filled me with such glee when I was a lad......I'm re-living that glee and planning to build build 77 years young....thank you all once again....there can only be more delight to come !!
NoelR - 28/10/2018

Thanks for everything in Outerzone. What an inspiration.
ChrisB - 10/10/2018

Thanks for your fantastic plans service, always grateful.
AlanD - 01/10/2018

G'day Steve, well, how fantastic, this was well worth the wait. Jimmy glider from pilot, OK models flew very well and I will enjoy rebuilding another. Many thanks to yourself and Outerzone - and to the person who posted it.
JohnS - 26/09/2018

You have the best website for really great airplanes and construction information. Keep up the GREAT WORK and Thank You for all that you are doing for the hobby.
StevenW - 21/09/2018

I love Outerzone....I am here everyday.
SteveB - 02/09/2018

Congratulations on reaching the 10,000 plan milestone, what an achievement ! Please keep up the great work 🙂
Anthony - 22/08/2018

Thanks so much for Outerzone! Even if I hardly have time to build I love looking at all the plans. Especially gliders!
Simon - 15/08/2018

Thank you for the awesome website and service you provide to modelers. I have been known to download a few plans. I have quite a backlog of building projects when I retire in a year or two.
EugeneLaFaille - 14/08/2018

You are building a future that many will appreciate. I am delighted with your site and your effort with my submission. Thanks for everything.
LawrieH - 07/08/2018

Your efforts in preservation for the benefit of all are very much appreciated.
PaulD - 02/08/2018

I absolutely love the site - wonderful work.
Skippy - 29/07/2018

I'm so grateful that both of you are continuing your fantastic work. What would I do without Outerzone?
KK_Iyer - 18/07/2018

Changes to a good thing to a good thing generally generally fail, but you have continued to evolve for the better over the years.
Gene - 12/07/2018

I have been a long time fan of your site, great to be able to see all these classic plans be made available. Thank you for all your hard work.
AlanS - 28/06/2018

I always enjoy looking at the new plans added to the site every day. Fantastic website!!
EricP - 23/06/2018

Many thanks for providing such a great service to aeromodelling, through publication of so many plans. I have found many plans that I thought were lost forever.
PhilipL - 22/06/2018

I love your website - I think it has made me at least 10 years younger!
Skippy - 21/06/2018

Thanks a million for hosting such an excellent service!
Maarten - 18/06/2018

I have truly enjoyed all of the wonderful plans you have accumulated. There are so many that I never even knew of. Most wonderfully, I have had the pleasure of building a couple of the models from the plans offered on your site. As such, I have had a ball.
JimC - 18/06/2018

Outerzone is a most amazing resource for scratch builders, thanks so much to you and Steve.
ChrisB - 22/05/2018

Thanks a LOT for your invaluable service to the airplane modeller enthusiast.
PaoloM - 16/05/2018

It's a great treat for this old retired guy to be able to enjoy a web site such as yours.
JeffGreen - 17/04/2018

Thank you for being here, a burst of sanity in an untoward world.
Gnomelike - 12/04/2018

Brilliant site, thanks for all your hard work. It is much appreciated.
TrevorT - 06/04/2018

I want to thank you for your hard work compiling the massive variety of models! I've wished in the past about certain models I've always wanted to build, now I can fulfill that desire with your website!! May you continue to help modelers worldwide to build their dreams.
Mark - 27/03/2018

As others have said before I simply love to go to OZ every morning to see what has been added overnight. Thank you so much for your tremendous work. Keep the faith!
JeffB - 26/03/2018

Your website is a treasure and has given me inspiration to continue in this hobby.
DanOwen - 15/03/2018

I have enjoyed and downloaded many plans from Outerzone and it has brought back many childhood memories of building and flying with my father. He would have appreciated the site as well. Many many thanks to you and Steve for your efforts and time administering the site.
MarkWinstanley - 13/03/2018

Thanks for all your hard work, it keeps costs down for us poor old pensioners so we can keep building and flying.
TrevorT - 12/03/2018

Keep up the fine site, as long time builders and flyers really appreciate the hard work you are putting into it. Biggest problem is we'll all be under before we can even build one, one thousandth of the plans. But we'll at least have a smile on our faces for trying.
Vic - 12/03/2018

I've been flying RC model airplanes since the early 1970s which to me really were the "good old days." It's wonderful to have a site such as yours to preserve all these awesome plans for people like me who still build. Thank you!
JohnP - 09/03/2018

Thanks again. Your plans have become my customary way to build.
LorenB - 05/03/2018

Great site. Don't change a thing. Thank you.
BobSealy - 27/02/2018

Thanks for having the archives -- it is one of the very best things on the internet!
AL - 20/02/2018

I really do appreciate your website, it's kept me busy for ages but the only problem is as soon as I get a plan printed and start to cut wood another plan pops up which grabs me even more!!
AdamE - 12/02/2018

Gotta thank you for maintaining such a useful resource, though I'll admit it can be habit forming!
LincolnR - 06/02/2018

I appreciate your archives a lot while I'm learning the almost lost art of building flying balsa models. I have learned so much already from your site, it's a treasure trove of long lost knowledge.
ManuelF - 05/02/2018

Keep up the great effort Steve, wonderful for builders of our great hobby.
JeffBrowne - 05/02/2018

Love your site, keep up your invaluable work!
clouddozer - 05/02/2018

Steve and Mary are an Awesome team!
DouglasK - 23/01/2018

Fantastic site, I check it most days!
Richard_OZRS - 23/01/2018

Many thanks for your efforts with the site. Viewing submitted plans gives great pleasure and fires me up with enthusiasm to cut balsa.
GlennW - 17/01/2018

This work needs to be done for us all. Thank you.
LonJ - 02/01/2018

Happy New Year! And once again, I must THANK YOU! for hosting this website and maintaining it and collecting all the data there.
AndyK - 02/01/2018

You bring a heap of people together over a wonderful interest - many thanks.
PeterG - 22/12/2017

You are doing a brilliant job, which is obviously hugely appreciated all over the planet.
Skippy - 21/12/2017

Great site yours OZ. I browse the site as I use to dream through the "plans-handbook" back in the sixties. Fine plans, beautiful photos.
JanSchop - 13/12/2017

Hope your doing well and thanks for your tireless work on both of your most excellent websites.
TonyP - 06/12/2017

Your site is the BEST for plans! Straightforward, does not jerk you around, not loaded with ads,.
Jon - 28/11/2017

Outerzone is a very great site for the RC model fans world wide.
LH - 27/11/2017

Thanks for generating and maintaining the wonderful Outerzone library of plans.
MikeSpencer - 22/11/2017

A pleasure to revisit old plans. Thank you for your work.
AndrewB - 21/11/2017

Let me say a big THANK YOU for your great work and website! It is the best help a newcomer to aeromodelling can get. And it is addictive, too!
IvanR - 20/11/2017

Many thanks for the EXCELLENT website, and all the work you both put into it!! Having these plans available - and for free yet - is quite simply superb, and goes the greatest possible distance in encouraging building from plans. And isn't that what this hobby is really all about?
Rudy - 03/11/2017

Steve and Mary! What a wonderful thing you are doing! Thank you so much. I'm hopelessly addicted. I've been at this model airplane thing since the 1950s. I flew my first successful R/C plane in 1964 using 12 channel reeds. Blessings and Best Wishes.
JeffBreece - 05/10/2017

I happen to like your websites...
Roguedog - 02/10/2017

I am forever looking at plans on Outerzone and I don't think I could live without it nowadays!
DavidG - 31/08/2017

Thank you for maintaining my favourite website, you are helping modellers the world over and your efforts are much appreciated.
PeteT - 31/08/2017

OZ is a great thing and I know many more people besides me appreciate the dedication you have made to the site.
PeterG - 25/08/2017

A heck of a lot of work you are doing on this site, just a word from one of the thousands of silent watchers how much we appreciate your dedication. In fact, I have promised myself to build a second Mercury Matador, 52 years after I built the first.
JB - 03/08/2017

Thank you and congratulations for your great work, I really appreciate it.
RuiFonseca - 14/07/2017

Thank you for your phenomenal web page. It's a World-Heritage-web page of vintage and classic model planes.
LazyGlider - 10/07/2017

Thanks to you for the the most wonderful web site "Outerzone". I have built several planes from your plans: SE5, Chatterbox, Sharkface, Tadpole, Roaring 20. Loads of fun, all for free, many thanks.
AlanD - 08/06/2017

Just stumbled upon your site while researching some things for my aviation-interested younger son. Great site, great resource thank you!!
Denis - 23/05/2017

It's a real pleasure to help our website Outerzone and also our sport hobby. I'm ever trying to learn and rescue some of the lost history of Brazillian model history and the brave pioneers from yesterday. They deserve all our respect and consideration. Count on me, and thanks so much again for your exemplary dedication to the model history preservation. I'm your fan !
CarloAM - 22/05/2017

Thanks for this awesome website, I have made several models. In this time many think that it is better to buy and to fly, but I am of those that think that the real challenge is to construct them and to put them to test in flight.
JorgeRivera - 15/05/2017

What a great site you have!! Stumbled across it while reminiscing about my Dad ... and bits of plane that I still have around! Was able to find Hot Rod c/l, which he made and never finished in '61. Grebe, which I built at 9 (60 now!!), but wrecked the wing before it ever flew And KK Conquest - among others!! Had no idea this stuff was still around, let alone out there. Many Thanks.
Kev - 04/05/2017

Please keep going your very good work at our admired Outerzone website, best in web by far.
CarloAM - 02/05/2017

Thanks for hosting the OuterZone web site. I spend time on the site daily, I love looking at the planes/plans/pictures.
EdmundD - 12/04/2017

Your Outerzone is fantastic for all us aeroplane obsessives!
Adrian - 06/04/2017

Please keep up your excellent work! A day is not really complete 'till I can see 'what's new' at your site! Best regards, Arnaldo.
ArnaldoCorreia - 24/03/2017

Hello WMD, I just want to thank you for your great plans sharing service. I went to your FAQ and found out how to tile print. I down loaded the Pipsqueak, printed it, and taped together a nice little plan. I ordered a couple of shorts kit from The Balsa Workbench and flew my little Esquire (Pipsqueak) today. I powered it with a ten gram electric motor as I sure cant afford one of those Cox 010 engines. I have wanted to build that little plane sine I first saw it in RC back in the 60s. It does well with the little motor and it looks great.
wingtips - 18/03/2017

Thanks for the continued great work to keep Outerzone going and I can't thank you enough, what a huge thing you have done for the modeling community. We have seen plans that inspire us to build aircraft that we would have never known existed if it wasn't for you.
AlandChris - 24/02/2017

Steve, this is a wonderful website and please don't underestimate the pleasure it brings for so many aerophiles! Thanks again to you and Mary for all the effort you put into an absolutely brilliant site :)
MartinAppleby - 22/02/2017

I want to say that you have a terrific web site.
payala - 20/02/2017

I have been a follower of O'zone for a few years. What a GREAT site!
vonrict - 17/02/2017

Hello Steve, Thank you for doing an excellent job in preserving these plans for our hobby. It's very much appreciated.
Taj - 12/02/2017

There are some kits that I have always wanted to buy but I could not afford them at the time. When I got old enough that I could, they were no longer produced. I have found a few on ebay and I won some of them. But when I found your database on the internet, I could not believe that I could finally produce those model aircrafts with the available plans that you both have provided for all the 'romantics' in the model aviation community. I thank you, both ...Thank you, again for the work that both of you are doing to preserve 'a way of life'. Sincerely,
HectorR - 11/02/2017

Thanks for your time to provide us with such an addicting and useful site.
FabioGil - 09/02/2017

It's so kind for you to run a website like Outerzone. We learn a lot through the plans and documents. As well as modern aircraft technology, models developed a lot during these years. The vintage plans and pics show us where the skills we use today comes. And also, it shows us the genius design from past masters to help us improves our skills of design. Thank you, again. Please keep the website running to pass the knowledge and skills to next generation of model builders.
Suli - 30/01/2017

Thank you for making these plans available for the rest of us modelers. You may have had a kit or two as a lad, and well it just never really got finished, and maybe ended up in the trash. Several of mine did anyway. But now because of this site, we can have another go of it!
Jim - 25/01/2017

Congratulations on 8000! A big thank you for all the work you do in creating one of the best sites on the web.
Geff - 20/01/2017

I see Outerzone is sneaking up on 8000 plans. 7992 as of this morning. It boggles my mind! I thought that worthy of an expression of deepest appreciation and gratitude to Steve, Mary, and all of the extraordinary modelers that are part of this plans forum who have freely given of time and talent in bringing these treasures from our past into the modern digital age. Every plan I have personally requested has eventually been located, scaled, and made available to one and all. Again, thanks to everyone for their contributions. Now to set about getting a few more of them built and flying...
Pulserudder - 15/01/2017

I've been building and flying models for over 55 years. To know of a plans repository of almost 8000 plans borders on the unbelievable. Years past most magazines had a few hundred at most, and one had to wait each month to view them. With Mary and Steve's perseverance and tenacity (and time) I can sit in my living room and look for hours at different building possibilities. A heartfelt thank you to both of you and the plans contributors, lots of hard work!
aeronca52 - 15/01/2017

Hi! A happy Christmas to all involved in your wonderful website, and a hearty thank you for making my life long hobby affordable on my meagre pension.
JG - 28/12/2016

Hi, Mary. Thanks to you and Steve, your site is keeping me busy and very, very happy :)
EnriqueAlvarado - 28/11/2016

I like that you like my photos but I like your work much more. If fifty years ago we would have had something like OUTER ZONE in our hands, I do not know how many more models we would have done then.
AntonioRG - 28/11/2016

Keep up the great work on your fantastic site, it's really appreciated.
DeeBee1 - 18/11/2016

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the most wonderful site. Please keep up the excellent work as it is appreciated by many modellers around the world.
DanCasey - 27/09/2016

Thanks ever so much for running Outerzone. It is like Christmas every day viewing the site, and planning what to build next.
MalcolmJ - 23/09/2016

I think that Outerzone is an absolutely superb site and resource for modellers. You have done a fantastic job, and I hope that the site will be up for many years to come. I personally have found quite a few plans which I am looking forward to building from. Thank you again.
LindsayPucholt - 14/09/2016

Thanks, WMD. Your Outerzone site is a global treasure.
DavidTerrell - 07/09/2016

Thanks so much for all the plans and work you go to... I don't know what we'd do without OZ!
MichaelJ - 29/08/2016

Thanks again for the wonderful work that you and Mary do to preserve our model aviation heritage and to make everything available. Kindest regards
Gerrit - 20/08/2016

Just a short thank you from Oregon, USA. We have a granddad who wants to scratch build a Kadet for his grandson. What you have supplied sure fits the need, both the plans and the manual! Cheers.
Bruce - 19/08/2016

You did a really cool thing by creating outerzone ...pat yourself on the back for a job well done...
Roguedog - 30/07/2016

Thank you Sir for all of your hard work in preserving these plans for future generations to enjoy! :)
anon - 30/07/2016 is really encouraging. Keep on making plans available: it really is a great thing you are doing for all of us stick and tissue folks! Best wishes,
Lawrence - 25/07/2016

The pictures look fantastic on the website. I appreciate the service you provide as I am an avid scratch builder.
EricRMetzdorff - 29/06/2016

Huge thanks for the service you have been providing over the years. Next to the news webpages, Outerzone is my most visited site. I would sorely miss it if it disappeared.
JoeMigliorini - 29/06/2016

