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07/04/2024: General News: It's going to be quiet around here on Outerzone for the next 8 or 9 days. We are going away for a week. By all means carry on sending in plans etc and we'll just queue everything up and work through them all when we get back. I will check to see the site is running ok, but if you are awaiting an answer to an email, this might take a while. Steve.

Zue (oz6208): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, scanned at 400 dpi from fullsize, thanks to dfritzke.

Roulet (oz1648): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, scanned at 400 dpi from fullsize, thanks to dfritzke.

Lil Beau Bipe (oz1601): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, scanned from fullsize, thanks to dfritzke.

04/04/2024: General News: Apologies to anyone - everyone?! - who has written to us recently but hasn't had a reply yet. I've had a lot of family "stuff" lately. Aiming to get on top of the inbox today :-) Mary x

Tadpole (oz15208): Added complete article, thanks to Pit.

Fazer (oz15198): Added kit review from Flying Models, July 1994, thanks to RFJ.

Weekend Wonder (oz15205): Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Turner T-40 (oz11882): Added article, thanks to IanSalmon.

Tonga (oz8174): Added instructions in German, also separate copy of the build pics sheet, thanks to pikpak.

Jr Skylark (oz5685): Added decal, thanks to dfritzke.

Fujavak (oz15181): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, now at 600 dpi, thanks to MB2020.

Assault C-207 (oz15029): Added kit review from Modellismo e Giocattolo 1965, thanks to Pit.

La Jollita (oz15204): Added article, thanks to Pit.

Starlet (oz4490): Added zipfile with exploded views, thanks to Dries Neyrinck.

Quirk-e (oz15199): Added article, thanks to Tom Binkley.

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Berliner, the fearful Teddy Bear carrier, is the big brother of the Leipziger (oz8767). The article is, like the proverbial cheque, in the mail.
Miguel : Berliner (oz15221) : 10/04/2024

Thank you! The Lolli is one of our favorite fliers :-).
Bill Bowne : Lollipop (oz14847) : 10/04/2024

yes, some degree, look at the ribs' hole position for wing dihedral tube/sleeve.
pit :
Telemaster 40 Deluxe (oz15195) : 09/04/2024

looking at the instructions and the picture of part WJ, i think there is a dihedral set . I would guess about 3-5 degrees for each winghalf.
erik P : Telemaster 40 Deluxe (oz15195) : 09/04/2024

I am very thankful to Mr John Jennings
Aidan Welly : Bangau (oz15218) : 08/04/2024

The correct spelling is Pentti Pätiälä. And yes, he is Finnish.
Heikki Hämäläinen : Nakke (oz10599) : 08/04/2024

Very good, Mr. Panchal, and the build notes are very clear and friendly too.
As for canards, I don't recall seeing many birds with a screaming propeller on their beaks.
Mother Nature must have not approved of that...
Miguel : Canard RM-12 (oz15215) : 07/04/2024

Hi Am I correct in assuming this wing design is flat overall. Thanks Colin
Colin Firby : Telemaster 40 Deluxe (oz15195) : 07/04/2024

Hello Outerzone, Enclosed are pictures [main pic, 004] of my 1936 Air Chief (oz 212). The model was originally a free flight, but I modified it into a 3 channel RC. It's powered by an OS .20FP and controlled with Hitec servos. It's covered...
Dan Owen : Air Chief (oz212) : 07/04/2024

I’ve finished and flown my sample. Power is a 480 outrunner on 3S 1300mAh Lipo. Feel free to post [main pic, 005-008].
Michael Ramsey : Humming Cub (oz15111) : 07/04/2024

Yekta, Tower Hobbies used to sell an ARF electric Sportster, it is out of production since Horizon Hobbies bought Tower Hobbies. you may be able to find one on E-bay or one of the R/C forum buy/sell sites. R/C Groups had a long running...
Douglas Babb : RCM Sportster (oz6143) : 06/04/2024

photo,video and info on
pit : Wild Thing (oz15214) : 06/04/2024

Hi Jan thanks, nice to hear. I remember a time when I was younger when people made anything to a secret, that impressed on me to share as much as possible. As grandma always told us, Shared joy is double joy :-)
Matzito : Holland (oz15211) : 05/04/2024

Beautiful work, Matze. Always a delight to see your designs and craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing the plans and cad files with us.
Jan Novick : Holland (oz15211) : 05/04/2024

Thanks Miguel :-)
Matzito : Holland (oz15211) : 05/04/2024

Superb work, Matzo! No surprise here, quality projects is what you do, and this must be one of your simpler models. Fine subject choice, and I believe FZ would have wanted a parts set for himself too :)
Miguel : Holland (oz15211) : 05/04/2024

Celso : Chimbo (oz10458) : 05/04/2024

Dear Matthias,
is there a STL file for the shell of the engine mount? It really looks so smooth designed ideal for 3d printing
Kalle : Amigo II Magic (oz12998) : 04/04/2024

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