Chipper II


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Chipper II  
by William Harding
from Model Airplane News
December 1964
30in span
Tags: IC F/F Floatplane
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 07/04/2017
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Chipper II - Sport free flight model for .020 power. Simple all-sheet design. Drawing also shows optional floats. Quote: - "Are you looking for a hot contest model? If so, you may as well turn the page, for Chipper II is not a contest model. This little ship was conceived for one purpose only, fun, fun, fun! If fun is what you are after, then this baby is for you. Chipper will ROG practically from anywhere. With the balloon tires on the original model, I have ROG'd in places where the propeller was actually cutting the grass. You say that ROW is your meat? Chipper will do that too! After one sinking and many dig ins, Doug Emmins had a workable set of floats. Neither one of us had ever tried floats before we tried them on Chipper II. It all came about when our club acquired afield with a small pond on it. Being the inquisitive types, and always ready to try something new, Doug and 1 just had to try a ROW. Naturally, the most versatile ship in our stable, being the Chipper II, we decided to make it our guinea pig. First attempts showed that Chipper II might also make a good submarine. Finally, we were rewarded when Chipper made a realistic 20-foot run and broke water. After making a fast climb to avoid the trees at the end of the pond, Chipper went into her climbing turn and gained altitude. Anyone who saw us doing an Indian rain dance on the shores of that small pond must have thought us completely daft. Oh well, we do have fun. If all of this interests you, let's begin construction. Chipper II goes together easily and should not give too much trouble to even a novice..." Direct submission to Outerzone. Update 24/04/2017: added article, thanks to RFJ.



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