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Can anyone help me to identify the glider shown in the picture, held by a very young me? Only thing I remember, it was given to my father by some fellow modeler, but it was too hot a slope ship either for me or for dad - so it was swapped again for some easier to fly, powered model (that didn't last long, by the way). That was back in late '70s / early '80s. I was fascinated by this unpowered but fast and aerobatic plane, by its big tailfin and the thick, submarine-like fuselage. Now that, after many years, I'm back to modeling and have become an avid sloper, I'd be happy to have the mysterious sailplane back and fly it; but the only way is to find the glider's plans and build one.

Fortunately, I found this old photo inside a drawer in my parents' house (regrettably bady scratched) and I thought, Outerzone readers could help me identify the project and, well, maybe, find the plans. Please note the Union Jack on the tailfin - it was Skyleader's symbol, a British company marketing radio control sets that were widely used in Italy at the time. (I've recently found in a closet in the same house my yellow Skyleader TX from the late '70s, and I'm planning to restore the old box and accommodate inside it a 2.4 GHz tx module ... but that's another story...)

I don't remember the name of the plane, neither the designer or the company who marketed it. But sometimes, a bit of luck... Thank in advance to all the Outerzone readers!

Raffaello, Genoa, Italy
July 2018

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It's difficult to see the model in Rafaello's photograph and he hasn't given any clues as to wingspan, planform or a date for the model, but the profile looks suspiciously like the Baloney, a slope soarer featured as a plan in the January 1976 RCM&E magazine. The Baloney had a parallel chord, swept back, semi-symetrical wing of 48" span, located midway on a diamond sectioned crutch based fuselage. I had a photocopy of the plan and article and drew up a powered version to suit a .15 glow. It flew fast but, due to the rather large removeable top section over the midwing (for access to the radio gear), was a bit weak and therefore was not one of my longest surviving models! I still have the photocopy, with the dubious enhancement of a major blob of dried 'O' negative, added when it was on the back of my car during a road accident 39 years ago! We both bear the scars!! Hope this helps Raffaello and many thanks to you both for the terrific Outerzone site.
Roger_Harpenden_UK - 16/01/2019
This article appeared in your Viewpoint section in 2018. I am curious, has anyone identified the mystery glider? Its shape is very intriguing to me and I am interested in seeing the plans myself. Thank you.
SteveAsher - 05/05/2020
I think Roger_harpenden_uk is correct that it is the Baloney. Attached is a scan of the RCM&E article which may be of interest [download Baloney Article here].
RFJ - 08/05/2020
Baloney plan is now online thanks to Circlip and RFJ, see
SteveWMD - 09/09/2020
Dear all, Today I had a chance to check the plan, and the (no more) Mystery Glider is definitely a Baloney. I am excited and a bit moved: Baloney is really gliding back to me from an unrecoverable age. I showed the picture and the plan to my wife, she was delighted and said: Wow, we MUST build it now! So I have no choice: I'm going to plot the plan and hurry to the balsa shop. Alas, no more balsa shops these days, materials have to be bought online ;) Anyway, I'm going to finish it in the same fashion, transparent cover to show the wood grains, and the Union flag on the vertical fin. A big THANKS to all who helped identify the plane. Ciao,
Raffaello - 09/09/2020
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