Born Loser


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Born Loser  
by Al Backstrom
from Flying Models
October 2000
15in span
Tags: Rubber F/F Biplane
:) all formers complete

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Born Loser - rubber powered biplane model. Fun flyer meets FAC embryo rules. Thanks to Maciej for the completed model pics. Quote: "In designing most models I look to meet a set of contest rules to there is an excuse to fly the model after it is sorted out, rather than keeping it around just because it flies. In the case of the Born Loser it was designed to the Flying Aces Club (FAC) Embryo Endurance rules. The Embryo rules encourage models with a scale-like appearance and give bonus points for cabins or open cockpits plus wheel fairings and simulated exhausts. Also with Embryo rules the biplane models can have up to 70 square inches of wing area where a monoplane can only have 50. This model is not necessarily the best that can be done with a biplane using the Embryo rules but is just a good flying example of what biplanes can be. For the Born Loser I wanted something that looked like a small homebuilt biplane that might have been done in the thirties. For this reason all the surface tips were built as square cuts and the fuselage is a simple box with a triangular upper fairing. I think this has come out as planned, except that I had to increase the dihedral and vertical tail area to get the stability needed for free flight. These changes are incorporated on the drawing of course. The name Born Loser was chosen not because I expected the model to be bad but for the comic strip I enjoy for its innocent humor. The performance has not been in the loser category at all. My model won its first contest outing and others have reported victories or doing well with it. Construction should pose no problems for anyone who has built stick and tissue models previously. All of the structure is 1/6 inch square stock or 1/16 sheet except the nose block, wing leading edge, and other small parts as noted on the drawing. The fuselage is built using the two sides built over the plans and each other. The upper fairing is a simple triangle. The forward sheeting helps brace the upper wing mount pylon. In mounting the pylon care should be taken to assure that it lines up with the fuselage center line. The two wings are one piece each and identical except for the spacing of the center ribs and tissue anchors at the interplane struts. The interplane struts extend into the wings so that they can al-low adjustment of wing washin or washout as needed during trimming flights. They also serve to stabilize the upper wing mounting. Builders option items such as wheel pants and spinner are not detailed as we all have our own preferences as how to do these items. The model should be covered with tissue, Japanese tissue being preferred..." Quote: "Hi Steve, My last model. Several beautiful flight and landing in a tree. Some pic Regards." Update 30/05/2016: article pages, text & pics added, thanks to RFJ.



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