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by Peter Miller
from Aeromodeller
August 1974
36in span
Tags: IC C/L Biplane
:) all formers complete

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Duchess - Stunt biplane, for control line. Quote from article intro: - "Peter Miller concludes his feature on aerobatic control-line biplanes with plans for his well-developed DUCHESS a 'different' sportster for .25-.3S cu. in. motors. IN SPITE of her name, the Duchess is no staid old dowager, but a very flighty young lady who can trace her ancestry back to 1961 - at that time I was serving with the R.A.F. in Aden where there was an extremely active model club. One of the models I built there was the Duchess Mk I which was quite acrobatic, though not outstanding. In 1968 came the Mk II version, which had a very brief life due to both lines breaking (moral - never borrow someone else's lines!). The biplane bug had by now bitten hard, and there followed a series of semi-scale and full stunt biplanes plus one or two true scale models with stunt potential, some of which were described in last month's article. The culmination of this was the Cavalier series which up till now has been the most popular design in the Sudhury M.F.C., some 15 of them having been built. I then decided to return to the Duchess design, with all the lessons that had since been learnt incorporated, so here is Duchess Mk III. The construction is very simple, and it is not proposed to go into the 'glue A to B' type instructions, but instead will deal with the points which are different from the normal monoplane. Due to the small size of the main components it should be possible to work on all of them on the building board at the same time, which means you will have no 'waiting time', and the model is very quick to build. The original took just 36 hours from start to finish."



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