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Soaring Champ (oz5752) by Ray Beaumont from Model Airplane News: Replaced this plan with a version that has been re-scaled to full size, thanks to Roger Clark (greyscale at 150 dpi).

Searcher 1M (oz12316) by Mark Kummerow from RCME: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Skyrocket (oz479) by Larry Eisinger from Model Builder: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to MB2020.

Coleen-12 (oz12241) by Randy Warner from Model Builder: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to MB2020.

Farman F190 (oz1722) by Dave Linstrum: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (also added article), thanks to MB2020.

Fokker D7 (oz3337) from Sterling: Added kit review from Quiet & Electric Flight, June 2015, thanks to RFJ.

SR-71 Blackbird (oz6111) by Parker Leung from RCMplans: Replaced this plan with re-scaled version at correct fullsize, thanks to TonyP.

Sea Monkey (oz12310) by Joe Petro from Zippkits: Doh. Fixed empty CAD zipfile now, thanks to Miguel.

Sea Monkey (oz12310) by Joe Petro from Zippkits: Replaced the vector file, this is now scaled up to fullsize.

04/07/2020: General News: Added a new Viewpoint article Electrifying the Keil Kraft Chief thanks to David Wright

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Shoestring Stunter built from your plans [pic 006].
David Wartel : Shoestring Stunter (oz6873) : 09/07/2020

The electric power article certainly intrigues me. The motor used is identified, but a couple of other things are omitted. Does anyone know what sound unit was used? And what would you expect the weight of the finished model to be? I don’t...
James Hickman : Fokker D7 (oz3337) : 09/07/2020

Super Sinbad enlarged to 80", built from your plans [pic 005].
David Wartel : Super Sinbad (oz47) : 09/07/2020

Coronet, built from your plans [pic 003]. Enlarged to 80".
David Wartel : Coronet (oz7482) : 09/07/2020

Power House, built from your plans [pic 012].
David Wartel : Powerhouse (oz5644) : 09/07/2020

A few more photos of planes I've built over the last few years from plans from you. Here is the Kloud King [main pic].
David Wartel : Kloud King (oz2750) : 09/07/2020

Here is a picture of a Scientific Bantam built from your plans [main pic]. I've built three so far and lost two of them OOS. A great flyer.
Hank Baer : Bantam (oz3722) : 09/07/2020

I just inherited this plane. It is all put together and it is in pristine shape for being over 70 years old. It has never been flown. I also have the M5 motor that has been run. I also have the original box with the original plans to build...
Scott Taylor : Waco UPF-7 (oz9993) : 08/07/2020

Some pictures and construction article by Nick Ziroli Sr.
Joe Petro : Sea Monkey (oz12310) : 08/07/2020

Hi Outerzone friends, this is my Wedgy made from the oz1060 plan [main pic, 009-011]. The size is the original of the plan. Thanks for your wonderful site and for the amazing job. Best regards from Argentina,
Mauro Serra : Wedgy (oz1060) : 08/07/2020

Short Kit available from Keith Sparks at
Martin Hillier : Macchi M-5 (oz12317) : 08/07/2020

Thread at
Pit : Macchi M-5 (oz12317) : 08/07/2020

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