VinPlanDex - an index of RCGroups vintage plans thread # 1265873

VinPlanDex is a searchable online index of the thread on RCGRoups titled Vintage & Old-Timer Plans which was started by orange&white (Scott) on 26 Jun 2010. The thread is full of thousands of vintage and old timer flying model plans. The plans are mostly in PDF format, and are mostly printable at full size. All the plans are free to download.

VinPlanDex is a volunteer-run index of that thread. Helping you find you plans you want from the thousands posted. For more details on how this all works, see the FAQ page.

VinPlanDex is not finished yet. Everything is half-built at the moment. 12/09/2011.

Schema is:

AircraftName - varchar(255)
ModelBy - varchar(255)
PageNo- int(11)
PostNo - int(11)
SpanInch - varchar(255)


More details and FAQs soon.