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by WD Binns
from Aeromodeller
July 1979
20in span
Tags: CO2 F/F Biplane
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 01/10/2017
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Credit*: DBHL, theshadow
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Fozzle. Unorthodox free flight model for Telco CO2 motor. A tailless biplane design. Quote: "MANY PEOPLE have asked me, in tones of sympathy or outrage, why or even what is 'Fozzle'. The idea came to me, whilst inspired by the Rochdale Indoor Meeting. Not that I infer by this that the design is in any way their fault. As one friend said on seeing the contrivance: Well, you should feel better now. Actually there is a certain logic to the design; it is light, 1-3/4 oz; it is very resistant to warps; has low drag; it is virtually crashproof. This is by design. That Fozzle also came out exceedingly stable, with a very good duration, and looks diabolical in the air, is pure luck. Purring round and round overhead, Fozzles have caused immense interest, though one in white with large green spots caused several requests that I repaint or remove it. Cut and file an aluminium template for the wing ribs and cut out 32 ribs from 3/32 in soft sheet. Pin them together in two blocks of 16, and sand them down equal. With a razor saw cut the slots for the spars and leading edge. The spar slots are cut 1/8 x 3/32 in to allow for the slant of the ribs. Rub the plans well with a candle. Hopefully this stops the wings sticking to them. Cut and notch the trailing edges and pin them down. Place the end ribs in position in the trailing edge, with a length of 3/32 in soft in the bottom spar notches and line up the ribs, and pin down the bottom spar. Fit and glue all the ribs, spars and leading edge in place. All 3/32 in soft balsa. I use white PVA glue, but balsa cement dries quicker. Cut the End Fins from 1/32in medium, with the grain vertical and laminate the Centre Bulkhead from 1/32in medium, with the outer layers grain vertical, also cut out the Elevons. Cut the Engine Mount, the Engine Mount supports, and the Tank supports. The Engine Mount is 1/8 ply, the rest scrap balsa..." Scan from DBHL, cleanup by theshadow. ref DBHL-6683. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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