Canned Heat


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Canned Heat  
by Don Chancey
from Model Airplane News
August 1975
30in span
Tags: Jetex F/F
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Submission date: 01/11/2018
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Canned Heat. Rocket free flight model, for Jetex 150 power. NFFS model of the year. Quote: "Are you tired of your Jetex model flying great one time, then looping or spinning the next? Does it go all over the sky when you use that 'special fuel' you've been saving? If so, then build a Canned Heat. Canned Heat is the latest in a long series of Jetex designs. The earlier Jet-Texan won open at the 1970 Nats, set the Senior Cat I record which still holds and won 1st at the '71 USFFC. The high point of the new design came at the 1974 USFFC where John Jennings and Jim (Slow Floyd) Haught ran 1st and 2nd. Both maxed-out with John establishing a new Cat I record of 14:31. Unfortunately I was unable to fly my ship due to a badly sprained ankle. [Editor's note: The most recent prize gained by Canned Heat is designation as one of the NFFS ten models of the year for 1975.] The following is a list of known wins for the series: 1st, '74 USFFC, OP; 1st, '74 South-westerns, OP; 2nd, '74 USFFC, OP; 2nd, '74 CCC Fall Bash, OP; 1st, '73 Southwesterns, Sr.; 1st, '73 CCC Fall Bash, OP; 2nd, '73 USFFC, OP; 2nd, '73 Tulsa Annual, OP; 1st, '72 KOI, Sr.; 2nd, '72 CCC Fall Bash, OP; 2nd, '72 Southwesterns, Sr.; 3rd, '72 Nats, Sr.; 3rd, '72 KOI, OP; 3rd, '72 Southwest-erns, OP; 4th, '72 Nats, OP; 1st, '71 USFFC and Senior Record Holder, OP; 1st, '70 Nats, OP; 2nd, '70 KOI, OP. Canned Heat is a very fast but extremely consistent model. It has proven a winner in everything from Florida sunshine and Texas 'breezes,' to Taft's booming thermals. I've been flying Jetex for a long time, and I can honestly say that for time-after-time performance, Canned Heat is the best I've ever seen. Construction Highlights. Wood for your Canned Heat must be selected carefully. A goal to aim for is a model less motor weight of 1 oz. This will yield a 2 oz model ready-to-fly that will really move! If these instructions are followed carefully, that 1 oz weight is not difficult to achieve. All ribs should be light but stiff 1/32 in 'C' grain balsa. Medium wood should be used for the balance of the framework. Be sure to use a non-shrinking glue..." Direct submission to Outerzone. Update 05/11/2018: Added article, thanks to RFJ.



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