ScaleTypes and Wikipedia links


We try to link every scale plan to the corresponding Wikipedia page.


From Jan 2020 onwards, for all scale plans on Outerzone we try to add a link to the relevant page on Wikipedia. We do this using a string variable called ScaleType.

ScaleType is formed from the last part of the Wikipedia page address. So for example, the scale plan Yak-3 (oz1937) has ScaleType set as Yakovlev_Yak-3 because the address of the corresponding Wikipedia page, about this aircaft type, is or at least, that was the case when we last checked. Note the use of underscore to replace any space characters.

If we get this right (and keep on top of the maintenance), it means that on every scale plan page we now have a very useful direct link to Wikipedia. But it also means we also have a very useful direct link within Oz to show all other plans of the same type.

This can and will go wrong in a number of ways, each time:

  • We might make a mistake and link to the wrong page on Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia might later modify the page address, or delete the page concerned
  • Wikipedia might later create a new page which is more relevant
  • We might forget to add a link, at all. This will show up as ScaleType = undefined
  • There may be no such page on Wikipedia (for obscure types). We will tag these as ScaleType = NotFound

You can help us fix these, by adding your corrections, using the usual form.

1. ScaleType screenshot
1. ScaleType screenshot

ScaleTypes and Wikipedia links
08/01/2020 (revised: 08/01/2020)