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Download Page: Plan ID=7124 : Charter

Here you can download plans from copies held on the Outerzone server.
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Available downloads:

PDF plan:

Download Plan  [Title=Charter. PlanID=7124. Filesize=893KB]

Supplement PDF file(s):

Download Supplement  [Title=Charter_Robbe_1500mm_oz7124_instructions.pdf. Filesize=1303KB]

Download Supplement  [Title=Charter_Robbe_1500mm_oz7124_previous.pdf. Filesize=2779KB]

If you're wondering, this page is here so we can log download requests. We grab the the planID, the datetime and your userIP then we stash them in the db here so we can generate a monthly report later. Well, at the end of the month, actually. Seems like the best time.

Have a nice day, now.