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Drifter (oz11966) by Tom Williams from Craft Air: Added kit review from RCM, January 1975, thanks to RFJ.

Zeus (oz9687) by K Coman from Aeromodeller: Added supplement article 'Chuck it and Chase it', detailing electric conversion of the Zeus, from Silent Flight June/July 1995, thanks to RFJ.

Taxi (oz719) from Graupner : Added decals zipfile, thanks to Patrick Urbain. These are in CDR format (Corel Draw).

Mosquito (oz8460) from Graupner: Added decals zipfile, thanks to Patrick Urbain. These are in CDR format (Corel Draw).

Demoiselle (oz3695) by S MacPherson from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Ridge Runt (oz5771) by John Lupperger from Hobby Shack: Added kit review from Silent Flight, April/May 1993, thanks to RFJ.

Minimoa (oz11960) by Bob Banks from Radio Modeller: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Junkers Ju-52 (oz8333) from Graupner: Added kit review from June 1995 Silent Flight, thanks to RFJ.

Dancing Girl Mk II (oz11732) by Peter Miller from Model Airplane News: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to rchopper56.

Ciani EC.37/53 Spillo (oz11953) by Giuseppe Ghisleri: Added some beautiful photos of the prototype model from the designer himself, thanks to Giuseppe.

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Finally, thanks Mike.
I have been looking for this plan for over 30 years ;O)
Zebban : Drifter (oz11966) : 21/02/2020

The fuselage is a simple box structure, detailed cross sections at each bulkhead are shown, so I think that's straightforward. The dihedral braces and all the ribs are shown on the plan - they just need scaling up.
SteveWMD : Drifter II (oz572) : 21/02/2020

Hi Martin, nothing fundamentally wrong with Graupner, they were my first big-name brand I went to for 20 years starting in the early 70s. With the Eastern competition bulldozing prices down, firms with more expensive cost structures will...
Miguel : Junkers Ju-52 (oz8333) : 21/02/2020

Just because I just saw this model by Graupner: Seems like they are insolvent - again. A few years ago, everyone would have thought this to be absolutely impossible. In Germany Graupner was _THE_ producer of everything model building for...
Martin : Junkers Ju-52 (oz8333) : 21/02/2020

Thanks, have tagged this one as scale and added 'Professor' to the title, now.
SteveWMD : M-4 Professor (oz11964) : 20/02/2020

Inked by Arve Mozzarini. Named M-4 but it's a scale model of DFS Professor German sailplane about 1928.
Pit : M-4 Professor (oz11964) : 20/02/2020

Text is Italian. According to it, this model is a scale reproduction of the "Professor" sailplane which flew in 1928 at the Wasserkuppe / Germany.
Martin : M-4 Professor (oz11964) : 20/02/2020

It can be built single or multiengined. Undercambered airfoil made it a slow flying speed.Some more info at: pit : MEN Trainer (oz4101) : 20/02/2020

Does anyone have any suggestions about this design? I started to build a kit years ago, but it was thrown out when my parents’ home was cleared out following their passing. I’m still fascinated by the undercambered wing. I have an older...
James Hickman : MEN Trainer (oz4101) : 20/02/2020

For more background see the Balsacraft Warbirds Appreciation Thread on RCGroups at MPF : Bristol Blenheim (oz11253) : 19/02/2020

To Tony Chalkly, I have seen your request to John Hurdle for information on electric motors and battery used on John's Whirlwind. I am in the same situation as you I have lots of experience with i.c models but struggling with electrics. Do...
Brian Arnall : Westland Whirlwind (oz4731) : 19/02/2020

Dear Mary, this is my latest plane, thanks to [model photo & more pics 010-018]. Thank you very much.
Martin H : Mercurio (oz8637) : 19/02/2020

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