Found plans


Below is the list of plans found. These are plans that were requested on the wanted page, then later were submitted in to Outerzone.

Succesfully found plans so far:

Jitterbug, by Scientific Model Airplane Co.
Now online as (oz14600)
Found by Derick Scott - 04/06/2023
Requested by Dave Koopmeiners - 20/04/2023 - who said: "Scientific Model Airplane Company plan of "JITTERBUG", 25'wing span, model produced from late 1930s to 1950s. My dad built this model and hung it in my bedroom when I was 7 years old in the early 1950s. That started a life long interest in airplanes and model building. I would like to build this airplane. Also thanks for creating this plan site."

Dave Robelin's Pokey indoor model
Now online as (oz14313)
Found by Derick Scott - 06/01/2023
Requested by Bob Markle - 22/11/2022 - who said: "Several years ago I built a Pokey indoor model for a friend of mine and lost the plan and article when I moved years ago to my present home. I recently started flying with an indoor group and our site is less that a mile from my house. I would like to build another one to fly at our site. I have the Plinker plan but have not been able to locate the Pokey. As I recall it was about a 20? or 24" span and was a stick and tissue type construction. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much in advance."

Top Flite Gold Edition F4U Corsair (62 inch)
Now online as (oz14348)
Found by DaleBradly - 22/01/2023
Requested by Mike Girdley - 12/03/2022 - who said: "Hey Steve, I know you have the plans for the 'Giant' Top Flite F4U Corsair. Do you have the plans for it?s little brother that maybe you haven?t published yet (.60 size with a 62.5? wingspan)? Need them fo a repair project of a formerly nice Gold Edition Top Flite .60 Corsair that I was given. Stay safe. Later,"

Northeast Aerodynamics Train Air-40
Now online as (oz14153)
Found by Hobiepilot - 11/10/2022
Requested by Robert Fitch - 14/01/2022 - who said: "I am looking for plans to the Northeast Aerodynamics Train Air-40. My friends and I all built this kit in the 80's, and I remember it as being a nice flying, somewhat acrobatic, aircraft. I would like to build another and equip it with modern radio and make it electric powered. I have been flying since 1981. Thank you for your great site."

Contender 40 from Top Flite
Now online as (oz14992)
Found by DuaneH - 07/12/2023
Requested by Patrick - 07/01/2022 - who said: "I'm looking for Top Flite Contender 40 plans. Two versions of the larger Contender are on the site but not the 40 size. Thanks, "

Dynaflite fun scale Corsair
Now online as (oz14496)
Found by TomBarnes - 04/04/2023
Requested by David Bryant - 21/12/2021 - who said: "I need a copy of the plan for the Dynaflite fun scale Corsair. I need the plan as I have a kit that has no plan with it, I am advertising on flying giants, rc group, rc universe and have done on the bmfa website all to no avail... The wingspan is quoted as 54", 52" projected. Thanks, "

P-47 Thunderbolt from Top Flite
Now online as (oz15079)
Found by Marc - 16/01/2024
Requested by Jean-Michel Baertschi - 01/10/2021 - who said: "Hello, I am looking for the plan of the P-47 Thunderbolt (bubble top) Top Flite Red Box series, wing span 60". I own this model since a long time. It was built with a fixed gear and it flies really well. I would like to rebuild a wing to install a retractable gear. In Europe, this model is rare, but maybe in the USA, it is easier to find. Many thanks to those who could help me."

Ultra-Sport 40 from Great Planes
Now online as (oz14057)
Found by EugeneChernosky - 05/09/2022
Requested by Mike Belton - 21/08/2021 - who said: "I have been searching for this plan and have been unable to find it except for a much reduced (12"x8") copy on RC Groups. It is a great looking airplane once kitted by Great Planes, which is now gone. Attached is the reduced copy in pdf format. Wingspan 55". Design by Don Anderson. A reduced and modified version of the Ultra-Sport 60 by Jim Feldman. Not an exact reduction, so it would be good to find a copy of the real thing. The manual is available on line and I have a copy of that. Here's hoping someone out there can share this plan on Outerzone. Many thanks, "

Top Flite Spitfire IX 1/7 Gold Edition
Now online as (oz13243)
Found by DerickScott - 09/08/2021
Requested by ?lvaro - 10/06/2021 - who said: "Hi there! I'm looking for a plan which I used around 15 years ago at least: it is for the Top Flite Spitfire Mk-IX 1/7 Gold Edition by Craig A. Golema. I've got a 2nd hand kit of this one, with some missing parts and also the plan is missing. Thanks a lot! Cheers, "

Hobbies Champion, from Hobbies Ltd
Now online as (oz13239)
Found by DerickScott - 12/08/2021
Requested by Jeremy Collins - 18/05/2021 - who said: "Hi, I've been trying for some time to track down a copy of a plan of the ?Hobbies Champion? by Hobbies Ltd, of Dereham, Norfolk, England. This was originally available as a kit, from around 1954 or 1955 until the mid-60s or possibly later. It was a 34? span semi-scale high-wing monoplane, somewhat similar to a Cessna or Auster, designed for free-flight and 0.75 cc diesels. The kit plan included interior cockpit details. I have contacted Hobbies Ltd, who are still in business, without success. I built two of these models in the mid-1960s and would love to build a scaled-up version for RC. If anyone has a plan, in any condition, that I could borrow, I would be more than happy to redraw it in DXF/DWG/PDF format for inclusion on Outerzone."

Bucker Jungmann from OK Models (Pilot)
Now online as (oz13846)
Found by Gustavo Delazaro - 19/05/2022
Requested by Rainer Singer - 31/03/2021 - who said: "Hello, I am searching for the Bucker Jungmann Plan by Pilot OK Models. Big Scale 1:3,5 , Wingspan is 83" = 2110 mm. You have so many plans from Pilot Ok Models. But I never found this one. Can you help? Nice Regards from Germany,"

SIG Tri-Star
Now online as (oz13030)
Found by JeffGreen - 30/04/2021 - notes: low res only
Requested by Doro - 23/03/2021 - who said: "Looking for the SIG Tri-Star plan. It is the canard. Regards,"

Frog Fox
Now online as (oz12723)
Found by DerickScott - 01/01/2021 - notes: No printwood as yet
Requested by Jon Fletcher - 22/12/2020 - who said: "I am looking for a copy of the FROG "Fox" plan. See illustration attached. It is also shown in a FROG advert on page 584 of the Oct. 1953 Aeromodeller. A 40" span pylon power model designed in the late 1940s and sold as a kit by FROG for their FROG 100 and later for their 150 diesel engines. From adverts of the day looks similar to the bigger FROG "Cirrus" power model. I'm looking to build a period Free Flight model for a rebuilt FROG 100 diesel engine. "

