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Amigo III (oz7277) from Graupner: Added kit review (of the later ARF version) from Quiet & Electric Flight, November 2012, thanks to RFJ.

Schweizer 1-29 (oz6702) by Dave Thornburg from American Aircraft Modeler: Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

Space Shuttle Columbia (oz12907) by Larry Kruse from Flying Models : Added vectorPDF and CAD (dxf and dwg) versions of this plan, thanks to Valeria367.

Lightning Bug (oz2168) by Bill Winter from Model Airplane News: Added electric conversion article from Quiet & Electric Flight International, September 2014, thanks to RFJ.

Dizzy Diesel (oz12919) by Geoff Dunmore from Aeromodeller: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy (patterned background removed) thanks to Circlip.

Avro 560 (oz12950) by PMH Lewis from Model Aircraft: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Goppinger GO 1 Wolf (oz12949) by Arthur Mackenroth from FMT: Added article (inc parts list), thanks to Axel_VPF.

Sophisticated Lady (oz5649) by Neil Liptak, Dave Patrick from Carl Goldberg: Added scan of ribs and formers, thanks to RusselH.

Tutor Too Classic (oz11442) by Dave Hemstrought: Added article from Model Aircraft by Dave Hemstrought, detailing his modifications to create the Tutor Too from the Top Flite Tutor kit, thanks to GeoffGoodworth.

Curtiss Hawk P-6E (oz8753) by Bob Rich, Warren Komberger from Carl Goldberg: Added electric conversion article from Quiet & Electric Flight, December 2013, thanks to RFJ.

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See for detailed help with checking the scaling and the page size of these pdf files. This plan here is fullsize, the model is 62 inch...
SteveWMD : B-24 Liberator (oz4533) : 16/04/2021

Hello theres no scale size for model? Any help
Brian : B-24 Liberator (oz4533) : 16/04/2021

St. Leibowitz can rest in peace now.
Miguel : Fokker E-III (oz12957) : 16/04/2021

Ah, wait, that was me. Doh. Hang on... ok done. Have added the missing 2nd page to the planfile now, with the blueprint image.
SteveWMD : Fokker E-III (oz12957) : 16/04/2021

Very nice Matthias.
Doro : Avion Rapide (oz12959) : 16/04/2021

A beautiful piece of flying art deco,
John Green : Avion Rapide (oz12959) : 16/04/2021

What a fantastic Art Deco shape, further aided by the tasteful colour scheme. Very very good restoration work, an entirely new model in fact, respecting the original as far as practical, and as an independent design a very sensible one....
Miguel : Avion Rapide (oz12959) : 16/04/2021

Oho, now this is a beauty! What is your other hobby, making artificial flies for fly fishing? :-)
It's all there, the airframe, the covering, the infinite wire bracing, wheel spokes, the only thing missing is the Spandau but...
Miguel : Fokker E-III (oz12957) : 16/04/2021

Hello, I attach picture from another of the Towner models, the DH 98 Mosquito (oz4292) in case you deem it suitable for the page [main pic]. I also created a playlist of videos showing how I built it: See DownwindChecklist : DH 98 Mosquito (oz4292) : 15/04/2021

Interesting that you chose for modify the Korda and use split ribs
Claude : Korda Wakefield (oz6065) : 15/04/2021

Thanks, Jan. Speaking of this aircraft's alleged faults, an acceptable landing speed must have been relative to what was most common for the time...early aviation...maybe in the realm of 40mph at most. Keep in mind that not too distant...
Neal : Morane Saulnier Type N (oz11544) : 14/04/2021

You bet he will! You just have to mention some unusual or unheard of subject and you can be sure Neal will arrive in a windrush brandishing a sheaf of photographs as proof :-))
Miguel : Morane Saulnier Type N (oz11544) : 15/04/2021

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