I was able to locate 2 planes my father designed in the late '60s!! Thanks for having these!!! You guys are Awesome!!
mds - 01/06/2016

You guys are the greatest. You are the sole reason that my shop now has working space. I have gotten rid of all my stacks of old Aviation Mags. Hoorah.
Harrison - 27/05/2016

Well done on such an excellent concept archiving history. A pity the kids of today do not appreciate the true definition of modeling.
AndyCoutts - 24/05/2016

It's a long time since I have known "Outerzone" is a beautiful world in which it is a pleasure to dive! My compliments for the fulfillment of the five years!
Vince - 09/05/2016

Hi Steve, This is yet another letter of praise and thanks for introducing and maintaining your amazing site. Ever since I was a kid, I have been captivated by Comet and Megow free flight scale models. I was amazed at the plethora of plans available on Outerzone. Now, as a retiree, I can scratch build fairly well, and a whole world has re-opened. Thanks again.
MichaelO'Malley - 06/05/2016

I managed to recover the plans of my first two successful RC models thanks to your site. One - Tyro, by the great, late D Boddington - was available only briefly because DB Productions asked you to remove it from your database, as they still sold it... but, thanks to my daily perusal, I had downloaded it as soon as I saw it, with a silly grin on my face... In short, Thank You Very Much for your splendid work. I am certain your work brings a lot of happiness to thousands of aeromodellers the world over. Bless your hearts, and may long you continue. Kind Regards
ArnaldoCorreia - 15/04/2016

I write to congratulate you on a truly excellent web site and to say that I truly enjoy the opportunity to view so many designs that would have been lost or otherwise impossible to obtain. Thank you very much for hosting such a wonderful site.
TonyLeong - 13/04/2016

What can one say about such a valuable and interesting resource? Since I found your website I have spent more time browsing the wonderful plans and pictures contained than I have watching tv. A case of my favourite brew, a comfy chair and deep, deep joy. Thank you so much.
Liz - 04/04/2016

I have been modeling since the mid 1960's and my favorite plane that I first saw in an article in Model Airplane News was Peter Russel's Striker pattern plane. By the time my skills had progressed to where I was proficient enough in building and flying, the plans were discontinued. That plane motivated me into a choice of precision aerobatics for my direction in the hobby. I have just downloaded the Striker plans from your site and will now be able to fulfill a life-long ambition of building the plane that motivated my modeling adventures. Thank you for the effort that you put forth to maintain such a magnificent resource for our hobby, you are truly one of the great contributors.
DaveL - 07/03/2016

Thanks goes to you guys for your passion for this hobby for us, and for future generations.
GeorgeA - 07/03/2016

Thank you for your considerations and for the very best model aircraft plan site I have ever seen. As a longtime modeler and draftsman/mechanical designer (now retired) I can tell you that the time I spend looking over the old plans is a wonderful experience; I just love to look at all those hand drawn model airplane plans. Lots of great memories contained therein of designs and designers that meant a lot to me throughout the years.
joe - 03/03/2016

Steve took the extra step to list credits a certain way on his website. Fine work, detailed work, extensive work.
Roguedog - 02/03/2016

Keep up the good work . Outer zone is fantastic and a real resource . Try to ignore those that abuse your efforts or blatantly copy you ... Parisites exist everywhere always keen to milk the efforts of others . Imitation is the sincerist form of flattery .
adamtc - 01/03/2016

I've sent Outerzone quite a few plans, some of which were not all that good, what with old, yellowed paper being scanned and sent to him, one of which had to be sent as a zip because of the data recording all that yellowing while being scanned. Steve cleaned it up, set the drawings in order, collated the build article, listed it and moved on ...Steve, Molann an obair an fear. The work (does) praise the man.
balsabird - 01/03/2016

Spot on Steve! I have only submitted one plan to Outerzone (hope to submit more). A design I particularly like and intend to build. Bought the original mag on Ebay, scanned the plan and cleaned it up a bit. Steve gives me credit. Others have done the same thing many, many times over me you are doing God's work. I have gained untold pleasure from your web site - and to you and all others who contribute of their time and talents, many thanks.
RP - 29/02/2016

You have my undying thanks for all the work done to the plans on OZ. you have brought back to life many of the plans of my youth , while I may not build all of these they do give me many hours of pleasure in 'drooling' ...Thanks Steve and please keep up the good work.
MarkW - 29/02/2016

I just wanted to thank you for keeping Outerzone going and bringing back some very happy memories.
kwilson - 27/01/2016

I only got back into this hobby a couple years ago in retirement after many years away. I don't know what I would have done had I not discovered your web site. Between your plans selection and the advancement of electric power the possibilities are endless. I check your site every couple days to see what's new. I know it must be a lot of work, but I'm here to tell is much appreciated.
PaulS - 25/01/2016

THX for giving us/me this site of dreams. Wonder if I ever will build one of these plans, nonetheless the 'I could if I would' feeling is somewhat priceless for a most often just wannabe builder like me.
HubertWolf - 04/01/2016

Hi Steve My better half surprised me with the gift of an Outerzone T-Shirt at Christmas. I was absolutely delighted ! The quality of the garment is excellent and the Frog Jupiter make a stunning logo. I will wear it at the Mayfly event at Old Warden next year and wave the flag for Outerzone. All the best !
ChrisPinn - 29/12/2015

I have downloaded hundreds of plans from your site, and I really appreciate the effort it must take to keep this source up and current. Best Regards.
RickVaux - 28/12/2015

I love what you're doing with Outerzone. Quoting from the classic movie, The Blues Brothers, "We're on a mission from God"..
DougSmith - 28/12/2015

Happy Christmas and thanks for a great site, I've spent many a happy hour browsing.
JBP - 22/12/2015

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2016. *OUTERZONE is the best website what I know - thank you for your great job, Steve.
Achim55 - 21/12/2015

Hi Steve, You are continuing your awesomeness - I still am visiting Outerzone multiple times a day.
PeterG - 21/12/2015

I want to thank everyone that contributes to this Outerzone site. I am retired now and I pass many a happy hour downloading plans, drinking and smoking cigars. A happy Christmas to U All.
PaulMichelin - 21/12/2015

Thanks again Steve. Like you know you're running the greatest kick ass site on the web right?
balsa - 23/11/2015

Thank you for all you do on this site. It is so great for us scratch builders, plus we get to look at all the old plans. Keep up the good work.
JimKraft - 06/11/2015

I don't remember If told you in an earlier mail how happy I felt when I first saw the plan for OK Model Pilot QB 2500. That was the day I found your site. It's something I will always thank you for. I just couldn't believe it. I thought I would never find that plan. I look forward to more plans and magazines. Thanks again for your effort
Sergio - 29/10/2015

Outerzone is a wonderful project which has brought back many memories of my early modelling day. Many thanks.
mbright - 27/10/2015

Hi Steve, firstly I would like to say what a great site you have produced, I stumbled onto it by accident and find it a wonderful source...
RichardJ - 25/10/2015

Dear Steve , Always the contents of your site have been far beyond mine , and this is why I could have not been able to to add something special to your contents. But this doesnt mean I have never been thinking of how to do something valuable in response to what you have being doing to the growth of the talents of our community enthusiasts . There is also some bad aspect from this wonderful site and community to me too : I have become addicted to the excitement of this site . If anyday there is some problem in connecting outerzone or if there are some delays in the new incoming plans , I feel like a disturbed smoker who is under pressure of unavailability of cigarrette . I cannot explain the excitements I have expereinced to the moment from the Outerzone specially about the old plans which I could have never thought that some day I can see them again : Volex , Taxi , Terry , Jolley , Sunny , Comet , Foka, These ones returns to my young days and they have some special position in my ego and memories . Regrading the acknowledged values and stance of the Outerzone , I am devoted to its community and contents.
Eli - 23/10/2015

Hi Steve, I'm a long time fan of Outerzone. Great site!
Gerry - 08/10/2015

Thanks for providing all these fantastic plans! I recently retired and now have time to build from plans. ARFs just don't give the same satisfaction as flying something you build from your own two hands. I can't tell you how much I appreciate Outerzone!
JohnP - 08/10/2015

We modellers really appreciate your great work and dedication in maintaining this fantastic website
howard - 22/09/2015

You already do an awsome job with outerzone; this website is by far the best in this category. I can't wait to look at your next one! Hats off for your outstanding work and thank you to contribute to the preserve the history of our hobby!
Flyced - 22/09/2015

Hello Steve, Firstly, I'd just like to thank you for all of your work in providing and maintaining, it is by far and away the best free plan site that's ever been on the Internet.
pete - 03/09/2015

Steve, I absolutely love this website and check it every day – thank you for all the work you put into it...
mikeb - 24/08/2015

Thank you for the wonderful service!
jeffreyanderson - 24/08/2015

Just a Thanks for making those Plans available to The Interested. Made my morning: thank you, again.
Michaelnyc - 23/08/2015

Hi Steve, I'm a devoted viewer of your site. What you are doing,is switching on the creative urges of scratch builders,around the WORLD.Best collection of all sorts of model aircraft plans,I have ever seen. They cater for all phases of our hobby. And that is,to create a flying machine,with your own skills from : balsa,glue,tissue,film,dope,wire,fibreglas,foam,and many other materials,we can adopt for our use..And when we see that aircraft FLY,up into that limitless sky,JOY...ARF fliers are denied that feeling of pride,and accomplishment.Our world of modellers MUST NOT lose the skills to build.. Thank you Steve, from Down Under.
JeffBrowne - 23/08/2015

I love your website, and the amazing service that you provide to fellow aeromodelling enthusiasts, it really is second to none.
AndyWillis - 13/08/2015

Hi Steve, You make the graetest job in history! Wat a site OUTERZONE. The compleet history of modelairplanes. Thanks for this work . Thanks for everythings.
jv - 08/08/2015

Hi Steve, Thanks, well done. Nice site with lots of dream.
JanO - 06/08/2015

What a great service! Thank you.
chuckclemans - 06/08/2015

Hello Steve, Did not expect a response as rapid as this. Use this website a lot, but first time with a comment -----great work ,keep it up!!!!!
RCS - 05/08/2015

You have the greatest site ever dude!
paulwescott - 19/07/2015

Thank You! A scratch builder appreciates the outerzone effort here. Sincerely,
JimHackett - 10/07/2015

Hi Steve, just want to thank you for hosting and producing the Outerzone website. That treasure trove of great plans just amazes me. I want to build every one before I die!
frankb - 28/06/2015

Once again thanks for the great site. You have increased my building 100 per cent! ... I am thankful this wonderful information is available. Thanks again.
jim - 23/06/2015

Hi Steve, First and foremost, thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you put into the Outerzone. It is the first place I go to each morning when I turn on the computer...
geffwaite - 21/06/2015

Thanks, I love your site and have recommended it so many times I can't recall. We get to talking about models and I (or my flying buddies) will say- That ones on Outerzone. New guy says "where?" We say outerzone dot co dot uk and they start looking it up on their phone right then. Cool...
JohnYoung - 16/06/2015

Hi Steve, Unlike almost every other attempt to make things friendlier for cell phones, your revision of your site works. On other sites, I usually end up attempting to get the desktop version of the site, rather than the crippled mobile version*. Not necessary on Outerzone. Great work. THANKS! [*And sometimes it's not allowed. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!]
Lincoln - 16/06/2015

Keep up the good work! I like the new look of the site. Cheers Andy
Andy - 15/06/2015

My pleasure. I visit your site several times each day. Thank you for your brilliant site!
TomDavis - 11/06/2015

Steve; New Website: Looks great! Really like it – well done!
JohnBrohm - 11/06/2015

Steve, Thanks so much for your efforts in providing a world class resource for modellers. Best Regards,
Graham - 11/06/2015

Thanks, Steve for bringing back the random plan feature. I've built 4 models from plans on your site and all 4 were inspired by their appearance when I connected to your site. I pull up your site every day and it's one of the high points of the experience.....
DougSmith - 10/06/2015

Greetings… Being an old geezer, I was a bit distressed at first at the new format… it was that ole "why change a good thing" issue. However, I now find it comfortable… plus, I'm thrilled to see that the RANDOM plans are back… and now there are MORE to choose from! I use this function often and really enjoy having it. Thanks for returning it to Outerzone. Hip, hip hurrah for the good work of this EXCELLENT site!
OleBill - 10/06/2015

Hi Steve, A short note to congratulate you on the new template, very clean and smart looking and easy to use. One feature of the old site that I found valuable was the random display selection of plans, as this brought designs that I would otherwise not been aware of to my attention. In the past months I have built a "Prairie Canary" as a result of seeing the plan pop-up, and am shortly to commence a 1/2A version of "Pine Needle" Are you planning to add this function to the new site? Kind regards and best wishes,
DavidSquires - 09/06/2015

hi steve I like the new look well done regards,
tedsmith - 08/06/2015

Just wanted to say what a marvelous site this is. Many thanks, found some great plans and have even built some. Only one problem, PLEASE stop putting new plans up as I get half way though a build only to find something else which takes my fancy!!! Seriously thank you, just bought a load more balsa today.
Adam - 08/06/2015

Hi Steve, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your wonderful work in OUTERZONE. In fact, almost every single day I check in it just to see 'what's new'
ArnaldoC - 11/05/2015

Thank you for everything you do to bring Outerzone to the modeling world. It is truly a world-class operation without equal anywhere, and is doing far more to encourage the continuation of the essence of our hobby than any other organization or entity of any kind, anywhere. May it live forever! Cheers,
DaveHarris - 05/05/2015

Love the site, great just to sit and browse. Any thoughts on maybe adding some model boat plans?
Dave - 23/04/2015

I had a great time going down memory lane looking at these plans. Thanks for making the website!
RichardW - 23/04/2015

Thank you for the work you have been doing with this website - it is amazing!
Jan - 18/04/2015

Thanks for Outer Zone, it's my refuge.
Rocco - 18/04/2015

Steve, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your work on Outerzone. Once a builder of many kits, you’ve been a huge part of my exploration into the land of scratch building and it’s taken my enjoyment of flying to a whole new place. There’s nothing quite like the first time you fling a new plane in the air knowing that all you had was a piece of paper and your own skills. Of course, my wife wants you dead. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.
J - 18/04/2015

...I've just never seen anything like your website and have gone a little nuts collecting all the airplanes I'm going to build, I'm going to build them all! (just kidding). I am a little obsessive and I work a lot and viewing your site (and downloading the models I dream of building) is so much fun in the evening and seems to reduce my stress a little from the day. I now like Keith Laumers models from your site and want to build a few of his. I look at a plan of an old timer and say 'I want to build that, I can do it, that would be so cool". I've said this so many times to myself I've aquired quite a few of your beautiful old timer models... It's so much fun to think about building any particular model from your site and knowing you have the file on a little data stick if you want to go to Staples and print it out. ... Anyway, I love love love your site and visit it very often. It has enriched my life and I don't know what else to say. Thank you,
Shawn - 17/04/2015

Steve, You are it buddy. You have given me a glimmer of hope. I hate to seem gloom, but we are seeing individualistic creativity die. When I go to my R/C club, I see people struggling to get an ARF with an OS engine working properly. The combo should be a no brainer. What do these people do for a living? What skill set do they poses that allows them to dabble in r/c flight? I’m not ranting but these same people are driving the same streets as my children and even worse.... voting. I have given a donation because I have downloaded many of plans from your site. I hope you can keep giving to the community in the future. End of my ramble. Thanks,
Jason - 12/04/2015

Hi Steve, Praiseworthy indeed. Many thanks for this marvellous resource. Like others I also check it just about every day and have downloaded many plans for a building programme that will keep me entertained for years. Regards,
tonycavanna - 27/03/2015