Great Planes Ultimate Bipe .40 kit
Now online as (oz13254)
Found by DerickScott - 19/08/2021
Requested by RonR - 09/12/2020 - who said: "I'm trying to locate the plan set for the Great Planes Ultimate Bipe .40 kit, these plans are not currently for sale I've looked everywhere including Great Planes website now controlled by Horizon Hobby - who had no clue as to how to get these plans either. The wing span on this model is 43.375 inches/1100mm. This is an important model as it's a part of a team of aerobatic freestyle competition aircraft known as the Crazy Aces, the other three of her sisters are ready to fly which consist of Great Planes Cap232, Extra 300S, and Pheonix models Sbach 342, I have the kit but not the plan set and it's the only thing thing preventing me from bringing this plane back to the competition scene and her glory days. I thank you for you time and consideration. Sincerely,"

Robbe Maximus
Now online as (oz13019)
Found by AlbrechtL - 01/05/2021
Requested by Derick Scott - 26/10/2020 - who said: "Trying to track down the Robbe Maximus control line stunt from the 70 catalogue. Nice looking full stunt model kit number 3130 and it was for 5-7.5cc motor. Span 1320mm. Regards "

Roy Scott's Junkers Ju 88
Now online as (oz12372)
Found by BobPickernell - 20/07/2020
Requested by Robert Schlickewitz - 04/05/2020 - who said: "It was around 1980 that I ordered from Radio Modellers plan R.M. 166, Roy Scott's fabulous Junkers Ju 88 (span more than 70 in.). Somehow and somewhen I must have lost that plan unfortunately. Among your plans are many of the former R.M. plan collection but not that of the German bomber by this particular modelbuilder. Is there still a chance you will provide us with it?"

Y'not by Randy Randolph
Now online as (oz12830)
Found by BrianSodt - 17/02/2021
Requested by Matthew Foley - 17/03/2020 - who said: "A Randy Randolph plan called Y'not, it was offered by MAN article appeared in the March 1991 issue. I tried on two occasions to order this from MAN plans service. It was listed as available but the order kept getting rejected after many weeks of waiting for it to show up. I called them and they said the plan is no longer available. I built a few of these, they flew very well. I have the March 91 issue and article if the plan is found I would scan and add the article. Its a simple build that is very versatile. It's designed for HLG/towline/power pod just by switching the hatch cover. With modern motors and batteries, I wanted to try a brushless motor version. Thanks in advance!!"

Veron Swallow
Now online as (oz12425)
Found by Derick Scott - 10/08/2020
Requested by John Boy Paddy - 17/03/2020 - who said: "Anybody have any information or even a plan of this lovely looking glider from Veron, as advertised on page 4 of AeroModeller July 1946? I'm on a mission to build as many of Veron's free flight models as possible."

ME 109
Now online as (oz11924)
Found by DoroLoebig - 31/01/2020
Requested by BernhardDittmann - 10/01/2020 - who said: "Hallo, I'm looking for a blueprint of the model "ME 109". It's a rc model from the year 197?. The constructor is called "Schl?ter"."

Jim Kirkland's RC Goodyear Shoestring
Now online as (oz14208)
Found by MarkD - 13/11/2022
Requested by Chip Yarger - 10/01/2020 - who said: "Just a request for the plans for Jim Kirkland's RC Goodyear Shoestring - from August 66 MAN. I built one from my hand-drawn plans back in college, and it flew great, had wonderful times racing it!!"

A-10 by Paul Armes
Now online as (oz11927)
Found by DoroLoebig - 02/02/2020
Requested by Patrick - 10/01/2020 - who said: "I have not been able to locate plans for a plane I believe is named the "A-10", designed by Paul Armes for the 1937 Wakefield contest. I've checked multiple sources including the Frank Zaic yearbooks and not found it. "

Pussycat 15 by John Rutter
Now online as (oz11698)
Found by hogal - 03/11/2019
Requested by JerryPorter - 10/09/2019 - who said: "Hi guys, I am looking for a copy of the plan Pussycat 15 by John Rutter. Around 1996 I built one and it seemed to fly forever. In the end fuel soaked into the fuselage and one day it broke up on landing. I would so love to build this model again. Now as I get older the speed it flew at seems more tempting than most of the newer models (Yep I'm getting old!!). If John is selling the plan, then maybe someone can tell me how to get in touch with him, otherwise...HELP please."

Veron Stunter, 30
Now online as (oz12398)
Found by CarloAM - 02/08/2020
Requested by TonyWright - 21/06/2019 - who said: "Hello, is this the best plan site ever! Does anyone have the plan for the Veron stunter, a 30" span control line model? "

Guillows B-29
Now online as (oz11396)
Found by Eduardo - 01/08/2019
Requested by Jay - 12/04/2019 - who said: "I was wondering if anyone can find the Guillows B-29 plan. I have seen the model on eBay but since the kit is discontinued it is three-hundred dollars used and I'd rather scratch build it. "

Midwest Giant Sweet & Low Stick
Now online as (oz12534)
Found by DavidEichenberg - 07/10/2020 - notes: Currently missing horiz stab
Requested by Pablo - 27/03/2019 - who said: "Wanted: the Giant Sweet ‎& Low Stick plans - can you help me please? It is an old kit from Midwest. Or information about where you could find it. I live in Venezuela and for us it is impossible to buy outside of our country due to a currency control. Thanks in advance"

Mercury Wasp, CL
Now online as (oz10901)
Found by JerryPorter - 15/02/2019
Requested by Tony_Wright - 09/11/2018 - who said: "Hello, fantastic site, does anyone have a plan for the Mercury Wasp? A small CL model. Many thanks"

Mikado 2 - Wilfried Klinger
Now online as (oz11944)
Found by JerryPorter - 10/02/2020
Requested by Frank - 09/08/2018 - who said: "I'm looking for a special plan since years: Wilfried Klinger - Mikado 2. I can't find it in your database but this plan exists - I have build this model some 40 years ago. Any suggestions how to get it? Where to look?"

Dorland, AeroModeller August 1951
Now online as (oz11082)
Found by hawkeye - 18/04/2019
Requested by ChrisPinn - 18/04/2019 - who said: "I just loved reading the August 1951 issue of Aeromodeller as it was one I had never seen before [see RCLibrary]. I was very taken by the article 'Convert the Dorland to Diesel Power'. I tried to track down a plan of the Dorland in my files, but wasn't able to. It must have been published in 1946 as there is a b&w photo of it flying in the October 1946 Aeromodeller and the cover of the November 1946 issue has a colour painting of this attractive model. I can imagine that modellers of vintage models, such as myself, would be motivated to build this diesel conversion if the plan of the Dorland was available. Please keep a lookout for it!!"

