Orbit Ace


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Orbit Ace  
by Henry Struck
from Berkeley
41in span
Tags: IC C/L
? formers unchecked

Submission date: 08/04/2017
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Orbit Ace - Tailess control line combat model. 425 sq in wing area, for .19 to .35 engines. Quote: - "Easy to build and fly, the 'Orbit Ace' is a stunt and combat ship with advanced features of design. Locating the control surfaces out at the wing tips provides wash-out in the wing when the controls are deflected. This retards the stall of the wing. As a result, mushing in tight maneuvers is reduced. To increase the effectiveness of the controls, slotted and balanced elevators are employed. As the elevators are deflected, a gap is opened between the wing and trailing edge, and the nose of the elevator allowing air to flow through to the upper surface. The effectiveness of the elevator is further increased by the 'lift' developed by the projection of the nose into the airflow below the wing. This action for up elevator is of course exactly opposite for down elevator, since the wing section is symmetrical. Construction is extremely simple. The wing has been designed to be built flat on the bench, by using spars and leading edge of the same depth, and then parting the ribs along the line of these members..." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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