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by Harrison Morgan
from American Modeler
August 1962
55in span
Tags: IC R/C Cabin
:) all formers complete

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Credit*: Newtmagick, Pilgrim
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CUBmaster - Radio control sport model. Quote: "Winner of recent LIDS Meet, rudder-only expert details his experiments leading to a remarkable Piper-like R/C 'Cub'. Many R/C flyers think of Rudder-Only as the beginner's category a place to start - a simple category, where there is a minimum to adjust and the least to go wrong. There are many rudder-only flyers however, who have found its challenge great enough to resist the lure of the other categories. In rudder-only you do have the simplest equipment to install and adjust. However it is within this limitation that 4-3 maneuvers must be performed. To loop a multi ship you blip the up button. In rudder only, there isn't any. Here it takes a good design, well balanced, with top trim adjustments, and it must be flown just right. In rudder-only, only the equipment is simple. The adjustments, the trim, and the aeronautics involved plus an ability on tho button make this category the most rewarding. My first Super Cub kit was won as a prize in the 1957 Vermont regional model meet. This airplane had just been released by the deBolt Model Engineering Co. Since that time I have completed six 'Cubs' and started three other. The first two were from kits, the others were 'home built' and modifications were introduced along the way. The last airplane is presented along with its modifications and the reasons for them. Too much wood and glue and you come up with a heavy model. For a high performance rudder job you must build light. The basic consideration is the weight of the wood. Balsa can vary tremendously from piece to piece. One advantage the kit offers to the novice is a reasonable selection of wood. The expert builder picks his wood with the greatest of care. One advantage of building more than one of a certain type ship is that you have a good basis for weight comparison at different stages of construction..." Harrison Morgan. 55'' Span. IC RC. August 1962 American Modeler. Scan by Newtmagick, cleanup by Pilgrim. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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