Something in the Air


I received some very old photos from my mother of my father's modelling days from the '50s and '60s. My mother was spring cleaning and going to toss everything out. My father, Sandy Coutts, came out from Scotland to Rhodesia in the early '50s and was one of the pioneers of RC. Now in his 80s and living in Cape Town, I recall him building and flying up until 1964 when he was shot in a domestic dispute (he was a policeman in the British South African Police) and gave up modeling for sailing. He retired from the cops in 1972, the year I started high school. He taught me how to build and fly for which I am extremely grateful. It would be nice to get the models identified if possible. [Two of the photos, plus more background about Sandy Coutts, have been added to the Top Flite Tauri plan page here]

The photograph taken of him manning the model stand at an exhibition is in either Salisbury or Umtali. Neither he nor my mother can tell me where the exhibition was staged.

Sandy Coutts at a model exhibition

The same applies to the other photographs of his stable of six models - here they are with my sister.

Six mystery models, and a baby sister

In the next photo, I am holding the glider with my younger brother and my sister is sitting on the floor.

Unidentified glider and airplane

In the third one I am holding the wing of "something" with my sister sitting next to me. My father cannot remember the names of any of the models so I am guessing Robot, Live Wire Champ, Super 60, School Boy or something similar. Maybe some seasoned modelers out there could help with identification. I would like to know the names of the glider and other models.

There's something in the air

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Hi Andy. On the wing of the "unknown" glider is written "Bergfalke" from Hegi. Greetings from Austria.
Gerri - 04/11/2016
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