Stunt Runt


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Stunt Runt  
by Richard Vause
from Flying Models
42in span
Tags: IC R/C
:) all formers complete

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Credit*: mred3, Newtmagick, Pilgrim
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Stunt Runt - gas stunt model for 2 channel RC and .049 power. Quote: - "Do you want to build and fly a high-performance R/C model with low expense and upkeep? If you do, this is the model for you. The Stunt Runt is a 1/2A rudder-elevator control model which has the same performance capabilities as the large multi-channel acrobatic ships. We have always wanted to build a high-performance ship of small size so that we wouldn't have the high expenses of large batteries and fuel-drinking engines, let alone building costs. This little model has fulfilled our desires and proved to be an exceptional design, offering excellent maneuverability and quick recovery from those highspeed maneuvers which sometimes prove fatal to the model which isn't properly designed. This model incorporates an airfoil which has proved itself again and again in the R/C field, the NACA 2415. For those who aren't aerodynamicists, this means an airfoil with 2% mean camber with its maximum camber height .4 of the way back from the leading edge, and a maximum thickness of 15% of the chord. The alignment is 0-0-0. In other words, the angle of incidence of the wing and stabilizer is 0 deg and the thrust is also 0 deg. This design permits a low angle of attack in flight; therefore allowing smooth loops, little stalling, quick recovery, and making inverted flight more practical. The dihedral angle is relatively high, for better rolls and spins with no sideslip. This advantage, however, distracts slightly from the inverted-flight stability, causing a tendency to roll over to an upright position. If you prefer inverted flight to quick rolls and spins, it might be advantageous to decrease the dihedral to about half the angle shown on the plans. It is our belief, though, that prolonged inverted flight is almost an impossibility without aileron control or dual-proportional control, because good inverted stability automatically means poor upright stability..." Update 06/01/2017: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, now scaled to fullsize, thanks to Newtmagick, Pilgrim. Also now added article, thanks to Newtmagick.



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