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Playboy Senior (oz3075) by Jim Reynold from Model Builder: Added article, thanks to Pit.

Messerschmitt Me 109 (oz11066) from Whitman: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to DPlumpe.

Top Dawg (oz8897) by Ken Willard from Top Flite: Added kit review from MAN, October 1967, thanks to RFJ.

Traveler Sailplane (oz4389) by Vito M Garofalo from Tern Aero: Added printwood scan, thanks to ChrisDeiss.

AT-6 Texan (oz12591) by Joe Bridi from Bridi Hobby: Added kit review from RCM, February 1979, thanks to RFJ.

Blohm und Voss BV-141B (oz6413) by Nick Ziroli from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Stickit IV (oz7904) by Dan Stevens from RCMplans: Added kit review from Radio Modeller, December 1991, thanks to RFJ.

Seamaster 40 (oz10212) by Ken Willard from Ace RC: Added formers at fullsize. Note this sheet has been scaled up from the very small parts ID sheet, and as such must be used with caution. I will leave this listing tagged as 'formers unchecked' while a better version comes along. Steve.

Seamaster 40 (oz10212) by Ken Willard from Ace RC: Added die-cut parts ID sheet, also tracing of landing gear wire pack, thanks to DonShugard.

Pitts S-1S (oz5125) by Jerry Nelson from Model Airplane News: Added dxf CAD zipfile, thanks to PeterRausch. Note this also includes a decals file.

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I always wanted to send you photos of this beautiful machine [main pic, 003-008] that gave both my son and me, hours and more hours of very pleasant flights, at the time we could not publish the map, but I have already seen that you have...
AntonioRG : Playboy Senior (oz3075) : 02/12/2020

Recently I embarked upon the project of constructing Comet's Battle of Britain Trio, or a least that's what I've called it...Hurricane, Spitfire, and Messerschmitt. Just completed the last of the group, "Messerschmitt Me 109" (oz145),...
Neal Green : Messerschmitt Me 109 (oz145) : 01/12/2020

Nice looks, (therefore) it should be a fine flyer. Great CAD work too, and same for the website. I'd never seen a 'jigsaw puzzle' joint in air modelling before, in the event of a crash this should be the last part to...
Miguel : Flippy 1000 (oz12641) : 01/12/2020

Try Librecad (it's free)
Daithi : Slow Poke 40 (oz8485) : 01/12/2020

Looks remarkably like the “Tom Thumb” that was a kit from Galaxy models
Martin : Little Mulligan (oz6642) : 30/11/2020

I built one back in 93 or so, put a Webra 28 in and built it light. It was a screamer! Very fun to fly, another well designed dave patrick model
Kamlooper : Freedom 20 (oz7134) : 30/11/2020

No problem reading it on this side either, I suggest you try other DXF readers. If everything fails we can try something else as I'm sure the file is ok.
Miguel : Slow Poke 40 (oz8485) : 29/11/2020

How great to see this stylish compact profile model again, I built one back in the late 90's. Garnered much attention at the flying field. I might build another now seeing the plan (I gave away the original). Its a tough model...
SteveP : Quock 3 (oz11048) : 29/11/2020

Opens fine for me. I'm using QCAD (free) to open and view DXF files. Issue is at your end, I guess. Try a different viewer app?
SteveWMD : Slow Poke 40 (oz8485) : 29/11/2020

Cannot open the DXF files. Downloaded the current viewer. What am I doing wrong?
Richard : Slow Poke 40 (oz8485) : 29/11/2020

A very lovely tribute.
Jan Novick : Spitfire (oz163) : 27/11/2020

I have an obvious affection for Comet Model designs. That's where my roots began in this hobby many decades ago. Here's another design from Comet's 1941 catalog, the dime-scale Spitfire (oz163) [main pic, 003-006]. It's an easy build which...
Neal Green : Spitfire (oz163) : 27/11/2020

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