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by Norman McFarland
from Radio Modeller
January 1975
72in span
Tags: IC R/C LowWing
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 15/10/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ
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Unicorn. Radio control sport aerobatic model, for .49 - .61 motors and 4 functions. Quote: "No such animal - said your Editors, upon hearing the description of this model - hence the name. The facts are, nevertheless, that, as we assured them, complete building time, including film covering, and installation of engine and radio ready for flying, can quite easily be less than 26 hours. The model's flying performance is versatile enough to permit its use as a basic trainer yet, in the hands of a more experienced pilot, Unicorn is quite capable of the complete FAI acrobatic schedule and more. In fact, in a breeze and with a very reliable tickover, it has even been known to fly backwards! The design and method of construction have evolved during the past four years and none of the variants has failed to fly first time, nor has a structural failure been experienced whilst flying even the most severe multi-G manoeuvres. Construction. Part of the speed of building of this model is derived from the sequence of operations - we hop about from wing to wheels to tail to fuselage - so there is no definite grouping of components as is usually found in building instructions. If you do it this way, you'll find it's the quickest. Cut the wing ribs and 1/8 in trailing edge strips from sheet balsa (or, if you prefer, you can cheat and buy ready-to-join foam wings - see the Classified advertisements). The wings are built in halves, and joined later. To assemble one wing half, first pin one spar to the plan, packing under the lower trailing edge strip, and glue the ribs in position. When dry, the top spar and the top trailing edge are added. Next carve the leading edge to section; ensure that the front edges of all the ribs are level, by holding the leading edge against them, and then, when satisfied, attach it. While this assembly is drying, cut the fuselage sides, and the rectangular stock for the corners. Contact glue these in place and lay aside. Next cut the 3/16 in dihedral brace / undercarriage bearer, and drill suitable holes for the stitching. Now bend up the undercarriage legs, to the pattern on the plan, from 8g wire, and stitch them to the brace. Assemble the triangular stock to the fuselage sides, cut the formers and fix them in place between the fuselage sides with quick setting epoxy, then join the sides at the tail end..." Unicorn, Radio Modeller, January 1975. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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