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by Joost Bakker
44in span
Tags: IC F/F
:) all formers complete

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Bugaboo - Modern design in the vintage style, by Joost Bakker. Quote: - "In May 1992 I decided to design a free flight model, first of all for my own use. It would look like some British mid-30s designs. At the time it took only a few sketches and a day's building to finish the Bugaboo. The weather forecast had been good, a few days ahead it would change from cold wet to warm summer weather, so I aimed for that, and it worked: I was flying it all weekend - had started drawing Thursday afternoon before. The design of the Bugaboo was so that you take a look at the plan and the whole construction can be seen as how to do it without problem. I knew many models did not get built because some complex structure seen on the plan makes the builder opt for another design. The idea was take one look and you see no problem anywhere. Yes, it looks like a more complex build when it's done... " Read more from Joost here in his Viewpoint article: Bugaboo - Aeromodelling as an Art Project



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