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(Curtiss) Jenny - OZ NO,Sterling #P6 - peanut scale,916,13736,Peanut,0
* Advanced pdf passwd recovry,,104,1552,Help file,0
* Air Age Gas Models book scan,,164,2449,Help file,0
* Combat Models Ref. article,,141,2104,Help file,0
* Cover art for Mushroom Model,,211,3154,Help file,0
* COVERING W/ TISSUE - ADD ON,Sundancer,192,2880,,0
* Covering W/ Tissue Word Doc.& PDF,Planeman,192,2879,Help file,0
* COVERING WITH TISSUE,Planeman,192,2873,Help file,0
* Harold Towner list of plans,,167,2498,,0
* How to Rotate a Scaled Plan,Ka-6BR,281,4214,Help file,0
* How-to Flight Trim,Jim Kirkland,201,3011,Help file,0
* Image - tricks of the trade,Planeman,199,2974,,0
* Link Outerzone Free Plans Website,Steve aka-WMD,197,2943,Help file,0
* Link to Aerofred - plans - pdf etc,,160,2397,Help file,0
* Link to colin usher mag.index,,190,2837,Help file,0
* Link to Colin Usher old Model Mag,,143,2139,,0
* Link to Cover Art ,,294,4401,Help file,0
* Link to Download Manager Free,,201,3004,Help file,0
* Link to free PDF converter,,198,2966,38,0
* Link to Gimp book (how to),,185,2764,Help file,0
* Link to Gimp Tutorials,,185,2767,Help file,0
* Link to Gimpshop (feels like photoshp),,184,2755,,0
* Link to Globe Swift Plans CAD,MAN - 1947-01 - Earl Stahl,51,753,,10
* Link to golden age,,157,2346,Help file,0
* Link to International Model Airplane Coop,,192,2874,Help file,0
* Link to irfanview,,154,2308,,0
* Link to Keith Laumer Plans ,Dave Fritzke,111,1656,,0
* Link to Kits and Plans Welli & Lancas,,223,3334,,0
* Link to magazine archive,,166,2478,Link,0
* Link to PDF Converter,,207,3097,,0
* Link to Plans & 3-views,,235,3523,,0
* Link to Plans Avro Lancaster,Aeromodeller,223,3331,Help file,0
* Link to Plans French website,,164,2447,,0
* Link to Rcgroup control line plans,,222,3321,,0
* Link to Republic P-47 31inch. Plan,Ideal models,158,2370,,0
* Link to scalesoaring U.K,,175,2615,Help file,0
* Link to Sportmaster PDF Plan,,106,1576,Help file,0
* Link to Tri-Pacer Plans,Sterling,235,3516,,0
* Link to Vic Smeed thread - Plans,Vic Smeed,23,332,Help file,0
* Link to Zaic yearbook 1953,,190,2839,Help file,0
* Links 1935 Canadian Wakefield Plan,,177,2645,Help file,0
* Links for Macchi 308 info,,136,2027,Help file,0
* Links to ##Wakefield/F1B## info,,176,2630,Help file,0
* Links to Barling NB-3 info,,162,2423,Help file,0
* Links to glider/thermal planes,,174,2600,Help file,0
* Links to jet planes,,299,4481,Help file,0
* Links to Sailplane ,,45,672,Help file,0
* Links to Sticks & Tissue archive,,179,2673,JPG.,0
* List of published plans in Am. Mags,Index Removed,52,780,,0
* Making the most of Mag. Plans PDF,,161,2411,Help file,0
* Model Aircraft April 1951 article - OZ - NO,Tuning for Speed,276,4131,Help file,0
* Model Aircraft April 1951 article - OZ NO,Model Aircraft,276,4126,Help file,0
* Model Mags for download,links broken,142,2116,Help file,0
* Page 103 is help with photoshop,entire page,103,1531,Help file,0
* PDF help info,,149,2228,Help File,0
* PDF help info,,149,2229,Help file,0
* Posterize Help in Photoshop,Planeman,296,4427,Help file,0
* Propeller Peak Performance - OZ - NO,Flying Models,194,2909,Help file,0
* Restoring plans with photoshop,Planeman,3,34,Help file,0
* Scanning Lg.plans on small scanner,Dave Plumpe,276,4140,Help file,0
* Scanning plans info,,134,2004,Help file,0
* Tile printing info ,,135,2017,,0
* Tile printing info & link ,,135,2012,,0
* Tile printing info & link ,,135,2018,,0
* Tile printing info & link ,,148,2214,,0
* Useful web links for apps & progrms,,3,42,,0
* Useful web links for programs,,4,48,,0
* Vintage advertisement,,139,2076,JPG.,0
* Vintage advertisement ,,137,2052,36,0
* Vintage Advertisement - Cleveland,,126,1888,,0
* Vintage advertisement Berkeley,,137,2048,,0
* Vintage advertisement jetex,,138,2056,,0
1/2 A Twin,Air Trails - 1951-12 - Harold DeBolt,288,4309,,0
1/2 Wave 1/2A,MAN - 1954-03,301,4515,38,0
1/2 Wave 1/2A,MAN - 1954-03,586,8789,38,0
1/2A Mirage CL,Flying Models - 1980-08 - Lou Walgast,487,7304,,0
1/2A Paa Lord,Frank Ehling,263,3936,33.5,0
1910 Antoinette,,307,4599,,0
1910 Henri Farman,,307,4599,,0
1911 Cessna Original,MAN - 1969-02 - H Struck,395,5913,24,279
1911 Cessna original model,MAN - 1969-02 - H Struck,9,135,,279
1911 Valkerie B,,333,4982,,0
1912 Blackburn Monoplane (jpg),AeroModeller - AM Finucane,822,12328,,0
1912 TWK Clark,,376,5634,,0
1915 Lincoln Beachey RC Gas,A Wolsky NOV 1980 Flying Models,494,7401,,0
1915 ROW contest rubber,,335,5024,,0
1915 Tractor,Ken Sedgwick,206,3077,,0
1919 Nieuport N28 (jpg),MAN - 1938,768,11508,,0
1930s Classic,,317,4747,,0
1931 Australian Autogyro,,325,4862,,0
1931 Northrop Primary Glider,W Kessler,350,5242,,0
1931 Northrup Primary Glider,,412,6171,,0
1932 Monocoupe (jpg),Modern Mechanix - 1988-07,743,11135,64,0
1935 Rogersonn wake from Canada,,335,5024,,0
1937 Outdoor Pusher Canard Fling Glider ,Grant Logan,675,10121,15,0
1937 Outdoor Pusher Canard Fling Glider ,Grant Logan,676,10129,15,0
1937 Stout Record Holder,MAN - 1937-06,335,5024,,0
1937 Texaco,Sam Speaks 2011-10 ,404,6054,,0
1937 Texaco Winner,Sam Speaks - 2011-09 ,483,7240,,0
1938 Cub Sport (jpg),Ott Flying Scale Model no. 1703,786,11782,17,0
1938 Lippish Ornithopter ,,325,4862,,0
1939 Korda Open Road,Dick Korda,335,5024,,0
1939 Lanzo Wakefield,C Lanzo,335,5024,,0
1939 Leo Bailey Fuselage Winner,Air Trails - 1939,335,5024,,0
1939 Scrappy ,Flying Aces - 1939-05 - Ray Heit,483,7240,,470
1939 WIT Eaglet,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
1940 Flying Cloud,Berkeley,335,5024,,0
1942 Floding Wing Rubber,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
1947 Lightweight Glider,Jan 1948,363,5431,,0
1948 Australian Contest Winner,Dec 1951 Model Hobbies,335,5024,,0
1948 Wakefield,Flying Models 1948-04 / Reich,919,13785,44-7/8,0
1950 Wakefield Winner,MAN - 1951-02 - AArne Ellila,487,7297,,0
23 Minute Senior Cabin Model rubber,MAN - 1939-12 - Kenneth Lane,712,10674,39.5,0
23 Sportster 2 sizes article ,Flying Models,125,1871,,0
2nd Hand,Frank Zaic,51,751,,0
3 Semi scale straw gliders,,376,5634,,0
35 Stunt 1952,,258,3864,,0
3D 1/2A,,435,6512,,0
3DB,Shaw Aviation,200,2996,,0
404 Intercetpor,Jim Walker,29,430,,0
5 push glider plans,John Zaic,676,10129,,0
50 inch Endurance Flyer,Guillows 1938,421,6314,50,0
74 Fighter,Jim Walker,29,430,,0
74 Glider,Jim Walker,671,10060,12,0
8 Ball,MAN - 1949-04 ,234,3503,,0
8 Ball - pylon .19-.23,MAN - 1949-04,6,81,54,0
8 ohm,RCME - 1964 - Vic Smeed,80,1200,,609
8-1/2ft Gas Model ff,Frank Ehling,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
A J Hornet (ROG),Jim Walker,910,13639,,0
A Sure Fire Autogiro,MAN - 1948-03 - Roy Clough,10,141,,6677
A Wonder - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler - 1969-12,236,3533,54,0
A-27 - OZ NO,SamSpeaks - Model Builders Manual - 1941,237,3550,36,0
A.J. Hornet - OZ NO,Jim Walker,29,430,,0
A.M. Cabin ,AeroModeller - 1952-12 - Bill Dean,780,11708,20,0
A.M. Cabin rubber,AeroModeller - 1941-08 - Bill Dean,784,11746,20,0
A.M. Cabin rubber,AeroModeller - 1941-08 - Bill Dean,784,11751,20,0
A.T. CL,MAN - 1945-03 - Frank Ehling,487,7297,,0
A.T.'s Flying Lab,,896,13431,72,0
A2-X3 - OZ NO,Flying Models - 1959-07,236,3533,JPG.,0
A3J Vigilante,MB - 1980-01,376,5634,,0
A3J Vigilante RC Pusher,,307,4599,,0
A5M2A Claude,,333,4982,,0
Aamco Sportmaster,AAMCO - 1967,65,968,,2845
ABC Robin,Model Aircraft,240,3594,,0
ABC Robin - for rubber,Aeromodeller,240,3596,36?,0
ABC Robin - small engine,Aeromodeller,240,3596,36?,0
Abzug Pee Wee,,261,3912,,0
AC-1 Monoplane,,200,2996,,0
Ace,Keil Kraft,319,4771,30,0
Ace of Diamonds with Warren-Young Wing,AeroModeller - 1958-08 - George Woolls,722,10817,36,0
Achilles,Keil Kraft,315,4712,24,0
Ackerman 100,,410,6150,,0
Adar (jpg),,818,12269,,0
Adar glider,Dutch 1930,815,12214,36,0
Aegeus glider,Ron Warring 1930,801,12002,42,0
Aegeus glider (cleaned up),Ron Warring 1930,801,12003,42,0
Aegeus glider (cleaned up),Ron Warring 1930,801,12005,42,0
Aeolus Glider (400kb pdf),Ron Warring 1942,799,11985,,0
Aeolus Glider (7mb jpg),Ron Warring 1942,799,11984,,0
Aeolus Unlimited Rubber,Oct 1956 FM,404,6054,,0
Aermacchi Lockheed Santa Maria RC,Dave Boddington-APR 1968 Aeromodeller,534,7997,35,0
Aero Commander 680 Super CL ,AeroModeller - 1959-06,571,8559,53.5,0
Aero Commander L-26,Berkeley - 1957,6,85,33,209
Aerogull,Flying Models,236,3536,54,0
Aerolance .049 FF,Dec 1957 FM,404,6054,,0
Aeromacchi AM3,Emmanuel Fillon,173,2584,31.5,0
Aeronca,Comet - 1933,929,13925,16,0
Aeronca 15AC Sedan w/ floats,Berkeley - Henry Struck - 1949 ,6,85,38,213
Aeronca C-3,Peerless,153,2291,16,0
Aeronca C-3,,843,12642,36,0
Aeronca C-3 FFCL Scale,,843,12642,36,0
Aeronca Champion,Veron,151,2265,,0
Aeronca Champion ,Continental Model Company,788,11815,16,0
Aeronca Chapinon CL 2.5cc,,503,7531,38,0
Aeronca Chief,Comet #3506,2,16,54,79
Aeronca Chief 50 ,Paul Lindberg-APR 1939 Popular Aviation,821,12305,,0
Aeronca Chief-65CA 11CA,FAC,333,4986,,0
Aeronca K,Comet #P2,2,16,Zip file,80
Aeronca K - floats,Comet #E25,2,16,25,82
Aeronca K-1 .15,,517,7750,,0
Aeronca K-2,,517,7750,,0
Aeronca L3 ,Roger Winger,192,2872,,0
Aeronca Low Wing,Comet #145,4,51,16,112
Aeronca Scale old Power FF,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Aeronca Tandem ,Air Trails - 1942-02,411,6163,,0
Aeronca Tandem FF ,Air Trails - 1942-02 - RONNIE ALBERT ,426,6376,,0
Aeronca Wee Champion,,41,604,54,0
Aerosport - optimized,,79,1175,,0
Afrit,John Simmance,221,3304,,0
Ag-wagon Cessna 35,Larry Kruse,342,5124,,0
Aichi D3A2 'Val' ,,113,1692,CAD,0
Aichi D3A2 'Val' ,,138,2066,,0
Aiglet - A1 spec TLG,Aeromodeller Dec 1956,381,5702,46.5,0
Air Car,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Air Chief,Steve Kawalik,6,85,,0
Air Chief,,259,3884,,0
Air Chief ,Ideal - 1936,409,6128,60,212
Air King,Ace Whitman - 1951,6,85,24,208
Air King,Ace Whitman - 1951 ,335,5024,24,208
Air Mail,Pete Bowers,203,3031,,0
Air Warden,MAN - 1942-07 - Al Pardocchi,1,15,70,73
Air Youth Glider No. 1,Air Trails,273,4088,,0
Air Youth Glider No. 2,Air Trails,273,4088,24,0
Air Youth Glider No. 3,Air Trails,273,4088,,0
Airacobra P-39 .15-.35 CL,Walt Musciano-JUNE 1954 Air Trails- Young Men,642,9628,28,0
Airflo Mite for 0.87cc ,Ron Warring-Amco-Model Aviation 1948 ,793,11893,32,0
Airfoiler,Hal Debolt-Model Airpllane News,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Airfoiler - pylon,,6,81,26,0
Airhopper (JPG) - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1943-01,745,11174,15,0
Airknocker 049,,311,4657,,0
Airspeed Courier,Model Aircraft,271,4052,,0
Airspeed Courier - stitched ,Model Aircraft,272,4067,,0
Airspeed Envoy twin FF,HJ Towner-NOV 1939 Aeromodeller,721,10810,52,0
Ajax,Keil Kraft,322,4818,,0
Akron Funk,Comet #A31 - 1936,398,5964,20,1625
ALB-4 team racer,,809,12130,25.6,0
Albatros,DEC 1957 Aeromodeller,621,9312,,0
Albatros D 5A,Construct a Plane,338,5068,,0
Albatros D-5A,,102,1519,CAD,0
Albatros DV,Doug McHard,415,6216,44,0
Albatros Pole-Liner FF RC,MAN - 1950-01 - Frank Ehling,613,9195,18,0
Albatros Triplane DrI jpg.,Air Trails,249,3724,60,0
Albatros Triplane DrI pdf,Air Trails,249,3727,,0
Albatross,Roland Friestad ,499,7478,,0
Albatross 1941 Old Timer RC,George Reich - Richard Bradford,508,7615,80,0
Albatross WW1 style,,508,7615,58,0
Alert,Air Trails - 1942-12,288,4307,,4909
Alert,Air Trails,11,164,CAD - 53,299
Alexander Aircraft Mechanics Flyabout (jpg) dime scale,Guillows,740,11087,16,0
Alice Motor Yaht Boat,,460,6899,,0
Alkie II,Roland Mayer,289,4326,,0
All American,DMECO,20,292,25,0
All American,,237,3550,,0
All American Rubber Model Wakefield,Air Trails - 1952,15,219,,314
All American Rubber Model Wakefield,Air Trails - 1952,164,2458,,314
All American Rubber Model Wakefield ,Air Trails Annual - 1952,193,2894,,314
All American Senior=-stunt CL 1951,Hal DeBolt 1951,818,12258,51,0
All Balsa Gas Model,Tom Laurie-Model Builder Magazine,599,8976,48,0
All in One Model FF rubber,Edwin T. Hamilton-Complete Model Aircraft Manual Revised Edition 1938,732,10967,24,0
All Wing Wonder ,,229,3430,,0
All-balsa Primary Glider,FM 1948.08 / by Anon,921,13812,10,0
Allstar Bipe,,319,4776,,0
AlMo 40 (3.5 meter glider),Aldo Montanari-,738,11066,88.9,0
Aloha,Air Trails - 1049-07 - Henry Jex,529,7934,32,0
Altagerra CL stunt,A. Phin SEPT 1961 MODEL AIRCRAFT,401,6001,56,0
Altair A2 Glider,G.LEFNER Aeromodeller Sept 1955,418,6269,,0
Altair CL Rat Racer,MAN - 1959-12 - Don Bartlett,723,10845,,0
AM Aircoach-twin rubber ,Vic Dubury-SEPT 1952 Aeromodeller,741,11117,18,0
AM Cabin rubber,Bill Dean-AUG 1941 Aeromodeller,785,11765,20,0
AM Cabin rubber,Bill Dean-AUG 1941 Aeromodeller,785,11774,23.25,0
Amazon ,Air Trails - 1953-02,614,9207,62,0
Amazoom 400 FF .15,MAN - 1955-11 - Stan Hill,562,8416,60,0
Ambassador CL,Alan Hewitt DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,480,7190,35.5,0
Ambassador CL (cleaner),Alan Hewitt DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,481,7209,35.5,0
Ambassador CL (cleaner),Alan Hewitt DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,481,7209,35.5,0
Ambroid Scrapper CL,Bill Dean,718,10770,36,0
American Eaglet,Comet #A134 - 1936,4,51,25,113
Americano 15 FAI,MAN - 1958-10 - WS Blanchard,483,7239,,0
Amphibian rubber,Skyleada-British Model Aircaft MFG,570,8544,25,0
Andrighetti Pylon Cabin,Dec 1948 AT,376,5634,,0
Anopheles,Louis Garami,287,4293,,0
Ansaldo,Flying Models,262,3917,,0
Ansaldo SV5A,Sterling ,746,11183,19,0
Ansaldo SVA4 CL,Cesar Milani Model Aircraft December 1961 ,422,6328,45,0
Answer,MAN 1940-08 - Gordon Murry,77,1147,44,3
Answer,MAN 1940-08 - Gordon Murry - AirAge Gas Models Reprint,1,1,44,3
Antanov 25 ,Air Trails - Bill Barns,508,7615,,0
Antares Boat,Italian,453,6791,,0
Antoinette,H. Latham,206,3078,,0
Antoinette Momoplane .40,,508,7616,65,0
Antoinette Momoplane .40,,508,7618,65,0
Antoinette Momoplane .40,,509,7625,65,0
Antoinette RC,American Aircraft Modeler - 1970-09,404,6054,,0
Apache 2 FF,FEB 1954 Model Airplane News,551,8258,,0
Apex,Performance Kits Pete Fisher,362,5419,,0
Apex 15 RC delta,,307,4598,,0
Apprentice RC,,751,11261,72,0
Aqua Angle,Flying Models,217,3250,16,0
Aqua Angle,American Modeller,232,3468,16,0
Aqua Angle Amphib,,258,3865,,0
Aqua Jet boat (JPG),,549,8231,,0
Aquarius,April 1951 Aeromodeller,369,5521,,0
Aquarius Flying Boat,B Heginbotham APR 1951 Aeromodeller,484,7260,51.5,0
AR-234 ,,781,11716,,0
Arado 198 + pics & 3view,E. Fillon,290,4338,CAD,0
Arado 234 ,,782,11728,,0
Arado Ar.68,optimized,129,1924,,0
Arado Ar.68 - large version,C. Lanzo,128,1917,,0
Arado AR234B2,,784,11754,,0
Archangel Glider,L Gabriel,353,5282,,0
Archangel glider,L Gabriels-FEB 1950 Aeromodeller,746,11184,72,0
Arctic Tern,Dec 1989 RCM,918,13761,,0
ARES Duration Rubber,G. CROSSMAN Sept 1944 AEROMODELLER,432,6477,,0
Argestes Sailplane,N.Gregory June 1947 Aeromodeller,408,6107,60,0
ARIAL rubber,TIM HERVEY Sept 1948 AEROMODELLER,425,6367,34.5,0
Ariel CL,,359,5383,,0
Ariel rubber,TIM HERVEY Sept 1948 AEROMODELLER,425,6373,34.5,0
Aries- Glider,Aeromodeller-1958-06,582,8722,72,1985
Aristocrat Wakefield,Edwin Stoffel ,603,9031,42.75,0
Arizona Annie,,236,3533,,0
Armstrong Whitworth FK8,G Elsegood FEB 1968 AEROMODELLER,427,6403,,0
Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III + 3view,Aeromodeller,284,4252,,0
Arrow,Guillow F-77,335,5023,,0
Arrow 50 and 100 Jetex,APR 1953 AEROMODELLER,397,5941,,0
Arrow 50 for Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Arrow Class B pylon,Air Trails,127,1891,,0
Arrowhead,Aeromodeller May 1955,475,7115,36,0
Arrowhead tailess hand glider,JT Holmes-JAN 1947 AIR World,497,7451,,0
Arsenal VG-39,Aeromodeller,184,2751,JPG.,0
Arsenal VG-39,,333,4986,,0
Art Chester Racer,Comet #0149 ,4,51,16,114
Art Chester Racer,Comet #0149 ,27,398,16,114
Art Chester Racer,Comet #0149,51,751,16,114
Art Chester's Jeep,Dan Lutz,73,1090,27,593
Art Chester's Jeep,Popular Aviation - 1937-12,73,1091,70,5724
Art Chesters Jeep - OZ NO,Flying Models 1948-04 / Struhl,919,13778,22,0
Artist's Bipe,American Modeller,232,3468,,0
Arup,MAN 1936-09,924,13859,30,0
Arup,Flying Models 1989-10,925,13867,40,0
Ascender canard for 0.75 to 1.5 cc ,Jim Fulleraton July 1951 Aeromodeller ,487,7299,39,0
Ascender canard stick model (jpg),1946 Air World,746,11186,10,0
Ascender II,Dale Root AUG 1957 AMERICAN MODELER,395,5913,,0
Asso Ace glider,Aidomodillo Villeggiatore-1940,699,10479,48.4,0
Asso Ace glider (cleaner),Aidomodillo Villeggiatore-1940,699,10480,48.4,0
Astra,Aeromodeller February 1957 ,407,6093,14,0
Astra rubber FF,1952 May Model Aircraft,470,7043,44,0
Astro Hog,,113,1692,,0
Astro Hog,Berkeley,118,1757,,0
Astro Hog - optimized,,121,1801,36,0
Astro Hog w/ article,MAN,118,1764,JPG.,0
Astro Hog Jr 1/2A RC,Bill Bertrand-AUG 1961 American Modeler,564,8460,36.5,0
AT Interceptor,Air Trails,376,5634,,0
AT Iterceptor,,258,3862,,0
AT March,,258,3864,44,0
AT Sketchbook,Model Plane,216,3234,,0
Atakee,Aeromodeller Feb 1955,451,6752,,0
Atlantis FAI,L Piesk- 1959,372,5570,50,0
Atom Baby - Jetex,Aeromodeller Nov 1953,372,5571,,0
Atomizer Texaco 1/2A FF,John Tatone,829,12430,47,0
Attacker,Keil Kraft,329,4934,16,0
Audrey VII Boat 50%,June 1956,460,6897,,0
Auster ,Frog,153,2285,,0
Auster A.O.P.9,Veron,151,2265,,0
Auster A.O.P.9,Frog,153,2295,,0
Auster Alpine rubber,SEPT 1957 Model Aircraft,525,7866,18,0
Auster Alpine Rubber scale ,Ron Warring-SEPT 1957 Model Aircraft,696,10439,18,0
Auster Ambulance,H.G. Johnson - Model Aircraft,421,6315,42,0
Auster Arrow,Keil Kraft,315,4712,21,0
Auster B4 Ambulance,Aeromodeller,228,3406,,0
Auster B4 Ambulance,Aeromodeller Nov 1953,372,5571,,0
Auster B4 Ambulance - pdf,Aeromodeller,228,3417,,0
Auster J4,Howard Boys Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,477,7152,,0
Austerity (JPG),,455,6821,,0
Austin Whippet FF,M. Garnett-July-Aug 1952 Aeromodellers ,729,10924,32,0
Australian 49'er Rubber Stick,,335,5024,,0
Australian Outdoor Record Stick,1938 Zaic Yearbook,335,5024,,0
AV 1961 A2 glider,UMK 1962-01,455,6823,,0
AV10 flying wing tailess glider,Guy Borge-July 1946 Aeromodeller,496,7434,40,0
Avenger rubber,Aeromodeller,272,4069,13,0
Avia B-35,Anthony Peters,333,4986,,0
Aviatik Berg C-1 peanut scale,EJ Heyn 1977,551,8260,,0
Aviatik Berg D-1 rubber scale WW1 bomber,,551,8260,,0
Avion Planeur RF-01,Walt Mooney,73,1090,15,0
Avro 504K,Ray Malmstr?m,233,3494,40,0
Avro 504K,Ray Booth,357,5348,,0
Avro 584 Baby,,333,4986,,0
Avro 707,Keil Kraft,299,4476,,0
Avro Anson,Harold Towner,91,1359,,0
Avro Avian,Aeromodeller Apr 1952,379,5681,,0
Avro Avian,Ray Booth-APR 1952 Aeromodeller,711,10656,35.5,0
Avro Avis ff,GF Elsegood-AUG 1967 Aeromodeller,819,12281,30,0
Avro Lancaster Mk.1,Harold Towner,224,3346,,0
Avro Shackleton M.R.3,Aeromodeller,288,4320,34.24,0
Ayrman Junior,Aeromodeller,204,3051,,0
B,Al Pardochi-APR 1945,677,10154,,0
B A Eagle,Megow,854,12798,15,0
B-24 Liberator,Hobby Helpers,372,5567,69,0
B-25 Berkley .09-.19,Don McGivern-Berkley Models,515,7719,42,0
B-26 Invader,Struck-McGovern-Berkley Models,516,7737,87.5,0
B-26 Martin Bomber,Air Trails 353,517,7750,,0
B.G.44 A2 Sailplane,Bora Gunic--Jan 1953 Areomodeller,404,6048,,0
B.H.5. Utility Glider ,June 1946 Aeromodeller,493,7389,36,0
B17 Bomber rubber with printwood,Minature Aircraft Corp,511,7655,44.5,0
B26 Martin Bomber,,649,9728,,0
B?ker Jungmeister,,177,2649,,0
BA Cabin,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,JPG.,0
BA Parasol ,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,Zip file,0
BA Swallow,JL Roberts MAR 1943,387,5791,30,0
Baby Barnstormer ,Flying Aces - 1939-02 - Fred C Tuxworth,628,9407,50.5,2767
Baby Biwinger,,60,891,,0
Baby Biwinger ,,115,1717,,0
Baby Bootstraps,,263,3936,,0
Baby Bullet the real aeroplane,,117,1751,JPG.,0
Baby Burd 1938,Chester Lanzo-Burb Model Airplane Co.,701,10510,,0
Baby Buzzard 1/2A Texaco,Joe Konetes-1939,669,10035,42,0
Baby Dumpling,Noel Shennan,25,372,,0
Baby Dumpling (JPG only) ,Noel Shennan-1960-SAM35 Newsletter ,645,9675,29.25,0
Baby Duration Trainer,Felix Gilbert-OCT 1939 Model Airplane News,713,10694,30,0
Baby Flite Streak 1/2A CL,Scientific,806,12077,24.5,0
BABY LOCKEED LIGHTNING P-38 - OZ NO,AEROMODELLER - 1944-09 - F Fellows ,432,6477,,0
Baby Mixmaster FF rubber,July 1947 Model Airplane News,483,7240,,0
Baby ROG,Aeromodeller Jan 1943,377,5646,,0
Baby ROG,Comet #W1 5c,398,5966,10,0
BABY ROG ,Richard Worel-DEC 1938 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,835,12524,11,0
Baby ROG,FM 1948.01 / Andrews,919,13775,13.5,0
Back Porch Pusher,Bill Tyler,200,2996,,0
Back yard race car track - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler - 1961 - Annual,483,7240,,0
Badger Kenhi,,889,13321,72,0
Balbonie,Pylon Model Airplane Co,333,4986,,0
Ballistic Trainer ,,435,6512,,0
Bambi,Aeromodeller Mar 1943,387,5791,34,0
Bambi-Powered FF ,MAR 1955 Air Trails,538,8057,,0
Bambinetta ff,Ray Malmstrom-DEC 1956 Model Aircraft ,623,9331,21,0
Bambino,Flying Aces - 1952 - William Hadden,794,11897,18,4316
Bambino,Flying Aces - 1952 - William Hadden ,794,11897,18,4316
Bambino Boat,NOV 1964,460,6897,12.5,0
Banana Fritter,,307,4601,,0
Band Box Class D or Wakefield Rubber ,Billl Delorme July 1950 Model Airplane News,487,7297,,0
Bandboy,Vic Smeed- JAN 1961 Aeromodeller,448,6717,,0
Bandit,Flying Models - 1949-10 - Don McGovern,17,251,,332
Banner Executive,Berkeley - 1941,9,123,40,233
Banner Executive,Berkeley - 1941,338,5068,40,233
Banshee,Air Trails,288,4307,64,0
Bantam,Keil Kraft,315,4712,38.5,0
Bar Flea RC .19,John Knight,567,8498,40,0
Bar Fli RC .19,Phil Kraft,567,8498,38.75,0
Barling NB-3,M.A.N.,162,2423,33,0
Barling NB-3 - clean,M.A.N.,163,2436,,0
Barnstormer,FEB 1957 American Modeler Magazine,584,8752,46,0
Baron Fuselage,,509,7621,,0
Barracuda,Model Aircrafts,338,5068,,0
Bartlett Bullet,Warren Bartlett-MAY 1953 Air Trails,595,8917,,0
Basset CL,JAN 1972 Aeromodeller,479,7183,,0
Bat .35,,216,3234,,0
Bat flying wing,,210,3141,,0
Bat flying wing FF,SEPT 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,48,0
Battling Boxcar,Dick Struhl,330,4945,,0
Bazz Bomb article (jpg),Basil Murley,673,10093,37.5,0
BDF-1 zip,,69,1023,42,0
Beachcomber RC,Jim Kirkland-MAY 1963 Model Airplane News,301,4515,,0
Bearcat,Air Trails 1152,517,7747,,0
Bearcat,Air Trails 1152,548,8211,,0
Bearcat F8-F,J Wherry - JUNE 1946 Model Airplane News,338,5068,,0
Beater V FAI (JPG),Bea Olsson,458,6870,,0
Beaufigther Peanut,Towner,259,3872,18,0
Beautiful Bess,,517,7747,,0
Bebe Jodel,Sept 1958 MAN,333,4981,,0
Bebe Jodel 1/2A RC,SEPT 1958 Model Airplane News,642,9630,18,0
Bede BD-5,,307,4599,,0
Bede BD5 - optimized,Rutter,278,4158,,0
Bede BD5 see post 4147 for page 8,Rutter,274,4104,24,0
Bee Bug,Veron,46,687,18,0
Beech Mentor ,Whitman 2266-- 1950,783,11745,18,0
Beech Staggerwing A-17,Berkeley,338,5068,20,235
Beechcraft 17,Walter Musciano,82,1222,24,0
Beechcraft Bonanza ,Keil Kraft,146,2176,18,0
Beechcraft Bonanza ,Keil Kraft,147,2193,24,0
Beechcraft Bonanza ,Keil Kraft,147,2194,,0
Beechcraft Bonanza printwood,,149,2230,30,0
Beechcraft Bonanza V35TC or Debonair E33,Mark Frankel JULY 1971 RC Scale Modeler,483,7240,,0
Beechcraft C-45 (cleaned up),,308,4610,,0
Beechcraft C-45 Twin,,307,4599,,0
Beechcraft D17 ,AUG 1937 Air Trails,581,8708,,0
Beechcraft Musketeer C/L,Tenderfoot Plan,313,4692,,0
Beechcraft Staggerwing,Jerry Smith,213,3183,15,0
Beechcraft Staggerwing - cont. from 3183,Jerry Smith,213,3184,,0
Beechcraft Staggerwing a-17,Berkeley,9,123,20,235
Beechcraft T-34 Mentor ,Berkeley - 1954,9,123,34,237
Beelzebub,Chuck Lee,211,3162,47,0
Beginner's Goat,Roy Clough,219,3285,,0
Beginner's Goat,,220,3289,,0
Bell P-39 ,M.A.N,192,2872,,0
Bell P-39,Harold Towner - Original Scans,97,1441,24,32
Bell P-39 ,Harold Towner - Stitched and cleaned,97,1442,24,32
Bell P-39 ,Harold Towner - Stitched and cleaned ,333,4989,,32
Bell P-39 - Profile 35,American Modeler - 1959-07,232,3477,,211
Bell P-39 Airacobra,Walton Pyron,6,85,,0
Bell P-39 Airacobra,Modern Hobbycraft,286,4286,,0
Bell P-59 Airacomet,Comet #E10,137,2054,18,720
Bell P-59 Aircomet - fuselage,Comet #E10,138,2060,18,720
Bell P-59 Aircomet - fuselage - OZ - NO,Comet #E10 - Enlarged to 24,138,2060,24,0
Bell P-59 Aircomet - parts,Comet #E10,138,2060,18,720
Bell P-59 Aircomet - parts - OZ - NO,Comet #E10 - Enlarged to 24,138,2060,24,0
Bell P-59 Aircomet - wings,Comet #E10,138,2060,18,720
Bell P-59 Aircomet - wings - OZ - NO,Comet #E10 - Enlarged to 24,138,2060,24,0
Bell P63/Racer Article,American Modeller Musciano,510,7638,17 Racer 29 Military,0
Bell P63/Racer sht1,American Modeller Musciano,510,7638,17 Racer 29 Military,0
Bell P63/Racer sht2,American Modeller Musciano,510,7638,17 Racer 29 Military,0
Bell X-1 3view,M.A.N.,292,4380,,0
Bell X-1 CL,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Bell XFL-1 Airbonta Navy Carrier .40,Dec 1967 MAN,397,5946,,0
Bellanca Aircruiser,Popular Aviation - 1934-05,46,680,19,458
Bellanca CH-400 Columbia,Golden Age Reproductions - Model Aircraft Engineer - 1934,10,149,30,290
Bellanca CH-400 Columbia,Golden Age Reproductions - Model Aircraft Engineer - 1934,338,5068,30,290
Bellanca Columbia,Dan Hodges-,683,10244,,0
Bellanca Junior,Comet #3102 - 1963,4,51,15,120
Bellanca Junior,Peerless - 1938,338,5068,30,1503
Bellanca Junior - OZ NO,Bellanca Junior 19 inch Sydney Struhl FA Nov - Unscaled,855,12819,19,0
Bellanca Monoplane,Flying Models,264,3950,,0
Bellanca Skyrocket,Guillow F-51,334,5004,,0
Bellanca Skyrocket RC .020,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,505,7563,34.5,0
Benny Boxcar,Struck,261,3912,,0
Berkeley P-51 D Mustang (JPG),Berkley,500,7494,,0
Berkley Bootstraps "A RC" re done ,Henry Struck,679,10178,54,0
Berkley Broader,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Bermuda Dive Bomber,Hollinger APR 1942 AIR TRAILS,336,5039,,0
Berryloid Plans,Air Trails 1938,1,5,72,56
Betterfly,Flying Models,178,2664,,0
BG44 A2 Sailplane,Bora Gunic-Aeromodeller,794,11903,66,0
Bi-Fli,Phil Kraft,168,2507,,0
Bi-Fli - PDF,M.A.N.,168,2506,,0
Bi-Fly RC stunt,Phil Kraft ,319,4776,47,0
Bi-Plane,Louis Garami,184,2759,,0
Bi-Sport,Louis Garami,183,2731,,0
Bicep builder chuck glider,Peter Casson-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller ,696,10427,15,0
Biceps .60 CL Stunt,American Aircraft Modeler - 1969-04 - Donald Yearout,258,3865,34,0
Bicept Builder chuck glider,JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,493,7387,15,0
Big Breathless,Ken Willard,301,4504,,0
Big Buttercup,,311,4657,,0
BIG D Delta Wing FF .15,Laurie Ellis-MAR 1958 Model Airplane News,694,10399,43.5,0
Bilgri Decoy,,378,5658,,0
Bilgri Drifter,,335,5024,,0
Bilgri Hi and Bye,,335,5024,,0
Bim Bam float or land plane,FEB 1955 Aeromodeller,220,3297,32,0
Binatang,Noel Shennan,25,372,JPG.,0
Bince motor glider,Jacques Lerat 1950 MRA,411,6159,,0
Binkie FF,W McCormack June 1951 Aeromodeller ,491,7360,,0
Bipalo ff biplane,FEB 1956 Model Aircraft,623,9331,28,0
BIPE,FA Oct 1942,850,12741,,0
Bipe 89,,258,3862,24,0
Bipe Buggy,Sig Air-Modeler,234,3502,,0
Bipe Buggy,Shaw,248,3712,,0
Biplay,Aeromodeller - 1955,18,263,,339
Bis 14,Toimil,271,4061,,0
Bis 14 jpg, ,272,4071,,0
Bismark glider,R Walsh-SEPT 1952 Model Aircraft ,597,8949,50,0
Black Arrow,AEROMODELLER,274,4107,,0
Black Bird (WS chuck glider),MAN Nov 1958,883,13231,18,0
Black Bird glider ,Paul Del Gatto-NOV 1958 Model Airplane News,649,9735,,0
Black Chiffon - CL racer,Oct 1953 Aeromodeller ,405,6068,,0
Black Chiffon Class A Team Racer 2.5cc,C. Milford-OCT 1952 Aeromodeller,745,11164,,0
Black Magic ,AeroModeller - 1956-08,120,1794,60,6
Black Magic,AeroModeller - 1947-09 - Plan - Article,467,7004,57,1787
Black Mamba A2 Glider,Aeromodeller Sep 1968,429,6426,,0
Blackburn 1912 Monoplane,Aeromodeller Nov 1954,375,5621,,0
Blackburn All-Steel 1911,,378,5658,,0
Blackburn Firebrand,Aeromodeller,240,3596,52,0
Blackburn Skua,Model Aircrafts,338,5068,,0
Blazer,Carl Goldberg,182,2720,,0
Bleriots channel conqueror,Henry Struck,338,5068,,0
BLEU BIRD SV18,Valentinsig OCT 1947 MODELLISMO,397,5951,59,0
BLEU BIRD SV18 ,,434,6502,,0
BLEU BIRD SV18 S.V.18 split,,434,6509,,0
Blimp,Maurice Ragner,200,2991,,0
Blimp ,Maurice Ragner,210,3141,,0
Blimp ,Maurice Ragner,211,3161,,0
Blippy RC,Kochman-NOV 1957 American Modeler Magazine,586,8783,40,0
Blitz Buggy FF gas,JULY 1949 Air Trails,529,7934,62,0
BLM3,Boys Life,74,1100,,0
Bloch 152,MRA,333,4986,,0
Bloch 152 - French Fighter,MRA,127,1902,,0
Blow Bug,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Blow Bug,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Blow-Bug,Roy Clough,232,3472,,0
Blue Angels Tether FF CL .049 ,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Blue Boy profile,,313,4688,,0
Blue CL,John Poynter OCT 1980 Flying Models,488,7307,,0
Blue Diamond,AeroModeller - 1946-09 - W Jones,511,7654,60,0
Blue Flame,,234,3503,,0
Blue Ridge Comet - OZ - NO,Unknown Source,77,1147,38,0
Bluebird,Comet #E27 - 1947,4,51,20,118
Bluebird,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,,0
Bluebird,Jimmy Allen,227,3403,,0
Bluebird,Flying Models,229,3432,22.5,0
Bluebird ,Comet #E27 - 1947,4,59,20,118
Bluebird Article only,Ken Willard,199,2983,,0
Bluebird of Chelsea ,Metcalf,244,3651,JPG.,0
Bluebird plan only no article,Jimmy Allen,228,3412,,0
Bluebird Racer,George Wanner,26,382,54,0
Blueboy,Hal Roth-FEB 1954 Air Trails,591,8851,,0
Blunder Bus ,,115,1717,,0
Blunder Buster,Ron Schuver,329,4928,28,0
Blunderbuss,American Modeller,256,3835,,0
BO-WEEVIL HLG,1972 AAM,418,6262,,0
Boat scale Hydro,UMK 1962-01,455,6823,,0
Bobby Police Launch boat,MODEL BOATS magazine,455,6819,,0
Bobcat,G. Worthington,203,3031,,0
Bobcat w/ Article,Aeromodeller,204,3051,,0
Boeing 707 FF pusher,Model Aircraft DEC 1962,442,6628,26,0
Boeing B-17G,American Modeler - 1963-07 - Keith Laumer,6,87,44,214
Boeing B-17G,Berkeley,9,123,,0
Boeing B-17G,American Modeler - 1963-07 - Keith Laumer,58,860,44,214
Boeing B-17G,Astral,271,4051,65,0
Boeing B-17G,American Modeler - 1963-07 - Keith Laumer,115,1717,44,214
Boeing B47 Stratojet towline glider ,Cleveland Model Products,629,9426,,0
Boeing B47 Stratorjet towline glider cross sections,,629,9430,,0
Boeing F4B 4 Fighter,1936 MAN,338,5068,,0
Boeing F4B-4,Tomasco,52,771,,0
Boeing F4B-4,Scientific,52,771,56,0
Boeing F4B-4,Comet,52,771,15,512
Boeing F4B-4,Peerless,52,771,57,0
Boeing F4B-4,Modelcraft,792,11876,18,0
Boeing F4B-4 CL,,236,3528,,0
Boeing F4B-4 cleaned and stitched,Modelcraft,793,11885,18,0
Boeing F4B4 ,Comet,52,771,15,512
Boeing F4B4 ,M.A.N.,52,771,,0
Boeing L-15A,FM 1948.08 / Dick Struhl,921,13814,30,0
Boeing P-12E dime scale,Megow,790,11849,15,0
Boeing P-12E dime scale cleaned and stitched,Megow,791,11853,15,0
Boeing P-26,Berkeley - 1959 - Don McGovern,9,123,21,236
Boeing P-26A,Comet #A16,4,51,16,121
Boeing P-26a,Comet #A16,398,5966,16,121
Boeing P-26a Peashooter,Model Aircraft,22,329,28,0
Boeing P-28A,FM 1948.10 / Dick Struhl,922,13826,27.5,0
Boeing P26A,M.A.N.,252,3780,28,0
Boeing PB-1 Twin RC .049,JAN 1958 American Modeler,614,9205,38,0
Boeing PB-1 Twin RC .049 Cleaned up ,JAN 1958 American Modeler,615,9215,38,0
Boeing XF6B-1,Comet - 1934,4,51,23,115
Boeing XF7B1,Herbert Markwiese,790,11843,20,0
Boeing XL-15,Aeromodeller,215,3223,,0
Boeing XL-15 - see post 3223 info,Aeromodeller,218,3257,,0
Bolkow Jr - rubber,R. Malmstrom AEROMODELLER,435,6525,23,0
Bolkow Junior rubber scale,R.Malmstrom JULY 1962 MODEL AIRCRAFT,435,6523,23,0
Bolldozer,Jerry Stoloff 1945 - Modern Reprint,367,5491,45.5,1623
Bolus Baby Albatross,Air Trails,66,979,,0
Bomarc J600 Plus,,410,6150,,0
Bonnie Lass CL,Air Trails,589,8832,,0
Bonzo 35 CL stunt - OZ NO,American Modeler - 1964-11,378,5658,,0
Boom - FF power,Feb 1959 Aeromodeller,368,5510,,0
BOOMARANG,Sept 1944 AEROMODELLER,432,6477,,0
Boomer Bus,Air Trails,287,4293,,0
Boomer FF pusher,JULY 1955 Model Airplane News ,642,9626,36,0
Boomerang,Frank Ehling-SEPT 1942 Air Trails,616,9239,72,0
Bootstraps_A_RC (via outerzone),,838,12556,54,0
Bostonian,EG Dolby JUNE 1953 AIR TRAILS,334,5005,,0
Bottle boats ,,466,6982,,0
Bottle CO2 Mk200 FF,,466,6983,,0
Bottle Thing - Scarecrow,,466,6982,,0
Bouble plan Boat and Sub,UMK 1963,454,6803,,0
Boulton Paul Defiant,Model Aircrafts,338,5068,,0
Boulton Paul Defiant - small version,optimized,132,1966,,0
Boulton Paul Defiant w/ prntwood,Ace Whitman,129,1933,28,0
Boulton Paul Overstrand (solid),,335,5015,,0
Boulton-Paul Defiant,Harold Towner,93,1388,36,0
Boulton-Paul Defiant - cleaned,Harold Towner,93,1394,77,0
Boulton-Paul Defiant - missing pieces,Harold Towner,96,1427,,0
Boulton-Paul Defiant - best version,Harold Towner,96,1437,36,0
Bowden Contest ,,648,9717,68,0
Box Car Chief,,258,3864,37.5,0
Box Car Chief CL,CF844,236,3540,,0
Boxcar,Dick Struhl,338,5066,,0
Boxer,Flying Models,234,3501,34,0
Boynton 41,Phil Boynton,63,938,34.6,0
Boynton 41,Phil Boynton,70,1049,,0
Brandenburg Sea Monoplane CL,Model Aircraft March 1961,421,6310,35,0
Brauer Pulse Jet Engine (jpg),July 1955 Aeromodeller,826,12379,,0
Breather CO2 FF,Bill Winters-SEPT 1947 AirWorld,570,8549,37.5,0
Breather CO2 FF,Bill Winters-SEPT 1947 AirWorld,571,8551,37.5,0
Breather CO2 FF cleaned up,Bill Winters-SEPT 1947 AirWorld,571,8554,34,0
Breezy 1/2A RC,Ken Willard-AUG 1955 Model Airplane News,557,8349,,0
Brequet Atlantic,Modele Reduit,271,4054,,0
Brequet Atlantic joined,Modele Reduit,272,4075,,0
Brewster 239,,113,1692,,0
Brewster Bermuda Dive Bomber,,94,1406,,0
Brewster Buccaneer (solid),Baxter / FA Oct 1942,850,12741,,0
Brewster Buffalo 1947 (JPG),thumbnail,725,10868,,0
Brewster Buffalo CL,Model Aircraft - 1962-06,433,6495,37,0
Brewster Buffalo dime scale,Guillows,794,11898,15,0
Brewster F2A Buffalo,,336,5039,,0
Brewster F2A-1 ,Flying Aces - 1940-05 - Manley Mills,621,9305,,1173
Brewster F2A-2 Buffalo,Jack Lynn,221,3314,,320
Brewster XSBA-I,Flying Aces - 1939-01 - Nick Limber,623,9345,,2751
Brigadier 38 - 38in FF Sport .099 - 1946 cabin oldtimer,Bill Effinger - Berkeley kit,837,12554,38,0
Brigadier RC (JPG),Berkeley,6,80,56,0
Brigadier RC-38 - 38in RC Sport .049+ - 1952 cabin oldtimer -,Bill Effinger - Berkeley kit,837,12554,38,0
Brigadyr,Ray Malstrom,589,8832,,0
Bristol 138,,338,5068,,0
Bristol 170,Keith Laumer,350,5242,,0
Bristol 170 Freighter,,285,4273,,0
Bristol 170 Freighter w/ article,AMA,293,4381,,0
Bristol Beaufighter,Astral - H. Towner - 1941,207,3099,28,41
Bristol Beaufighter,Astral - H. Towner - 1941 ,338,5068,28,41
Bristol Beaufighter X CL scale twin,Model Aircraft - 1958-03 - Brian Fry,696,10439,39,3258
Bristol Beaufort,Astral - H. Towner,208,3117,37,58
Bristol Blenheim,Astral - 1940 - H. Towner,208,3117,28,59
Bristol Bulldog,Comet #518,4,51,18,116
Bristol Bulldog ,GAG Cox-APR 1959 Aeromodeller,500,7487,,0
Bristol Bulldog article,PJ Alnutt-JULY 1960 Aeromodeller,499,7474,,0
Bristol Bulldog for 1 to 1.5cc,PJ Alnutt-APR 1959 Aeromodeller,499,7474,33.75,0
Bristol Bullet,Air Trails,196,2929,JPG.,0
Bristol Bullet,Aeromodeller,196,2929,,0
Bristol Bullet,,872,13073,,0
Bristol Bullet,Walt Schroder / May1948AT,872,13075,18.5,0
Bristol F2B,Comet #226,4,51,16,117
