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by Ricky Maginnis
from Model Airplane News
January 1964
24in span
Tags: IC C/L
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 16/09/2013
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Minimum. Control line combat model. Quote: "One of my friends built a trim, fast combat ship for 1/2A. To most people's eyes; this was a masterpiece. However, a few details were missing and we decided to find out what could be done about them, and as a result of this research, the Minimum was born. This idea for building this plane was taken from the Flying-Wing type of aircraft. Shortening the body added stability, but since the plane was small, it did not detract from the speed. I also experimented with different fuselage lengths and came to the conclusion that the present length was the best possible one. I have used many different engines and the Minimum has performed well with all of them, and they have given the ship speed and smooth easy handling which I wanted to achieve. The Minimum was so named because it can be built at a minimum of cost. Design does not call for a particular type of engine, only specification is the displacement which must be between .049 and .99 cubic in. Speed and maneuverability have enabled it to take top honors at many of the local contest. It is my belief that if you follow the instructions, you will be rewarded with many hours of exciting entertainment. Wing. This is the key part of the plane, as other parts are built around it. Cut out trailing edge and wing ribs from a sheet of 1/16 in medium balsa. Use good, straight wood in order to prevent warping. Pin one strip of the TE to the plans and glue wing ribs to this. Allow to dry. Then, apply glue to the other side of the wing ribs and pin the other strip of the trailing edge down on top of them, completing the trailing edge. Allow to dry. Cut a spar of 1/4 in square hard balsa 24 in long, and glue this to the front of the wing ribs and allow to dry. Now, reglue all parts and allow to dry thoroughly. Install plywood bellcrank mount and 1/4 in sq wing tips and glue. To plank the mid-section, use a sheet of 1/16 medium balsa. Cut strips 6 inches long. Glue planks to both top and bottom of the mid-section. Allow to dry...." Direct submission to Outerzone. Update 06/11/2018: Added article, thanks to RFJ.



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