MOAR 43 by Arve Mozzarini
Now online as (oz9945)
Found by DBHL - 23/03/2018
Requested by VinHeron - 27/06/2017 - who said: "I am looking for plan of the MOAR 43 by the great Arve Mozzarini and wondered if you could possibly help with information on where I might obtain one. I would dearly love to build and fly one (this is right at the top of my model aircraft bucket list). Hope you can help. Many thanks."

Mercury Texan (Class A Team Racer), Ron Young
Now online as (oz8707)
Found by NicholasTucker - 14/05/2017
Requested by BernardPetroOdendaal - 22/03/2017 - who said: "I got hold of a Vintage Kit of the (Mercury Models) Texan - Class A Team Racer sometime ago. Upon opening the box yesterday I found the wood, hardware & tissue - but (alas) no plan. Is there any possibility of getting hold of this plan via Outerzone? Wingspan is 22 in, length 17 in. "

Piece O'Cake, from Dynaflite
Now online as (oz11286)
Found by dfritzke - 20/06/2019
Requested by SergioArias - 22/03/2017 - who said: "I'd like to ask you about a model that surprisingly has not appeared among your collection so far. The model is the "Piece O'Cake" from Dynaflite. I don't know much about it. I am not sure whether Craft Air was the former manufacturer, and then it was taken over by Dynaflite or the other wary around. Anyway it's a plan that I'd like to have so as to build it some day. There's another model from Dynaflite, the "Butterfly" I found about searching for the "Piece O'Cake". Though there are two "Butterfly's" in the list, I'm unsure whether any of them is the design from Dynaflite. I will appreciate anything you can tell me about them. I look forward to seeing the "Piece O'Cake" in your list soon."

Halfax Roma
Now online as (oz8469)
Found by DBHL - 24/02/2017
Requested by MichaelAdams - 20/02/2017 - who said: "I was browsing through some old (1950) copies of the Aeromodeller and spotted a HALFAX (NOT Halifax!) ad for a very pretty pod & boom glider of 40" span called "Roma". Here in Australia where I now live, the Australian Electric Flight Association has introduced a new competition glider class for pre-1956 Vintage Gliders, converted to electric power. I am just completing a conversion of the 1950 APS "Archangel" and the Roma has taken my fancy for a follow up conversion. It is not an Outerzone listed plan, is it possible that somebody out there still has a copy they can contribute to the cause? Many thanks. "

GAL Hotspur, Aeromodeller September 1942
Now online as (oz8470)
Found by vectis7 - 25/02/2017
Requested by David - 13/02/2017 - who said: "What can you tell me about a plan of the GAL Hotspur said to be published in the Sept, 1942 *Aeromodeller*? My *Aeromodeller* collection is rather vast (for a Colonial anyway), but I don't have that one. Reason is, Flying Aces Club has a new scale glider event this year and I'm looking for a follow up design to my Piper TG-8, currently being cut upon. The Hotspur is quite lovely, compared to the TG-8, certainly. Hotspur camo/flash scheme is a real hoot. Yours in toil."

Mercury Musketeer, Ron Prentice kit plan, 40
Now online as (oz8501)
Found by Fabio Gil - 02/03/2017
Requested by Fabio Gil - 09/02/2017 - who said: "The Mercury Musketeer by Ron Prentice, 40" C/L (with parts sheet, 3.5-5cc, 2 sheets) would be a great addition. I flew C/L from 1977 till 79 when I switched to R/C. In 2002 I restarted it and still remember well when the local club founder sported one in a beautiful and colourful finish at the circle back in 1978. It was shocking when another club member kicked its rudder, accidentally breaking it down during a demo gathering event, full of newcomers waiting to watch its maiden flight at the Clube Piracicabano de Aeromodelismo-Brazil."

The Arrow by Bill Gibson, 1940
Now online as (oz696)
Found by Mary - 14/02/2018 - notes: in the old MB files
Requested by Anthony Close - 10/01/2017 - who said: "Hi, I am looking for a plan of The Arrow by Bill Gibson from 1940, class B pylon model. Thank you."

Humbrol Firefly glider
Now online as (oz11385)
Found by starfighter - 24/07/2019
Requested by Joost - 09/09/2016 - who said: "There remains to be built for me the Humbrol Firefly glider. I would like to ask if you could add that to the wanted plans list. Surely there must be many plans out there - this could be bought in many places at the time, not only model shops but also toy shops (mid 1970s). I am keen to build it too! Thanks and regards."

Sport Air by Northeast Aerodynamic
Now online as (oz13147)
Found by Juan Valentin - 05/07/2021 - notes: 40 size
Requested by GeorgeMiller - 19/08/2016 - who said: "I have been searching for the plans for a "Sport Air" made by Northeast Aerodynamics many years ago. They had a .40 and a .60 size. No luck so far. Is it possible you may know of someone who has it? "

Wakefield Flying Minutes, full size
Now online as (oz7934)
Found by MikeBateman, RogerNewman - 28/07/2016 - notes: Thanks to the David Baker Heritage Library
Requested by MikeBateman - 25/07/2016 - who said: "Please could you help me locate full size plans for the above aeroplane, which dates from the 1940s. This is a F/F rubber powered model, and was one of many "Wakefield's" which won many competitions. I still have my Grandfather's Flying Minutes, which is 70 years old this year, and is the worse for being stored in the loft. Aero Modeller Plans Service listed the Plans as APS 10/39 AD 1045, and the drawings were by Lees and Stott of Halifax. I hope you will be able to help me to source them, as you already list three Aircraft under the "Halifax" name, and I have already downloaded "Spartan", "Albatross", and "Teal". I have Grandfather's "Spartan", and have recently sourced the correct Engine and Ignition Pack. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. With many thanks and kind regards,"

.049 Pusher Concord (RCME)
Now online as (oz9450)
Found by DerickScott - 14/08/2016 - notes: with article pages
Requested by RalphFisher - 25/07/2016 - who said: "Hi Folks, Many years ago, RCM&E published a free pull-out plan of an .049 pusher Concord. Just wondering if anyone would have a copy in their collection. Thanks in advance."