Bristol Fighter F2B,Comet #226,351,5254,,117
Bristol Monoplane Scout,Aeromodeller,288,4320,,0
Bristol SCout,John Blankenship 1971,338,5056,,0
Bristol Scout,Megow,788,11820,12,0
British Blackburn Dive Bomber rubber,NOV 1937 Air Trails,615,9211,22,0
British SE-5 Pursuit,megow,796,11930,22,0
Broggins Wing,,19,272,,0
Brooke's Whistler,,350,5242,,0
Brooklyn Dodger,,6,81,JPG.,0
Brooklyn Dodger,,259,3884,,0
Brooklyn Dodger .020,Sal Taibi / J&R Models,849,12727,,0
Brooks Biplane,Basil Brooks-NOV 1952 Aeromodeller ,756,11329,56,0
Brooks Biplane semi scale FF,B. Brooks NOVEMBER 1952 AEROMODELLER,410,6148,66,0
Brown Racer,,787,11796,14.5,0
Brown Sport,Guillow F-44,334,5004,,0
BRUJO Argentina glider,,797,11945,,0
Brunelli Comp (?) twin,,338,5068,,0
Bruning Antonov AN2,,470,7036,,0
Bu-131 Jungmann C104,Wieslaw Schier ,706,10585,29.125,0
Buccaneer ,Berkeley,18,268,JPG.,0
Buccaneer 36,Berkeley Models,849,12727,36,0
Buck Rogers Martian Police Ship,John Dille Co,787,11804,,0
Buck's Duck,Aeromodeller,214,3207,,0
Bucker Jungmeister,Aeromodeller Nov 1961,446,6677,,0
Bucker Jungmeister,FM 1948.01,919,13774,30,0
Bucker Jungmeister RC .049,Don Srull - Flyline Models ,505,7565,32.5,0
Bucks Duck,Oct 1949 Aeromodeller,366,5485,,0
Buggered Up My Coupe,,333,4981,,0
Buhl Airsedan,Jon McPhee,30,442,CAD,0
Buhl Airsedan,Aeromodeller,109,1623,,0
Buhl AirSeden,Hurst Bowers,293,4384,,0
Buhl Bull Pup 1/2A,Air Trails 1050,534,8003,36,0
Buhl Bull Pup 1/2A 25%,Air Trails 1050,534,8005,36,0
Buhl Bull Pup 1/2A reduced,Air Trails 1050,534,8008,,0
Buhl Pup,Berkeley - 1955,9,124,38,239
Buhl Pup,Air Trails,535,8016,,0
Buhl Sport Airsedan,Aeromodeller,30,442,,0
Buhl Sport Airsedan,Hurst Bowers,109,1624,,0
Bulldozer,MAN - 1945-05 - Fuse Only,225,3375,,928
Bulldozer,MAN - 1945-05,291,4360,,928
Bulldozer 3pgs.,MAN - 1945-05,226,3376,,928
Bulldozer 6pgs. Hi res,MAN - 1945-05,227,3405,,928
Bullet 2,,113,1692,,0
Bullet 2,,121,1805,,0
Bullet ff,Thomas Suter-NOV DEC 208 Sam Speaks ,684,10255,48,0
Bumblebee Power glider FF Semiscale,MAN - 1946-05 - RA Tessier,487,7297,71,1941
Bumblebug CL,Les Howell JULY 1951 Aeromodeller,493,7381,28,0
BUMBLEBUG CLStunt,July 1961 Aeromodeller,401,6009,,0
Bunch Canary ,,793,11886,13,0
Bunch Single Stick Tractor ,Dan Bunch,484,7251,,0
Bunker Hill,Flying Models,234,3501,,0
Burgass P-51 semi scale,,311,4657,,0
Burley Class A,,435,6512,,0
Burnelli twin engine,Air Trails,151,2251,,0
Burnham's 1931 Compressed Air Pusher ,Daniel Burnham MAR 2009 SAM Speaks,483,7240,,0
Buster CL,Dec 1947 MAN,350,5242,,0
Buttercup,Dick Struhl-Flying Models,233,3486,,0
Buttons,Keith Laumer,237,3543,,0
Buttons,Keith Laumer,296,4439,,0
Buzz Bomb,Zaic Yearbook,318,4770,,0
Buzzard Bombshell,BuzzBomToo - CAD,1,3,72,55
Buzzard Bombshell,,113,1692,33,0
Buzzard Bombshell,Joe Konefes-OCT 1940 Air Trails,524,7847,71.5,0
Buzzard Bombshell TOO RC .40,Terry Dench,509,7624,72,0
Buzzard II,Aug 1948 Aeromodeller,366,5478,,0
Buzzer ,Air World,237,3546,72,0
Buzzer100,Air Trails,257,3853,,0
BYRDIE. DUAL PURPOSE FLYING WING,GEOFF BYRD Aeromodeller Sept 1955,418,6269,66,0
C Wheeley,,237,3550,72,0
C.A.B. GY 20,Walt Mooney,81,1213,23,0
C.A.B. GY 20 - optimized,,82,1217,54,0
C3605 Schlepp,,333,4988,,0
Cab Ruler,,6,80,,0
Cabin Gas aka Long Cabin,AUG 1937 Air Trails,581,8710,,0
Cabin Gull Wing rubber,William Vassallo-MAR 1947 Model Airplane news,655,9819,23,0
Cabin Model (jpg),Klecker-1940 Model Plane Planbook,755,11313,29,0
Cabin Monoplane,Comet #A162 - MB Redrawn,398,5964,,177
Cabin Monoplane - Removed ,Comet #A162,206,3077,,177
Cabruler (JPG),Model Builder,6,80,Removed,0
Cadet TLG,Keil Kraft,315,4712,30,0
Cadillac C - wing printwood ,Veron,156,2336,,0
CaJa,Flying Models,234,3503,,0
Cajka,,232,3476,zip file,0
Calamity Jane - CL stunt,Oct 1952 Aeromodeller ,405,6068,,0
California Chief,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Californian,Flying Models,234,3503,,0
Call Air Snow Car,,260,3894,CAD,0
Canadian Wakefield 1939 biplane 3 view,Fred Rogerson,176,2635,,0
Canard Experimental,,199,2982,,0
Canard Jet Payload,,410,6150,,0
Canellard,Oct 1949 Aeromodeller,366,5485,,0
Cannonshot,Ken Willard,301,4504,,0
Canny Canard (jpg),Air Trails,479,7173,,0
Canny Canard resized,Air Trails,484,7252,,0
Cap 10BMM,,113,1692,30,0
Cap 21,,113,1692,,0
Caprice TLG,Keil Kraft,315,4712,51,0
Captain Page's Navy Racer ,Ontario Model Aircraft Company,788,11814,20,0
Carbonator 1,FM 1948.04 / Trainor,920,13791,36,0
Cardinal ,Matura Models,150,2239,,0
Cardinal .049 RC,Barry Halstead RC Modeler,487,7297,44,0
CARIBBEAN GULL amphibian CL,Alexis Poyato,616,9240,27,0
Carl Goldberg Junior Falcon,Carl Goldberg - CAD,524,7847,37,2191
Carl Goldberg Junior Falcon,Carl Goldberg - Stitched together,524,7860,37,2191
Carl Goldberg Junior Skylark,Carl Goldberg,524,7847,37,0
Carl Goldberg Junior Skylark stitched together,Carl Goldberg,524,7852,37,0
Carribean Gull Amphibian CL,March 1959 Aeromodeller,404,6054,,0
Casano Stick Rubber,,335,5024,,0
Caudron ,Air Trails,252,3779,36,0
Caudron 1911 Monoplane,Scale RC Modeler,333,4982,,0
Caudron 460,M.A.N.,151,2257,22.5,0
Caudron 460,,333,4981,,0
Caudron 460,April_1936_Flying_Aces,336,5039,,0
Caudron C 460,Joseph Battaglla-DEC 1935 Model Airplane News ,594,8904,,0
Caudron C-460 racer rubber ,Megow-1938,661,9902,,0
Caudron C645 Simon,,333,4988,,0
Caudron jpg,Air Trails,249,3732,36,0
Caudron Racer rubber scale,Flying Aces - 1936-04,618,9260,,2733
Cauldron,Henry Struck,71,1055,63,0
Cavalier 60,Berkeley - 1939,10,149,60,286
Cavalier 60,Berkeley - 1939,25,373,60,286
Cavalier 60 twin,Berkeley - 1939,540,8091,60,286
Cavu ,M.A.N.,267,3997,,0
CB28 zipfile & PDF,,175,2620,Butt-wide,0
Cement Mixer,,301,4513,,0
CementMixer pages ,Air Trails,145,2162,Zip file,0
CementMixer plans full size,,145,2164,,0
CementMixer plans w/ article,,143,2135,30,0
CementMixer plans w/ article,,145,2163,,0
Cessan C-34,Megow,338,5069,30,0
Cessna,Guilows - 1930,9,135,12,281
Cessna,MAN - 1961-11,248,3717,CAD,0
Cessna,Keil Kraft,319,4771,19,0
Cessna,1930s Guillow,324,4851,12,281
Cessna,Guillow F-50,334,5004,,0
Cessna,Guillow No. G-9 - Tiled,334,5004,12,281
Cessna - OZ NO,Comet W5-JUNE 1997 Air Flow,746,11186,10,0
Cessna 0-1/L19 Bird Dog,Rob Rich-Radio Control Modeler,763,11441,72,0
Cessna 140,Berkeley - 1946,9,124,33,240
Cessna 140,Bjorn Karlstrom,9,135,19,280
Cessna 140 ,Berkeley - 1946 - SJ Graffeo,338,5069,33,240
Cessna 140,Bjorn Karlstrom,338,5069,19,280
Cessna 170,Berkeley - 1954,119,1778,72,681
Cessna 170,Keil Kraft,319,4771,36,88
Cessna 172,Berkeley,119,1778,,0
Cessna 172,Berkeley,119,1778,,0
Cessna 177 CL .09-.15,Pilot OK Model Co.,554,8308,30,0
Cessna 180,Berkeley - Paul Delgatto,9,124,36,241
Cessna 180,Flying Models - 1992-05,264,3950,38,2242
Cessna 180 ,MAN,113,1681,,0
Cessna 180 CL 1/2A,Flying Models - 1954-04 - Walter A Musciano,554,8304,,0
Cessna 185,Scientific,906,13588,18,0
Cessna 195,Berkeley - 1948,11,162,36,297
Cessna 195,MAN - 1950-04,14,208,34,313
Cessna 195,MAN - 1950-04,15,212,,313
Cessna 195,Berkeley - 1948,28,412,36,297
Cessna 195,MAN - 1950-04,336,5039,,313
Cessna 310A CL,,465,6966,27,0
Cessna Agwagon,,113,1692,,0
Cessna Birddog,Frog,153,2285,84,0
Cessna C-34,Paul Lindberg,9,135,,0
Cessna C-34,MAN - 1939-11,9,135,18,284
Cessna C-34,Megow,9,135,30,282
Cessna C-37,Peerless,153,2291,,0
Cessna C-37,Flying Models,156,2335,JPG.,0
Cessna CR-2,Dave Rees,305,4567,,0
Cessna CR-3 ,,305,4567,,0
Cessna CR-3 3view,,304,4550,72,0
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog,Berkeley - 1953,9,124,36,242
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog,Berkeley,119,1778,22.5,0
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog,Berkeley,121,1810,22.5,0
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog,Berkeley,121,1813,36,242
Cessna L-19 Bird Dog,Frog,281,4214,62,0
Cessna Skyhawk,Veron,152,2267,26,0
Cessna Skylane 42,Carl Goldberg,238,3560,,0
Cessna UG78 Bobcat,RC Modeler,483,7240,,0
Chair by Morris - a real chair,M.A.N.,163,2441,,0
Chalange & Bonnet CB-28,,204,3056,,0
Chalange & Bonnet CB-28 modifide,Jean Simon,204,3058,,0
Challenger,Air Trails,289,4326,,0
Challenger,HA Thomas-Model Builder,600,8989,34.5,0
Challenger (jpg),Peerless,770,11541,15,0
Challenger CL (jpg),Walter Musciano,576,8640,,0
Challenger Mk IV rubber,DEC 1945 Aeromodeller,471,7059,15.75,0
Chambermaid,Bernard Guest,364,5460,16,0
Chameleon,Louis Garami,288,4307,44,0
Champ FF rubber,NOV 1958 Model Airplane News,647,9699,,0
Champ Gas ,Flying Aces - 1937-04 - Phil Zecchitella,645,9663,,1617
Champion 7 Citabria,,10,149,29,287
Champion 7 Citabria rubber,,333,4981,29,287
Champion 7FC Tri-Traveler (hi-res),Dan Lutz / MAN Aug1959,898,13468,35,0
Champion Outdoor Tractor ,Edwin T. Hamilton-Complete Model Aircraft Manual Revised Edition 1938,731,10957,35,0
Championship Stick,Air Trails,289,4326,24,0
Chance Vought Skimmer,,376,5630,,0
Chance Vought VE-9,Flying Models,262,3917,,0
Chance Vought XF5U Skimmer,American Modeller,293,4381,,0
Chance-Vought SB2U-1,,333,4988,,0
Chance-Vought Skimmer XF5U ,June_1972_AAM,350,5242,,0
Changi - full sized clean,Aeromodeller,297,4453,81,0
Channel Winger,Roy Clough,10,141,CAD,0
Channel Winger,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Charger FF pylon,Claude McCullough 1946,445,6669,,0
Chatelain Wakefield,,336,5038,,0
Chatterbox,Vic Smeed- Aeromodeller Dec 1958,450,6748,30,0
Chatterbox,Aeromodeller Dec.1958,902,13527,,0
Chatterbox Team Racer ,KEITH CONRAD-APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12530,,0
Chatterbox Team Racer-cleaned up,KEITH CONRAD-APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12531,31,0
Chatterbox Team Racer-cleaned up- one page,KEITH CONRAD-APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12533,31,0
Checkala Roma,,200,2994,81,0
Checkala Roma,Air Trails,223,3335,,0
Checkla Roma,,258,3862,,0
Cherokee 140,Guy Fuller-STARCAD,113,1692,,0
Cherokee 140,Flying Models,156,2327,33.5,0
Cherub sport FF,Vic Smeed-SEPT 1952 Aeromodeller,734,11005,30,0
Cheshire Kitten CL,Aeromodeller June 1958,582,8722,,0
Cheshire Kitten CL,WA Pollard-JUNE 1958 Aeromodeller,693,10392,21,0
Chief,Keil Kraft,66,979,61,9
Chief,Keil Kraft,81,1215,61,9
Chief,Harold DeBolt,304,4553,47,0
Chief,Printwood for post 1215 pg.81 - Keil Kraft,173,2594,61,9
Chief,CLEAN - Printwood for post 1215 pg.81 - Keil Kraft,174,2604,61,9
Chief RC,Ron Farkas AUG 1980 Flying Models,487,7302,53,0
Chief too,Veco,49,725,,0
Chihuahua,David Grant / FA Apr 41,852,12775,31.4,0
Chihuahua,FA April 1941,897,13453,,0
Chilton D.W.1,Veron,154,2297,,0
Chilton D.W.1 Scale FF,J.Geenland Nov 1949 Aeromodeller,400,5989,,0
Chopsticks ,,318,4770,,0
Chris Craft Catalina,Sterling,303,4538,,0
Chris Craft Constellation - Boat,Berkeley,243,3643,,0
Chrislea CH3 Super Ace - cleaned up,EJ Riding,357,5345,,0
Chrislea Super,,354,5307,,0
Chuck glider ,JH Maxwell-JULY 1945 Aeromodeller,798,11956,22,0
Chuckaway HLG,Aeromodeller May 1955,475,7115,26,0
Chula Vistan,Air Trails Aug '54,900,13490,,0
Chula Vistan,Air Trails Aug '54,900,13496,,0
Cicada FF,DEC 1959 American Modeler,538,8060,28,0
CICADA ff,HOH FANG-CHIUN-DEC 1959 American Modeler,620,9291,28.5,0
Cirrus,Ted Strader,336,5028,70,0
Cirrus - FF glider,Aeroflyte,406,6076,43,0
Citabria AM tiled,Earl Stahl,527,7893,,0
Citabria Champion 32 inch,,425,6366,,0
Citabria Champion 7 rubber,,41,604,30,0
Citabria Champion 7 rubber,Maquette Vilante,426,6380,36,0
Citabria Champion rubber,,41,606,30,0
Citation RC,John Roth-July 1963 Flying Models,600,8999,62,0
Citizen RC rudder only,William Winter-FEB 1950 Model Airplane News,641,9602,56,0
Civilian Jeep,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Civy Boy,,234,3503,,0
Civy Boy,Paul Gilliom-Sept 1955,733,10992,36,0
CL Bottle wing --rotory wings,,466,6982,,0
CL Ekranoplan,Modelist Konstruktor,448,6707,,0
Claim Jumper 1/2A CL (JPG),John O'Sullivan,464,6955,,0
Claim Jumper TR 1/2A CL,,435,6517,,0
Class B Hand Launch,LRPurdy / FA Feb 43,852,12777,10.4,0
Class C glider ,Flying Aces - 1939-08 - Elbert Weathers,620,9300,,2718
Class C Stick Tractor,Conrad Renning-AUG 1939 Model Airplane News ,715,10713,36,0
Class C Tractor indoor stick,Wilber Tyler,881,13210,32,0
Class C World Record Outdoor Stick rubber,Dick Korda-NOV 1935 Model Airplane News,715,10719,29.625,0
Class D Gull WIng Stick 45_1inch Kukovich OZ - NO,Flying Aces - 1943-02 - Kukovich,852,12777,45.1,0
Class D Rubber,Stahl,335,5024,,0
Classic FAI 003,Andrew and Lance Newslletter JAN 2011,439,6585,,0
Classy Gassy - Unscaled Plan - article ,The Model Plane Manual - W. Musciano,130,1942,40,2
Cleveland Condor,Roland Friestad ,500,7495,,0
Cleveland Models founder Ed Packard,Article,290,4342,,0
Clipper - optimized,Carl Goldberg,212,3176,,0
Clipper - OZ 0922,Comet,211,3157,,0
Clipper Jr - optimized - OZ 0614,Comet,83,1245,16,0
Clipper Jr - OZ 0614,Comet,83,1240,,0
Clodhopper,Jim Cahill,227,3398,,0
Clodhopper tubby version,Aeromodeller,230,3437,,0
Clodhopper tubby version pdf.,Aeromodeller,230,3443,,0
Clodhopper II ,James Cahill-NOV 1937 Air Trails,642,9618,,0
Cloud 9 - Wakefield,Sep 1970 AAM,350,5242,,0
Cloud Buster,,44,649,,0
Cloud Comber,J Jackson,394,5899,,0
Cloud Copter D,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Cloud Copter D-2,Roy Clough,9,125,,0
Cloud Copter D-2,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Cloud Copter TR,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Cloud Copter TR,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Cloud Cruiser,Aeromodeller,227,3403,,0
Cloud Duster,Popular Aviation FEB 1939,683,10244,,0
Cloud Duster,Popular Aviation FEB 1939,684,10246,44,0
Cloud Snooper,Ed Konefes - 1939-12 ,259,3885,50,1
Cloud Snooper,Ed Konefes - 1939-12 - Sams Speaks - 2008-11,683,10244,50,1
Cloud Snooper - OZ 0001,Ed Konefes - 1939-12,7,96,50,0
Cloud Tramp rubber,Charles Grant-AUG 1954 Model Airplane News,739,11079,22,0
CloudCraft Mercury 24,Cloud Model Aircraft - 1941 - CAD Update,38,567,24,87
CloudCraft Mercury 01,Cloud Model Aircraft 1941 ,33,491,24,87
CloudCraft mercury 01 - OZ 0087,Cloud Model Aircraft 1941,1,1,24,0
CloudCraft Mercury 01 - OZ 0087,Cloud Model Aircraft 1941 - Bob Jones,533,7994,24,0
CloudCraft Mercury wing - OZ 0087,CAD Redrawn,34,504,24,0
Cloudline - duration,Aeromodeller Mar 1943,387,5791,,0
Cloudpin rubber,Oct 1959 Model Aircraft,476,7138,30,0
Cloudster 1/2A Texaco,Bob Oslaw,517,7743,50,0
Clubman FF,Gussie Gunter MAR 1951 Aeromodeller,493,7383,50,0
Clywd Queen tailess power or glider,JULY 1956 Aeromodeller,480,7187,63,0
CO2 Tach,APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12530,,0
Cobra,Ted Petrolia,26,388,,0
Cobra - clean,Ted Petrolia,27,399,,0
Codling Moth,Noel Shennan,25,372,,0
Colibri - OZ - 0288,Louis Garami,10,149,40,0
Collosus II,,289,4326,JPG.,0
Colonial Skimmer,M.A.N.,161,2411,,0
Colonial Skimmer,Model Aircraft,168,2517,,0
Colonial Skimmer,AeroModeller,259,3876,40,0
Colonial Skimmer,AeroModeller,259,3881,,0
Colonial Skimmer - clean,Model Aircraft,168,2520,,0
Colonial Skimmer - OZ 0243,Berkeley - 1956,9,125,34,0
Colonial Skimmer - OZ 0243,Berkeley,13,193,33.5,0
Colonial Skimmer - OZ 0243,Berkeley,169,2525,33.5,0
Colossus II - OZ 0289,Air Trails 1946 - Al Casanol ,10,149,34,0
Colossus II - OZ 0289,Air Trails 1946 - Al Casanol ,336,5038,34,0
Colossus V article ,Flying Models,125,1862,,0
Columbine,Albert Hatfull ,439,6582,,0
Com FAI,Riley Wooten-AUG 1956 Flying Models,688,10309,,0
Comanche,Veco - Low Res,237,3550,29,0
Comanche ff,Veco - Low Res,263,3936,JPG,0
Combat 1950,,216,3234,,0
Combat P-38 - OZ NO,,258,3862,,0
Comet,AeroModeller - 1967-10 - D. PARKER,454,6801,,0
Comet - OZ 3671,H.E. Hervey,200,2996,,0
Comet - OZ 3671,H.E. Hervey,206,3077,,0
Comet Gypsy Sloop Jr sailboat - OZ NO,Comet,532,7970,,0
Comet HLG,Keil Kraft,312,4678,24,0
Comet Howard DGA-9 Rubber Scale FF - OZ 0788,Sam Speaks - Comet #T1 - Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Comet Pepper - OZ NO,Comet,834,12502,32,0
Comet Red Racer Rubber - OZ 0155,Comet - 1932,484,7251,16,0
Comet Sailplane - OZ 1058,Comet ,261,3912,,0
Comet Streaky,,232,3470,33,0
Comet Streaky HLG P-1,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Commando (JPG) Rubber,Louis Garami - 1942 Air Trails,522,7821,22,0
Commando rubber fixed,Louis Garami-1942 Air Trails,523,7835,22,0
Commodore,Ben Shereshaw- 1938,394,5910,71,0
Commodore (article only),Ben Shereshaw Feb 1981 Model Aircraft,394,5904,,0
Comper Swift,Veron - Tiled,151,2265,,16
Comper Swift FF - OZ 3262,AeroModeller - 1952-02 - D.Golding - Article,425,6374,36,0
Comper Swift FF - OZ 3262 ,AeroModeller - 1952-02 - D.Golding - Article - Plan,698,10466,36,0
Competitor,Keil Kraft,313,4690,32,0
Composite Flying Model,Aeromodeller Mar 1943,387,5791,,0
Compressed Air Car,,455,6822,,0
Comte AC-4 Gentleman (jpg),,731,10954,,0
Conga,Vic Smeed,787,11803,72,0
Connecticut Yankee,Henry Struck-DEC 1944 Air Trai;s,643,9643,,0
Connover Delta FF for Jetex 150,March 1963 MAN,410,6150,,0
Conquest TLG,Keil Kraft,319,4771,30,0
Conslidated PT-1,Winter,269,4024,12.5,0
Conslidated PT-3,Air Progress,270,4049,,0
Conslidated PT-3 3 view,M.A.N.,271,4065,16,0
Consolidated Catalina CL,OCT 1955 Aeromodeller,527,7900,63,0
Consolidated P-30,Popular Aviation,230,3444,16,0
Consolidated PB2A,Popular Aviation,230,3444,16,0
Consolidated PBY Catalina,,238,3566,,0
Consolidated PT-1,John Winter,333,4988,,0
Consul,BLJ Neil,343,5143,56,0
Consul,Aeromodeller Mar 1952,384,5759,,0
Consul FF,BLJ Neal-July 1961 Aeromodeller,720,10796,56,0
Contender,FM 1947.06 / Alan Barrister?,918,13763,38,0
Contest Commercial,Megow #JJ6,929,13926,36,0
Contest Plan,C.E. Bowden,197,2949,,0
Contester,FEB 1958 American Modeler ,618,9256,27.75,0
Contestor,FM 1948.10 / Bill Dean,922,13820,45,0
Contra Gyro,Aeromodeller Apr 1952,381,5702,,0
Convair B36 Peacemaker,unknown,630,9436,116,0
Convair XF-92,,58,856,,0
Convair XF-92A,Air Trails,224,3350,,0
Convair XF-92A,Jetex,299,4476,,0
Convairs XF92-A Delta Wing,1954 Air Trails,517,7750,,0
Convertible Cabin Model,Gil Sherman-FEB 1943 Air Age ,788,11815,22,0
Copeland Wakefield ? size,,206,3089,,0
Coquette - OZ 0033,AeroModeller - 1950-07 - Vic Smeed,104,1559,30,0
Coquette - OZ 0033,AeroModeller - 1950-07 - Vic Smeed,256,3840,30,0
Coquette - OZ 0033,AeroModeller - 1950-07 - Vic Smeed Zip,265,3962,30,0
Coquette - OZ 0033,AeroModeller - 1950-07 - Vic Smeed,265,3963,30,0
Coquette CL Stunter - OZ 2450,MAN - 1955-09 - Dick Carlson,574,8604,35.75,0
Corben Ace - OZ 0841,MAN - 1956-09,176,2628,30,0
Corben Super Ace - OZ 0123,Comet ,4,52,16,0
Corben Super Ace - OZ 0849,American Modeler - 1967 - Bud Atkinson,178,2668,30,0
Corby Starlet CJ-1 rubber peanut (tiled),Walt Mooney-MAY 1982 MODEL BUILDER,522,7827,,0
Coronet,Chuck Gill,179,2676,,0
Coronet (JPG),,6,80,Removed,0
Corsair A2 Glider,J Holt JUNE 1953 AEROMODELLER,435,6518,48,0
Corsaire RC (TIF),Robert Chabot,571,8563,,0
Corsaire RC cleaned up PDF,Robert Chabot,571,8565,,0
Corsair_31in C-L,MAN 05-47,866,12987,31,0
Cosmic Wind,,100,1492,,0
Cosmic Wind FF rubber,Walt Musciano DEC 1948 Model Airplane News,483,7239,,0
Cougar,TWJ Stoker-NOV 1957 Aeromodeller,603,9032,45,0
Cougar (jpg),TWJ Stoker-NOV 1957 Aeromodeller,602,9028,45,0
Could Be,M.A.N.,274,4096,,0
Country Boy,,232,3476,,0
Coupe D'Hiver,,333,4981,,0
Couple Dyna-Jet OT FF ,Sept-Oct 2011 Sam Speaks,411,6163,,0
Courier,B Cracknell,335,5015,42,0
Courtesan - 0294,AeroModeller - 1952 - Vic Smeed,10,150,38,0
Courtesan - OZ 0294 - Link to OZ,AeroModeller - 1952 - Vic Smeed,838,12562,38,0
COY LADY CL,RE Brown-JULY 1959 Aeromodeller,571,8559,54,0
Crackerjack CL Stunt,Harry Hundleby-John Coasby-OCT 1948 Aeromodeller,710,19647,32,0
Cracow sailplaen,1946 June Aeromodeller,470,7043,72,0
Crazy Crate,,232,3474,,0
Crazy Crate,,267,3995,,0
Cream Puff 1/2A,,435,6512,,0
Creampuff,Model Aircraft,269,4025,108,0
Creep FF,NOV Aeromodeller 1955,468,7008,50,0
Creep Jetex,,507,7596,6,0
Cricket,Noel Shennan,25,372,20,0
Crowbar 56,Ray Mathews-MAY 1950 Air Trails,530,7937,56,0
Crowbar 56,,263,3936,56,0
Crowbar 56 CL,,378,5658,,0
Crowfly tailess flying wing glider,SR Crow-JULY 1946 Aeromodeller,496,7434,32,0
Cruisair,Herb Weiss,338,5068,,0
Cruiser ,Air Trails,285,4267,114,0
Cruiser - mega clean version,Air Trails,299,4471,,0
Cruiser Clean & Spliced,Air Trails,286,4282,,0
Cruiser Text,Air Trails,285,4275,,0
Crusader 42 SAM Old Ruler ,May-June 2011 Sam Speaks,411,6163,,0
Crusader AG-4,,202,3017,JPG.,0
Crusader non tiled,,513,7694,,0
Crusader tiled,,204,3060,,0
Crusader Twin Boom,1962_FM,378,5658,,0
Crusador,Flying Models,229,3432,,0
Crusier and Puffin,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Cub (TLG or Jetex 50),Keil Kraft,319,4771,20,0
Cub Controller,Musciano / September 1949 Air Trails,870,13045,20,0
Cubee 1/2A pontoon FF,SEPT 1951 Model Airplane News,643,9633,38,0
Culumus,Flying Aces - 1937-09,259,3885,,5363
Culumus w/ article,Flying Aces - 1937-09,1,5,10,5363
Culver Cadet,,87,1295,,0
Culver Cadet,,102,1524,,0
Culver Cadet,Walt Schroder,185,2762,25,0
Culver Cadet,Frank Capan-MAR 1971 RC Modeler Magazine,677,10149,58.25,0
Culver Indoor Tractor,Joe Culver-Dec. 1929 American Boy Magazine,793,11886,23,0
Culver V - OZ 0244,Berkeley - 1946,9,125,29,0
Culver V - OZ 0244,Berkeley,95,1419,29,0
Culver V - OZ 0244,Berkeley,333,4988,29,0
Cumulus,Flying Aces - 1937-09,54,807,,5363
Cumulus,Goldberg / Top Flite,859,12884,54,5347
Cumulus,Model Aviation - 1950,860,12894,54,5368
Cumulus G12 towline glider,H Glanzer 1935,813,12187,53,0
Cupcake biplane CL 1/2A,J Richards-JUNE 1954 Flying Models Magazine,586,8779,,0
Curly Early,Air Trails,234,3501,JPG.,0
Curtis NC-4 .020 FF ,Feb 1964 MAN,411,6163,,0
Curtis P-40 Warhawk tiled,MAN - 1942-10 - Earl Stahl,527,7893,,0
Curtis P36A MoHawk CL .14-.29,Walt Musciano-FEB 1954 Model Airplane news,548,8213,,0
Curtis XF7C-3 Seahawk Rubber ,MAN - 1947-07,483,7240,,0
Curtiss A 18 rubber scale twin ,Flying Aces - 1938-06 - Herb Weiss,624,9348,,2752
Curtiss A-12 Shrike,Berkeley,25,373,JPG.,0
Curtiss A-12 Shrike,Berkeley,303,4541,,0
Curtiss Airmail Biplane rubber (jpg),Comet,736,11032,16,0
Curtiss Ascender,Stahl / MAN,907,13595,,0
Curtiss Condor Bomber .020,Frank Ehling-July 1950 Model Airplane News,614,9203,30,0
Curtiss CW-21 profile ,,788,11817,,0
Curtiss F-11C Hawk,Air Trails,289,4326,,0
Curtiss F-11C Hawk,Sidney Michaels,298,4461,JPG.,0
Curtiss F11-C2 Goshawk,Berkeley,35,513,40,0
Curtiss F8C Helldiver - OZ 0124,Comet - 1935,4,52,13,0
Curtiss F9C,Universal Model,226,3389,JPG.,0
Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk,Mike's flying Scale,183,2734,,0
Curtiss Falcon - OZ 0125,Comet - 1936,4,52,16,0
Curtiss Hawk ,Michigan Model Airplane Supply,788,11808,,0
Curtiss Hawk 75 - OZ 0111,Comet - John Morrill,4,51,16,0
Curtiss Hawk Biplane F81,Guillow,854,12798,16,0
Curtiss Hawk Biplane F81,,854,12804,16,0
Curtiss Hawk P-36,,854,12798,16,0
Curtiss Hawk P-5E dime scaled cleaned and stitched,Stewart Sleeth-Rainey Model Supply,791,11853,15,0
Curtiss Hawk P-6E - OZ 0096,Comet #A141,2,20,16,0
Curtiss Hawk P-6E - OZ 4703,AmericanModelCraft #A104,87,1294,22,0
Curtiss Hawk P-6E dime scale - OZ 4273,Stewart Sleeth-Rainey Model Supply,790,11849,15,0
Curtiss Jenny - OZ 0097,Comet #3304,73,1090,24,0
Curtiss Jenny - OZ 0639,Burd Model Co,99,1484,33,0
Curtiss Jenny - OZ 2878,Model Aircraft - 1954-10,22,329,29,0
Curtiss Jenny - OZ 3954,Sterling,99,1482,33,0
Curtiss JN4D Jenny - OZ 0097,Comet #3304,2,20,24,0
Curtiss Kittyhawk,Aeromodeller,211,3159,46,0
Curtiss O-52,Dec 1941 AT,338,5069,,0
Curtiss O-52 Scout,Dick Struhl,336,5039,,0
Curtiss Ospree,May 1936 Model Airplane News,736,11031,,0
Curtiss P-36,Timely Plans,230,3444,,0
Curtiss P-36/ XP-37/ P-40/ XP-42 combo,MAN,219,3272,JPG.,0
Curtiss P-37 - OZ 1178,Comet,184,2753,,0
Curtiss P-40,,232,3480,,0
Curtiss P-40 N Kittyhawk,,174,2605,40,0
Curtiss P-40 Tiger Shark - OZ 0151,Comet #3201,4,54,18,0
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk - OZ 0223,Air Trails - 1943-03,7,97,34,0
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk tiled (JPG),MAN - 1942-10 - Earl Stahl,527,7895,,0
Curtiss P-40D together,MAN - 1942-10 - Earl Stahl,528,7908,,0
Curtiss P-40E,,333,4981,,0
Curtiss P40 FF rubber,JAN 1941 Air Trails,627,9397,28,0
Curtiss Pusher,Air Trails,220,3288,,0
Curtiss R6 Racer,Flying Aces - 1938-08 - Cliff Cole,615,9222,,1517
Curtiss Racer ,Rainey Model Supply,780,11707,15,0
Curtiss Racer ff 1/2A RC,Walter Musciano -MAY 1952 Air Trails,531,7957,30,0
Curtiss Racer R3C-1 or R3C-2,,794,11900,15,0
Curtiss Racer R3C-1 or R3C-2 cleaned,,794,11901,15,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0039,MAN - 1961-09 - Hurst Bowers - Aritcle and Plan,171,2562,40,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0039 - Unscaled,MAN - 1961-09 - Hurst Bowers,171,2558,40,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0093,Flyline Kit - 1974 - Hurst Bowers,171,2562,41,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0098,Comet #E12,2,20,25,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0098 ,Comet #E12,165,2473,25,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0098,Comet #E12,520,7800,25,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0818,Comet #A24,520,7795,16,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 0835,MRA - 1962 - Hurst Bowers,171,2562,30,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ 3246,Burd ,788,11817,16,0
Curtiss Robin - OZ NO,Air Trials - 1946-04 - Guanieri ,336,5039,,0
Curtiss Robin - Removed,Hurst Bowers,206,3081,,0
Curtiss Robin 1928 Cabin .049 - OZ 0093,Flyline Kit - 1974 - Hurst Bowers ,504,7548,41,0
Curtiss Robin Scale Planviews - OZ NO,,713,10683,,0
Curtiss S03C-1,Earl Stahl - DEC 1941 Model Airplan News,504,7553,20.75,0
Curtiss SBC-3 Hell Diver,HJ Towner ,639,9585,23.5,0
Curtiss SBC-3 rubber scale,RAY MALSTRUM Feb 1969 Aeromodeller,419,6276,,0
Curtiss SC Seahawk,Aeromodeller,253,3794,,0
Curtiss Scout,Ace Whitman,54,799,,0
Curtiss Seahawk,MAN - 1947-07,336,5039,,0
Curtiss Seahawk - OZ 0272,Continental,50,743,21,0
Curtiss Sedan,Toledo Model AIrplane Supply ,783,11737,19,0
Curtiss SO3C-1 Scout - OZ 0518,Ace Whitman FF Rubber,523,7836,36,0
Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull wheels,Whitman 1940,336,5039,,0
Curtiss SOC3-1,Dec 1941 MAN,336,5039,,0
Curtiss SOC3-1 Scout - OZ 0518 ,Ace Whitman,523,7836,36,0
Curtiss Sparrow Hawk F9C-2 (JPG) dime scaled cleaned and stitched,FAC - 2004 -July-August,797,11944,12,0
Curtiss Sparrow Hawk F9C-2 rubber,FAC - 2004 -July-August,796,11934,12,0
Curtiss Sparrow Hawk F9C-2 rubber-cleaned and stitched,FAC - 2004 -July-August,797,11943,12,0
Curtiss Sparrowhawk,Guillow F-23,334,5004,,0
Curtiss Sparrowhawk CL,Flying Models - 1957-12,360,5387,,0
Curtiss Tripod 1912 - OZ - NO,Flying Aces - 1937 - Henry Struck,559,8385,,0
Curtiss Tripod Pusher - OZ - NO ,Flying Aces - 1937-06,619,9281,,0
Curtiss Warhawk,,22,329,48,0
Curtiss Warhawk,JF Halls,394,5899,,0
Curtiss Wright Coupe rubber (jpg),Comet,736,11032,16,0
Curtiss Wright Coupe rubber scale - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1933-12 - Avrum Zier,617,9246,,0
Curtiss Wright CW1 Junior ,Aeromodeller,161,2401,21,0
Curtiss Wright Junior,Am. Aircraft Model,160,2400,,0
Curtiss Wright Junior,Jan_1969_AAM,378,5658,,0
Curtiss XE7C Seahawk - OZ 0272 ,Continental,57,845,21,0
Curtiss XE7C-3 Seahawk - OZ 0272 ,Continental,338,5069,21,0
Curtiss XP-31 Swift,,4,52,JPG.,0
Curtiss XP-40,FA Apr 39,844,12663,,0
Curtiss XP-42,MRA,333,4988,,0
Curtiss XP31 Swift rubber tiled,Doug and Sandy Wilkey,521,7807,,0
Curtiss XP42,,102,1516,,0
Curtiss-Wright CW-21,Robert McLarren-APR 1939 Model Airplane News,710,10639,,0
Curvette - OZ 0215,Keith Laumer ,6,86,32,0
Curvette - OZ 0215,Keith Laumer,237,3543,32,0
Curvette - OZ 0215,Keith Laumer,296,4439,32,0
Custom Cavalier - OZ 0335,Berkeley - 1943,18,258,16,0
Custom Privateer (McGovern's Monster) - OZ 0278,Berkeley - 1955 - Don McGovern,911,13657,114,0
Custom Privateer - OZ 0278,Berkeley - 1955 - Don McGovern ,9,134,114,0
Custom Privateer - OZ 0278,Berkeley - 1955 - Don McGovern ,13,193,114,0
Cutie Coupe,American Modeller,293,4381,,0
Cutie Coupe,JAN 1969 American Modeler,358,5359,,0
Cutlass .049 Sorta Scale CL ,OCT 1958 Model Airplane News,483,7240,,0
Cutlass Delta RC flying wing.19-.25,Pilot OK Model Co.,560,8400,39.75,0
Cutlass F7U for Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Cutlass Solid,Paul Del Gatto-AUG 1955 Model Airplane News,560,8390,,0
Cyclotron CL racer,P Newell APR 1942 Model Aircraft ,430,6446,,0
Cyklon,Ladislav neubert,285,4265,JPG.,0
D H Interceptor ,Joe Ott-Model Airplane Building and Flying,781,11722,,0
D.H.110 CL,FEB 1956 Model Aircraft,623,9331,38,0
D.Q.A,Stu Babcock,180,2687,,0
D.Q.A. 704,Radio Control Mod.,180,2687,,0
D.TK4 - Team racer,Aeromodeller Jan 1951,390,5837,,0
Dab Chick Boat MM1024,AUG 1963 Model Maker and Model Boat magazine,478,7169,,0
Dactyl - flying wing,CM Holden,359,5383,60,0
Dakota - OZ - 0233,Veco - Joe Wagner,9,123,24,0
Dallaire Sportster,,6,80,,0
Dallaire Sportster,,20,292,,0
Dallaire Sportster - 1936,,580,8691,,0
Dalliare Texaco-Model,,899,13474,47.75,0
Danish '?lhunden',,49,735,,0
Danl Boom,Keith Laumer,237,3543,23,0
Darmstadt D-22,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,20,292,,0
Dart ,Comet,20,292,,344
Dart - DynaJet,Air Trails,293,4381,,0
Dart Dyna-Jet Speed,Sep 1953 Air Trails,358,5359,,0
Dart Kitten,John Lamb-Jan 1953 AEROMODELLER ,403,6035,60,0
Dart Kitten,Kenneth Pettersson,734,11008,63.75,0
Dart Kitten (split into 2 pages),Kenneth Pettersson,734,11009,63.75,0
Dart Kitten FF,John Lamb-Jan 1953 AEROMODELLER ,404,6048,32,0
Darter 11,T. Jolly NOVEMBER 1952 AEROMODELLER,410,6148,,0
Dartex Delta jetex,NOV Aeromodeller 1955,468,7008,22,0
Daru B.J.V.,,157,2349,149,0
DAS Box Fly 20,Pilot OK Models,553,8287,,0
Das Box Fly 20L,Pilot OK Model Co.,529,7924,,0
Das Liddle Stick,Phil Kraft,370,5538,48,0
Das Liddle Stick RC (JPG),Phil Kraft-RC Modeler,301,4513,48,0
Das Ugly Stick,,301,4513,75,0
Dasault Myste're4,Skyleada,138,2061,,0
Davis D1-W - OZ 0100,Comet #2A167,2,25,25,0
Davis D1-W - OZ 0100,Comet #2A167,20,292,25,0
Dawn to Dusk,M.A.N.,301,4506,74,0
Dayton Wright RB-1,Jetco,20,292,,0
De Havilland DH88 Comet CL,May 1958 Aeromodeller ,627,9391,29,0
De Havilland DH88 Comet CL (cleaned up),May 1958 Aeromodeller ,627,9404,29,0
Deacon - OZ 0291,Veron - 1957,10,150,52,0
Debby ,Flying Aces - 1939-07 - Nick Limber,261,3905,,1061
Debby ,Flying Aces - 1939-07 - Nick Limber,6,82,63,1061
Debby - wing,,6,82,,0
Debolt All American,,258,3862,36,0
Debolt biplane,DMECO,199,2978,54,0
Debolt Chief,Harold Debolt,199,2979,,0
Debolt CL,,258,3862,,0
Debolt Continental,DMECO,199,2979,,0
Debolt Equalizer,Harold Debolt,199,2978,,0
Debolt Interceptor,Harold Debolt,200,2990,,0
Debolt Interceptor w/ article,Harold Debolt,200,2995,,0
Debolt Live Wire Champion Mk.III,Harold Debolt,43,637,15,0
Debolt Live Wire Champion Mk.III,DMECO,199,2978,,0
Debolt Live Wire Kitten,Model Builder - Harold Debolt,44,659,20,0
Debolt Live Wire Kitten - OZ 0275 ,DMECO - 1963,50,748,34,0
Debolt Live Wire Kitten - OZ 0275 ,DMECO - 1963,199,2978,34,0
Debolt Live Wire Trainer,Harold Debolt,202,3030,,0
Debolt Live Wire Trainer - redrawn,S.A.Patterson,12,176,26,0
Debolt Special,M.A.N.,199,2978,JPG.,0
Debolt Special,,258,3862,JPG.,0
Debolt Special,Harold DeBolt,304,4553,31,0
Debutante - OZ 0014,AeroModeller - 1952-12 - Vic Smeed - Plan,1,1,30,0
Debutante - OZ 0014,AeroModeller - 1952-12 - Vic Smeed - Cad Plan and Article,779,11676,30,0
Debutante - OZ 0014,AeroModeller - 1952-12 - Vic Smeed - outerzone link,838,12562,30,0
Dee Bee (missing pages) - OZ 0319,American Modeler - 1968,307,4597,,0
Dee Bee - OZ 0319,American Modeler - 1968,222,3318,,0
Dee Bee - OZ 0319,American Modeler - 1968,307,4596,,0
Defender,FM 1948.04 / McElwee,920,13793,41,0
Defender hlg,Eric E_ Ericson / FA Jul 43 plan,852,12779,17,0
DeHavialland DH.82 Tiger Moth,Mercury,183,2741,zip file,0
DeHavialland Mosquito,Aeromodeller,188,2806,CAD,0
Dehaviland DH-4 .020 Scale FF,Richard Meixell,397,5946,42,0
DeHavilland DH88,,113,1693,zip file,0
DeHavilland 110,Keil Kraft,138,2061,15.5,0
DeHavilland 60 Gipsy Moth,,104,1557,15.5,0
DeHavilland BE2e,Feb 1959 Aeromodeller,368,5510,,0
DeHavilland Beaver - OZ 0245,Berkeley - 1955,9,125,48,0
DeHavilland Chipmunk,Veron,151,2265,,0
DeHavilland Chipmunk,Frog,153,2285,,0
DeHavilland Chipmunk,Keil Kraft,159,2377,,0
DeHavilland Comet ,Skyleada,138,2061,,0
DeHavilland Commet,Air Trails,288,4307,,0
DeHavilland DH Hornet Moth rubber article,JUNE 1957 Model Aircraft,525,7866,,0
DeHavilland DH-1a,John Winter,399,5979,41,0
DeHavilland DH-4 - OZ 0107 ,Air Trails - 1949 - Walt Musciano,281,4215,42,0
DeHavilland DH-4 - OZ 0107,Air Trails - 1949 - Walt Musciano,2,29,42,0
DeHavilland DH-4 - OZ 0352,Comet #3305 - 1965,20,292,22,0
DeHavilland DH-98 RC Twin ,,311,4657,,0
DeHavilland DH.6 see post 4141 for pg.8,Radio Modeller,276,4132,,0
DeHavilland DH1A 1/2A RC,John Winter-AUG 1958 Flying Models,589,8833,41,0
DeHavilland DH2,Ulises Alvarez,526,7879,,0
DeHavilland DH2 together,Ulises Alvarez,526,7881,,0
DeHavilland DH4,Walter Musciano,314,4697,42,0
DeHavilland DH82 Tiger Moth,Mercury Models,20,292,,0
DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver - OZ 0245,Berkeley - 1955,119,1778,48,0
DeHavilland DHC-3 Otter,Pres Bruning,194,2905,,0
DeHavilland F-9 Mosquito Assembly plan,,416,6228,9.03,0
DeHavilland Heron,Model Aircraft,226,3377,,0
DeHavilland Heron - optimized,Model Aircraft,226,3384,,0
DeHavilland Hornet Moth,,61,909,14,0
DeHavilland Leopard Moth,Burd Model co.,44,658,,0
DeHavilland Mosquito FB Mk 6 CL Twin .15,Paul Palanek-JUNE/JULY 1963 Flying Models ,601,9011,38,0
DeHavilland Mosquito Mk. XVI,,112,1677,,0
DeHavilland Moth Minor,Frog,153,2285,84,0
DeHavilland Moth Minor,,572,8576,16,0
DeHavilland Puss Moth - OZ 0129,Comet #A10,4,52,21,0
DeHavilland Swallow FF Jetex,Howard Boys,469,7022,19.5,0
DeHavilland T.K.4 Racer,Aeromodeller,223,3333,,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth,Model Craft,86,1277,JPG.,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth ,Veron,152,2268,38.75,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - optimized,ModelCraft,86,1279,,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - original scans,Harold Towner,97,1450,,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - OZ 0167,Comet #A157,4,56,16,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - OZ 0219,Flying Models - 1963-08 - Keith Laumer,237,3543,32,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth - OZ 0219,Flying Models - 1963-08 - Keith Laumer,6,87,32,0
Dehavilland Tiger Moth - stitched,Harold Towner ,97,1452,CAD,0
DeHavilland Tiger Moth 3,CAD,510,7645,60,0
DeHavilland TK2 ,Towner and Boys -Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,466,6981,16.2,0
DeHavilland TK2 ,Towner and Boys -Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,467,7000,16.2,0
DeHavilland TK2 ,Towner and Boys -Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,467,7005,16.2,0
DeHavilland TK2,Towner and Boys -Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,468,7009,16.2,0
