Wild Blue


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Wild Blue  
by Don McGovern
from Flying Models
July 1974
100in span
Tags: Glider R/C
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Submission date: 04/04/2017
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Wild Blue - Slope and thermal soarer. Suitcase model, packs away for travelling. Quote: "This 100inch sparer uses an Orbit system and fits into a suitcase for easy travel ...Wild Blue solves it all. For the semi-experienced builder, the reasonably skilled flier. 100in span, it fits, ready to fly in a medium sized suitcase. It is for the business man, the traveling man on an airliner, the vacation bound family man who can tote a single suitcase in a family-crammed compact car. It is a fully competitive sailplane that will soar the windswept ridges, or climb aloft with the hawks when the thermal gods will play. It is a dream of soaring. A medium sized suitcase. Internally, mine measures 5-1/2 x 18-1/2 x 25-1/2 inches. The wing is in four pieces, the left two panels faced leading edge to leading edge make a rectangular layer, as do the two tapered right hand panels. The sturdy wire plug-ins slip into a suitcase pocket, as do other odds and ends. The flying stab is in two halves and these stack in neatly, with no protruding horns. The slender fuselage slides apart, a forward pod with tandem radio arrangement, an aft boom with fin attached. The rudder disconnects with the pull of a hinge pin and completes the load. For the sake of the environment, throw in a change of socks and things. There's room for a padding layer of soft T-shirts and light cloth items. And maybe a note of explanation for those who scan the contents on an X-ray scope at airline check-ins. You could find room for a surgical tubing Hi-Start line, and even the transmitter if you tried hard enough, but the weight of the latter would make it a better bet for a camera bag. With your shaving junk. Not much to compromise. It's a fully capable aircraft. Three joints in a wing instead of one, that adds a bit of weight and bending potential on the line. Straight lengths of music wire in fiberglass shafts make that easy, a wider chord than usual and built-up ribs try to compensate for the added ounces. A featherweight tail to lessen ballast. A thin-line cross-section for a majestic glide. It's quite a machine. Delicate of rib, but spruce-braced spars. A test of methods, a test of structure. Intended for the skilled modeler who can tool it in on a belly wheel. This is not for your first soarer and not one to smack into a rocky crag. Wild Blue is a living thing, to soar to the limits." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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