Eliminator by Barry Wheeler
Now online as (oz1712)
Found by RFJ - 29/04/2016
Requested by PeterVDWaterbeemd - 29/04/2016 - who said: "The Eliminator by Barry Wheeler in Outerzone appears not be the original plan. There is an Aeromodeler Plans Service plan (possibly numbered PET310, published May 1953) which present the same model but is a little different. For example, the original had wooden bearings as opposed to the aluminium/plastic mount in the current Outerzone plan. Can this be sourced and added to Outerzone?"

Super Skybolt by Greatplanes
Now online as (oz7867)
Found by DerickScott - 13/07/2016 - notes: 2 sheets
Requested by RaudelSanchez - 04/11/2016 - who said: "I'm a biplane fan and actually I'm finishing a SIG Hog Bipe I'm building from the kit plans. But the one I have always wanted to build since many years is the Greatplanes Super Skybolt but that set of plans have proved to be very evasive and therefore I've never managed to find it. Is it any chance that you could help me to find it? If you do, you'll make me a very happy modeler, cause I'm "in love" with that model."

Mini Eros by David Boddington
Now online as (oz7630)
Found by DerickScott - 13/04/2016
Requested by MikeWight - 04/04/2016 - who said: "If anybody has a copy of the Mini Eros plan by David Boddington, as published in in the Sept 83 issue of Radio Control Aircraft Extra, could they please add it to the Outerzone collection, I would very much like to build an example. At 42" span, converted to electric, it will make a perfect Park Fly model to show the foamies what a proper model is. Many thanks."

Hi-Liner Aeromodeller plan
Now online as (oz7446)
Found by RFJ and DerickScott - 29/01/2016 - notes: complete with article
Requested by Allan - 27/01/2016 - who said: "Hi Steve. Great site BTW. I'm after Hi-Liner, an 049 all sheet, model with Jedelsy wing and very high thrust line. I think it was an Aeromodeller plan and I have found ref in an old APS Handbook under X plan - #793. July 1961 I think. But no luck beyond that. I built one in a week and in the sixties when I was about 13. It went straight up and then down, and I want a second chance!"

Outlaw (FF) from Keil Kraft
Now online as (oz8824)
Found by fizzlestik - 11/06/2017
Requested by SteveWMD - 19/01/2016 - who said: "Would really like to have a decent fullsize plan of the KK Outlaw free flight model (not the KK Outlaw RC model, we have that one) it's the 50in wingspan model with cranked polyhedral wing shape. There's a pic here online at"

Fleet Biplane by Concept Models
Now online as (oz5481)
Found by JamesHickman - 04/09/2019
Requested by Mike - 04/01/2016 - who said: "I am looking for a plan for the Fleet Biplane produced by Concept Models. I believe they made this in a couple of different sizes. I am most interested in the quarter scale version if possible. Thanks for a great website. Love the new library website as well."

Hegi Revell B-3205 T45
Now online as (oz7227)
Found by DerickScott - 26/11/2015
Requested by Gil - 19/11/2015 - who said: "Hello Steve! I keep this catalog since I was a teenager in 1982 and always wanted to build this model here from Revell-Hegi T-45. Can you please post this request on your site? Congratulations for your hard work. Thanks, Gil. "

Svenson Coxy
Now online as (oz13213)
Found by Pilgrim, Jef - 29/07/2021
Requested by ChristianBride - 11/11/2015 - who said: "I'm French and 40 years ago built the Svenson COXY, with a 0.49 Babe Bee. I would love to build another one, but no longer have the plan. Does anyone out there have it? "

JETEX (twin Jetex 50) SARO SR. A/1 flying boat fighter
Now online as (oz7598)
Found by MikeWight, Poacher, Kiwi - 05/05/2017 - notes: inc printwood
Requested by Adrian - 19/10/2015 - who said: "Hi Steve, My request is for the stick and tissue, stringered plan of the JETEX (twin Jetex 50) SARO SR. A/1 flying boat fighter, a British kit. I am not aware of any one selling the plan (?) and I have located the sheet parts on the rcgroups website forum. There's also part of the plan on the archived website. If someone could post this one on Outerzone, I would be most appreciative! Thanks"

Aristo-cat from MAN/Midwest
Now online as (oz6995)
Found by Ray - 02/09/2015 - notes: from MAN
Requested by MikeBohannan - 24/08/2015 - who said: "Steve, I absolutely love this website and check it every day - thank you for all the work you put into it. I have been looking for a copy of the Aristo-cat. It was published in MAN but I have not been able to find out just when - the good part is that it was kitted by Midwest, but again I have not been able to locate a kit or a set of plans. Hopefully this vast network can help. Thanks again for you work."

P-39 Aircobra from Global
Now online as (oz7467)
Found by JJ - 05/02/2016 - notes: complete
Requested by RichardScott - 07/06/2015 - who said: "I have been searching for the plan and templates for the global or global quality P-39 aircobra. In the 90's I built one modified for electric speed 480 power. It flew so well that I built a variation as a Douglass TBD and another as a Bell Airbonita. All were good fliers. I would appreciate any help obtaining the P-39 plan. THANKS"

Jimmy Glider from Pilot, OK models
Now online as (oz10471)
Found by AlanSinclair - 26/09/2019 - notes: Complete, 3 sheets
Requested by JohnS - 11/05/2015 - who said: "G'day Steve, I've been looking for years for the plans of Jimmy glider from pilot, OK models for years now and I wonder if some one could help me out please. It also has an extra sheet detailing cut out and building instructions. The plan is from the early 80's and a very successful model. I lent the plans to somebody but unfortunately I can't locate the person.I would dearly like to get a copy and build one again for old times sake. This is a great site and people should be greatfull for it. Thank you. Regards,"

XC4 from Contest Kits
Now online as (oz6949)
Found by DerickScott - 06/08/2015
Requested by ChrisPinn - 12/04/2015 - who said: "Hi Steve, Could you please put the Contest Kits XC4 on your wanted list. I built one in 1962 and it was extremely fast when catapulted with an ex-Wakefield rubber model motor. It had a rubber band controlled blow-back elevator which prevented the model from looping when catapulted. Very simple and very effective. It was advertised as being capable of 100mph and I believe it. The kit cost 6s 11d, which is about 35p in today's money! Thanks"

FJ-3 Fury by Joe Coles, MAN 1962
Now online as (oz6394)
Found by RFJ - 27/02/2015 - notes: in cleanup
Requested by Roman - 23/02/2015 - who said: "Hi Steve, Found in a 1962 edition of Model Airplane News. Joseph Coles, FJ-3 Fury. It is a Scale, C/L and Dynajet powered. I have checked again and found this link : Very low resolution Image and I'm looking form something usable. Every now and again a plan turns up on Ebay but I have not had much luck winning an auction. Possibly someone you know has a copy that could be scanned. Thanks for your help. Kind Regards,"

Wing Jig from RCM
Now online as (oz6254)
Found by RFJ - 12/01/2015
Requested by davidp - 27/12/2014 - who said: "Hi Steve, Thanks ever so much for what you've done and continue to do. My hat's off. Looking for the RCM Wing Jig article and or plan. The Super Kaos article states it was in the August '67 issue of RCM. Thanks again!"

