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Goldhahn (oz1115) by Erwin Goldhan: Added instructions, thanks to Doro.

P-63 King Cobra (oz7013) by Vince Micchia from Midwest: Added review from MAN, February 1975, thanks to RFJ.

Piper Cub J-3 (oz5021) from Sterling: Added 'How to make a Twin Bee' article, thanks to MikeFoster.

Mini Sukhoi Su-26 (oz5647) by Nick Ziroli from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to MikeFoster.

20/09/2021: General News: Very busy here at Outerzone right now, we are just catching up with all the emails at the moment. Bear with us.

Little Pro (oz13314) by Don Yearout from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

RAF SE5a (oz13312) by Tom Connor from 25th Aero Squadron: Added (15 page) kit review from R/C Report, March 1996, thanks to MJB. Essentially this is a full build article, complete with pics.

Hild-Marshonet (oz13310) by Ian Easton from RC Model World: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Pacer (oz7186) by Owen Kampen from American Aircraft Modeler: Added kit review from MAN, January 1975, thanks to RFJ.

Meteor (oz12424) by M Farthing from Aeromodeller: Replaced this plan with a revised version (minor correction to tailplane size), thanks to TonyP.

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I agree with you it is not the original way to do it, it’s even more different than the original design as it is mainly made of poplar plywood, but the idea was to reproduce at very low cost knowing that it is quite difficult to get...
Emmanuel Delias : Pinto (oz5289) : 28/09/2021

I see that the Pinto has been laser cut. Is of course easy, but not original. If you build an original Pinto, it is best to cut and saw everything yourself by hand. Is a bit more work, but then you have made everything yourself instead of...
Julien Vermeire : Pinto (oz5289) : 28/09/2021

Delighted to find this site. I set a New Zealand Free Flight Category B record with my Cardy powered by a Mill .75 back in the early 60’s. Subsequently improved the design by making a flat section in the middle of the wing span so it sat...
Ian Ferry : Cardinal (oz4418) : 28/09/2021

As there has recently been added the Dick Steele Rookie RC plan to your list, I looked for the Rookie Trainer plans and it did not have a photo. I have a number of these models, attached a photo for your site [main pic]. From Melbourne,
Alwyn Smith : Rookie Trainer (oz5458) : 27/09/2021

Hi. Pics of my Charly model [010-013]. Yours,
Adrian : Charly (oz5301) : 27/09/2021

Hi Folks, Here are some pictures of the 'flying' Flippy [main pic, 003,004]. Maybe you can add these to the plan page. The complete building process is discribed on RC-NETWORK.DE see: Wopke Brander : Flippy 1000 (oz12641) : 27/09/2021

Hi Steve, Pictures of my recently refurbished Moses attached [main pic, 006-008]. Built around 1989, a wonderful steady flyer and a great performer off the water. I’ve flown it off ponds, rivers and even the open sea on calm days, and of...
Charlie Jeffreys : Moses (oz168) : 27/09/2021

I know I'm not supposed to send you photos of the real airplane, but when I found the photo that has the model kit laying on top of the wing of the actual "Real Sporty" racing airplane [pic 003] I just had to send it to you. I love finding...
JeffGreen : Real Sporty (oz6585) : 27/09/2021

Dear Team, I send some photos of Miss Bikini [pics -11-013] built as a project of your site, quick and easy construction, but unfortunately I was not as skilled with the coating as my colleagues who posted the photos before me, however the...
Enrico Mazzonetto : Miss Bikini (oz6546) : 27/09/2021

I send you photos of my just finished Skyraider [main pic, 006, 007].
Miguel Poduje : Skyraider A1-E (oz6924) : 27/09/2021

Here's some video of my old restored Svenson Westerly here, on 4s electric:
Filmed at the The Little Wings field, Belgium
Dries Neyrinck : Westerly III (oz5085) : 27/09/2021

Hello, Just finished mine, I’ve been lucky to have access to an original kit, first version. Attached are some pictures [014-018].
ED : Pinto (oz5289) : 27/09/2021

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