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Piper Tri-Pacer (oz797) from Sterling: Added zipfile of 6 fuselage formers in jpg format, thanks to Eduardo.

Quader al Quader (oz13472) from Modellismo: Replaced this plan with correct Quader al Quader plan, thanks to Beppe.

Navion (oz13433) from Cambria: Added kit review from RCM&E, January 1985, thank to RFJ.

Ultimate 120 (oz6958) by Doc Mathews from RCMplans: Replaced this plan with a re-scaled version, thanks to balsaworkbench.

Monocoupe 110 Special Clip Wing (oz13457) by Vern Clements: Replaced this plan with a cleaned up version, thanks to Erik.

Messerschmitt bf-109E (oz6114) by MN Isermann from Iron Kreuz Model Plans: Added revised version in vectorPDF format, thanks to fsgilbert, who pointed out this (later?) version on HPA as posted by balsabug.

Corker (oz13458) by Alan Wooster from RC Model World: Replaced the article with a clearer copy, thanks to RFJ.

Buzz Bom Too (oz55) by Terry Dench: Added clearer version of this plan, now at correct scaling, also DXF CAD version, thanks to Miguel.

Kinner Sportster (oz400) from Megow Models: Replaced this plan with a clearer version, now on a single sheet, also now includes printwood, thanks to RogerC.

Macchi C.202 (oz13421) by Scott Conradson from American Aircraft Modeler: Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

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Hola Carlos, Yes, I had the Sterling 58 inches Tri-Pacer way back in 1972-73. If you are referring to that model, well, it is incredible that it is still around!! Presently, I don't remember who purchased the model. Too many years have...
Eduardo Barriga : Piper Tri Pacer (oz5068) : 04/12/2021

My first R/C plane was a Falcon 56 with an Enya 19 and 3 channels of a Kraft 5 channel Sport Series for power and guidance. One other kid showed up with a Falcon powered with an OS 15 and Kraft brick 3 channel, both of our planes flew fine...
Douglas Babb : Falcon 56 (oz2424) : 03/12/2021

Photos 007-013 from Simon from NZ, Electraglide build.
007: Ply rib template, NACA 4412, 19cm chord, 1/16" ribs.
008: 1/8 ribs cut
009: Fixing main spar. 1/8" x 1/4" top and bottom basswood laminations, contact adhered to a 1/2"...
Simon : Electraglide 62 (oz5272) : 03/12/2021

Some photos of the Basic Trainer [pics 007-010] Build by my friend Mr. Felipe cox Medellin, Colombia, South America.
Jorge Gonzalez : Basic Trainer (oz8692) : 03/12/2021

I also built the Piper rubber powered,but for a .049 engine and control line.
it flew very well.
Thanks a lot Mr Eduardo
Carlos Bolaños : Piper Pawnee (oz3157) : 03/12/2021

The Wimpy! Doubled in size, and some liberties taken in the design [pics 003-004]. It has a 10 foot span and is sooo slow... my favorite bird!
thesuperweg : Whimpy (oz6124) : 03/12/2021

Hello Mr Eduardo. It's true the Piper Tripacer in the photo N2333A is the 58 inch large version,they put it there by mistake. I think that Piper belonged to you Mr Eduardo,according to a friend who bought it from you and used it to test...
Carlos Bolaños : Piper Tri Pacer (oz5068) : 03/12/2021

Thanks for submitting this plan, what a magic looking model!! ......another one that will need to go on my 'to do' list!!! :)
Mark Stanley : Ramphor (oz13465) : 03/12/2021

Good Morning Mary and Steve, I saw the new Plan Sheet for Dieter Schluter’sJodel D-150. Dieter was a Personal Friend, and a very gifted Modeler. He is credited with creating the first successful Radio Control Helicopter, and producing the...
Larry Jolly : Jodel D.150 (oz13471) : 02/12/2021

My Pegasus RC [pics 008-010]. Thanks for keeping such an important archive, cheers,
Marcus Franco : Pegasus (oz6911) : 02/12/2021

Irvin Ohlssons Pacemaker 40 pictures [009-011]. Hello, here some pictures for your page. Best regards,
Ortwin Kummetz : Pacemaker 40 (oz7182) : 01/12/2021

Yep. Downloads fine at my end.
RC Yeager : Chipmunk (oz7550) : 01/12/2021

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