DeHavilland TK4 Team Racer,RG Moultan-JAN 1951 Aeromodeller,555,8313,23 or 30.5,0
DeHavilland TK5 conard,Doug McHard JULY 1962 MODEL AIRCRAFT ,435,6523,,0
DeHavilland Trainer CL Biplane .099,Walter Musciano-JULY 1950 Air Trails,642,9617,,0
DeHavilland Vampire FF Jetex,Howard Boys ,469,7021,20,0
Delanne,JD McHard,333,4988,,0
Delanne DL (jpg),Doug Rolfe ,766,11476,21,0
Delanne rubber tandem wing,John McHard-May 1952 Aeromodeller ,716,10731,25,0
Delanne rubber tandem wing (jpg),William Bouldin-APR 1944 MAN,766,11476,32,0
Delanne tandem,Aeromodeller,159,2372,71,0
DELETED-Pacemaker rubber ,Ken Woolsey-AUG 1966 RC Modeler,630,9438,70,0
DELETED-Paddy's Pig RC .09,Barry Halsted-Jed Kusik-AUG 1966 RC Modeler,630,9439,,0
Delta 1,J. Lancaster NOVEMBER 1952 AEROMODELLER,410,6148,,0
Delta 707 - RC pusher,FW Biesterfeld Feb 1957 Aeromodeller,406,6087,,0
Delta 707 RC Pusher semi scale,FW Biesterfeld Feb 1957 Aeromodeller ,407,6093,39,0
Delta Dart,Don Sampson,229,3430,,0
Delta Too,,307,4598,,0
Delta Too (jpg),,308,4614,,0
Demarcay 2 .40 RC,,509,7624,58,0
Demi-Quest 1/2A,,435,6512,,0
Demon,Keil Kraft,313,4682,,0
Demon King - CL stunt,AE Burch,364,5452,40,0
Denight Special,,165,2470,71,0
DeNight Special,Harold DeBolt,293,4381,24,0
Denight Special,deBolt,365,5464,,0
Denise Boat,Walter Musciano 1978 RC SPORTSMAN,460,6896,,0
Denny Jr,,264,3951,,0
Deperdussin Racer,Flying Aces - 1937-07,338,5069,,693
Deperdussin Racer - 2 diff. Sizes,Flying Aces - 1937-07,126,1876,JPG.,693
Depurdussin TT,,509,7629,65,0
Desert Rat,Hobby Helpers 462,344,5147,,0
Dessouter I,FAC,333,4988,,0
Destroyer CL stunt,PW Bill Green-May 1952 Aeromodeller ,716,10731,35.75,0
Destroyer flapped Stunter CL,MAY 1952 Aeromodeller,501,7501,35.7,0
Devil Dart - CL,Scarinzi,382,5728,,0
Devil Dart CL Pulse Jet,SEPT 1952 Air Trails,483,7240,,0
Dewoitiene D-33 Rubber Scale,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Dewoitine D-500 scale rubberfighter,Flying Aces - 1935-07,619,9277,,2712
Dewoitine D33,Madison Model Airplane Co,589,8831,20,0
Dewoitine D520,Pres Brunning,341,5105,,0
DFS 230,Klaus Nietzer,175,2612,CAD,0
DFS Olympia,,726,10876,49.93,0
DFS Reiher,Klaus Nietzer,174,2602,,0
DFS Reiher,Model Aircraft,206,3090,,0
DFS Reiher - parts list,Klaus Nietzer,175,2611,,0
DFS Reiher dihedral joint,,175,2615,,0
DGA-8 Howard 1937 (PDF),Peerless,736,11026,15,0
DGA-8 Howard 1937 (Tiff),Peerless,735,11023,15,0
DH 108 Swallow,JULY 1952 AEROMODELLER,371,5564,,0
DH 110 for Jetex,Keil Kraft,321,4805,17,0
DH C2 Beaver,Aug 1950,362,5417,60,0
DH Mosquito,Aeromodeller Dec 1954,376,5628,,0
DH Puss Moth - OZ NO,Comet #224,929,13927,16,0
DH Venom,Keil Kraft,321,4805,16.5,0
DH108 Swallow (Jetex),D. Golding-July 1952 Aeromodeller ,725,10874,19.75,0
DH89A Dragon Rapide - OZ 1691,Aeromodeller - 1968-09 - HJ Towner ,429,6426,,0
DHC1 Chipmunk FF,J.GREENLAND May 1948 AEROMODELLER,420,6293,,0
Diamond Back rubber,MAN - 1955-08 - NE Anderson,560,8389,,0
Diamont - OZ 0266,Sterling #E2,9,129,74,0
Diamont - OZ 0266,Sterling #E2,66,979,74,0
Diana ,Frog 715-GK - Tiled,1,15,36,15
Diana ,Frog 715-GK - Tiled,69,1023,36,15
Dick's Dream,,838,12562,34,0
Diddy Dice Vintage 1/2A CL,Roger Reese,439,6581,,0
Dido 1A ,FEB 1946 Aeromodeller,465,6965,36,0
Dinah-Mite,Model Aviation - 1950,860,12900,,0
Dipper 3 - OZ 0102,Comet #L9 - 1946,2,25,24,0
Dipper Sport - OZ 2298,Comet 1932,398,5964,12,0
Dipper Sport double size - OZ 2307,Comet 1932,398,5964,25,0
Dirt Track Racer,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Dirt Track Racer Car,Ace Whitman,549,8231,,0
Dirty Birdy,,318,4770,,0
Ditto rubber microfilm,,683,10244,23.75,0
Dixielander,George Fuller,384,5751,,0
Dolphin,RA Collins,355,5313,,0
Dolphin,Thracy Petrides-June/July 1939 Model Airplane News,539,8073,,0
Dolphin,July 1939 Model Airplane News,540,8095,,0
Dolphin,CR Clark-Aeromodeller,683,10244,53,0
Dolphin Boat,Meccano magazine,455,6819,,0
Dolphin FF,Thracey Petrides 1937,540,8096,108,0
Dolphin TLG,Keil Kraft,315,4712,30,0
Donald,Model Aircraft,278,4159,JPG.,0
Dongus - CL,G Johnson,381,5710,30,0
Doodlebug,Jerry Stoloff,328,4910,,0
Doohickey Biplane,Aeromodeller Nov 1954,375,5621,25,0
Doonie glider,Al Cleave / FA Jan 1944,851,12763,10,0
Dornier D-18K Flying Boat,,307,4599,,0
Dornier Do.215,Aeromodeller,228,3415,,0
Dornier Do.X 3-view,,231,3455,,0
Double Dice 1955 Cl;ass B Team Racer (JPG),Peter Drewel - Chas Taylor,459,6871,,0
Double Duty Skylark,Charles H. Grant-July 1951 Air Trails,794,11899,32,0
Double Feature,Paul Del Gatto-APR 1954 Model Airplane News,580,8698,,0
Double Feature 2 .020 RC,Ken Willard,485,7270,,0
Double Whammy,Air Trails,195,2917,,0
Double Whammy,,258,3862,,0
Double-Bubble,H. McIntyre,844,12652,,0
Double-Bubble,H. McIntyre,844,12656,,0
Douglas 0-46A,Air Trails,704,10555,,0
Douglas A-20G Havoc,,58,866,24,0
Douglas A-26 invader - OZ 0557,Comet,59,876,JPG.,0
Douglas AD-2 Skyraider,Cal Smith,211,3155,,0
Douglas AD-4B Skyraider,Walt Mooney,212,3174,,0
Douglas B-66 Bomber ducted fan,APR 1957 Model Airplane News,811,12160,,0
Douglas BD-7,,58,864,,0
Douglas Boston Havoc,,52,779,,0
Douglas C-47,Walt Musciano,285,4271,24,0
Douglas C-47,Hobby Helpers,301,4507,,0
Douglas Dauntless SBD-1,Ace Whitman,30,436,,0
Douglas Dauntless SBD-3 - OZ 0130,Comet #3401,4,52,20,0
Douglas Dauntless SBD-3 - OZ 0374,Ace Whitman #3896,30,437,15,0
Douglas Dauntless SBS,Berkeley,29,429,,0
Douglas DC-3,,59,872,,0
Douglas DC3 ,,138,2066,,0
Douglas DC3 - ,,141,2109,CAD,0
Douglas DC3 full plan CAD ,,138,2070,,0
Douglas DC3 glider,,229,3433,66,0
Douglas Devastator,,259,3884,,0
Douglas F4D Skyray - OZ 0371,Comet,29,434,,0
Douglas F4D Skyray - OZ 0371,Comet,137,2054,CAD,0
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray,Berkeley,28,419,10,0
Douglas F4D-1 Skyray ,Berkeley,137,2053,,0
Douglas Globe Girdler World Cruiser,Henry Struck-May 1939 ,615,9219,,0
Douglas JD-1 Navy A-26 Twin,,307,4599,,0
Douglas O-38 biplan,Ken McDonough 1931,770,11539,40,0
Douglas O-38S - Observation - OZ 0372 ,Model Aircraft Engineer,338,5069,,0
Douglas O-38S observation Biplane - OZ 0372,Model Aircrft Engnr,29,434,,0
Douglas O-41A,Roberts / FA Dec 38,854,12809,50,0
Douglas O-43A,Lindberg,338,5059,,0
Douglas O-46A,Doug McHard-Air Trails,704,10554,,0
Douglas O46A,McHard / 1953 Aeromodeller,900,13488,34.5,0
Douglas Rolfe - F A Mdget Flight Trainer - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1939-02,628,9406,14,0
Douglas Skyraider - you can fly carrier,American Modeller,291,4360,,0
Douglas Skyrocket,Flying Models,29,434,16,0
Douglas Skyrocket,Flying Models,55,811,,0
Douglas Skyrocket -Jetex 5,DEC 1948 FM,410,6150,,0
Douglas Skystreak,American Modeller,198,2968,15,0
Douglas Skystreak - OZ 0373 ,Comet,29,434,,0
Douglas Skystreak - OZ 0373,Comet,199,2973,16,0
Douglas Skystreak - OZ 0373,Comet,299,4476,17,0
Douglas Skystreak - OZ 0373,Comet,137,2054,17,0
Douglas TBD rubber,Whitman,617,9255,22,0
Douglas TBD-1,AUG 1938 Air Trails,581,8705,,0
Douglas TBD-1 Devastater,American Modeller,210,3141,46,0
Douglas TBD-1 dime scale,H. Weiss,324,4851,,0
Douglas TBD-1 Torpedo Bomber rubber,Herbert K. Weiss-APR 1939 Aeromodeller,709,10626,12.75,0
Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster,,59,873,,0
Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster,,333,4988,,0
Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster,HK Weiss,338,5069,,0
Douglas Y10-43 - OZ 0101 ,Comet #K7,30,436,36,0
Douglas Y1O-43 - OZ 0101,Comet #K7,2,25,36,0
Dovorian,TJ Kettle,355,5325,72,0
Dowsett Hawk-Special Power-Driven Monoplane 3 view,Flight Magazine,836,12538,,0
DQA,RCM - 1964-12 - 9043 - Article - Plan,180,2687,,12
DQA - OZ 0012,RCM - 1964-12 - 9043 - Article - Plan,319,4776,,0
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde,Aeromodeller Jul 1954,386,5779,,0
Draftee,Flying Aces - 1941-11,261,3913,36,1068
Drafty JR FF,Walt Musciano,538,8061,36,0
Drafty Jr.,Walter Musciano 1954 Air Trails,288,4309,36,0
Drafty Junior,Walter Musciano 1954 Air Trails,383,5736,36,0
Dragon - OZ 0336,Berkeley,18,258,,0
Dragonfly 2,Cleveland,325,4862,,0
DragonFly rubber,Model Aircraft - 1951-03 - George Woolls,681,10203,38.5,0
DragonFly rubber (cleaned up),Model Aircraft - 1951-03 - ,682,10228,38.5,0
Dragonfly TLG,Aeromodeller - 1943-05,358,5367,,0
Dragoon CL,Hoh Fang Chiun ,611,9154,37,0
Drake,Ken Willard,69,1023,,0
Drake ,,115,1717,,0
Drake 2,Ken Willard,301,4507,,0
Drake II,Ken Willard,301,4504,,0
Dreamer,Eagle Aircrft,164,2452,,0
Driftwood 1/2A FF,Paul Palanek-JAN 1954 Model Airplane News,643,9634,42,0
Drifty Primary glider,Tern Arrow,66,979,30,0
Drone Plan,C.E. Bowden,197,2949,72,0
Drop Me A Line,Jerry Brofman,222,3327,72,0
Druine Turbulent,Doug McHard,206,3090,,0
Dryad twin rubber flying Boat,FEB 1946 Aeromodeller,465,6965,,0
Dual-Air CO2,Frank Ehling-OCT 1947 Model Airplane News,655,9818,44,0
Dub-I-dek-r - OZ 0217,Keith Laumer,6,86,30,0
Duck,Louis Garami,330,4946,,0
Duck Gas Buggy,Flying Aces - 1939-08 - Pete Bowers,621,9301,,2728
Duet biplane,Ted Strader-May 1958 Flying Models,770,11545,46,0
Dummy Dip - Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Dummy Lifter,,517,7747,,0
Dummy Lifter .049,,517,7748,,0
Dummy Lifter 1/2A PAA (jpg),Bob Buragas-Oct 1951 Air Trails,536,8036,,0
Dumpy Sailplane,N.OSBOURNE May 1948 Aeromodeller,420,6293,,0
Dunn AB Type FF 1912,Henry Dunn-Flight,831,12452,36,0
Dunne - a bit larger,Aeromodeller,298,4465,,0
Dunne Tailess,Aeromodeller,298,4466,,0
Duo Monoplane,Aeromodeller,215,3214,29,0
Duo Monoplane Jetex 50,Bill Dean JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,220,3297,38,0
Duo Monoplane-Jetex,Bill Dean-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller ,696,10427,15,0
Duplex Delta,Peter Holland,288,4320,,0
Duration Biplane - OZ 0074,Sam Speaks - 2011-03 - optimized - scaled by Bob K.,208,3120,38,0
Duration Biplane - OZ 0074,Sam Speaks - 2011-03 - S.R.Crow,207,3101,38,0
Duration Biplane - OZ 0074,Sam Speaks - 2011-03 - S.R.Crow,208,3110,38,0
Duration Biplane - OZ 0074 ,Sam Speaks - 2011-03 - S.R.Crow - final tweek by Bob,210,3139,38,0
Duration Tractor - OZ 0131,Comet 1933,4,52,22,0
Duration Tractor - OZ 0131,Comet 1933,398,5964,22,0
Dwarf,Hillard / Model Aviation Planbook?,862,12924,24,0
Dwarf 1949,Hillard / Model Aviation Planbook?,862,12926,24,0
Dwarf Dip MkII,,333,4981,,0
E-Z and E-Xmicrofilm ROG,,847,12701,14 & 13-1/2,0
E-Z and E-Xmicrofilm ROG,,847,12704,14 & 13-1/2,0
E.A.P. (experimental airplane project),,113,1693,,0
Eagle Sailplane,Hern Bros.,79,1172,,0
Eagle Yogi - OZ 0221,MAN - 1944 - Eagle Models,263,3934,42,0
Eaglet,Keil Kraft,74,1110,JPG.,0
Eaglet,Keil Kraft,312,4678,24,0
Eaglet,Ben Shereshaw-Scientific Model Aircaft Co,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Eaglet,Kiel Kraft,905,13570,24,0
Early Birdmab Head,,430,6450,,0
Earthquake,Flying Models,232,3468,JPG.,0
Earthquake page 4,Flying Models,236,3529,JPG.,0
Eartquake,Flying Models,255,3816,,0
Eastborne Monoplane 1911-1913,,509,7629,71,0
Eastern State,,237,3551,31,0
Eastern State Champion,,261,3905,46.5,0
Eastern States Champion,,8,108,24,0
Ebenezer FF,APR 1958 Aeromodeller,527,7900,20,0
Eclipse (JPG),American Aircraft Modeler - 1974-10,471,7062,192,1832
ECLIPSE (tiled),American Aircraft Modeler - 1974-10,471,7065,192,1832
Eclipse Glider,American Aircraft Modeler - 1974-10 - Hal Cover,474,7107,180,1832
Edgar Percival EP9 Cropduster FF,George Wools-MAR 1959 Aeromodeller,545,8166,43.75,0
Eezebilt Sedan,Keil Kraft,328,4918,18,0
Eindecker w/ instruction,Sterling,76,1129,,0
El Chuparosa,Aeromodeller,238,3568,,0
El Chuparosa,Emmanual Fillon,238,3570,,0
El Cochino,,307,4596,,0
El Conquistador,American Modeller,229,3432,,0
El Diablo .35 CL,Harold Reihardt MAR 1952 MAN,258,3864,,0
El Diablo CL,Harold Reihardt MAR 1952 MAN,236,3540,,0
El Dodo,,517,7747,,0
El Gringito,,318,4770,,0
El Sobo - El Nordo II glider,Dick Everett-NOV 1952 Air Trails,635,9517,90,0
Elecktra ,Apr 1953 Aeromodeler,397,5941,,0
Elect ##J##,,113,1693,,0
Electra plans & Radio ,,136,2028,,0
Electra plans all in one PDF,,136,2030,CAD,0
Electric Chair,Gallagar,247,3704,,0
Electric Power-Article,Ed and Doris Yulke-DEC 1959 Model Airplane News,723,10845,,0
Electron w/article link to PDF,,140,2097,,0
Elf,Keil Kraft,178,2667,,0
Elf Axe FAI,John Lamble-MAY 1952 Aeromodeller,715,10715,46,0
Elf Axe Pylon FF,MAY 1952 Aeromodeller,501,7501,46,0
Elf Biplane,,8,108,,0
ELF Biplane,,786,11788,40,0
ELF Biplane (jpg),Frank Ehling,786,11789,40,0
Elf Biplane - OZ 0013,ModelAviation Reprint of a 1938 design,1,1,60/45,0
Elf Cat CL,JAN 1959 Aeromodeller ,472,7077,32,0
Elf Senior Biplane ,Frank Ehling,788,11806,60,0
Elfin & Sugarfoot small JPEG,,188,2810,,0
ELFIN Mk11 ,N.BUTCHER May 1948 Aeromodeller,420,6293,29,0
Eliminator RC,James Reed-JULY 1955 Air Trails,538,8062,72,0
Elliptical Class A,,435,6512,,0
Elliptical One Off,,390,5845,,0
Elmira Ed towline glider,JULY 1958 American Modeler ,621,9303,56.3,0
Endurance Commercial - OZ 0132,Comet,4,52,17,0
Endurance Flyer,Guillow F-55,334,5004,,0
Engligh Electric Wren,,117,1749,,0
English Electric Wren,Peter Wyatt,383,5741,,0
Ensign,Air Trails,288,4307,JPG.,0
Enterprise Gyro,Del Gatto 1955,836,12539,,0
Enterprise Shadow,1949,517,7751,,0
Envoy,Cyril Shaw,355,5320,40,0
Envoy FF,Cyril Shaw-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,696,10427,40,0
Envoy FF,Cyril Shaw-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,696,10428,40,0
Envoy FF corrected,Cyril Shaw-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,696,10438,40,0
Equalizer RC,Harold DeBolt_NOV 1955 Model Airplane News,561,8414,,0
Erco Ercoupe - OZ 0133,Comet #3407,4,53,24,0
Erco Ercoupe - OZ 0133,Comet #3407,8,108,24,0
Erco Ercoupe - OZ 0227,MAN - 1941-02,8,108,20,0
Ercoupe,Keil Kraft,313,4690,20,0
Ercoupe - CL ,,364,5459,,0
Ercoupe CL or RC .15-.19,MAN - 1947-09 - Mountjoy,654,9805,34.375,0
Ercoupe CL or RC .15-.19 full plan,MAN - 1947-09 - Mountjoy,655,9812,34.375,0
Ercoupe rubber,,789,11832,20,0
Ercoupe rubber stitched and cleaned,,789,11834,20,0
Erie Daily Times Jr. Pilots model - OZ 0228,Erie Times,8,108,24,0
Erie Daily Times Jr. Pilots model - OZ 0228,Erie Times,206,3079,24,0
Erk RC FF,Johnny Bowmer Aeromodeller February 1957 ,407,6093,40,0
Eros,John Coasby 1948,363,5431,84,0
Eros,John Coasby 1948,417,6252,84,0
Eros with Filler,John Coasby 1948,417,6254,84,0
Esquire,Don Parsons Midwest,319,4776,51,0
Esso glider,Arnold Degen-1943,699,10475,78.8,0
Esso glider (cleaner),Arnold Degen-1943,699,10481,78.8,0
Estrellita,George Woolls,345,5168,,0
Ethereal Lady - OZ 0036,AeroModeller - 1948-06 - Vic Smeed,69,1023,48,0
Ethereal Lady - OZ 0036,AeroModeller - 1948-06 - Vic Smeed - Article-Unscaled Plan,354,5302,48,0
Eugene II,Ed Lidgard,8,108,18,0
Eugene II,Ed Lidgard,336,5038,,0
Everest Glider,Aeromodeller Sept 1958,582,8721,47,0
Evstons Thunderbolt Racer Car,Ace Whitman 1939,549,8231,,0
Excess Too,Air Trails,220,3289,,0
Excess Too - optimized,Air Trails,223,3339,,0
Executioner,John O'Sullivan 1965,468,7018,52,0
Executive ,Lloyd Hunt,215,3216,,0
Exodus .049 RC Sport ,Barry Halstead RC Modeler,483,7240,,0
Experimental Canard,American Modeller,218,3261,CAD,0
Experimental Twin Tractor,,8,109,CAD,0
Eystons Thunderbolt Racer,Ace Whittman,299,4483,JPG.,0
F-111 pivot wing glider,Roy Clough Jr-Popular Mechanix,825,12366,,0
F-18 transfer layouts,Jasco,361,5408,,0
F-82 Twin Mustang Betty Jo CL,William Seidler-SEPT 1947 Air World,571,8562,25,0
F-86D .35 CL,RE Lampione,258,3864,,0
F-86D RC 60,,308,4615,,0
F-8E Crusader 60 RC,,308,4615,,0
F8F Bearcat rubber,Joseph Wherry JUNE 1946 Model Airplane News,464,6959,,0
F8F Bearcat rubber,Joseph Wherry JUNE 1946 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
F95 Curtiss Interceptor-Fighter,Guillow ,576,8636,16,0
FA Utility Commercial,Julius Unrath / FA Mar 34,851,12762,20,0
FAC Sportster,,336,5038,,0
Facetmobile FMX-4,Model Builder,293,4381,,0
Facetmobile FMX-4,Dec 1996 MB,365,5464,,0
FAI Racer CL,Ken Long,449,6732,,0
Fair Clipper,Construct-A-Plane - 1939,876,13126,25,0
Fair Clipper,Construct-A-Plane - 1939,876,13129,25,0
Fairchild - OZ 0315,Comet,16,229,,0
Fairchild - OZ 0315,Comet dime,377,5653,10,0
Fairchild 22 - OZ 0316,Popular Aviation - Paul Lindberg,16,229,,0
Fairchild 22 - OZ 0317,George Wanner,16,229,43.5,0
Fairchild 22 peanut scale (jpg),Rich Tucciarone -Tailspin newsletter,740,11088,12.25,0
Fairchild 22 RC,HG Bowers - Flyline Models,505,7565,47,0
Fairchild 24,,2,25,CAD,0
Fairchild 24,Ontario Model,16,229,16,0
Fairchild 24,Flying Aces - 1956,17,242,,327
Fairchild 24 ,Flying Aces - 1938-02,19,279,JPG.,330
Fairchild 24 - OZ 0321,Model Craft,16,229,,0
Fairchild 24 - OZ 0322,Comet #A166,16,229,16,0
Fairchild 24 - OZ 0323,Comet #2A170,16,229,25,0
Fairchild 24 - OZ 0324,Ace Whitman,16,229,,0
Fairchild 24 Rancher - OZ 0246,Berkeley - 1948,9,125,36,0
Fairchild 24 Rancher - OZ 0246,Berkeley - 1948,16,229,36,0
Fairchild 24 Rancher - OZ 0246,Berkeley - 1946,338,5069,36,0
Fairchild 24-R,Paul Lindberg,16,229,,0
Fairchild 24R,Guillow F-41,334,5004,,0
Fairchild 45,Megow,16,229,,0
Fairchild 45,Guillow F-80,335,5023,,0
Fairchild 45 - dime scale,Megow,324,4851,,0
Fairchild Amphibian - OZ 0309,PopularAviation - 1934 - Paul Lindberg,13,193,22,0
Fairchild Amphibian - OZ 0309,PopularAviation - 1934 - Paul Lindberg ,16,229,22,0
Fairchild Amphibian - OZ 0309,PopularAviation - 1934 - Paul Lindberg ,23,337,22,0
Fairchild Amphibian - OZ 0309,PopularAviation - 1934 - Paul Lindberg ,338,5069,22,0
Fairchild Argus ,Eddie Riding-OCT 1947 Aeromodeller ,774,11607,,0
Fairchild Argus,EJ Riding-OCT 1948 Aeromodeller,780,11704,23,0
Fairchild KR2,Universal Model,226,3389,CAD,0
Fairchild M-62,Megow,338,5069,,0
Fairchild M-62 trainer,Megow,69,1026,18.75,0
Fairchild PT-19,Chuck Hollinger,19,273,,0
Fairchild PT-19,Chuck Hollinger Aug 1956 YM,377,5653,72,0
Fairchild PT-19,Earl Stahl,377,5653,,0
Fairchild PT-19,Gene Rogers Flying Models,395,5913,62,0
Fairchild PT-19 - OZ 0327,Chuck Hollinger,16,229,45,0
Fairey Albacore,Harold Towner,294,4405,CAD,0
Fairey Albacore,Harold Towner,294,4410,,0
Fairey Barracuda,Aeromodeller,166,2489,,0
Fairey Barracuda,Stahl Oct 1944 MAN,336,5039,,0
Fairey Battle,Megow,40,597,,0
Fairey Battle,Robert Smith,40,597,36,0
Fairey Battle,M.A.N.,40,597,JPG.,0
Fairey Battle,Megow,338,5069,,0
Fairey Firefly - OZ NO,Model Aircrafts,338,5069,,0
Fairey Flycatcher,E. Fillon,189,2828,43,0
Fairey Flycatcher plan + info,Aeromodeller,189,2834,,0
Fairey Gannet,Aeromodeller,209,3132,,0
Fairey Gannet,Keil Kraft,321,4805,20,0
Fairey Junior,Keil Kraft,321,4805,18,0
Fairey Swordfish,Veron,152,2268,,0
Fairey Swordfish,Model Aircraft,159,2372,,0
Fairey Swordfish,Model Aircraft,185,2769,JPEG.,0
Fairey Swordfish,Aeromodeller Dec 1953,374,5607,,0
FAIson,FEB 1953 Model Airplane News,628,9414,,0
Falco 60,,307,4596,,0
Falcon - OZ 0908,Keil Kraft - 1949,205,3067,72,0
Falcon - OZ 0908,Keil Kraft - 1949,261,3912,72,0
Falcon - OZ 1679,MAN - 1940-09 - Paul Plecan,428,6408,,0
Falcon 56 - OZ 2424,Carl Goldberg,798,11959,56,0
Falcon Hunter - OZ NO,MAN - 1974-04 ,258,3862,48,0
Family Two Holer - flying outhouse,,199,2977,16,0
Fane AOP,,879,13178,55.5,0
Fantail lightweight monoplane pusher,Vernon Junior,566,8485,,0
Fantastic Ragtime Flying Machine 1/2A,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Farman 1909,,100,1493,,0
Farman 400,,308,4615,,0
Farman 400,,333,4981,,0
Farman 400,Comet,398,5967,16,0
Farman F200,,108,1619,,0
Farman Mosquito,Walt Mooney,217,3254,32,0
FARMAN Moustique,Flyline Models ,504,7548,,0
Farman Stratoplane,Comet,398,5967,16,0
Fast CL .09-.15,Pilot OK Model Co,590,8844,27.5,0
Faultless Chick,M.A.N.,234,3503,,0
Faultless Chick,FEB 1949 Model Airplane News,581,8706,,0
FE8 - scale FF pusher,Dec 1952 Aeromodeller,405,6068,40,0
FE8 WW1 fighter,Vic King -DEC 1952 Aeromodeller,779,11676,39.5,0
Feather Merchant 72 ,,6,82,54,0
Feather Merchant 72 - wing,,6,82,,0
Featherfly,Aeromodeller Apr 1952,381,5702,9,0
Featherweight RTP,Aeromodeller Jan 1949,378,5664,,0
Feno CL,Ted Goyet-OCT 1955 Model Airplane News,585,8771,,0
Ferdinand CL,SEPT 1959 Aeromodeller ,531,7953,15,0
FF Contestar,Chuck Giessen-Air Trails,599,8977,25,0
FF Indoor Helicopter,,328,4910,,0
FF Rubber Heli,,328,4910,,0
Fiat C.R.32 - Optimized - OZ 0251,Zeus Model,219,3278,25,0
Fiat C.R.32 - OZ 0241,Zeus Model,219,3271,25,0
Fiat C.R.32 Chirri,,218,3270,CAD,0
Fiat C.R.42,Ercole Arseni,219,3273,,0
Fiat G-50,1940,333,4988,,0
Fiat G-55,Non-English Plan,333,4988,,0
Fiat G.50,Bill Winter - 1940 - unscaled,220,3286,Help file,0
Fiat G.55 - BIG,Maxecuter - Tiled,220,3287,,263
Fiat G.55 - Optimized - OZ 0263,Maxecuter,220,3294,,0
Fiat G.55 - small - OZ 0263,Maxecuter,220,3286,,0
Fierce Arrow,,200,2990,,0
Fierce Arrow,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,217,3250,36,0
Fierce Arrow 400,,379,5672,,0
Fierce Arrow article to plan,,200,2993,,0
Fieseler Storch - cleaned up,Paul Del Gatto 1959 FM,380,5686,,0
FIESELER STORCH FF RC,P. WITTAKER MAR 1967 Aeromodeller ,416,6239,,0
Fieseler Storch rubber,Len Marlowe-JAN 1948 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,835,12522,24,0
Fiesler Storch,Flying Models,149,2232,,0
Fiesler Storch,June 59 FM,379,5672,,0
Fiesler Storch - article only,Aeromodeller Aug 1957,326,4881,,0
Fiesler Storch Fi.256,Aeromodeller,111,1660,,0
Fifinella FAI FF .15,Bob Larsh-SEPT 1955 Model Airplane News ,558,8370,52,0
Fifteen,ALEC BURNS August 1953 AEROMODELLER,411,6162,53.5,0
Fifteen Minute Championship Tractor rubber,Edwin T. Hamilton-1938 Dodd Mead & Co,743,11135,33,0
Fighter 74 Glider - OZ NO,Jim Walker,910,13639,Foam like HLG - 8,0
Fighter Glider,Aeromodeller,278,4159,,0
Fighter Glider - CAD redraw,,391,5852,,0
Fighter Glider 1944,JAN 1944 Aeromodeller ,776,11638,42,0
Fillon Champion (article only),E Fillon,392,5876,,0
Fine Flier- rubber,Raleigh T Daniel-DEC 1935 Model Airplane News ,591,8860,18,0
Fire Brand Mite 1/2A,,435,6512,,0
Fireball,Jim Walker,419,6281,JPG,0
Firebird - OZ 0090,Keil Kraft,316,4728,32,0
Firebrand - CL stunt,Aeromodeller Jun 1950,372,5580,,0
Firece Arrow,,259,3880,,0
Firecrest,Model Aviation - 1950,860,12900,29,0
Firefly - OZ 0148,Comet #N12,4,54,24,0
Firefly - OZ 0148,Comet #N12,5,67,24,0
Firestrike CL delta,Aeromodeller Dec 1968,443,6642,,0
Fizz-Wiss,American Modeller,255,3815,,0
Fizzle XIII for Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Flaming Ptero,,410,6150,,0
Flaming Ptero rocekt powered flying wing,Howard Boys ,468,7019,,0
Flamingo,Jasco R Hammer,361,5408,,0
Flamingo,RG Collins,369,5534,60,0
Flamingo (flying boat),Andy G. Lennon / MAN October 1957,873,13086,,0
Flap Happy,Oct 1949 Aeromodeller,366,5485,,0
Flapper,Air Trails,16,230,,0
Flash X-18,Jasco,361,5408,,0
Flea - 5pgs.,,3,32,,0
Flea-Whiz,Keith Laumer,312,4673,,0
Fledgling,FLYING MODELS,236,3536,52,0
Fledgling,Claude McCullough-Oct 1950 Flying Models Magazine,580,8689,,0
Fledgling,Cyril Shaw-NOV 1951 Aeromodller,597,8952,33.5,0
Fledgling,Cyril Shaw-NOV 1951 Aeromodller,597,8954,33.5,0
Fledgling (jpg),1940 Air Trails,769,11524,20,0
Fleet Bibe Trainer - 4pgs.,,2,28,,0
Fleet Bipe,,308,4618,,0
Fleet Canuck rubber,MAR1948 Model Airplane News,600,8990,,0
Fleet Special dime scale (JPG),American Modelcraft,740,11088,16,0
Fleet Trainer,,81,1205,,0
Fleet Trainer,Dick Struhl,336,5039,,0
Fleet Trainer - optimized,,82,1217,,0
Fleet Trainer (jpg),Sidney Struhl 1941,786,11784,,0
Fleet Trainer (jpg),Sidney Struhl MAR 1942 Flying Models,786,11785,,0
Fleetwing,Keil Kraft,353,5291,54,0
Fleetwings Seabird,Popular Aviation,13,193,,0
Fleetwings Seabird,Popular Aviation,23,337,,0
Fleetwood Flyer (jpg),Louis Bucalo-FEB 1999 Airflow newsletter,759,11376,,0
Flemish Defiance,Cleveland #C-2,929,13928,32,0
Flettner Wing,,217,3250,,0
Flicka HLG,Keil Kraft,312,4678,18,0
Flight Cup Model,JM Hardman,374,5604,37,0
Fling Thing FF,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Fling-Hi G12,Jasco,361,5408,,0
Flip Flop duration,RH WarringFEB 1952 Aeromodeller,698,10466,36,0
Flip Flop FF,RON WARRING Feb 1952 Aeromodeller ,425,6374,36,0
Flip-Flop,FM 1948.10 / Ray Borden,923,13835,37,0
Flipper - OZ 1314,GridLeaks - 1966 Vic Smeed - Pee Wee .020 single channel bipe,671,10065,,0
Flipper 020 - OZ 1314,GridLeaks - 1966 - Vic Smeed,313,4688,,0
Flipstick - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1942-07 - Bucalo,852,12776,15,0
Flower Power,,318,4770,,0
Flower Power,June 1970 AAM,358,5359,,0
Flugboot,Radio Modeller,231,3451,,0
Flugboot - pdf,Radio Modeller,231,3456,20.5,0
Flutehawk Rubber sport,,397,5946,,0
Fly Baby,Pete Bowers,327,4893,,0
Fly Baby,Pete Bowers,378,5658,,0
Fly Baby,Olaf Van der Plaats,764,11459,31.5,0
Fly Baby,Pete Bowers APR 1945 Model Airplane News- Doc Mathews-OCT 1989 Model Aviation,764,11460,31.5,0
Fly Baby (original 1945),MAN Apr 1945,342,5118,,0
Fly Snatcher,Air Trails,288,4309,,0
Flyabout,Flying Aces - 1942-12 - Lawrence Retthmaier,621,9307,,2727
Flyabout 1/2 A (jpg),Bill Winter,821,12312,35,0
Flyabout 1/2A (PDF Stitched),Bill Winter,821,12313,35,0
Flyaway,Pete Bowers,289,4326,32,0
Flycycle,Flying Models 1956-08,924,13854,,0
Flyette FF CO2 rubber,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,505,7565,23.5,0
Flying Aces Fighter,Flying Aces - 1937-01 - Louis Garami,617,9245,20,2701
Flying Aces Hedgehopper rubber,Flying Aces - 1935-04 ,618,9261,,2735
Flying Aces Indoor Tractor - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1936-03 - Jesse Davidson,618,9258,,0
Flying Aces Kaydet rubber cabin,Flying Aces - 1939-06,618,9270,,2709
Flying Aces Low Wing,Flying Aces - 1936-08 ,840,12590,18,5135
Flying Aces Low Wing,Flying Aces - 1936-08,840,12591,18,5135
Flying Aces Low Wing,Flying Aces - 1936-08 ,840,12595,18,5135
Flying Aces Parasol stick model,Flying Aces - 1936-07 - Louis Garami,617,9247,,2703
Flying Aces Pronto,Flying Aces - 1939-05 - Snooky Pakula,615,9217,19.5,2691
Flying Aces R.O.G. Dart rubber - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1934-11 - Julius Unrath,618,9259,,0
Flying Aces Speedwing rubber,Flying Aces - 1936-06,617,9248,,2704
Flying Aces Stick Model,Flying Aces - 1936-09,8,107,60,225
Flying Aces Stick Special,Flying Aces - 1936-01 - Jack Travis / FA,859,12882,13.5,5348
Flying Aces Stick Special,Flying Aces - 1936-01 - Jack Travis,859,12883,13.5,5348
Flying Aces twin pusher,Flying Aces - 1933,707,10600,,2376
Flying Army Blimp,,732,10976,,0
Flying Boat (jpg),,809,12128,,0
Flying Broomstick,Kukuvich / FA Jan 1941,857,12842,37.2,0
Flying Burnelli twin (jpg),Alan Boonton-Ralph Pickard-DEC 1937 Model Airplane News,758,11368,,0
Flying Cloud,,100,1494,24,0
Flying Cloud,Berkeley ,226,3378,28,0
Flying Cloud Jr - OZ 0247,Berkeley - 1941,9,125,24,0
Flying Cloud Jr - OZ 0247,Berkeley - 1941,336,5038,24,0
Flying Elevator (Jpg),Louis Bucalo-Aircraft Age magazine,759,11376,,0
Flying Flea - OZ 0083,Aeromodeller - 1963-12,159,2372,44,0
Flying Flea CL,AUG 1949 Model Airplane News,584,8750,,0
Flying Flea glider,G Jacquelin,514,7704,120.75,0
Flying Flounder,,210,3141,,0
Flying Flounder,,216,3234,,0
Flying Flounder,,259,3880,12,0
Flying Fool,FM 1947.06 / by Stockbridge?,918,13764,,0
Flying Fool 2 sizes,Air World Mag.,124,1851,,0
Flying Fool 2 sizes - optimized,,125,1864,,0
Flying Fortress - No it's a Castle not B17,,200,2992,28.5,0
Flying Fortress - No it's a Castle not B17,,210,3141,,0
Flying Girder 1/2A CL,Dale Munyon-March 1958 Flying Models,779,11681,20,0
Flying Goose,M.A.N.,234,3503,,0
Flying Goose,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Flying License Plate,Model Builder,217,3250,,0
Flying Men-Skydiver-Uncle Sam-Early Birdman,Sterling,821,12308,,0
Flying Octagon,,200,2996,,0
Flying Saucer,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Flying Saucer,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Flying Wheel,Aug 1948 Aeromodeller,366,5478,,0
Flying Wing 1931 (jpg) rubber pusher,Edward Harms,736,11035,20,0
Flying Wing Jetex model (jpg),Paul Del Gato-APR 1957 Model Airplane News,736,11035,17,0
Flyline Models - Hurst Bowers,Hurst Bowers,44,655,39,0
FM VTO 1/2A FF coaxial helicopter,Paul J Palanek-FEB 1955 Flying Models,572,8577,,0
FM VTO 1/2A FF coaxial helicopter,Paul J Palanek-FEB 1955 Flying Models,572,8578,,0
Focke Wulf FW-190A3 - OZ 3078,Modern Hobbycraft Products,668,10019,,0
Focke Wulf 190,Keil Kraft,305,4569,,0
Focke Wulf 190,Steve Patti Company Kit 202,791,11857,12,0
Focke Wulf 190 A.3,Veron,152,2266,15.4,0
Focke Wulf 190a,,113,1693,,0
Focke Wulf 190a ,,138,2066,,0
Focke Wulf A17,Paul Boyanowski,338,5069,,0
Focke Wulf FW-190 - OZ 0134,Comet #E7,4,53,18,0
Focke Wulf FW-190 - OZ 0663,MRA,109,1625,11,0
Focke Wulf FW-198,Megow,17,248,,0
Focke Wulf FW198,Megow,338,5069,,0
Focke Wulf Moskito,Model Aircraft,206,3090,,0
Focke Wulf Stosser,Aeromodeller,211,3159,,0
Focke Wulf Stosser - large version,Aeromodeller,131,1964,,0
Focke Wulf Stosser - small version,optimized,132,1966,,0
Focke Wulf TA152h,,113,1693,,0
Focke Wulf TA152h ,,138,2066,72,0
Focke-Wulf Moskito - cleaned up,,326,4885,,0
Focke-Wulf Stosser,Dec 57 FM,333,4981,,0
Fokker C-14 Transport,Air Trails,95,1425,CAD,0
Fokker C-14 Transport,Air Trails,338,5069,,0
Fokker C-14 Transport ,1930's Air Trails,459,6879,,0
Fokker D-21 (jpg) - OZ NO,Flying Aces - HK Weiss,768,11501,22.5,0
Fokker D-8,Sterling,100,1487,JPG.,0
Fokker D-8,Sterling,333,4989,,0
Fokker D-8,SC Smith APR 58 American Modeler,379,5672,,0
Fokker D-8,,380,5700,69,0
Fokker D-8,Hobby Supreme Products ,794,11905,17,0
Fokker D-8 (low res jpg),Bill Tyler,314,4701,,0
Fokker D-VII,Sterling,333,4982,,0
Fokker D-VII rubber,Comet dimescale A7,399,5978,12,0
Fokker D-VIII CL,Bill Tyler DEC 1946 Air World ,324,4853,,0
Fokker D-VIII RC,Walt Musciano 1960 Model Airplane News Annual,483,7239,,0
Fokker D.V ,Bill Dennis,280,4190,JPG.,0
Fokker D.VII - OZ 0605,Sterling - Optimized,79,1171,,0
Fokker D.VII - OZ 0144,Comet #A26,4,53,16,0
Fokker D.VII - OZ 0566,California,63,940,42,0
Fokker D.VII - OZ 0605,Sterling,78,1166,24,0
Fokker D.VII - OZ NO,CAD,113,1693,,0
Fokker D.VIII,Comet #225 - Tiled,4,53,16,136
Fokker D.VIII - OZ 0764,Veron,152,2266,,0
Fokker D.VIII - OZ 0787,Keil Kraft,154,2308,,0
Fokker D.VIII - OZ 0972,Continental,63,940,,0
Fokker D.VIII - Removed,American Modeller,206,3081,,0
Fokker D7,FA - 1938-04 - Henry Struck,338,5069,,0
Fokker D8 - cleaned up,SC Smith,380,5699,55,0
Fokker D8 FF,M. Hawkins,401,6001,27,0
Fokker DR l triplane ,Joe Nieto-July 1952-SEPT 1957-Model Airplane News,661,9901,20.6,0
Fokker Dr-1,Bryce Peterson,154,2301,24,0
Fokker DR1 - OZ 0135,Comet,4,53,12.5,0
Fokker DR1 Triplane - OZ 2011,AeroModeller - 1951-11 - PE Norman,497,7442,40.5,0
Fokker Dr1 Triplane FF - OZ 2653,Astral - Harold Towner,608,9120,,0
FOKKER DV11 rubber,D.HUGHES Sept 1948 Aeromodeller,425,6367,21,0
Fokker DVII,,313,4688,,0
Fokker DVII D7 RC,JD McHard ,545,8174,27,0
Fokker DVIII,Stahl,261,3912,24,0
Fokker DXVII,Dallaire,324,4859,,0
Fokker E IV,,365,5462,36,0
Fokker E.III,M.A.N.,84,1249,42,0
Fokker Eindecker Semi-Scale 049 ,,311,4657,,0
Fokker F.VIIb 'Southern Cross',SEPT 1951 Aeromodeller,220,3297,40,0
Fokker F.VIIb 3M Southern Cross Tri Motor FF,H. Parrish-SEPT 1951 Aeromodeller,648,9707,40,0
Fokker G-1 (jpg),Alan D. Booton-APR 1937 Air Trails,754,11305,,0
Fokker Triplane,,336,5039,,0
Fokker Triplane CL,Walter Musciano,360,5399,,0
Fokker Triplane scale FF,P.E. Norman,659,9873,,0
Fokker Universal,,333,4988,,0
Folkerts Racer ,Air Trails,517,7747,,0
Foo 2 rubber contest,June 1943 Aeromodeller,493,7389,30,0
Force 10,,113,1693,,0
Forney Aircoupe - OZ 0248,Berkeley,9,126,18.75,0
Forney Aircoupe - OZ 0249,Berkeley - 1957,9,126,45,0
Forney Aircoupe - OZ 0249,Berkeley - 1957,175,2623,45,0
Fortastrop,Frank Garcher 1957 Flying Models,383,5736,57,0
Forty Niner CL,Bill Winter-APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12527,,0
Forty Niner CL cleaned up,Bill Winter-APR 1949 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,836,12528,,0
Forwarder A2 Glider,W. Tinker-SEPT 1952 Aeromodeller,741,11117,57,0
FOX .049 FAI Special Engine Review,PGF Chinn-SEPT 1965 Model Airplane News,564,8451,,0
FOX 107 1/2A Texaco,Joe Beshaw,569,8535,46.25,0
Frankenstein,MW Thompson,339,5080,50,0
Frantique I RC Sport,May 1973 AAM,379,5672,,0
French Guillemin J.G. 10 rubber scale,Flying Aces - 1936-02 - Elbert J. Weathers,617,9249,,2705
Fresco CL team racer ,BD Chkourski-SEPT 1963 Aeromodeller,473,7094,38,0
Fresco team racer (JPG),SEPT 1963 Aeromodeller,473,7089,38,0
Friedrichshafen G.II,M.A.N.,280,4190,,0
Friend Ship I,Don Guttridge,365,5464,,0
Frisco Kid,,234,3503,,0
Frisco Kid,Flying Models,237,3546,,0
Frisco Kid,,24,353,52,0
Frisky FF,Paul Del Gatto-FEB 1954 Model Airplane News ,552,8280,,0
Frog Firefly - OZ 3397,Frog #671-KP,706,10578,36,0
Frog Vixen ,,770,11550,36,0
Frog Widgeon rubber,Frog ,400,5999,18,0
Frog Widgeon rubber 300dpi,Frog ,400,6000,18,0
Frog Wigeon untiled,Frog ,401,6014,,0
Frugal Phantom CL,Jerry Davies DEC 1980 Flying Models,494,7402,44,0
Fubar 36,Midwest,240,3586,,0
Fuego - Jetex,Aeromodeller Mar 1952,384,5759,,0
Fuego 50 jetex,G Blumenthal-June-July 1952 Aeromodeller,723,10844,15,0
Fullerton FF Helicopter,,328,4910,,0
Fury 4,,859,12878,,0
Fury 4 CL,OCT 1946 Model Airplane News,484,7253,,0
Fury CL,AUG 1944 Model Airplane News,484,7253,,0
FW 190,MRA,338,5069,,0
FW190A-5 through FW190A-9,,678,10156,,0
G-Sokol (JPG) 1949,,725,10868,,0
G-Whiz,Louis Bucalo - Ira Dyer / FA Jul 43,852,12779,13,0
Gadfly,Sherman Gillespie-APR 1955 Model Airplane News ,579,8673,,0
Gadzook A.2 Nordik TLG,SEPT 1964 Model Airplane News,484,7253,,0
Galloper (jpg),CR Ralph-SEPT 1965 Aeromodeller,776,11626,,0
Galloping Comedian,Air Trails,232,3480,,0
Galloping Comedian,,259,3883,,0
Garimi Strato Streak - OZ 0067 - Unscaled,Air Trails - 1941-12 - Louis Garami ,261,3912,,0
Garvey Boat 50%,July 1953,460,6899,,0
Gas Flea,Paul Plecan,200,2996,,0
Gas Flea,,261,3905,,0
Gas Powered Scram ,Flying Aces - 1938-07 - Ray Heit,598,8964,,2578
Gasser RC,Ken Willard-JUNE 1959 Model Airplane News Magaziine,584,8751,40,0
Gaucho,Keil Kraft,321,4805,44,0
Gaucho,1958 Model Airplane News,647,9697,72,0
Gay Lady V,Parker F. Hubert Jr.,330,4950,18,0
Gazelle - OZ 0092,Keil Kraft,313,4682,28,0
Gazookus,Cal Smith,198,2967,32,0
GB8 - CL speed,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6769,,0
Gee Bee ,Peerless,206,3078,CAD,0
Gee Bee ,Les McBrayer,485,7263,30.75,0
Gee Bee,October 1951 MAN,904,13553,,0
Gee Bee CL Scale,Oct 1951 Model Airplane News,484,7253,,0
Gee Bee E Sportster ,Henry Haffke-Coverite,643,9644,56,0
Gee Bee Eightster scale,,619,9280,,0
GeeBee Super Sporster,Les McBrayer,279,4179,,0
Geef 250,,296,4439,,0
General Aristocrat 1929 RC .020,Hurst Bowers - Flyline Models ,504,7548,,0
Gengagaren CL Swedish F.A.I. Team Racer,NOV 1957 Model aircraft ,479,7177,20,0
Georgia Cracker RC,Walt Mitchell-AUG 1967 RC Modeler,549,8224,62,0
Georgia Cracker RC (cleaned up),Walt Mitchell-AUG 1967 RC Modeler,549,8225,62,0
German Arado,Comet kit A39,525,7871,12.62,0
German Arado AR96-B1 3 view,HJ Fischer,525,7872,,0
Get started with HL Gliders,1961 AM Annual,366,5487,,0