Olympic 99 from Airtronics
Now online as (oz7618)
Found by StanHinman - 12/04/2016
Requested by JohanNeuhard - 19/12/2014 - who said: "hi steve, i'm looking for a plan from the olympic 99 (airtronics) wanted to build a old gasbag with a great naca 6409 airfoil on thanks for the great website and for keeping the old models alive kind regards,"

Super Robot from Veron
Found by RFJ - 01/03/2015
Requested by DerickScott - 15/12/2014 - who said: "Hi Steve, Another request for your wanted section if I could. I am trying to locate a copy of the Veron SUPER ROBOT plans. This is the later updated version of the original Robot. If anyone has a scan or plans I could borrow to scan that would be great. Many thanks, keep up the good work Steve. Regards,"

Mistral from Mercury
Now online as (oz6175)
Found by DerickScott - 08/12/2014 - notes: formers unchecked
Requested by sandman - 06/12/2014 - who said: "Hi Steve, Thanks for a great website. I've been searching for too long for plans for a 'Mistral Mercury' plane that my Father and I made when I was around 12 - 13 years old and still no success... It is was a Cessna type craft ie: wing over, rubber band powered balsa strut construction, tissue covered, wing span approx 24 - 30 inches. Its wings had a flat centre that fastened to the body with two rubber bands, same for the tailplane, and clear plastic for windows. It is almost like the '50 inch Endurance' 'Ajax' or 'Achillies' models but a bit sexier!"

Macchi 202 from RCM
Now online as (oz6255)
Found by Unknown - 10/01/2015 - notes: see ID=6255
Requested by FabioH - 18/11/2014 - who said: "I would like if possible to include in the list of wanted the plans for 'Macchi 202' R/C scale model of RCM magazine."

Esprit by Van Twelves from MAN
Now online as (oz6258)
Found by RFJ - 12/01/2015
Requested by FabioG - 11/11/2014 - who said: "Hello Steve, Here is another request about a plan from the JUL/1978 Model Airplane News magazine issue called ESPRIT. It is a jet like model for .40 engine. If anyone can send it I would be very glad. Description: An exciting R/C pattern plane with the look of a military fighter and the qualities to win in any class. Design by Van Twelves employs typical balsa/foam construction. WS: 58 in.; L: 43 in.; Engine: .40; 4 to 5 channels; 1 sheet."

Sagitta Glider from Airtronics
Now online as (oz5970)
Found by DerickScott - 23/09/2014 - notes: both the 600 and 900 models
Requested by JamesGreen - 28/08/2014 - who said: "Hi Steve, I am trying to find a plan for the Sagitta Glider, I remember as a boy my uncle building one and flying it from a farmers field on our camping trip. I have looked for it everywhere online and the more I see pictures of the design the more I want to build one. the plan/kit was produced by airtronics and was availible as the Sagitta 600 (2m span) and the Sagitta 900 (99in span). Thanks for putting together the best website on the internet. "

Kiwi from SIG
Now online as (oz6039)
Found by NorbertoSt?bile - 13/10/2014
Requested by FabioG - 15/08/2014 - who said: "Hello Steve, Hope you are well. My next request is the SIG MFG KIWI plans. Sig does not sell it on its site and I believe you can post them. Thank you again,"

Royal-Marutaka Boeing P26a Peashooter 67in
Now online as (oz6078)
Found by DerickScott - 28/10/2014
Requested by DerickScott - 21/07/2014 - who said: "Hi Steve, I am trying to track down the 2 sheet plan for the Royal-Marutaka Boeing P26a Peashooter 67” span for .60-.80 motor. If anyone has one it would be very nice of them to share it. My copy unfortunately got damaged badly and is no longer useable. Best regards,"

Pica Duellist 2/40
Now online as (oz5962)
Found by Rocko - 21/09/2014
Requested by Rocko - 28/05/2014 - who said: "Hello, I am looking for plans for the Pica Duellist 2/40 by Dave Platt. I have a kit however the plans not very good. I'm not sure if Pica made poor copies or if someone kept the originals and re-sold the kit with a poor copy. I would like to find a good clear copy before I try building on what I have. Wing span 67in, Wing Chord 14in. Thank you,"

Pilot QB 20 S
Now online as (oz6503)
Found by SimonPlatt - 31/03/2015 - notes: note this one is titled QB 20S II(?)
Requested by TonyLeong - 09/05/2014 - who said: "Hi, I'm looking for the plans for QB20S kitted by Pilot. A shoulder wing 4 channel intermediate plane which I first learnt how to fly RC 30+ years ago. Light wing loading made it an excellent flyer and simple construction box construction made it easy to build. If anyone has this plan, I'd really appreciate getting my hands on a copy. I've managed to find plans for the other planes in Pilot's QB20 series of trainers (high wing, low wing) but not for the shoulder wing version. Many thanks in advance."

Miss RJ Mustang by Malina brothers
Now online as (oz5965)
Found by Piero - 21/09/2014
Requested by JonBennison - 28/04/2014 - who said: "I have been using your plan service for a while and have been looking for a 1/4 midget .15 sized mustang plan. Unfortunately i havent been able to find one. I was wondering if you could help me find the 1300mm Miss RJ Mustang plan similar to this one ( in a PDF at full size. The plan was designed by the Malina brothers and won the 1985 pylon champion ships it was printed in thw Czechoslovakian magazine around the same time. It was later traslated to german and was put into FMT but I cannot find it on there that was april 1987. I have used one of your small mustang plans and have converted it to a .09 size plane. It is brilliant i love it so much. Thank you for the service it is amazing i am only 18 but the first build i have done was from a plan of yours. The Graupner Race Rat is another one i have redesigned and built. Regards,"

Gi Gi biplane
Now online as (oz5536)
Found by DerickScott - 09/05/2014 - notes: complete
Requested by TomVenters - 28/04/2014 - who said: "Hi, I am looking for a plan of Gi Gi, a biplane of about 30 inch span, a vintage of the 60s. designed for galloping ghost. Not to be confused with Gi Gi by john Baker. I think it was an APS plan but can't be sure. I built this in the 60s and installed 3 channel and it was the perfect weekend flier. A guy called Andrew Shering is demonstrating the model on You tube as he has installed electrics Cannot contact him. Would like the challenge of building and flying as 4 channel for old times sake. Log into Google and enter Gi Gi and it will find the Andrew Shering demo. Regards "

Real Sporty from Sterling
Now online as (oz5485)
Found by JohnSandusky - 15/04/2014 - notes: No printwood
Requested by dfritzke - 04/04/2014 - who said: "I have been watching for a Sterling 'Real Sporty' on e-bay, but they always get away from me. If someone has plans for one, please post them or send me the plans and I will scan them and post them here for everyone. This is the larger RC version of the Cassutt Quarter Midget Racer."

