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1/2A Brigadier (oz2974)
1/8A Spacer (oz4187)
1911 Valkyrie B (oz1425)
1912 Blackburn Monoplane (oz12266)
1920s Navy Flying Boat (oz4642)
1920s Powered Glider (oz3691)
1936 Outdoor Tractor (oz3111)
1936 Wakefield Winner (oz3891)
1938 Moffet Trophy Winner (oz3071)
30s Sportster (oz4760)
A-B Okie Bird (oz3189)
A-J Interceptor 404 (oz5651)
Acro Sportster 40 (oz4206)
Aerbo (oz3063)
Aeronca Champion (oz3770)
Aeronca O-58A/L3A Defender (oz12237)
Albatros  (oz10455)
Albatross (oz4744)
Alco Sport (oz12232)
ALCO Sportplane (oz12048)
Alert (oz12473)
Alien (oz3244)
All Balsa Gas Model (oz2585)
Ambush 15 (oz12269)
ANEC 1a (oz4198)
Arado Ar 96V (oz12440)
Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.8 (oz12396)
Arup (oz2862)
Astra Kapferer (oz12405)
Aubert PA-20 Cigale (oz12325)
Auster J-5 Autocrat (oz2449)
Avia BH-3 (oz12516)
Aviatik Berg C-1 (oz5102)
Aviatik D-1 (oz4047)
Baby Hawk (oz5430)
Back Pocket Plane (oz12502)


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