GH 27B,GW Harris,363,5431,,0
Ghost Rider jpg,R.C.M.,274,4099,,0
Ghoul 111 FF Flying Wing,M Gates July 1951 Aeromodeler,401,6009,48,0
Ghoul III flying wing Jetex of small engine,MM Gates-July 1951 Aeromodeller,498,7463,48,0
Giant Chickadee,A.O. Heinrich and J. Broadfield Billings-Feb 1931 AeroDigest,781,11722,19,0
Gidro Glisser Hyudro Skimmer boat twin hull rubber,,466,6982,,0
Gimlet 1/2A RC,Phil Kraft-OCT 1956 Model Airplane News,599,8972,41,0
GIP-46 CL stunt,Pino Gottarelli 1952,389,5825,,0
Giro - rotor glider,,343,5143,38,0
Gismoe-C - OZ 0042,MAN - 1948-02,1,1,72,0
GJR22 Trophy Bipe CL,Gordon Rae,788,11819,25.5,0
Gladiator,REMOVED - Maurice Schoenbrun-Model Builder 1977,583,8733,,0
Gladiator - OZ 0004,Maurice Schoenbrun - Plan,79,1182,38.75,0
Gladiator - OZ 0004,Maurice Schoenbrun - Aritcle w/parts - Reprint in 1984,83,1235,38.75,0
Gladiator - OZ 0004 - JPEG. Format,Maurice Schoenbrun - Aritcle w/parts - Reprint in 1984,69,1023,38.5,0
Gladiator - OZ 0004 - optimized,Maurice Schoenbrun - Plan,79,1184,38.75,0
Glenelg Little or Little Glenelg,,204,3052,48,0
GLH,Dave Fritzke,201,3011,42,0
Glider,FM 1948.01 / Barrister,919,13776,48,0
Glider 1948,Flying Models 1948-01 Alan Barrister,927,13901,48,0
Gliding Wing (jpg) glider,F.V.B Ehling-FEB 1946 Model Airplane News ,736,11035,18,0
Glo Debbil,Air Trails,220,3291,,0
Globe Swift - OZ 0137,Comet #3202,4,53,16,0
Globe Swift - OZ 1346,Keil Kraft,319,4771,22,0
Globe Swift - OZ 3898,AeroModeller - 1952-09 - Ian Buxton,741,11117,40,0
Glory Bee,Air Trails,167,2494,,0
Glory Bee,Air Trails,169,2527,JPG.,0
Gloster AS31 Survey,E Fillon,333,4988,,0
Gloster G.A.5 Javelin,Skyleada,138,2061,JPG.,0
Gloster Gamcock,Norman Aeromodeller 1951 redrawn,519,7773,36,0
Gloster Gamecock,Harold Towner,277,4142,,0
Gloster Gamecock,Aeromodeller Jan 1951,390,5837,,0
Gloster Gauntlet,Comet,277,4155,,0
Gloster Gladiator - OZ 0007,Aeromodeller 1958-12 - JD McHard,157,2351,32,0
Gloster Gladiator - OZ 0855,Aeromodeller 1971-07 - JD McHard,182,2726,12,0
Gloster Gladiator - OZ 0855,Aeromodeller 1971-07 - JD McHard,232,3475,12,0
Gloworm .15,John Sheppard,236,3537,60,0
Gnat,Claude McCullough-OCT 1947 Model Airplane news,655,9817,39.5,0
Gnat Biplane rubber stick - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1936-06 - Harry Appel,618,9268,,0
Go Getter,Roland Friestad-Elbert Weathers MAR 1940 Air Trails ,507,7593,53,0
Go-Devil,Bob Palmer,236,3540,,0
Golab (Pigeon) Sailplane,Stanislaw Hlawiczka,710,10645,70.86,0
Goldberg Gas Bird,Tommy Gray,760,11388,,0
Goldberg Lil Satan - OZ 4183,Assembly Plan - Rough - OZ Cleaned up,473,7087,19.5,0
Goldberg Shoestring RC,Carl Goldberg,486,7280,54,0
Goldberg Skylark Sr assembly plans single and twin,Carl Goldberg kit G21,526,7878,56,0
Goldberg Zipper - optimized - OZ 0387,Comet,122,1829,54,0
Goldberg Zipper - OZ 0387,Comet,122,1825,54,0
Goldeber Zipper and Grant X-8 Airfoils only,Goldberg,655,9813,,0
Golden Wings glider ,Vic Smeed-JULY 1955 Aeromodeller,722,10825,44.4375,0
Golden Wings glider,Vic Smeed-JULY 1955 Aeromodeller ,724,10850,44.4375,0
Golden Wings glider (jpg),Vic Smeed-JULY 1955 Aeromodeller,722,10824,44.4375,0
Golliwhopper Tripe,Orthof and Milowitz / FA Dec 38,854,12806,12,0
Gollywock,AT 1944,335,5024,,0
Gondola Glider Nordic A/2 Glider,Larry Conover-March 1958 Flying Models,779,11683,76,0
Good Knight RC,Walt Musciano 1961 ,483,7239,,0
Good Knight Sport,RC Musciano 1961,365,5464,,0
Good News - OZ 0222,Scientific - 1947,7,96,55,0
Good News - OZ 0222,Scientific - 1947,237,3551,55,0
Goods Multibug,Walt Good 1959 American Modeler,365,5464,,0
Goods Multibug Nost RC,,308,4611,,0
Goods Rudder Bug,,307,4595,,0
Gook - CL speed,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6769,,0
Gool,February 1950 Flying Models,876,13132,108,0
Goon indoor rubber - OZ NO,,357,5341,,0
Gordon Isreal's Redhead,Model Builder,261,3906,14,0
Gorgeous Gertie,OCT 1952 Air Trails,581,8707,,0
Gossamer - FF power,July 1949 Aeromodeller,359,5383,,0
Graupner Electra jpeg files,see pg. 136,135,2023,,0
Graupner Electra link to plans,,135,2021,,0
Graupner Kadett,,181,2701,,0
Graupner Kadett - blownup parts view,,181,2705,,0
Graupner Taxi,,136,2037,49.2,0
Graupner Taxi booklet form,,137,2045,,0
Graupner Taxi instruction in German,,137,2043,,0
Graupner Terry,,115,1716,50,0
Great Lakes (1957) bipe - OZ 3077,MAN - 1957-09,918,13759,mag. page,0
Great Lakes 2T-1 - OZ NO,Model Aircraft - 1957-06 - Article,22,329,32,0
Great Lakes 2T-1A .19-.23 - OZ 0108,Flying Models - 1951-03 - Sedric Galloway,2,29,27,0
Great Lakes Trainer,Flying Aces - 1935-03 - Avrum Zier,638,9567,24,2809
Great Lakes Trainer (jpg) dime scale - OZ NO,Flying Aces News - 1995-01 - L.H. Deubler-David F. Duncan,745,11162,12,0
Great Lakes Trainer (zip file) - OZ 0415,Flyline - Hurst Bowers ,44,654,40,0
Great Lakes Trainer - OZ 0138,Comet #A137,4,53,16,0
Great Lakes Trainer - OZ 0415,Flyline - Hurst Bowers,311,4657,40,0
Great Lakes Trainer - OZ 3077,MAN - 1957-09,668,10018,40,0
Great Lakes Trainer - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1934-03 - Zier,851,12762,16.5,0
Great Lakes Trainer 1931 RC .15-25 - OZ 0415,Flyline - Hurst Bowers ,504,7548,40,0
Great Lakes XTBG-1 - OZ NO,Alan Booton,328,4916,,0
Great Radoslava Cizka NETOPYR,Rado,639,9573,,0
Green Flash,M.A.N.,232,3473,,0
Green Flash,,258,3863,100,0
Green Flash OT CL,,379,5672,,0
Gregor FDB-1 FF/RTP scale rubber,J.A.F. Halls-AUG 1945 Aeromodeller,496,7434,12.5,0
Gregor FDB1,,101,1512,,0
Gregor FDB11,MRA,333,4988,,0
Gross Flying Wing,Bernard Gross,211,3157,100,0
Grosswing Flying Wing,Bernard Gross-JAN 1948 Air Trails,643,9640,94.5,0
Gruman G22 Gulfhawk and F3F2 (jpg),June 1958 Aeromodeller,607,9096,,0
Grumman (jpg),Megow,769,11524,12,0
Grumman 44 Widgeon redone ,Paul Plecan-DEC 1942 Air Trails,657,9853,40,0
Grumman Bearcat - CL,PMH Lewis,365,5462,25,0
Grumman F11F-1 Tiger - OZ 0250,Berkeley,9,126,21,0
Grumman F3F-1,1937 MAN,338,5069,,0
Grumman F4F-3S Wildcat Floats - OZ 0307,Earl Stahl,13,193,18,0
Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat - OZ 0139,Comet - E2 - 1943,4,53,18,0
Grumman F4F3S Wildcat Floats - OZ 0307 ,Earl Stahl,23,338,19,0
Grumman F4F3S Wildcatfish - OZ 0307 ,Earl Stahl,338,5069,,0
Grumman F6F Hellcat,Cadet Models,67,998,35.5,0
Grumman F6F Hellcat - OZ 0262,Comet #P4,219,3281,35.5,0
Grumman F7F Tigercat,JUNE 1957 American Modeler,523,7843,,0
Grumman F8F Bearcat,Berkeley,29,429,40,0
Grumman F8F Bearcat,Continental,51,752,,0
Grumman F9F Cougar,M.A.N.,112,1680,,0
Grumman F9F Cougar - optimized,M.A.N.,113,1684,26,0
Grumman F9F-5 Panther ,Comet,137,2054,40,0
Grumman F9F-6 Cougar ,Comet,137,2054,,0
Grumman FF-1,G-E Model Supply Co.,792,11876,17,0
Grumman FF-1 cleaned and stitched,G-E Model Supply Co.,793,11885,17,0
Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk,Al Williams,63,933,,0
Grumman G44 Widgeon,Paul Plecan,101,1509,44,0
Grumman G44 Widgeon - optimized,Paul Plecan,102,1525,72,0
Grumman Gulfhawk,,48,706,,0
Grumman Gulfhawk,Al Williams,57,852,,0
Grumman Gulfhawk - missing interior,,77,1155,,0
Grumman Gulfhawk - missing interior,optimized,78,1156,JPG.,0
Grumman Mohawk,Street & Smith,273,4082,,0
Grumman P50 ,Aircraft Plans ,469,7032,,0
Grumman Panther,Keil Kraft,321,4805,17,0
Grumman Skyrocket,Megow,338,5069,,0
Grumman Widgeon,Paul Plecan,13,193,,0
Grumman Widgeon,Paul Plecan,23,337,,0
Grumman Wildcat - OZ 0763,Veron,152,2268,20,0
Grunau Baby Iib,,66,979,,0
Grunau Baby Iib,Karl Denzin,178,2670,,0
Guff - OZ 0109,CAD,3,33,72,0
Guff - OZ 0109,CAD,114,1698,72,0
GUFF - OZ 0109,Walt Good-Richard Bradford - CAD,509,7629,72,0
Guff 2 - OZ 2319,Air Trails - 1940-06 - Walt Good,546,8182,72,0
Guff Model - OZ 0109 ,CAD,261,3905,72,0
Guided Missle,Paul Palanek,217,3250,,0
Guided Mite,,199,2982,,0
Guided Mite,Flying Models,218,3261,,0
Gulfhawk rubber,Alan Boonton-DEC 1937 Air Trails,533,7988,,0
Gull - OZ 0583,Comet #P11,69,1023,42,0
Gull 60 - OZ 0122,double sized Comet # 3903 - CAD,510,7644,60,0
Gull 60 again - OZ 0122,Comet #3903 CAD,511,7652,60,0
Gull A-1,Flying Models,236,3534,26,0
Gull II - OZ 0122,Comet #3903 ,4,52,30,0
Gull II RC .40,modified Comet,509,7629,,0
Gull Low Wing,H.E. Hervey,206,3077,41,0
Gull Sport,Rex Hall / FA Nov 1940,855,12819,11.5,0
Gull Wing,Paul Lindberg-MAR 1940 Popular Aviation ,683,10244,,0
Gullivaire,AirWorld May 1945,853,12783,50,0
Gulliver .020 Powered RC Glider,Ted Strader,484,7253,,0
Gulliver .020 Powered RC Glider,Ted Strader RC Modeler,484,7258,48,0
Gulliver R.O.W. semiscale flying boat,Dick Early-FEB 1954 Flying Models,636,9528,,0
Guppie,Martin Powell / FA Jan 1941,857,12842,70,0
Guttman Endurance,1938_Flying_Aces,335,5024,,0
Gypsy,Keil Kraft,321,4805,40,0
Gypsy - Wakefield,Earl Stahl,345,5170,,0
Gypsy Sloop Jr Boat,Comet kit J1,539,8082,10.75,0
Gypsy Sloop Jr boat-original,Comet kit J1,539,8085,10.75,0
Gypsy Sloop Jr sailboat ,,533,7981,,0
Gyro Fite,Roy Clough,10,141,34,0
Gyro Kite,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
H 58 - glider,Aeromodeller Feb 1944,391,5859,,0
H-Ray & S-Ray,,105,1574,,0
H-Ray & S-Ray - optimized,Aamco,106,1584,,0
Hadley Page 115 HP115 CL Jetex,JD McHard Model Aircraft December 1961 ,422,6328,6,0
Half A Delta ,Paul Del Gatto-MAY 1957 Model Airplane News,739,11079,33,0
Half A Helicopter,Roy Clough,10,141,20,0
Half A Hydroplane,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Half A Payload ,Frank Ehling,263,3936,33.25,0
Half A Twin Stits Jr,,517,7747,,0
Half Fast,,139,2077,CAD,0
Half Fast,MAN - April 1954 - WF Netzeband Jr,578,8658,,0
Half Pint + pics & article - OZ 0196 ,Bill Tayler - 1947-08 ,291,4351,28,0
Half Pint - OZ 0196,Air Trails - 1947-08 ,287,4293,,0
Half Pint - OZ NO,AT - 1940 - Louis Garami - Model Builder Redrawn,200,2996,49,0
Half Pint - OZ NO,Air Trails - 1940 - L.Garami ,261,3905,JPEG.,0
Half Pint CO2 Cabin - OZ 0196,Air Trails - 1947-08 ,5,73,28,0
Half Pint pylon - OZ NO,Air Trails - 1940 - L.Garami ,5,73,,0
Half Tone RC,Dave Platt NOV 1961 Model Aircraft ,401,6001,38,0
Half Wave,Thomasian,838,12562,,0
Half What 1/2A RC,Gerald Zeigenfuse-June - July 1963 Flying Models ,602,9020,40,0
Half What RC sport,,318,4770,,0
Hallock's Nova RC Sport ,Meade Hallock,484,7253,58,0
Halo ,Keil Kraft,143,2142,,0
Hamilcar Troop Glider,Aeromodeller,211,3159,JPG.,0
Hammerhead,Stan Hill,168,2516,,0
Hammerhead,Stan Hill,534,8001,,0
Hampden 2,Harold Towner,338,5069,,0
Handley Page Bipe Bomber - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1938-08,338,5069,,0
Handley Page Halifax Mk.VII,Aeromodeller,226,3377,,0
Handley Page Hampden - original scans,Harold Towner,97,1454,8-10ft.,0
Handley Page Hampden - stitched,Harold Towner,98,1462,,0
Handley Page Hampden parts scan,,98,1463,,0
Handley Page HP42 Hannibal,,48,710,,0
Hannover CL.II ,Aerowerkes,280,4198,,0
Hannover CL.II Article & 3view,Aeromodeller,280,4194,,0
Hanriot HD-1,,308,4615,,0
Happy Wanderer,MODEL AIRCRAFT,278,4159,,0
Happy Wanderer w/ article,MODEL AIRCRAFT,185,2769,,0
Harlequin super stunter C/L,AUG 1954 Aeromodeller,527,7900,36,0
Harlow - OZ 1629,Comet - A2,398,5968,16,0
Harpie,Vic Smeed-AUG 1951 Aeromodeller,613,9188,50,0
Harry Carry,Harry Gould-APR 1958 Flying Models,263,3936,,0
Harry Tate FF redrawn,D.R Hughes-MAR 1951 Aeromodeller,510,7650,43,0
Hawk Special info,,122,1816,25,0
Hawk Special info - Swedish,,123,1832,39,0
Hawker Demon,TR Kennedy - Model Shop Newcastle,257,3847,,0
Hawker Demon - resized all parts,TR Kennedy - Model Shop Newcastle,584,8755,28,0
Hawker Demon corrected wing ribs,TR Kennedy - Model Shop Newcastle,588,8813,28,0
Hawker Fury,Veron,152,2266,,0
Hawker Hart,Walt Musciano-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,685,10268,28,0
Hawker Hart CL,Walter Musciano,355,5320,,0
Hawker Hart CL,Clive Hall Model Aircraft DEC 1962,442,6628,40,0
Hawker Henley,Whitman,252,3772,25,0
Hawker Hind ,D. Marsh-May-June 1952 Aeromodeller ,717,10754,37,0
Hawker Hind Trainer,D Marsh,343,5143,37.5,0
Hawker Hind Trainer,Aeromodeller Jun 1952,384,5759,,0
Hawker Hunter ,Skyleada,299,4476,30,0
Hawker Hunter,Keil Kraft,313,4690,13,0
Hawker Hurricane - OZ 0140,Comet #A36,4,53,16,0
Hawker Hurricane - OZ 0768,Veron,152,2266,18,0
Hawker Hurricane - OZ NO,MAN - 1936-04,164,2453,,0
Hawker Hurricane - OZ NO,Swift,806,12076,24,0
Hawker Hurricane IIC - OZ NO,Model Aircrafts of Sydney,784,11753,,0
Hawker Hurricane rubber FF - OZ 3323,MAN - 1941-01 - Earl Stahl,567,8505,27,0
Hawker Hurricane rubber FF - OZ 3323,MAN - 1941-01 - Earl Stahl,568,8517,27,0
Hawker Sea Fury,Dan Simpson,114,1700,25,0
Hawker Super Fury,L.H. Deubler,86,1288,,0
Hawker Tempest,Aeromodeller,214,3210,,0
Hawker Tempest,Modern Hobbycraft,279,4179,,0
Hawker Tempest 1/2A CL racer,APR 1955 Aeromodeller,527,7900,15,0
Hawker Typhoon,Modern Hobbycraft Products,670,10039,31,0
HAWKER Typhoon,B. Budny-Steve Patti Co.,768,11501,,0
Hawker Typhoon - OZ 0023,Aeromodeller - 1950-02,156,2338,24,0
Hawker Typhoon 1B,Modern Hobbycraft ,469,7032,42,0
Hawker Typhoon 1B (one file),Modern Hobbycraft,469,7035,42,0
Hawker Typhoon 1B watermarked,,670,10043,,0
He-162 Jetex 50,Walt Musciano 1953,690,10336,,0
Headmaster RC,Ken Willard,485,7270,,0
Headmaster RC .09-.15,Ken Willard-Radio Control Modeler,573,8585,,0
Heath LNB-4 ,Comet,287,4300,16,0
Heath Parasol,,287,4300,,0
Heath Parasol,N.Charlebois,287,4303,,0
Heath Parasol - cleaned pdf,N.Charlebois,288,4318,,0
Heatseeker - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Hedgehopper - OZ NO,American Modeler - 1964-08,232,3470,Article Only,0
Hedgehopper Too - OZ NO,American Modeler - 1964-08 - Modern Reprint,234,3501,,0
Heinkel 64-C Sportster,Nick Limber / FA Dec 38,854,12807,19.5,0
Heinkel Fighter - OZ 0119,Comet Kit E27,4,51,20,0
Heinkel He.111 - in German,Hobby Heft (?),228,3408,,0
Heinkel He.112,Ace Whitman,160,2392,30,0
Heinkel He177 Bomber,,114,1709,106,0
Heinkel He177 Bomber,,114,1710,106,0
Helicanth FF,JUNE 1959 Model Aircraft,591,8853,56,0
Helicopter,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Helioplane YL-24 - OZ 0252,Berkeley - 1952,9,126,39,0
Helioplane YL-24 - OZ 0252,Berkeley - 1952,119,1778,39,0
Hell Raiser,,47,692,,0
Hell's Belle ,Vic Smeed-AUG 1951 Aeromodeller,613,9188,60,0
Hells Belle FF,Vic Smeed Aug 1951 Aeromodeller,423,6342,,0
Hells Belle FF 200dpi,,435,6516,,0
Hells Belle Tiled,,434,6499,,0
Henn Cmaid,,101,1510,,0
Henschel Hs.129,Model Aircraft,228,3418,35,0
Henschel Hs.129 CL twin 1.5cc,Peter Wheldon June 1960 Model Aircraft,272,4069,,0
Henschel HS126 (JPG),DJ Miller-APR 1941 Aeromodeller,502,7524,,0
Hep Cat,,524,7847,48,0
Hepcat rubber,JAN 1946 Aeromodeller,465,6965,30,0
Herald (based on Hadley Page Herald),Ray Malstrom,188,2806,,0
Hercules Air Liner,Aeromodeller,204,3051,,0
Hereward Wakefield,CAD - Norman Marcus,581,8715,,0
Heron,Frank Gagne-Model Builder Magazine,599,8979,48,0
Hey Kid Wanna build a Model Airplane,,339,5078,,0
Hi Fli,,69,1023,,0
Hi Performance Flyabout,E. Lidgard-AUG 1938 Model Airplan News,834,12496,26,0
Hi Spy,,517,7747,,0
Hi Spy,,517,7748,,0
Hi Tee,John O'Sullivan,469,7027,,0
Hi Tee Mk14,Model Aircraft FEB 1964,468,7018,46,0
Hi Thrusty - Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Hi-Climber,Earl Stahl - the plan page,583,8741,30,0
Hi-Climber - CAD Redraw,Earl Stahl ,583,8743,30,0
Hi-Climber rubber,Flying Aces - 1939-09 - Earl Stahl,617,9250,,2706
Hi-Start G-24,Jasco,361,5408,,0
HiFli,Phil Kraft,178,2663,30,0
High Cabin rubber,Howard Boy's Book of Things to Make and Do,477,7155,,0
High Cabin rubber,Howard Boys Aeromodeller 756,477,7155,,0
High Diver,deBolt,348,5220,,0
High Diver,MAN April 1954,898,13458,,0
High Diver,MAN April 1954,898,13459,,0
High Diver,MAN April 1954,898,13464,,0
High Pressure Pete,,517,7747,,0
High Q,Jack Port,206,3081,,0
High Q,Jack C Port,348,5217,55,0
High Q,March 1954 AT,384,5758,,0
High Time Hand Launch glider,Flying Aces - 1942-12 - M Kahn,621,9311,20,2730
Hinkel HE100D rubber,Don Srull - Flyline Models ,505,7565,23,0
HM 300,Model Aircraft,268,4015,,0
HMCS Restigouche Boat,DEC 1964,460,6899,,0
HMS Amazon,,800,12144,,0
Hobart Compressed Air FF,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Hog Creek Bridge,,458,6862,,0
Hogan ,,62,929,30,0
Hollandair FF,Ray Malstrom-MAY 1954 Model Aircraft,591,8853,25,0
Honcho Gasser (JPG),Ken Willard-MAY 1960 American Modeler,573,8590,,0
Honey Bee FF,APR 1953 Aeromodeller,397,5941,,0
Honeybug ,Frank Ehling-FEB 1954 Air Trails,590,8850,31.5,0
Hook .049 FF,William Dunwoody,490,7341,,0
Hoopla power ff ,Eldred Hoopengarner-JAN 1948 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,835,12520,46,0
Hoopskirt,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Hoopskirt,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Hoosier Hot-Shot ,ER Foxworthy-MAY 1950 Air Trails,530,7936,75,0
Hoosier Hotshot,,234,3504,,0
Hoppity class A,John Chinn Model Aircraft NOV 1949,440,6593,,0
Hoppity Mk2 Rubber,,357,5342,,0
Hornet ,,6,83,JPG.,0
Hornet Vintage 1/2A CL,Roger Reese,439,6581,,0
Horsa II,J Marsh,391,5859,,0
Horten IV (jpg),Len Marlow-1952 Air Trails Annual ,766,11476,36,0
Hot Canary,Herb Davis,225,3364,,0
Hot CAnary,,311,4657,,0
Hot Dog,E. Martin,236,3537,44.75,0
Hot Foot ,Harry Williamson-APR 1954 Model Airplane News,580,8695,,0
Hot Foot Hydrofoil Boat,Aug 1957,460,6897,,0
Hot Shot,Monogram,299,4484,15,0
Hot Shot,Dick Holloway-JAN 1948 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,835,12519,,0
Hot Shot CO2 car,Monogram 1947,549,8231,,0
Hot Stuff for Jetex 150,May 1967 AM,410,6150,,0
Houdini RC rudder only,Jerry Stoloff-AUG 1959 Model Airplane News,621,9302,,0
Hover Bug,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Hover Bug,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Hoverking,Aeromodeller Jun 1950,372,5580,72,0
Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan,,72,1071,,0
Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan,,92,1380,JPG.,0
Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan,Hurst Bowers,93,1386,15,0
Howard DGA-6 Mister Mulligan,Hurst Bowers,93,1387,,0
Howard DGA-8 rubber ,Earl Stahl -Flyline Models-AUG 1942 Model Airplane News,505,7565,24,0
Howard DGA-8 rubber (Mr. Mulligan) FF,Ace Whitman,521,7813,28,0
Howard DGA-9 - OZ 0104,Comet #E5,2,25,25,0
Howard DGA-9 - OZ 0104,Comet #E5,155,2314,25,0
Howard DGA-9 - OZ 0788,Comet #T1,155,2314,47.5,0
Howard DGA-9 rubber - OZ 0788 ,Comet #T1,543,8143,47.5,0
Howard Hughes Racer,Flying Aces - 1936-03 - Alan Boonton/Pickard,635,9522,,2794
Howard Ike rubber,JULY 1959 Flying Models,522,7817,16,0
Howard Pete see post 4129 for page 1 - OZ 1521,MAN - 1945-10,232,3473,Images,0
Howard Pete - OZ 0141,Comet - 1932,27,398,14,0
Howard Pete - OZ 1521,MAN - 1945-10 ,384,5758,images,0
Howard Pete Racer- OZ 0141 ,Comet - 1932,4,53,14,0
Howard's Racer 'IKE',Peerless,153,2291,,0
Howards Mr Mulligan,Comet,398,5970,16,0
Hudson,H J Towner,468,7007,27.6,0
Hum-Bug FF .049-.099,FW Heuke,700,10491,,0
Humbug FF,Sandy Bennie 1968 Aeromodeller,429,6427,30,0
Humdinger (JPG),NOV 1934 Sportsman Aviation,745,11174,26,0
Humming Bird,C.E. Bowden,199,2976,,0
Hummingbird - OZ 0110,Flying Models - 1950-04 - Paul Plecan,3,45,30,0
Humpty Go-Kart Class A,,435,6512,,0
Hunter Dean Eagle - Jetex,,410,6150,,0
Hunting Provost RTP,Feb 1959 Aeromodeller,368,5510,,0
Hurricane - CL profile - OZ 1558,Frog,355,5311,,0
Hurricane - OZ 0198,AT - 1940-07 - Earl Stahl,6,77,33,0
Hurricane - OZ 1363,Keil Kraft,321,4805,19.5,0
Hustler .049,Dan Sobola,236,3537,43,0
Hutter H-17,Limber / FA Apr 39,843,12639,22-1/2,0
Hutter H-17-p,,843,12647,22-1/2,0
Huzzie,Vic Smeed-AUG 1951 Aeromodeller,613,9188,40,0
Hydorplane,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Hydro Honey article,Ken Willard-MAY 1962 American Modeler,573,8592,,0
Hydroflash Boat,Nov 1957,460,6899,,0
Hyperbipe,,233,3486,zip file,0
Hyperion,Aeromodeller Apr 1952,379,5681,,0
Hyperion,Les Hayward-APR MAY 1952 Aeromodeller,715,10715,,0
Hyphen glider FF,W. Evans,766,11482,60,0
Hyphen glider FF,W. Evans,767,11500,60,0
Hyro-Star_300,Sal Taibi,920,13797,,0
Icarus - CL stunt,April 1951 Aeromodeller,369,5521,,0
ICARUS CL,April 1951 Aeromodeller ,596,8939,42,0
Ichabod,Mechanix Illustrated,895,13425,60,0
IFO Sorta Flying Saucer - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler - 1971-07,485,7270,,0
Ignition Chopper,I Mueller,392,5869,,0
Ikaros,J. Broz (sp?),191,2864,30,0
Il-2 Stormovik,Feb 70 AM,333,4982,,0
Il-2 Stormovik,Comet,398,5968,20,0
IL-2 Stormovik - cleaned up,C Mather,338,5058,,0
Il-Duca,Roland Friestad ,499,7478,,0
IL2 Stormovik,MRA Mag.,132,1978,JPG.,0
Ilyushin IL-2 CL,,603,9037,,0
Imperial RC-100,Jetco,361,5408,,0
Imperial RC100,Jetco,74,1101,,0
Imperial RC100,Jetco,79,1181,,0
Incentive PAA-load ,DEC 1956 Model Aircraft,623,9331,45,0
Indoor B (jpg),C. Belsky-FEB 1942 Model Airplane News,786,11784,,0
Indoor Champion,FM 1947.06 / by Andrews?,918,13765,26,0
Indoor Class B,Bill Tyler ,348,5213,,0
Indoor Commercial Kit #4 (PDF) Cleaned up,APR 1996 Airflow Newsletter-Primary Model Airplane Course Joe Ott,744,11160,18,0
Indoor Commercial Kit No.4 ,APR 1996 Airflow Newsletter-Primary Model Airplane Course Joe Ott,743,11143,18,0
Indoor HL toss glider #3,Ron Warring,802,12023,,0
Indoor HL toss glider #3 and #4,Ron Warring,802,12023,,0
Indoor HL toss glider #4,Ron Warring,802,12023,,0
Indoor ROG Special (jpg),William Hadden-March 1998 Airflow newsletter,758,11368,,0
Infant Sportster article,Flying Models,126,1886,,0
Infant Vagabond article ,Flying Models,127,1894,,0
Inland Sport R400 RC FF .020,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,505,7565,37.5,0
Insect,Tenderfoot plan,309,4625,,0
Insect-o-Fliers (jpg),Frank Ehling ,637,9551,,0
Inspiration - CL,SF Walker,438,6564,,0
Inspirer ff,Model Builder,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Intercepter 020,Carl Goldberg-Model Builder Magazine,599,8976,34,0
Interceptor,Air Trails,223,3335,,0
Interceptor ,Harold DeBolt,304,4553,,0
Interceptor .020 FF,Jerry Murphy-Model Builer,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
International Champion - OZ - NO,Comet # P7 - 1938 - Jim Cahill,929,13929,48,0
International Contest Flyer 1939 Wakefield Rubber,Frank Zaic-JUNE 1940 Poplar Science,536,8037,48,0
International Contest Flyer rubber,Frank Zaic-1940,683,10244,48,0
International Wakefield Cup 1934,Walter Getsla-NOV DEC 2008 Sam Speaks,684,10255,41.5,0
Interstate Cadet,Sterling,99,1485,JPG.,0
Interstate Cadet,Sterling,333,4989,,0
Interstate Cadet,Struhl / FA Nov 1942,851,12759,25.5,0
Interstate Super Cadet - OZ 0253,Berkeley - 1952,9,126,35,0
Interstate Super Cadet - OZ 0253,Berkeley - 1952,29,432,35,0
Invader,Keil Kraft,44,655,30.5,0
Invader,Keil Kraft,66,979,,0
Iota FF,Einar Brendeng-1951 Aeromodeller Anual,673,10082,,0
Irresistable Plank,M.A.N.,301,4501,,0
Irresistible Plank,MAN Jan 1979,880,13190,110,0
Isle of Thanet,,203,3031,,0
Isotope,Model Aircraft,188,2820,,0
Itsy Bitsy,Flying Models,242,3617,42,0
ITSY BITSY,BOB BURAGAS - DEC 1954 Flying Models,773,11591,20,0
Itsy Bitsy full size,Flying Models,242,3619,,0
Ivory Gull,RF Gosling,377,5646,,0
J-45,Jan Jastrzebski ,707,10603,49.6,0
J4 Submarine,Sidney Axlerod,416,6228,12,0
J47 A2 glider,Jan Jastrzebski -JAN 1957 Modelarz Magazine,712,10666,70.86,0
Ja-tex,Reid Simpson,348,5213,,0
Jabberwocky,W Hume,367,5500,,0
Jabberwocky (jpg),WHUME-Aeromodeller,822,12329,,0
Jaded Maid,Norman Marcus,188,2815,,0
Jaded Maid FAI FF,NG Marcus-May 1951 Aeromodeller,602,9019,60,0
Jader 60,Aeromodeller Mar 1952,384,5759,,0
Jader 60 - contest glider ,DC Butler,343,5143,58.25,0
Jader 60 FF,Don Butler-June 1952 Aeromodeller,720,10796,60,0
Jaguar,Air Trails,479,7176,,0
Jaguar Wakefield Cup ,EW Evans-OCT 1948 Aeromodeller,710,10647,44.5,0
Jaguar Wakefiled,CW Evans Aeromodeller Annual 1948,69,1023,,0
Jaguar Wakefiled (cleaned up and resized),CW Evans Aeromodeller Annual 1948 ,480,7194,43,0
Jak-12R,Wieslaw Schier ,707,10603,33.7,0
Jakie II 2 rubber,Salem Barrack-NOV 1935 Model Airplane News,715,10722,18,0
Jap Slapper,Roland Friestad ,499,7478,,0
Jap Slapper ff,Megow,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Jap Zero rubber - OZ 2156,Ace Whittman ,522,7822,16,0
JAPP FF 1/8A (JPG),Tom Prukner 1967,538,8056,20.5,0
JAPP FF-RC 1/8A,Tom Prukner 1967,539,8072,20.5,0
JAPP FF-RC 1/8A,Tom Prukner 1967,539,8074,20.5,0
Jasco Flamingo (JPG),Roger Hammer,6,80,89,0
Jasco Fling-Hi G12 glider,Paul Bradley,676,10129,,0
Jasco Fling-Hi G12 glider,Paul Bradley,676,10135,,0
JASCO Floater,1946 Junior Aeronautics Supply Co,497,7442,72,0
Jasco Special,Bernard Shoenfeld,927,13898,32,0
Jasco Spotter RC .010,Jasco,711,10651,18,0
Jasco Thermic 30 FF,Jasco,716,10737,30,0
Jasco Trooper,,46,682,20,0
JASPER Wakefield (jpg),James Cahill-AUG 1940 Model Airplane News,738,11063,41,0
Jaså FAI,Nils Björk ,464,6946,27.5,0
Jaunty Alouette,Roy Clough,10,141,,0
Jaunty Alouette,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Javahawk ducted fan,PE Norman-August 1959 Aeromodeller ,606,9082,27.5,0
Javahawk ducted fan FF,PE Norman-AUG 1959 Aeromodeller,569,8533,27.5,0
Jay's Bird FAI 400,,203,3031,Zip file,0
Jeep 1/2A,,435,6512,,0
Jeepster,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Jenny .049 FF Scale - OZ 1978,MAN - 1952-08 - Herbert Kelley,490,7341,36,0
JERI,Paolo Vittori,237,3551,,0
Jersey Bounce,,382,5728,,0
Jersey Lightning,Air Trails,164,2459,,0
Jersey Lightning,Air Trails,319,4776,,0
Jersey Scooter TLG ,AUG 1944 Model Airplane News,485,7270,,0
Jet Gyro,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6769,,0
Jet Trainer,Aeromodeller,223,3333,,0
Jetco Thermic C Airfoils CRF,Jetco,741,11103,,0
Jetco Trooper,Jetco,717,10741,30.75,0
Jetex Canard FF,JAN 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,16,0
Jetex Class Payload,,410,6150,,0
Jetex Power,,410,6150,,0
Jetex Saunders Roe A/1 flying boat review,JAN 1953 Model Aircraft,687,10302,,0
Jetex Saunders Roe A1 flying boat rough printwood,Jetex,686,10278,18.5,0
JETGYRO missing page,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6770,,0
Jetstream,American Modeller,182,2725,,0
Jewel ,Flying Models,229,3430,,0
Jezebel,Air Trails,517,7747,,0
Jig? 203 pictures,,128,1914,,0
Jimmie Allen Silver Streak by Skelly Oil,,889,13331,32,0
Jimmie Allen Yellow Jacket from Skelly Oil.pdf,- 25 in span sport rubber FF,894,13401,25,0
Jimmy Allen Special,,368,5520,,0
Jinty,Cliff Walker / Oct '62 edition of AM,839,12579,31,0
Jinx,Aeromodeller Mar 1949,378,5664,72,0
Jitterbug 1938 Antique,May-June 2011 Sam Speaks,411,6163,,0
Jodel B?b,Veron,151,2265,,0
Jodel bb,,311,4657,,0
Jodel D-9,,311,4657,,0
Joicks Stunt biplane CL,JW Coasby-Aeromodeller,550,8246,32,0
Jolly Flapper - CL,Scarinzi SEPT 1957 Flying Models,382,5728,,0
Jolly Roger,Scarinzi,382,5728,,0
Jones S-125 scale rubber monoplane,Flying Aces,727,10894,20,3788
Jones Traine - Burd Kit ,Sept-Oct 2011 Sam Speaks,411,6163,,0
Jones Trainer rubber Scale,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Joy Stick,,317,4747,,0
Jr Birdmen ROG Tractor,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Jr. Moonshot .020 FF,Don Bartick,236,3537,30,0
JU-87,Paul del Gatto MAY 1958 Flying Models,333,4982,20,0
Ju-87 - cleaned up,Paul del Gatto MAY 1958 Flying Models,337,5054,20,0
Ju87 Stuka,Johnson,259,3880,,0
Ju87 Stuka,,259,3884,,0
Judge Wakefield,Aeromodeller,203,3031,,0
Judge Wakefield ? size,,206,3089,26.5,0
Juggler - CL stunt,C Bates,398,5965,38,0
Jughaid,Air Trails,288,4309,30,0
Jumpin Jive,PS Browne,394,5899,,0
Jumping Jeepers heli twin rotor rubber OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1939-06 - Herb Weiss,619,9278,,0
Jumping Jeepers tandem rubber pwd heli - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1939-06 - Herb Weiss,619,9282,,0
Jumping Jiminy autogyro,Ron Moulton-1952 Aeromodeller Annual,779,11676,40,0
June Bug RC FF Biplane,NORMAN DAVIS AUG1957 Aeromodeller,454,6801,48,0
Junior 100 JR-100 RC .09-.15,Pilot OK Model Co.,541,8113,44,0
Junior 60,Keil Kraft,330,4937,60,0
Junior Miss,FA Dec 1942,850,12727,30,0
Junior Miss rubber,Vic Smeed-OCT 1951 Aeromodeller,657,9848,20,0
Junior Phoenix,Roland Friestad,507,7593,,0
Junior Pilots Official Modelplane ,Erie Daily Times - Tiled,336,5038,24,228
Junior's Pride slope soaring glider,Herb Clukeu,621,9306,,0
Junkers Ju-87B - OZ 2174,Ace Whitman,523,7836,28,0
Junkers Ju-87B Stuka - OZ 2174,Ace Whitman - FF rubber,523,7836,28,0
Junkers Ju.52 - OZ 0062,Daniel Cerutti,208,3117,26,0
Junkers Ju.87 Stuka - OZ 0020,Aeromodeller 1965-08 - Optimized,111,1663,41,0
Junkers Ju.87 Stuka - OZ 0020 - Wrong Scale,Aeromodeller 1965-08 ,109,1633,41,0
Junkers Ju.87 Stuka - OZ 0804,Keil Kraft,159,2377,,0
Junkers Ju.88 - OZ 0063,Allen Hunt,208,3117,,0
Jupiter - OZ 0170,Comet #E14,4,59,20,0
Just Pusher FF rubber,Alan Orthof-JAN 1939 Model Airplane News,569,8524,12,0
Just Right,November 1958 American Modeler Magazine,581,8709,,0
K-G1 & K-G2,M.A.N.,203,3045,,0
Kalinin K-1,,333,4988,,0
Kalpie,JT Robson,328,4908,30,0
Kalpie - cleaned up,JT Robson,328,4912,30,0
Kalpie FF,JT Robson-FEB 1952 Aeromodeller ,702,10527,30,0
Kaos,Joe Bridi,113,1692,58,0
Kapit,Johannes Graupner,277,4153,,0
Kapitain ,Aeromodeller,188,2820,,0
Karasu 1891 rubber,,328,4910,,0
Karoro Float plane,J. Sheppard-Aeromodeller,794,11903,40,0
KARORO Seagull Floatplane,John Sheppard--Jan 1953 Aeromodeller,404,6048,40,0
Kaulquappe-M 3 view,,535,8019,,0
Kawasaki Fighter,,44,655,,0
Kawasaki Fighter - dime scale,Dalliare Models,324,4851,,0
Kawasaki Ki.61,,232,3480,,0
Kawasaki Ki61,,114,1698,,0
Kawasaki Type 92,Elmer Pilzer,226,3389,,0
Kayo,McCullough / FA January 1939,851,12755,72,0
KC Cutie ff biplane,JAN 1952 Air Trails,531,7956,40,0
KE Chuck Glider,Aeromodeller Apr 1952,381,5702,21.5,0
Keane Ace,,260,3893,,0
Keane Ace - GAR - 1973,Flying Aces - 1937,44,655,,417
Keil Kraft Champ ,Keil Kraft,408,6108,,0
Keil Kraft Playboy rubber with printwood,Keil Kraft,532,7969,20,0
Keil Kraft Super Scorpion,Keil Kraft,507,7593,,0
KeilKraft DH110 - Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Keith Rider R4 Firecracker,,307,4598,,0
Kerswap - pylon,,6,82,,0
Kestral glider,Dave Robelen-SEPT 1968 Model Airplane News,749,11234,72,0
Kestral glider,Dave Robelen-SEPT 1968 Model Airplane News,751,11252,73,0
Kestral glider,Dave Robelen-SEPT 1968 Model Airplane News,751,11254,73,0
Kestral glider (mirror image),Dave Robelen-SEPT 1968 Model Airplane News,750,11247,73,0
Kestrel,Ray Malstrom,160,2396,,0
Kestrel - rubber twin,Ray Malmstrom,355,5320,,0
Kestrel CL,1956 May Model Aircraft,470,7043,30,0
Kewpie ,Apr 1941 Model Airplane News,783,11743,10,0
Key,Air Trails,249,3728,,0
Key cleaned,Air Trails,253,3786,,0
KG part 2,M.A.N,164,2455,,0
KGS,Henry Struck,44,655,,0
Khamsheen A1 glider,NOV Aeromodeller 1955,468,7008,40,0
Ki61 Stunt,,259,3883,,0
Kiltie Gull,Flying Aces - 1939-02,44,655,,2763
Kiltie Gull Biplane ,Flying Aces - 1939-02 - Scotty Mayors,627,9392,25.5,2763
King Burd,,203,3031,,0
King Burd,,261,3905,,0
King Harry rubber,K Edgerton-AUG 1945 Aeromodeller,496,7434,24,0
King O'Diamonds,Flying Models - 1948.04 - Mather,920,13786,14.25,0
King Size Fokker Triplane,,517,7747,,0
Kingfisher,Air Trails - 1940-02 - Joe Ott,261,3912,,0
Kingfisher,Air Trails - 1940-02 - Joe Ott,288,4309,,0
KingFisher boat,American Modeler - 1958 - Robert Nelson,453,6791,,0
Kingpin,FM 1947.08 / Moss?,918,13766,46-3/4,0
Kinner Envoy rubbe scale,Flying Aces - 1936-09,618,9263,,2732
Kinner Envroy - OZ 3510,MAN - 1935-10,32,472,,0
Kinner Envroy - OZ 3510,MAN - 1935-10 ,40,586,,0
Kinner Envroy - OZ 3510,MAN - 1935-10 ,44,655,,0
Kinner Sportster ,Megow - Tiled,40,586,,400
Kinner Sportster ,Megow - Tiled,44,655,,400
Kinner Sportster - OZ 0142,Comet #A141,40,586,25,0
Kinner Sportster - OZ 0142,Comet #A144,44,655,25,0
Kinner Sportster - OZ 0142 ,Comet #A141 ,4,53,,0
Kinner Sportster - OZ 0399 ,Flyline Models - Hurst Bowers,40,586,,0
Kinner Sportster RC - OZ 0399,Flyline Models - Hurst Bowers,504,7548,39,0
Kinner Sportwing - OZ 0398,Peerless - 1936,40,586,24,0
Kinner Sportwing - OZ 0398,Peerless - 1936,44,655,24,0
Kirby Prefect,Keil Kraft,312,4678,24,0
Kitty Hawk B8 rubber (jpg),Comet,736,11034,16,0
Kitty Hawk Contest Proposal,,384,5758,,0
Kittyhawk 1936 Ot Rubber,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Kittyhawk Mk I cleaned,AeroFlyte,268,4008,,0
Kittyhawk Mk II cleaned,AeroFlyte,268,4008,16,0
Kittyhawk MkI,AeroFlyte,267,4004,15,0
Kittyhawk MkII,AeroFlyte,267,4004,,0
Kittyhawk MkII parts,AeroFlyte,267,4004,,0
Kiwi,Air Trails,234,3501,,0
Kiwi,Degga Hobbies,237,3551,,0
Kiwi 1/2 A,Guillow's,927,13899,35,0
KK Falcon - OZ 0908,Keil Kraft - Ed Packard - 1949,484,7251,72,0
Kling FF flying wing,JAN 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,120,0
Kloud King,Mickey De Angeles,623,9337,,0
Kloud King XL RC,Mickey DeAngelis JULY 1980 FLYING MODELS,487,7296,,0
Klutz Bug RC .35-.40,Guss Geissinger MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,397,5946,,0
Knight Twister,Air Trails,45,670,,0
Knight Twister,Jim Triggs,329,4923,,0
Knight Twister - 3view,,44,656,,0
Knight Twister CL,OCT 1944 Model Airplane News,485,7270,,0
KOI FF - Jetex 150,,410,6150,,0
Kolibrik - Hummingbird - FF - OZ 1644,AeroModeller - 1946-08 - Z Stanicek,408,6120,31.5 ,0
Kolibrik Hummingbird -FF (jpg) - OZ 1644,AeroModeller - 1946-08 - Z Stanicek,410,6149,31.5 - CAD ,0
KOMET - duration,G.SSCHMID MAY 1953 AEROMODELLER ,437,6546,,0
Komm-Batt,Laurie Ellis,216,3234,,0
Konker PAA,OCT 1955 Model Aircraft,468,7008,49,0
Kookaburra - OZ 0303,Flying Models - 1968-06,13,193,,0
Kookie Glider,L Blair APR 1952 Model Aircraft,430,6446,80,0
Koolhiven Fighter,July 1939 AT,333,4988,,0
Koolhoven FK-58,Air Trails,44,656,,0
Koolhoven Pursuit,,44,656,,0
Korda Conqueror,Berkeley,44,656,,0
Korda Conqueror,Berkeley ,336,5038,30,0
Korda Dethermalizer,Dick Korda,44,656,,0
Korda Dethermalizer 1939 Wakefield,Dick Korda,336,5038,,0
Korda Gold Star,Scientific,44,656,,0
Korda Open Road,,44,656,,0
Korda Open Road,,121,1814,45,0
Korda Open Road - optimized,,122,1817,,0
Korda Towliner,Dick Korda,66,979,,0
Korda Victory,Scientific,44,656,16,0
Korda Wakefield Winner,,121,1814,,0
Korda Wakfield Winner - optimized,,122,1817,,0
Korda's Wakefield Winner,Megow,44,656,25,0
Korker,Air Trails,287,4293,,0
Korker,Air Trails,517,7748,,0
Krackerjac Jr 1/2A,Bill Winters,587,8792,32,0
Kreider Reisner Kr31,Jim Dean,16,233,,0
Kreider Reisner Kr31 - clean,Jim Dean,16,237,43,0
Kreider-Reisner Kr31 - OZ 0329,Jim Dean,201,3011,,0
Kwick Fly MkIII,Kraft FEB 1968,384,5758,,0
Kwik Fli,,301,4513,45,0
kwik Fli III,,301,4515,,0
Kwod ff,E Clutton Aeromodeller May 1961,462,6916,20,0
KZ 4 (JPG) 3 view,Scandinavian Aircraft Industy 1943,535,8012,,0
KZ Lark FF scale,Aeromodeller Nov 1961,446,6677,,0
L'oiseau Canari,Hurst Bowers,45,662,,0
L19 Bird dog FF,Kochman-NOV 1952 Air Trails,586,8784,29,0
La dona,,232,3480,,0
La Dona,,259,3883,,0
La Paloma,G Woolls,345,5162,30,0
La Ratepenate rubber ornithopter ,Emmanuel Fillon,748,11212,,0
Lacy M-10,Aeromodeller,253,3794,CAD,0
Ladbird Special - optimized,Aeromodeller,278,4168,JPG.,0
Lady Black Widow,Flying Models,236,3540,,0
Lady Luck,M.A.N.,171,2557,JPG.,0