Lil Spirit by Consolidated
Now online as (oz6484)
Found by bhibbets - 26/03/2015
Requested by dfritzke - 04/04/2014 - who said: "I just discovered a nice little 1/2a RC plane from an advertisement in an old 1963 issue of Model Airplane News, called the Lil' Spirit by Consolidated. Looks a bit like a DeBolt design. If anyone has plans for that, send them to OZ or mail me the plans and I'll scan them and a file to Steve at OZ!"

Philibuster by Phil Greeno
Now online as (oz6257)
Found by RFJ - 12/01/2015
Requested by keithd - 23/02/2014 - who said: "Steve, I have used your plan library several times to build models I built many years ago in my youth. In the early 70’s I built a small rc aerobatic, low wing, for 20glow , the plan being by Phil Greeno (whilst he was in hospital) but can not recall the name... This model lasted until 2013 (40 years) with several engines and I would like to build another, any ideas! Hope you can help. Regards"

Komet FAI from Aero Modeller 1953
Now online as (oz5559)
Found by RFJ - 12/01/2015
Requested by BobMcKeon - 09/02/2014 - who said: "Steve... Another plan if you can find this. It's part of the historical side of the early, early F.A.I. competition of the early part of the 1950's. There was a 72in wingspan model that won the first F.A.I. world championship event named "KOMET"... I only have bits of it from some correspondence a few years back. I think it was written up in a 1953 Aero Modeller mag. Someone should have this tucked away somewhere and be able to provide a hi-res copy.. Thanx."

Graupner Champion CL Stunt
Now online as (oz13023)
Found by AlbrechtL - 03/05/2021
Requested by SteveFinch - 25/01/2014 - who said: "Hi, I'm looking for the Graupner Champion control line stunt plan, 2.5-3.5cc engines, approximately 1957 vintage. Regards,"

Graupner Bo 209 Monsun
Now online as (oz12699)
Found by Doro - 21/12/2020
Requested by Gil - 15/01/2014 - who said: "Hello Steve, Now I want to request a plan instead of sending one. Please, I wish so much to have the Graupner Bo 209 MONSUN plan for .40 rc engine. Thanks again for your great job,"

Competition Models SST
Now online as (oz5675)
Found by RichardSutherland - 20/06/2014 - notes: inc decals and some printwood
Requested by Modelbuilder2011 - 13/01/2014 - who said: "I am trying to find a plan for the Competition Models Company SST (1/2A rudder throttle canard. I have been looking for a year now. It was my second RC model. I would really like to build another."

Night Train
Found by Derick Scott - 04/01/2014 - notes: low res scan, usable.
Requested by stormin - 31/12/2013 - who said: "Some time ago I started to CAD trace George French's Night train, but although the cad file was backed up, lost my scan in a computer crash. Could I find the photocopy? High and low to no avail. It was published in Model Airplane News some time in the late sixties. I wondered if one of your readers could oblige?"

Rudder Bird by Sterling
Now online as (oz5233)
Found by jmdauge - 10/01/2014 - notes: no formers, as yet
Requested by RB - 30/12/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve - I'm looking for a full size plan, Sterling Models, "Rudder Bird", Kit FS - 15, 52" wingspan, 35" length, .09 to .19 engines, 3 channel. An shoulder wing design of intermediate trainer model. Have kit but no plan. This kit plan are hard to find. I have searched for years without success. Does anyone have the 'Rudder Bird' plan? Thanks for your help."

Cessna 180 by Graupner
Now online as (oz5693)
Found by Edubarca - 30/06/2014 - notes: inc decals
Requested by Edubarca - 14/12/2013 - who said: "This Cessna 180 is a very nice model by the famous German company. It was kitted in the late sixties. As with all models from Graupner, not easy to build but parts fitted very well and flew beautifully. Not easy to find but I'm sure someone out there worldwide has a nice copy and, hopefully, with parts."

Wind Puff by Svenson
Now online as (oz5920)
Found by DerickScott - 12/09/2014 - notes: Complete, 4 sheets.
Requested by Minze - 20/11/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve, I'm looking for plans to the svenson wind puff. I came to know the model while looking for svenson Wayfarer plans and it just look like fun to build and fly. When searching it appeared a hard one to find. Thanks,"

Sterling Piper Tri Pacer 44in wingspan
Now online as (oz5068)
Found by DerickScott - 14/11/2013 - notes: inc printwood and decals
Requested by Edubarca - 14/11/2013 - who said: "This is a smaller version of the FS1 58in wingspan kit of the Tri Pacer by Sterling. It is more modern and easier to make. It has been a very difficult plan to find and I hope it includes all the parts."

Comet Ryan Navion
Now online as (oz5049)
Found by Edubarca - 14/11/2013
Requested by OleBill - 06/11/2013 - who said: "Surely someone out there happens to have plans and printwood for the stick and tissue Comet Ryan Navion, and would be willing to share with others. (Not the Structo-Speed) version, the stick and tissue one. Thanks for your consideration."

Berkeley Pay Dirt
Now online as (oz5305)
Found by RichardSutherland - 03/02/2014 - notes: no printwood
Requested by JimKatz - 27/10/2013 - who said: "Steve, Love your web site. I am looking for plans for the Berkeley 'Pay Dirt'. Thanks,"

Robbe Puma 1
Now online as (oz5030)
Found by Hanspeter - 10/11/2013
Requested by MichaelS - 27/10/2013 - who said: "I am looking for the plan Puma 1, the old one from 1966 to 1970 from Robbe. Regards,"

Hegi Fan R/C Motorsportmodell
Now online as (oz5190)
Found by Walter - 24/12/2013
Requested by FabioG - 09/09/2013 - who said: "Dear Steve, Thanks for your altruist job. People like you help turn true our dreams. In 1982 my father bought me a beautiful german kit in Argentina which latter I came to mistakenly swap it for a bigger one. It was the HEGI FAN R/C, wingspan 1100mm, for .15-.21 RC engine. Thank you for your help."

