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Cirro (oz10395) from Aviomodelli 1968 grey_line

Cirro (oz10395)

from Aviomodelli (ref:0013)
32in span
Glider F/F Kit

Plan Details
Cormorano (oz13075) from Aviomodelli  1979 grey_line

Cormorano (oz13075)

from Aviomodelli
81in span
IC Glider R/C Kit

Plan Details
I-LASER (oz12000) from Aviomodelli 1966 grey_line

I-LASER (oz12000)

from Aviomodelli
65in span
IC R/C Kit

Plan Details
I-Turcan (oz11829) from Aviomodelli 1967 grey_line

I-Turcan (oz11829)

from Aviomodelli
63in span
IC R/C Kit

Plan Details
Macchi MB 308 (oz12315) from Aviomodelli 1955 grey_line

Macchi MB 308 (oz12315)

from Aviomodelli
39in span
Scale F/F C/L R/C Kit

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