Cox Thimble-Drome L-4 Grasshopper

Joan Brunet

In the early '60s I was a teenager. I went to school every day and on Saturday afternoon I helped the small family business, working as a delivery boy in Barcelona (Spain). When I could, I would deviate from my route to stop in front of a fancy toy store. There, I spent a few minutes admiring the imported COX models on display. One of the coveted boxes showed a L-4 GRASSHOPER ready to fly control line model with its accessories.

I never got to buy the GRASSHOPPER, because it was very expensive and my schoolboy economy would not allow it. Some years later I started to fly RC and I never got to fly any CL.

Some time ago, these memories of youth came back to my mind: a neighbor gave me a bag with an authentic COX GRASSHOPPER and original accessories! Unfortunately, the model was very deteriorated and broken, with a very dry and brittle plastic. Thus, it has not been possible to repair the GRASSHOPPER to be able to fly. I have only been able to make a quick (and sloppy) restoration. It is destined for static exhibition in a frame, in which are also included the brochure and accessories, like the battery and the fuel can (with some liquid remains inside).

Joan (John) Brunet, June 2018

Tarragona, Spain

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Hi John - I got one in the late '60s, had to work for it in my holidays. It flew very well but I crashed it being my first plane ever. I rebuilt it but it to took me a long time to figure out that it needed a lot of down thrust. It never flew again. I think it is the most authentic, beautiful plane Cox built. The Cox engine was later modified with a tank and used in a lot of other balsa planes and RC gliders (Dandy from Graupner oz4538). Nice picture.
Ed - 28/01/2019
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