Grumman Guardian


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Grumman Guardian  
by William Netzeband
from American Modeler
February 1962
30in span
Tags: Scale IC C/L LowWing Military
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 12/04/2012
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Grumman Guardian - Scale model for control line. For 29 to 45 sized engines. Carrier model, with flaps shown. Hobby Helpers plan HH-262. Quote: - "The reason why you see so many Guardians in the Carrier Event? It has ideal proportions for model work. Scaled down, wing area is generous, frontal area is slim, you get beaucoup fin area and a long nose moment arm. These provide in the same order: high lift for low speed, low drag, plenty of directional stability for a good sold tug on the lines, and no lead needed to balance properly. This little jewel is different from most. It is exactly scaled from Grumman Aircraft drawings within 2 % everywhere - including fuselage contours and all those places required by the rules. The gear was lengthened because prop length scaled down to 6-/4 inches. Only other compromise: reducing wing dihedral to enclose the leadout wires. The small size is to prove that a 35 engine can compete with the 60's in carrier and to stimulate development of other 35 powered planes. Effective wing area of 125 sq. in. makes it operate like a team racer or proto speedster. Performance is outstanding, allowing maximum flight points of 460 so. far, with average scores of 440. Top speed with Fox 29X is 85 mph, giving an average hi-speed run, including take-off of 80 mph. Low speed can be down to 20 mph with practice. This is strictly solid level flight, too, no stalling around. Landings are a cinch, the slotted flap lowers to a 45deg angle..." Direct submission to Outerzone. Update 10/01/2017: added article, thanks to RFJ.



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