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Copperhead (oz12761) by Bill Noonan from Air Trails: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Challenger (oz2599) by HA Thomas from Model Builder: Added kit review (of the Ben Buckle kit) from Radio Modeller, December 1996, thanks to RFJ.

Joy Stick (oz1342) by Noel Rozelle from RCMplans: Added kit review from RCM, December 1975, thanks to RFJ.

Baron (oz12758) from Robbe: Added instructions, thanks to tiptipflyer.

Feather Merchant (oz5948) by AE Lehmberg from Lehmberg Enterprises: Added kit review, from Model Builder, April 1984, thanks to RFJ.

JetFire 40 (oz8415) from Airtronics: Added kit review, from Model Builder, October 1985, thanks to RFJ.

Phasoar (oz4995) by Scott Christensen from Top Flite: Added kit review from RCM, thanks to KenBaker.

Phasoar (oz4995) by Scott Christensen from Top Flite: Added instructions, thanks to KenBaker.

Royal Coachman (oz9845) by Don Dewey from Sterling: Added review from MAN March 1968, thanks to RFJ.

Stearman PT-17 (oz3704) from Sterling: Added review from MAN, June 1968, thanks to RFJ.

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Pics of my Rascal model [main pic, 003, 004]
Andy Coutts : Rascal (oz1476) : 24/01/2021

Here are some photos of the Chester Lanzo ‘Puss Moth’ recently completed from the plan on Outerzone [main pic, 008, 009]. I’ve built it in the style of the FROG Puss Moth R.T.F. model. Kind Regards,
Lloyd Johnson : Puss Moth (oz7817) : 24/01/2021

Pics of my Outdoor Glider model [main pic, 003-005].
Andy Coutts : Outdoor Glider (oz2019) : 24/01/2021

Some pics of my Senator model [013-016].
Andy Coutts : Senator (oz472) : 24/01/2021

Pics of my Lil Misery model [pics 025-030].
Andy Coutts : Lil Misery (oz433) : 24/01/2021

Hi Mary, I repaired the commercially built one then built a copy [main pic, 004-007]. Cheers,
Andy Coutts : Fokker Triplane (oz11196) : 24/01/2021

Pics of my Teachers Pet model [main pic, 006-008].
Andy Coutts : Teachers Pet (oz2210) : 24/01/2021

Thanks, Ed. You're right. Fixed this now.
SteveWMD : Trenton Terror (oz1170) : 24/01/2021

Pics of my Jolly model [004-007].
Andy Coutts : Jolly (oz7668) : 24/01/2021

Hi guys, This is a nice plane, thank you for giving us all this great stuff! The plan en the article have the same size and they look pretty much the same, perhaps the article is placed twice ;-}
Ed Vink : Trenton Terror (oz1170) : 24/01/2021

Very impressed with its looks and how it flew. Thinking about building one myself in the future. Thanks for showing it to me.
Don : Dracon (oz8737) : 24/01/2021

I am in the process of building the Sportwagon, during this covid lockdown, for Electric power with rudder/elevator controls. I scaled the plans up from the Flying Models mag, but was then given the later Model Aviation mag by chance....
Brian Austin : Sportwagon (oz5310) : 23/01/2021

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