Dear Steve , Fabulous site for aeromodellers! I check the updates almost daily! Best wishes
Pete - 17/03/2015

Hi Steve. May I first congratulate on such a fine site, great to see someone doing such great work...
dfoley - 13/03/2015

Site is awesome, big fan.
Adventurerider - 07/03/2015

Have a great day, and keep up the good work you have been doing. Your Outerzone is a fantastic resource!
BobW - 20/02/2015

Hi Steve. Just to let you know that I'm sitting in a restaurant waiting for my car to be serviced and going through you random plans and photos. What a great way to kill time! Trouble is I've downloaded so many plans this way over the past few weeks that I have enough projects to take me into the next century. Thanks for the entertainment. Cheers,
quesnelrm - 02/02/2015

First of all, THANK YOU for the brilliant site. I've spent many hours browsing.
lblinde - 02/02/2015

By the way, let me thank you for the work you're doing with your listing. Terrific webpage you have, sir! All the best,
davidm - 25/01/2015

Your website is a gem. I spend many hours browsing through the plans. Thank you!
jww - 24/01/2015

Steve, Thanks so much for re-sizing the American eaglet plan. Looks like I shall definitely have to build it now. I'll send you a pic eventually. Thanks for your fantastic web site.
ChrisB - 19/01/2015

Hi Steve, Recently found your spectacular website... Congratulations on a splendid effort.
TonyP - 13/01/2015

Steve, Thank you!! Thank you for all your had work. I hope you enjoy making plans available to the modeling community a fraction as much as we enjoy looking at them and building from them. You perform a valuable service and make a lot of old modelers happy.
TomBinkley - 08/01/2015

Thank you for the labor of love so evident in this site.
HaroldH - 27/12/2014

You have an unbelievable collection! Thank you so very much.
RichardR - 11/12/2014

Thanks once again for a great web site and the time and effort the site must demand.
glenn - 09/12/2014

Thanks for your daily effort in publishing these nice plans. I come daily to your homepage and check for new plans. Best Regards from Hamburg,
dlepsin - 04/12/2014

Outerzone is such a special site. My office has miniature airplanes hanging all over the place that I build from Outerzone plans built from letter sized printouts. I just made a donation. Please keep the resource alive!
peterj - 04/12/2014

Hi Steve, Outerzone what a great site ! thankyou for your time and effort you have put into this great hobby and your commitment to continue contribute such a wealth of information .
luke - 03/12/2014

A brilliant site. Thank you so much. Regards,
jimsimpkins - 03/12/2014

Hi, I was meaning to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate Outerzone. I especially love all the Keil Kraft plans and have seen many many plans of models I've never seen before. I have a new interest in English designs becouse of your site, such as the Senator. I am building a Keil Kraft Caprice from plans from Outerzone and powering it by electric and making it R/C like the one you can see flying on Youtube. I love all the rubber models and gliders too. I will be building the Island Flyer next and try and figure out rubber once and for all. Thank you again for the great resource you provide.
shawnw - 01/12/2014

Thanks for the fine work you have been doing preserving these old plans.
ghostler - 01/12/2014

Your work is valued by so many and your time is greatly appreciated. Thank-you a million times.
dstroble - 30/11/2014

G’day Steve, What you have produced on your website is a wonderful source of information for countless modellers, including old farts like me who enjoy being able to build now what we missed over the years. I really appreciate the amount of hard work involved in setting up and maintaining your site and I hope that commercial implications aside, the modelling press give you due acknowledgement and appreciation also. Fantastic effort, easy to use site, a wonderful archive for all. Regards,
VinHeron - 28/11/2014

Running a site such as Outerzone requires a tremendous investment in time, effort and funding. It is certainly one of the more well known sites within the modeling world and usage statistics will likely show that it's quite heavily used. Steve (WMD), thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for builders around the globe. Regards,
andrew0820 - 24/11/2014

Your site has a huge number of interesting plans and a well designed user interface with very useful search functions. (unlike certain other sites with a lot of info)
lincoln - 22/11/2014

Nice going, Steve! You have one of the Premier model aircraft websites and I have no doubt you have brought a tremendous amount of enjoyment to those who still like to view the old plans and build their own model aircraft.
piperjoe - 22/11/2014

Outerzone is a respected and valuable source of information for the vintage and not so vintage archival of significant model aircraft designs. Your efforts are well appreciated and you obviously spend a lot of time keeping an ongoing update of significant designs. You are the modern equivalent of Frank Zaic and more. I corresponded with Frank in the late 50's to mid 60's...
johnos - 22/11/2014

Hello. I allow myself this mall, I would like vour to thank in person for your site, I take a rél pleasure to traverse it to see same often returning there and this for finding very beautiful things still there has to build... Thank you still for all that you bring to us from this brilliant site.
rolandh - 22/11/2014

When I submitted my first plan to you I felt your experiment would do well. I think OZ has exceeded my/your expectations and I am happy to be part of it. Giving back to our hobby without the 'strings' that so many sites attach makes it even easier. Working towards 10K!
theshadow - 22/11/2014

Thanks again for putting up the site. It's very nice, even if half of the engines pictured have this weirdo adjustment handle on the head.
timwestcott - 22/11/2014

Outerzone is a wonderful site obviously because of your tremendous and much appreciated efforts !
melgray - 22/11/2014

I think its an excellent site, saw a few plans that brought a tear to my eye from remembering my youth. Best wishes,
PeterC - 09/11/2014

Thanks for the excellent site you operate. So interesting!
MalcolmD - 09/11/2014

thanks for all the effort you put into OZ. I've been in model airplanes from the mid 1950's and have never seen such a collection in one place.
JimP - 07/11/2014

Dear sir, Just a note of thanks for this web site. I think it’s absolutely outstanding! I really appreciate this as a resource. Cheers,
StevenV - 05/11/2014

Hello Steve - I used your very generous free offer to download the plans to a Custom Live Wire, so that I could identify details on a 'mystery plane' in the AMA model museum at Muncie, Indiana. Attached are some pictures I took of the plane last summer. When I identified the plane today to the AMA museum, I included your free plan service among the sources of information used to verify what they had. Your site is wonderfully complete, generous, and extremely interesting. Thank you for making so much vintage model information available to people around the world. This data you have collected is priceless, you know. Thank you again.
RobertS - 04/11/2014

Thank you for your beautiful website.
erhan - 03/11/2014

Hi Steve, You're the best! After many times of my husband pestering me to look for free quality plane plans on the internet and having no luck, we finally stumbled on yours recently. He is in a wheelchair and his options are limited in life. He's passionate about building planes (and ships for that matter) however and extremely good at it. A keen scratch builder, he has been lapping up the plans.....and thinks your site is the next best thing to sliced bread. He truly feels like his Christmases have come all at once and we both thank you sincerely for making these plans available..
gmjames - 28/10/2014

Thanks for you fabulous array of classic model plans ..... & yes there it is the Mercury Martin ..... a wonderful traditional FF glider that both my father & I successfully built a long, long time ago !! Not only did it look good, and fly in a beautiful stable manner - but it was also a solid model. The leading edges/ tips arrangement of the wings were much beefier than other KK gliders I'd built previously. One slight modification I put in was to substitute the downward facing balsa rear fins (on the ends of the tailplane) for very thin plywood ; these will then flex without snapping along the grain. I remember getting a lot of pleasure from carving the balsa nose to follow the chamfered edges of the fuselage ahead of the acetate windscreen. As an aside, a simple glider model that flew astonishingly well (but not an Outerzone listing ) was the Contest KIts 'Captain' - profile fuselage, sheet fin & tailplane, built up tissue wings with tip dihedral. My first really successful glider - I'd love to build another - anyone out there with a plan ??? Regards,
MartinThorpe - 16/10/2014

Hi Steve, I can spend hours and hours watching the plans of this site. Thank you very much for sharing all this material.
NorbertoStabile - 10/10/2014

Thank you for a brilliant site.
BobPollock - 07/10/2014

LOVE Your site! Keep up the good work!
robotfan - 03/10/2014

Steve, I wish your site had a Download All link! I love it. You are leading a great effort and it's appreciated. Thanks,
Rocko - 29/09/2014

You should be commended on the work you put into this website, so thank you from a few avid builders in the east of Australia.
JB - 23/09/2014

I do want to give you my many thanks for the huge amount of work you are doing to make all these plans available to all of us out here. Regards,
EboPete - 22/09/2014

Hey Steve, Just want to say I love Outerzone, almost everyday I visit your site and most of the time I see plans of nice new rc planes. Excellent job! I'm builing one now and another plan from your site is next. Hope you will continue this for a long long time.
WernerKolenberg - 15/09/2014

Hi Steve, I am in my 50's and at home recovering from 2x knee surgeries. Your Outerzone website has been a revelation for me. I have already started a Keil Kraft Competitor. Many thanks for creating such a wonderful website. Yours,
Leon - 07/09/2014

Your site is a fantastic resource for forgotten planes.
LewHeifner - 04/09/2014

Thanks for this hugely wonderful site. I have printed full size copies of 50 or so models...
marcel - 01/09/2014

Hi Steve.. I just wanted to thank you for the website, it has brought my son and I closer together and we have had a ball building and flying.. We have done a Zaic Hawk in 2 sizes, a Spearhead Jr., a Clough Zoom-slot, a Tomboy, a Bugaboo (both diesel) 2 diesel Ebenezer FF's (an Ebenezer OOS? :-) then an electric RC Ebenezer FF conversion constructed from inexpensive foam sheet and recently we have started on the peanut Goodyear racer Clarence Mathis designed called 'Gray Ghost' enlarged 200% for micro RC.. This has been fun, Thank you for everything you have done for us..
AlRobinson - 28/08/2014

What've I been waiting for? Your enterprise--a historical, technological, and crafts-lore one--has been supplying my miserable excuse for a soul with oxygen for two or three years now, and I haven't said thank you yet! Outerzone is a unique resource, and the intelligence and dedication that go into it are stupendous. Right now, I've printed a splendid set of plans for the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt by Comet (to supply plans missing from an Ebay purchase) and the beauty of the plans just knocks my eye out. Thanks again and again and long may you prosper. Yours,
DenisCullinan - 14/08/2014

Really thanks for your valuable website. I found my first RC plane here, the RCM basic trainer. Love so much memory.
daniel - 29/07/2014

Hi Steve, Fantastic site! I enjoyed downloading the SIG Sinbad 40 to rekindle the memories of when my brother and I built and flew one. I kept at model sailplanes for many years until I saved up enough money to share a full scale Scheweizer 1-36. Now I spend every fourth Saturday as glider field crew chief at our club ...Stop by sometime and I’ll give you a flight. Best Regards,
ChuckLohre - 28/07/2014

Dear Steve, I love your website! Keep up the great work!! I just stumbled upon it the other day! ...Thank you and keep up the great work!! Sincerely,
JerryMcGhee - 28/07/2014

Many thanks for running the wonderful Outerzone plans site – it’s been a source of many hours of building and planning pleasure!
DougForbes - 28/07/2014

Congratulations on the site. You will note from the use log that I have downloaded a number of plans to keep me busy until I am 110.
bcurd - 22/07/2014

...given the huge amount of effort you must put into the Outerzone I wouldn't know how you would find the time. Personally it is my first port of call when looking for a plan, at which point I inevitably spend far too long just browsing, it is a wonderful resource.
Sundancer - 19/07/2014

A brilliant trip down memory lane ! Many of the r/c models I've built, flown ( and crashed ) , Decided to abandon ep foam and dig out my vintage stock of balsa from the loft. Many thanks for a great site.
geoff - 17/07/2014

Hi checking out Outerzone for new plans at lunch time brightens up what would otherwise be a very dull day. Like you I don't get time to build models at the moment but when I retire in 2 years time.....! Many thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work
haydns - 01/07/2014

Hi Steve,your site is a nightly visit, has been for more than 2 years. It is an absolute treasure trove, for scratch builders. I admire your mission... Great job you are doing, as I said very earlier, our younger modellers are losing the skills to build, these ARFs dont come with plans, only flying instructions. Sincerely,
mbrowne1 - 01/07/2014

Once again, thanks for this great research site/tool which you make possible. It is astounding the number of plans which are available at this location. You don't exclude any classification and that benefits us all. Best wishes and all that...
DormanCamden - 12/06/2014

Thanks for your hard work that brings us this fine site. It is truly sine qua non.
DormanCamden - 05/06/2014

Your homepage is great and browsing very interesting. I already built two planes from plans I found there. A Bugaboo and a Pageboy.
ghisler - 02/06/2014

Hi Steve, It's only right you should get some contribution towards running your wonderful website. Keeps me amused for hours, which I should spend building or flying of course! Kind regards,
dcauser - 16/05/2014

thank you for all the great work, love to discover daily new plans!
cseltsam - 03/05/2014

Dear Steve, At the very outset, my grateful thanks for hosting this outstanding site. Its a boon for us old timers. I've benefited immensely from the plans that I have found here.
vc - 24/04/2014

Thanks for Outerzone. You've done a really proper job of it. It's a virtual treasure. Web sites that I browse for the pleasure of it are few and far between with me. Outerzone is one of them.
BobKeller - 23/04/2014

Your Web site must be a might labor. Maybe it's a labor of love. It certainly makes my world a better place.
PatJupiter - 20/04/2014

Hey Steve, I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your website!
maxcb - 20/04/2014

Hi Steve, One terrific site you have. The best time of my life is sitting down with a bottle of scotch in the evenings and browsing through your thousands of plans, never ever get tired of it and keep watching your site for new additions ...Kindest regards,
GeorgeKirstein - 15/04/2014

Hi, Steve, Fantastic Site you have here - keeps me occupied for too many hours..!! Well done.
VinceDay - 09/04/2014

Great site, keep up the good work. Regards,
MikeP - 19/03/2014

Dear Steve, I have benefited greatly from your site. Initially I was searching for Harold Towner's plans for his C/L DH Dragon Rapide, but I have since found a treasure chest from which to choose. I am a traditional aeromodeller from Australia, and I owe you a debt of gratitude... Best wishes,
RossLillistone - 19/03/2014

Hi Steve, I can’t begin to tell you how much pleasure I get from browsing your great site, maybe I should get out more! They are usually the starting point for a project, some of which actually get built! Thanks again and please keep up the good work.
DonDixon - 18/03/2014

All thanks and credit to you and your fellow workers, Steve, for carrying out this mammoth and selfless work. May you and all your fellow modellers find yourselves at the place marked 'AEROMODELLERS HEAVEN', when the old man with the scythe inevitably comes calling. You have got the greatest reward, you have made an old codger very, very happy and have earned his eternal gratitude! Best regards,
MartinHartmann - 11/03/2014

I was delighted to find this drawing in your collection! About 50 years ago I started building the Stinson S. I'm 84 now and I lost the print during a move with the plane half built. I can now complete the job. Thanks!
art - 07/02/2014

Hullo Steve,what a classic collection of plans you have put together.When I read the comments from appreciative plan fanatics,must give you a boost......most of us,look every night,to see what has bobbed up....
jeffb - 04/02/2014

Steve, Thanks for your wonderful web site. I, like many of your followers are a plan junkie. Love this stuff.
Mark - 30/01/2014

At these beautiful planes. Hello, I'm a fan of anything that flies in the sky and I find your site airplanes, aircraft planes extraordinnaire.J hope that your archives will remain as long as possible on paper or in virtual form so that future later generations can be intersser the former aircraft. My grandfather was a pilot and mechanic Towards the end he could not fly, so he decided to aircraft réduits.J have always been appreciative of the time when people manufactured their own aircraft, flying and repairing themselves. It was really an adventure. Wishing you a good day.
FrédéricGouriou - 29/01/2014

