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ABC Robin (oz954) by F. Saunders from Model Aircraft, 1952. Span 52in. Scale IC R/C.
ABC Robin (oz974) by EJ Riding, Bob Linn from Aeromodeller, 1954. Span 37in. Scale IC Rubber F/F.
ABC Robin (oz2537) by Andy Sephton from Aeromodeller, 1988. Span 26in. Scale Rubber CO2 F/F.
ABC Robin (oz2560) by Lloyd Hunt from Model Airplane News, 1956. Span 38in. Scale IC F/F.
ABC Robin (oz3833) from Golden Aircraft Corp, 1934. Span 14in. Scale Rubber F/F.
ABC Robin (oz6835) by EJ Riding from Aeromodeller, 1946. Span 37in. Scale Rubber F/F.
ABC Robin (oz8755) by Bert Hatton from MDD, 1976. Span 26in. Scale CO2 F/F.
ABC Robin (oz10258) by Philip Kent from RC Model World, 1984. Span 51in. Scale IC R/C.
Breezy Senior (oz8745) by Chuck Hollinger from Babcock Span 56in. IC R/C.
DQA 704 (oz12) by Stu Babcock from RCMplans, 1964. Span 32in. IC R/C.


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