Outerzone and the David Baker Heritage Library


9th December 2016

Outerzone are adding more plans, in partnership with the David Baker Heritage Library (DBHL).

DBHL have just sent us through an archive of 2,874 plan files in PDF format. DBHL are happy for us to add all of them to the Outerzone site and host them as free downloads as part of the Outerzone collection. The plans are mostly British and European, and mostly old timer and vintage. You should start seeing plans with the credit 'DBHL' appearing on the site over the next few days.

It will take some time to check through all of the files in the archive. I've checked a few random files in the stack, and I'm excited about this, it's always great to see new plans, and most of all to see plans that simply haven't previously been available on the internet, at all. A quick look suggests maybe half of the files are great new plans that we didn't have before. The remainder will be plans that we already have up on Outerzone, but many of those files will of course find a place as better replacements, as improved quality scans over the copies we have at the moment. The scanning work on all these is very good.

For more background on the DBHL and SAM 1066, here are a few brief notes from their site and the DBHL web pages, which may be of interest:

SAM 1066 is a club whose members make and fly vintage and classic free flight model aircraft. See site at The organisation was founded and run by the late David Baker, who with the help of his many supporters provided a very necessary and valued service for the free flight aeromodelling community.

David was responsible for the acquisition of Middle Wallop Army airfield for free flight events (a master stroke), and organised one of the best vintage free flight events in Europe, if not the best in the world, the SAM champs. We have seen some changes recently at Middle Wallop resulting in our not using it at present, we remain hopeful of our return in the future. Due to this we are now with the help and cooperation of other groups using Salisbury plain for some events.

The David Baker Heritage Library

Consisting of books, plans, magazines and other related material, this library is the result of many years enthusiastic collecting by David Baker together with material donated from many people and organisations. The library is being administered by volunteers Roger Newman and Roy Tiller who have spent many hours sorting and collating the material.

Below are links [see] to the resources available and information as to how they can be obtained. Please be aware that this not a commercial operation and therefore any service requested will be processed in a time scale that reflects the volunteers availability.

User comments

Steve and Mary, I down loaded all three Excel files and they are large! It seemed like they had every drawing for every model ever published. There will be some gems for your site but many duplications.
Gene - 12/12/2016
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