Hi Steve, Just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done. This site is a dream come true for me. Now where do I put them all when I build them ?
dtrocket - 28/01/2014

Hello Steve, I can't thank you (and your contributors) enough for hosting this superb site - all the other respondents say it much better than I can. There are three indispensable websites (IMO) to go-to as often as possible -,, and Bless you!
JohnB - 12/01/2014

Love looking at your plans during my lunch break, download at least 1 plan per week! Thanks
donmain - 26/12/2013

Hi Steve, Just a note to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You have given me presents almost every day with all the plans. Keep up the good job. It's much appreciated on this side of the big pond.
GaryNelson - 22/12/2013

I greatly enjoy your plan service and have downloaded a great many into my collection. I feel you are a friend for what you have shared. Thank You.
newtmagick - 20/12/2013

I really like the Outerzone site since I first discovered it a few months ago. I find myself checking it every day now to see what’s new. I have built an Ollie and a Xiton from your plans. I have cut parts from other plans for other people. I have downloaded heaps of others for my ‘one day’ projects. The fact they are all electronic makes it really easy to scale them etc., things that cost money and time to with printed plans. Good work.
Greg - 20/12/2013

Hello Steve, I love your website! I just downloaded your Mr. Mulligan plan by Sterling Models. I have been looking for that plan for years! Thanks!!! Dad, an ex WW-2 U.S. navy pilot, and I built this kit in 1948. This model has great sentimental value for me as it was the very first model I was ever involved in building. I recall during the summer of 1948 when I was 8 years old we passed two boys flying a gas powered control line Piper Cub in a local park. I made my mother stop so I could watch. This was the first time I have ever seen a gas model and I begged my mother to take me to get one. She took me to the local hobby shop where Mom bought me the Sterling Mr. Mulligan kit and we took it home. Needless to say, it was far beyond my skills, so I got my father to build it and I watched every bit of it - and even sanded and glued a couple of pieces! Dad really did the work and it won a trophy at a local department store contest. That trophy was my prized possession and sat on my bedroom dresser for years. This was really what started me into building model airplanes. Thanks again Steve for the great memory in seeing this old plan again! Sincerely,
Planeman - 18/12/2013

Hi Steve - Congratulations to you for reached a milestone of 5,000 mark. You have done a most marvelous job ever created a website of an collection of vintage plans. I really enjoyed viewing of those lovely vintage plans very much. As far as I can remember of those classic plans when I was in my early youth. Wishing you the warmth and goodwill of the season and happiness throughout the new year. Merry Christmas, Steve!
RB - 06/12/2013

Thanks Steve. It’s a great service you provide, by the way, and I don’t know if anybody’s taken the time to thank you. So I will. I have already built two adaptations from your website. A Curtiss P-55 Ascender, and a DeHavilland Vampire, both adapted to RC and enlarged, and the latter adapted to EDF as well. So thanks very much.
tony - 06/12/2013

Steve, all I can say is thank you for the most comprehensive free model airplane plan site I have ever seen. I have been searching for some of the plans you have put up on your site forever. I found the Bridi Flipper glider, and the 54" Comet Aeronca and Taylorcraft, and Guillow's Bellanca Cruisemaster, plus found a ton of other plans that I didnt even know that I wanted! I love to scratch build and now all I need to do is burn some of these plans to a disc and go to Kinko's...and then buy lots of balsa wood. Thanks again and keep up the great service for those of us who can still build great models from a big piece of paper!
DaveB - 25/11/2013

I couldn't figure out why someone would want to download so many plans that'll never get built, so I simply visited for a look and cool! there's that kit I built as a kid, and this C/L, too, plus those Vic Smeed designs and...and...and... I'm hopelessly hooked on Outerzone, checking it out every time the computer is online. Truly a great site.
balsabird - 21/11/2013

Great achievement! Outerzone has become a truly wonderful site for looking at plans we have not seen in ages. I know I have downloaded more of 'em than I'll ever be able to build at my age, but what fun it is to just sit back and dream while enjoying the old drafting methods employed on the plans. WMD, you've created a 'magic' site and I hope you obtain another 5000 plans! Thank you so much. Soft landings,
piperjoe - 21/11/2013

Wow, 5000 plans! Thats awesome! I know I was probably late to the party but I have downloaded every plan since somewhere in the neighborhood of 3000, plus a lot of the ones before that as they pop up on the home page and look interesting. I really enjoy how many plans I see with "direct submission to Outerzone" on their page. I have always thought that that means this plan would be very hard to find anywhere else. I wouldn't be surprised if the Outerzone is THE destination for vintage and free plans. WMD - you do a great job with the site and I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work!
madbomber - 21/11/2013

Hi Steve - I have noticed that you now have 5000 plans listed. This is a fantastic effort! Keep up the great work. Regards,
AnthonyR - 19/11/2013

hi Steve, I occasionally drop by... just to see what is new; in other words, what has been added since my last visit. When I entered just now, I was greeted by that 'magical' number - 5.000 Plans! This must be the most complete aeromodelling plans database in the world - at least, in an unrestricted way. Congratulations on a wonderful job. As I have said so many times in the past, I have spent countless, very enjoyable, hours just perusing at all those drawings, some of which I have known since my early teens, albeight in the usual 'reduced scale' form, as one was reading Aeromodeller, MAN, FM, RCM, etc. May long you continue, Steve - thanks. All the best,
Arnaldo - 19/11/2013

Steve, 5,000 active plans! Wow. Can't wait to see what comes up at 6K, then 7, 8, 9, and 10,000. Hope it lasts that long, or longer!? Good Luck, and keep up the excellent work!
MarkC - 19/11/2013

Congratulations, Steve, on reaching the fifth millennium of plans! Absolutely priceless website. I recommend it to whomsoever will listen to me and follow it religiously looking for that ultimate model for my ‘to build’ list. Thank you so much for this dimension to modelling bliss. Regards,
JoeM - 18/11/2013

I hope everyone appreciates your achievement in gathering together [with a little help from your friends] 5000 vintage plans. Well done... I`m very happy to have made a small contribution to your lists. Cheers,
AlanV - 18/11/2013

Congratulations once again for your 'outerzone' concept. I am proud to be part of it. It is great to see plans coming from other parts of our world. Model aviation is a 'common language' understood in every corner of the planet. It is especially gratifying to see pictures posted of models completed from 'outerzone' plans. Regards,
theshadow - 18/11/2013

I would like to extend my appreciation for your efforts to develop and maintain an archival system for model aviation plans. It’s a grand effort and you and your support teams have done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.
chucknj - 16/11/2013

Dear Steve, I notice that mails to you dont appear straightaway on the praise page. I guess you check them out first. Pl do put this up. 'If outerzone ever runs out of money, there will be a 1000 admirers to put up £100 each.' I would.
k_k_iyer - 16/11/2013

Looking forward to you cracking the 5,000 barrier. All the best and thanks for creating a brilliant site.
MikeP - 11/11/2013

Hi Steve. Glad to have found a site so dedicated to aeromodelling as yours. I was motivated to make a template for my 5 year old son and I started researching. Great to have found your website. Very good indeed... You are to be congratulated!!
celio - 09/11/2013

Hi Steve, You have made an excellent site! I will add my similar praises to those of everyone else - and I have found many of the plans for the models I made back in the 60's and 70's. It is very moving to study those plans again... I'm now working in China, and I have introduced your site to the Shanghai aeromodellers...., who are delighted to find designs like P-51 Mustangs, Stinson Reliants, and Avro Lancasters..!!! (I always like the "International mix.."!!)
VinceD - 05/11/2013

I love Outerzone just the way it is. You are doing a great service to modelers around the world and we really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication.
PatDaily - 05/11/2013

Keep up with the good work, and keep 'stick & tissue' alive.
japweeboon - 01/11/2013

HI I LOVE your site. Thank you sooo much for all the hard accurate work!
tomskio - 01/11/2013

You are just about to turn the 5K mark! What a fan-tas-tic collection that is! Please, do keep up your wonderful work! All the best
Arnaldo - 28/10/2013

Thanks for the many hours sifting through all these wonderful plans and articles Steve. Regards,
GaryB - 28/10/2013

Steve, Great job that you are doing, Love the site
arunja - 27/10/2013

Thanks, brilliant site. Friends are very enthusiastic about it.
Malcolm - 17/10/2013

Thanks for all of your hard work!
Planeman - 17/10/2013

Your site is an excellent rescource, but a nightmare for those like myself, who just can't resist drawing more plans. I have at least another dozen of these things that I'd like to get drawn. Mostly gleaned from your site. It seems I can't go there without finding another I like the look of.
PeterRake - 13/10/2013

Thanks for the archive -- it's truly a wonderful resource!
Al - 04/10/2013

Now that I have your site tagged will need to purchase more copy paper and then disappear into my basement work room. If the city fines me for overgrown shrubs your work will be at least part to blame! Keep up the good work. As soon as they can be turned into PDF files have some additions for your dangerous addiction.
gpruett - 06/09/2013

I recently acquired Photoshop and have started the long, exhausting climb up the learning curve. Among the first things I tried were your most excellent tutorials on cleaning up plans. Very clear, easy to follow, and instructive - thank you for those.
HarryD - 02/09/2013

Being a very old Modeler in all ways, I started to built models in 1939 and have done some 1000 Building efforts. I just built a copy of the old Keil Kraft Super 60 , the first I built 1963 Both are built with full house and they fly extremely well... Very good for an 82 years youngster. I am looking at the plan register every day. You have done a fantastic job. Keep it going. Thanks and Best Regards
PerKällner - 02/09/2013

Hi Steve, Thank you so much for this fantastic site! I have become addicted and check your site almost on a daily basis. The only problem that I have now is that there are so many plans of so many models that I want to build before I depart the planet, that I will have to find a way to stay around longer! Keep up the great work!
MarkS - 19/08/2013

Thanks for you wonderful site. The work you put in is phenominal.
BobG - 12/08/2013

Hi Steve, Just came across your site. Excellent work! ...I’ll be doing some serious browsing tonight… Kind regards,
roald - 09/08/2013

...and another big Thank You for your site. Love it!
Gary - 03/08/2013

...thanks for the fantastic job you are doing in preserving these hard to find plans for scratch builders like me.
George - 03/08/2013

Amazing! Having looked for this plan for a very long time a simple 'wanted' ad. produced the goods in no time flat! Thank you Steve and thank you Derick . Another 'Heatwave' will be flying soon. Best wishes,
Jeff - 30/07/2013

I really appreciate all the work you put into Outerzone; it's great to have these plans available for download. It amazes me the number of new plans that are up there when I check back every week or so!
Simon - 29/07/2013

Thanks again for Outerzone. It's truly a world-class operation, and one that I visit at least once a day just to browse, enjoy, and reminisce.
Harry - 28/07/2013

I love the site and will poach from it regularly.
PeterRake - 24/07/2013 a lot of other people, I appreciate your efforts. In my opinion, it's well organized and finding a particular plan is a breeze. Thank You!
cd_webb - 23/07/2013

Steve, thanks very much for making the site & plans available. I bought a Cox Pee Wee from a friend & wanted to build a TopFlite Roaring 20 for it as it was my first (and unsuccessful ) radio model from decades ago. Found the plan, built the model, flew it successfully (finally!) A great site!
Boomerang1 - 05/07/2013

You've created a wonderful resource and an important record of the development of model flying. Many thanks.
Jeff - 26/06/2013

Hello Steve, Thank you very much for what you are doing. I have been looking for the KK Bandit plan for months and was so happy when you finally got it on outerzone.
MalcolmJ - 10/06/2013

Steve, your efforts are very much appreciated! Every time I visit, I find something cool I need to build someday, or I find something triggers a fond memory of models past. Thank you.
balsabird - 10/06/2013

Hi Steve, I think it is great the job you are doing. One thing I think people could get worried about is what if the website was no longer valid and the downloads unavailable? Very slim chance of that happening I know but anything is possible. I recall a while back a site that had many Comet plans for download. That site is no longer around. Personally I don't think Outerzone is going anywhere but some may worry. Long live Outerzone.
eliworm - 08/06/2013

Hi Steve, Your site is a gold mine. Thanks a lot. A job very well done, please keep it up!
Syed - 07/06/2013

G'day Steve. What a beautiful website. I found the lovely KK Spectre that I admired so much as a kid. Thanks for that.
DannyM - 01/06/2013

I've had a look at your site and must say that you're doing an incredible job of collating all of this information!
Mwalker56 - 27/05/2013

Hi Steve, Thank you for your wonderful website of plans – so many planes and so little time.
PaulGausden - 22/05/2013

Steve, fantastic site I stumbled on. Several years ago I built a Wright WP-1 from Walt Mooney plans. My cat jumped up on the storage shelf one day & destroyed most of a wing. I really liked that plane & wanted to rebuild it, but could not locate the plan. Probably got thrown out. And I could not remember the name of the plane. When I found your site I used the advanced search, narrowed it down to rubber FF parasol and EUREKA! I found the plan in a matter of a few minutes. Thanks,
gene - 20/05/2013

BTW, your site is AWESOME! (A term I do not throw around, it truly inspires awe, at least in me!)
dfritzke - 16/05/2013

Hello Steve, I have been enjoying your site tremendously, and my backlog of free flight rubber models has swelled dramatically ! Thank you, this site is an absolute treasure, long may it continue to delight and inspire.
MartinLaGrange - 11/05/2013

Thanks for all your wonderful work
newtmagick - 09/05/2013

I really enjoy your web site. Ive downloaded a few plans and built a couple. good job.
fk - 08/05/2013

Hi Steve; Your Outerzone site is expanding enormously and is creating an archive of plans even more impressive than what Frank Zaic did years ago in his yearbooks.
John O'Sullivan - 08/05/2013

Can't let another day go by without thanking you for this website and your work. Since I first discovered Outerzone I have gone through reams of paper and one toner cartridge printing off your plans and reliving my youth while enjoying access to plans I could only dream about prior to now. Have also received quite a priceless education on the many plans out there of which I was unaware. You are doing valuable work while bringing pleasure to hundred, perhaps thousand of people you will never know. Well done!
jimolson - 02/05/2013

Steve, Thanks to you and your wonderful website, I have finally found a plan that has eluded me for decades--the 'Victory' A/2 from Denmark. (Hans Hansen's 1953 winner.) When I was a kid I had this model, purchased around 1970 in its original hardwood kit version, waiting to be built... In the years since, nobody with whom I've spoken, not even the oldtimers, had any recollection of that design at all. What a joy to stumble across your site and find this plan on the very first visit!
marklibelle - 02/05/2013

Just nominated you to the Hall of Fame in Let's see who seconds it. Don't know how many followers you have in India. Sent from my iPad yesterday. Surprised its not on your Praise page yet. Don't be shy Sir, put it up
k_k_iyer - 02/05/2013

Thanks for all the effort you put into Outerzone. What a great resource.
brokenspar - 14/04/2013

Hi Steve, Your very welcome, it's only fair that you should receive some consideration. You run a fascinating site, all those extra projects to add to the ten thousand I already have in mind, but will never make!! Keep up the good work, it's appreciated, kind regards
dcauser - 14/04/2013

Hi Steve - another plane built from your fantastic site - a Paageboy [see more pics]. The only changes I made were in the shape of the windows, I made spats, and it is electric RC. Thanks again for all your hard work.
abtorrance - 12/04/2013

