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by Bill Netzebrand
from American Modeler
April 1967
39in span
Tags: IC C/L
:) all formers complete

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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ, GeorgeAlbo
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Splinter - Control line combat model. High aspect ratio design. Quote: - "Its shape and proportions dictated by math, this combat machine proved many times that the .15 can take the .35!" Update 12/05/2017: Added PDFvector modern redrawn version of the plan, thanks to GeorgeAlbo. Quote: - "Hello Steve Mary, Here is a plan of the Splinter Combat Wing by Wild Bill Netzeband. I don't remember where I got this plan, but it was redrawn from the original by N. Holden. I did nothing to it other than send it to you. This plan features the 'Alternate' wing tip that was on the original plan, as such this wingspan is 42", versus the original span of 39". The original was powered by a Cox Tee Dee .15 SPL MK II. This model was featured in the April 1967 issue of American Modeler... Thanks, George"



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