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Stearman PT-17 (oz3704) from Sterling: Added scan of amended struts drawing, thanks to Pit.

Lockheed P-38 Lightning (oz5867) by Gordon Whitehead from RCMplans: Added additional article from R/C Model World, May 1988, thanks to RFJ.

F4U Corsair (oz9387) by Pavel Bosak from Flying Models: Added additional article from R/C Model World, January 1988, thanks to RFJ.

Phantom Flash ROG (oz10096) by Joe Konefes from Comet: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to higgphanx1 who posted this excellent 600 dpi scan up on HPA.

Staudacher 300 GS (oz11461) by Brad Shepherd: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Snoopey II (oz11453) from Hegi: Added English translation of 'About this plan' text, taken from the Hegi catalogue pages, many thanks to ChrisPinn.

Westland Widgeon IIIA (oz11455) by Peter Rake: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Aeronca Sedan (oz4461) by Ron Young from Mercury: Added kit instructions, thanks to PeteNewman.

Snoopey II (oz11453) from Hegi: Added PDF of full brochure entry (2 pages), thanks to Pit.

Miss Science (oz11445) by Frank Zaic: Replaced this plan now with a much clearer scan at higher resolution, thanks to Nestor.

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I made this based on your Plan [more pics 006-012]. Thank you for this great Pitts.
Peter Rausch : Pitts S-1S (oz5125) : 23/08/2019

The way I read it, there are three equal length spars (14 in long), and there is one cross brace (9-1/2 in long).
SteveWMD : Insect (oz6697) : 23/08/2019

Hi Steve & Mary - here is my Piper, double size with motor of a chain saw [008, 009]. Not as amusing as a small plane. My daughter looks at the plane with big eyes. I built it in 1982.
JulienVermeire_Belgium : Piper L-4B Grasshopper (oz6597) : 23/08/2019

I've been sent another photo of the Albert Hatfull/Scarab event at Impington [more pics 009].
BryanGostlow : Scarab (oz4442) : 23/08/2019

I agree, the Maverick design is very elegant but rather enigmatic. Why, for instance, does the article show two different radio installations?
RussellH : Maverick (oz11458) : 23/08/2019

Thanks to Pit for finding the new scan posted on HPA. It seems this now clears up the question of whether the wings were intended to be the same size, once and for all.
SteveWMD : Phantom Flash ROG (oz10096) : 23/08/2019

What is the length of the three spars in the wing? Plan is unclear as to perspective of these pieces.
Richard Szanti : Insect (oz6697) : 22/08/2019

Nice looking ship, very sleek and I like that tall rudder, gives the model a unique appearance. But it seems there is some information missing from the plan. The article references two different wingspan layouts and also mentions root and...
Phil Bernhardt : Maverick (oz11458) : 22/08/2019

Hi Mary, My father, Al Holmes, built this Commodore and converted it to electric power and R/C [model photo & more pics 005-007]. He's still building, designing and flying at age 88. You have some of his designs represented in Outerzone:...
EricHolmes : Commodore (oz4715) : 21/08/2019

After downloading the plan I see that is based on a slightly later model Spitfire and is indeed smaller than mine. Mine has the six small exhaust stacks and is clearly based on the prototype. I will try to get mine copied and put on a...
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I (oz6480) : 21/08/2019

I have this plan or one very similar but mine is just a bit less than 24" span
Richard Skerrett : Supermarine Spitfire I (oz6480) : 21/08/2019

Added colour photo of Morris HF (Graziano Pagni's Morris HF at 1969 Bremen World Championship) thanks to to gghisleri who posted it on RCGroups, see SteveWMD : Morris HF (oz7973) : 20/08/2019

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