Ladybird,Keil Kraft,313,4690,42,0
Ladybird - cleaned up-all together,Keil Kraft,339,5077,,0
Ladybird biplane with eliptical wings (JPG),HJ Pridmore - Aeromodeller,518,7759,,0
Ladybird monochrome,,134,2001,,0
Ladybird rubber,HJ Pridmore- Aeromodeller,522,7824,34,0
Ladybird Special - OZ 0340,Aeromodeller,44,658,45,0
Laird FF Biplane for CO2,Dick Struhl-DEC 1950 Model Airplane News,641,9608,15,0
Laird LC-R,Golden Age Repro,44,658,,0
Laird LC-R - Speed Holman's racer,Golden Age Reproductions,333,4988,,0
Laird Super Solution,Comet,27,398,,0
Laird Super Solution,Comet,44,658,,0
Laird Super Solution,Peerless,44,658,Zip file,0
Laird Super Solution,Peerless,206,3078,,0
Laird Super Solution ,Comet,4,53,30,0
Lamb Climber,,44,658,,0
Lamson Air Tractor,Hobby Helpers,286,4288,,0
Lancer 49,,53,793,,0
Lancer 72,,53,793,,0
Lancer 72,New Cyclone,261,3905,,0
Lancer 72 - optimized,Cicloni Aircraft Co.,278,4168,JPEG.,0
Lanier Paraplane,Don Brown,44,658,,0
Lanzo 1937 Nationals Winner,Model Builder,304,4556,40,0
Lanzo 1939 Thermal Sniffer RC glide,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Lanzo 30## Cabin,,121,1814,16,0
Lanzo 30## Cabin - optimized,,122,1817,,0
Lanzo 30in Cabin,Lanzo,334,5005,30,0
Lanzo Airborne (JPG),Chester Lanzo,6,80,,0
Lanzo Bomber - pdf. - OZ 0224,,7,100,,0
Lanzo Bomber - zip - OZ 0224,,7,99,,0
Lanzo Cabin,Chet Lanzo,44,658,,0
Lanzo Classic Wakefield Cabin,Tom McCoy,206,3079,36,0
Lanzo Pus Moth,Chet Lanzo,44,658,21,0
Lanzo Puss Moth - cleaned up,C Lanzo,337,5055,,0
Lanzo Puss Moth 1939,Reprinted_Dec_1979_MAN,336,5039,,0
Lanzo RC Stick,,44,658,,0
Lanzo Record Breaker,M.A.N.,44,658,Zip file,0
Lanzo Record Breaker + CAD plan,,1,10,,0
Lanzo Record Breaker - OZ 0069,Chester Lanzo,1,7,96,0
Lanzo Stick,Air Trails,44,658,,0
Lanzo Stick,,204,3046,52,0
Lanzo Stick cabin modification,,204,3050,52,0
Lanzo Stinson S,,308,4615,,0
Lanzo Thermal Sniffer,,307,4595,,0
Lark,Charles Mackey,293,4388,,0
Lark ,M.A.N.,171,2561,,0
Last Straw,Aeromodeller Nov 1953,372,5571,,0
Late Night Final,,333,4981,,0
Latecoere 26,Bill Noonan,98,1468,,0
Latecoere 26,Bill Noonan,333,4988,,0
Latecoere 298,,44,658,,0
Latecoere 298,,106,1589,,0
Lathrop Tractor Monoplane,,44,658,45,0
LAUDER TWIN PUSHER 1912 rubber,Roland Friestad ,499,7478,,0
Laumier V-Girl,,39,582,,0
Lavochkin 17,Veron,75,1115,21,0
Lazy Daisy CL,Pat Wheeler,613,9188,28,0
Lazy Daisy Mk 3 Class B Team Racer,May 1951 Aeromodeler,395,5916,,0
Lazy Joe Sportster w/ article,Dick Struhl,195,2916,,0
Lazy Joe Sportster rubber,DEC 1950 Flying Models,515,7716,,0
Lazybones CL speed,Aug 1950,362,5417,,0
Le Petit Santos 14 bis-2,Model Aircraft,269,4029,,0
Le Pionyr 109,,171,2563,,0
Le Pou de Ceil (Flying Flea),Flying Aces - 1936-10 ,44,658,50,431
Le Zin Zin,,81,1203,,0
Le Zin Zin,Aviation Mag.,81,1211,,0
Leander 1938 glider,1942 Ron Warring ,803,12038,49,0
Leander 1938 glider (cleaned up),1942 Ron Warring ,803,12041,49,0
Leapa Lena,Air Trails 353A,517,7747,,0
Leastie Beastie,Howard McEntee,278,4160,,0
Leastie Beastie Article,Howard McEntee,278,4161,,0
Leastie-Beasty,Howard McEntee,465,6962,,0
Leopard Moth DH85,Kochman-JUNE 1953 Air Trails Magazine,586,8785,29,0
Lepa-Lena,Air Trails,519,7778,,0
Leprechaun - sailplane,,364,5452,,0
Leprechaun glider,Dick Twoomey-MAR 1950 Aeromodeller,696,10435,103,0
Leprechaun glider,Dick Twoomey-MAR 1950 Aeromodeller,696,10435,103,0
Leprechaun glider reworked,Dick Twoomey-MAR 1950 Aeromodeller,696,10436,103,0
Leveret 111 CL,Model Aircraft May 1962,432,6468,27.5,0
LG1,JW Elgey,374,5604,,0
Li'l Beau Bipe,American Modeller,304,4556,,0
Li'l Misery,,44,658,,0
Li'l Mystrey,,261,3912,,0
Li'l R.O.G.U.E.,M.A.N.,248,3718,18,0
Li'l Swell,M.A.N.,248,3717,,0
Li'l T,Bob Hahn,227,3394,,0
Li'l Toad,Bob Benson,291,4357,44,0
Li'Lightning,Model Builder,44,658,JPG.,0
Liberty Bell - shaped like the real bell,,210,3141,,0
Liberty Bell - shaped like the real bell,American Modeller,211,3161,JPEG.,0
Liberty Belle RC,MAY 1953 Air Trails,581,8702,42,0
Liberty Belle RC 1/2A,Dick Schumacher-MAY 1953 Air Trails,596,8928,21,0
Lidberg Boom Boom FF CO2,Al Lidberg DEC 1980 Flying Models ,494,7402,,0
Lightning 2 FAI pusher,Douglas Joyce,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Lightning FF,DEC 1952 Air Trails,581,8703,,0
Lightning II .049 FF,Doug Joyce,236,3537,30.5,0
Lightning Rod (jpg) FF,,720,10793,,0
Lightweight Duration,J.P. Buckeridge,203,3031,JPEG.,0
Lil Abner,Aeromodeller Jul 1952,371,5564,,0
Lil Abner CL stunter,A. E. Burch-JULY 1952 Aeromodeller,723,10844,36,0
Lil Aud , JA Gorham-SEPT 1951 Aeromodeller,650,9737,,0
Lil Aud FAI,SEPT 1951 Aeromodeller,493,7387,40,0
Lil Bit,,258,3865,72,0
Lil Bomb 1/2A CL,Bob Day-OCT 953 Air Trails,574,8599,,0
Lil Chugger .049 FF,Robert Dunham,236,3537,,0
Lil Esquire,,86,1278,29,0
Lil Esquire,,319,4776,,0
Lil Gem 3,Austin Leftwich-Model Builder magazine,795,11912,34.5,0
Lil Pinto,,308,4615,,0
Lil PT,,21,307,16,0
Lil PT,M.A.N.,229,3432,,0
Lil Stingray - OZ 0028,American Modeller - 1964-11,217,3250,,0
Lil Streaker 15,,318,4770,,0
Lil Swell,,319,4776,,0
Lil Toad 15 Delta,,307,4598,,0
Lil Tri Squire,,86,1278,,0
Lil Tri-Squire,,319,4776,,0
Lil Zowee CL Stunt,B.Faulkner NOV 1949 Aeromodeller,400,5989,22,0
Lil' Bit,,232,3477,,0
Lil' Swell,Ken Willard,166,2487,,0
Lilly hlg,Tekel / FA Nov 1942,851,12757,17,0
Lilly hlg,Tekel / FA Nov 1942,851,12758,17,0
Lincoln AP-K5,Hurst Bowers,44,659,31.5,0
Lincoln Sport,Hurst Bowers,44,659,22.5,0
Lindbergs Lockheed Dog Star,APR 1930 Model Airplane News,576,8638,21.375,0
Lindy,Aeromodeller Jan 1951,390,5837,,0
Lindy class 4 FAI CL,Fred Guest-January 1951 Aeromodeller,562,8417,15,0
link to Southerner 60,Keil Kraft,330,4944,60,0
Links: French sites with E Fillon plans,,318,4758,,0
Lippisch,Larry Kruse,229,3433,,0
Lippisch Stork IXb F/F,Al Backstrom,683,10236,,0
Lippish P-13,,234,3501,,0
Lite weight 40 size floats,,114,1698,32,0
Little Augie Jetex Sport,SEPT 1953 Air Trails,485,7270,,0
Little Bug - OZ 0106,Aeromodeller - 1979,44,659,12,0
Little Bug - OZ 0106 ,Aeromodeller - 1979 ,2,26,Zip/Tff,0
Little Chief (part templates @ post 12792),Steve Patti / Supreme Model,849,12727,,0
Little Chief (parts sheets),Steve Patti / Supreme Model,853,12792,,0
Little Chief (plan & parts sheets),Steve Patti / Supreme Model,853,12793,,0
Little Daddy,M.A.N.,44,659,zip file,0
Little Diamond,Alex Drobshoff,849,12727,,0
Little Dragon,Roy Clough,10,141,29,0
Little Dragon,Roy Clough,42,627,39,0
Little Dragon engine plans,Roy Clough,232,3472,,0
Little Freak,Air Trails,206,3081,,0
Little Freek 27,FEB 1954 Air Trails-Hobby Helpers 542,517,7750,27,0
Little Giant FF 1/2A,Paul Palenek-APR 1954 Flying Models ,554,8301,,0
Little Hopper,,232,3476,JPEG.,0
Little Junior,AIR TRAILS,287,4293,,0
Little Mike,FM 1948.04 / Lidgard,920,13787,14.25,0
Little Nordik,Air Trails,236,3534,,0
Little Red Twin - OZ 0116,MAN - 1962-10 - Keith Laumer ,6,86,26,0
Little Red Twin - OZ 0216,MAN - 1962-10 - Keith Laumer ,44,659,26,0
Little Senator,Air Trails,196,2929,,0
Little Speedster,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Little Speedster,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Little Star 1/2A ,,435,6512,,0
Little Stinker,CAD - ,582,8716,,0
Little Stinker Jetex,JAN 1951 Aeromodeller ,471,7059,30,0
Little Tony,Cal Smith,348,5213,,0
Little Tony RC,Pilot OK Model Co,529,7933,34.25,0
Little Toot,George Meyer,44,659,,0
Little Toot,Cal Smith,348,5213,,0
Little Vagabond,Aeromodeller,257,3851,36,0
Little Vagabond,,259,3878,,0
Little Vagabond,,259,3879,info,0
Little Warrior CL 1/2A (JPG),Roger Reese,390,5845,25,0
Little Warrior CL 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,25,0
Littlest Stick,Fred Reese,370,5536,,0
Littlest Stick,,384,5758,,0
Living Room Lilliput (Stinson 150),FM 1948.08 / Jim Walton,921,13813,12,0
Lo & Slo III,D.J.Lindley,217,3250,,0
Loafer .049 FF,Frank Ehling JUNE 1949 Model Airplane News,490,7341,48,0
Lockheed Air Express,Comet,44,659,,0
Lockheed Altair,,44,659,52,0
Lockheed Altair 8D,3-views,44,659,,0
Lockheed C-130 Hercules RC,Dick Sarpolus DEC 1980 Flying Models,494,7402,101,0
Lockheed Cirrus Seaplane,,333,4988,,0
Lockheed Dogstar,M.A.N.,162,2422,52,0
Lockheed Electra,Virgilio Sturiale-AUG 1934 Model Aircraft Engineer,683,10244,,0
Lockheed F94C Starfire,Comet,44,659,52,0
Lockheed F94C Starfire ,Comet,137,2054,,0
Lockheed Hudson,,44,659,,0
Lockheed Little Dipper,Walt Mooney,173,2585,,0
Lockheed Little Dipper - 3view,,173,2587,20,0
Lockheed Neptune,M Bodey,353,5294,,0
Lockheed Orion,Paul Plecan 1947,517,7751,,0
Lockheed Orion on floats,Joe Ott - Whittman,579,8684,16,0
Lockheed Orion Seaplane,Whitman Publishing 1936,570,8541,16,0
Lockheed P-38 - OZ 0095,Comet #3504,2,18,34,0
Lockheed P-38 lightning - OZ 0095 ,Comet #3504,44,659,34,0
Lockheed P-38 Lightning - OZ 1149,Modern Hobbycraft - 1945,280,4187,51,0
Lockheed P-38 Lightning - OZ NO,MRA Mag.,132,1980,,0
Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star - OZ 0158,Comet #A3 - 1947,4,55,11,0
Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star - OZ 0158,Comet #A3 - 1947,44,659,11,0
Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star - OZ 0158,Comet #A3 - 1947,137,2054,11,0
Lockheed Santa Maria,Vic Smeed,340,5087,,0
Lockheed Saturn,M.A.N.,292,4376,,0
Lockheed Saturn - Twin Rubber,Dick Struhl,338,5059,,0
Lockheed Shooting Star P80,Comet,687,10291,,0
Lockheed Sirius,Megow,44,659,,0
Lockheed Sirius,Aeromodeller,226,3390,,0
Lockheed Sirius CL,Walter Musciano,354,5307,,0
Lockheed Sirius Seaplane,,44,659,20,0
Lockheed Vega,Ideal,45,662,,0
Lockheed Vega,Peerless,45,662,,0
Lockheed Vega Winnie Mae,,45,662,,0
Lockheed Vega Winnie Mae - OZ 0174,Comet,45,662,15,0
Lockheed Vega Winnie Mae - OZ 0175,Comet #A18,45,662,16,0
Lockheed Winnie Mae - OZ 0174,Comet ,4,56,15,0
Lockheed Winnie Mae - OZ 0175,Comet #A18,4,56,16,0
Loening LO9,Aeromodeller,160,2396,,0
Lofty V1 Wakefield,,357,5341,,0
Loire 46,MAN Mar 1949,385,5773,20,0
Loire 46 w/ 3view,Don Butman,184,2752,,0
Loire-Nieuport 250,Joe Ott,293,4394,,0
Long Cabin,Air Trails,45,662,CAD,0
Long John,Ray Malmstrom,340,5088,,0
Longster Wimpy,,45,662,,0
Lorelei full size RC Sport Parasol,RCM,492,7375,,0
Lorelei RC Sport Parasol,RCM,490,7341,,0
Loughhead Model S-1 ,,131,1963,,0
Loutrel Sportster,Model Builder,172,2579,,0
Loutrel Sportster,M.A.N.,172,2579,51.2,0
Loving's Love WR-1,,45,662,,0
Low Ender ,American Modeller,304,4556,,0
Low Ender RC Low Wing,Dale Root-MAR 1959 American Modeler,682,10217,,0
Low Ender RC Low Wing (cleaner),Dale Root-MAR 1959 American Modeler,682,10218,76,0
Low Ender RC Low Wing (cleanest),Dale Root-MAR 1959 American Modeler,682,10221,76,0
Lucifer - A2 Sailplane,Bob Amor - Jan 1957 Aeromodeller,413,6193,,0
Lucifer Himself - image,kenny e,306,4587,,0
Luck Combat,Flying Models,216,3234,32,0
Luck Rambler,,237,3544,,0
Lucky R.10 Japanese Flying boat .15,Radio Control Techique Japan,514,7704,46.5,0
Lula Bi - optimized,Flying Models - 1961-04 - Keith Laumer,239,3571,,0
Lulla-Bi,Flying Models - 1961-04 - Keith Laumer,237,3543,,0
Lulu Mk II Glider,J. Baker NOV 1949 AEROMODELLER,400,5989,50,0
Lumpers,CAD - Aeromodeller June 1963,578,8660,48,0
Lumpers (JPG),JUNE 1963 Aeromodeller ,572,8569,,0
Luna Loafer (JPG),Gordon Rae 1950,390,5836,54,0
Luscombe,Top Flite,333,4989,,0
Luscombe 10 rubber,Earl Stahl-SEPT 1946 Model Airplane News,649,9721,13,0
Luscombe 50,Comet,45,662,,0
Luscombe 50 - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-12,45,662,,0
Luscombe Phantom,Comet,45,662,27,0
Luscombe Phantom,Dave Stott-MAR-APR 2000 Tailspin,733,10982,16,0
Luscombe Phantom ,John Ott,787,11805,17,0
Luscombe Phantom Burd 16 in dime sca,Dave Stott-MAR-APR 2000 Tailspin,731,10956,16,0
Luscombe Sedan,Veron,152,2266,,0
Luscombe Sedan,Veron,333,4989,,0
Luscombe Silvaire,Keil Kraft,313,4690,21,0
Luscombe Silvaire,Model Aviation - 1950,860,12900,,0
Luton Minor,,39,581,30,0
Luton Minor,Aeromodeller,39,584,40,0
Luton Minor,Hurst Bowers,45,662,,0
Luton Minor,Walt Mooney - Aeromodeller June 1958,582,8722,23,0
Luton Minor RC .020,HG Bowers - Flyline Models,505,7565,34.5,0
LVG CVI free flight scale WWI bipe,WD Dennis-Aeromodeller,632,9469,,0
LVG CVI free flight scale WWI bipe rev3,WD Dennis-Aeromodeller,632,9477,,0
Lynx Mk.15,,232,3468,,0
Lynx Mk15,,259,3883,,0
Lysander,Howard Boys Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,477,7152,,0
Mac's Chariot,Fran McElwee,199,2981,,0
Mac's Chariot,,210,3143,,0
Mac's Chariot,Fran McElwee,301,4505,,0
Mac's Chariot RC .19-.29,Claude McCullough-APR 1957 American Modeler ,641,9607,60,0
MAC's Minnie,Howard McEntee American Modeler 1958,463,6940,,0
MAC's Minnie RC (JPG),Howard McEntee Aeromodeller Annual 1960-61,463,6932,24,0
Mac's Robot,Fran McElwee,199,2981,,0
Mac's Robot,Fran McElwee,210,3143,,0
Mac's Robot,Fran McElwee,301,4505,,0
Mac's Robot,,517,7747,,0
Macchi 202,Pres Bruning,218,3267,,0
Macchi 202,Pres Bruning,333,4982,,0
Macchi 308 article ,Flying Models,136,2027,20,0
Macchi C-200,Air Trails,153,2289,,0
Macchi C.205V,Model Aircraft,228,3418,,0
Macchi Castoldi MC-72 seaplane,,354,5298,26,0
Macchi Folgore 202 ,,333,4982,,0
Macchi MB.308,Aviomodelli,221,3303,,0
Macchi MC200 Saetta RC,Air Kill Products,114,1698,34.75,0
Mach 1 Delta toss glider (jpg),,812,12166,,0
Mach-none CAD,,319,4776,,0
Madcap - OZ 3445,AeroModeller - 1952-04 - Vic Smeed,69,1023,CAD,0
Madcap - OZ 3445,AeroModeller - 1952-04 - Vic Smeed,379,5681,45.5,0
Madcap - OZ 3445,AeroModeller - 1952-04 - Vic Smeed,708,10608,45.5,0
MAE Twin Tractor,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Mahoney Ryan Brougham B-5 ,Paul Matt,705,10570,,0
Majorette - OZ 0043,AeroModeller - 1990-08,1,1,45,0
Malish Glider,UMK 1962-01,455,6823,8.66,0
Mam'selle,Vic Smeed - Aeromodeller,1,1,,0
Mam'selle article only ,Vic Smeed-DEC 1956 Aeromodeller,750,11239,,0
Mamselle - OZ 0044,AeroModeller- 1955-12 - Vic Smeed,10,150,38,0
Man-O-War - CL team racer,RG Moulton,364,5459,27,0
Mandy,M. Green-June 1964 Aeromodeller ,818,12274,,0
Manta,Paul Plecan,464,6952,,0
Manx Arrow,CS West-JAN 1951 Aeromodeller,390,5837,66,0
Manx Arrow (corrected), CS West-JAN 1951 Aeromodeller ,547,8191,66,0
Manx Monarch Flying Wing RC,AH Wilson-AUG 1950 Aeromodeller,362,5417,114,0
Mark 1 RC SC Sport,RC Modeler,485,7270,,0
Mark 13C,Flying Models,292,4376,,0
Mark 13C,B Huber,365,5465,,0
Marquis ,Keil Kraft,131,1954,,0
Mars - CL,Bob Palmer AUG 1952 Model Aircraft,395,5913,,0
Martian Space Ship,Roy Clough,10,142,CAD,0
Martian Space Ship,Roy Clough,42,627,24,0
Martian Space Ship,Roy Clough,232,3472,,0
Martian Torpedo Bomber,Comet,46,681,CAD,0
Martin B-10 Bomber,,59,879,,0
Martin B-10 Bomber,Ideal,99,1472,16,0
Martin B-26 Marauder Twin,,308,4615,,0
Martin Dive Bomber,,333,4988,,0
Martin Maryland twin rubber ,Joe Ott ,763,11440,38,0
Martin MO-1,,333,4982,,0
Martin P4M-1 Mercator,,517,7747,,0
Matador,Mercury Models,20,294,,0
Mather Aerolance,Dec 1957 FM,365,5465,,0
Mauboussin PM.X - 1930's French 2-place high-wing cabin sport monoplane,Emmanuel Fillon,748,11212,,0
Max Fax,,781,11722,,0
Mayfly,MAN 1949,337,5048,,0
Mazan FF Autogyro,,365,5465,,0
Mazan FF Autogyro,,409,6128,,0
Me 109,Keil Kraft,321,4805,17,0
ME 163 komet(?),,913,13692,,0
ME163 jetex FF,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Meanderer contest Sailplane,J Baguley FEB 1958 AEROMODELLER,403,6037,96,0
Meanderer contest sailplane,FEB 1958 Aeromodeller,480,7187,96,0
Mechanic's Flyabout,Guillows 1939-August 1997 Airflow,755,11313,12,0
Megow 1935 MonoCoupe rubber,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,505,7565,46,0
Megow C-34,Megow F31,788,11808,15,0
Megow Monocoupe,Megow ,788,11814,15,0
Mentor Dutch Sailplane,1939,491,7358,,0
Mercury 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Mercury FF,Ben Shereshaw-Scientific Model Aircaft Co,623,9338,72,0
Mercury Gas ff,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Mercury Jr 1939,Guillow #86,335,5024,,0
Mercury Meteor ,Air Trails - 1939 - Frank Tlush,554,8307,68,0
Mercury Midge,Cyril Shaw,276,4133,,0
Mercury MK2 RC FF,RH Smith-Aeromodeller ,556,8339,96,0
Mercury MK3 .60-.90 RC FF,Mick Smith,557,8341,96,0
Mercury Picador,HJ Nicholls,395,5912,24,0
Mercury RC,RH Smith-MAR 1953 Aeromodeller,568,8514,96,0
Mercury Team Racer Mk1,,344,5158,,0
Merkur Motor Yaght Boat,,460,6899,,0
Merlu Wakefield,,357,5348,,0
Mermaid Boat,May 1966,460,6897,,0
Mermaid Boat v2,May 1966,480,7199,19,0
Mermaid Boat v3,May 1966 ,481,7208,19,0
Merry Miller - Autogyro,,365,5462,,0
Mertens Commercial - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1936-05 - Don Mertens,615,9221,,0
Meson Mk IV,Ray Kindly March 1955 MA,337,5051,46,0
Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun rubber CL TD.020,DE Garrett-SEPT 1963 Aeromodeller,473,7094,18,0
Messerschmitt Bf.109G,Aeromodeller,278,4159,,0
Messerschmitt ME-109 - OZ 0145,Comet #A37,4,54,16,0
Messerschmitt ME-109 - OZ 0770,Veron,152,2267,24,0
Messerschmitt ME-163,,138,2061,24,0
Messerschmitt Me.109,Model Aircraft,206,3090,,0
Messerschmitt Me.210,Model Aircraft,228,3418,,0
Messerschmitt ME109 stitched together,Earl Stahl,527,7894,,0
Messerschmitt ME109 tiled,Earl Stahl,527,7892,,0
Messerschmitt ME109 tiled (jpg),Earl Stahl,527,7895,,0
Messerschmitt ME109E ,OCT 1958 Aeromodeller,527,7900,24,0
MESSERSCMITT KOMET ME 163 Glider FF,Dennis Rattle OCT 1966 AEROMODELLER ,441,6603,,0
Meteor zip,,71,1054,,0
Meteor - OZ 0169,Comet - 1977,4,59,27,0
Meteor IV jetex,,354,5304,,0
Meteor rubber speed,Aeromodeller - 1943-01,377,5646,,0
Meteorite,Air Trails,288,4307,30,0
Meteorite w/ article cleaned,Claude McClullough,292,4366,23,0
Meteorite cleaned full size plan only,Claude McClullough,292,4370,23,0
Mew Gull CL,S Cal Smith-Flying Models,704,10548,30,0
Mexi-Boy .049,Al Vela,236,3537,50.25,0
Mick Farthing MkII rubber,Mick Farthing-SEPT 1946 Aeromodeller ,511,7654,28,0
Micro Trixter Beam,,65,963,42,0
Midget,C.E. Bowden,199,2976,,0
Midget 50 - Jetex,,410,6150,,0
Midget Mustang - CL Profile,,413,6195,,0
Midget50 (jetex),Model Aviation - 1950,860,12900,,0
Midjet car,Monogram,299,4483,,0
Midjet solid CO2 car,Monogram RT4,549,8231,,0
Midwest Bebe Jodel,,308,4615,,0
Midwest Gollywock Comp Rubber,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Mig 15,Keil Kraft,322,4829,15,0
Mig 15,Keil Kraft,329,4934,15,0
Mig 15 ducted fan article,H Paxton Jr-SEPT 1955 Model Airplane News,574,8601,,0
Mig 19 Profile - Jetex 50,,410,6150,,0
Mig 3, MAN Jan 1943,333,4988,,0
Mig 3,,333,4988,,0
Mig 3,Earl Stahl,338,5059,,0
Mig 3 ,Earl Stahl-JAN 1943 Model Airplane News,528,7907,,0
Mig 3 tiled,Earl Stahl-JAN 1943 Model Airplane News,527,7893,,0
Mig 3 tiled (JPG),Earl Stahl-JAN 1943 Model Airplane News,527,7895,,0
Miget Glider Fokker D8 ,Ray Malmstrom Model Aircraft May 1962,432,6468,,0
Mignet HM.8 Fellot Lacour - single-place parasol-wing sport monoplane ,Emmanuel Fillon,748,11212,,0
Mikey Small Sport ,,292,4376,,0
Miles Hawk,Aeromodeller,163,2434,,0
Miles Hawk,Aeromodeller,180,2700,,0
Miles Kestrel,Harold Towner,227,3403,,0
Miles M-202,,308,4618,,0
Miles M.2 Hawk,Whitman kit 3901 by Joe Ott,581,8712,16,0
Miles M.35,,158,2363,,0
Miles M35,Aeromodeller,158,2362,,0
Miles M48 - FF scale,HJ Pridmore AUG 1946 AEROMODELLER,408,6120,36.25,0
Miles Magister M14A Hawk trainer 3 view and article,EJ Riding-OCT 1948 Aeromodeller,710,10647,,0
Miles Mahawk - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1937-08,782,11722,21,0
Miles Master ,Sydney Struhl-APR 1942 Model Airplane News,790,11844,23,0
Miles Speed Hawk (JPG) 2-3.5cc,DP Golding-JULY 1951 Aeromodeller,502,7529,52,0
Miller Racer,Comet 5c,398,5966,10,0
Miller special Racer,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Miller Special Racer car,Ace Whitman,549,8231,,0
Millibar (JPG),Dave Day-NOV 1970 Radio Control Modesl and Electronics,566,8476,,0
Mimi,Ray Malmstrom Aeromodeller Sept 1953,337,5042,16,0
Mimi,Ray Malmstrom Aeromodeller Sept 1953,337,5047,16,0
Mimi FF,RAY MALMSTROM Sept 1953 AEROMODELLER,423,6340,16,0
Min-o-jet Jetex 50 ,Veron kit,798,11964,18,0
Minare 40,,307,4596,,0
Mini Cat,,318,4770,,0
Mini Courtesan,,69,1023,JPG.,0
Mini Hogan - OZ 0301,Berkeley - 1950,12,180,45,0
Mini Kaos,,318,4770,,0
Mini Kaos,,319,4776,,0
Mini Madcap - OZ 0295,AeroModeller - 1995-08 - Vic Smeed,10,150,30,0
Mini Mambo,Gene Rock,319,4776,,0
Mini Mono 020,,313,4693,,0
Mini Mustang - CL Profile,,414,6198,18,0
Mini Raven,Dave Jones,68,1018,60,0
Mini Super 2view,Aeromodeller,293,4391,,0
Mini Tyro,,60,888,,0
Mini-Tutor,Aeromodeller Dec 1968,443,6642,,0
Minimoa,Keil Kraft,66,979,JPEG.,0
Minimoa,Keil Kraft,251,3763,CAD,0
Minimoa ,Keil Kraft,143,2143,34,0
Minnie Mambo,,86,1278,13,0
Mira 3 (jpg),Joost Bakker ,808,12117,,0
Mirage 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Mirror,Air Trails,234,3501,,0
Mis Science,Frank Zaic-Popular Science 1939,472,7076,,0
Miss 38,,21,312,JPG.,0
Miss America - OZ 0099,MAN - 1963-02,2,21,42,0
Miss America II FF rubber - OZ 6046,Scienific Models - Paul Del Gato,606,9087,20,0
Miss America Texaco - OZ 2124,Flying Models - Frank Zaic - Redrawn,517,7743,49,0
Miss Arpem,Steve Kewalik-Arpiem Magazine,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Miss FAI CL team racer,Aeromodeller Jan 1961,448,6717,,0
Miss Farnboro,G.W.W. Harris,188,2814,,0
Miss Fortune X,Mickey De Angeles 1936,670,10045,60,0
Miss L,Ted Strader,313,4693,,0
Miss L .049-.074 Sport RC,Jan 1960 FM,396,5928,,0
Miss Los Angeles,MAN Mar 1949,385,5774,,0
Miss Philadelphia,,296,4439,,0
Miss Philadelphia,Nov 79 MA,385,5770,,0
Miss Philadelphia 4,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Miss Philadelphia VI 8pgs.,,1,8,JPG.,0
Miss San Diego,,237,3545,,0
Miss San Diego,Elbert Weathers-OCT 1939 Model Airplane News,714,10702,48,0
Miss Science (reversed drawing),Frank Zaic-Popular Science 1939,472,7068,,0
Miss Simplicity,FM 1948.06 / Gordon,921,13809,15,0
Miss Tiny - OZ 0076,ModelCraft - 1941,1,15,46,0
Miss Trenton 3 Trenton Terror ff,Mickey DeAngelis-James Onofri,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Miss Words Fair,Scientific,336,5038,,0
Miss Worlds Fair,Scientific,84,1255,,0
Miss Worlds Fair better quality,Scientific,85,1270,,0
Mitsubishi A5M-4 Claude,,308,4618,,0
Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 0 ##Zero## - OZ 0631,Flying Scale Models of WWII - 1974,94,1406,18,0
Mitsubishi Jack II Japanese Naval fighter dime scale,Whitman Publishing,789,11821,15,0
Mitsubishi Ki15 ##Babs##,Flying Scale Inc,186,2784,,0
Mitsubishi type 00 - Zero - OZ 1155,Modern Hobbycraft - 1944,280,4196,39,0
Mitsubishi Zero - OZ 0147,Comet #E3 - 1943,4,54,18,0
Mitsubishi Zero - OZ 0532,Aeromodeller - 1973-09,228,3418,36,0
Mitsubishi Zero - OZ 0644,Sterling #P4,100,1486,13,0
Mitsubishi Zero - OZ 2544,Air Trails - 1954-02 - Walter Musciano,591,8852,29,0
MK Sportster,,897,13454,39,0
MKM161 SASA,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Mo Bope,,259,3884,,0
Moby Dick - sailplane,Eric Smith,378,5664,84,0
Moby Dick glider,Aeromodeller Jan 1949,652,9772,82,0
Model truss Bridge,,458,6861,,0
Model Aeronautics magazine,,175,2616,54,0
Model Aeronautics plans,,175,2617,,0
Model Aircraft Engineer Twin Tractor,SAM speaks,336,5038,,0
Model Airplane Course for Beginners,July 1947 Model Airplane News,485,7270,,0
Model Airplane Course for Beginners,1947 Model Airplane News,654,9799,,0
Model Airplane Course for Beginners Lesson 3,JULY 1947 Model Airplane News,654,9801,,0
Model Car Building,Fisher's Guild,306,4586,25,0
Model WFM-9,,200,2994,zip file,0
Modelair Kea,Angus MacDonald-1950-Friestad plans,515,7716,38,0
Modelcraft Super Snooper,SAM speaks,336,5038,,0
Models on the Fly microfilm (Fly powered),William Schwab-Joe Elgin-AUG 1940 Model Airplane News,741,11105,2.5,0
Modern Hobbycraft ME109 ,Modern Hobbycraft 1947,661,9911,,0
Modernaire 57,Bill Mott,409,6128,,0
Moffet Trophy Winner 1939,Air Trails,289,4326,25,0
Mohawk Buzzad Jr FF,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Mohawk Buzzard Jr.,,1,9,,0
Mono jet car,Monogram,299,4483,36,0
Mono Jet solid CO2 car,Monogram 1947,549,8231,,0
Monocoupe,Herb Cluckey,41,609,70,0
Monocoupe,Herb Clukey,42,616,70,0
Monocoupe ,Herb Clukey,147,2202,,0
Monocoupe,MAN 10-48,866,12987,,0
Monocoupe 4pgs.,,2,23,20,0
Monocoupe 5 cent (jpg),,766,11476,10,0
Monocoupe 90-A - OZ 0274,Comet #L4,50,747,32,0
Monocoupe 90-A - OZ 0274,Comet #L4,56,826,32,0
Monocoupe 90A,Guillow F-54,334,5004,,0
Monocoupe 90A,Sam Speaks,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Monocoupe Deluxe,Guillow,247,3700,,0
Monocoupe Deluxe cleaned,Guillow,249,3726,,0
Monocoupe Model 90 Dallaire dime scale,,788,11817,16,0
Monocoupe RC,SC Smith,409,6128,,0
Monsoon Clipper ,,128,1907,,0
Monsoon Clipper - large zip file,Jimmie Allen,128,1919,,0
Monsoon Clipper - pdf version,Jimmie Allen,128,1920,90,0
Mooney M-18 Mite,MAN 1955 or 56- Walt Mooney,45,667,45,0
Moore Drive System,,54,802,,0
Moore Rubber Driving System,,477,7151,,0
Morane Saulnier,AEROMODELLER,282,4219,,0
Morane Saulnier 325,Dallaire,324,4859,,0
Morane Saulnier Ms-406,Dlaitis,273,4081,,0
Morane Saulnier MS221C,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,251,3757,35.5,0
Morane Saulnier MS221C cleaned,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,253,3783,35.5,0
Morane Saulnier MS225,,112,1679,,0
Morane Saulnier-optimized,AEROMODELLER,283,4235,,0
Morane- Saulnier H,Emanuel Fillon,695,10422,14.6,0
Morane-Saulnier 3v,Dick Taylor,407,6093,,0
Moses - OZ 0169,AeroModeller - 1969-02 - IAN BARRETT ,23,339,JPG ,0
Moses Flying Boat - OZ 0169 ,AeroModeller - 1969-02 - IAN BARRETT,419,6276,30.25,0
Mosquito - CL profile,Frog,355,5312,,0
Mosquito Sportster,Ernest Copeland,841,12609,18,0
Moth Minor,,69,1023,,0
Motoaliante Tuttala ,,216,3232,,0
MOTOALIANTE TUTTALA,Italia 1948 ,643,9639,,0
Mouse Plan,C.E. Bowden,197,2949,35.5,0
Mouse Plan,C.E. Bowden,206,3089,35.5,0
MOVO,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Movo M-32 Dindi,Arve Mozzarini-1949,628,9417,35.5,0
Mr Mulligan,Donald Duncan,333,4988,,0
Mr. Mulligan rubber,Flying Aces - 1936-02 - William Winter,620,9294,,2720
Mudhopper FF,Aeromodeller Sept 1958,582,8721,48,0
Multibug ,,303,4533,,0
Multibug (article),Jan 1959 AM,366,5489,,0
Multibug - larger not clean,,303,4535,,0
Musciani Piper Cub RC,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Musciano RC Fokker D-VIII,Walter Musciano,308,4618,,0
Musciano Scientific Bellanca,Walter Musciano,497,7442,20,0
Musciano Spad XIII cleaned up,Walt Musciano,502,7522,,0
Mutineer,Flying Models,232,3468,74,0
Mystery Racer,Continental,299,4483,74,0
Mystery racer car,Continental Model Airplane Co 1939,549,8231,,0
Mystery Tailess old36,,133,1988,74,0
Mystery Tow Line ,,731,10963,,0
N3N Yellow Peril,,308,4618,,0
Nakajima 50,,333,4988,,0
Nakajima 50 Saiun,,73,1090,Zip file,0
Nakajima 96,M.A.N.,55,815,,0
Nakajima 96,Oct_45_MAN,338,5059,,0
Nakajima 96 Rubber Scale,OCT 1945 Model Airplane News,485,7270,,0
Nakajima B5N1 ##Kate##,Model Aircraft,295,4420,JPG.,0
Nakajima B5N1 ##Kate## article,Model Aircraft,295,4418,CAD,0
Nakajima B5N1 ##Kate## + 3view,Model Aircraft,295,4423,,0
Nakajima Tenzan ##Jill## - Optimized,Model Aircraft,209,3132,,0
Nakajima Tenzan (Jill),,22,329,,0
Nancy CL 1/2A,Rodelfo Carlstein-FEB 1954 Air Trails,591,8858,,0
Napier-Heston Racer,pics-info 3-view,206,3083,,0
Navigator FF RC Tip Floats - REMOVED,Flying Models - 1963-06 - Don McGovern ,600,8993,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0019,Flying Models - 1963-06 - Don McGovern,13,193,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0019 ,Flying Models - 1963-06 - Don McGovern ,23,338,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0306 ,Jetco - Don McGovern,9,134,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0306,Jetco - Don McGovern,13,193,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0306 ,Jetco - Don McGovern,319,4776,52,0
Navigator Seaplane - OZ 0306 ,Jasco - Don McGovern - Logo and Ad,361,5408,52,0
Navigator seaplane 1/2A - REMOVED,Flying Models - 1963-06 - Don McGovern,55,815,52,0
Navion,Top Flite,333,4989,,0
Navion scale rubber FF,HJ Pridmore- May 1947Aeromodeller,567,8491,33.5,0
Navy Flier,Sherman Gillispie,55,815,,0
Navy Pursuit Unrath AT rubber,Flying Aces - 1934-01,831,12456,23,4917
Navy Pursuit Unrath AT rubber -CAD,Flying Aces - 1934-01 ,831,12460,23,4917
Navy Racer (floats),Comet,398,5970,13,0
Navy Troop Glider,Earl Stahl-JAN 1944 Model Airplane News,55,815,,0
Navy Troop Glider ,Earl Stahl-JAN 1944 Model Airplane News,236,3534,,0
Near Miss,,232,3476,,0
Near Miss,Flying Models,237,3545,,0
Nebula A2,Roy Yeabsley,386,5779,,0
Needlenose,Flying Models,197,2948,,0
Neptune Flying Boat,Paul Plecan,13,193,38.5,0
Nervous Nellie,Roy Clough,346,5187,,0
Neuport 17-C.1,Model Airplane News,788,11817,13,0
Never Forget 2 Tailess,,333,4981,,0
New Era,,318,4770,,0
New Orleanian Jr,,318,4770,,0
New Ruler,Henry Struck,1,5,,0
New Ruler,Model Builder,55,815,25,0
New Ruler,Air Trails,55,815,41,0
New Ruler,,261,3905,41,0
New Ruler,,6,82,,0
New Ruler,Henry Struck,385,5770,,0
New Standard D-25 3-VIEWS,Aviation Yearbook,275,4120,,0
New Taylor Cub - OZ 0149,Comet #A163,4,54,16,0
New Taylor Cub - OZ 0149,Comet #A163,5,70,,0
New Yorker IV,Frank Zaic,55,815,,0
Nibbio - 1950s glider,Silvano Macera,584,8760,118,0
Nieuport,Keil Kraft,322,4829,15.5,0
Nieuport 161,Whitman,252,3770,,0
Nieuport 161,Whitman,262,3927,,0
Nieuport 161 dime scale,H. Weiss,324,4851,,0
Nieuport 17 - dime scale,Dallaire Models,324,4851,,0
Nieuport 17 - REMOVED,Dallaire Models,55,815,36,0
Nieuport 17C,California,64,954,,0
Nieuport 27,Veron,149,2235,,0
Nieuport 27,Veron,151,2254,,0
Nieuport 28,Don McGovern,55,815,,0
Nieuport Monoplane - OZ 0273,Ideal - 1913,50,746,36,0
Nieuport Monoplane - OZ 0273,Ideal - 1913,338,5059,36,0
Nieuport Scout,Ray Malstrom,188,2806,,0
Nieuport-Delage ##Madon##,M.A.N.,230,3445,,0
Night Hawk,M.A.N.,55,815,60,0
Night Hawk,,292,4376,60,0
Nightmare,Robert Brown,55,815,60,0
Nightmare,Robert Brown,229,3431,CAD,0
Nike Class A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Nikitin Schevenchenko IS-4,,333,4988,,0
Nimbus CL acer,FEB 1956 Model Aircraft,623,9331,30,0
Nimbus sailplane,PE Norman-Aeromodeller,818,12263,96,0
Nirvana - Aeromodeller Annual,Vic Smeed,191,2862,,0
No Name mysterious flying wing (jpg),,740,11088,39,0
Nobler,Ed Sweeney,191,2859,,0
Nobler - Removed ,Top Flight,55,815,,0
Nobler - G. Aldrich ,M.A.N.,143,2131,,0
Nobler CL - - Removed ,JUNE 1952 Model Airplane News,55,815,,0
Nobler Jr. - Removed ,Top Flight,55,815,,0
Noggin Woggin,,232,3477,,0
Noggin Woggin,,258,3865,,0
Nogy Glider ,AUG 1959 Flying Models,499,7483,,0
Nomad,Air Trails,328,4919,,0
Nomad,Chuck Hollinger-AUG 1941 Air Trails,628,9409,78,0
Noodles hlg,James McVernon / FA Apr 41,852,12777,,0
Nord 2 - A 2 HLG,Aeromodeller Jan 1951,390,5837,,0
Nord 2 glider,JG Joyce-January 1951 Aeromodeller ,562,8417,10,0
Nord 3202,,55,815,,0
Nord NC 853S,AAM,333,4982,,0
North American Army BC-1 (BT-1),,55,817,,0
North American - OZ 0120,Comet #A3 - May be BT-9,55,817,20,0
North American - OZ 0150,Comet #A3,4,54,20,0
North American AJ-1 Savage,,98,1456,,0
North American Apache - Brittish P-51,Earl Stahl,55,817,27,0
North American Apache-Mustang P-51,Capitol,65,970,JPG.,0
North American Apache-Mustang P-51,Capitol,66,977,JPG.,0
North American AT-6 ,Air Trails,55,817,,0
North American AT-6 Texan,Berkeley,25,373,CAD,0
North American AT-6 Texan,Henry Struck,55,817,CAD,0
North American B-25 zip,pictures,55,821,,0
North American B-25 zip,Joe Ott,56,840,,0
North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber,M.A.N.,55,817,,0
North American F-82 ,Air Trails,55,817,,0
North American F-82 Link,,165,2463,59,0
North American F-82G 3view,,55,817,,0
North American F-86 Sabre,Keil Kraft,299,4476,,0
North American F-86D .35 CL,RE Lampione,236,3540,,0
North American F-86D Sabre,Comet,55,817,,0
North American F-86D Sabre,Comet,299,4476,,0
North American F-86D Sabre ,Comet,137,2054,,0
North American F.86 Sabre,Keil Kraft,138,2061,16,0
North American Harvard,,147,2193,,0
North American Harvard,Veron,152,2266,,0
North American Mustang,Roland Schmitt,231,3462,41,0
North American NA-50,Ace Whitman,100,1496,,0
North American NA-50 ,Whitman,338,5059,,0
North American O-47,Paul Lindberg,55,817,,0
North American O-47,Richard Hall,55,817,,0
North American Observation - OZ NO,Whitman,784,11753,16,0
North American P-51 see pg. 34 & 55,Comet,191,2865,25,0
North American P-51 for navy carrier,John Blum,210,3141,33,0
North American P-51 Mustang,Keil Kraft,165,2469,,0
North American P-51 Mustang,Modern Hobbycraft,281,4201,JPG.,0
North American P-51 Mustang - OZ 0037,Comet,55,817,18,0
North American P-51B,Astral,249,3734,,0
North American P-51B ,MAN - 1944-05 - Earl Stahl - Tiled,8,118,24,231
North American P-51B & P-51D - OZ 0064,Golden Age Repro,55,817,24,0
North American P-51B_Mustang,American Modeler 1962-05,866,12987,,0
North American P-51D,,8,118,,0
North American P-51D ,,138,2066,,0
North American P-51D - OZ 0008,Comet Kit P1,34,501,24,0
North American P-51D - OZ 0008,Comet Kit P1,55,817,24,0
North American P-51D Mustang,Earl Stahl,55,818,,0
North American P51,,114,1698,JPG.,0
North American P51 Morris Mustang,,8,115,,0
North American T-28 Trojan,Berkeley,190,2850,,0
North American T-28 Trojan optimized,Berkeley,191,2858,,0
North American T-2J-1 Trainer - OZ 0254,Berkeley - Don McGovern,9,127,23,0
North American T-2J-1 Trainer - OZ 0254,Berkeley - Don McGovern,55,818,23,0
North American T-2J-1 Trainer - OZ 0254,Berkeley - Don McGovern,137,2053,23,0
North American T-6,M.A.N.,248,3717,,0
North American T-6 ,Air Trails Annual,193,2894,,0
North American T-6 interior JPG.,Air Trails Annual,196,2929,,0
North American Trainer,Comet,55,817,zip file,0
Northrop A-17,Paul Lindberg,55,818,,0
Northrop F-61 - a.k.a. P-61,,210,3142,,0
Northrop Gamma,Emmanuel Fillon,55,818,,0
Northrop Gamma,Emmanuel Fillon,73,1090,JPG.,0
Northrop Gamma,Model Aircraft,229,3428, ,0
Northrop Gamma,,333,4988,,0
Northrop Gamma 1933,Ideal Aeroplane and Supply,582,8720,16,0
Northrop Primary Glider,Flying Models,293,4381,,0
Northrop Primary Glider 1931,W. Kessler,734,11000,74,0
Northrop XBT,H.K. Weiss,785,11764,23.5,0
Northrop XFT-1,Booton and Pickard / FA Sep 1935,860,12889,22.5,0
Northrop XFT1,Popular Aviation,55,818, ,0
Northrop XFT1,Flying Aces - 1935-09,55,818,JPG.,550
Northrop XP-56 Flying Wing,,55,818,16,0
Northrup P-61 parts,,303,4539,,0
Nucleus,Model Aircraft,218,3258,68,0
Number 9 FF Conard,JD McHard Model Aircraft May 1962,432,6468,28,0
Number Eight A2,Aeromodeller Nov 1954,375,5621,,0
Nutnick,American Modeller,217,3250,30,0
O Fungle,Joel Rieman,394,5900,,0
Obeechi,Aeromodeller Jan 1943,377,5646,,0
Oberon 1950 Wakefield Recreated,Jack Holt-Aeromodeller,177,2648,16,0
Offenhauser Specail Racer,Ace Whittman,299,4483,30,0
Offenhauser Special racer car,Ace Whitman 1939,549,8231,,0
Oh No ,Glen Spickler,200,2996,48,0
Oh Tu .020 FF,,236,3537,,0
Ohlson Cruiser OT FF,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
OK 1947,,444,6658,,0
OK 2.02,Owen Kampen-NOV 1964 Model Airplane News,510,7637,39.5,0
