Software to read PDF files


We recommend using the free version of Reader DC, from Adobe.


Currently, July 2019, we recommend installing the free Reader DC, see

This all, of course, depends on what device and which OS you are running, but the most common case with Oz users is Windows on PC. As of July 2019, the latest version of DC Reader (for Win 10) is Version 2019.012.20034.

There are many other alternatives, and you can view PDFs however you like. Browser plugins are common. Just be aware that we won't be able to offer any useful help with issues that arise, if you are using software other than Reader DC.

We recommend using Reader DC on a Win 10 PC because that gives us a common baseline to work from, when sharing help information and doing fault-finding.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: Download step 1
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: Download step 1

Software to read PDF files