Mini Funtana


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Mini Funtana  
by Doug Morris
37in span
Tags: Electric R/C
:) all formers complete

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Mini Funtana. Radio control sport aerobatic model, for Park 400-size motor. Wingspan 37 in, wing area 329 sq in. Quote: "The original Mini-Funtana was an ARF from E-flite, introduced in 2004. It was designed for Pattern aerobatics and featured a re-positionable wing that, when placed in the forward position, makes it suitable for flying extreme 3D maneuvers. It has been discontinued for many years and parts are unavailable. I acquired a much-bashed model that needed rehabbing. There are no plans available anywhere, so I carefully measured my example, looked at the pictures in the Assembly Manual, and looked at the damaged areas, and created plans in CAD. I have incorporated some reinforcing (thin plywood and carbon fiber)..." Update 02/11/2018: Added parts layout PDF and the ARF Manual, also CAD plan file in dxf format, Thanks to DMorris. Quote: "I see that my plans for this model have been added to your site. Great! I would like to post all of my plans at Outerzone. There is a parts layout plan in PDF format and a .DXF drawing, which is a text-based file that is interchangeable amongst many CAD systems, and can be used with laser cutters. And there is a PDF of the original manual from E-flite that has setup tips and the control throws. They are attached. Here is a picture of the original E-flite Mini Funtana. And a note: The wing ribs shown on the Parts Layout Plan have been modified with a snap-off tab to support the ribs during construction. The wing has a unique design in that the rib thickness is a constant 1 in, meaning that the thickness of the rib increases (as a Percentage of the chord length) as the ribs get shorter due to the wing's tapered shape. Thanks." Note the model pic currently shows an ARF Mini-Funtana, as that the closest image we have at the moment. When someone (hint hint, DaveH...) sends us a pic of a model completed from this plan, we'll use that. Update: 03/11/2018: Replaced the parts layout PDF with revised version, thanks to DMorris. Quote: "Then early version that did not have the snap-off tabs on the wing ribs and the fuselage sides would not be laser cut correctly when burn allowance was factored in, so I redrew that sheet using wider stock. Also a suggestion: because of the carbon fiber reinforcement, it is possible that the receiver antenna could be 'blanked' by the CF. To minimize this, mount the receiver low in the plane on a scrap of 1/16 balsa mounted on the fuselage’s bottom stringers, then poke the antenna through the covering to point straight down. "



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