Oktyabrenok towline glider,UMK 1963,454,6802,,0
Ol Square Sides,Air Trails,261,3913,35,0
Old Nog,Aeromodeller,232,3475,,0
Old Time Stunt,,200,2994,35,0
Old Timer A Frame,July 1949 Aeromodeller,359,5383,,0
Old Timer twin pusher rubber,Aeromodeller,707,10600,33,0
Old TLG with rolled balsa fuse ,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Oldie,Frank Ehling-SEPT 1944 Model Airplane News,621,9314,,0
Ole Slippery,Air Trails,196,2929,,0
Ole Slippery,American Modeller,229,3431,48,0
Ole Slipppery,Cal Smith,348,5213,,0
Ole Tiger 40 RC Pylon Racer - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler - Bob Morse,394,5900,,0
Ollie,Air Trails,517,7747,,0
Olympic Challenger,Sterling,303,4540,,0
Olympic MkVI,RG Gialdini 1962 American Modeler Annual,394,5900,,0
Omega,Model Aircraft,188,2820,,0
Omega,D Aldridge Jan 1956 Aeromodeller,476,7138,64,0
Omega - Indoor HLG,,348,5213,,0
One One One,Austin Hofmeister-APR 1954 Model Airplane news,584,8756,,0
Opal Sander RAK - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Opel Hatry,,692,10372,,0
Opel RAK,Walt Musciano,693,10384,,0
Optimist III - wakefield,Aeromodeller Feb 1944,391,5859,,0
Orange Crate CL,NOV 1980 Flying Models,494,7401,,0
Orbit Gas Buggy,Flying Aces - 1939-06,619,9279,60,2710
Original William Henry,,390,5845,,0
Orion,Ed Kazmiski,223,3344,,0
Orion,Keil Kraft,312,4678,23,0
Orthoff 1936 rubber,Orthoff,788,11816,30,0
Ostegan ,,236,3537,,0
Ostegan II,,232,3476,,0
Ostegan Mk.2,Flying Models,296,4439,,0
Otsegan MK III .020 FF,Ed Whalley,236,3537,32,0
Out O Sight,Model Builder,29,423,JPG.,0
Outdoor Endurance Job FF,Flying Aces - 1938-07 - Felix Gutmann,598,8961,9,2572
Outdoor Glider,Joe Hervat from Frank Zaics ,493,7391,,0
Outdoor Handlaunch,Shaw / FA Oct 1942,850,12741,17,0
Outdoor HL toss glider #1,Ron Warring ,802,12019,18,0
Outdoor HL toss glider #2,Ron Warring ,802,12019,20,0
Outlaw,Keil Kraft,312,4678,40,0
Outlaw,FM 1948.04 / Trainor,920,13790,70,0
OV10 Bronco,,114,1698,,0
Overlander,Aug 1948 Aeromodeller,366,5478,72,0
Owen Kampen OK202 article,Owen Kampen-NOV 1964 Model Airplane News,510,7641,,0
Owen Kampen Scampy,,313,4693,,0
Oxford Airspeed - OZ 0022,Astral - Harold Towner,91,1356,34,0
P-26A Comet,,854,12798,12,0
P-39 Airocobra tiled,Earl Stahl-JUNE 1941 Model Airplane News,527,7893,,0
P-40 - printwood CAD only ,Comet,398,5964,,0
P-40 Warhawk CL,Flying Models - 1955-02 Harold Stevenson,573,8582,,0
P-47,Top Flite,333,4989,,0
P-47 B Thunderbolt tiled,Earl Stahl,527,7893,,0
P-51 Mustang,Earl Stahl - MAY 1944 Model Airplane News,528,7908,,0
P-51 Mustang .15 - .25 - Berkley,Don McGovern-Berkley Models,515,7719,28,0
P-51 Mustang tiled,Earl Stahl-MAY 1944 Model Airplane News,527,7893,,0
P-51 Mustang tiled (jpg),Earl Stahl - MAY 1944 Model Airplane News,527,7895,,0
P-51D Mustang CL,JUNE 1959 Model Aircraft,591,8853,24,0
P.S. Prop Saver CL,J Lowrie McLarty-NOV 1959 American Modeler,620,9288,32,0
P38 Lightning,,676,10134,,0
P39 Profile,,258,3865,,0
P40 Stunt,,259,3883,,0
P51 Mustang CL Uncle Willies (JPG),Berkley,509,7623,,0
P51 RC,Frank Baker SEPT 1967 RC Modeler,483,7240,,0
Paa Able,,263,3936,,0
PAA Hopper,,263,3936,54,0
PAA King - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
PAA Load Jetex,DEC 1958 American Modeler Magazine,586,8782,38,0
PAA Packet,,24,357,,0
PAA Payload Winner,Herbert Kothe,332,4974,68,0
PAA Ray,Ralph Ray-Flying Models,263,3936,,0
PAA Sandow,Cal Smith,335,5011,36,0
Paagboy,Warren B.,24,354,JPG.,0
PAAgeboy,Vic Smeed,386,5777,42,0
Paageboy,Vic Smeed-JULY 1953 Aeromodeller,565,8466,42,0
Paageboy,Vic Smeed-JULY 1953 Aeromodeller,566,8478,42,0
Paageboy (JPG),Vic Smeed-JULY 1953 Aeromodeller,565,8461,42,0
Paaray,Flying Models,409,6128,,0
PAAsson Jetex,Persson,507,7596,37,0
Pacemaker,Orrs Model Aircraft,336,5038,36,0
Pacemaker Class A Team Racer,APR 1953 AEROMODELLER,397,5941,,0
Pacer,Keil Kraft,322,4829,30,0
Pacer - with printwood,Keil Kraft,343,5135,,0
Pacer CAD,,319,4776,,0
Pacific Ace ,Modelcraft,186,2790,,0
Pacific Ace,1941 Gene Wallack-Modelcraft,683,10244,66,0
Pacific Ace ##Gullwing##,Gene Wallock,187,2791,JPG.,0
Pacific Ace Jr.,,186,2783,,0
Pacificoaster,Elbert Weathers-William Winters Plan Book,538,8068,60,0
Paddys Pig,,307,4604,,0
Paddys Wagon FF,Pat Tomasulo-Oct 1955 Model Airplane News,585,8772,,0
Pagan CL,J. W. Coasby-1951 Aeromodeller Annual,673,10082,,0
Pageboy,Ken Willard,23,342,CAD,0
Pageboy,Ken Willard,199,2980,68,0
Pageboy,Ken Willard,395,5913,11.5,0
Pailet Skylark,,259,3883,,0
Pal Joey,Bill Winter,819,12276,42,0
Pal Joey rc,Bill Winter,820,12299,42,0
Palla d'oro (golden bow) 1/2A,Uberto Travagli-1946 ,628,9410,,0
Palmer Mars,,259,3883,,0
Pamer Smoothie,,259,3883,,0
PanAm Polka,OCT 1958 American Modeler Magazine,581,8704,,0
Pandemonium .049,Dick Mathis,236,3537,,0
Pander eg.100,Vic Smeed,306,4582,,0
Pandora,Lou Roberts,346,5182,50,0
Panko Baby 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Paper plane,,236,3530,,0
Paraballon FF parachute,Jack Bale JULY 1971 American Aircarft Modeler,490,7341,,0
Paragon Plecan - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-06,840,12595,33,0
Parasol,Roy Clough,232,3472,68,0
Parasol Plane,Roy Clough,10,142,68,0
Parasol Plane,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Parlor fly rubber,Alan Orthof,617,9243,,0
PAT-1,Bill Netzeband-OCT 1966 Model Airplane News,515,7718,24,0
Patriot Rubber Scale,Dec 1967 AAM,396,5928,,0
Paul Jones Project 4,,207,3101,,0
Paul Jones Project 4,Bob Langdon,208,3110,,0
Paul Jones Project 4,,211,3157,,0
Paw Print 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Pay-Triot .020,Harry Murphy-SEPT 1971 Model Airplane News,263,3936,,0
Payload Model,Thracy Petrides-AUG 1938 Model Airplan News ,834,12501,,0
PDQ RTP Rubber speed pusher,Aeromodeller February 1957 ,407,6093,20,0
Peacemake CL Stunt,George Aldrich FEB 1958 AEROMODELLER,403,6037,36,0
Peacemaker CL,FEB 1958 Aeromodeller,480,7187,36.5,0
Peacemaker CL,George Aldrich,739,11074,36.5,0
Pee Wee Creep duration FF,JUNE 1959 Aeromodeller,571,8559,18.5,0
Pee Wee Pal FF .020,Walt Musciano-FEB 1958 Model Airplane news,671,10065,,0
Pee-Wee,Bob Stalick,237,3551,,0
Pegleg Ike ,Flying Aces - 1938-06 - Louis Garami,615,9220,,2693
Pelican,Jim Fullerton,335,5020,,0
Pelican,Model Craftsman March 1941,858,12862,,0
Pendulum Pete,Keith Laumer,237,3543,36,0
Pendulum Pete 1/2A CL,Keith Laumer-DEC 1957 American Modeler,566,8481,,0
Penumbra tailless A/2 FF glider,JS Osborne-AUG 1959 Aeromodeller,569,8533,80,0
PERCIVAL MEW GULL CL,H.THOMAS Aeromodeller Sept 1955,418,6269,,0
Percival P56 Provost,Keil Kraft,322,4829,21,0
Percival P56 Provost,William Vassalo-OCT 1954 Flying Models,632,9480,,0
Percy 111 Contest,,358,5360,,0
Percy II,R.H.Warring,227,3403,24,0
Perdido,Gary Christiansen-APR 1955 Model Airplane News,579,8672,,0
Peregrine,RA Twomey-May 1954 Aeromodeller,770,11550,35.75,0
Peregrine A/2 Nordic,Flying Models,292,4376,,0
Peregrine A2 Nordik,,365,5465,,0
Perfidio,Gary Christianson-NOV 1952 Air Trails,635,9521,64.5,0
Perfidio .29,,517,7747,,0
Perigrine,RA Twomey-1954 MAY Aeromodeller ,755,11314,35.75,0
Perigrine original,RA Twomey-1954 MAY Aeromodeller ,755,11315,35.75,0
Perryman Asteroid,,333,4981,,0
Perryman Asteroid Rubber and-or Tow Line Glider,SEPT 1959 Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Perseus 3A,Mercury Starflite ,712,10676,34,0
Perseus 3A,Mercury Starflite,713,10682,20,0
Peru Combat,Bob Peru,216,3234,25,0
Pesco Special (jpg),Paul Plecan 1944,770,11541,18.5,0
Pete's Plank,PETE WYATT May 1951 Aeromodeler,395,5916,,0
Pete's Plank ,Pete Wyatt-July 1951 Aeromodeller,606,9080,54,0
Peter O'Dactyl,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Peter O'Dactyl,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Peter Pan,Jetex,299,4476,,0
Petit Pete,Air Trails,288,4307,,0
Petrel,Nick Limber / Oct 1939 FA,848,12710,44,0
Pfaltz Triplane - OZ 0392,Great Lakes Mod.,206,3078,21,0
Pgmy Diesler,M.A.N.,258,3863,,0
Phantom,Keil Kraft,312,4678,21,0
Phantom CL with ED Bee,Keil Kraft,329,4934,21,0
Phantom CL with Mills 75,Keil Kraft,329,4934,21,0
Phantom Classic CL with printwood ,Keil Kraft,637,9541,,0
Phantom Flash - OZ NO,Comet #A1,399,5980,16,0
Phantom Fury - OZ 0084,Comet #3207,2,16,32,0
Phantom Mite,Keil Kraft,313,4682,,0
Phantom Mite (1948 plan),Keil Kraft,329,4934,16,0
Phfft Class A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Phoenix,Bob Woollett Aeromodeller 1951,581,8714,72,0
Phoenix V RC Pattern - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler - 1971-07,486,7278,,0
Phony Tony Lightweight Biplane Rubber Power FF,AC Brown-May 1947 Aeromodeller ,567,8491,31.125,0
Photoshop Blueprint invert Tutorial,WMD,513,7689,,0
Picador CL aerobatic Stunter ,NOV 1956 Aeromodeller,527,7900,52.5,0
Pied Piper,,229,3431,,0
Pikolo,Hoh Fang Chiun / February 1966 RCM,903,13533,,0
Pilot Baby 1/2A,Pilot OK Model Co.,529,7926,36.6,0
Pilot Das Box Fly 20L,Pilot OK Model Co.,529,7924,,0
Pilot Quick Built 10 QB10L,Pilot OK Model Co.,529,7926,39,0
Pilot Quick Built QB10H RC,Pilot OK Model Co,553,8293,39,0
Pinch Hitter,Taibi,261,3913,,0
Pine Needle,MAN - 1943-02 - Dick Everitts,926,13890,50,0
Pinnacle,Air Trails,288,4307,,0
Pinocchio 2 (JPG) Biplane FF,G Martin Paris-Aeromodeller,567,8501,23.125,0
Pinocchio 2 Biplane FF,G Martin Paris-Aeromodeller,568,8510,23.125,0
Pinocchio-II high resolution,G Martin Paris-FEB 1949 Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion,571,8561,23.125,0
Pioneer TLG,Keil Kraft,313,4690,26,0
Pioner 2 towline glider,UMK 1963,454,6802,,0
Piper Apache CL,J Stivala-MAY 1960 Aeromodeller,576,8626,37,0
Piper Cherokee CL .09-.15,Pilot OK Mode Co.,555,8324,29,0
Piper Comanche,Model Aircraft,206,3090,30,0
Piper Comanche - OZ 0255,Berkeley - 1958,9,127,54,0
Piper Cub,,120,1787,,0
Piper Cub,G Zeigenfuse,333,4988,,0
Piper Cub (jpg),H.K. Weiss,770,11541,14,0
Piper Cub (lo res jpg),Walter Musciano,314,4708,,0
Piper Cub - OZ 0152,Comet #3206,4,54,25,0
Piper Cub - OZ 0152,Comet #3206,521,7808,25,0
Piper Cub - zip file,,2,27,56,0
Piper Cub Coupe,Flying Aces - 1939-10,38,559,,394
Piper Cub Coupe,McCullogh / FA Oct 1939,848,12711,28,0
Piper Cub Cruiser,Comet #3902,923,13843,30,6121
Piper Cub Cruiser Model J-5 - OZ NO,Comet #R7 -Joe Konefes,929,13930,30,0
Piper Cub J-3,1942 -JULY 1982 MODEL BUILDER,837,12548,25,0
Piper Cub rubber,Gerald Ziegenfuse SEPT 1959 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Piper Cub Stick Model,,333,4989,,0
Piper Cub Stick-model,,2,27,50,0
Piper Cub with printwood - OZ 0152,Comet #3206,521,7803,25,0
Piper Family Cruiser,Keil Kraft,321,4805,20.5,0
Piper J-3 Cub - OZ 0256,Berkeley,9,127,70,0
Piper J-3 Cub - OZ 0256,Berkeley,13,193,70,0
Piper J-3 Cub RC with floats - OZ 0256,Berkeley - Chuck Hollinger ,311,4657,70,0
Piper J-4E Cub Coupe,,37,554,,0
Piper J3 Cub,CAD,114,1698,,0
Piper J3 Cub .020 RC FF,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,504,7548,,0
Piper J3 Cub RC,Chuck Hollinger,538,8058,70,0
Piper L-4 Grasshopper,,119,1780,,0
Piper L-4 info zip on glazing,,120,1789,,0
Piper PA18 article,,142,2123,,0
Piper PA18 Super Cub RC,Bob Wallace-RC Modeler Magaine,658,9867,,0
Piper PA18 Super Cup ,P.M.H. Lewis,142,2123,,0
Piper Pacer ,Earl Cayton-OCT 1954 Flying Models,629,9424,37,0
Piper Pacer ,Vic Dubery-May-June 1952 Aeromodeller ,717,10754,14.5,0
Piper Pacer FF rubber,Vic Dubery-MAY 1952 Aeromodeller,501,7501,14.5,0
Piper Pawnee cleaned up,Walt Mooney-DEC 1965 Model Airplane News,745,11167,,0
Piper Skycycle ,B.Schoenfeld,290,4336,,0
Piper Skycycle - plans & 3view,W. Wylam,126,1887,,0
Piper Super Cruiser,Keil Kraft,144,2153,18,0
Piper Super Cruiser,Keil Kraft,321,4805,40,0
Piper Super Cruiser ,MAN - 1967-04 - Walt Mooney,745,11167,,0
Piper Super Cruiser Floats - OZ 0257,Berkeley,9,127,36,0
Piper Super Cruiser Floats - OZ 0257,Berkeley,13,193,36,0
Piper Super Cruiser Floats - OZ 0257,Berkeley,23,338,36,0
Piper Super Cruiser PA-12,Sterling,333,4982,,0
Piper Tomahwk 3 view,,469,7026,,0
Piper Tri-Pacer,Sterling,235,3518,,0
Piper Tri-Pacer - OZ 0258,Berkeley - Don McGovern,9,127,19,0
Piper Tri-Pacer - OZ 0259,Berkeley - Don McGovern ,9,128,44,0
Piper Tri-Pacer - OZ 0259,Berkeley - Don McGovern,333,4988,44,0
Piper Vagabond,Modelar (Czech) 1958,454,6797,,0
Pipette ff biplane,APR 1964 Model Aircraft ,622,9318,36,0
Pipsqueek,Walt Reissig,313,4693,,0
Pipsqueek (cleaned up),Walt Reissig,315,4714,,0
Pipsqueek - CAD version,,316,4726,,0
Piranha - OZ 0268,Flying Models - 1967 - Don McGovern,9,134,74,0
Piranha - OZ 0268,Flying Models - 1967 - Don McGovern,13,193,74,0
Piranha - OZ 0268,Flying Models - 1967 - Don McGovern,23,337,74,0
Piranha - RC flying boat - OZ 0268,Flying Models - 1967 - Don McGovern,319,4776,74,0
Pirate,Keil Kraft,237,3551,,0
Pirate,Keil Kraft,575,8616,,0
Pirate (JPG),Robert Chabot-1945,572,8566,,0
Pirate 3,,318,4770,,0
Pitcarin Autogiro PCA-3 (jpg),Complete Model AIrcraft Manual 1938 ,771,11560,,0
Pixie,Keil Kraft,322,4829,23,0
Pixie 1/4A Delta Canard,D. A. Krupp-March 1958 Flying Models ,778,11666,14.625,0
Pixie with printwood,Keil Kraft,698,10457,23,0
Pixy,Lou Andrew,848,12714,26,0
Pizza Platter,M.A.N.,217,3250,,0
Planeteer,FM 1948.10 / Maurice Schoenbrun,922,13828,57,0
Planeur CB28 glider,,768,11520,78.5,0
Planeur CB28 glider (jpg),,768,11515,,0
Planeur CB36 glider (jpg),,768,11515,,0
Plate-One Gull Wing,Tom Mountjoy-Sam Speaks JUL-AUG 2009,683,10244,,0
Plato - flying saucer,,199,2985,,0
Plato 3,Ernest Houslander-OCT 1960 can Modeler ,760,11394,,0
Plato Saucer,Model Builder,218,3261,,0
Playboy,Keil Kraft,178,2667,,0
Playboy Senior,,920,13797,67,0
Playboy Senior,Cal Aero-Model,927,13900,36,0
Playboy Sr.,,1,11,,0
Plonk V Tailess Wakefield,Zaic Yearbook,336,5038,,0
Pluto,R Cizek-MAR 1959 Aeromodeller,545,8166,45.5,0
PNut Farman F-190 ,MIAMA,442,6626,,0
Pocketeer,Air Trails Schroder,519,7778,,0
Poco,Street-Smith 1958,517,7750,,0
Polaris,Keil Kraft,178,2667,,0
Polikarpov I-16,,333,4981,,0
Polikarpov I16 Rata,,105,1565,,0
Polish Boost Glider - FF,,412,6179,,0
Polish RWS 10 Fighter,MJ Heinrich,333,4989,,0
Polka - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Polly HLG,MAN Mar 1949,385,5774,,0
Polywog class B FF .29,William Winter-1945 Air Trail,551,8261,60,0
Pop Scheiber's Gull Wing ,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Poppet,Vic Smeed,340,5087,,0
Pops FF,COLIN REED DEC 1966 AEROMODELLER,438,6570,37,0
Pops FF cleaned up,COLIN REED DEC 1966 AEROMODELLER ,440,6591,37,0
Pops FF cleaned up more,COLIN REED DEC 1966 AEROMODELLER,440,6599,37,0
Popsie FF RC,Vic Smeed,483,7242,38.5,0
Popsie RC,DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,481,7209,38.5,0
Popsie RC A2 size,DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,481,7215,,0
Porterfield - OZ 153,Comet #A146,4,54,25,0
Porterfield 35-70,,333,4989,,0
Porterfield Collegiate,,120,1786,,0
Porterfield Collegiate,,121,1811,,0
Porterfield Collegiate,Walt Mooney,287,4293,,0
Porterfield Collegiate cleaned,Walt Mooney,289,4328,JPG.,0
Porterfield Turner 50,Claude McCullough,312,4671,,0
Porterfield Zephyr,Guillow F-75,335,5023,,0
Potez 75,Aeromodeller 1955,328,4913,,0
Pow Wow CL,Bill Palmer-APR 1954 Model Airplane News,577,8643,,0
Power model 1.5cc,Hank Cole,514,7704,44.375,0
Power-Chief ##Midget##,J. Finneran,202,3029,,0
Powerhouse,Sal Taibis,587,8800,84,0
Powerhouse,Sal Taibi / November 1939 MAN,899,13477,84,0
Precision Gas Job,,261,3913,,0
Precsion Contest Gas Job,M.A.N.,262,3923,,0
President - OZ 0293,Aeromodeller - 1950-10,10,150,34,0
President - OZ 0293,Aeromodeller - 1950-10 - Albert E Hatfull ,426,6388,34,0
PRESTO CL,H. HALL August 1952 Aeromodeller,422,6317,,0
Presto team racer ,H.E. Hall-AUG 1952 Aeromodeller,734,11005,24,0
Prestwick Pioneer,Flying Models,264,3950,,0
Prestwick Pioneer,April 1951 Aeromodeller,369,5521,,0
Prestwick Pioneer FF,Robert Burns-APR 1951 Aeromodeller,588,8818,52,0
Prey,FLYING MODELS,236,3530,,0
Primary Glider (jpg),Megow F30,769,11524,20,0
Primary Towliner - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1943-12 - Hunt ,843,12635,ZIP,0
Princess,APR 1959 Aeromodeller ,473,7084,,0
Printwood for KK competitor,Keil Kraft,321,4805,,0
Printwood for KK Cub 20in TLG Jetex,,319,4778,,0
Printwood for KK Dolphin,Keil Kraft,321,4805,,0
Printwood for KK Ladybird,Keil Kraft,321,4805,,0
Privateer,MAN - 1938-09 - Thracy Petrides,831,12453,87,0
Privateer - OZ 0311,Berkeley - 1953 ,13,193,36,0
Privateer - OZ 0311,Berkeley - 1953,910,13639,36,0
Privateer Super 15 - OZ 0269,Berkeley - 1960 - Don McGovern,9,134,60,0
Privateer Super 15 - OZ 0269,Berkeley - 1960 - Don McGovern,13,193,70,0
Privateer Super 15 - OZ 0269,Berkeley - 1960 - Don McGovern,23,338,60,0
Privateer Super 15 - OZ 0269,Berkeley - 1960 - Don McGovern,911,13658,60,0
Project 6 Monocoupe pre-55 Rubber Sale,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Pronto ,1961 MODEL AIRPLANE NEW ANNUAL,318,4770,,0
Pronto,Dave Robelen 1972 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,380,5694,,0
Pronto (article only),,380,5696,,0
Prophet ,,174,2599,,0
Prosteyshaya Model Yacht,UMK FEB 1962 Junior Model,463,6935,,0
Provincial (jpg),,237,3552,,0
PT-1 Glider,H.A.Thomas,287,4293,,0
PT-17,Air Trails 450,662,9922,40,0
PT-19,Earl Stahl,338,5059,,0
Pterodactyl tailess glider ,,469,7028,6,0
Puddle Jumper,Alan Orthoff 1930,800,11988,,0
Pulqui II CL,AUG 1955 Aeromodeller,528,7911,14,0
Pursuit,Guillow F-56,334,5004,,0
Push Button CL FF,JL McLarty-FEB 1958 Model Airplane News,671,10065,,0
Push Rod pusher,Paul Palanek-OCT 1950 Model Airplane News,615,9224,55,0
Push Up,Keith Laumer,312,4673,,0
Push-Up,Keith Laumer,237,3543,,0
Pusher 9 rubber twin boom pusher,DA Bearham-AUG 1945 Aeromodeller,496,7434,30,0
Pusher Stick - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1943-07 - Neilsen,852,12779,9,0
Pushover,Baker / MAN December 1963,875,13111,33,0
Pushy Cat,Vic Smeed,354,5302,,0
Pushy Cat,VIC SMEED-APR 1951 Aeromodeller,597,8941,44,0
Pussycat pylon FF,AeroModeller - 1952-08 - Derek du Toit,731,10951,44,0
PUSSYFOOT FF,AeroModeller - 1952-08 - DERECK du TOIT,422,6317,46,0
PWS 10,Hudson Duster,333,4989,,0
PWS-26,Augustyn Bobek-Zdaniewski ,708,10614,,0
Pylon Buster,,7,96,,0
Pylon Buster,,237,3551,,0
Pylon Buster,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Pylon Racer,John Krauer,348,5213,,0
Pyloner - FF Gas,Earl Cayton-Bill Winter's Model Aircraft Plan Book ,615,9212,40,0
PZL fighter - FF Scale,D Bryant - OCT 1953 AEROMODELLER,405,6068,,0
PZL P.11C and P.24,,703,10531,,0
PZL P.23 Karas and PZL P.46 Sum ,Jedrzej & Marek Maciejewscy-Plany Modelarskie Nr82 1977,704,10547,,0
PZL P.37 Los Elk,,703,10539,,0
PZL P24 fighter 1.5cc scale Polish fighter,D. Bryant-OCT 1952 Aeromodeller,745,11164,36,0
PZL Wicher,,708,10614,,0
QB10L Quick Built Series 10L Assembly Plans,Pilot OK Model Co,528,7916,39,0
QB15H2 Quick Built 15H2 RC,Pilot OK Model Co.,549,8229,,0
QB20L Quick Built 20 .19-.25,Pilot OK Model Co.,541,8111,52,0
Quaker Flash .020,Paul Karnow - Flyline Models ,505,7565,34.125,0
Quaker Too 1937 FF OZ - 0031,Richard Bradford,114,1698,84,0
Qualifier .45 RC,Jerry Nelson,557,8352,70,0
Qualifier MKII .45 (JPG),Jerry Nelson,556,8338,,0
Quarter Pint,Tenderfoot plan,311,4655,,0
Queen Bee,,21,307,,0
Queen Bee,M.A.N.,222,3328,,0
Queen Bee - RC,May 1950 Aeromodeller,369,5534,48,0
Queen Bee CL .020,Larry Scarinzi-JUNE 1960 Model Airplane News,506,7587,,0
Queen Bee CL Text,Larry Scarinzi-JUNE 1960 Model Airplane News,506,7588,,0
Queen of Hearts,,69,1023,,0
Quest RC,David Boddington OCT 1966 AEROMODELLER ,441,6603,35.5,0
Quest RC 600dpi,David Boddington OCT 1966 AEROMODELLER ,443,6632,35.5,0
Quickie,Ray Monks-MAR 1952 Aeromodeller,708,10608,66.5,0
Quickie A2,Aeromodeller Mar 1952,383,5741,,0
Quickie Canard Glider,Model Aircraft April 1962,430,6446,,0
Quickie Trainer CL ,Leo Holliday-NOV 1955 Model Airplane News ,563,8434,,0
Quo Vadis glider,,820,12297,,0
R-1 Chambermaid,Russell Chambers,101,1510,,0
R.A.A.F. Wirraway recon.,K-DEE,90,1349,,0
R.A.F. BE 2C,Aeromodeller,254,3799,,0
R.A.F. BE 2C (Bl?riot Experimental),,105,1566,,0
R.A.F. BE 2C 600dpi,Aeromodeller,254,3805,,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Scalemaster,64,951,,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,California,65,966,29,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Peerless,99,1477,29,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Sterling,100,1487,29,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Veron,152,2267,,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Frog,152,2278,,0
R.A.F. SE-5A,Aeromodeller,158,2356,,0
R.O.W. Pioneer,,206,3079,JPG.,0
Racer 1/2A,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Radian,Keil Kraft,313,4682,,0
Radian with printwood,Keil Kraft,329,4934,22,0
Radio Princess,,904,13558,,0
Radio Roger,Frank Ehling - APR 1958 American Modeler,517,7743,,0
Radius 3 pusher,J wojciechowski,514,7704,74,0
Rafter Ratler indoor duration FAI,LAURIE BARR AEROMODELLER JULY 1972,416,6239,,0
Railcar,Model Aircraft,295,4413,,0
Rainbow Glider,J. McALROY AEROMODELLER JULY 1972,416,6239,36,0
Rambler,Model Builder Magazine,599,8976,68,0
Rambler - sport rubber,Dec 1949 Model Aircraft,447,6698,29.5,0
Rambler 1939 RC - OZ 0071,Richard Bradford - CAD - 1939 redrawn plan ,114,1698,68,0
Rambler ff,SEPT 1964 Model Aircraft ,622,9318,35,0
Rambler Too - OZ 0071,CAD - 1939 redrawn plan,1,12,68,0
Rambler too - OZ 0071,CAD - 1939 redrawn plan ,261,3905,68,0
Ramrod 250,Ronald St Jean - SIG,383,5736,40,0
Ranger,Keil Kraft,322,4829,26,0
Ranger (from VTR SIG Group),Keil Kraft,343,5145,26,0
Ranger 30 FF CL .020 - .049,Carl Goldberg,719,10780,30,0
Ranger Mk1,Keil Kraft,343,5137,24,0
Rascal - Wakefield,Claude McClullough,220,3288,,0
Rascal - fullsize,,373,5594,,0
Rascal 1948 Wakefield,,334,5005,,0
Rascal 1948 Wakefield,,335,5024,,0
Rascal CL stunt,Aeromodeller May 1957,373,5593,,0
RATA I-16B,Aug Aeromodeller 1942,358,5360,,0
Rattler RC,JUNE 1959 Aeromodeller,571,8559,56,0
Raven and Prey,,318,4770,,0
Ray Hegy's Chuparosa peanut scale biplane,Emmanuel Fillon,748,11212,,0
Ray Racer,Ray Flying Models,299,4476,,0
Rayette - Profile CL Stunt,R Gialdini,348,5213,,0
Razor Blade CL Combat,PN Tribe-MAY 1959 Aeromodeller,575,8618,32,0
Razzamachas CL (JPG),Aeromodeler CL803--C. Taylor,458,6870,,0
RC Jay,,313,4693,,0
RC Micro World Aeronca,NOV 2011 RC Micro World and FEB 1942 Air Trails,494,7409,,0
RC Nobler - OZ 0021,American Aircraft Modeller - 1969-02 - Article - Plan,319,4776,51,0
RE8 FF,1951 March Aeromodeller ,470,7043,43,0
Ready to try Towline Giding,1961_AM_Annual,395,5913,,0
Ready to try Towline Gliding,1961 AM Annual,382,5728,,0
Rearwin Speedster,Peerless,18,256,,0
Rearwin Speedster ,Peerless,125,1875,,0
Rearwin Speedster,Burd,333,4988,,0
Rearwin Speedster,Guillow F-79,335,5023,,0
Rearwin Speedster,Walt Mooney / MAN March 1955,864,12958,,0
Rearwin Speedster - OZ 0154,Comet #A28,4,54,16,0
Rearwin Speedster rubber,Earl Stahl-JAN 1940 Model Airplane News - Flyline Models,505,7565,28,0
Rearwin Sportster,MAN oct 67,311,4657,,0
Rebel,Pete Bowers,203,3031,,0
Rebel III,Pete Bowers,296,4439,,0
Rebel III,Pete Bowers,381,5702,74,0
Rebel III,Aeromodeller July 1996,910,13639,70,0
Record HLG,Christian Berger / FA Jan 1941,857,12842,16,0
Record Holder,Lanzo,334,5005,,0
Record Hound - OZ 0024,Air Trails - 1939-08 ,6,77,72,0
Red Admiral,Aeromodeller,158,2358,,0
Red Beetle,Aeromodeller,274,4107,,0
Red Beetle,,353,5282,,0
Red Racer Demon of Speed - OZ 0155,Comet - 1932,4,54,16,0
Red Raider,E Helliwell-Model Aircraft Co,590,8836,38,0
Red Swan Wakefiled,JAN 1952 Model Aircraft,471,7059,46.5,0
Red Wing,,217,3250,36,0
Red Zephyr ,Phil Bernhardt-Scientific Model Aircraft Co,623,9336,73,0
Red Zipper,,261,3913,,0
REDBREAST Rubber Duration,R.GOSLING Aeromodeller July1943,418,6260,,0
Redecker Demon ff,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Redwing,Alan Orthof-Model Builder Magazine,599,8976,48,0
Reg Truman,,261,3913,,0
Reinhart International Stunt,,258,3863,,0
Renard 17,,192,2872,,0
Renard R2,Al Casano,338,5059,,0
Republic F-84-F Thunderflash ,Comet,137,2054,,0
Republic F84F Thunderstreak,,687,10291,,0
Republic F84F Thunderstreak printwood,,687,10305,,0
Republic F84G Thunderjet outlines,,687,10294,,0
Republic P-47 ,Berkeley,149,2231,,0
Republic P-47 - original scans,Harold Towner,96,1429,,0
Republic P-47 - stitched & cleaned,Harold Towner,96,1432,,0
Republic P-47 - missing piece added,Harold Towner,97,1445,,0
Republic P-47 - picture,Air Trails,149,2227,,0
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt,Berkeley,34,506,,0
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt - OZ 0156,Comet #3502,4,54,25,0
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt - OZ 0156,Comet #3502,399,5980,16,0
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt FF,JAF Halls-Aeromodeller,780,11706,,0
Republic P-47N Thunderbolt,,308,4618,,0
Republic Seabee RC3,HJ Tower-MAY 1949 Aeromodeller,145,2166,53.5,0
Republic Seabee RC3,,161,2410,,0
Republic Seabee ff,Claude McCullough,530,7950,48,0
Republic Seabee RC-3 scale drawing,,234,3499,,0
Republic Seabee RC-3 scale drawings,3 pages,234,3504,,0
Republic Seabee RC1 FF,Claude McCullough,530,7950,48,0
Republic Seabee RC3,,233,3493,,0
Republic Seabee RC3,Bjorn Karlstrom,234,3506,,0
Republic Seabee RC3,Claude Mccullough,234,3509,,0
Republic Seabee RC3,HJ Tower-MAY 1949 Aeromodeller ,541,8114,53.5,0
Republic Seabee RC3 3 view,,234,3499,,0
Republic Seabee RC3 CL,Marshall Green-JAN 1946 Model Airplane News,234,3497,56,0
Request,DEC 1941 Air Trails,780,11705,,0
Request,Frank Ehling-DEC 1941 Air Trails,783,11738,,0
Revenge,CAD Roy Yeabsley Feb1951 Aeromodeller,577,8650,,0
Revenge A2 ordic glider,JAN 1951 Aeromodeller ,471,7059,61.75,0
Revolution CL,MAY 1954 Model Aircraft,591,8853,27,0
Revolver,FM 1948.08 / Maurice Shoenbrun,921,13815,17-1/4,0
Reynard R-2,Oct 1947 Air Trails,584,8749,30,0
Richard Flying Wing,,507,7593,,0
Rickard Flying Wing,1938 Zaic Yearbook,393,5881,63,0
Rigid Midget,Vic Dubery,341,5106,18,0
Ring Leader,FM 1947.08 / Shoenfeld?,918,13767,23,0
Ringer .049,Red Thompson,236,3537,50,0
Ringmaster,Lock Stock and Barrel,344,5151,,0
Ringmaster (Not Sterling) CL Stunt Oct 1951 MAN ,Harry Williamson- Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Ringmaster CL,Harry Williamson-OCT 1951 Model Airplane News,627,9393,40,0
Riser Rider,,409,6128,,0
Riser Rider OT FF ,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Ro Dart autogyro power driven,DEC 1951 Aeromodeller,481,7209,,0
Ro Dart autogyro power driven,,483,7242,,0
Ro-dart autogyro,Dennis Neale.-1951 Aeromodeller,669,10031,57,0
Roadster,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Roadster Solid car,Gordon Babb-Ace Whitman 1946,549,8231,,0
Roamin Rhombus,Ken Willard,301,4504,,0
Roamin' Rhombus .049 FF,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Roaring 20,Ken Willard,333,4987,,0
Rob Roy Glider,R. Hordley,203,3031,48,0
Robin,Keil Kraft,328,4918,23,0
Robomb X FF,Bruce Lester-JUNE 1954 Flying Models Magazine,586,8781,44,0
Rocket OT Rubber,Sam Speaks,484,7253,,0
Rocket Race,Paul Palenek-Hobby Helpers 1953,626,9390,,0
Rocketagogo - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Rocketeer rubber,R.Parker - JUNE 1947 AEROMODELLER,408,6107,,0
ROG-ROW Combo 46 1/2A,NOV 1951 Air Trails,530,7939,46,0
Rogue CL combat,Aeromodeller Dec 1958,450,6748,,0
Roland C.II Walfisch,,130,1941,,0
Roland W?lfisch - zip file,,2,26,16,0
Roland Walfisch - optimized to pdf.,,161,2413,16,0
Roland Whalfisch,Walter Musciano SEPT 1963 AMERICAN MODELER,365,5465,,0
Rolling Bobbin,July 1946 Aeromodeller,481,7213,,0
Rotoriser .049,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Rotoship,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Rotoship,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Roulet parasol RC,Feb 1967 AM,411,6163,,0
Rover - OZ 0310,Keil Kraft - 1947,104,1559,40,0
Royal Coachman,,312,4669,,0
Royal Marine (flying boat),AAM May 1970,873,13094,92,0
Royal Rudder Bug,Vintage Flyer,304,4556,,0
Royal Rudder Bug,Walt Good- FEB 1954 Flying Models,636,9527,,0
Royal Rudder-Bug,Flying Models Feb 1954,449,6729,,0
Rubber FF Autogyro,,328,4910,,0
Rubber Push Pull Triplane,,328,4910,,0
Rubber ROG,FM 1948.10 / Walter Schroder,923,13832,20,0
Rudderless Combat,,258,3862,,0
Rudolph,Cebola Antonio Carlos Martins ,715,10724,40,0
Ruffy CL Stunt May 1958 MAN ,Lew McFarland MAY 1958 Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Rumania I.A.R. 14 Pursuit ,Elbert J Weathers-MAR 1936 Flying B Aces,635,9519,,0
Rumba,Vic Smeed,787,11802,36,0
Rumpler C-5,Walter Musciano,94,1402,29,0
Rumpler C-5 scale biplane FF rubber,Walter Musciano-JUN?E 1950 Model Airplane News ,641,9606,32,0
Rumpler C5 rubber,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Rumpler Taube,Ted Enticknaps-OCT 1951 Air Trails,626,9389,,0
Rumpler Taube .049,,517,7747,,0
Rumplestadt type C,,204,3053,,0
Ruter-less CL combat,Aeromodeller Dec 1968,443,6642,,0
RWD-5bis,Wieslaw Schier,704,10549,67,0
RWD-6,Witold Jelen,702,10529,,0
RWD8,F.Pawlowicz-1957 Modelarz Polish Magazine ,712,10666,,0
RWD9,Wislaw Schier,710,10648,65.54,0
Ryan Cabin - OZ 0157,Comet,4,55,16,0
Ryan Fireball,,88,1309,,0
Ryan Fireball,Continental,333,4988,,0
Ryan Fr-1,,259,3884,,0
Ryan Navion Super,Berkeley,70,1049,,0
Ryan NPY4 Spirit of St Louis,RG Moulton,335,5015,34,0
Ryan PT 25,Aeromodeller,232,3475,CAD,0
RYAN PT20 scale rubber,K. EDGERTON Sept 1944 AEROMODELLER,432,6477,,0
Ryan PT20 scale rubber,K. EDGERTON Sept 1944 AEROMODELLER,433,6481,,0
Ryan S.1,Paul Lindberg,157,2346,,0
Ryan SC,Guillow F-74,335,5023,,0
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis,MAR 1959 Model Airplane News,714,10709,,0
Ryan Spirit of St. Louis,Aeromodeller,715,10714,,0
Ryan ST,Tern Arrow,51,764,CAD,0
Ryan ST,Capitol,70,1042,,0
Ryan ST,Peerless,156,2337,,0
Ryan ST,Paul Lindberg,163,2445,50,0
Ryan ST,Paul Lindberg,180,2694,48,0
Ryan ST,Tern Aero,333,4989,16,0
Ryan ST - optimized,Capitol,76,1138,,0
Ryan ST - OZ - 0271,Comet,50,739,30,0
Ryan ST - OZ - 0271,Comet,51,764,30,0
Ryan Trainer,Comet 5c,398,5966,10,0
Ryan YO-51 (3view JPG),,786,11784,,0
S.E.5a,Ray Booth / Aeromodeller plans,853,12785,24,0
Saab 19A,Model Aircraft,295,4413,,0
Saab 91C CL,Hoh Fang-Chiun-FEB 1958 American Modeler,641,9605,33,0
SAAB J29 FF Jetex 35,Ray Malmstrom OCT1954 Aeromodeller,422,6327,,0
SABRE glider,Bill Dean MAY 1953 AEROMODELER,437,6546,,0
Sailaway chuck glider,Vern Clements-MAY 1959 Aeromodeller,575,8618,15,0
Sailor Boy,FM 1947.08 / Stockbridge?,919,13772,,0
Sailplane ,Carl Goldberg,82,1221,,0
Sailwing 50,Jasco,128,1909,,0
Saint sailplane article,OCT 1948 Aeromodeller,710,19647,51,0
Sal Taibi Powerhouse,,261,3912,JPG.,0
Samba,Vic Smeed,787,11795,34,0
San Diego Flagship,Flying Models,51,751,,0
San Diego Flagship,,333,4989,,0
San Jose,JUL-AUG 2009 Sam Speaks,683,10244,,0
Sandy Hogan 70 ,Berkeley,146,2182,,0
Santa Super Sleigh,Frank Scott,217,3250,38.5,0
SARO A/1,,688,10317,,0
Sasky for Jetex 150,,410,6150,,0
Sassy Saucer,,200,2996,38.5,0
Sassy Saucer,George Harris,217,3250,,0
Sassy Saucer,George Harris-MAY 1953 Air Trails,595,8925,,0
Satan A2 sailplane - OZ 1821,AeroModeller - 1959-01 - W Pullen,472,7077,76,0
Satan Jr CL - OZ 1816,Aeromodeller - 1964-11,472,7072,29,0
Satellite,Model Aircraft,295,4413,38.5,0
Saturian,Roy Clough,10,142,38.5,0
Saturian,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Saturian 1/2A gas Control line,Roy Clough,395,5921,,0
Satyr,Ontwerp Van Hattum,810,12138,58.25,0
Saulnier of Sorts,FLYING MODELS,292,4376,,0
Saulnier of Sorts - OZ NO,Nick Zeroli - FLYING MODELS,365,5465,,0
Savage - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Savoia Marchetti SM.79 article,,227,3392,,0
Savoia Marchetti SM.81,Aeromodeller,226,3388,,0
Sawdust,Aeromodeller Dec 1968,443,6642,,0
SC4 Scout 1/9 scale,Thomas Mose-Aeromodeller,627,9395,,0
Scalded Kitten (JPG),RH W Annenberg Aeomodeller Anual,494,7396,,0
Scalded Kitten 150% (JPG),RH W Annenberg Aeromodeller Annuial,494,7397,,0
Scap Box - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1943-09,626,9386,,0
Scarab,DEC 2000 Model Flyer,567,8495,35,0
Scarab (JPG),Worcraft-DEC 2000 Model Flyer,567,8493,35,0
Scarlet Ranger,Aeromodeller,274,4107,,0
SCARLET RANGER ,F. KEEN Aeromodeler July 1943,418,6260,,0
Scatwood - Boat,Harry Englis-JUNE 1954 Flying Models Magazine,586,8786,,0
Schiffermuller ,,108,1620,,0
Schiffermuller ,,109,1621,,0
Schiffermuller St36,,260,3898,,0
Schoolboy,Ken Willard,199,2980,,0
Schoolboy,Ken Willard,301,4504,16,0
Schoolgirl,Ken Willard,165,2461,,0
Schoolgirl,Ken Willard,199,2980,16,0
Schoolgirl,Ken Willard,301,4504,,0
Schoolgirl,Ken Willard,318,4770,,0
Schurman Rambler - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1937 - Reprint,261,3913,,0
Schweizer TG-2 glider ,Earl Stahl-DEC 1942 Model Airplane News,745,11167,,0
Schweizer TG-2 Training glider ,Earl Stahl-DEC 1942 Model Airplane News,730,10948,52,0
Schweizer TG-2 Training glider (jpg),Earl Stahl-DEC 1942 Model Airplane News,730,10944,50,0
Scientifc Model Airplane Company Advertisement,APR 1939 Model Airplane News,709,10629,,0
Scientific Red Zephyr,Scientific,675,10119,73,5,0
Scoot CL,NOV 1957 Model aircraft ,479,7177,16,0
Scooter,Flying Models,237,3545,,0
Scorcher optimized scan,Ken Willard,287,4297,16,0
Scorpion,Flying Models,277,4154,,0
Scorpion ,M.A.N.,232,3480,,0
Scorpion,Keil Kraft,883,13239,44,0
Scorpion CL,AN Oct 1955 PGF Chinn,585,8773,,0
Scout,Keil Kraft,344,5155,20,0
Scramble CL,Johnny Jones-NOV 1951 Aeromodeller,599,8975,27,0
Scrambler Class B team racer,JW Jones-Aeromodeller,659,9873,27,0
Scrapper plans full-size,,140,2096,16,0
Scrapper w/ article,,140,2089,,0
Scrapper w/ article - optimized,,140,2095,,0
Scrappy,Flying Aces - 1939-05 - MB Reprint,51,751,,470
Scrappy,Flying Aces - 1939-05 - Sam Speaks Reprint,261,3913,25,470
SE-5,Keil Kraft,313,4690,16,0
SE-5A 19 ,Scalemasters,682,10227,19,0
SE-A FF,Ray Booth-CT 1951 Aeromodeller ,657,9848,16.75,0
SE5A,John Blankenship,335,5020,,0
SE5A,Keil Kraft,342,5125,39.5,0
SE5A dime scale rubber ,Supreme Models Steve Patti Co.,793,11886,12,0
SE5A dime scale rubber cleaned and stitched,Supreme Models-Steve Patti Company,793,11889,12,0
Sea Cat - OZ 0304,MAN - 1954 - Henry Struck,13,193,68,0
Sea Cat - OZ 0304,MAN - 1954 - Henry Struck,23,337,68,0
Sea Cat - OZ 0304,MAN - 1954 - Henry Struck,51,751,68,0
Sea Falcon Boat - OZ NO,Feb 1961,460,6897,,0
Sea Hornet Minor Boat 75%,,460,6897,,0
Sea Otter,May 1953 Model Aircraft,419,6273,,0
Sea Otter,Model Aircraft May 1953,419,6282,,0
Sea Scooter-Boat (jpg),Aubrey Kochman-FEB 1954 Air Trails ,591,8857,,0
Seabird Sea Bird Yawl boat (JPG),Thomas Fleming Day,543,8131,,0
Seafarer,FM 1948.10 / Bill Winter,922,13823,28,0
Seamaster - OZ 0305,ModelAviation - Ken Willard,13,193,,0
Seamaster - OZ 0305,ModelAviation - Ken Willard,51,751,32,0
Seasquare GT,AAM November 1974,874,13099,54,0
Second Hand,John Zaic,51,751,,0
Security Sport,Comet 5c,51,751,10,0
Semilina Semi-Catalina Flying Boat,Jan 1953 Model Aircraft,419,6274,,0
Senator,Keil Kraft,51,751,33.5,0
Senior Commercial,Easybuilt,51,751,,0
