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Heinrich Victor Scout (oz13848) from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to Pit.

Focke Wulf Ta 152H (oz13843) : Replaced this plan with a corrected version, now scaled to correct wingspan at 48-7/8 in, thanks to Miguel.

Travelair 2000 (oz13840) : Have rescaled this to correct fullsize at 18 in wingspan now, thanks to everyone who noticed the strange scaling.

Old Square Sides (oz3140) by John Sprague from Model Builder: Added original article, from Air Trails, July 1940, thanks to RFJ.

Corben Super Ace (oz7109) by Joe Ott from Ace Whitman: Replaced this plan with a cleaned up version, thanks to Gene.

Kadet (oz5276) by AL Ells from Kamco: Added electric conversion article from R/C Model World, November 2003, thanks to RFJ.

Orion (oz13822) from Top Flite: Added kit review from Flying Models, May 1961, thanks to RFJ.

Orion (oz13822) from Top Flite: Added decal pdf, thanks to JeffGreen.

Orion (oz13822) from Top Flite: Have moved the Top Flite Orion manual across to this listing. Previously it was a supplement to the MAN plan at Orion (oz927)

Dornier Do 23 (oz13820) from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

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Paz na Terra aos lusófonos de boa vontade, ipso facto avessos ao Desacordo Cornográfico. Huey, Dewey, and Louie forever!
Miguel : Paulistinha (oz13837) : 26/05/2022

Good afternoon, I have enjoyed looking through your archive of aircraft plans, supporting photos, and articles. They bring back many memories.
I have attached some photographs of my VK Cherokee which may be of interest [main pic, 004,...
Keith Cherrington : Cherokee (oz4075) : 26/05/2022

Hi Mary-n-Steve! I built a scaled down baby Ringmaster for TD .010 last fall [pic 014]. It's a cutie for sure. Desert Rat and Ringmaster 'Bebe. Go's like mad, thanks for the plans. Blessings, Stay safe,
Al Robinson : Baby Ringmaster (oz5652) : 26/05/2022

For anyone interested in building a Leprechaun and is looking for someone with a laser cutter, search the internet in your area as there are quite a few people that would be willing to work with you for a reasonable price.
I chanced...
Larry M Whalen : Leprechaun 2 (oz8397) : 26/05/2022

Then we are already two here! Old, majestic and, may I add, stubborn holders to this end of Europe.
Abraços and long live Pato Donald :))
Atilano Suarez : Paulistinha (oz13837) : 25/05/2022

Attached are two pictures of my Bokkie, circa 1975 while I was at college in Taiwan [main pic, 007, 008]. We built it light with contest balsa, covered with Solarkote films and powered it by an ENYA 19. It flew like a .40 sized airplane...
Max Li : Bokkie (oz2268) : 25/05/2022

Hello, here are some pictures [main pic, 007-011] from my Short Tucano build from the oz12459 plan, scaled to 115%. Powered by AXI 2820/12 with Lipo 3s3300Ah. Greetings from Germany,
Ekkehard vom Hofe : Tucano (oz12459) : 25/05/2022

Hi Friends! Thanks for your words!!...set-up Is AXI 2217/20 V2 Golden line, 18A regl, and she's flying with 3cell LiPol 1800Mah....servos Hi-tech.
Radek Cechlovský : Fairey Swordfish (oz6894) : 25/05/2022

Portuguese? Yes, holding this easterner end of the Atlantic civilization bridge :-) We're getting old, yes, but majestic too and that's what matters. A Benção, and happy landings!
Miguel : Paulistinha (oz13837) : 25/05/2022

Sure, the engine bearers have to go. The wing struts, seeming structurally unnecessary, might be substituted by some kind of rubber strip, for the sake of scale-looking. As for the fuselage, I think I'm sticking to the sheet structure for...
Atilano Suarez : Paulistinha (oz13837) : 24/05/2022

Hi out(er) there,
nice to find the plan of this nice and easy model Me109. I'm planning to rebuild a wing on my own , however modified to accomodate retractables. As far as I remember there is a second page of the plan with...
Marc : Messerschmitt 40 (oz13643) : 24/05/2022

I still fly my mk1, mk11 and have a mk111 still new in the box I haven’t built yet. I love flying my Goldberg planes. Cheers have a great day
David Schaefer : Viewpoint 15 : 24/05/2022

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