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Racek R-7 (oz13194) by Lubomir Koutny from Model Builder: Added transcript, thanks to JanNovick.

Racek R-7 (oz13194) by Lubomir Koutny from Model Builder: Replaced the article with a complete copy, thanks to DaveD.

Westland Lysander (oz4762) by Paul Lindberg from Popular Aviation: Added article, thanks to RogerC.

Ho Cat (oz13190) by Henry Struck from Model Builder: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to MB2020.

Spacewalker (oz5971) by Dennis Tapsfield from RCMplans: Added further article (in German) from FMT Jan 1990, thanks to AxelVPF.

Douglas DC-3 Dakota (oz5538) by Pavel Bosak from Flying Models: Added further article pages from RCM&E, May 1982, thanks to RFJ.

Snipe (oz13045) by Don Gurnett from Model Airplane News: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

Halberstadt CL.II (oz13024) by Bob Snyder from American Aircraft Modeler: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to theshadow.

Spirit (oz13188) by Don Anderson from Great Planes: Added kit instructions, thanks to theshadow.

Ryan PT-22 (oz6012) by Frank Beatty from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to theshadow.

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Beautiful! Magnificent finish, complete with a perfect scale likeness of Harold Ramis.
Jan Novick : Firecracker (oz10090) : 27/07/2021

I just scaled the existing plan to 42" and built from that with a few mods, I guess I should have a go at a real plan. Give me a few weeks.
Warren Brown : Wasp RC (oz13193) : 27/07/2021

Haveyou posted the plan for the 20/25 version, Warren?
Geoff G : Wasp RC (oz13193) : 27/07/2021

Hello, I built this over the past winter if you'd like to add it to the page [main pic, 006]. Great plan! everything just "clicked together"!
TJ Vieira : Firecracker (oz10090) : 27/07/2021

Doh. Have uploaded the missing article file, now.
SteveWMD : Spacewalker (oz5971) : 27/07/2021

For Digitek, see: they will sell you a flashdrive of all MB issues (all pages, ever) for $75. But the scanning is not very high res, only 300 dpi...
SteveWMD : Racek R-7 (oz13194) : 27/07/2021

Please excuse my ignorance, but what are these Roland and Digitek scans mentioned in comment no.2? My MB e-collection is mostly based on HLSAT's at RCBookCase but these have a large gap in the mid-eighties.
Miguel : Racek R-7 (oz13194) : 27/07/2021

Yes, it has to have two floats, I reckon. Fiddling about with Google translate from Czech to English I got: "pripevniti k tretímu žebra krídla" = "fasten to the third rib of the wing"
SteveWMD : Namornik Pepek Su-56 (oz9437) : 27/07/2021

Prop size would be no different with twin float, otherwise it would hit water. It's a fast flyer for sure - small high pitch prop.
There is no suggestion of attachment reinforcement on the fuselage.
In addition (a czech...
M Hodgson : Namornik Pepek Su-56 (oz9437) : 27/07/2021

My apologies, I completely missed the continuation towards the back of the magazine. I will re-compile article, complete this time, and a transcript.
Jan Novick : Racek R-7 (oz13194) : 27/07/2021

Jan i already have micro receivers and servos for small planes of those dimensions. Here are the specs for my edf
Dr Mad Thrust 40mm edf
Rotor size: 40mm, 8 Blades
Weight: 63g
MAX RPM: 96000
Jason Miller : Force 10 (oz12264) : 26/07/2021

Got it now, thanks to DaveD.
SteveWMD : Racek R-7 (oz13194) : 26/07/2021

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