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Loening C-2 Air Yacht (oz6900) by Thomas L Bulger from Model Airplane News: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Fokker DVIII (oz4460) from Veron: Added kit review from Radio Modeller, March 1973, thanks to RFJ.

Morane Saulnier AI (oz11186) by Peter Rake from Flying Scale Models: Added article from Flying Scale Models, August 2009, thanks to RFJ.

Siren C-30 Edelweiss (oz5214) from Robbe : Added kit review from RCM&E, September 1978, thanks to RFJ.

Ultra Sport 1000 (oz6295) by Jim Feldmann from RCMplans: Added kit review from Flying Models, July 1994, thanks to RFJ.

Skylark 56 (oz1842) by Carl Goldberg from Carl Goldberg: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to bobn. Derived from the same raw scan, but this new version is easier to read, much less noise, paper folds, etc after cleanup, also now the finished file is at 400 dpi.

Fairey Flycatcher (oz875) by Stanley B Perry from Aeromodeller: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Wega (oz4112) from Robbe: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to Harald.

12/10/2019: General News: Hi all. Ok, we are back home again now. Please bear with us as we catch up with a week's worth of emails and updates. Steve.

03/10/2019: General News: Holidays! Things are going to be more quiet around here at Outerzone for the next 10 days or so. Me and Mary are heading off, we are on a trip down south and will probably be back on the Sunday. Please carry on sending in your plans, photos and articles as normal - we'll just queue everything up, and will carry on as usual once we get back. In the meantime, don't expect any timely responses to emails. Thanks for your patience. You all be good now. Steve.

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Here are two more photos for plan #oz11584 [more pics 003, 004].
DavidWWood : Shark XV (oz11584) : 14/10/2019

Here are three renditions of the Harpoon stunter [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. The original was covered in neon pink Ultrakote so was labeled "Cotton Candy". Doc Holliday kept the pink theme going. The prettiest one yet is Robin...
Bill Ervin : Harpoon (oz11590) : 14/10/2019

Here come some images of my Eastbourne 1911 built 2014 [model photo & more pics 003, 004]. Some data: span 900mm, weight total with Lipo 2200mAh 2S= 620g, motor Emax 140W, 4 channels. I remember that the fuselage was weak behind the...
OweCarlson_Sweden : Eastbourne Monoplane (oz11613) : 14/10/2019

Here is an ok pic of the original decals for the kit [more pics 004]. Balsa covers part of the sheet but it's obvious what they all look like.
TomD : PAA Master (oz11581) : 14/10/2019

Good afternoon Mary, I hope you had a good holiday. Photos of Pacific Ace (oz863) from your plan [more pics 011-013]. You probably have enough already of this one. Really good flyer and good looking as well.
Thanks . Very best regards,
Trevor : Pacific Ace (oz863) : 14/10/2019

This plan of the Skylark is, as correctly stated, just an update of the original kit of the early 60s. No twin version plans which is a pity. It was printed on the back side of the plan of the first production run of the kit.
Eduardo : Skylark 56 (oz11620) : 14/10/2019

Hello, this picture [more pics 004] has been taken in May or early June 1975, just after maiden flight! Greetings from Germany,
Reinhard Lehmann : Maxi (oz7222) : 14/10/2019

My first RC model airplane, no ailerons, no elevator, rudder only control and engine throttle. Very hard to land on the runway with no elevator.
José A L Rocha : Charger (oz2903) : 13/10/2019

Like the look of this always thought the Victa Airtourer 1960's was an original. But the similarity is undeniable , does any one have a colour scheme for this model? Thanks
Victor : All American Ensign (oz1196) : 13/10/2019

I take your point. But it's really just minor semantics. The two kits have a great deal in common. The Super 60 is the model that KK produced as a replacement for, as a updated version of, the Junior 60. So rather than say 'the Super 60 is...
SteveWMD : Super 60 (oz4059) : 12/10/2019

I do not think that the Super 60 was a modernised version of the Junior 60. Wing and tail planforms are a different shape, tailplane is mounted below the fuselage and not on top of it and the nose is much longer. The Junior 60 was designed...
P6D : Super 60 (oz4059) : 12/10/2019

No CG, or range, is shown.
PeteM : Fly Baby Biplane (oz3776) : 11/10/2019

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