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1/2A Brigadier (oz2974)
1/8A Spacer (oz4187)
1911 Valkyrie B (oz1425)
1912 Blackburn Monoplane (oz12266)
1920s Navy Flying Boat (oz4642)
1920s Powered Glider (oz3691)
1936 Outdoor Tractor (oz3111)
1936 Wakefield Winner (oz3891)
1938 Moffet Trophy Winner (oz3071)
30s Sportster (oz4760)
A-B Okie Bird (oz3189)
A-J Interceptor 404 (oz5651)
Acro Sportster 40 (oz4206)
Aerbo (oz3063)
Aeronca Champion (oz3770)
Aeronca O-58A/L3A Defender (oz12237)
Albatros  (oz10455)
Albatross (oz4744)
Alco Sport (oz12232)
ALCO Sportplane (oz12048)
Alien (oz3244)
All Balsa Gas Model (oz2585)
Ambush 15 (oz12269)
ANEC 1a (oz4198)
Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8 (oz12396)
Arup (oz2862)
Aubert PA-20 Cigale (oz12325)
Auster J-5 Autocrat (oz2449)
Aviatik Berg C-1 (oz5102)
Aviatik D-1 (oz4047)
Baby Hawk (oz5430)
Bantee (oz12383)
BAT Baboon (oz2110)
Bede BD-8 (oz5912)
Bellanca Aircruiser (oz2664)
Berryloid Trophy Winner (oz7523)


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