RCM Big Bird


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RCM Big Bird  
by D Tichenor
from RCMplans (ref:810)
September 1980
84in span
Tags: IC R/C Cabin Trainer
:) all formers complete

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RCM Big Bird - Radio control sport trainer model. For .10 - .15 engines and 3 channels. Quote: - "Dozens of trainers are available with varying degrees of complexity of construction. The Big Bird is simple to assemble even though there are a goodly number of detail parts. It was designed in this manner in order to keep it light, yet strong as weight is a key factor in the Big Bird concept. Our approach is to combine low weight with generous wing area and a small throttle equipped engine to obtain a forgiving, slow flying aircraft. This allows the new pilot ample time to correct his mistakes before the craft smashes into the ground. In fact, with the craft at a reasonable altitude, if the pilot has managed to get the airplane into an awkward situation, he merely has to throttle back the engine, return controls to neutral, and the ship will right itself. There are those people who will immediately say that the RCM Big Bird is a powered sailplane with a landing gear. Well, it is, in a way. The wing is a shortened version of the Bridi Big Birdy sailplane wing. The fuselage, however, is pure airplane, designed to be easy to build and rugged enough to withstand lots of abuse. The sturdy landing gear is usually found on aircraft weighing twice as much as the Big Bird. The rank beginners aren't the only ones who can enjoy the Big Bird - several of our experienced flying friends have had a ball with it. Unbelievably small consecutive loops, tight turns, and wallowing barrel rolls, all in slow motion, have brought on lots of giggles. Because it is difficult for some of us to play a straight game, we dreamed up the engine pods for Cox .049 QRC engines to strap on the wings and have lots of fun with the phony Ford Tri-motor approach. Somehow we feel that having fun is what R/C is all about..." Update 20/04/2017: Added PDFvector format modern redrawn plan by hogal, thanks to Balsaworkbench. Also useful for the Big Bird Too oz6220.



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