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by Laddie Mikulasko
from RCMplans (ref:989)
April 1987
48in span
Tags: IC R/C Pusher
:) all formers complete

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Enforcer - Radio control delta pusher model. Quote: "The Enforcer model is a variation to the Force One (oz6051) design from RCM March 1982. When I designed the Force One, I wanted to have a good flying and a good looking delta wing model. I enjoyed flying that model a lot and from the letters and pictures I received from around the world, a lot of other people are still enjoying flying this model as well. Because of the sustained interest in that design, Balsa USA is producing a very reasonably priced kit of the Force 1. See their ad in this issue. Since the article on the Force 1 was published, I've been asked a number of times if I am planning on building the larger version. I didn't think I would, but when I started to use the 4-stroke engines, I thought that it might be interesting to see how the delta wing model performs, using one of these engines. I took the Force 1 design and more or less enlarged the wing and made the change to the shape of the fuselage. Because the model is larger, the fuselage and the fins are removable to make transportation easier. The flying characteristics are similar to the Force 1. The model is a stable flier. It has a very wide speed range. With a .90 4-stroke engine and 14 x 6 prop, it moves like a rocket. Vertical performance at the 6 lb. flying weight is phenomenal. The model does basic maneuvers with ease. The Enforcer can be flown by anybody who can take off and land a trainer type model. To assist less experienced builders, I've numbered all the pieces. Cut out all of the parts accurately. Drill and cut out the holes where needed. Building The Wing. Place the drawing on a flat building board and cover it with clear plastic. Pin the trailing edge spar (4) to the building board right through the plan. Do the same thing to the bottom main spars (2) and sub spars (3) and (5). Be very accurate when doing this. Glue on plywood doublers (21) to the ribs (W3) and (W4). Take all the ribs and glue them to the spars. Make sure that each rib is lined up with the plan. Use a square to get a 90° angle between them and the building board. Glue the short ribs at the rear of the propeller cut-out to the trailing edge (4). Glue in the top main spars (2) and sub spars (3) and (5)..." Direct submissin to Outerzone.



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