Delta X1200


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Delta X1200  
from Graupner (ref:4647)
46in span
Tags: IC R/C LowWing Pusher
:( formers incomplete

Submission date: 07/10/2013
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Credit*: Tomi
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Delta X1200 - Pusher prop sport model for radio control. Graupner kit # 4647. Wingspan 1160mm. For size .40 power. Review quote: "Test Report. An exciting and attractive new model - built and flown by Dave Cronin. Graupner's Delta X1200. AS READERS will have seen from this month's cover, this new model from Graupner is a very impressive-looking creation. Its performance is certainly no less impressive - but let's take first things first. The main items in the kit are the wing-halves - foam cores covered with 3/32 in balsa, beautifully finished. When joined, these give a span of 45-1/2in (1660mm). The control cables are already in place and the control surfaces, made integrally with the wings, are simply released from them by cutting through a couple of holding 'tags'. The fuselage sides are pre-cut and a nicely made 'moulded sheet' rear decking is another interesting feature. A translucent blue canopy is provided, as well as all the clamps, devises and horns required. Getting it together. Putting this model together was very rapid and quite easy, I would think, even for the not so experienced modeller (though this would not apply to the flying, but more anon). The only work to be done on the wings after removing the control surfaces (elevators inboard, ailerons outboard) was the addition of the balsa leading edges, and capping around the control-surfaces - these having balsa mouldings, tapered for top-hinging. I was surprised to find tape hinges supplied in the kit (back to control-line days! - though I must say that this type is particularly good in that it keeps the surface-to-hinge gap to a minimum, giving more positive control). Having glued all the wing components, one is left with a triangle, which looks nothing like an aeroplane. The fuselage assembly is a little more time-consuming, as the formers have to be sawn from a very hard piece of plywood. There are alternative engine bulkheads printed on this - one for the Wankel motor and the other for more run-of-the-mill mills..." Direct submission to Outerzone. Update 28/11/2016: Have re-scaled this plan now to correct fullsize at 1160mm wingspan, thanks to Derick. Update 16/10/2018: Added kit review from Radio Modeller, July 1978, thanks to RFJ.



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