Hi Steve, stumbled across your site today, while looking for Old Timer drgs. Wow! what a treasure trove, hat's off to you mate. I have been building and flying for 65 years - started in Manchester in 1948, so I'm a bit of an old timer myself. My two downloads - Dallaire and Sunduster will be electrified as that is my prefered power now. Best wishes from Downunder.
Deni - 05/04/2013

Thanks for a great site!
rocketmarket - 30/03/2013

Dear Steve, Your site is a pretty damn amazing piece of work - the cyber equivalent of a Doug McHard model. I have just deleted all my other favorite links to plans sites.
janwillem - 30/03/2013

Hi Steve, Thanks for the great site, stirred many memories of my youth.
AllanVoyce - 26/03/2013

Thanks, Steve, really enjoy the service you are providing to the modeling community, archiving all these history plans.
ghostler - 26/03/2013

...Thank you for all the time and effort that you have and continue to put into your site. I check it several times a week on the off chance that you have posted something that I have built at some time in my 60 plus years for model building. May this year treat you well and all my best to you.
LeeRandall - 14/03/2013

Steve, like many contributors I spend too much time on your website drooling over plans and the history you are compiling. I have downloaded two plans, Alley Kat which I built and flown as my first low wing trainer and R/C Nobler which is yet to be built
toneandderz - 14/03/2013

Hi Steve, Just wanted to add my voice to all those others praising your efforts with your website. Heartfelt thanks! Your service, in my opinion, is exactly what is needed to encourage the building of models from plans. Seems to me other "plans service" providers are in fact trying to squash the scratch-building art with their pricing. Your service keeps this fast disappearing skill within reach, not to mention the tremendous archive you have amassed. Kudos!
rhewert - 11/03/2013

I am very pleased that your kind notice about my need for a plan of the 20 Minute glider has been totally successful. I plan to have the original size plan enlarged by a factor of 2.45 and build a model for Radio Control. You are doing a fantastic job and I thank you very much indeed.
JohnNurse - 09/03/2013

I love what you're doing with the site and please keep up the good work.
Moeregaard - 08/03/2013

Thanks for what you’re doing, There’s nothing like old plans for sparking a few memories, especially those drawn with a pencil! Best regards,
TonyJohnson - 28/02/2013

Hello Steve, Thank you for keeping this site going. What an absolutely wonderful service to the aeromodeler!
franksg - 21/02/2013

Steve, Your site ranks as one of the true treasures of powered model aviation! Thank you.
bartkat - 20/02/2013

I do love your site. It's awesome. I am a builder, Dad and brothers are the flyers. I still enjoy flying , but building is my thing. Also helps in a Post-Chinese RC world. I've found many of the plans of planes I've always wanted to build.
bashbotha - 20/02/2013

Thanks for an excellent website.
johnnyfingersgreen - 15/02/2013

Thanks for all you do on Outerzone! It has quickly become one of my very favorite sites. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t check in at least once to see what’s been added.
PhilBernhardt - 15/02/2013

Closing in on 4,000! Thank you again for this amazing service. I'm working on a Wren from Aeromodeller. I'll send some photos soon.
Eric - 13/02/2013

The scope and number of contributors and quality of scan work just keeps improving. Your 'noble experiment' called Outerzone seems to have taken off! Your well thought, incremental improvements have all enhanced the useability factor greatly. The Google-bots initially didn't know what an Outerzone was, now they list an inquiry within minutes of a posting. Keep up the great work and happy 4K!
theshadow - 11/02/2013

I'm an addict. Steve, I know that the first step to any recovery is to admit that I have a problem. I found your online collection a few months ago and I have to say, it has been a pleasure and a curse. I check the site at least once, and more often than not, many times each day for new uploads. My smart phone had all of my favorite plans now, carefully categorized. As soon as I get through my backlog of kits, I’ll be on to scratch building which is my true love.
dmarusa - 04/02/2013

I'd also like to commend Steve for the superb job he's doing; Outerzone is always my very first port of call when I turn on my pc. I like the fact that the plans are easily downloadable without any fuss or form-filling and I wish other sites were as painless to use as this. As for the variety of content..well, if you can't find SOMETHING you want to build then you must be one fussy so-and-so :) It's nice to re-discover old plans I'd lost or lent out years ago and to collect new ones for my 'will build one day' folder. Also nice to discover plans from my favourite designers which I never knew existed ...I'm extremely happy with the way Outerzone looks and operates today - you should be rightly proud, Steve. (currently building a Lincoln-Beachey Monoplane..and guess where I got the plan from :)
Harry - 29/01/2013

Steve, thanks once again for a superbly concocted website - which I came across purely by chance! What a wonderful asset for the Balsa-and-dope purists.
ianlambert - 24/01/2013

It's an excellent resouce and I appreciate your efforts in bringing it to us.
asquires - 21/01/2013

Thank you so much for putting this priceless resource together for those of us who love the smell of balsa dust and cellulose dope.
JohnHancock - 19/01/2013

You have the most amazing website. So many plans, so little time
pmackprang - 15/01/2013

Thanks for all the trouble that you have maintining this site. It is a real must.
jl_portugal - 14/01/2013

I just stumbled onto your site and I'm tickled to death with the quality plans you have. Keep up the good work !
jeffroark - 11/01/2013

Thanks again for a great resource, Cheers!
Jon - 11/01/2013

Thank you for all your hard work with Outerzone. It is a great source of joy for many, many modelers.
tombinkley - 07/01/2013

Your website is absolutely STUNNING!! Being a young 80 yrs. old, I'm still a firm believer in building models from plans. I got your address from the November issue of Flying Models. If all goes as planned, I expect to build my next 100 models using your plans... I can't thank you enough!
RobertFenske - 07/01/2013

Hi, On your tag search, anychance of on option for flying wings? Low, cabin, parasol etc are all options, but not the ability to single out the wings... by the way FANTASTIC website. Thankyou for your effort, work and support.
ianastbury - 07/01/2013

Steve - wow - you are a genius! The plan has come out brilliantly. That's another bit of our modelling heritage preserved for posterity. Thanks ever so much. All the best
MikeStuart - 07/01/2013

Wow! Outerzone just keeps growing... Thanks for all the hard work.
abtorrance - 07/01/2013

hi and a happy new year to you, I was put in touch with your site by Gray of magazine fame and am feeling a bit guilty about using your hard work for no return but your plans are too good not to be used as they were meant to be, I enclose the fruits of your splendid work and my humble efforts to keep vintage alive, they start with a trip to the local print shop armed with a memory stick and a request for a copy at my desired size I then build with my own ideas for controls and power system the results are very pleasing to me and I would like to thank you sincerely. The s4 the tomboy and the senator are to 200% and the spearhead is 150% and there is a 200% heron gas buggy at a very advanced stage... grateful thanks
squealers - 02/01/2013

Happy New Year to you. What a great website. Just finished a CAD drg of the DFS Reiher wing at 1:6 and stumbled on your website while looking for more detail. There it was in a 1:6 scale already done. Saved me hours more work. Thanks a lot and keep going. Best wishes for a long life.
bosun - 02/01/2013

Love your site, and I do check it out every day.
engineer - 31/12/2012

Keep up the fine work on the site, it is much appreciated and a very valuable source of reference. Best regards, and wishes for 2013.
Sparks59 - 31/12/2012

Hi Steve, thank you for making the OUTERZONE-page (I love it) and a happy new year 2013 - I wish you all the best. Greetings from Germany
achim - 30/12/2012

Seasons Greetings! I'm one of the few at my club that still enjoys building from plans. I've seen quite a few plans on your website that I had built in my younger days. I look forward the new additions to your collection. Keep up the good work!
atelzer - 30/12/2012

I recently completed another model from plans I found on your site. The Comet Jupiter. I've attached a couple photos. Very fun build and the plans printed out perfectly. Thanks again for a great site, which I enjoy every day. Merry Christmas
glassblade - 27/12/2012

Consider it a small token of appreciation of all the work you have done in producing an honest to goodness database of plans that lets me (and everyone else) browse in a more meaningful way when I take a fancy to a particular type, size, style of model. The vintage modellers of the future will be the real beneficiaries. Merry xmas and all the best for 2013
john - 23/12/2012

Thank you for a great site, haven't built anything yet but have downloaded a number of plans to pick from. Thanks again, have a nice Christmas.
rhsharp - 21/12/2012

Hi Steve I absolutely love the Outerzone website you have made and i think you are doing a great job collecting all these old plans together and putting them in one place. I also think that the tag matrix is very usefull for finding plans and it is my favorite part of the site. I love looking through my dads old and falling apart aeromodller plans handbook and i had an idea that if you uploaded the whole plans handbook into the books section of outerzone you could scroll through the pages of the book and all the pictures of the planes had the link to the plan on outerzone if you know what i mean. Basically it would be an electronic aeromodller plans handbook with all the links to the plans. Just an idea i had that might be pretty cool. Cheers from a 15 year old kid in New Zealand.
loumcn - 15/12/2012

I've just spent hours going through your plans. Not quite the type model my wife thought I was looking at for some reason. I'm retiring to the balsa dust room now after draining all the printer ink to relive my youth. Thanks
johnboypaddy - 14/12/2012

An absolute delight to browse through.
geoffibbo - 14/12/2012

I am constantly amazed and grateful that you can find time and energy to keep up with this labour of love.
petersom7 - 13/12/2012

I love your site Steve - I often look through all the plans on my iPad while watching TV and I must say that you have done an incredible service to modelers all over the globe. I was even flattered to find a couple of my plans there. Thanks so much for your efforts to keep all of these old plans alive - after all the greatest compliment a modeler can get is the knowledge that someone likes their designs. Bravo Zulu!
PatDaily - 06/12/2012

Dear Steve, I have come over Your treasure cove by shere chance and I can’t get tired looking and looking and browsing through this vault. Keep up the good work. I have already recommended Your site to some other fellow modellers in Romania who, as myself, weren’t that lucky to have access to Aeromodeler, RCME, AIR trails and so on... Very useful the Tutorials, VERY USEFULL INDEED!
buica - 30/11/2012

I grew up building model airplanes. When I think back over the years and think about all it had taught me, I think the kids today are missing out. I think it is wonderfull you putting this site together and keeping all these plans alive.
davepl - 25/11/2012

Hi Steve ! I'm a 68 old modeler living in France. My first model was built by my father (I was 8 old) : the "35-50" from the french Jean Guillemard ... and I take the virus ! During the '50s and '60s, I built many old models, and I think that your site is a real "jaw-droper" ! Your work is unvaluable for me. Many thanks, and please excuse my bad English, but the school is far away. Best regards
michelf - 25/11/2012

Thanks for providing an excellent service.
andyg - 25/11/2012

Please keep this Site just as it is,a model builders paradise !! Many thanks from down under
gypsy940 - 24/11/2012

Hi, Steve. Outerzone is absolutely fantastic. Outerzone is a wonderful site for modelers who still like to build old models, build with balsa and silk, slowly and with pleasure. Thank you very much.
fergonzalez - 24/11/2012

Just a little note to thank you for your effort. I visit your site everyday to see what's new. At age 81 it brings back many fond memories. You Brits have a knack for doing everything first class. Your site is very well thought out and easy to navigate. Keep up the excellent work. I wish I could build some of me favorites from years past that I could not afford at the time. Best regards
Ed - 20/11/2012

I do not know what your participation is on Outerzone, but what I can say is that it is an extraordinary endeavor. Congratulations.
cafrumusa - 20/11/2012

...keep doing a fantastic job.
MrBlueSky - 19/11/2012

Hi Steve, The site is fantastic and as I am at the tender age of 56, and always been a keen aero modeller the plans are certainly a big memory jerker. The Map plans hand book circa 1965 was certainly well thumbed. Before I discovered your site I found a KK senator plan and scaled it up by 50%. Intend to RC electric it, and will send you a shot of the airframe. What might be a nice addition would be a For Sale section. I would certainly be in the market for some finished models. Fantastic site and keep up the good work.
jonw - 09/11/2012

By the way, thanks for keeping up the GREAT site!
Tri-Pacer - 05/11/2012

Another fan here. You've made it very easy to find things. A real treasure and a pleasure to browse. Thanks you all you are doing!
BuzzardBait - 05/11/2012

I think it's time to contribute to your site, because your site give some amazing plans for my collection.
danito69 - 05/11/2012

Just wanted to send you something so that I can contribute towards your fantastic web site.
RogerHardie - 05/11/2012

Great website!
ricksadeck - 05/11/2012

Great website, only just discovered it!
jchurchill - 23/10/2012

Outerzone is a wonderful site - thanks for all your hard work Steve. Please keep it up.
PatDaily - 22/10/2012

Outerzone is the root of all evil! Since finding it I have turned into an obsessive plan addict, scouring the net for plans. I must have more... more I tell you... more! Thank you Steve for this introduction to a whole new world (how come I never discovered modelling years ago?) and also to the good people who have aided and abetted. What a great site... twice daily I visit and always find something I have missed. Dwg and dfx files as an option are good as I have a home laser and cut my own wood, but let's face it I will never build all the planes I want to much less have the time to fly them so PDFs are just as welcome for me. Suggestions? The only thing I can think of is: Numbering/linking the Pic pages - to allow jumping to the page you were on two days ago instead of having to work through each page again. I utilise the Pic pages to illustrate my plan collection so wander through there on a regular basis - at last count I have over 5000 plans plus 3 views and magazines, books and articles - cataloguing takes a fair amount of time and pics are mandatory. The ideas so far suggested all sound good and I too say take care not to over develop the site trying to be all things to all people. By housing a magnificent collection of designs that any and everybody can access and enjoy you have truely made a wonderful creation. Thank you again.
PBY5 - 17/10/2012

Steve is clearly well versed in databasing (is that a word ??) and his tag system bang on the nail for us modellers, but the icing on the cake was combining the database search with a wingspan function - absolutely brilliant and saved me a lot of work ploughing thru the plans for small indoors rubber models for me to build for my grandson to fly at the local indoor meet this weekend.
john38 - 13/10/2012

Thanks for the tremendous effort you have done, to preserve from being lost these legacy model aeroplane plans.
ghostler - 12/10/2012

Thanks to you for allowing me to relive many memories to be able to view plans of the many model airplanes I built as a kid back in the late 1940's.
klaczak - 11/10/2012

Steve, great job - a labour of love entering all those plans into a database with a good tag system making it easier for us to find plans of a particular design to peruse thru before making a decision on that next model. One aspect that I think would be useful - particularly to those of us with CAD - and that would be to have access to those plans which have gone thru the CAD mill before converting to PDF... thanks once more for an excellent database of plans.
john38 - 09/10/2012

What a great place Outerzone is! I myself have contributed 2-3 plans a few months ago but lack of time at work has prevented me from offering more, let's see what the future brings. I also pick and download plans I like, which is a problem as I like so many! Plans I intend to build (yeah, great excuse), plans with some interesting feature I need to study later (ditto!) and plans I remember having seen in the past and have the pleasure of meeting again, including my very first model the Keil Kraft Prefect. No suggestions to offer as everything runs just fine! Keep at it more or less as things are and you won't go too far wrong. And last but not the least, Thank You Steve.
mnm - 09/10/2012

I visit Outerzone daily, thank you for setting up and running it.
rickbenjamin - 09/10/2012

Steve, I am you number 1 fan. If only the Internet and Outerzone existed when I was a kid, I would have never gotten into drugs and gangs. Just kidding. I appreciate all the work you've done to put this together. I visit several times a week to see what has been added and updated. I have told my wife that now that so many great plans are available, I will never buy another kit, but she keeps catching me bringing them in from the car late at night when I think she's asleap. Well, I won't buy as many thanks to you. I recently picked up a 48" plotter and now I'm good to go.
dmarusa - 08/10/2012

