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by Dereck Mason
from Aeromodeller
April 1985
23in span
Tags: IC C/L
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 27/09/2018
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Gotcha. Control line combat model for 1/2A power. Quote: "Derek Mason's simple and direct approach to 1.5 cc Combat. Gotcha. A COMBAT WING is the type of model which can not be unique, as they are much of a muchness. 'Gotcha' is basically a simplified construction of a Spirogiro with an Orcrist (oz9419) tailplane and is the size of the Warlock (oz8619), but still keeps the moment arm and looks of a Spirogiro! When I eventually set knife to balsa wood it went together quickly. The joiner between the wing and tailplane is a lamination of one piece of 1/8 in and two of 1/16 in this helps to keep the tailplane level when gluing in position. For the tank I used a Kodak cine film canister because all the commercially available tanks I looked at were an inch thick and I required my tank to be totally enclosed in the wing. The bellcrank is a standard 2 in one. For leadouts I used a piece of 14 SWG piano wire 'joggled' at one end (see plan) and connected to the bellcrank. 7 strand laystraight is bound with fuse wire and soldered to the piano wire, the leadouts are then threaded through the ribs and then through brass leadout guides glued to the wing tip. I decided to cover my combat wing in Solar-film for lightness and to obtain a smooth surface. After this was completed I cut a 1/8 in to 1/4 in wide piece of Solarfilm away from the centre section and glued the fuselage to the bare wood. The fuselage was tissued and fuel proofed with 'Tuff Cote'. Flying. After posing for the photographs(!) I could get down to the business of flying the machine (the best bit). After laying out the lines and filling the tank the motor was started and the model took to the sky. I found that it flew with no problems at all. If the motor should stop above your head don't panic, this model will flatten out and glide back to the end of the lines - a characteristic of the Spirogiro..." Direct submission to Outerzone.



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