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Sea Fury (oz4542) by Jerry Holcomb from Model Builder: Added complete article, thanks to RFJ.

Square Hare (oz4687) by Bill Northrop from Model Builder: Added complete article, thanks to RFJ.

Flying Wishbone (oz12058) by Nat Forrest from Model Builders' Handbook no.1: Added complete article, thanks to Pit.

Travel Air R (oz3899) by Dale Sebring from Model Builder: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Miss America (oz2473) by Bob Stalick from Model Builder: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Li Lightning (oz426) by Doug Joyce from Model Builder: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Solo (oz2444) by Stan Johnson from Model Builder: Added complete article, thanks to RFJ.

Hast (oz12056) by Harald Storbeck: Added instructions (in German) thanks to Axel_VPF.

Flying Wishbone (oz12052) by EH Clark from Aeromodeller: Turns out this plan was the subject of some controversy (see comments). If anyone has a good clear scan of the original Alan Orthof design, we'll add that as a new listing and link to there from this one. Steve.

Bostonian Beaver (oz12051) by Walt Mooney from Model Builder: Added colour photos, thanks to David Terrel and David Scigs, of the original model as built by Walt Mooney.

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I have built this model twice .Firstly in the Mid 1980s and secondly in 2011. the first was powered by a MERCO .60 and the second by an SC70 FS .To get the four stroke in I had to enlarge the cowl slightly. Lovely relaxing model to fly.
Richard Acland : Armar Gorrion (oz10755) : 04/04/2020

The electric version of the Pronto, sold by Hobby Lobby, was my first attempt at RC. Power was a belt drive with a Mabuchi(?) brushed motor and six sub-C nicads. I was about 14 and I didn't have a clue about...
Charlie : Pronto (oz1740) : 04/04/2020

Thank you for posting these plans! I'm reviving a partially built bushwhacker and somewhere in the last 40 yrs I've lost the horizontal stabilizer/elevators. These plans let me rebuild them. Much appreciated.
Chris : Bushwacker (oz5826) : 03/04/2020

Doh. Added missing instructions file, now.
SteveWMD : Hast (oz12056) : 03/04/2020

Pilot error probably, that happens too. In any case quite a pleasing, uncluttered depiction of a Spitfire I and should build and fly well.
Miguel : Spitfire Mk I (oz4644) : 03/04/2020

This is a long, uphill battle. Plagiarism has been with us since the Peripathetical Hebrews copied the golden calf without proper attribution, and will remain with us while expanding exponentially through the internet. Some of us will keep...
Miguel : Flying Wishbone (oz12052) : 03/04/2020

Good point. It does indeed measure 75 in, and yet the title block does say "wingspan 72-1/4 in" so this is something of a mystery.
SteveWMD : Spitfire Mk I (oz4644) : 03/04/2020

The wing measures at 75" on the pdf. I think the plan scaling is correct, as the items on the plan listed as 4" items (wheels, spinner) are exactly 4" on the pdf. Many thanks for the excellent site!
NigelR : Spitfire Mk I (oz4644) : 03/04/2020

The Editorial page of the February 1943 issue of Aero Modeller carried the following paragraph under the heading "Plagiarism . . . what's the great idea?"
On page 589 of the Christmas issue we published plans for building a small...
Ken Jones : Flying Wishbone (oz12052) : 03/04/2020

It must be pointed out that this model was plagiarised by E. H. Clark direct from the pages of the American magazine 'Mechanix Illustrated' issue April 1939. It was actually designed by Mr Alan Orthof. Suitable chastisement...
Stormin : Flying Wishbone (oz12052) : 03/04/2020

pit : Flying Wishbone (oz12052) : 03/04/2020

There was some hoo-ha about this plan at the time because it was a tracing from a Mechanix Illustrated mag of 1938 with no acknowledgement - plagiarism. I don't have the details but you will probably hear form others because the story is...
John Reid : Flying Wishbone (oz12052) : 02/04/2020

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