Hehehe, you browse every week I dig ABOUT 10 TIMES A DAY. Its becoming an addiction, a positive one which many people should have these days, especially young people who now think only about computers, internet, Iphones,. Not that these items are bad, It is simply that aeromodelling, as it should be, building and flying, helps to develop a healthy and satisfying life style. Thanks Steve for giving us your wonderful effort.
Edubarca - 08/10/2012

First things first, I think the Outerzone is wonderful. I too am one that checks the site daily for the new round of plans that comes out. I think you have done a great job with the site design and I find your Tag Matrix is a really good way to narrow results, one of the best I have seen on any website, in fact ...bottom line, keep up the good work. My modeling life would be much less interesting without the Outerzone.
madbomber - 07/10/2012

The 'Outerzone' site is brilliant. In fact I have dragged the URL into the 'most visited' line at the top of the page so that when online, Outerzone is just one click away. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this.
teals1 - 07/10/2012

Outerzone is the best thing I have found... I have built several models from the plans... without the site there is noway I would have been able to build the great planes available there. keep up the great work.
aussierobyn - 07/10/2012

Outerzone is providing an invaluable service in making available historic plans of models which have shaped the first century (and the second) of model aviation. Frank Zaic from 1937 to the 1960's compiled a collection of three views of significant models of the era. This was before digitation was available. Outerzone is continuing the invaluable work started by Frank Zaic, but has lifted the process of making original and copies of original Full Size plans available to all. This is extremely important in the preservation of our model aviation history. In these days of "buy 'em and fly 'em models" (and I have to admit I am going that way with my R/C Sailplanes), it is vital to preserve the "nuts and bolts" designers original work. I notice that the original intent was to publish Vintage or at least older designs. However there are newer designs (say post 70's) that are worthy of preservation. Steve, you have done a wonderful job of compiling these plans. I produced Model boat kits for several years and sold my model airplane plans. I realized that I could not make any money out of very restricted sales and decided to make the plans available for free. It is more personally satisfying to have the thrill of someone building my designs, than any monetary return. Outerzone is the perfect forum to ensure that the history of Model Flying is preserved.
johnosullivan - 07/10/2012

Two thumbs up on the Outerzone site! I'm in there digging every week for something.One of the best tools for modeling on the internet ,helps keep the hobby healthy.
mike1484 - 07/10/2012

Site continues to be great - I visit it every day. Thank you.
glassblade - 07/10/2012

Your site is amazing! Thanks for building such a resource for all of us to use.
owlsabie - 06/10/2012

My only request is DON'T CHANGE OUTERZONE. It is a superb resource and I waste many a happy hour/evening/weekend on there. Too often IT bods fiddle and try to fix what isn't broke ...Whatever happens please do not stop!
geew - 06/10/2012

I'd like to say that what you are doing with Outerzone is absolutely great. I check it out everyday to see what is new and often download a plan or two. It's just "plane fun" (...sorry, but I could not resist...). Many of the plans I have viewed on Outerzone are ones I never expected to see again and many others are offerings that were unknown to me. Outerzone is THE best go-to site I have found for model aircraft plans. Perhaps a possible boat plans addition in the future would be of interest to Outerzone visitors? For many of us who grew up during the early years of model building/flying, visiting Outerzone is like visiting with old friends again. My sincere thank you to Steve and all those who have made Outerzone a wonderful site for modelers who still like to build models the old-fashioned way. Soft landings.
piperjoe - 06/10/2012

Your web page is the best I have seen. And now that feature of clicking reload and new plans appear has been a great help in finding surprise plans. As for modified or redrawn plans, they should also be posted. Even plans that do not have "all formers complete", for example some of Berkeley and Sterling kit plans. No matter, formers can almost always be developed from the plan itself. Keep up your work Steve!!!!! We love Outerzone, It is our daily breakfast!!
Edubarca - 06/10/2012

Steve, what you've done is make a whole lot of aeromodellers extremely happy. I daily peruse the site along with other plan sites, HPA being another. Please keep up the invaluable work you've done and know that it is well and truly appreciated. The plans thread started here and your site is one of the reasons I've dipped my toe into trying to restore some plans rather than just download all the time. I'd have only one question, how do we upload plans directly to Outerzone? All the best
raglafart - 06/10/2012

Steve; the Outerzone is GREAT - first place I look when trying to find something... Personally, it suits my requirements very well just as it is, and I don't have any problems with plans which have been redrawn to make them more legible, but it would be nice if there was some way of identifying entirely "original" plans - whatever they might be deemed to be! ...finally - thanks for starting the Outerzone, it has certainly made things a heck of a lot easier for all who use it.
Sundancer - 06/10/2012

I've seen references and links to your site but always passed them by for some reason. What have I been missing? This is one of the best and most interesting finds I've come across. I'll never build more than a handful of these models but love browsing through the plans. Many thanks for such a labour of love as this.
Raf_Bob - 04/10/2012

Anyone with an interest in freely available vintage plans who is not already familiar with Outerzone needs to be. Steve has done a truly first rate job with it, and in a remarkably short time. Outerzone is definitely my first stop when looking for a plan for a specific subject or model, or am just in the mood to browse plans - well over 3000 plans online at Outerzone now. WMD, my hat is off to thee!
scaleviews - 04/10/2012

So far I have looked at about 10 pages of your complete file and there are more models I will put on my wish list. You must be a Saint spending so much of your time and effort into recording and listing the worlds modelling history. God bless you...
JohnN - 30/09/2012

I’ve only just come across your website, and it is an Aladdin's cave! Great work!
stormin - 29/09/2012

I recently found the thumbnail option on the Outerzone site.... I hate you.... do you know how many hours I have wasted going through all the plans and ear marking several dozen for futher closer inspection... I'll never get any building done now!
geew - 29/09/2012

You make a super job with your website. I’m a fan.
victorb - 28/09/2012

You've done a fantastic job with your website and I've really enjoyed downloading and reading various plans.
paulgb - 20/09/2012

Last year I was surfing on the web seraching for some airplane model plans and suddenly I found your magnificent site. Since that day, everyday I visit it and download some plans. My father, who died last year at the age of 81 years, was my modelling mentor. He share me all his knowledge, experience and joy he get of modelling since he was 7 years old. Now, I have a 7 years kid, and I´m planning to built up some planes, rubber powered, U/C and R/C , to share modeling with my son as my father did with me... Congratulations for your wonderful site. Keep up quaility. Soon I will send you some scanned plans of the old magazines of my father. Receive a strong hug, from Colombia. Pleasde forgive my fluent "Spanglish"
andresf - 19/09/2012

I just came across your Outer Zone Site and it was like finding buried treasure! I love to look at model airplane planes (and sometimes even build from them) and this looks like hours of entertainment. Thanks to you for all of your efforts, and to those who have/will contribute.
amstraub1 - 16/09/2012

That's a really cool site you have.
essem - 10/09/2012

Thank you for this wonderful website, very nice job! This might get some people into construction again. Kind regards
dirkvi - 10/09/2012

It's wonderful to see all these vintage rubber plans being posted on a free plan site. Building has diminished to the point that it really needs to be promoted today. The days where most of the model flyers bought kits and plans to build their own model airplanes is gone. Today, we're lucky if we can motivate people to build, even if we sent the plan scaled and printed, all for free. The ARF/RTFs have really changed the landscape, and it's encouraging to see a site that promotes building. With a bit of modification, I used the Heston Phoenix plan to build an rc version with functional retracts. The build thread is here: Hopefully your site will generate a number of new builds, as many of the plans are both better and more diversified than what I am used to seeing. Thank You
billg - 10/09/2012

Thanks for providing this resource. I have found several vintage plans I want to build that I never knew about, semi obscure but neat. Also, through your service I have found kits I built or read about as a child in the 1960's, made possible by what you provide. Keep up the excellent work.
okithumper - 05/09/2012

I’ve had hours of fun searching through Outerzone! Thanks!
rmcarter - 04/09/2012

Hi Steve, I have been looking through your site and must say it has brought back many memories. Been into RC since the tube, rubber-wound escapement and single channel days. I flew a Schoolboy with an .049 and rudder only. When I saw the plan listed, I was very pleased. I might have to build a Schoolgirl now because Biplanes are the greatest. Tissue and silk, water and glue is almost a lost art. Thank you for the GREAT site!
jonf - 25/08/2012

Your internetpage is awesome, I`ve never seen so much plans befor - I love it. This are parts of modelling history and free for everyone - congratulations for this engagement.
Achim55 - 22/08/2012

Thanks for an awesome website ... Truly impressive what you have done here.
jensheyde - 16/08/2012

Hi Steve, I was browsing through your Outerzone web site when I came on something I recognised very well. It was the drawing of the Slingsby Tandem Tutor T31. I drew these plans in the late summer of 1957 and had them published in Aeromodeller in the spring of 1958. I remember being very pleased to see it in print and being paid the sum of £7.7.0 for it. I still have the magazine and the complimentary plan that Aeromodeller sent me. The model was as accurate as I could make it from the information I got from Slingsby. It flew – in a straight line down the gentle slope of one of my father’s fields and did survive a number of flights. In later years I did think of enlarging the drawing for r/c but there was always some other project that came along and demanded attention. I was pleased to see that my work of all these years ago was still available and that your web site still promotes old fashion modelling traditions in the present times of ARTF models. Kind regards
JohnWilson - 06/08/2012

Any how,I must add to all the good comments you've received, what a great job you're doing & some of my club members will be thankful when introduced to the 'Outerzone'. All the best
lesrudd - 02/08/2012

Thanks for your awesome website, I have thoroughly enjoyed it!
ajudd302 - 29/07/2012

Great website! Enjoyed going through and reminisce.
e4calvo - 27/07/2012

I enjoy watching and admiring your great work on Outerzone. Best regards
MS-502 - 22/07/2012

A friend pointed me to this site and I found the Fledgeling. I made this in the late 50s while still a teenager at school and I couldn’t get it to fly due to a rubbish DC Merlin engine that wouldn’t run properly. Now, at 67, I am going to build it again with electric power and regain lost honour! A truly wonderful site that has brought me great joy – thank you very much indeed. PGM, Wing Commander, RAF (Retired)
pgm - 20/07/2012

Love your site! Takes me back 50 years to my school years when all I thought about was building or flying model aircraft. I saved many plans cut out of Model Airplane News and Flying Models.
kneekap1 - 17/07/2012

Thanks very much for your effort. Love your plans site, brings back many memories of old friends, both people and airplanes in my past. Thanks also for your efforts in building your site.
Oldflier2 - 14/07/2012

Your website has given me enormous pleasure. It's taken me back to my childhood and I'm very grateful that someone has put so much effort into preserving these plans. Many thanks.
mikepic - 11/07/2012

Congratulations on Outerzone, it's a great site and I'm glad I found it, hope to contribute to it soon.
spayzkadet - 05/07/2012

...there are so many plans and not enough years in a lifetime. I guess, as you have done with the Outerzone, I've found a satisfying pastime, digitally preserving the works of the design masters for others to appreciate. The Outerzone has become, in a short amount of time, an internet browser bookmark for many of us with like interests in model aviation. Feedback from those who build or are thinking of building from these plans is the proverbial icing on the cake. I am happy to contribute to your superbly organized 'library' of vintage model aviation plans.
theshadow - 29/06/2012

Thanks for the great work on the website.
eliworm - 29/06/2012

Hi Steve. Just by chance I came across your site which has the plan for RFL Gosling's Baby Gull. What a find I've been wanting to track down this plan for years as this model was the first glider I made (from a kit purchased at Gamages Holborn) during the late 40's. I've always felt that this glider would fly better than my then very limited experience, both in building and flying, allowed. Now, 60 + years later I can enjoy building this model again and hopefully do a better job this time. (And in Australia too) So a big thanks for setting up this site and of course including this plan. Kind regards
plambert - 29/06/2012

Firstly, let me complement you on an incredibly useful site. It is a fantastic resource for our community, and also technically it is nicely implemented. I find it very easy to spend hours browsing the plans!
robink - 26/06/2012

Another great innovation on the site is the presentation of random photos on the home page. I've discovered a few super models that I was totally unaware of...
BrianCox - 26/06/2012

Be sure to realise that your Outerzone is appreciated by more than only this modeller... and that your honesty and integrity with regard the way you have set out each detail within it is also appreciated.
rcm0de11er - 25/06/2012

I really like the new home page format with the random plans and model photos. I often find models that are interesting that way, and that I would have never found any other way. Very good move.
glassblade - 25/06/2012

Hi Steve, I'm writing to provide feedback on your idea for those 2x2 photos/plans in your front page: it's an awful idea! Now I spend my time clicking and clicking on the page reload button to see what the random photos bring! It's driving me bonkers :D Apart from that small detail, it's another great feature to add to the rest :) Kind regards,
mmorao - 13/06/2012

Hi Steve - I see you've added photos to your site, a great idea! Thanks again for all your hard work for this fantastic resource - it really is appreciated. I don't know if they are usable, but I've attached pics of my black magic, top dawg and live wire trainer. Have a great week
abt - 13/06/2012

Just checked out this site and it is sweet Found a sweet 100" wingspan Curtis Jenny. May be my next project after I finish the 30% Cap 232 I'm building.
cbarnes0061 - 13/06/2012

...the hours of intense pleasure I derive from your website is wonderful. I have over the years built quite a few of the models that are listed, so to be able to see these old plans again is real pleasure. I am currently attempting to fly a 16 foot span glass ASW 20 sailplane. I've piled it in twice, so I'm not sure which is the more knackered - the glider or me. The last time I flew a large sailplane was when I won the scale comp. at the White Sheet scale meeting in 1979. The first trip out with the current ASW 20 brought me down to earth with a thump (including the glider), when I realised that I'm not quite as sharp as I was forty-three years ago! Still, I suppose that having been aeromodelling for 74 years (started when I was 4) I've had a pretty good run. When I see the wreckage of the ASW 20 in my workshop, I think my best bet is to continue to peruse your plans and dream of what is yet to come. Keep up the good work with the plans, very best wishes
baehendy - 11/06/2012

Hi Steve, I love the way your site is growing in scope, diversity and user participation. I have one little suggestion. Could you add a 'Plan Wanted' page? Lets say I'm looking for a particular plan; a control line Me 109 plan featured in a 60's issue of American Aircraft Modeler by Walt Musciano (just as an example). If one could post this, maybe one of your many users may happen to have this plan. Would be quite helpful. Just a suggestion. As usual, keep up the fine work.
hk - 11/06/2012

Love your site.
ulpilotrmh - 11/06/2012

Hi there, I love what you are doing! Regards from Cape Town.
peterwheelerza - 04/06/2012

Thank you very much, Steve. Congratulations on an absolutely smashing work, not only for the amazing mass of plans you have the patience to collect and put up, and also for the magnificently clear, precise and easy way they're organised! I visit Outerzone several times a week looking out for what has cropped up. Indeed, when I go back to model building after this lapse of 15 years I will do so on plans from Outerzone :) Cheers from Portugal
mmorao - 04/06/2012

I love your web page. I like to build from plans and always can find something that I have never seen before there... Thanks for the work.
rmossesq - 04/06/2012

Hi, I like your site. Lots of inspiration in it ...all these plans would be lost if not for some one like you to make them available to any one who is interested in building still.
razegelin - 03/06/2012

Big big big big thankyous to outerzone all the contributors from around the globe and beyond. Thankyou again.
DaveG - 02/06/2012