Zero-ette CL sport stunt
Now online as (oz4850)
Found by dfritzke - 21/09/2013 - notes: A bit low in resolution, but usable.
Requested by Ratracer - 02/09/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve, Looking for the Zero-ette CL sport stunt model from Hobby Helpers plans group # 558, also appeared in the May 1958 issue of American Modeler. Thx"

Salt Lake City Sadie
Now online as (oz5229)
Found by DPlumpe - 08/01/2014 - notes: bit rough, but still readable
Requested by BobMcKeon - 12/08/2013 - who said: "Am wondering if you've ever run across a plan from the late 50's by the name of 'Salt Lake City Sadie' Twin fin free flight for a .15 engine. ...That's all the memory I have of it. It appeared in one of the American mags back then. Enjoyed finding your Outerzone web pages...discovered this by accident, since I've been out of building for many years...brought back some fine memoriesThanx for your contribution to the hobby. Regards,"

McCann-ard 27
Now online as (oz4833)
Found by TomCrompton - 15/09/2013
Requested by BobG - 12/08/2013 - who said: "Steve, I'm after a design by Jim McCann published as a free plan in the March 1963 Aeromodeller. It was, I believe, called the McCann-ard 27. Thanks for you wonderful site. The work you put in is phenominal. I wish I had the skill to contribute, but I'm only just starting with CAD and the curve looks long and steep! "

Mercury Magna FF sport
Now online as (oz4811)
Found by BobPickernell - 09/09/2013 - notes: Hand-traced copy.
Requested by DannyM - 27/07/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve. The Mercury Magna F/F sport model. I purchased this kit from the holy grail of London aeromodellers, 308 Holloway Rd. Henry J. himself sold me the kit in 1966. It was an easy build but inexperience in trimming sealed it's fate. Now I have a bit more experience I would like to have another go at it for sentimental reasons. A plan would be very appreciated. Regards from the land of the kangaroo"

Heatwave FAI by Mick Green (?)
Now online as (oz4656)
Found by Derick Scott - 28/07/2013 - notes: Courtesy of SAM_1066
Requested by Jeff - 26/07/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve, I have been looking for a plan for 'Heatwave' by Mick Green (I think). This was an FAI power model from C.1959 and may have been published in Aeromuddler. I built the model when I was a member of the Hornchurch club in company with the illustrious Ray 'Gadget' Gibbs whom I later came to assist during one or two attempts at the world speed record. I recall having great difficulty getting the motor to run on first flight so Ray stepped in and had it running almost instantly! He was rather disdainful of free flight models, particularly of the various appendages intended to increase performance. He was right of course, since my 'Heatwave' roared upwards in a tight spiral until OOS. And returned to earth more or less vertically to be smashed into a million pieces. I would like to try again. Best wishes,"

GM Thermal Charger 60in
Now online as (oz4713)
Found by windlaufen - 05/08/2013 - notes: Posted on HPA site
Requested by steveWMD - 18/07/2013 - who said: "This is a discontinued 1980s kit for an electric-powered pusher glider. Unavailable now, it was from GM Precision Products. Very pretty 80s styling, I think. There's a photo here: I really, really, want a copy of this plan. "

SHARK control line stunt
Now online as (oz4557)
Found by Ratracer - 27/06/2013 - notes: Posted on RCGroups
Requested by Edubarca - 23/06/2013 - who said: "Lew McFarland SHARK CL stunt, this model was published in American Modeler in the 60s. It was also kitted by Jetco. I would like to have this plan. It is a winner with a very attractive design. Can also be converted to RC."

Sterling Schweizer 8'
Now online as (oz4603)
Found by dfritzke - 12/07/2013
Requested by DaveFritzke - 15/05/2013 - who said: "I am looking for a plan for the big 8' Sterling Schweizer 1-34, kit FS26. I bought a 'kit' and it has just a few parts and no plans. BUT I have the canopy and decals, the pylon parts and a few other odd bits, so I am encouraged to build one. I have plans in the AMA Kit Plan book, but they are greatly reduced and would be pretty fuzzy enlarged to full size. So I'm putting out a plea..."

Ringtail twin-boom CL
Now online as (oz4342)
Found by Derick Scott - 07/05/2013
Requested by GaryButton - 06/05/2013 - who said: "I am looking to find out if there is a Control Line plan of an Australian designed and built twin boomed twin finned constant cord winged model from (about) 1958 / 59 called 'Ringtail', it has an inverted engine. From memory it takes a 1.5 cc to 2.5 cc engine. My Father built one when I was about 8 years old. I never did get to see it fly. I do have a redrawn plan which is not the same layout, does look like the ringtail yet it is not an original plan or copy. I may be just going around in circles here; it would be nice to have a ringtail to join me."

OK-Model Pilot kit: Focke Wulf 190
Now online as (oz5578)
Found by DidiLaksana - 22/05/2014 - notes: inc wing ribs
Requested by Danito69 - 28/04/2013 - who said: "Hi Steve, I`m looking for... OK-Model Pilot Focke Wulf 190. I will apreciate so much if somenone so kindly to find and upload these plans. Regards"

KK Consort RC
Found by DavePlatt - 01/07/2020 - notes: Turns out, the Consort never went into production, so there is no plan. Many thanks to DavePlatt (who designed the prototype) for confirmation on this.
Requested by Derick Scott - 24/04/2013 - who said: "Keil kraft Consort 67" span semi scale r/c for .61 motor. Looks like a Rawlinson Condor."

KK Student RC
Now online as (oz5633)
Found by DavidWilkinson - 03/06/2014 - notes: inc manual, 6 pages.
Requested by Derick Scott - 24/04/2013 - who said: "I am looking for the Keil Kraft Student r/c trainer 56" span for .35 motor."

Twenty Minute glider
Found by TonyFrench - 28/02/2013 - notes: This is available from Belair here:
Requested by JohnNurse - 15/01/2013 - who said: "I am looking for the Twenty Minute glider plan. The original model was kitted by Premier just after World War 2. It had a 52.5" wingspan an elliptical fuselage formers and a spar less swept back wing with the ribs at 1" spacing. My late father built on for me and the performance was FANTASTIC. Obviously, free flight and we lost it 4 times. We had our name and address on it and it was returned on every occasion. My father paid the returner's 10 shillings on each occasion (50p). The kit price was 21 shillings. (£1.10p.) The original plan was a blue print. Perhaps you would be kind enough to use what ever methods you can use to secure it for me and other modellers. What I would do is to have it scaled up X 2 and build it for RC. It is and was a very beautiful model esthetically."

