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by RI Godden
from Model Aircraft
June 1961
56in span
Tags: Glider F/F
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 28/10/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ
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Thyrte. A/1 competition glider. Quote: "DESIGNED during the winter of 1959, Thyrte embodies the trends of the leading '58 and '59 A/2s. Because of this, the model exhibits a slight similarity to the Babic machines, while being an attempt at a high performance A/1, it is not recommended for beginners. The 13:1 aspect ratio used is the maximum thought possible, consistent with a reasonable chord wing and sufficient rigidity, while tongue and box wing fixing is used for 'cleanness' and because of its previous successful use on slope soarers. Inset wing roots are employed to prevent variation of indi-vidual wing incidence at higher speeds, and the dihedral and tailplane area (19 percent) are the minimum thought practicable for an A/1 used in contest work in this country. The undercambered tailplane section and Benedek type wing section also follow '59 A/2 tendencies. The actual construction is quite straightforward and no difficulty should be found by experienced modellers. Accuracy is, however, essential and ideally should be twice that of an A/2. No difficulty should be experienced with the weight, providing the tailplane is kept light (0.17 oz on original), the all-up weight being 7.75 oz. The small amount of wood used is far from costly and careful selection is essential. Construction. Wings: Cut out 28 ribs from medium 3/32 in and build complete panels, using leading edge and trailing edge, leaving out the rib at each dihedral break. Fit 1/16 in sheet tips and add mainspar. When dry, sand leading edge, then cover with medium 1/32 in sheet. While wing is still pinned down, fit the 1/16 in sq diagonals between mainspar and trailing edge. Allow wing to 'settle' for 48 hours before proceeding... " Thyrte, Model Aircraft, July 1961. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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