I really enjoy the Outerzone site. Great job!
skblanch - 01/06/2012

I guess I need to start jogging and eating right... no more beer and brats... I have to get in shape so I can live long enough to build all these airplanes you are inspiring with! Thanks again!
ecboehm - 27/05/2012

This site of yours is a bit fantastic. I am going through the whole list of plans and of course I cannot do it all at one sitting.
harrier2 - 20/05/2012

Hi Steve, people like you are the heroes of modellers that want to be able to create a flying machine that will climb up into that limitless blue sky. Being a builder of them for over55 years, did c/l, jetex, freeflight, single channel r/c, then the wonderful proportional r/c arrived. Plans were valued things a scratch builder treasured. When I look through your site and see all those plans of the past, that you have made available to the world of modellers through your efforts, I feel I had to comment. Please keep up the good work, as the growing industry of ARFs will not encourage our young fliers of the future to learn how to build. I dont think many ARFs come with plans, only instructions!! Thank you, from down under, keep em coming
gypsy940 - 20/05/2012

Much awesomeness! Congratulations on a fantastic site, sir. I've just spent almost an entire evening trawling through your archive and hooked quite a few exciting projects for consideration...
bbigkid - 18/05/2012

Thank you for keeping all these great plans alive and kicking.
dw - 13/05/2012

This past week I came to realize that, for the most part, the hobby shops I grew up with are almost extinct. Your site has enabled me to see plans of the past and enjoy the beauty of the hidden structure of aircraft. Their inner structure, in contrast with today's 'hobby', is a rare and beautiful thing.
vtxstar - 06/05/2012

I'm a sucker for plans and love to collect as many as I get my hands on in the dream that I'll build some. Although I have built several successful planes, and used ideas from many plans, I have more ideas than balsa! Anyway, I wanted to say, "Excellent site!!!"
drewm - 06/05/2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a wonderful website. Just trawling through the plans is great.
jimsim - 01/05/2012

Love your site and I look there regularly at the plans, so many models that I would like to build but time seems to be the problem, but I enjoy looking at the plans. A job well done and I'm sure I speak for many in saying that your time and effort is most appreciated.
stevebtts - 18/04/2012

Steve, first off an enormous and heartfelt thanks to you and all involved for the historically huge and noble undertaking in archiving and publishing these remarkable works for all to reference and use.... Again, I thank you for this blessing of a site and for all of the hard work. Sincerely
padmonkey - 13/04/2012

Outerzone: 2,500 Free Model Airplane Plans. Title got your attention? This website sure got mine. The Outerzone website is a listing of free vintage and old-timer model airplane plans to download. At the time of this writing, the total count of plans stood at 2,428. This website delivers, in spades. I typed in “mustang” into the search box, and I instantly got a list of 18 P-51 Mustang plans. The wingspans ranged from 15 inches (38 cm) to 64 inches (163 cm)... Many of the plans are beautifully drawn. Most of the plans appear to come from old model airplane magazines or kits. A lot of loving care clearly went into them. I easily see myself printing some of these plans out and framing them to hang on my wall... A very handy Tag Matrix interactively lets you narrow down your selection of plans by attribute. Another very handy page describes techniques for working with these plans such as for printing them out... There are many classic designs included in the collection... This website is an incredible resource. There is much to be learned about balsa construction techniques by studying these plans.
Carlos Reyes - 10/04/2012

I have forwarded details of your site to members of the Novacastrians club (Free flight and control line only, based in Newcastle upon Tyne) and they are all in awe of what you are producing.
aldee - 07/04/2012

Wow! Went on yesterday and about 20 new plans had appeared overnight. What a brilliant site! Anyone got a balsa tree for sale?
raymillard - 06/04/2012

Congrats for a super website. Great for old time modellers like me. Best regards
aldee - 02/04/2012

Thank you so very much for the plan site. You are doing great work there.
ericb - 31/03/2012

So it's you, eh? Well I just wanted to say....thanks! I've had much enjoyment surfing your site.
aeronca52 - 31/03/2012

Dear Steve, I'm from Olavarría, Argentina, building model airplanes during almost sixty years... Around twelve years ago in our country, a small group we started with radio assisted Old Timer models and at present we are an important bunch of modelers residing in several provinces of Argentina. In 2006 we formed a SAM Chapter and our regular connection is via e-mail. As you can guess one of the important activities of our group is to find a good source of vintage plans. A few months ago someone of the fellows discovered Outerzone and since that time I have been visiting your web site and enjoying so good collection of plans. Today I made a little deeper browsing in your site, reading the target of your effort that I agree in one hundred percent, next I found your e-address, so decided to make this lines to express my gratefulness and congratulations for so excellent work.
aherbon - 26/03/2012

Your plans web site of awesomeness! Hi. Awesome site! I found the plans for my grandfather's "Cloud Cruiser" I am busy restoring. Thanks very much for putting all these fantastic plans all in one place! This is a great thing in a world full of ARTF kits and such. Keep up the good work! Kind regards
rogerahardie - 25/03/2012

Fantastic website and I like the graphical search capability.
nameless263 - 25/03/2012

Best regards and many thanks for your excellent site!
juha - 24/03/2012

The site is great, and many thanks for setting it up. Cheers.
jedbond - 19/03/2012

Is there any limit to the gems you're making available for us? It's a pleasure to visit your site for the latest instalments. Just waiting for new cartridges for the plotter and I can start making hard copies; maybe one or two will even emerge from the workshop. Keep it up.
bcamiller - 19/03/2012

I am in ABSOLUTE AWE regarding the work you have and are doing on this site! I have downloaded several plans and as a scratch builder, I think I have gone to heaven ...Thanks again for all the great stuff! I am primarily a C/L combat and sport flyer and Rubber F/F flyer. I am a Viet Nam vet and this is my "Fountain of Youth".
vonric - 18/03/2012

Oh yes, great site by the way. Well done.
allenteal - 14/03/2012

Just letting you have a quick note of congratulations about your stunning web site. However, I have one serious complaint: There is so much good stuff and practical helpful stuff on there that I am not going to work my way through all of that in this lifetime. I’m going to have to come back so a re-take. So, there goes a peaceful afterlife. Well done and congrats. Oh, and by the way: Thank you!
henkvoges - 09/03/2012

Look at all these oldies on your praise page! I'm only 59 and been into this only 45 years. Discovered your site on Saturday night and went to bed at 4 am. You should allow access only one hour a day, else we can't get anything else done. What shall I do with my old stray issues of Aeromodeller dating back to 1954/57? Took out my Mills 0.75 from its ziplock bag to admire. Also my still unbuilt Goldberg Cub bought in Camden Town in 1996, Elmic escapement, Seelig timer. My expired GPL and pictures of the Schweitzer 2-22 and 1-26. Pics of then new wife soloing RC in 1982... Guys like me (back after 20 years) are alive because of guys like you. Keep it up for the next 50 years or so.
kkiyer - 08/03/2012

Outerzone & TagMatrix. Hello steveWMD, I am very impressed with what you have accomplished. The interface is well thought out and the performance is amazing.
chrisstoddart - 08/03/2012

I spent three hours yesterday looking through those plans ! what a goldmine of subjects
balsabasher - 02/03/2012

I have just visited your site for the first time and downloaded the plans for the Keil Kraft Chief thanks. I thought I would take a minute to express both my appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work you have obviously put in on all our behalf. We all owe you a great debt, this sort of thing brings untold pleasure to people like myself. Thanks again Steve, your hard work is very much appreciated.
pauls - 02/03/2012

Steve, Just thought I'd better add my praise to that of others for such a great archive. Downloaded a fistful of drawings yesterday (I'm a bit of a hoarder of such things) and am very impressed indeed at the clarity of them. Having them as scanned files will allow them to be imported into AutoCAD as raster files and redrawn where required, or just printed and used 'as is'. Great work. A site worth a visit every day for the latest treat. Keep it up.
bcamiller - 20/02/2012

Hi Steve, I love the site, a great effort, simply wonderful. Best Regards.
jimsim - 17/02/2012

Thanks very much for the access to old plans provided by your site. Many of them relate to my own modeling past. Very nostalgic.
nchippin - 14/02/2012

Love this site, excellent place to find that plan.
steveb - 14/02/2012

Hi Steve. Dude, you've done an OUTSTANDING job with the Outerzone. You're doing an amazing job there!
johnspop - 12/02/2012

Your website continues to be superb. I visit it every day and download many plans. I will be building Dave Rees Cessna CR-2 that I found on your site next. I hope you may come across more Dave Rees plans. He passed away a couple weeks ago and his plans are not for sale and very hard to find, but among the best in the field.
glassblade - 09/02/2012

Greetings from Italy. First off, a sincere thanks for the site. It's great to see an sql savvy head tackling this sort of thing. And although I can’t promise too many stick and tissue models from me personally; there will be a few more R/C planes flying for your efforts. Anyway, I'd like to contribute a few quid to the hosting, or a pint if you'd appreciate that more... Cheers. Thanks again for the site and your dedication to the hobby.
vincel - 07/02/2012

Just want to say how much I appreciate your dedication in listing plans on one site. Recently I came across your site and found the KK small rubber scale plans of the Luscombe, Piper and Cessna and having built the larger power models I quickly downloaded the plans and have just about completed the Luscombe which is my favourite of this trio. I have passed your site on to the members of my club (Auckland Model Aero Club oldest club in the Southern Hemisphere) and you have made a number of our members very happy having found the plan that they wanted. Have a great 2012 and all the best from down under.
model1 - 06/02/2012

I love and am amazed at the number of plans on file within the Outerzone database ...thank you for a great plan service.
barthelrd - 05/02/2012

Thanks for your help and the site too. I have only found it a couple of days ago. I am in awe at your workload and your objectives. You are doing the aeromodeling community one very big service indeed.
tinlizzie - 03/02/2012

I can't help noticing how the Outerzone plans collection just keeps on growing and growing - you get a lot of people sending stuff in and it's turning into a fantastic resource for the aeromodelling community. Keep up the good work! Thanks and all the best
ffscale - 03/02/2012

Great site but you knew that
ewheatland - 29/01/2012

Steve, your a star, this site is keeping me totally mesmerized on these winter nights, so many nostalgic plans that I built 45/50 years ago, fantastic mate, please keep adding the magic. Please look out for Mercury Marauder,/Martin /Gnome, KK Outlaw, Veron Cardinal, well there are so many. but you certainly have enough for now to keep me happy for a long time. Cant thank you enough. Gratefully
tbruley - 26/01/2012

Hi, Love your web site, but this Hi Boy by Ted Goyet and Bob Palmer is in fact a C/L Stunt model, not R/C as you still have it so labelled. Anyhow, thought I'd let you know. All the best for 2012 and adding more goodies to a great web site.
paulg - 20/01/2012

Thank you! Hello Steve, I wanted to thank you for having the plans for the Drafty Pusher. I have been researching my grandfather Dave Binns online and came across an article about a model plane made of his flying junkpile. However I was unable to find the plans till you posted them on your site. My family had no idea a model was ever made. I'm sure he would have been as pleased as we are to find this out. We have never built a model before, but we are going to give it our best try. As a side note, I found out that my grandfathers love for flying got started as a child flying model planes. Looks like his life has come full circle now. Thanks again.
jas - 20/01/2012

Thanks again for your great builders/designers resource site. Keep up the good work.
karlson - 18/01/2012

This site just gets better! I'm 65 next month, but I've decided to live to 150 as you've just added another 2 to my must build list. Keep adding them. I just love the anticipation when I make my daily visit.
rmillard - 18/01/2012

What a great find your site is for me! Now I can go back through all those Keil Kraft and Veron warbirds I used to make 40 years ago, and try and make them in to R/C micro-flyers… Thanks so much
joners77 - 18/01/2012

Hi Steve. Your plans site is just great. I've been building control line and R/C models since the late 50's. Just R/C now. Most of the stuff I've been scratch buildting during the last 5 -10 years have been older designs from the 30's and 50's. The plans on your site are quite inspirational and give me many ideas for new designs. At present, I'm upgrading the profile and planform of Walt Musciano's Tyro Trainer design for a .15 size motor that needed a home. I love eliptical wings. I'm trying to scratch design/build a new plane every year. My 'Zouper' electric should be done this spring. Thanks to your site, I'll never be without new (old??) ideas to work with.
karlson - 16/01/2012

Thanks for the great collection of plans.
almironer - 13/01/2012

From New Zealand. Absolutely brilliant Steve. Your site has just taken me down memory lane and refreshed my desire to build some models of my youth!
marf - 11/01/2012

Yeah, but what am I going to do about my "must build" list? It's just getting longer by the day!!! (joking, you site is the biz!!)
rmillard - 10/01/2012

What a great site! Whenever I switch the computer on this is the first site I visit. Love it. The only problem is that my "Must Build" list keeps getting longer.
rmillard - 09/01/2012

hey there i am an avid visitor to your site... love all the plans that are available... thanks so greatly for all the oldie plane plans... gotta love them... keep em flying
gommer5257 - 07/01/2012

Outerzone - 5 stars site! Hi Steve, Just found this site, and I want to congratulate you for the initiative of putting up (and maintaining) a site with these characteristics... Excellent job! Being an aeromodeler for some years now, I always liked the build part of this hobby... Doing mostly RC glider slope soaring these days, but I always had a soft spot for the vintage/old-timer free flight models... And all these plans you've put up... WOW!... Makes you want to start cutting up balsa right away. Thanks for this excellent site... And keep up the good work!
cmtlourenco - 06/01/2012

This is beyond cool - found you by chance. Came across a reference to the Morane Salnier 325 and was searching for plans or 3 vues to refresh my memory. Your site came up and I refreshed memories for several hours, remembering building many of the kits. I was spending allowance money during WW2 to buy dime scale and 25 cent kits - some were built while watching M3 Light Tanks roll up our street to the rail siding and ultimately to the UK or directly to North Africa. I've been through the screaming 1/2As and the Drone diesel contest phase and returned to the old-timers rubber power and short chases. If anyone comes across plans for Martin-Baker M2 (the M-B with fixed gear and long trousers), I'm eager to build one. Thanks for a pleasant evening and a place to find some good stuff.
counterattack3k - 05/01/2012

Thank you very much for posting the Whitman Publishing Co Howard DGA-8 plan. It is one I have been looking for; I will incorporate some of its features in a modified dime scale version. I really appreciate the hard work that you put into the Outerzone plan site. It is really fun to browse, and yes, I've downloaded a "few" in the process. You have a really nice, user friendly search function, as well. With Best Regards
daved - 04/01/2012

Just a quick note to say thanks for the Website, I have spent a few pleasant hours just browsing. Built the Alley Kat from the plan and everything went well. The plane flies like it is on rails. It was recomended to me by a club member who built the kit I think in the late 60s. Next project is the SE5 Nick Zoroli plan. Many thanks.
toneandderz - 03/01/2012

WOW & WOW Steve----many - many thanks for all of your very kind efforts in making this web site possible---GOD BLESS kind sir!
idora - 02/01/2012

Getting side tracked from rcgroups - old timers thread - I have just found your site... congratulations well organised, loads of plans and a pleasure to look through
jdreap - 27/12/2011

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the great site you've put together and maintained. It's really been a delight to go through the site almost every day and find great plans. A wonderful job and a real archival treasure. I wish I could help you with the site admin, but I don't have the computer skills. However, I do build model airplanes. I've attached a plan and photos for you. I know you have a number of Walt Mooney plans so I've attached one here, along with the article he wrote for it. The B.A.T. Baboon a racer in 13" span. Also a couple photographs of the model I built from the plans.
glassblade - 26/12/2011

