Blackburn Shark


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Blackburn Shark  
by HG Moore
from Model Aircraft
June 1954
28in span
Tags: Scale IC F/F Biplane Military Bomber
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 28/10/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ
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Blackburn Shark. Free flight scale model biplane carrier-borne torpedo bomber. Quote: "A Fine Flying Scale Model for .75 - 1 cc Engines. Blackburn Shark, by HG Moore. THE Shark flew beautifully 'straight from the drawing board' after a few initial trimming adjustments. A 1/2 oz weight was put in the tail box to make the model balance slightly nose heavy at 50 per cent of chord on the top mainplane, and a small amount of down and right thrust was necessary to get a good flight pattern with a standard prop on the Mills .75. Building Instructions. Fuselage. Mark out accurately on 1/8 in medium sheet the sides of the fuselage, also the lower mainplane dowel holes and former positions. Steam sides to shape, add all formers working front to rear. Bend the cabane parts to shape on the plan, making sure they are cut to correct incidence; bind them well to picees of 1/8 sq; cement and gusset in place across fuselage and add brass tube on top for upper mainplane runners, checking again for incidence. Cut out 1/4 sheet to fit across bottom of fuselage to carry U/C pivot and lower centre-section dowels, cut V's so that dowels fit in and to allow 1/4 in sheet to fit flush with fuselage bottom; make up U/C pivot and bolt in place. Then cement block in place on fuselage, push lower dowels through and cement. Cut out 1/8 in ply motor mount, cement in place, cut out cowling as shown on plan, and attach to motor mount and fuselage front. Make up lower C/S by cutting out 1/16 in hard sheet to plan and well cement in place on bottom of dowels and fuselage ; cement on to this the LE and spar..." Blackburn Shark, Model Aircraft, June 1954. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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