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Vultee V11 Bomber (oz14969): Added article thanks to Gerrit Loubser.

Sproule Ivanoff Camel (oz14144): Replaced article with a clearer copy, thanks to Cesare.

Fauvel AV361 (oz14879): Added article, thanks to Cesare.

Avro 707 (oz13970): Added article, thanks to Cesare.

Wonderwings (oz1337): Added complete article, thanks to Pit.

Wonderwings (oz1337): Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, scanned at 400 dpi from fullsize, thanks to dfrizke.

334-G (oz3540): Added further article, from Aeromodeller Annual 1958/9, thanks to Jean-Marie Piednoir. Note this is 6 pages long and covers development of the 334 series in some detail.

Feather (oz14964): Added further article from RCSD, June 1989, thanks to Pit.

White Monoplane (oz10857): Added article part 2, thanks to hlsat.

Beechcraft Bonanza (oz13388): Added kit review from RCM August 1998, thanks to RFJ.

Piper Pawnee Brave (oz14963): Replaced article with a clearer copy, thanks to Pit.

Citabria (oz10463): Added ribs drawing, thanks to Hans van Tol.

Cessna 182 Skylane (oz13099): Added kit review from RCM, May 1996, thanks to RFJ.

Sportmaster (oz2845): Added photo sheets showing detailed build pics, thanks to Duane Holliger.

White Monoplane (oz10857): Added article, thanks to hlsat.

SE5a (oz647): Replaced this plan with a clearer version, thanks to hjsaxe. This has been edited to remove the distortion.

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Brilliant! about time some genius saved us all.
I haven't got to Building it yet but I'm just starting to do so immediately after reading your post. I'll let you know how I like it. Thanks.
Nabil : Balsa Notch Cutter (oz14959) : 06/12/2023

Thanks for the compliment Jan. I mentioned it in the article I wrote on the build--the airplane won first place in the club build-off, Masters Class. My first ever with a first!
JohnnyB : CAP 231 (oz13988) : 06/12/2023

Miguel, That looks like an F6F Hellcat.
RogerB : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft (oz14968) : 06/12/2023

Pics 9-to-12 crept up in my random Gallery. The quintessential Cute model :)
Miguel : Twin Lizzie (oz210) : 06/12/2023

I built one of these about '65 or '66 when the plan was published in a magazine. I had to scale it up from the tiny page because back then, it wasn't as easy to order full size plans. Mine turned out a little heavy, with Controlaire...
doug smith : Lil T (oz4845) : 06/12/2023

How not to like a John Bell plan? Fine work on the complete package, and thanks for the EAA link as well :)
Duane is shown flying below. EAA's first pres. appears at 0.05 on his restored can't-remember-what :))
Miguel : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft (oz14968) : 06/12/2023

Superb scale plan for it's age, and lovingly restored too :)
Miguel : Vultee V11 Bomber (oz14969) : 06/12/2023

Have used Gorilla glue for a year or more on many models and it is fast drying (I mean fast sometimes to fast a grab) the big drawback is sanding it especially on foam board that I mainly use being hard to sand on this substrate not bad on...
D2 : Viewpoint 10 : 06/12/2023

The Datafile link to 'found online' is often useful after sites have gone down. With this one, I have just added more pics here [003-008] from the defunct site using the Wayback machine and that useful link.
SteveWMD : Go-Go Dancer (oz6858) : 06/12/2023

New user? Hi and welcome. Short answer: scroll down this page and look for the 'Download Files' section. Longer answer: see the site FAQ page at SteveWMD : Go-Go Dancer (oz6858) : 06/12/2023

I suspected that all these obscure racer rubber scale plans came out after the publication of SCALE VIEWS OF AIR RACERS in 1971. It's a wonderful detailed 3 views book that is still on download at: Pit : Verville-Sperry R-3 (oz1750) : 06/12/2023

The site is evidently gone, so the plan file is unavailable.
Jean Tornow : Go-Go Dancer (oz6858) : 06/12/2023

If you want to detail this model in Duane Cole's livery, EAA has some nice pictures of the actual aircraft on their website here:
RogerB : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft (oz14968) : 06/12/2023

Beautiful model! Thank you very much for posting!
Fabio : Clipped Wing Taylorcraft (oz14968) : 05/12/2023

Beautiful covering and graphics!
Jan Novick : CAP 231 (oz13988) : 05/12/2023

Dear Peter, do you have a drawing of the pylon motor mount you can share ?
HansL : Delphine (oz8445) : 05/12/2023

I think I am quite deeply into golden age racing aircraft, but this one had eluded me completely until now. Thank you, folks!
Martin : Verville-Sperry R-3 (oz1750) : 05/12/2023

looks like a Focke Wulf 190 with inverted inline engine.
Pit : 334-G (oz3540) : 05/12/2023

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