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas and prosperous and healthy New Year to you, your family and all members of the Outerzone team. I hope that your website gives you as much satisfaction in it's creation as it gives pleasure to those of us who visit it. You may already be aware of this, but there are those of us who, by reason of infirmity or lack of facilities, can no longer participate in the building and flying of the stick and tissue artworks which are the subject of your efforts. Your website is the only place where we can go to relive the wonderful, innocent days of our youth when we watched our fragile creations circle overhead on summer thermals. Pulling up your website each day to see what the latest addition is duplicates the surprise of opening a Christmas gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Peace and good health in the coming year.
jgrass1940 - 24/12/2011

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosporous New Year and again thank you for a job well done. Great site.
onecut - 23/12/2011

Thank you for all your work. It is appreciated. Hope you have a great Christmas and a new year that gives you all you hope for.
gwaite - 23/12/2011

Congratulations on your generosity, vision and excellence. Many thanks for your site which gives me lots of pleasure, and some dandy plans to dream of realizing into astonishingly well performing peanuts. Merry Christmas.
tonyf37 - 20/12/2011

Congratulations on reaching 2.000 plans! I have spent many happy hours, with a silly grin on my face, perusing your site. In fact, checking 'What is new' has become one of my daily routines! Long may your site flourish. Kindest regards.
arnaldosantoscorreia - 15/12/2011

I just wanted to thank you for the VinPlanDex and the hard work you put into it. Thanks again.
orange&white - 15/12/2011

Yes this is the mother of all plan sites. There have been a few, that have a smattering of plans, but nothing like this... the Tag Matrix Search function, along with the regular search function make this collection a gold mine.
khorne - 12/12/2011

I just stumbled across your plans site, and had to congratulate you on a superb job of finding and rescuing the plans. I remember fondly the airplanes I built on a very limited budget, and avidly reading Aeromodeller every month. Your plans brought back a lot of memories, the DH 110 as a slope soarer (couldn’t afford the jetex), ditto the Skyleada Skyray and lots more. So a big thank you, and keep going.
fuelsguy - 11/12/2011

Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing here.
joe - 10/12/2011

A big Thank You! Your collection of plans is a valuable contribution to this hobby of ours. For many years I have been disappointed in the availability of a source of plans. Keep up the good work.
spinifex - 09/12/2011

I greatly admire your work, you can do excellent things with bad scans. I really am impressed with your efforts, you have restored some I have looked at and decided it was beyond me.
rdlovitt - 09/12/2011

What a wonderful site you have, very slick and a real gold mine of vintage plans. When I came across your site I couldn't believe the availability of all these plans. It really has spurred me to get building. Keep up the good work.
chrisw - 07/12/2011

Hi Steve. As a modeller returning to the hobby after 30(ish) years, it's great to look through the plans at all of the models that I had niether the time or skill to build and fly back then.The difficult bit is deciding what to build next! Thanks for a great site and all the work it has taken to create such a terrific resource.
arundelld - 07/12/2011

Just a short note to say that I heard about your site at my club AGM last night - when I got home I looked and was flabbergasted! Not only is it a clear, easy to navigate and use site, but the work you (and your helpers) have done in assembling all these plans with descriptions and little bit of history is just amazing. I just had to download a few (quite a few) of my favourites - names from the past like old friends. I wont live long enough to build them all (and I'll send you a photo of any I do) but I do like to browse through them. And I've only done the non-scale list so far - I was at it until midnight! Looking forward to coming back for more. I'm afraid I have no plans to offer you but I wanted to say your efforts are much appreciated - many in my club said so - and there must be many more like us out there who are grateful. Thank you.
malcolmd - 07/12/2011

I can relate to your undertaking.... You are to be admired for your undertaking. I know that it is time consuming and tedious... Again, fantastic job
vloustalot - 30/11/2011

Excellent site
miken - 30/11/2011

Excellent work on this site. Fantastic site. It's a real help to know the plans are ready to print and dont require resizing. Now go have another beer.
adamtc75 - 27/11/2011

I have been building model airplanes for 50 years this coming May. I guess you could call me a lifer for sure. I have also done countless public speaking gigs concerning model aviation as well as school assemblies - I am no stranger to public speaking. Your site however, has left me quite speechless! What a wonderful site indeed! I am just utterly impressed with your efforts and wish to thank you for the already hours of joy I have recieved in browsing your site and I have only scratched the surface of it. Thank you so very much and please keep up the good work!
florioflyer - 21/11/2011

Thanks so much for preserving these great old plans. I am a sport flyer in the U.S. and have had a ball browsing your Web site.
lugsailor - 20/11/2011

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful website Outerzone. It is so much fun browsing, getting nostalgic over wonderful designs of bygone years, and, having the ability to resurrect wonderful times by simply printing plans. You are the Man! Great Job. Kudos.
Joshh - 17/11/2011

Hi Steve, I found your plans by accident. Wow, I remember building some of those. The Answer for instance. I would like to build another. Many thanks.
parnstaffs - 17/11/2011

Sir, Just a quick note to say how much I like your web site. I used to build a lot of balsa models, but no time so much anymore; so I look at your website every day, to see the new plan posting, and it gives me a lot of joy, and takes me back to my youth. Thanks.
rbolske - 17/11/2011

Excellent resource, will bookmark this site, the tag matrix search is pure joy. Can find the plans that interest me in moments instead of trawling through the rcgroups thread for hours and getting no building done. Will send a link to other old farts in my club who were delighted with rcgroups thread but all felt the same, too long to find the TYPE of models that is their current interest. Too old and not smart enough I'm afraid to be of much help, but I wish you well on an excellent venture. Keep on ploughing.
Proctor - 05/11/2011

Thanks Steve for this plan website. I too have a fondness for vintage aeroplanes.
philr - 05/11/2011

Thank you for great site. Keep 'em flying.
jany - 04/11/2011

Thanks so much for having such a great site! I love it. So many plans, so many old plans. Thanks again!
edwardmustafa - 02/11/2011

I just came across your site, and I am blown away. I thought the art of scratch building from plans was long gone. Thank you for making this available to the anti-ARF dreamers!
jmmw - 31/10/2011

What a site. Many forgotten models brought back my boyhood days before R/C, struggled to make anything fly but it was all good fun - from c/l f/f and now radio. Keep up the good work. Well done. Thanks.
GJS - 31/10/2011

Just a quick note to send you some pics of the All Star Bi-Plane I built using the plans from your site. I built this version without ailerons, and fitted it out with 3 Sanyo servo's and 2.4Ghz receiver. It's powered by an OS Max 10, which I find is ample power for 'stooging' around the sky. It can fly slow, or fast... whichever takes your fancy. Capable of loops and stall turns and has really caught the eyes of other members at the club! OK, I lost count of the 'building hours', but what price can you put on the immense feeling of pleasure and pride when one of your own creations takes to the sky on her first maiden flight, with no change in the CG needed and very little 'trimming' required on the transmitter! Come on you guys... put the ARTF's and RTF's back on the shelves and get back to the grass roots, and build yourself a REAL RC PLANE! Thanks once again.
smarley - 29/10/2011

Fantastic website, I’ve been watching and downloading for a while.
gbinnie - 29/10/2011

This site is amazing! It used to be so hard to find this sort of info. Greatly appreciated.
sparkle - 26/10/2011

Thanks for creating your site. It allowed me to, finally, find what my Fleetwing plans were missing: The dimensions of the formers. I had some which were supplied by a friend in England, but he couldn't supply them all. Now, thanks to your great site, I even have their shape. Keep up the good work!
rwood - 19/10/2011

I like what you are doing and though I dont fly any more it's great to just look at the old plans. Thanks!
JR_L - 16/10/2011

Greetings from the Louisiana swampland. I was checking out the new goodies you've added to your site and saw where you wanted suggestions. I have only one: keep up the GREAT work you are doing with this site. It seems to improve with age. Just don't ask how much I've spent on paper and ink copying plans I thought I would never see again. Thanks to you guys I have most of the plans I lost plus a lot I didn't have before. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
OneCut - 03/10/2011

I have been balsa bashing since 1948. What a wonderfull website. Pure nostalgia. I would love to build some of the older models from my youth. Please keep up the good (nay, brilliant) work. Kindest regards
REvans - 01/10/2011

I think this is a really winning site, and it's about time someone put something like this together.
pylonius - 29/09/2011

Since finding your website, I cannot believe how the years have gone back and am so busy re-living my youth with all those wonderful plans of days gone by. But according to your site, they haven't. Keep up the good work for all us oldies! I now live in Cyprus, and find it almost imposible to get what I need to keep my hobby going, so I find myself surfing the net most days. It's with your type of site that keeps me sane.
smcyprus - 23/09/2011

Hey Steve- thanks for this fantastic site. I found my Top Dawg here, and am really enjoying it.
Al - 21/09/2011

Wow! You have done a beautiful job on this website! I'm sure it's a lot of work, but I sure appreciate it all. The format, the search feature, the thumbnails, everything is great. Thank you!
TomB - 13/09/2011

Hi what a great site I am a stick and tissue guy, here in Palm Bay Florida and just love all the old plan you have posted. Your posting of the 24" rubber powered Air King is great. Thank you for what you are doing.
herbk - 05/09/2011

Have watched your web site develop from its start. It is now, without doubt, the best on the web. Well done and thank you for this great resource.
alanb - 01/09/2011

Great web site.
craigm - 28/08/2011

I've really enjoyed your site and visit it every day. I've downloaded many plans and have printed out several plans for a series of Vintage rubber models I'm building. This works very well. The first in the series is the Comet Meteor built from plans downloaded on your site. I just completed it last night and I've attached a photo of it here, you might want to add to the Meteor plan page. This morning we put up it's first flights at our Saturday session with the Rio Grande Squadron. It flew right off the board and we had some spectacular flights.
DavidW - 13/08/2011

Steve, I found your website while surfing on google images. GREAT SITE! I've been searching for a site like this.
CharlesC - 13/08/2011

Sir may I say how fantastic your site is. Like most retired men of my age I have a love for the early Keil Kraft kits, which are now no longer available. Thanks to your site I can now download, print and then build to my hearts' content. I do have one criticism though, if I may mention it. There are a number of kits that don't have the body formers included with the big plan, and this makes them totaly useless as a 'print and build'. Is it possible to add a label to kits that are complete, to make them easier to find? Many thanks.
malcchorley - 30/07/2011

Lovely site, great work... keep it free.. no need to be materialistic about everything in life... Hello from Beirut Lebanon.
Modelmaker56 - 28/07/2011

Love your website
Lbridge - 25/07/2011

I was looking for plans for the Republic Seabee and the search engine produced you. I paint planes and ships - you'll find me on Seawings (plug!) - - and my library started with a tatty 'Aircraft of The Fighting Powers' vol.2 which I swapped for a pair of football boots when i was 13. Amid the fascinating adverts, therein were those featuring the work of Harold Towner and I always wanted to have a go at the Albacore and the Blenheim and now, some 47 years later I finally can!
alanv - 22/07/2011

Being the capitalist pig that I am, I can't help but wonder why you don't take financial advantage of the great product you have in this collection. I am sure that there are many of your fans who would pay a good price to acquire your plans by the disc-full. I'm one. I would suggest to the many who use this resource that they contribute monetarily to the effort if they have nothing else to give. I have. It greatly lightened my sense of guilt for "stealing" these plans. Good on you, mate!
johnj - 22/07/2011

Quick email to say ‘Thank you’ for such a fantastic source of plans!....Rather predictably, I have had somewhat of a download frenzy and my wife is now hoping that I may get off the computer!
kurtg - 18/07/2011

Again, thank you for the site. I have had a ball copying plans I never thought I would see again. You see, when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005 I lost all my plans, kits and built models. Thanks to a few people like you I'm getting a lot of lost plans back again. Thank you!
gnelson - 16/07/2011

Found your site last night while looking at other stuff. Great site! Love it. Found plans I never thought I would see again. Have downloaded and copied some of my favorites. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for what you are doing. Keep up the good work.
gnelson - 14/07/2011

Just looking through the plans brought back so many good memories of days gone by, Thankyou so very much.
microsoftcarp9 - 12/07/2011

This is an awesome site, thank you.
dough.b - 04/07/2011

Just found the site yesterday... awesome selection of planes! I am trying to build one before I visit... otherwise I will have more plans than I know what to do with! Keep up the great work!
mitch.f - 04/07/2011

I first noticed your site a few weeks ago and started to download some (actually many) of those fantastic drawings. I like the tremendous variety of designs and the possibilities these would have with the new powerful electric motors. The golden age of aviation and the first generation jets are my key areas of interest.
N.Stuart - 29/06/2011

Thanks Steve, again, the plans pages are very much appreciated.
peter.som - 26/06/2011

Great work! Great site!! I found you via r/c groups vintage plans thread.
TB - 21/06/2011

What a great resource guys! Double wow!
Sparks59 - 20/06/2011

I've just had my first look at the Outerzone website and I can only second what Planeman said, in spades. Excellent job Steve, nice layout, easy and logical to use and a wonderful resource. Very well done. I showed it to my lady wife, who is used to seeing me browsing through stacks of ancient model magazines and she too was mightily impressed, in fact she said; "Does this mean we can throw all those old musty magazines away now?" Well, no dear, not exactly......!!!
Sundancer - 20/06/2011

I want to say that I have just visited your website and I want to complement you on a VERY well thought out layout. The thumbnails are a great way of browsing through the listing (names don't always mean much and there are so many of them) and holding your cursor over the thumbnail gives you a name. Clicking on the thumbnail brings up a page with a larger view of the plan (which should be a little bit larger) and a lengthy description. A quick click of the "back button" in your browser quickly takes you back to the thumbnails again. It all works logically, quickly and efficiently and is well laid out. WELL DONE! Its the best I have seen so far.
Planeman - 20/06/2011

I thought I'd chime in and say thanks to all, especially WMD, for all the plans and the great web site/depository. It's been a great way to spend the week. Keep 'em Flying
Ken Horne - 20/06/2011

That's YOUR site? My hats off to you, and many thanks!!!!
ChallengerI - 19/06/2011

Very nice site, Steve. Outerzone is sure to become a popular modeling visit for the scratch builder and those who like to view the plans. Thanks! Soft landings.
PiperJoe - 19/06/2011

I just found your site a few days ago and have been browsing and downloading plans ever since. It's a great site and great idea, thank you very much for setting it up.
DWagner - 08/06/2011

Steve, This is a wonderful site that I hope keeps going for a long time. So often support for the sites are discontinued or frozen in time, e.g., Kenny’s, Livesay’s, The Plan Page. Be patient! Need to have your site mentioned by clubs, e.g., Alamo Escadrille and others in their periodic publications. Great stuff!!
PDL - 02/06/2011

Hi Steve, I love what you did with the site. It looks great.
pd1 - 29/04/2011

Hey Steve, The web site is looking great! The interface is user friendly and easy... which is good for us knuckleheads. I stick to KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - Because life is just too short to be confounded. Kudos on all the hard work! It is paying off in spades. You have done yourself proud and should give yourself a pat on the back. I'd do it for ya but it's a bit of a stretch from the U.K. to Sweden. Regards,
Swankee - 12/04/2011

If this thread is anything to go by, then it should be a winner. Good work, fella!
Colonel Blink - 25/03/2011

Hi Steve, Looks to me like you're off to a proper start with your plans site. The databased approach is most definitely the way to go about it... Congrats on taking the plunge and good work so far. is now linked in on the links page at as a plans source.
Bob Keller - 25/03/2011