PDF problems: Blank page


When viewing a plan PDF, the page seems blank


Sorry, the problem is at your end.

If you are seeing a blank page (an empty page) the problem is at your end. This is because the PDF page is not really blank - it just looks that way on the device you are using. Your device is failing to display the PDF.

The PDF file is not the problem. The problem lies within your viewing device (and the software installed). Your device is accordingly failing to display the file.

Typically this is caused by a software issue. Most often, that issue is within a PDF-viewer browser-plugin you are running within, say, the Firefox browser.

Typically, this blank page effect will appear only with PDF files over a certain total size. You will not see this effect when looking at 13 inch peanut plans. You will see it when looking at larger plans, say a .60 pattern plane, which has been scanned at high resolution. Many such PDF plan files on Outerzone have a total pixel size of over 500,000,000 px. Your browser is not expecting to, and is not equipped to, display PDF files of this total size. A PDF viewer app is.

Do not view PDF files within your browser. View PDF files from outside your browser, using a PDF viewer app.

We recommend Adobe Reader DC. For more of our thinking on this see: KB-104: Software to read PDF files.

PDF problems: Blank page