Carl Goldberg Models 'Eaglet 50'
Now online as (oz4192)
Found by jmd - 05/04/2013
Requested by Edubarca - 17/12/2012 - who said: "Although the most traditional and excellent Goldberg trainer was and still is the famous Falcon, he designed a rather simpler model called the Eaglet 50. It was done with lots of plywood parts for kit production because balsa in the USA has always been expensive. As with all Goldberg models, it was very attractive and flew beautifully. This plan has been, very, very hard to come by. By the way, Carl also enlarged the Eaglet 50 to 63 inches wingspan and a .40 glow engine which was very popular way back in the late seventies. "

Graupner Ultra Stunter, Graupner Super Stunter
Now online as (oz4094)
Found by Derick Scott, Hanspeter Fitz - 26/04/2013
Requested by petersom7 - 13/12/2012 - who said: "I recall the effortless performance of a Graupner model which some unknown fella brought to our control-line field one day back in about 1958(?) and tore holes in the sky, using a motor which we all felt was really just not enough for the job. I believe it was an Ultra Stunter; there was another similar model / kit, I am not sure of the name but it could have been a Super Stunter, The Ultra was 44" span for a 1.5cc glo or diesel, not enough..? Not so. It hung right out there and flew better than our Frog 500 and Sabre 29 jobs. But the Ultra was obviously very light. I am not having much luck searching for these plans or even pictures. I am now hoping you may be willing to publish a request to readers etc to contribute to our store of knowledge and send you the goods to add both of these neato Graupner models to Outerzone's list..."

Spitfire Stunt CL by Charles Mackey
Now online as (oz3678)
Found by Edubarca - 17/11/2012
Requested by Anthony344 - 07/11/2012 - who said: "In my teenager years I have built one of Aerobatic Spitfire Stunter control line by Charles Mackey & now time has gone by I have lost the plans of this wonderful plane & I would love to build this control line Spitfire Stunter from Charles Mackey again , dream my teenager life again. The publisher is by American Modeler & the year is February 1960. the designer of the Spitfire Stunter is Charles Mackey."

Snoopy Hydroplane
Found by Anon - 24/11/2012
Requested by Gypsy940 - 05/11/2012 - who said: "I built a balsa/ply 3 pointer type hydroplane from a magazine drawing in an American magazine around 1960-63. It would have been in Flying Models, or Model Airplane News. It was called Snoopy, and powered by an OS 35. It went well, but I sold or swapped it to another modeller way back then. Have looked for years for that plan thru old mags,and perhaps thru your great site, someone could help me find it again."

Keil Kraft Southerner (not CAD)
Now online as (oz5292)
Found by Pilgrim - 30/01/2014
Requested by SteveWMD - 02/10/2012 - who said: "Does someone out there have the original plan for the KK Southerner? This has been hard to find."

Lanzo Airborne
Now online as (oz4102)
Found by Edimodel - 08/03/2013 - notes: from Modellismo - 54in span 1/2A texaco version
Requested by victorb - 28/09/2012 - who said: "I try to find the plan of the Lanzo airborne, an airplane designed by Chet Lanzo in 1938, for me and two friends. We plan to use these planes in meetings and contest of SAM (society of antique modelers) and sure for fun too. Original design has a wingspan of 108 inches, but any size will do the job."

Debolt scale-like Piper Super Cub
Now online as (oz12271)
Found by MarcBird - 17/06/2020 - notes: Complete, inc RC installation sheet
Requested by Edubarca - 19/09/2012 - who said: "Debolt's Super Cub was a beautiful model. He also designed the Aeronca Champion using the same wing. I built a Super Cub so many years back that I don't remember. I would like to build one now with modern engines and RC. Not the Champion, this plan I have. I want the Super Cub."

Ercoupe by Harold Debolt
Now online as (oz5108)
Found by JeffMac - 03/12/2013 - notes: Complete with instrs
Requested by Edubarca - 19/09/2012 - who said: "This is a hard one: It is hardly a scale model but his designs were tops and flew great. More than 40 years looking for it!"

American Ace
Now online as (oz4697)
Found by JJ - 03/08/2013 - notes: complete with printwood.
Requested by SteveWMD - 11/09/2012 - who said: "This is the smaller 54in version of Henry Struck's 'New Ruler'. There are a couple of fine pics of this model at and I think it's very pretty. I'd love to buld it from the original plan."

Sterling Stearman PT17 for radio control
Now online as (oz3704)
Found by Edubarca - 20/11/2012
Requested by Edubarca - 11/09/2012 - who said: " 60" wingspan, not the rubber powered version, hopefully with all parts, at least the formers which are quite hard to develop from the plans."

Sterling Radio Control Fokker D-VII
Now online as (oz3337)
Found by daddyrabbit1954 - 18/10/2012 - notes: over on the HPA plans site
Requested by Edubarca - 11/09/2012 - who said: "58" wingspan, from their kit. Not the rubber powered version."

Bi-Mini with 32in span
Now online as (oz3310)
Found by FredChamberlain, pd1 - 11/09/2012 - notes: Scanned plan stitched by pd1
Requested by rmcarter - 04/09/2012 - who said: "I would be very interested to see if anyone could find a plan for the Bi-Mini, a small biplane version of the KK Super 60, presented with the May 1987 Radio Modeller magazine (I believe)."

Guillows Cessna 170 Radio control version
Now online as (oz5332)
Found by jpmorin - 29/06/2014 - notes: Complete, on 4 sheets.
Requested by Edubarca - 31/08/2012 - who said: "This model belongs to the RC series that Guillow put out on the late 70s and didn't catch on sales. Being a fan of the Cessna 170 (my father owned one that he flew directly from Wichita, Kansas, Cessna's headquarters, to Bogotá some 60 years ago through Central America) I would like to have it."

Sterling Piper Super Cruiser 68in wingspan
Now online as (oz5450)
Found by jmdauge - 29/03/2014 - notes: No printwood. Span is 72in not 68in.
Requested by Edubarca - 31/08/2012 - who said: "From Sterling kit Radio Control (not rubber powered) version. These models are hard to find. It would be nice if the parts could be included scanned from kit if possible because Sterling never did include the parts of the model on their radio control kit plans. They only did this with the rubber powered series."

Total found plans = 109


Many thanks to everyone who has helped out with finding these plans