Search settings (SearchCompleteText)


The default search only includes the 3 main fields: Title, Designer, Publisher. You can change this to also include 'About this plan' text.


The default setting for SearchCompleteText is No.

So the default search on Outerzone will include only the 3 main fields (Title, Designer, Publisher). You can change this to also include the 'About this plan' text in your search results. This is useful when you are searching for something more general eg 'indoor', rather than something specific eg 'Spitfire'.

Here's how to change this:

Go to User Settings (there is a link in the page footer of every Oz page). Under the heading 'Search Facility Settings' you can click on the 'Change to' links to save your preference.

The options available are:

SearchCompleteText = No
SearchCompleteText = Yes

Image #1 shows User Settings page.

An alternative way to do this is to use the links that appear on every Search Results page, at the bottom (see image #2).


1. The default search was changed in September 2019. Prior to that, the default Oz search always included the 'About this plan' text. This change was made (and the user setting SearchCompleteText was created) to make default search more focused, and the advanced search more wide-ranging. For more on the thinking behind this, see forum thread on RCGroups at

2. As an example of usage, searching for 'indoor' with SearchCompleteText = No returns a total of 8 results. This is because only 8 plans have 'indoor' in the title. But doing the same search with SearchCompleteText = Yes returns a total of 222 results, because there are a further 216 plans that feature the word 'indoor' in the 'About this plan' text.

3. If you are seeing strange (unexpected or seemingly unrelated) results when searching, then check your settings. Check that you have SearchCompleteText = No. If you are perhaps searching with the setting of SearchCompleteText = Yes (without being conscious of this) then your search results will seem much wider than expected.

1. User Settings page
1. User Settings page
2. Search Results page footer
2. Search Results page footer

Search settings (SearchCompleteText)
03/10/2019 (revised: 19/03/2020)