.099 Sportliner


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.099 Sportliner  
by Lloyd Hunt
from Flying Models
August 1952
26in span
Tags: IC C/L LowWing
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 28/12/2013
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Sportliner - Control line sport model. Hi Steve - Here is Lloyd Hunt's .099 Sportliner From Flying Models magazine issue 08-52. Quote: "One of the neatest little yo-yo's we have seen for small engines. The fuselage is sheet balsa, wing is built-up. The .099 Sportliner, by Lloyd Hunt. The '.099 Sportliner' was designed with but one point in mind - to produce a sport model that could be taken out to fly and, at the end of the day, still be in one piece. You can power it with a .099 Mc-Coy or small Arden - whichever type of engine you may have - with very little time and trouble involved in installation. We used the Cub .099. Before starting construction, look over the plans. You will notice that only the working parts or templates have been shown - the front and top views have been omitted, since they are not needed to construct the model. Half-size plans for the .099 Sport-liner are shown on the facing page. If you don't know how to enlarge them to full-size, or don't want to bother with this, you may obtain full-size plans free of charge from Flying Models by using the coupon on Page 44. Wing. Form the leading edge of the wing as shown. After the two strips have dried, pin the leading edge down on the plan on top of a flat sur-face. Notch, pin and cement the trail-ing in place. Cut the required wing ribs; the taper can easily be accom-plished by cutting the ribs as shown. Cement the ribs in place and add the wing tips, which are shaped from balsa blocks. Lastly, cement the spars to the wing. The plan drawing shows a lead weight. The weight may be used either for the left or right panel, whichever way you will fly the ship. It should weigh one-half to three quarter ounces and will keep the lines taut while flying. After adding the complete wing, insert aluminum tubing in the tip for your lead out wires..." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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