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by A Stolzenberger
from Model Airplane News
31in span
Tags: IC F/F Floatplane
:) all formers complete

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The Swoose. Free flight floatplane. Gull wing. Note this is not a full size plan. Quote: "This beautiful twin-float seaplane was designed to fly like a real air-plane, not a skyrocket, and to make realistic landings and takeoffs. The Swoose, by Capt A Stolzenberger. THOSE of you who have built and flown control line models no doubt have at some time held such a model in a free flight launching attitude anticipating what would happen if you were to let it go. Well, if the model were properly trimmed about all three axes a spectacular flight should be expected; but, oh my aching back - the landing! Yes, just the thought is reason enough to harness that impulse unless it's an old model and you don't mind bending down more than once to pick it up after the first landing. ##1## The free flight model presented here is similar to a control line model insofar as construction, weight and performance are concerned; however, its landing characteristics are much different from what would be expected from a control line model in free flight. The exceptionally clean lines, flat glide angle, and the fact that water landings eliminate the high impact and concentrated loads normally encountered with the high wing loaded wheel models, presents a model that introduces a different class of free flight job that may appeal to those interested in a fast flying smashproof ship. The author is not necessarily an exponent of speed models but is more interested in the smashproof feature, aerodynamic cleanliness, simplified construction, and is really an enthusiast about water flying - full scale or otherwise. Model builders who have successfully built and flown seaplane models will no doubt agree that the landlubber is passing up an experience worth much more than the price of admission. So if you care to experience something really different in model build-ing and flying, get out your pins and razor blades - I promise you will be in for more than just wet feet with this model. This configuration does not adhere to any particular design or class but was worked out as a practical fast, free flight float model based on the author's past experience with this type. Don't let the rigid full cantilever construction frighten you; after all our airport is made of H2O which is still soft at model speeds. This model has entered the water at angles over 45° and suffered no more damage than a wet sparkplug and points. In crosswind or single float landings there is ample resiliency in the hard balsa float struts to insure against damage, and then too with the high gull wing there is little danger of snagging a wing tip. Even if the model does go over on its back, it is safe to assume that no damage other than wet batteries and water in the fuel will result, and then after a quick change the model should be all set to go again..." Update 04/01/2019: Added article thanks to RFJ.

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