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Bug HLG  
by Carl Dowdy
from RCMplans (ref:1297)
June 2001
30in span
Tags: Glider R/C
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The Bug HLG - Hand launch glider for 2 channel radio control. The Bug Hand Launch Glider by Carl Dowdy. Quote: "The Bug is a part of the Mosquito class of hand-launched radio controlled gliders. Mosquito class gliders have half the wingspan restriction of a standard handlaunch glider. That is, the span can be no more than .75 meters, or about 29.5 inch. Full-sized hand-launched gliders have spans no larger than 1.5 meters or roughly 59 in. Over the last few years there have been a few all-composite kit offerings and although they are worth every penny for the handcrafted fiberglass and foam work, I thought there must be a way to get good performance out of a builtup design. It would have the side benefit of being inexpensive! The design of the Bug took place more in my computer than any other model I have built. I started with a sketch, but the wing layout, and curves of the fuselage and tail surfaces, were generated in CAD software. The airfoil templates were generated with Compufoil, adjusted for trailing edge stock, and given leading edge and spar holes. The prototype was built and flew much better than expected. The significant modifications from the original prototype to the later versions of the Bug were to increase the dihedral and reduce the fuselage cross section. It really is amazing to see how tight the Bug can thermal and how well it penetrates given its size and weight. Using off-the-shelf micro radio components available today, the Bug can be built to a 1.5 oz. empty weight and a total weight of 3.5 oz. pretty easily. That’s a wing loading of 3.09 oz/sq ft! If you are into slope soaring, the Bug opens a whole world of sites and conditions that are otherwise not usable. So, get an order started for the carbon items and select some choice balsa at your local hobby store. Construction will take no time at all." Note a later version of this design is available. The Bug design was modified, enlarged and redrawn as the Lightninbug (oz10430) by HughesBrothers.



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