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Taylor Cub (oz8549): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

O.K. 2.02 (oz2096): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow

P-47D Thunderbolt (oz3517): Added article, thanks to theshadow.

Curtiss P-40C (oz1415): Added article, thanks to theshadow.

Bell P-39 Airacobra (oz3518): Added article, thanks to theshadow.

Jonathan Van Pigeon (oz15409): Added article, thanks to theshadow.

Mistral II (oz15410): Added article, thanks to Doro.

Forney Aircoupe (oz4055): Replaced this plan with a completely re-drawn version from scratch, in vector format, thanks to Mark Gerber. Also added decals.

Playboy Senior (oz6384): Added printwood files, thanks to Dave Lentz. These are in 3 files: raw scan of the wooden parts, re-drawn versions in DXF and PDF.

Tadpole (oz9359): Replaced this plan with a cleaner version, have removed the paper crease marks, fixed some minor alignment issues. This is easier to read now.

H-101 Salto (oz15398): Added kit instructions, thanks to Pit.

Blohm and Voss 141-B (oz15395): Added article, thanks to Pit.

Bel-Air 40 (oz15308): Added kit review from Flying Models, November 1982, thanks to RFJ.

Not Quite 48 (oz14809): Added STL file for cowling, thanks to CharlieFite.

Senior Telemaster (oz9275): Added review from RCM, April 1973, thanks to Burkhard.

Boeing P-26A Peashooter (oz15384): Added article, thanks to Pit.

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Have tagged this plan as vector format now, not bitmap.
SteveWMD : Hawker Tempest (oz12422) : 14/07/2024

I think you're right, it seems to me the designer was perhaps confused between the Yak 15 and 17. But that's the title this plan has, and that's how it was printed. See also Yak-15...
SteveWMD :
Yak 15 (oz15408) : 14/07/2024

One could also take into consideration the month that the article was published. 04/1978......just a thought.
Bill Southwell : Jonathan Van Pigeon (oz15409) : 14/07/2024

Looks like a nosewheel fairing in the nose, so it is likely to be a Yak 17. Possibly reduce by 10% for Rapier L2.
Michael C : Yak 15 (oz15408) : 13/07/2024

Reading the article it seems that the experiment was not successful or at least needed further development, and yet, they published the thing anyway.
This was typical at the time for RC Sportsman, which was an offspring from some of...
RC Yeager : Jonathan Van Pigeon (oz15409) : 13/07/2024

Just when you think you've seen it all about steering system...
Pit : Jonathan Van Pigeon (oz15409) : 13/07/2024

Yes use half the dihedral of the full size one. As for the tailfins they are missing, do you also notice the tail is a flat plate rather than the airfoil section of the full size one. One other thing I would recommend is carving a balsa...
Mike Hollamby : Zombie (oz1856) : 13/07/2024

Hi tom this one is easy: OZ 13897 is a peanut scale version of the Rutan Quickie.
Martin K : Quickie (oz14546) : 13/07/2024

I wonder what mods would be required to get a scaled down version of this thing to fly with rubber
tom : Quickie (oz14546) : 12/07/2024

Dean, it's clearly marked on the plan. Where it says CG in a very standard way, along with the usual CG symbol.
SteveWMD : Quickie (oz14546) : 12/07/2024

I'm no math expert but where roghly is the cg point ?? Nothing even gives a clue.
Dean Fairweather : Quickie (oz14546) : 12/07/2024

The link to the original plan at Zombie V (oz7812) shows the fullsize had dihedral of 4-1/2 in under each wingtip. This is half size model, so I'd say use half of that.
SteveWMD : Zombie (oz1856) : 12/07/2024

There’s nothing on the plan about dihedral, but I suppose about 2 in’s would be right for each wingtip. Also what happened to the two little extra tail fins ?
Peter Rea : Zombie (oz1856) : 12/07/2024

The drawing is in the same hand as the Spitfire VIII (oz5822) so I guess this one is also from late 1950's / early 1960's
pmw : Hawker Tempest (oz13357) : 12/07/2024

Any idea when this plane was published?
Francis Pereira : Hawker Tempest (oz13357) : 12/07/2024

Sadly, on these Outerzone pages, Japanese characters just appear as a string like this ????? but yes see what you mean, the plan was printed this way, with a title block that says "Urdinus" transliterated into Japanese. So I'd say Urdinus...
SteveWMD : Urdinus (oz15406) : 11/07/2024

The way it's spelled on the plan is ?????, which is Urudinasu - interesting point about the Ursinus!
thooms : Urdinus (oz15406) : 11/07/2024

Ah, now I see, this seems to be a Japanese version of the 1941 German plan Ursinus (oz8103), I'm not sure if the title used here of Urdinus was actually just a typo. Many...
SteveWMD : Urdinus (oz15406) : 11/07/2024

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