Senior Dart,Comet,51,751,,0
Senior Dipper,Comet,399,5982,24,0
Senior Fuselage Winner,Air Trails,51,751,24,0
Senior Pacemaker rubber,Jesse Davidson-Harry Appel-JULY 1936,617,9244,,0
Senior ROG,Comet,4,51,,0
Septal III Double Header,Stan John,352,5266,50,0
Set: All American- Midget- Speed Wagon- Ellila,NOV 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-11,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Blunder Bus- Scraper- Tomboy- Philip Special,Nov 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-23,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Bonnie Lass- Bounder- Geminis V- Cadet Fighter,NOV 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-33,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Creeper- Velogiator- Infant Sportster- Unlimited,NOV 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-10,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Gaucho- Aguara- Taguato,APR 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-30,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Half-Shot- Mini-Speedster- Heave-Ho- Satu,MAY 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-17,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Hurry-Up 150- Susy II- PAC,AUG 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-30,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Jezebel- Ollie- Tortuguita,JULY 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-29,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Lazy Joe Sportster- Strato-Flash- Hot ShotBaby,JAN 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-13,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Lulu-Minnow-Goldberg Sailplane,JAN 1950 Aeromodelismo A-4,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Merlu- Interstate Cadet- Chiquito- Simpleton,FEB 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-6,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Narico- Wee Bipe- Circulator- El Dobo,FEB 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-14,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Nobler- Javelin,SEPT 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-31,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Rebel- Ventajita- Caudron Racer- El Tero,NOV 1949 AEROMODELISMO A-3,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Ringmaster- Philosophal Stone,MAR 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-26,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Scimitar- Hi Pitch- Freddy- Midget,OCT 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-22,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Screamin Demon- Tiny Film- Zeek,JUNE 1952 AEROMODELISMO A-28,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Silvaire Sedan- Juno- U-235,MAR 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-7,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Skylark- Caza Nubes- Sure Fire- Hell Razor,JULY 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-19,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Sporty II- Mistery Racer- Escolar,APR 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-16,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Super Fenix- El Tito- California 49,SEPT 1949 AEROMODELISMO A-1,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Swifty- Caper Cutter- Shoo-Fly- Ellila II,MAR 1951 AEROMODELISMO A-15,398,5958,Collection,0
Set: Water Dog- JU-2,DEC 1950 AEROMODELISMO A-12,398,5958,Collection,0
Seversky 3-L,Paul Lindberg,338,5059,,0
Seversky P-35,Ace Whitman,99,1480,,0
Seversky P-35 ,Popular Aviation,51,751,,0
Seversky P-35,March 1939 Popular Aviation,338,5059,,0
Seversky P-35 - 3view,Air Trails,51,751,34,0
Seversky Pursuit,Comet,51,751,,0
Shaboom 225 .049 FF,Doug Smith,236,3537,38.7,0
Shadow,Ed Rogers,227,3404,,0
Shaft flyer,Stockwell and Bucalo / FA Jan 1944,851,12763,13,0
Sharp Scooter,Keith Laumer,324,4850,29,0
Sharp Scooter - resized full,Keith Laumer,324,4852,29.25,0
Sharpoon CL acrobat,Aeromodeller Nov 1961,446,6677,,0
Shazarach 1/2A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Sheerwater Boat 75%,Apr 1970,460,6899,,0
Sheet Metal Susie,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Sheet Metal Susie,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Sheilagh glider,KH Lloyd Model Aircraft NOV 1949,440,6593,60,0
Shereshaw Cadet - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-01,261,3913,,0
Shereshaw Cumulus 48,,825,12372,52,0
Shereshaw Cumulus 48,,825,12373,48,0
SHHHH - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Shillalah,Flying Models,237,3546,CAD,0
Shiner ?A Pylon,Flying Models,288,4315,CAD,0
Shkolnik CL,UMK MAR 1962 Junior Model Constructor,453,6783,,0
Shoestring w/ decals,Carl Goldberg,97,1446,,0
Shoestring 30%,,468,7015,,0
Shoestring Kit Plan CL,,485,7268,,0
Shoo-Fly article ,Flying Models,135,2014,CAD,0
Short S16 Scion II indoor,,476,7139,,0
Short Seamew,,110,1643,,0
Short Seamew,Veron,152,2267,,0
Short Seamew,Keil Kraft,257,3849,JPEG.,0
Short Seamew,Keil Kraft,322,4829,20,0
Short Sherpa - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Short Snorter,,220,3296,,0
Short Snorter,,210,3141,30,0
Shrimp,MAN Mar 1949,385,5774,,0
SHRIMP FF,G.PIKE Sept 1948 Aeromodeller,425,6367,,0
Shylark (jpg),HB Smith-FEB 1955,524,7857,36,0
Sidewinder .19-.25 RC Racing Delta,June 1964 MAN,396,5928,,0
Sidewinder Jetex,Gerald Ziegenfuse-Flying Models,507,7596,26,0
Sikorsky R-6 Helicopter - OZ 0159,Comet #E9,4,55,21,0
Silhouette Curtiss O.52 Model Glider (JPG),Sept 1942 pre-RC Model Airplane News,743,11143,10,0
Simone CL,1959 AT Annual,404,6054,,0
Simple Flyman,,232,3477,,0
Simple Flyman,,258,3865,,0
Simple Helicopter,Aeromodeller Jan 1951,390,5837,,0
Simple P-51,,308,4618,,0
Simple P-51 (no wing),,311,4657,,0
Simple Simon,,318,4770,,0
Simplex - OZ 3073,MB - 1985-02 - Redrawn - Paul Plecan,169,2523,60,0
Simplex - OZ 3073,Air Trails - 1941-02 - Paul Plecan,261,3913,60,0
Simplex - OZ 3073 ,Air Trails - 1941-02 - Paul Plecan,666,9976,JPG,0
Simplex - OZ 3073 ,Air Trails - 1941-02 - Paul Plecan,666,9979,60,0
Simplex 40 - OZ 0077,AeroModeller - 1984-06,1,15,40,0
Sinbad 40 Towline glider (jpg),Sig,737,11051,40,0
Sinbad 40 Towline glider revise PDF,Sig,738,11059,40,0
Sinbad 40 Towline glider revised (png),Sig,738,11057,40,0
Sinbad Jr,Berkeley,9,128,36,0
Sinbad Jr,Berkeley,51,755,16,0
Sinbad Jr - OZ 0045,Berkeley - 1949,1,1,30,0
Sinbad Sailor - OZ 0046,Berkeley - 1941,1,1,50,0
Sinbad Super,Berkeley,51,755,,0
Sinbad the Sailor,Berkeley,51,755,40,0
Single Engine Transport,Guillow F-60,335,5023,,0
Single Engine Transport - kit no. F60,Guillow,51,755,30,0
Single Pusher Monoplae,,206,3079,,0
Single Stick Outdoor Pusher ,Edwin Hamilton-Complete Model Aircraft Manual 1938,738,11065,31,0
Single Stick Pusher,M.A.N.,51,755,,0
Sioux - OZ 0277,Veco - 1949,9,134,38,0
Sioux - OZ 0277,Veco - 1949,51,755,38,0
Sipa 200 Minijet - Jetex 50,BRIAN LEWIS August 1953 AEROMODELLER,411,6162,,0
Sipa 200 MRA - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Sirocco III TLG,DEC 1945 Aeromodeller,471,7059,68,0
Siskin 3,Armstrong Whitworth,537,8044,,0
Siskin 3A,fillon armstrong whitworth,536,8040,,0
Siskin 3A,,537,8043,,0
Siskin 3A (JPG),APR 1960 Model Aircraft,536,8039,,0
Siskin 3A 3 view,APR 1960 Model Aircraft,537,8041,,0
Six Inch Indoor Tractor ,1935 Model Airplane News,800,11988,6,0
Sizzle Glider (part of Lazy Joe plan) ,OCT 1947 Air Trails,515,7716,,0
Sizzlestick - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Skampy .020 RC Sport,Owen Kampen RC Modeler,486,7278,,0
Skeeter,Aeromodeller Nov 1953,372,5571,,0
Skiffler - CL stunt,,335,5015,47,0
Skip ,Aeromodeller,158,2359,,0
Skip Float Plane,Aeromodeller,254,3807,40,0
Skipper,WT Turner,412,6179,,0
Skipper CL,NOV Aeromodeller 1955,468,7008,42,0
Skipper Rubber Comp,July 1958 FM,396,5928,,0
Skokie,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,,0
Skua ff glider,Hank Dillenkeefer-AUG 1958 Flying Models,636,9526,,0
Sky Burb rubber,Kramer Brothers,51,756,30,0
Sky Burd,Burd Model co.,51,756,CAD,0
Sky Charger,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Sky Flier,,258,3863,,0
Sky Flyer,Joe Ott-Model Airplane News,51,756,31,0
Sky Flyer,,232,3474,38,0
Sky Gull,,51,756,,0
Sky Gull,FA May 43,845,12671,,0
Sky Gypsy,Aeromodeller,51,756,,0
Sky Master,Don McGovern-Scientific,51,756,36,0
Sky Persuit rubber,Joe Ott-Model Airplane News 1931,51,756,,0
Sky Pursuit,Joe Ott,51,756,,0
Sky Raider,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,,0
Sky Raider ,Jimmie Allen,15,217,,0
Sky Rider,Frank Moss FA Jul 43,852,12779,46,0
Sky Rocket - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-01,51,756,58,0
Sky Rocket - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-01,261,3905,,0
Sky Speedster rubber,Joe Ott-Model Airplane Building and Flying,51,756,22,0
Sky-Scraper Wakefield FF,Bob Hatschek-DEC 1959 Model Airplane News,723,10845,,0
Skycoupe,Air Trails,288,4307,,0
Skyfarer CL,APR 1958 Model Aircraft,478,7158,22,0
Skyfire 1/2A,,534,8001,37,0
Skyhawk 1/2A CL racer,DEC 1957 Aeromodeller,528,7911,18,0
Skyhook,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Skyhook,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Skyhook,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Skyjet 50,Keil Kraft,178,2667,,0
Skylane 42 Assembly plan 1/2A,Carl Goldberg,767,11501,42,0
Skylane 62 (jpg),Carl Goldberg,765,11464,62,0
Skylark,Air Trails,288,4309,,0
Skylark ,L. Garami,148,2208,,0
Skylark ,Frog,153,2294,,0
Skylark 029,,33,487,,0
Skylark 56,Carl Goldberg,88,1310,,0
Skylark FF,Peter Franklin-JULY 1950 Air Trails,614,9198,31,0
Skyleada Comper Gipsy Swift Scale FF rubber with Printwood,Ray Booth-British Model Aircraft Mfg Co ltd,564,8452,24,0
Skyline Kitten FF,SH Smith-SEPT 1952 Model Aircraft ,597,8949,44,0
Skymaster,Flying Models,237,3546,,0
Skymaster FF,JULY 1959 Flying Models,486,7286,64,0
Skyranger w/ article,Aeromodeller,179,2676,,0
Skyranger FF,MAR 1943 Air Trails,624,9360,34,0
Skyray,Keil Kraft,313,4690,14.5,0
Skyrida 1/2A,,566,8486,31,0
Skyrocket (jetex 100),William Houghton-AUG 1952 Aeromodeller,731,10951,24,0
Skyrocket - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1940-01 - Larry Eisinger,51,756,62,0
SKYROCKET Jetex 100,William Houghton August 1952 Aeromodeller,422,6317,,0
Skyscraper ,Leon Shulman-NOV 1938 Model Airplane News,835,12513,,0
Skyscraper - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1943-09 - E Soehren,626,9385,15,0
Skystreak,Keil Kraft,322,4829,26,0
Slat Wing,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Slat Wing,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Slat Wing,Roy Clough,217,3250,16,0
Sleek Streek,North Pacific,30,439,35,0
Slick Shick,Aeromodeller,216,3234,,0
Slick Stick,,365,5462,59,0
Slicker 50,,74,1097,,0
Slicker 50,,75,1114,,0
Slicker 50,Keil Kraft,329,4934,50,0
Slicker 50,Bill Dean / Keil Kraft,866,12984,50,0
Slicker Mite diesel,Keil Kraft,720,10789,32,0
Slim Jim,Air Trails,286,4290,CAD,0
Slingby Glider,Veron,152,2267,54,0
Slinger,Air Trails,236,3532,20,0
Slipstream,Model Aircraft 1960-11 / Brian Cox,925,13874,56,0
Slipstream,Model Aircraft 1960-11 / Brian Cox,926,13880,56,0
Sliver 19,,307,4598,,0
Slow Moe CL Profile,,358,5359,,0
SM Biplane,,114,1700,,0
Small Paatator,Frank Ehling,263,3936,,0
Smarty,Southland Models,178,2663,,0
Smarty,Harold Bunting-Southland Models,517,7743,,0
Smaster (seamaster?),Ken Willard - CAD - Tiled,319,4776,,305
Smith Mulvihill Rubber ,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Smith Special - OZ 0048,Air Trails - 1949-06,1,1,16,0
Smith Special - OZ 0048,Air Trails - 1949-06 ,51,756,CAD,0
Smith-Stegens Splinter,1961,517,7750,,0
Smog Hog,,114,1704,,0
Smog Hog - optimized,,114,1707,,0
Smokey,Paul Plecan-1947 Bill Winter's Plan book ,658,9861,27.5,0
Smokey (JPG),Paul Plecan-1947 Bill Winter's Plan book ,658,9860,27.5,0
Smoky FF,Paul Plecan ,614,9200,55,0
Smoky FF (JPG),Paul Plecan 1946,568,8520,55,0
Smoothie Stunter,Bob Palmer-Air Trails,51,756,,0
Snapper,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Snapper,Roy Clough,42,627,30,0
Snark,Dick Twomey,379,5681,,0
Snark A2 glider,Dick Twomey-APR 1952 Aeromodeller ,711,10656,63,0
Sneaky Pete,,307,4596,,0
Sniffer,Midwest / December 1949 AIRTRAILS,897,13445,29.5,0
Snip,,258,3862, ,0
Snipe,H.E. Hervey,206,3077,,0
Snipe FF sports,Keil Kraft,329,4934,40,0
Snooky,FA Apr 41,845,12671,36,0
Snoony Silhouette rubber - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1939-05,619,9278,,0
Snoopy,Ted Strader-DEC 1956 Model Airplane News,51,757,,0
Snoopy 1/2A,Ted Strader-DEC 1956 Model Airplane News,176,2637,,0
Snoopy Saucer,,199,2982,,0
Snoopy Saucer,,218,3261,,0
Snoopy's Doghouse 61 RC Novelty,Al Signorino- FEB 1969 Model Airplane News,395,5923,,0
Snootie - optimized version - OZ 0049,Mechanix Illustrated - 1946-10 - Paul Plecan ,126,1882,40,0
Snootie - OZ 0049,Mechanix Illustrated - 1946-10 - Paul Plecan,1,1,40,0
Snootie - OZ 0049,Mechanix Illustrated - 1946-10 - Paul Plecan ,51,757,40,0
Snootie - OZ 0049,Mechanix Illustrated - 1946-10 - Paul Plecan ,126,1879,40,0
Snorky,April 1951 Aeromodeller,369,5521,,0
Snorky,AeroModeller - - 1931-04 - GA RAE,596,8939,36,0
Snorryfex Durch 1948,,444,6658,,0
Snow White,Aeromodeller May 1955,475,7115,40,0
Snow White RTP,,357,5341,,0
Snowbird - OZ 0050,Flying Models - 2005-9 redrawn 1963 by Charles Mackey ,1,1,57,0
Snowbird - OZ 0050,Flying Models - 2005-9 redrawn 1963 by Charles Mackey ,51,757,57,0
Snuffy 6 ff,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,263,3935,,0
Snuffy VI - OZ 0051,Air Trails - 1940,1,1,50,0
Snuffy VI - OZ 0051,Air Trails - 1940,51,757,50,0
Snurren (sidewinder engine) - CL,,438,6560,,0
Snurren - CL,,438,6559,,0
So-Lo RC,Len-King-MAR 1961 American Modeler,564,8458,,0
So-Long,Air Trails,51,757,,0
Soap Bubble,Aeromodeller Feb 1955,451,6752,,0
Soar Head (gas ff),Lauber / FA June 1943,859,12872,42.5,0
Soarer,Paul Plecan,51,757,36,0
Soarer,Paul Plecan,66,979,,0
Soarer Baby TLG,Keil Kraft,313,4690,36,0
Soarer Major TLG,Keil Kraft,319,4772,60,0
Soaring Glider,Modelcraft,777,11654,31,0
Soaring Glider (jpg),Modelcraft,776,11635,31,0
Soaring Glider(jpg),Modelcraft,777,11651,31,0
SOCERERS APPRENTICE Class A team racer,JUNE 1953 AEROMODELLER,435,6518,,0
Solar Payload,,263,3936,24.85,0
Solarfly,Model Airplane News,237,3546,,0
Something New in Payload,MAY 1951 Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Son of Quaker ff,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Son of Trike rubber,D Collier-SEPT 1946 Aeromodeller ,511,7654,21,0
Sophisticated Schoolgirl article RC,Ken Willard-OCT 1967 American Modeler,573,8591,,0
Sopwith Camel,Peerless,51,757,,0
Sopwith Camel,Megow,51,757,,0
Sopwith Camel,Peerless,99,1473,18,0
Sopwith Camel,Veron,150,2250,,0
Sopwith Camel,Comet,161,2408,36,0
Sopwith Camel,Hobby Helpers,301,4507,,0
Sopwith Camel,Keil Kraft,328,4918,16,0
Sopwith Camel ,AeroMmodeller - 1951-08 - F.C. Saunders,621,9304,,0
Sopwith Camel 2 versions,Aeromodeller,189,2821,,0
Sopwith Camel w/ printwood,Veron,151,2253,JPG.,0
Sopwith Camel - OZ 0052,Popular Aviation - Paul Lindberg ,51,757,18,0
Sopwith Camel - OZ 0052,Popular Aviation - Paul Lindberg,1,1,20,0
Sopwith Camel - OZ 0052,Popular Aviation - Paul Lindberg ,338,5059,,0
Sopwith Camel article,MAN - 1946-01 - Joseph Wherry,723,10832,,0
Sopwith Camel FF rubber,Joseph Wherry-Kenny Horne collection,723,10837,20,0
Sopwith Dolphin rubber,RV Smith-OCT 1932 Model Airplane News,51,757,,0
Sopwith F.1.Camel midget glider,Ray Malmstrom Model Aircraft DEC 1962,442,6628,,0
Sopwith Pup,Cleveland,51,757,,0
Sopwith Pup,GE Fisher 1948,360,5399,,0
Sopwith Pup,Ken McDonough,370,5549,,0
Sopwith Pup,Ken McDonough,371,5558,26,0
Sopwith Pup (1948),GE Fisher- 1948,371,5558,39,0
Sopwith Scout,,333,4989,,0
Sopwith Snipe FF rubber,Joseph Wherry-Kenny Horne collection,723,10837,18,0
Sopwith Snipe Rubber ,Joseph Wherry OCT 1945 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Sopwith Snipe Rubber Scale,Joseph Wherry Oct 1945 MAN,395,5923,17.5,0
Sopwith Strutter,,298,4466,,0
Sopwith Tabloid,Aeromodeller,54,808,,0
Sopwith Triplane,Veron,152,2268,,0
Sopwith Triplane,M.A.N.,232,3474,,0
Sopwith Triplane,M.A.N.,258,3863,,0
Sorrel Guppy CO2 FF,Al Lidberg OCT 1980 Flying Models,488,7307,,0
Sorta Stearman Biplane,,509,7624,,0
South Wind 10,Flying Models- December 1955,914,13701,,0
Southern Belle,Air Trails,66,979,,0
Southern Belle,Air Trails,275,4114,,0
Southern Belle towline Glider,Ed Wimmer-1942 Air Trails Annual,51,757,,0
Southern Mite,,74,1106,,0
Southern Sue,Aeromodeller May 1957,373,5593,,0
Southern Unlimited,Flying Models,291,4360,,0
Southerner ,HA Thomas Oct 1949 Air Trails,482,7229,,0
Southerner,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Southerner (jpg),HA Thomas Oct 1949 Air Trails,482,7223,,0
Southerner 60,Keil Kraft,854,12807,60,0
Southerner Mite,,237,3551,,0
Space Rod,American Modeller,237,3546,,0
Space Rod,,237,3551,,0
Space Taibi,Sal Taibi-Roland-Friestad co-op,512,7670,66,0
Space Tiger,M.A.N.,139,2072,,0
Spacehound CL,J Sirotkin-SEPT 1963 Aeromodeller,473,7094,55,0
Spacejet for Jetex 50,Keil Kraft,312,4678,18,0
Spacer 1200,Sal Taibi / California Model Co. / Model Research Labs,920,13796,1200 sq. in.,0
Spacer 145,Sal Taibi / California Model Co. / Model Research Labs,920,13796,145 sq. in.,0
Spacer 200,Sal Taibi / California Model Co. / Model Research Labs,920,13796,200 sq. in.,0
Spacer 435,Sal Taibi / California Model Co. / Model Research Labs,920,13796,435 sq. in.,0
Spacer 600,Sal Taibi / California Model Co. / Model Research Labs,920,13796,600 sq. in.,0
Spad 13,J Wherry-MAR 1947 Model Airplane News,338,5068,,0
Spad 510,,101,1507,,0
Spad 510,MRA,333,4989,,0
Spad with printwood,Comet,51,757,16,0
Spad XIII,Megow,38,558,,0
Spad XIII kit no. SF-13-B,Cleveland,51,757,,0
Spad XIII C.1,Cleveland,51,757,,0
Spad XIII rubber,Megow,51,757,,0
Sparky,Ed Lidgard,51,757,,0
Sparky,Aeromodeller - 1951-09 - rry Hundleby,650,9737,48,0
Sparky (article),Ed Lidgard,334,5005,,0
Sparky - OZ 0085,Comet #L10,2,18,32,0
Sparky 3408,,4,55,,0
Sparky Glider,AeroModeller - 1951-09,493,7387,68,0
Sparky L-10,,4,55,,0
Sparrow,Model Aviation,318,4770,,0
Sparrow ,AeroModeller - 1951-12,481,7215,A2,0
Sparrow - OZ 0161,Comet #A4 - 1947,4,60,17,0
Sparrow - OZ 0161,Comet #A4 - 1947,4,55,17,0
Sparrow glider,AeroModeller - 1951 - Reinhard Roeser,669,10031,,0
Sparrow unorthodox glider,AeroModeller - 1951-12,481,7209,87,0
Sparrow unorthodox glider,,483,7242,,0
Spartan Biplane - OZ 0162,Comet #A152 - 1936 ,4,55,JPG.,0
Spartan Biplane - OZ 0162,Comet #A152 - 1936,51,757,16,0
Spartan cabin - OZ 0177,Comet #A162,5,61,25,0
Spartan cabin rubber - OZ 0177,Comet #A162,51,757,25,0
Spartan Executive,Air Trails,76,1127,,0
Spartan Executive,Booton Air Trails,333,4989,,0
Spartan Fighter - OZ 5286,Comet #A34,854,12798,20,0
Spearhead Jr - OZ 0220,EagleModels - 1944 - Jerry Stoloff,431,6460,44,0
Spearhead Jr - OZ 0220,EagleModels - 1944 - Jerry Stoloff,431,6461,44,0
Spearhead Junior - OZ 0220,EagleModels - 1944 - Jerry Stoloff,7,96,44,0
Spearhead Sr,EagleModels - Roland Friestad,507,7593,,0
Special Trainer CL,,444,6650,,0
Spectre,Keil Kraft,315,4712,41,0
Spectre,FA Oct 1942,850,12741,48,0
Spectrum CL,Jim Casale JULY 1980 Flying Models,487,7295,,0
Speed Job,M.A.N.,51,758,,0
Speed King CL,Feb 1948 Aeromodeller,367,5498,,0
Speed Trainer,JUNE 1949 Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Speedster,Louis Garami,184,2758,,0
Speedwing FF delta,R Burns,398,5965,,0
Speedwing Sticker,Jimmie Allen,127,1903,,0
Speedy-Q articles 8pgs.,Flying Models,133,1985,,0
Sperry Messenger 010,,308,4618,,0
Sperry Messenger 010,,311,4657,,0
Spindizzies Free Running ground vehicles,Ken Willard,404,6053,,0
Spinning Wing,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Spinning Wing,Roy Clough,42,627,JPG.,0
Spirit of Saint Louis,Sterling peanut scale P6,916,13736,Peanut,0
Spirit of St Louis,Henry Struck,396,5928,,0
Spirit of St Louis (described),,335,5015,,0
Spirit of St Louis .020 RC,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,504,7548,,0
Spirit of St Louis Ryan NYP,Bjorn Karlstrum-Model Airplane News MAY 1959,706,10586,,0
Spirit of St Louis-Ryan (jpg),Bjorn Karlstrum,706,10576,,0
Spiteful,Dan Simpson,114,1700,,0
Spitfire,American Modeler - 1962-02,311,4657,,0
Spitfire,Keil Kraft,329,4934,18,0
Spitfire - indoor duration,Aeromodeller - 1943-03 ,387,5791,,0
Spitfire .60,George Harris,311,4657,,0
Spitfire IX,Modern Hobbycraft Products 1943,670,10036,36.9,0
Spitfire IX ,George Harris,817,12243,75,0
Spitfire Stunter CL .29-.36,MAN - 1955-08 - Frank B Baker,558,8363,,0
Spitfire V8,AeroModeller- 1957-02 - S. Cole,407,6093,31,0
Splatt - combat,,354,5298,21,0
Spook - glider - OZ 4439,Keil Kraft,328,4918,12.5,0
Spook 48 - OZ 0053,Modelcraft - 1940,1,1,48,0
Spook 72 - OZ 0072,Modelcraft - 1940 ,1,14,,0
Spook 72 - OZ 0072,Modelcraft - 1940,114,1700,72,0
Spook 72 - OZ 0072,Modelcraft - 1940,645,9662,72,0
Spooks - OZ 0842,Flying Models - 1959-09 - Ted Strader,177,2655,26,0
Spooks - OZ 0842,Flying Models - 1959-09 - Ted Strader - Article,178,2657,26,0
Spooks clean plans - OZ 0842,Flying Models - 1959-09 - Ted Strader ,178,2658,26,0
Sport,Guillow F-61,335,5023,,0
Sport Cassut Racer,Flying Models,291,4360,,0
Sport Convertible,Ace Whittman,299,4483,,0
Sportcoupe .09 CL,JULY 1958 Model Airplane News,642,9627,32,0
Sportsman's convertible car,Gordon Babb-Ace Whitman 15R 1946,549,8231,,0
Sportster,Fred Tuxworth,116,1728,32,0
Sportster,Fred Tuxworth,200,2996,,0
Sportster ,Flying Aces - 1936-12,783,11743,14,5000
Sportster - OZ 0078,Air Trails - 1939,1,15,51,0
Sportster - OZ 0708,Air Trails - 1941-11 - Fred Tuxworth,131,1957,48,0
Sporty - OZ 0338,Aeromodeller - 1950-02,18,263,,0
Sporty - OZ 0338,Aeromodeller - 1950-02 ,353,5284,,0
Sporty - OZ NO,Frog,153,2295,,0
Sporty Forty,Ken Willard,199,2980,13.5,0
Sporty Forty,Ken Willard,301,4504,35,0
Sporty II FF,Walter Musciano-NOV 1950 Model Airplane News,613,9181,65,0
Springtime Special ROG,FA July 1941,874,13107,14,0
Springtime Special ROG,FA July 1941,874,13108,14,0
Spunky ,Lou Garami,395,5923,18,0
Sputnick novelty CL,Ray Malstrom - DEC 1957 Aeromodeller,528,7911,,0
Square Hare from Delaware,American Modeller,304,4556,,0
Square Soar 72,,174,2599,,0
Square Soar 72,,301,4501,,0
Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner,9,134,39,0
Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner,41,609,39,0
Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner,43,644,39,0
Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner,49,725,39,0
Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner,147,2202,39,0
SR N2 Boat-Plane Hovercraft,Model Aircraft DEC 1962,442,6628,,0
SSS Sam - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Stagger Bi,Phil Kraft,166,2477,JPG.,0
Stagger Bi,,319,4776,,0
Staggerwing Beech peanut FF rubber - removed,Flying Models - 1980-08,487,7303,,0
Stahl 37 inch OT Rubber,1937,336,5038,,0
Stahl Barracuda Rubber Scale,Earl Stahl OCT 1944 Model Airplane News,486,7278,,0
Stall-Proof Stick trainer,M.A.N.,51,758,,0
Stanzel RX Tiger Shark,Model Builder reprint - low res,318,4770,,0
Stanzel Tiger Shark - OZ 0302,Victor Stanzel - 1939,13,182,36,0
Stanzel Tiger Shark - OZ 0302 ,Victor Stanzel - 1939,51,758,,0
Stanzel Tiger Shark CL - OZ 0302 ,Victor Stanzel - 1939,236,3540,36,0
Star JPEG.,Sigurd Isacson,56,828,,0
Starduster,Paul Gilliam and Bob Hunter,925,13870,,0
Starduster 350,Sal Taibi,920,13797,,0
Starduster Taibi,Sal Taibi-Roland-Friestad co-op,512,7670,,0
Starduster Too CO2,Steve Gardner,51,758,18,0
Stare,Flying Models,286,4279,30,0
Starflight 1/2A FF,OCT 1955 Model Airplane News,641,9604,32,0
Starflight 1/2A FF text and patterns ,OCT 1955 Model Airplane News,641,9613,,0
Stargazer,FM 1948.08 / DelGatto,920,13798,43,0
Stark Shark - OZ NO,American Modeler - 1964-03,307,4595,,0
Starlet boat 50%,MODEL BOATS magazine,455,6819,,0
Starlight,Flying Models,292,4376,,0
Stately Sadie .049,,615,9215,38,0
Stately Sadie RC,Frank Ehling-FEB 1956 Air Trails,613,9186,50,0
Stearman 76 - OZ 0178,Comet #A11,4,55,16,0
Stearman 76 - OZ 0178,Comet #A11,51,758,16,0
Stearman 76 w/ printwood - OZ 0178,Comet #A11,5,61,16,0
Stearman C-3B Sport,Flying Models,51,758,,0
Stearman C3B 1927 .049,Hurst Bowers - Flyline Models ,504,7548,35,0
Stearman PT-17,Sterling,100,1487,JPG.,0
Stearman PT-17,Sterling,100,1491,,0
Stearman PT-17,Sterling ,333,4989,,0
Stearman PT-17,Sterling,378,5660,,0
Stearman PT-17,Sterling,745,11169,65,0
Stearman PT-17 Kaydet CL Biplane Trainer,Don Carkhuff-FEB 1962 Model Airplane News,747,11196,48,0
Stearman PT-17 Kaydet CL Biplane Trainer Printwood pg3-4,Sterling kit FS20,750,11245,,0
Stearman PT17 review article,SEPT 1968 Radio Modeler,757,11342,,0
Stearman-Hammond,June 1938 Popular Aviation,788,11814,,0
Sterling DH82C E14,Sterling,701,10506,33,0
Stick Model rubber - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1937-01 - Henry Struck,618,9262,,0
Sticker,Ray Beaumont-SEPT 1942 Model Airplane News,51,758,36,0
Sticker,Sept 1942 MAN,336,5038,,0
Stiletto .049 ,Bob Stalick,236,3537,42.5,0
Stiletto MA5405 - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Stiltto CL,JULY 1956 Aeromodeller,480,7187,12,0
Stinson 105,,4,55,JPG.,0
Stinson 105,Paul Plecan,51,758,,0
Stinson 105,Guillow #F78,51,758,,0
Stinson 105,Guillow F-78,335,5023,,0
Stinson 105 - OZ 0165,Comet,51,758,16,0
Stinson 125,Earl Stahl,336,5039,,0
Stinson 150,,308,4618,,0
Stinson 1936 Reliant - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1936-06 - Bill Winter,834,12505,,0
Stinson Flying Station Wagon - OZ 0091,Keil Kraft,145,2172,20,0
Stinson Flying Station Wagon - OZ 0091,Keil Kraft - Optimized,79,1183,20,0
Stinson Flying Station Wagon - OZ 0091,Keil Kraft - Optimized ,80,1186,20,0
Stinson Model A trimotor,Paul Lindberg,278,4167,30,0
Stinson Model U,June 1949 MAN,338,5059,,0
Stinson Reliant,Flying Aces - 1934-05 - Avrum Zier ,852,12766,26,5240
Stinson Reliant,Flying Aces - 1934-05 - Avrum Zier,852,12767,26,5240
Stinson Reliant - not complete plan,,4,55,,0
Stinson Reliant - OZ 0505,Megow,51,758,,0
Stinson Reliant detailed - OZ - 0180,Ideal Models,5,62,,0
Stinson Reliant SR-6 - OZ 0183,Flying Ace - 1935-12,5,62,25,0
Stinson Reliant SR-6 - OZ 0183,Flying Ace - 1935-12 ,5,65,25,0
Stinson Reliant SR-7 - OZ 0979,Comet ,398,5964,,0
Stinson Reliant SR-7 Taperwng - OZ 0979,Comet #3209,5,66,,0
Stinson Reliant SR-7A tprwing - OZ 0184,Megow,5,62,30,0
Stinson Reliant SR-8 Gullwing,Sterling,848,12714,,0
Stinson Reliant SR-9C - OZ 0185,Berkeley - Don McGovern ,9,128,42,0
Stinson Reliant SR-9C - OZ 0185,Berkeley - Don McGovern ,5,62,42,0
Stinson Reliant SR-9C - OZ 0185,Berkeley - Don McGovern,333,4989,42,0
Stinson Reliant SR7 - OZ 0978,Comet,402,6018,25 - CAD,0
Stinson Reliant Strtwing Rndtip ,Megow,5,62,,0
Stinson Reliant taperwing - OZ 0182,Air Trails,5,62,,0
Stinson Sentinel,Model Craft,87,1299,,0
Stinson Sentinel,Top Flite,333,4989,,0
Stinson Sentinel - optimized,Model Craft,87,1302,,0
Stinson Sentinel L-5 - OZ 0187,Berkeley,9,128,34,0
Stinson Sentinel L-5 - OZ 0187,Berkeley,5,64,34,0
Stinson SR-6 - OZ 0188,Popular Aviation - 1936 - Paul Lindberg,5,64,28,0
Stinson SR-7 Taperwing ,Peerless,5,64,,0
Stinson Sr. Trainer parasol - OZ - 0186,MAN - 1937-10 - Model Builder Redrawn,5,64,20,0
Stinson Taper Wing - OZ 0189,Peerless,333,4989,24,0
Stinson Taperwing,Peerless,153,2291,18,0
Stinson Trimotor,Model Airplane News,261,3901,,0
Stinson Trimotor rubber,Scientific 1932,811,12165,27,0
Stinson U Trimotor,Model Airplane News,261,3909,,0
Stinson Voyager ,Earl Stahl,5,65,,0
Stinson Voyager,MAN - 1948-06 - Earl Stahl,504,7548,30.5,0
Stinson Voyager,Appel / FA Jul 1941,863,12932,19,0
Stinson Voyager,Appel / FA Jul 1941,863,12940,20,0
Stinson Voyager .020 FF Scale,Flying Models - 1959 - Lou DelGatto,395,5923,,0
Stinson Voyager 150 - OZ 0260,Berkeley - 1946,9,128,34,0
Stinson Voyager 150 - OZ 0260,Berkeley - 1946,11,157,34,0
Stinson Voyager CO2,Earl Stahl,51,758,,0
Stinson Voyager dime scale (JPG) - OZ NO,Comet A6,745,11174,12,0
Stipa (jpg),RIchard Roux-JUNE 1933 Model Airplane News,769,11524,21,0
Stits Playboy CL Scale .049 .09,Jan 1958 FM,407,6104,,0
Stitts Ultra-Light FF parasol,Tom Henebry-Flying Models May 1959,588,8807,30,0
Stofer Super,Roland Friestad-HArold Stofer-JULY 1939 Journal of International Aeromodeling,507,7593,56,0
Stomper III - FF power,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6769,,0
Stoneleigh Classic ,John Stroud,187,2804,,0
Stork,Aeromodeller Jan 1943,377,5646,,0
Stormbringer,Bob Parks,218,3261,,0
Stormer,Doug Spreng,304,4556,,0
Stormy Weather,Ercole Arseni 1947,726,10877,59,0
Stout Indoor Trophy Winner 1938,Hewitt Phillips -APR 1939 Model Airplane News,709,10630,36,0
Strato B,Charles Guarnierii Mechanix Illustrated,484,7253,,0
Strato Invader,,846,12680,11,0
Strato Streak - OZ 0067 - Unscaled,Air Trails - 1941-12 - Louis Garami,288,4309,40,0
Strato Streak - OZ 0298,Air Trails - 1941-12 - Louis Garami - Modern Redrwan,261,3905,CAD - 44,0
Stratosphere,Henry Cole,161,2406,,0
Streak - CL combat,Scarinzi,382,5728,,0
Streamliner,CD Berger,334,5005,,0
Stringless Wonder,,328,4910,,0
Strod - catapult glider,Aeromodeller Feb 1960,370,5549,,0
Struck's Champion Cabin indoor model (jpg),,769,11524,,0
Struhl Tailess,Dick Struhl,237,3546,,0
Strzala (Arrow),Stanislaw Hlawiczka,709,10632,,0
Stuka,Sterling Kit A-6,333,4982,,0
Stuka CL stunt,Aeromodeller Jan 1961,448,6717,,0
Stuka dime scale (jpg),Burd,766,11476,,0
Stump Champ,Air Trails 353A,517,7747,,0
Stunt - Weekend Workhorse,Richard Bradford,114,1700,,0
Stunt 1952,,259,3880,,0
Stunt King (inc early drawing),Keil Kraft,329,4934,37.5,0
Stunt Queen,Keil Kraft,315,4712,41,0
Stunt Queen inc printwood,Keil Kraft,329,4934,42,0
Stunt Runt,C. Richard Vause,201,3011,JPG.,0
Stunt Runt .049 RC,April 1959 FM,396,5928,,0
Stunt Wing,H Reinhardt,395,5913,,0
Stuntster CL,J Richards-FEB 1954 Flying Models,636,9534,,0
Stuntwagon CL,DeBOLT,436,6531,58,0
Stunty - CL,,438,6559,,0
Su Do Khoi 180,Terry Dench,114,1700,,0
Sub Mini,,60,898,,0
Succesfull Senator,Keil Kraft,203,3031,,0
Sudden Sam,,237,3552,,0
Sugarfoot,Aeromodeller Jun 1950,372,5580,48,0
Sultan,Jerry Nelson,301,4515,,0
Sultan,Aeromodeller Jul 1952,371,5564,,0
Sultan,Bernard Wildman JULY 1952 AEROMODELLER,403,6036,,0
Sultan FF,Bernard Wildman-July 1952 Aeromodeller ,725,10874,49.5,0
Sun Devil,,129,3432,,0
Sunday Sportster,,307,4603,,0
Sunspot,Feb 1948 Aeromodeller,367,5498,120,0
Super 60,,57,842,,0
Super 60,Keil Kraft,57,846,,0
Super 60 ,Keil Kraft,144,2148,,0
Super Cloud - Wakefield,Henry Struck,196,2930,,0
Super Cruiser Piper PA12 rubber,Skyleada-British Model Aircaft MFG,570,8544,24,0
Super Flying Cloud,Berkeley,226,3378,,0
Super Goose,American Modeller,218,3261,,0
Super Goose 45 Tailess,,318,4770,,0
Super Looper,FM 1948.06 / Cole,921,13802,39,0
Super Mergatroid Sketches,,823,12338,,0
Super Murgatroid,Joost Bakker,809,12121,,0
Super Pacer,Ace R/C,201,3011,,0
Super Pacer,,319,4776,,0
Super Phoenix .19 .29,Roland Friestad-JAN 1949 Air Trails,507,7593,,0
Super Rocketeer ,William Winter's Model Aircraft Plan Book,531,7955,59,0
Super ROG,Paul Del Gatto,339,5076,,0
Super ROG,Unrath / FA May 34,852,12766,14-1/2,0
Super Saint CL,KEN MARSH Feb 1952 Aeromodeller ,425,6374,,0
Super Saint Class B CL racer,Ken Marsh-FEB 1952 Aeromodeller ,702,10527,29,0
Super Saucer No.5,Fran McElwee,301,4505,,0
Super Sinbad - OZ 0046,Air Trails - 1942-04 - Redrawn,1,13,47,0
Super Slicker,Keil Kraft,329,4934,42,0
Super Sonic Transport SST (jpg),,789,11823,,0
Super Tailwind,S.J. Wittman,73,1090,,0
Super Tailwind W-9,,266,3988,,0
Super Zomby - OZ 0388 ,Megow #E24,37,552,44,0
Super Zomby - OZ 0388,Megow #E24,261,3912,44,0
Supermarine Attacker ,Robert Buragas-MAR 1953 Model Airplane News,637,9555,,0
SuperMarine S68 CL .09-.19,Ruby Tapper JAN 1959 Model Airplane News,487,7297,,0
Supermarine S6B Racer,Universal Model Airplanes,837,12543,12,0
Supermarine S6B Racer,Universal Model Airplanes - Inc,840,12586,,0
Supermarine Sparrow,AeroModeller,195,2917,,0
Supermarine Sparrow,,311,4657,,0
Supermarine Spitfie Mk XIV,AeroFlyte,268,4014,,0
Supermarine Spitfire,Eagle,54,800,,0
Supermarine Spitfire,Capitol,71,1064,,0
Supermarine Spitfire,Capitol,76,1140,,0
Supermarine Spitfire,Frog,152,2278,16,0
Supermarine Spitfire,Aeromodeller,155,2311,16,0
Supermarine Spitfire,American Modeller,169,2535,,0
Supermarine Spitfire - optimized,,76,1138,,0
Supermarine Spitfire - optimized,Capitol,77,1146,,0
Supermarine Spitfire - OZ 0160 ,Veron - 1949,152,2268,28,0
Supermarine Spitfire - OZ 0163,Comet #A38,4,55,16,0
Supermarine Spitfire IV,Earl Stahl,51,758,,0
Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Vb,Model Aircraft,278,4159,CAD,0
Supermarine Spitfire MK.XIV,Aeromodeller,160,2396,,0
Supermarine Spitfire MK.XVI ,,138,2066,,0
Supermarine Swift,Skyleada,138,2061,,0
Supermarine Swift,Keil Kraft,328,4918,13,0
Sure Fire,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Sure Fire,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Susie ff,SEPT 1959 Aeromodeller ,531,7953,44,0
Swallow flying wing glider,JULY 1947 Aeromodeller,471,7059,60,0
Swallow II,FM 1948.06 / by Woodward,921,13810,74-1/4,0
Swallow Powakits -- Pre Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Swami construction feature,M.A.N.,123,1844,,0
Swan Song RC,Andy Lennon-JULY 1953 Air Trails,614,9206,60,0
Swanky Doodle - OZ 0218,Air Trails - 1956-11 - Keith Laumer ,6,86,34,0
Swanky Doodle - OZ 0218,Air Trails - 1956-11 - Keith Laumer ,51,758,34,0
Swanky Doodle - OZ 0218,Air Trails - 1956-11 - Keith Laumer ,237,3543,34,0
Swanky Doodle - OZ 0218,Air Trails - 1956-11 - Keith Laumer ,848,12715,34,0
Swannee RC,John Bowmer Feb 1966 Aeromodeller,466,6977,38,0
Swannee RC on one sheet,John Bowmer Feb 1966 Aeromodeller,466,6978,38,0
Swat,Don Alberts-Model Airplane News,645,9672,,0
Swayback,Chet Lanzo,51,759,,0
Swedish Wakefield,,379,5672,,0
Sweep FF rubber,Model Aircraft June 1962,433,6495,34,0
Sweet Fifteen #16 Fini,Hobby Helpers,139,2072,,0
Sweet Peet .020 FF Sport,Dec 1958 AAM,396,5928,,0
Sweet Sixteen powered glider,Aubrey Red Kochman-MAY 1953 Air Trails,595,8912,,0
Sweetheap CL Stunt,Aeromodeller Sep 1968,429,6426,,0
Swift Skyleada - Jetex 50,,411,6155,,0
Swish winter - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Swiss Miss,Aeromodeller Dec 1954,376,5628,,0
Switcheroo,Keith Laumer,23,341,,0
Swoose FF Seaplane,A Stolzenberger OCT 1946 Model Airplane News,490,7341,,0
Sword CL,OCT 1957 Aeromodeller,528,7911,33,0
SZD22 Mucha (FLY) Standart,Nowakowski and Grzywacz ,707,10603,,0
Szybowiec OM42 sailplane,Mieczyslaw Opalinski,706,10585,,0
T-craft (Taylorcraft) CAD,Guy Fuller,6,76,,0
T-Tray,Aeromodeller Nov 1954,375,5621,,0
T2 Team Racer (JPG),Radoslav Cizek ,460,6888,,0
Taddy,Noel Shennan,25,372,,0
Tadpole ,,115,1717,,0
Tadpole - w/ separate article,Howard McEntee,231,3459,,0
Tadpole - different plane,,232,3475,,0
Tadpole - Mk.II,,232,3475,,0
Tadpole A2 glider (jpg),Peter Law-July 1953 Aeromodeller,775,11612,,0
