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Longster Wimpy (oz455) by Frank Beatty from Model Aviation: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Dynamo 400 (oz11790) by Jim Zare from RCMplans: Replaced this plan with a more nicely cropped version, thanks to Eflyer7.

Ryan STA (oz11780) by Maxey Hester from SIG: Added article from MAN Sept 1971, thanks to DPlumpe. Also changed the main plan download file around, now all 3 sheets, complete.

Ryan STA (oz11780) by Maxey Hester from SIG: Added SIG advert scan, in colour, thanks to RFJ.

Ryan STA (oz11780) by Maxey Hester from SIG: Added supplement of the missing sheet #1, thanks to DPlumpe.

Messerschmitt Me 163b Komet (oz11779) by Keith Humber from AMI: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Boeing L-15 (oz11778) by Dick Struhl from Flying Models: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

Medea (oz11766) by Klaus Nietzer from FMT: Added article (in German), includes materials list, thanks to Bernd_57.

Spectre (oz1327) by Dave Platt from Keil Kraft: Replaced this plan with a clearer version (noise removed), thanks to Pilgrim.

Milli Kema Series 2 (oz11763) by Keith Humber from Radio Modeller: Added article, thanks to RFJ.

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It's not the port wing. That is the centreline and the cutout is for the rubber bands.
M Hodgson : Bantam (oz11796) : 12/12/2019

cutout on centerline for rubber band. Not at the dihedral break. Wing drawing shortened for convenience.
Pit : Bantam (oz11796) : 12/12/2019

Isn't that the location of the centre rib?
Pete : Bantam (oz11796) : 12/12/2019

What is the semi-circular cut out for on the port wing trailing edge at the dihedral break?
Trevor : Bantam (oz11796) : 12/12/2019

Here are some photos of the Miss Bikini I built this summer [more pics 004-007]. Engine is an OS 25 SF.
RobReynolds : Miss Bikini (oz6546) : 11/12/2019

Hi Steve, Great website, thanks! Here are a couple of pictures of my 25L [model pic and 005, 006]. I built it from a kit about 10 years ago. It was an excellent kit and fun to build. It is also a great flying 4 channel model.
DavidH : Barnstormer 25L (oz4365) : 11/12/2019

Here are some aircraft photos made from the drawings from your site. It's a great honor to be adopted by you. Made by depron and 1s cell power. Best wishes for you.
from Aiyin, China
Bai Xinliang : Nieuport 17 C-1 (oz30) : 11/12/2019

The Chacal was designed as an aerobatic trainer; not a basic trainer. Modelhob's basic trainer was the Coyote (better with ailerons).
Antonio : Chacal (oz4593) : 10/12/2019

I've got a vintage Oly99 that I'm getting ready to electrify. What motor/prop/lipo did you use?
Bill Harris : Olympic 99 (oz7618) : 09/12/2019

Hi John, what scaling issues were those? I agree the nominal wingspan is 60" and the plan measures at 62", no big deal for a sport model and an Ugly one at that.
I don't know what the fuselage length is supposed to be, from...
Miguel : Das Ugly Stik (oz6801) : 08/12/2019

All of the plans are downloadable, Lindsay. See here for more help:
SteveWMD : Comper Swift (oz8741) : 07/12/2019

Hi, any chance this one can be made downloadable? Looks like a great plan!
Lindsay Pucholt : Comper Swift (oz8741) : 07/12/2019

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