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21/04/2019: General News: Happy Easter, everyone :) Mary & Steve x

Dorland (oz11082) by Aeromodeller Staff from Aeromodeller: Added (original) article, thanks to Stormin.

Bryton Roc (oz3524) by FH Boxall from Model Aircraft: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to DBHL, theshadow.

Quock 3 (oz11048) by Giuseppe Ghisleri from RCME: Added CAD file, thanks to MiguelMorao.

Ryan ST (oz510) by Vito M Garofalo from Tern Aero: Replaced this plan with a resized copy at correct scale of 17 inch wingspan, thanks to GTHunter. Also added alternate printwood scan, and patterns sheet.

Baby (oz7417) by Helmut Kirschke: Added instructions, including materials list (in German), thanks to Axel_VPF.

Piper Tri Pacer (oz5068) from Sterling: Replaced Decals file, thanks to EdwardBeauchemin.

Duplo (oz11073) by Claus Maikis from FMT: Added article, thanks to Bernd57.

17/04/2019: General News: Apologies to anyone who's waiting for a reply to their email. I've been really busy with my 'proper' job recently, haven't had much time for OZ. I'll do my best to catch-up today. Mary x

All American Ensign (oz1196) by James Noonan from Air Trails: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

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Hi, this is not the Keil Kraft version (which had an aerofoil tailplane and other structural differences). This is the Ben Buckle version.
mse : Super 60 (oz552) : 23/04/2019

Hi friends, I send you more pictures of my Royal Marutaka Bearcat, finished [model photo & more pics 006-007]. I hope you enjoy these pictures. Thank you.
CarlosABGonzalez : Grumman F8F Bearcat (oz4959) : 22/04/2019

Hello Friends. I'm building this plane and I found the photos from a YouTube video [model photo & more pics 003, 004].
FrascoRivero_Spain : Corona Cougar (oz3983) : 22/04/2019

Here's several pics of my 'Pirate' based closely on your plan oz2454 [more pics 005-007]. Wingspan was increased to 36" from original 33". Construction is regular balsa sticks per plan and covering is Esaki tissue over doculam. This model...
AlanW : Pirate (oz2454) : 22/04/2019

Referring to Pietenpol Air Camper, I built mine 2010 as a parkflyer and indoor model [more pics 007, 008]. It's built of Depron sheets - 6 for fuselage, 3 for wing and tail. Span 800 mm, weight incl. 500mAh 2S lipo 250 gram, motor BL 25 g...
OweCarlson_Sweden : Pietenpol Air Camper (oz5631) : 22/04/2019

Here's the KeilKraft ACE [more pics 007]. I built this rubber band model airplane with electric motor. It's a pleasure to build this KeilKraf models. I'll send later pictures of the finished ACE.
JulienVermeire : Ace (oz1344) : 22/04/2019

Here are a couple of images of my almost completed conversion of the Bugaboo [more pics 008, 009]. Just need to sort out the thrust angles. Rudder is pull-pull via closed loop, elevator is via a nylon snake. Servos are 9g. Power is a...
AnthonyRoberts : Bugaboo (oz714) : 22/04/2019

I'm thinking about building this plane and curious if two 61 Magnum four strokes would be too much for this? Thank you for your time
Christopher : Duellist 240 (oz5962) : 21/04/2019

Thanks for adding this plan! There are few balsa plans for this aircraft... and most of those have incorrect lower fuselage cross-sections. This one has it correct! Compare these fuselage formers to those of Comet and other (rubber...
Ole Bill : Vultee Vengeance A-31 (oz11091) : 21/04/2019

Thanks for making the plans available-Beautiful covering jobs. I will be building the 20" and 30" span versions and may install nano rc equipment from a umx model in the 30" one. Keep up the good work Bob M.
robert Markle : Pacific Ace (oz863) : 20/04/2019

Great Giuseppe! I know your work. Classic but innovative models.
Giampiero : Quock 3 (oz11048) : 18/04/2019

Added photo of the completed model, thanks to Dr Dinesh Kittur in India [more pics 003].
Mary : Buzzard Bombshell (oz5360) : 17/04/2019

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