Little Mavis






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Little Mavis  
by John Pool
from Aeromodeller
September 1985
29in span
Tags: Rubber F/F
:) all formers complete

Submission date: 13/04/2018
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Credit*: Circlip, RFJ, DBHL, theshadow
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Little Mavis. Rubber sport trainer model. Quote: "THIS MODEL USES fairly stout wood sizes for its small size to allow for youthful handling and the anticipated crash (not so far fortunately). It is important to use very soft balsa, mainly because it is easy to cut, but also for performance reasons. Wing and tail leading and trailing edges can be a little firmer, and the ribs are best cut from medium quarter-grain 1/32 sheet, but light 1/16 sheet will do. The fuselage is assembled in the usual manner. Two sides are built first over the plan, these are then removed and split. Find two suitable blocks, or make up two sheet formers to the width of the fuse-lage between the sides. Lay one side flat on the bench, put the blocks at either end of the parallel part of the fuselage (top view) and use set square to make sure that the top side lays exaotly above the lower one. Then glue in the spacers between these two supports. Allow this to dry, then remove from the bench, cut nose and tail spacers and fit these with the help of rubber bands and pins. Draw the tail end in also, and cement. Then add the rest of the spacers and sheet parts. Reinforce the rear motor dowel hole with ply or celluloid. Cut out and cement the tailplane mount at this stage. The fuselage can then be covered with lightweight rnodelspan and doped with 50/50 dope-thinners twice. Then fin the wing mount side pieces and dowels. The wing is straightforward except..." Little Mavis, Aeromodeller, September 1965. Update 13/05/2018: Replaced this plan with a clearer copy, thanks to DBHL, theshadow. Scan from DBHL, cleanup by theshadow. ref DBHL-5890. Direct submission to Outerzone.



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