Tail less ROG rubber - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1936-04,619,9278,,0
Tailess Gas Model,,307,4595,,0
Tailess Glider,Aug Aeromodeller 1942,358,5360,,0
Tailess Glider,Uniy Modellist Konstruktor UMK 1964-10,460,6892,,0
Tailess Record,,237,3552,,0
Tailles Tractor (jpg),Edwin Hamilton-1933 Complete Model AIrcraft Manual,736,11035,12,0
Tailless Towline Glider - optimized,,79,1180,33,0
Talasco _F9F-8 Cougar - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Tale Apart Plane,Louis Garami,288,4307,,0
Talisman FAI,L Turner,364,5459,37,0
Talon Zephyr,,307,4598,,0
Tan Giro,Roy Clough,10,142,33,0
Tan Giro,Roy Clough,42,627,20,0
Tan-Gyro,Hobby Helpers,217,3250,,0
Tandem Bomber,Flying Models,218,3261,,0
Tandem Twister - article,Flying Models,130,1947,,0
Tango,Vic Smeed ,787,11798,50,0
Tardon II,Jack Sabine,348,5213,,0
Target & Bullseye,M.A.N.,217,3250,,0
Tarrier clean plans,Flying Models,178,2658,,0
Taube,Flying Aces - 1937-09 - Henry Struck,840,12594,22,5312
Taube Scale Glider,RAY MALSTROM AEROMODELLER MARCH 1967,416,6239,,0
Taurus - optimized,,82,1220,,0
Taylor Cub,Peerless,153,2291,,0
Taylor Cub,Guillow F-53,334,5004,,0
Taylor Cub,Comet #3211,399,5983,18,1629
Taylor Cub - OZ 0105 ,Comet #A33,399,5983,20,0
Taylor Cub - OZ 0190,Megow #B4,5,69,18,0
Taylor Cub - OZ 0191,Popular Aviation - Paul Lindberg,5,69,29,0
Taylor Cub - OZ 0193,Air Trails - 1940-04,5,70,32,0
Taylor Cub F-2 - OZ 0192,American Modeller - 1968,5,69,35,0
Taylorcraft,Guy Fuller,114,1700,,0
Taylorcraft,CO Wright-OCT 1955 Model Airplane News,584,8757,,0
Taylorcraft - OZ 0081,Comet #3505,2,16,54,0
Taylorcraft - OZ 0081,Comet #3505,6,77,20,0
Taylorcraft - OZ 0105,Comet #A33,2,25,20,0
Taylorcraft Auster,Model Craft,84,1251,20,0
Taylorcraft Auster - optimized,Model Craft,90,1342,,0
Taylorcraft Cub (cleaned up) - OZ 1629,Comet #3602/3211 - 1963 - Printwood,607,9099,18,0
Taylorcraft Cub - OZ 1629,Comet #3211 - 1963 - Printwood,607,9093,18,0
TaylorCraft Liaison l-2B rubber FF,Sydney Struhl-May 1943 Model Airplane News,716,10732,24.2,0
Taylored F104 - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Taylored FD2 - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
TD Coupe ,,2,17,,0
TD Coupe ,M.A.N.,261,3913,36,0
Teacher,Jack Sheeks,318,4770,,0
Teamster CL,Harold Stevenson-JUNE 1954 Flying Models Magazine,586,8778,25.5,0
Tee Dee Bird power glider .010,Bill Seigel-JUNE 1961 Model Airplane News,576,8634,,0
Teenie Genie,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Teenie Genie,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Temco ,Berkeley,133,1994,20,0
Temco Pinto Chuck glider,Aeromodeller Dec 1968,443,6642,,0
Temco TT 150 Pinto,Berkeley,28,418,20,0
Temco TT 150 Pinto,Berkeley,137,2053,,0
Temco w/ Printwood,Berkeley,133,1994,,0
Tempest II CL Scale,HJ Pridmore - NOV 1949 AEROMODELER,400,5989,31,0
Tempest II CL,HJ Pridmore - NOV 1949 AEROMODELER,404,6051,31,0
Tempo RC Pattern,,307,4596,,0
Tern Aero Traveller towline glider (jpg),Tern Aero,739,11071,24,0
Tern Aero Traveller towline glider (pdf),Tern Aero,739,11075,24,0
Ternaleer ff,MAN - 1940-05 - Daniel Veronica,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Terra-jet car,Monogram,299,4483,,0
Terra-Jet solid car,Monogram R2,549,8231,,0
Terrier,Brian Lewis,386,5779,,0
Terrier (Tarrier),Flying Models,177,2652,,0
Terrier (Tarrier) - Clean,Flying Models,177,2655,,0
Terrier (Tarrier) - original plans,Flying Models,178,2656,48,0
Testor Freshman,,258,3865,JPG.,0
Tethered Trainer,,258,3863,32,0
Tetrarch - rubber,May 1943 Aeromodeller,358,5367,,0
Tex Reid Simpson,Feb 1964 MAN,410,6150,,0
TEXACO No. 13 Travelaire Mystery Ship ,Walt Musciano-July 1950 Air Trails ,545,8165,27,0
Texas Ranger,,412,6179,,0
TG-2,Earl Stahl,816,12231,77,0
Themal Magnet,,261,3905,52,0
Thermal Bug,Brian Lewis-Aeromodeller Annual,655,9815,28,0
Thermal Chaser - OZ 0200,Flying Ace 1940,6,77,23,0
Thermal Hunter 2,Frank Zaic - Popular Science July 1939,578,8661,36,0
Thermal Hunter Mk2,Frank Zaic-JUL 1939 Popular Science,683,10244,33.5,0
Thermal Hunter Mk2,Frank Zaic-JUL 1939 Popular Science,683,10245,33.5,0
Thermal Hunter Mk2,Frank Zaic-JUL 1939 Popular Science,684,10247,33.5,0
Thermal Kid,Air Trails 1955 Annual - Frank Ehling,925,13873,62,0
Thermal Kid,Air Trails - 1955-Annual - Frank Ehling,926,13877,62,0
Thermal Magnet,,6,77,,0
Thermal Magnet,Model Builder,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Thermal Queen,May 1950 Aeromodeller,369,5534,24,0
Thermal Thumber ,M.A.N.,6,78,,0
Thermal Thumber ,M.A.N.,261,3905,,0
Thermaleer - OZ 0201,Air Trails - 1940-05,6,78,76,0
Thermalier - OZ - NO,Cleveland #E-5014,929,13931,36,0
Thermalist 1,,360,5399,,0
Thermic 100,Jasco,361,5408,,0
Thermic 100,Jasco,429,6424,100,0
Thermic 18,Jetco,66,979,12,0
Thermic 18,Jetco,179,2676,JPG.,0
Thermic 18,Jetco,361,5408,18,0
Thermic 20 ,,678,10157,,0
Thermic 20 original,,678,10159,,0
Thermic 36,Jetco,179,2676,,0
Thermic 36,Jetco,361,5408,36,0
Thermic 36,,431,6462,36,0
Thermic 50,Jr. Aeronautical ,116,1731,,0
Thermic 50,Jasco,361,5408,,0
Thermic 50,Jetco,361,5408,,0
Thermic 50,Jasco,429,6423,50,0
Thermic 50 (older version),Jetco,361,5408,,0
Thermic 50X,Frank Zaic ,676,10127,52,0
Thermic 70 ,Jasco,428,6406,70,0
Thermic 72,Jasco- 1945,366,5477,72,0
Thermic 72,Jasco,429,6423,72,0
Thermic C,Jasco,361,5408,,0
Thermic C (Jetex),Jasco,741,11112,36,0
Thermic C Jetex,Jetco,740,11092,36,0
Thermic Trio,Jetco,676,10138,,0
Thermic Trio (cleaned up more),Jetco,677,10143,,0
Thermic Trio (cleaned up),Jetco,676,10140,,0
Things To Come,,328,4910,,0
Thinman,Model Aircraft,269,4025,,0
Thomas Challenger,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Thomasco Bird biplane 1938,Mike Nassise-MAR-APR 2003 Tailspin ,732,10968,15,0
Thor 1937 OT,Sam Speaks,411,6163,,0
Thunderbird - OZ 0312,Bob Palmer,14,205,,0
Thunderbird - OZ 0312,Bob Palmer,259,3884,,0
Thunderbird 1 - CL,1953,438,6559,,0
Thunderbird 2 - CL,1972,438,6559,,0
Thunderbolt CL,AUG 1955 Aeromodeller,528,7911,48.75,0
ThunderJet Glider,FM 1948.04 / McCullough,920,13792,9.5,0
Thunderstick ,,178,2660,,0
Thunderstick ,M.A.N.,291,4360,,0
Tiger CL racer,Louis Maresca,318,4766,,0
Tiger CL racer (low res jpg),,314,4701,,0
Tiger Moth,Mercury Models Ron Young,322,4829,33.5,0
Tiger Moth,AeroModeller - 1954-10 - J Coasby,850,12750,44,0
Tigeress class A CL racer,SEPT 1959 Aeromodeller ,531,7953,38.5,0
Tigre de Jalisco cad,Modelo Volador Juan Rodriguez,508,7613,1.05m,0
Tigre de Jalisco plan,Modelo Volador Juan Rodriguez,508,7613,1.05m,0
Tigre de Jalisco templates,Modelo Volador Juan Rodriguez,508,7613,1.05m,0
Time Flies - OZ 0204,Air Trails - 1937-02,6,78,,0
Time Traveller,,379,5685,,0
Timer's Nightmare - pylon - OZ 0205,F. Ehling - 1940,6,78,44,0
Tiniflite CL,JAN 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,10,0
Tiny Indoor R.O.G. Novice Model No. 2 Simple Bably ROG,F.V.B. Ehling-MAY 1942 Model Airplane News,755,11313,,0
Tiny Tailess Glider - OZ 0206,MAN - 1942-09,6,78,,0
Tiporare 10,,307,4596,,0
Tippy Tim FF,Aubry Kochman-JAN 1953 Air Trails,613,9185,36,0
Tips for Tenderfeet,Nov 1970 AM,411,6163,,0
Tipsy Junior,Aeromodeller,223,3333,JPG.,0
Tipsy Junior 1,,266,3990,,0
TIPSY JUNIOR FF,Walt Mooney Aeromodeller Sept 1955,418,6269,,0
Tipsy Nipper 1/2A,MAY 1959 Aeromodeller,575,8618,24.5 or 36,0
Titan 80,,307,4596,,0
Titch,Aeromodeller Jul 1952,371,5564,,0
Titch from original - clean,,121,1808,,0
Titch 051,,69,1023,,0
Titch 051 ,,10,150,,0
Titch FF,Ron Warring-July-Aug 1952 Aeromodellers ,729,10924,30,0
Tlush Mite,Frank TLush-Model Builder Magazine,599,8976,50,0
Tlush Mite,Francis Tlush-Air Trails,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Todds C Stick,Jan-Feb 2011 SAM Speaks,336,5038,,0
Tokkel 1946,,444,6658,,0
Tokyo Echo,Azuma Kudo,317,4747,52,0
Tom Thumb ,,115,1717,,0
Tom Tit Triplane,May 1943 Aeromodeller,358,5367,,0
Tomahawk Class A racer,Roger Reese,435,6513,,0
Tomboy - Link to Outerzone,AeroModeller - 1950-11 - Vic Smeed ,838,12562,36,0
Tomboy - OZ 0285,AeroModeller - 1950-11 - Vic Smeed ,11,155,36,0
Tomboy - OZ 0285 - unscaled,AeroModeller - 1950-11 - Vic Smeed ,10,146,36,0
Tomboy - OZ 0285 - unscaled,AeroModeller - 1950-11 - Vic Smeed ,23,338,36,0
Tonto III - glider,Aeromodeller Feb 1953,452,6769,,0
Top Dawg ,RCM,250,3743,,0
Top Dawg re-designed by,Mark Rittinger,203,3034,,0
Top Hat - OZ 0296,Reg Truman - 1939,11,153,44,0
Topper TLG,Keil Kraft,329,4934,40,0
Topsky Irish Wakefield,Norman Osbourne - MAR 1951 Aeromodeller,494,7407,44,0
Topsy,ID Carnegie-June 1951 Model Aircraft Magazine,593,8892,36,0
Topsy (cleaned up),ID Carnegie-June 1951 Model Aircraft Magazine,594,8897,36,0
Topsy MA 105,ID Carnegie-JUNE 1951 Model Aircraft,595,8915,36,0
Tornado II - OZ 0054,MAN - 1946-04 - Paul Plecan - 1980 Redrawn,1,1,30,0
Tornado II - OZ 0054,Sam Speaks - 2009 - MAN - 1946-04 - Paul Plecan,237,3552,30,0
Tornado II - OZ 0054,MAN - 1946-04 - Paul Plecan - 1980 Redrawn,266,3983,30,0
Torrid Tyro ,Leo Holiday-OCT 1954 Flying Models ,629,9423,17,0
Touchdown,RC Modeller,296,4434,,0
Toughie,FM 1948.08 / Roland Mayer,922,13816,13,0
Towline Glider,AMA,292,4376,,0
Towline Terror,,56,835,,0
Towner Hudson,Towner and Boys -Scale Model Aircraft that Fly,468,7017,27.6,0
Tractor Delta,Grid Leaks,218,3261,,0
Tractor model from comic book,,97,1447,,0
Tractor model from comic book,,206,3077,18,0
Tractor Monoplae,Model Builder,206,3077,JPG.,0
Trainer,Guillow F-59,335,5023,,0
Trainermaster - optimized,Aamco,107,1604,,0
Tramp,MODEL AIRCRAFT,268,4015,,0
TRAMP FF CL,Wieslaw Schier-Model Aircaft 1957,705,10564,35.5 ,0
Trans-Atlantic NC-4 - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1939-01 - Henry Struck,781,11707,,0
Travel Air 6000,,124,1847,,0
Travel Air 6000 RC FF .020,Flyline Models,504,7548,36.25,0
Travel Air Mystery Ship,Airplane News,27,398,,0
Travel Air Mystery Ship - Texaco#13,M.A.N.,6,78,,0
Travelair Speedster,Aug Aeromodeller 1942,358,5360,,0
Traveler,Steve Patti Co.,877,13150,26,0
Traveler II,FM 1948.04 / Thomas,920,13794,26,0
Traveller,Ken Willard,350,5239,34,0
Trenirovotsny Kordovy Glider CL,,453,6784,,0
Trenton Terror,,6,84,,0
Trenton Terror,Flying Aces - 1938-04 - Mickey De Angeles,704,10558,,1170
Tri-Traveler,August '59 MAN,898,13461,35,0
Tri-Traveler 1/2A FF ,Dan Lutz -APR 1955 Model Airplane News,641,9603,32,0
Tri-Traveler 1/2by Dan Lutz MAN Apr 1959 ,,641,9603,32,0
Triad,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Triad,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Triangle,Frank Ehling,384,5755,48,0
Triangle Sportster (JPG),Henry Struck-1938 Model Airplane News,759,11376,,0
Trike geared Bipe,Keith Laumer,111,1652,,0
Trimmer Scale CL Amphibian,Paul Palanek-1954 Air Trails,553,8283,42,0
Triped FF,Peter Westburg-MAR 1939 Model Airplane News ,569,8530,68,0
Trishette RC (jpg),Adrian Britton-MAR 1993 Radio Modeler Magazine,505,7568,48,0
Trixter Barnstormer CL,Lou Andrews,258,3864,47,0
Trixter Trainer,Guillow,258,3863,,0
Troop Glider,McCullough / FA January 1943,851,12754,14,0
Trooper - glider,Jetco,361,5408,,0
Trophy Racers (profile CL x 4) - OZ NO,American Aircraft Modeler,577,8641,4 JPG - 4 models,0
Trophy Racers (profile CL x 4) - OZ NO ,American Aircraft Modeler,577,8642,1 PDF - 4 Models,0
Troyka - scale CL,Vladimir Novta,386,5779,,0
Truman 39,,261,3905,,0
Trumn 39,,8,110,,0
Trump Card,FG Draper-JUNE 1951 Aeromodeller,500,7488,30,0
Tubby FF .010,Colin Read NOV 1961 MODEL AIRCRAFT,401,6001,20,0
Tucano,Roberto Bacchi,832,12470,,0
Tucker Special,,343,5134,,0
TuffNut,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,230,3439,,0
Tugboat Annie,,243,3635,,0
Tumble Wing,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Tumble Wing,Roy Clough,42,627,,0
Tupolev SB-2 scale CL,UMK 1964-08,458,6868,,0
Turbine,Roy Clough,10,142,,0
Turkey buzzard,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Turkey Buzzard,Roy Clough,42,628,,0
Turkey Buzzard,,200,2996,,0
Turkey Buzzard,Roy Clough,232,3472,,0
Turner Special,,307,4595,,0
Turner's Pesco Sp.Racer ,Peerless,5,72,60cm/24in,0
Turner's Pesco Special Racer - 0195,Peerless - 1938,27,398,26,0
Turtle4,H. Helmich,31,465,,0
Twelve,Roland Friestad ,499,7478,,0
Twin Boom FF,AR Berthill-DEC 1943 Air Trails,655,9813,96,0
Twin Boom Jetex,Bill Gouch JULY 1950 Model Airplane News,490,7341,,0
Twin Boom Jetex,Colin Usher-June 1950 Model Airplane News,754,11305,30,0
Twin Burnelli Transport FF,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Twin Fin - rubber duration,Aeromodeller Jan 1943,377,5646,,0
Twin Lizzie - OZ 0210,MAN - 1959-04,6,85,30,0
Twin Lizzie - OZ 0210,MAN - 1959-04 - Keith Laumer,237,3543,30,0
Twin motor rubber system,,54,804,,0
Twin Pioneer,Aviation News,241,3610,,0
Twin Pusher,1960 FLYING MODELS,325,4862,,0
Twin Pusher 1920,Ed Packard,484,7251,,0
Twin Pusher rubber FF,Paul Del Gatto JAN 1960 Flying Models,493,7388,,0
twin stick ,Gilbert Shurman,788,11817,18,0
Twin T RC,1959 Air Trails,411,6163,,0
Twin Tactor Stick - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1941-08 - Gilbert Shulman,832,12467,,0
Twin Viscount,Harold DeBolt,304,4553,,0
Twin Wing,,236,3532,,0
Twirl,Al Foot,207,3092,,0
Twister CL Stunt,JAN 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,28,0
Twizzler- Jetex 200,Dick Twomey -OCT 1951 Aeromodeller,655,9823,28,0
Two for the Show,,259,3880,,0
Two Timer,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,234,3501,,0
Tyani Tolkay ,Modelist Konstruktor magazine UMK 1964-09,460,6893,,0
Tyler Rubber plane,,206,3077,,0
Tyro Trainer,Walter Musciano,352,5279,,0
U2 - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Ugly Duckling,Air Trails,249,3731,,0
Ugly Duckling,Ed Yulke-APR 1954 Model Airplane News,577,8645,,0
Ugly Duckling cleaned,Air Trails,253,3786,,0
UKKIE Jetex 50,C Vries JUNE 1953 AEROMODELLER,435,6518,,0
Uncle Sam,,430,6450,,0
Unk 35 Stunt,,259,3880,,0
Unk 35 Stunt,,259,3884,,0
Unlimited CL,,353,5284,,0
Unusal New Plane 3 view,Poplar Science,535,8022,,0
Uproar RC,OCT 1958 Aeromodeller,528,7911,72,0
Upstart,Claude McClullough,65,975,,0
Upstart,G Woolls,355,5317,,0
Upstart FF,AUG 1954 Aeromodeller,528,7911,36,0
Uranio Uranium Italian Glider,Gino An 1946,632,9472,138,0
Urchin,Aeromodeller Feb 1960,370,5549,,0
Ursa T tail glider,DC Smith-OCT 1951 Aeromodeller,655,9823,60,0
Utility Commercial,Flying Aces - 1934-03 - Julius Unrath,853,12781,20,5269
UTKA Canard .15,B. Subboterv,236,3537,60,0
V-100 Corsair ,Allentown Model Airplane and supply,790,11842,18,0
V-16 - OZ 0337,Berkeley,18,258,,0
V-Girl ,Keith Laumer,237,3543,,0
V-Girl - K.Laumer,,147,2202,,0
V-locity,FM 1948.06 / Walten,921,13804,21,0
Vagabond,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,275,4113,,0
Vagabond FF,Charles Ziehl-NOV 1941 Model Airplane News,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Vale Pursuit ,Paul Lindberg Popular Aviation ,147,2202,34,0
Vale Pursuit trainer,Paul Lindberg Popular Aviation ,41,609,Help File,0
Vale Pursuit Trainer,,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Valerie 2 CL,SEPT 1964 Model Aircraft ,622,9318,50,0
Valkerie,R Linn-April 1961 Aeromodeller,789,11824,23,0
Valkyrie,Carl Goldberg,41,609,27,0
Valkyrie - pylon,,6,84,34,0
Valkyrie - pylon ,C. Goldberg,147,2202,,0
Valkyrie - pylon - small sz. ,C. Goldberg,133,1986,34,0
Vamp twin boomed .40 CL,Jack Sheeks OCT 1980 Flyging Models,488,7307,,0
Vampie,AeroModeller - 1956-02 - T.E. Naughten,926,13886,36,0
Vampire,Air Trails,287,4293,56,0
Vampire Mk5 CL Ducted Wing,TREVOUR & DICK OLIVER August 1953 AEROMODELLER,411,6162,,0
Vampire Powakits - Jetex,,411,6155,,0
Vanguard,JS Davall-1946 Model Aircraft ,807,12095,80,0
Vapour Trail FF (png),Dave Kneeland- 1953,362,5430,,0
Varsity,Scientific Model,184,2748,,0
Varsity Class B Gas,Scientific Model Airplane Co,529,7931,50,0
Varsity Class B Gas done,Scientific Model Airplane Co,530,7948,50,0
Veco Brave rc Conversion,K. Willard,845,12675,,0
Veco Squaw - OZ 0270,Veco - 1951 - J. Wagner - Sam Speaks - unscaled,236,3540,39,0
Veco Thunderbird 2 CL - OZ 4275,Bob Palmer Veco,791,11865,,0
Vector Director,Stan Hill,487,7297,,0
Vega - glider,Keil Kraft,328,4918,12,0
Vega Dime scale (jpg),Megow,770,11541,15.5,0
Vega HLG,Keil Kraft,319,4771,12,0
Velegiatore (JPG),,485,7269,,0
Velie Monocoupe 1929 model 70 CO2 rubber .020,Herb Clukey - Flyline Models ,504,7548,22,0
Velivole canard pusher cleaned up,June 1946 Aeromodeller,745,11167,,0
Velivole Canard rubber,A Watteyne June 1947 Aeromodeller,408,6107,31.25,0
Venetian Blind - probaby Slat Wing by,Roy Clough,217,3250,,0
Venture - FF bipe,M Campbell,398,5965,42,0
Venusian Scout,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Venusian Scout,Roy Clough,42,628,,0
Verigo,American Modeller,222,3328,,0
Veron Chilton DW1 rubber,Phil Smith,715,10721,,0
Veron Chilton DW1 rubber with printwood,Phil Smith,725,10872,18,0
Veron Spitfire Mk22 - OZ 0160 ,Veron - 1949,310,4642,28,0
Veronica,MF Petrie-JAN 1952 Aeromodeller,685,10268,64.5,0
Veronica TLG,,355,5325,,0
Vertolet iz boomagi helicopter spincopter,UMK 1963,454,6802,,0
Veto VTOL CL,Allyn Aldrich-JUNE 1955 Model Airplane News,695,10423,,0
Vicker's Jockey,Scientific,41,610,,0
Vickers Armstrong Walrus II - OZ 0061,Aeromodeller - 1957-05,208,3117,38,0
Vickers Armstrong Walrus II - OZ 0061,Aeromodeller - 1957-05,23,339,JPG,0
Vickers Armstrong Walrus II - OZ 0061,Aeromodeller - 1957-05 ,117,1749,38,0
Vickers Armstrong Walrus II - OZ 0061,Aeromodeller - 1957-05 ,373,5593,38,0
Vickers Gun Bus 1914,Henry Struck-OCT 1937 Trail Blazers of the Air No. 7,617,9242,38,0
Vickers Jockey ,Scientific,147,2202,,0
Vickers Supermarine S-6-B ,Peerless,147,2202,ca.26.5,0
Vickers Supermarine S-6-B ,Peerless,153,2291,30,0
Vickers Supermarine Spitfire MkXIV ,Aeromodeller,271,4056,,0
Vickers Vampire,Flying Models,262,3920,,0
Vickers Viking,Aeromodeller,226,3384,JPG.,0
Vickers Viscount 701,Aeromodeller,226,3377,,0
Vickers Wellesley ,M. Hollison,147,2202,28,0
Vickers Wellesley,Mike Hollison,311,4657,,0
Vickers-Armstrong Wellington - OZ 0318,Harold Towner,222,3317,,0
Victor RC,Robert Drews-FEB 1958 Model Airplane News,671,10065,,0
Victoria Parker ,Aeromodeller,147,2202,,0
Victoria Parker,SAM speaks,336,5038,,0
Victory ,D. Korda,147,2202,,0
Victory Glider TLG,Keil Kraft,319,4772,30,0
Victory Stick,Louis Bucalo-Airflow,794,11897,13.75,0
Victory Stick,Louis Bucalo,794,11897,13.75,0
Viking,Air Trails,236,3533,,0
Viking (scaled),,901,13503,,0
Viking FIA - OZ 0300,MAN - 1962 - Carl Goldberg,12,180,65,0
Vindskreenviper,Aeromodeller Mar 1952,383,5741,,0
Vindskreenviper Jetex 350,W. Henderson-MAR 1952 Aeromodeller,704,10556,38,0
Viper ,Sterling,303,4542,,0
Viper 2 - clean version,Aeromodeller,161,2412,,0
Viper 2 - w/ article,Aeromodeller,159,2371,,0
Virginia Champ ,H. Weiss,147,2202,,0
Vixen Bipe,SC Smith,317,4747,,0
Vmesto Parusa catamaran Boat,,466,6982,,0
Voisin 1911 Canard ,B. Sabel,147,2202,,0
Voisin Delagrange 1907,,147,2202,,0
Volksplane,Gene Rogers,311,4657,,0
Volland V-10 ,E. Fillon,147,2202,,0
Voodoo CL .19-.35,Riley Wooten-JULY 1961 Model Airplane News,720,10795,36,0
Voodoo tailless slope soarer,A Searl,478,7156,69.5,0
Voss DR1 CL - OZ 2758,American Modeler - 1960-03 - Walter Musciano,626,9388,,0
Vought Corsair,L.H. Deubler ,790,11843,15,0
Vought Corsair profile model,M.A.N.,170,2543,JPG.,0
Vought Corsair - OZ 0408,Comet,41,610,,0
Vought Corsair - OZ 0408,Comet ,147,2202,,0
Vought Corsair biplane-stitched,Lincoln,790,11838,12,0
Vought Corsair F4U,Modern Hobbycraft Products 1943,669,10030,40,0
Vought Corsair V-80 (jpg),,786,11782,20,0
Vought Corsairs,Professional Models Co,789,11827,12,0
Vought Dive Bomber - OZ 0408,Comet,41,610,JPG.,0
Vought Dive Bomber - OZ 0408 ,Comet,147,2202,,0
Vought F4U Corsair,,22,329,,0
Vought F4U Corsair,Sterling,100,1486,43,0
Vought F4U Corsair,,113,1692,66,0
Vought F4U Corsair,,173,2581,40,0
Vought F4U Corsair ,D. McHard,147,2202,JPG.,0
Vought F4U Corsair - OZ 0740,Comet #3404,145,2161,20,0
Vought F4U Corsair w/ printwd - OZ 0740,Comet,147,2204,JPG.,0
Vought F7U-3 Cutlass ,Skyleada,138,2061,,0
Vought F7U-3 Cutless ,,147,2202,Help File,0
Vought Kingfisher,Pres Bruning - Peanut,333,4989,13,0
Vought Navy Scout Bomber ,Paul Lindberg,147,2202,JPG.,0
Vought OS2-1 Kingfisher,Air Trails,407,6104,,0
Vought OS2U Kingfisher - OZ 0060,Flying Models - Mike Midkiff,208,3117,27,0
Vought SB2U Vindicator ,H. Weiss,147,2202,,0
Vought SBU-1 ,Paul Lindberg,148,2207,,0
Vought SBU-1 Corsair,,62,920,,0
Vought SBU-2,M.A.N.,116,1726,,0
Vought SBU-2,M.A.N.,236,3531,,0
Vought V-100 Corsair,Allentown Model Airplane and Supply ,789,11827,18,0
Vought V-143,Flying Aces - 1937,41,610,25,411
Vought V-143,Flying Aces - 1937,148,2207,25,411
Vought V-143 - OZ 0094,Comet #L9 - 1940,148,2207,34,0
Vought V-143 - OZ 0406,Air Trails - 1939,41,610,24,0
Vought V-143 - OZ 0406,Air Trails - 1939,148,2207,24,0
Vought V-143 Fighter - OZ 0094 ,Comet #L9 - 1940 ,2,18,34,0
Vought V-143 Fighter - OZ 0094 ,Comet #L9 - 1940 ,144,2158,34,0
Vought V-80 Corsair biplane,,148,2207,32.75,0
Vought V-80P,,41,610,,0
Vought V-80P,,148,2207,,0
Vought XF-4U Corsair,,58,867,,0
Vought XF5U,,259,3884,,0
Vought-Sikorsky Kingfisher,Aeromodeller,240,3596,,0
Vourght Navy Scout,Paul Lindberg,206,3078,,0
VTO,Roy Clough,170,2549,,0
Vultee 11GB - OZ NO,Flying Aces - 1938-07 - David Grant,598,8956,,0
Vultee 90 XA-41,,148,2207,,0
Vultee A-35 Vengeance,,148,2207,,0
Vultee A-35 Vengeance - OZ 0385,Comet - 3405,37,545,,0
Vultee Attack ,Flying Aces - 1937-01 - William Winter,637,9554,,2807
Vultee Attack - OZ 0171,Comet #A35,4,56,20,0
Vultee Attack - OZ 0171,Comet #A35,41,612,20,0
Vultee Attack - OZ 0171,Comet #A35,148,2207,20,0
Vultee V-11 - OZ 0094,Comet #L9,148,2207,,0
Vultee V-11 - OZ 0171,Comet #A35,41,612,20,0
Vultee V-1A,,148,2207,,0
Vultee V-1A,,311,4657,,0
Vultee V1.A,,41,612,,0
Vultee V1A,Megow,41,612,,0
Vultee V1A ,Megow,148,2207,,0
Vultee Vanguard,Flying Aces - 1943-09 - JB Rust,626,9384,,2857
Vultee Vengance,Gulf Coast,333,4988,,0
Vultee Vengeance - OZ 0385,Comet #3405,35,518,,0
Vultee Vengence,,41,612,,0
Vultee Vengence,,74,1103,,0
Vultee Vengence ,Sid Struhl,148,2207,,0
Vultee Vigilant ,J. Bridgewood,108,1607,,0
Vultee Vigilant ,J. Bridgewood,148,2207,,0
Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose ,W. Wylam,148,2207,,0
Vultee XP54 stitched,Earl Stahl,526,7887,,0
Wackett Boomerang stunt CL,C.A. Taylor-Aeromodeller,502,7520,38,0
Waco,Ken Willard HOBBY HELPERS,383,5738,28,0
Waco 10 (inc early drawing),Hurst Bowers - MRA,333,4989,30,0
Waco Cabin - OZ 0261,Berkeley - Don McGovern ,9,128,35,0
Waco Cabin - OZ 0261,Berkeley - Henry Struck- Don McGovern,311,4657,35,0
Waco Cabin - OZ 0261,Berkeley - Don McGovern ,333,4989,35,0
Waco Cabin - OZ 0267,Berkeley - 1957,9,129,52.5,0
Waco CG-4A Glider w/ article ,,128,1916,,0
Waco CG-4A Towline Troop Carrier,optimized,129,1924,,0
Waco Coast Guard - OZ 0086,Comet #E1,2,18,25,0
Waco custom cabin rubber,Flying Aces - 1936-05 - Stephan Gaffeo,620,9296,,2719
Waco D,Hi-Flier,333,4988,16,0
Waco Model "C" Biplane rubber,Star Model Aero Shop ,787,11796,15,0
Waco N020RC,Ken Willard,199,2980,48,0
Waco SRE,Sterling,100,1487,39,0
Waco SRE,Sterling,333,4989,,0
Waco UMF,Walt Schroder,331,4959,34,0
Waco YKC Cabin Biplane rubber,Peerless 1934,421,6307,24,0
Waco YKS,,291,4360,54,0
Waco YKS cleaned full size,American Modeller,291,4361,51,0
WACO YMF3,Joe Hancock,684,10248,60,0
Waco YQC-6,Skymaster,101,1502,,0
Waco YQC-6 - optimized,Skymaster,102,1525,,0
Waco YQC-6 - optimized,Skymaster,108,1618,JPG.,0
WAG ,Model Builder,206,3081,39,0
WAG Pylon RC .15-.19,Walt Good MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,397,5946,,0
WAG RC,Walt Good-APR 1954 Air Trails,613,9184,60,0
WAG TTPW encoder decoder,Walt Good,326,4877,,0
Wakefield,Vernon Boehle-AUG 1938 Model Airplane News,834,12496,,0
Wakefield (plan and article),Aug Aeromodeller 1942,358,5360,,0
Wakefield North Star rubber FF,Model Aircraft March 1961,421,6310,52,0
Wakefield Winner - FF,1949,438,6567,47,0
Wako CG4A Glider,Walt Musciano,483,7239,,0
Walker Ceiling Walker,,325,4862,,0
Wallaby CL,JULY 1962 MODEL AIRCRAFT,435,6523,40,0
Walt Musciano's Douglas Mailplane ,Walt Musciano-NOV 1951 Air Trails,530,7941,30,0
Walther A2 Glider,Pete Wyatt May 1951 Aeromodeler,395,5916,,0
Walthew A2 Glider ,Rolland Scott-MAY 1951 Aeromodeller,602,9027,50,0
Walthew Glider ,R Scott-DEC 1949 Aeromodeller,811,12157,29,0
Walthew Glider (cleaned up),R Scott-DEC 1949 Aeromodeller,811,12162,29,0
Walthew rubber,Aug 1950,362,5417,,0
Wanderer,MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS,275,4113,,0
Wanderer - OZ 0011,Air Trails,53,787,55,0
Wanderer 1945 Rubber,,335,5024,,0
Wanderer Class C rubber,Bob Horak MAR 1945 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
War Baby,,53,787,,0
War Baby,M.A.N.,273,4084,,0
Wards Wagon FF PAA Load,SEPT 1951 Model Aircraft,596,8930,64,0
Warrings Lightweight,Ron Warring,352,5279,,0
Wasp VI,,236,3532,32.5,0
Water Bug,Roy Clough,42,628,28.75,0
WaterBug,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Waterman Aerbile,Megow,328,4910,,0
Waterman Aerobile,Nov 1970 AAM,411,6163,,0
Waterman Arrowbile,Megow,38,564,,0
wathizzit RC Boat-Car,,441,6613,,0
Wattie,R Watson,357,5341,,0
Weathers Westerner,Elbert Weathers 1938 MAN,397,5955,96,0
Weathers Westerner gas,EJ Weathers,803,12039,96,0
Weaver 1/2A team racer,Dave Platt 1957,460,6888,,0
Wedell Williams,Walter Musciano,250,3741,,0
Wedell Williams Bendix Trophy Racer,George Wanner,28,408,,0
Wedell Williams Racer 1934 ,Model Flying Club,333,4989,,0
Wedell-Williams Racer,,333,4981,,0
Wee Aeronca,JAN 1959 MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS ,333,4982,,0
Wee bee,,21,307,,0
Wee Bee,,232,3477,,0
Wee Bee,,258,3865,,0
Wee Champion,Gerald Ziegenfuse JAN 1959 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Wee Champion - optimized,,79,1175,,0
Wee One,Shulman,248,3709,,0
Wee One article,Ken Willard-JULY 1958 American Modeler,574,8610,,0
Wee Sniffer,Doug McHard 1960 Model Aircraft,456,6838,30,0
Wee Snifter (JPG),Doug McHard,455,6812,,0
Wee Waco FF,Ken Willard-SEPT 1948 Model Airplane News,563,8438,,0
Wee Whiz Wagon,,517,7747,,0
WeeGee Bird,,217,3250,,0
Weekender jpg,Radio Modeller,272,4080,,0
Weekender model 1,,114,1700,16,0
Weekender model 2,Guy Fuller,114,1700,JPG.,0
Welshman glider,A Lucas-AUG 1951 Aeromodeller,648,9707,72,0
Wendell Williams Racer Bendix,George Wanner,333,4989,,0
Wendy,Model Aircraft,185,2770,,0
Westerner aka Gas Camera Model (jpg),EJ Weathers,803,12040,96,0
Westerner Foot's 89'',Modelcraft Hobby Products,920,13797,89,0
Westland Lysander,Aeromodeller,209,3132,,0
Westland Lysander,Aeromodeller,232,3475,,0
Westland Lysander,Keil Kraft,313,4690,18,0
Westland Lysander - large version,Paul Plecan,131,1965,,0
Westland Lysander - small version,optimized,132,1966,,0
Westland N-17 rubber,Joseph Wherry OCT 1945 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Westland N17 Float Biplane,J Wherry,338,5068,,0
Westland Wallace - OZ 0172,Comet - 1933,4,56,18,0
Westland Widgeon (labelled as H.Parasol),Flying Models,287,4303,,0
Westland Widgeon cleaned-labelled wrong,Flying Models,288,4318,,0
Westwind 1/2A RC Low wing,Ted Strader-MAR 1958 Model Airplan News,694,10409,38,0
Wharfedale (1/2A),,390,5845,,0
Wherry Fokker DR-1 triplane,Joseph Wherry-MAY 1946 Model Airplane News,495,7416,,0
Wherry Fokker Triplane Rubber,Joseph Wherry MAY 1946 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Whingding,FM 1948.10 / Henry Cole,922,13824,60,0
Whipper ,,236,3532,,0
WhirliCO2pter,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Whirligig,Roy Clough,10,143,61,0
Whirligig,Roy Clough,42,628,48,0
Whirling Wings Helicopter,Parnell Schoenky-AUG 1955 Model Airplane News,556,8334,,0
Whirlwind RC,Ted Strader-JAN 1961 Flying Models,616,9232,,0
Whirly,FM 1947.08 / Junker?,919,13773,18,0
Whirlybird Kite,Roy Clough,10,143,,0
Whistler,Paul Del Gatto,229,3433,40,0
Whistler Perryman,,236,3530,,0
White Lightning .049 speed,NOV 1963 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
Whitman Buttercup,Flying Models,239,3581,,0
Whitman Tailwind,Aeromodeller,253,3794,,0
Whitman's Tailwind,American Modeller,292,4376,,0
Whitman's Tailwind,SC Smith,365,5465,,0
Whittman Buttercup,July_1953_Air_Trails,338,5068,,0
Whizler,July 1961 Aeromodeller ,649,9734,24,0
Whizzawing,Flying Aces - 1943-12 - Debolt,842,12618,42,5164
Whizzawing,Flying Aces - 1943-12 - Debolt ,842,12620,42,5164
Whizzie Cat,H.A.Thomas,229,3433,,0
WHY-6,Andrew Michaelsmith,688,10314,,0
Wicherek 10,Wislaw Schier ,705,10572,43.3,0
Wicherek 25,Wislaw Schier ,705,10572,69.3,0
Widgeon 200 percent,Frog ,401,6015,,0
Wild Child,,78,1161,,0
Wild Child,,319,4776,,0
Wild Goose,,69,1023,,0
Wild Goose,,599,8977,33,0
Wild Hair Joe,JULY 1954 Model Airplane News,500,7486,,0
Wildfire - CL stunt,May 1950 Aeromodeller,369,5534,,0
Wiley Post Bipe,,333,4982,,0
Wiley Post Model A - OZ 0173,Comet #A8 - 1936,4,56,16,0
Willie Smith Torero,Willie Smith,493,7388,70,0
Wilmot MkIV Interceptor - Parasol Version,,877,13147,60,0
Wilmot MkIV Interceptor - Shoulder Version,,877,13147,60,0
Wind Wagon,Roy Clough,10,144,,0
Windbreaker Dutch 1948,,444,6658,,0
Winder,George Mueller-MAY 1953 Air Trails,595,8913,,0
Windfree - RC glider,Marks Models,405,6074,99,0
Windfree - RC glider,Marks Models,428,6409,100,0
Windmill 45,,307,4596,,0
Windrush A2 glider,Henry Jones-AUG 1951 Aeromodeller,621,9304,,0
Wing Page,,19,272,,0
Wing Rib outline for KK Outlaw,Keil Kraft,321,4805,,0
Winnie Mae CL Wiley Post's,Paul Plecan-1947 Aircraft Plan Company ,567,8503,40,0
Winsome Wing glider (jpg),Paul Del Gatto-MAY 1957 Model Airplane News,736,11035,12,0
Winter Pusher,,237,3550,,0
Wirraway,K-Dee PTY,333,4989,,0
Wisp TLG,Keil Kraft,321,4805,20,0
Wisp TLG,Keil Kraft,328,4918,20,0
Witch Craft,American Modeller,222,3330,,0
Witch MK1 rubber contest ,,364,5452,,0
Wittman Big X FF,Steve Wittman NOV 1980 Flying Models,494,7401,,0
Wittman's Buttercup 1/2A,BD Whitman-DEC 1959 Model Airplane News,723,10845,,0
Wodford Special Glider,Ronald Firth NOVEMBER 1952 AEROMODELLER,410,6148,,0
Wolf,JUNE 1950 Model Airplane News,216,3227,,0
Wolf sailplane (stitched),June 1950 Model Airplane News,614,9197,,0
Womera Wakefield,NOV 1959Model Aircraft,478,7158,43,0
Wonder Wings,,307,4595,,0
Wonder Wings Bipe,SC Smith,317,4747,,0
Woodford Special,Ron Firth-NOV 1952 Aeromodeller ,756,11329,58.5,0
Woody R,,258,3862,,0
Woody's Wagon ,JAN 1950 Model Airplane News,613,9182,32,0
World Champion Glider,Hans Hanse-APR 1954 Model Airplane News,578,8657,,0
World Record Gas Model KG-2 ff,Joseph Kovel,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
World Record Holder,Dick Korda - Burd Model Airplane Co,929,13932,58,0
World Tailless record Holder Glider,Model AIrcraft OCT 1949,440,6589,40,0
Wrectangle 1/2A FF (low res jpg),Walt Mooney ,337,5043,,0
Wren ,Peter Wyatt-MAR 1952 Aeromodeller ,704,10556,62,0
Wright Bi-Plane,T Blackburn,374,5604,,0
Wright flier (jpg) ,WA Wylam,701,10511,,0
Wright flier (jpg) (original plan) twin pusher,,707,10597,,0
Wright Flyer #3 rubber,Thomas Wielecki-DEC 1994 Model Builder ,796,11932,,0
Wright Model A (jpg),WA Wylam,701,10511,,0
Wright Model B (jpg),WA Wylam,701,10511,,0
Wright Original Flyer,Flying Aces - 1937-04,338,5069,,3694
Wright way round Pt2,JD McHard Model Aircraft May 1962,432,6468,,0
Wright way round Pt3,JD McHard Model Aircraft June 1962,433,6495,,0
Wright way round Pt4,JD McHard JULY 1962 MODEL AIRCRAFT ,435,6523,,0
Wrong Way Corrigan flying wing,,210,3141,,0
Wrong Way Corrigan flying wing,,211,3161,Link,0
WS-66 Marathon,Wieslaw Schier,218,3261,,0
WWI profile model plans,,282,4228,,0
Wyvern FF .5-1.0cc,Geoff Dunmore June 1951 Aeromodeller ,495,7425,29.5,0
X-P40Q Snafu .15 RC Pylon,Carl Maas Oct 1972 RCM,396,5928,37,0
X-pendable CL,Zilch-Berkley 1954,627,9394,38,0
X-Pendable CL Combat,James G Saftig-1953 Airtrails,573,8587,,0
X15 Jetex,,507,7596,,0
Xapahtepnctnka Sailing Ship,Czech MoNaKo ,478,7169,,0
XB-47D CL,MAY 1958 Model Airplane News,493,7388,,0
XC-1 canard,American Modeler 1967-10,929,13923,64,0
XP-3,Model Builder,172,2579,,0
Yak 18 P CL,UMK FEB 1962 Junior Model Constructor,454,6796,,0
Yak 9,,311,4657,,0
Yak 9 dime,Model Aircrafts,324,4851,,0
Yak CL,APR 1976,602,9017,,0
Yankee flea,Roy Clough,10,144,,0
Yankee Klipper ,Feb 1952 FM,415,6224,,0
Yardbird,Keith Laumer,237,3543,,0
Yardstick rubber contest,B. Faulkner,354,5307,,0
Yehudi,Jerry Stoloff-1939,646,9689,,0
Yellow Kid RC .25-.35,Bruce Knox DEC 1981 MAN,397,5946,44,0
YF-100 Super Sabre,Skyleada,138,2061,,0
Yogi - OZ 0221,MAN - 1944 - Eagle Models,7,96,42,0
Yogi - OZ 0221,MAN - 1944 - Eagle Models,237,3550,42,0
Yoicks,Oct 1949 Aeromodeller,366,5486,,0
Yoicks Stunt CL Biplane ,JW Coasby-Aeromodeller,553,8284,33,0
Young Champ,,236,3532,,0
Your Red Wagon,FM 1948.08 / Hume,920,13799,30,0
YP-37 nickle scale (jpg),,766,11476,,0
Yukes Tail Fisrt Pusher,,261,3912,,0
Zaic 59-61 - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Zaic 64-65 - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Zaic 64-65 PAA - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Zaic 64-65 Sizzlestick - Jetex 150,,411,6155,,0
Zanonia Seed,,236,3532,,0
Zebec A2 glider,APR 1958 Model Aircraft,478,7158,68,0
Zenith 40,,313,4693,,0
Zephyr,Model Aircraft,268,4015,,0
Zephyr,1980 RC Sportsman,263,3935,Hidden post - moderator and copyright,0
Zephyr original scan,Model Builder,75,1120,,0
Zephyr - optimized,Model Builder,76,1126,,0
Zephyr - jetex,,354,5304,,0
Zephyr Taibi,SEPT 1952 Model Airplane News,499,7478,,0
Zero ,Flying Aces - 1943-05 - Jack Griffin,854,12796,27,4455
Zero - OZ 0644,Sterling #P4,333,4989,13,0
Zeus 2 glider (jpg),,799,11971,,0
Zilch Pee Wee - OZ 0264,Berkeley - 1948,9,129,32,0
Zilch Pee Wee - OZ 0264,Berkeley - 1948 ,258,3864,32,0
Zilch Super - OZ 0265,Berkeley - 1947,258,3864,52,0
Zilch Super - OZ 0265,Berkeley - 1947,9,129,52,0
Zilch Super Duper,Berkeley,9,129,,0
Zilch Super Duper,,258,3864,,0
Zilch Utra Duper,,259,3883,,0
Zilch X,Berkeley,196,2937,,0
Zip-Dip 150 Mk III Jetex,Sotich,507,7596,45,0
Zipfile of KK printwood,Keil Kraft,329,4934,,0
Zipper - OZ 0387,Comet,36,537,54,0
Zipper - OZ 0387,Comet,261,3912,54,0
Zipper - OZ 0387,Comet,122,1820,54,0
Zipper - pylon,Low Res,6,84,JPG,0
Zipper Junior,,93,1384,,0
Zipper Junior,,261,3912,,0
Zippy (wing only),,639,9577,,0
Zippy - OZ 0176,Comet #A2,4,56,12,0
Zippy Sparrow,Flying Aces - 1943-04 - Claude McMullough,639,9571,,2810
Zlin 126,,156,2326,,0
Zlin 212 ,Modelar (Czech) 1961,454,6797,,0
Zlin 226 CL,F.WARBURTON Feb 1969 Aeromodeller,419,6276,,0
Zombie,Ron Warring,355,5313,,0
Zomby - OZ 0068,Air Trails -1942-04- ,1,5,44,0
Zoom,Model Aircraft,218,3258,,0
Zoomer ,Leon Schulman,402,6028,60 JPG,0
Zoomer RC,Leon Shulman,405,6065,60,0
Zoomerang,Keith Laumer,237,3543,17.5,0
Zoomerang - optimized - K.Laumer,Flying Models,238,3557,36.75,0
Zoot Suit,George Fuller- 1954,384,5751,57,0
Zweefviegtuig BD-12,Dijkman,123,1840,60,0
Zweefviegtuig BD-12 resized,Dijkman,123,1845,60,0
 Piper Cub J-3, 1942 -JULY 1982 MODEL BUILDER,837,12548,25,0

TotalEntries = 5972

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